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									               Things that you need to prepare when putting up
                      an Internet Cafe in the Philippines
                                    by: icafebusiness.com

1. Find a location. Find near or within the commercial center or near church, schools, or market
place where there is a 'high foot volume'. Coordinate this location to the local barangay official if
you can put up an Internet Cafe (or use your own judgment). Also, ask what are their
requirements in starting up a business. Some barangay even help their constituents in putting
up a business. Ask them about it.

2. Renovate and Construct the place. Once you already have a place you need to check if it
needs a make-over. Check also if electric is readily available and has a water supply. Don't
forget to see if there is a comfort room since Internet Cafe operates on long hours. This is a
necessity for your staff and customers.

3. Prepare tables and chairs. Tables can be as simple as long table with long flywood at the
top where you place your CPUs. You can also buy ready made computer tables. For chairs, you
can use plastic or monoblock.

4. Apply for an Internet Connection. For 5 computers, 384kbps is sufficient and 1mbps or
more for 5 and up computers.

5. Purchase the package. Once everything is ready, purchase the best Internet Cafe package
for you. You can choose which package that suits your budget by visiting our website at
http://www.icafebusiness.com. We will then process your order and make sure that everything;
from wires to computer units are included so that you can swiftly open your Internet Cafe at the
soonest possible time. All you need to do is to relax while we setup your Internet Cafe.
Estimated time is just 2-3 days.

 Some successful setups of icafebusiness.com. More on our

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