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									DEVON™ OR

 Devon ™ Hands-Free-Transfer                                ™   Products

 Magnetic Needle nder
 Rolling, magnetic and reusable Needle nder provides a convenient, safe and e ective
 method to nd and pick up needles or blades that may have fallen on the oor.
 • Constructed of lightweight aluminum
 • Blue anodized non-glare nish enhances visibility of retrieved sharps
 • Conductive wheels add another measure of safety

 Code              Description                                                 Length             Sales Unit
 TYC31140422       100 Needle nder                                             110cm              1

 Blade Shield Scalpel Holder
    e sterile, disposable Blade Shield holds the sharp edges of scalpels in the ‘down’ position,
 preventing accidental cuts or stabs.
 • Holds up to three scalpels in a convenient, ready-to-use position
 • Adhesive tab on back secures Blade Shield to work surface
 • Compact design (10 x 5 x 1.5cm )

 Code              Description                                                                    Sales Unit
 TYC31142576       3593 Blade Shield scalpel holder                                               24 box/96 case

 Trays and Basins
   e Safe-T-Basin and Safe-T-Tray can easily be attached to our magnetic drapes, creating a
 neutral zone to hold, or safely transfer sharp instruments.

 Code              Description                                                 Size               Sales Unit
 31140398          103 Safe-T-Tray with adhesive strip                         9.5 x 23 x 2.5cm   50

 31140380          106 Safe-T-Tray with instrument holder and adhesive strip   9.5 x 23 x 2.5cm   50

 31140372          124 Safe-T-Basin with metal feet                            10 x 21 x 5cm      40

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