ILM LEVEL 5
                                                       QUALIFICATIONS IN
                                                       LEADERSHIP AND
                                                       MANAGEMENT SKILLS


Introducing the qualifications
                                                       The Award is a concise qualification                     The Certificate builds on the leadership
The ILM Level 5 Award                                  made up of two mandatory units. In the                   and management skills gained in the
and ILM Level 5 Certificate                            first unit, ‘Understanding the                           Award through a choice of additional
                                                       management role’, participants explore                   units covering a variety of leadership and
in Leadership and                                      the nature of the middle management                      management topics. (Please note
Management Skills have                                 role and critically evaluate their own                   participants are not required to
                                                       managerial ability. In the second                        undertake the Award as a prerequisite
been designed to give                                  mandatory unit, ‘Assessing your own                      and may join the Certificate directly).
practising or aspiring                                 leadership capability and performance’,                  From ‘Developing the manager as a
                                                       participants explore leadership styles                   critical thinker’ to ‘Making professional
middle managers a solid                                within their organisation, the                           presentations’ the Certificate in
foundation for their formal                            commitment and motivation of their                       Leadership and Management Skills can
                                                       teams and their own ability to motivate                  be tailored to meet the varying needs of
development in this role.                              teams to meet organisational goals.                      learners across all employment sectors.

Qualifications overview
                                                       Level 5 Award in Leadership and                          Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and
                                                       Management Skills                                        Management Skills
Credit value*                                          • Minimum 10 credits                                     • Minimum 21 credits

Guided learning                                        • Minimum 34 hours                                       • Minimum 90 hours

Duration                                               • Completion within three years                          • Completion within three years

Structure                                              •   Induction – one hour                                 •   Induction – two hours
                                                       •   Tutorial support – at least three hours              •   Tutorial support – at least seven hours
                                                       •   Two mandatory units                                  •   Two mandatory units
                                                       •   No optional units                                    •   Optional units with a minimum credit
                                                                                                                    value of 11, of which at least seven
                                                                                                                    must be at level 5

Assessment – mandatory units                           • Work-based assignment, plus                            • Work-based assignment, plus
                                                       • Reflective review                                      • Reflective review

Assessment – optional units                            Depending on the units selected, a choice of: work-based assignments, reflective
(Certificate only)                                     reviews, oral presentations, written reports or centre devised alternatives

Entry requirements                                     There are no formal entry requirements but participants will normally be either
                                                       practising or aspiring middle managers with the opportunity to meet the
                                                       assessment demands and have a background that will enable them to benefit from
                                                       the programme

* Please note ILM Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs) are part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), applicable in England, Wales and Northern
  Ireland, providing successful learners with transferable credit0
                                                      ILM LEVEL 5
                                                      QUALIFICATIONS IN
                                                      LEADERSHIP AND
                                                      MANAGEMENT SKILLS

Overview of units                                                                                         Learning resources
Ref         Unit title                                                         CV*       Mandatory        ILM offers learning providers a range of
M4.01       Understanding the management role                                  4         A C              support materials for the ILM Level 5
M4.02       Developing management skills                                       4                          Leadership and Management Skills
M5.04       Developing the manager as a critical thinker                       4                          qualifications:
M5.07       Managing individual development                                    4                          • Management Extra published by
M5.08       Managing stress and conflict in the organisation                   3                            Permagon Flexible Learning. This
M4.27       Communication in management                                        4                            is an adaptable training resource
M5.15       Managing projects in the organisation                              4                            comprising a series of workbooks
M4.29       Managing a healthy and safe environment                            2                            which cover a wide range of
M4.30       Managing meetings                                                  3                            management topics. Many of these
M5.22       Conducting work analysis                                           2                            books provide excellent support for
M5.23       Analysing and interpreting statistics to inform                    2                            the programme, and have been
            management decisions                                                                            mapped to the units
M6.07       Conducting operations research                                     2                          • Unit assessments. A range of
M4.32       Analysing and presenting data to inform                            2                            ready-to-use assessments, complete
            management decisions                                                                            with mark sheets, covering units and
M5.27       Making professional presentations                                  2                            clusters of units
M5.28       Leading teams                                                      4
M5.29       Assessing your own leadership capability and                       6         A C
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* Credit value
  Candidates must complete the associated mandatory units for their qualification, marked A = Award and
  C = Certificate, then choose from the remaining units to make up the required minimum credit value
  (Certificate only) – check with your centre for further advice.

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