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					      Page 14 • Wednesday, sePTeMBeR 15, 2010 • MILLeR COUnTy LIBeRaL                                                                                                                     Health
      W h a t i s t h e c o m m o n New Health Law puts seniors at risk
      cold, and what causes it? ber 8,Wednesday, Septem- by Medicaid (for low-income effectively be are allowed
                                       former Comptroller families) by the end of this If seniors
        The common cold, also
                                                                                                          General David M. Walker,         decade and will fall even fur-    to make up for the cuts in
      known as a viral upper
                                                                                                          National Center for Policy       ther behind all other payers in   Medicare spending with
      respiratory tract infection,
                                                                                                          Analysis (NCPA) Senior           succeeding decades.               out-of-pocket payments
      is a self-limited contagious
                                                                                                          Fellow Thomas R. Sav-              Whereas Medicaid pays           -- something not allowed
      illness that can be caused
                                                                                                          ing, and NCPA President          about 80 percent of what          under current law -- they will
      by a number of different
                                                                                                          and Kellye Wright Fellow         private insurance pays today,     need to spend 10 percent of
      types of viruses. More
                                                                                                          John C. Goodman held a           the payment rates will fall to    the average Social Security
      than 200 different types
                                                                                                          briefing in Washington,          two-thirds of private payment     check by 2017.
      of viruses are known to                                                                                                              by the end of this decade and
                                                                                                          D.C. At the briefing, the                                            Unless the law is changed
      cause the common cold.                                                                                                               one-half of private payment       by future Congresses, Medi-
                                                                                                          NCPA presented a new
      Because so many differ-                                                                             analysis that concludes          by mid century.                   care beneficiaries will be
      ent viruses can cause a                                                                             finding accessible and             Just as Medicaid patients       pushed into a separate health
      cold and because new cold                                                                           quality care for the elderly     must often seek care at com-      care system and not have
      viruses constantly devel-                                                                           and disabled will become         munity health centers and         the same access to care as
                                                  The common cold can be contagious.
      op, the body never builds                                                                           increasingly difficult in        safety net hospitals today,       the rest of the population,
      up resistance against all           and perhaps a fever and         coffee cups for several         the coming years under           seniors could face similar        according to the report.
      of them. For this reason,           headache. Many people           hours and can thus be ac-       the new health care law          access problems in the near         Editor's note: Ms. Pelosi
      colds are a frequent and            with a cold feel tired and      quired from contact with        because of draconian cuts        future.                           said they had to pass Obam-
      recurring problem. In fact,         achy. These symptoms will       these objects.                  in payments to doctors and         In terms of dollars spent:      acare to see what is in it. We
      children in preschool and           typically last anywhere           Does it have anything to      hospitals:                         By the time today's teenag-     are now just beginning to see
      elementary school can               from three to 10 days.          do with exposure to cold          Medicare payment rates         ers reach the retirement age,     that you who work will pay
      have three to 12 colds per            How is the common cold        weather?                        will fall below the rates paid   one-third of Medicare will        more for those who don't.
      year while adolescents              spread?                           Though the common
      and adults typically have             The common cold is            cold usually occurs in the

                                                                                                                      Primary Care
      two to four colds per year.         usually spread by direct        fall and winter months, the
      The common cold is the              hand-to-hand contact with       cold weather itself does
      most frequently occurring           infected secretions or from     not cause the common
      illness in the world, and it        contaminated surfaces. For      cold. Rather, it is thought
      is a leading cause of doc-          example, if a person with       that during cold-weather

                                                                                                           of Southwest GA, Inc.
      tor visits and missed days          a cold blows or touches         months people spend more
      from school and work.               their nose and then touches     time indoors in close prox-
        What are the symptoms             someone else, that person       imity to each other, thus
      of the common cold?                 can subsequently become         facilitating the spread of
        Symptoms of the com-              infected with the virus.        the virus. For this same
      mon cold include nasal
      stuffiness or drainage, sore
      or scratchy throat, sneez-
                                          Additionally, a cold virus
                                          can live on objects such as
                                          pens, books, telephones,
                                                                          reason, children in day
                                                                          care and school are par-
                                                                          ticularly prone to acquiring
                                                                                                                           proudly presents
      ing, hoarseness, cough,             computer keyboards, and         the common cold.

      Why do parents drink
                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Minsheng
      submitted by Lindy Linder-          lope with trembling hands       of all her piercing, tattoos,
      man                                 and read the letter.            tight motorcycle clothes
        A father passing by his             Dear Dad:                     and the fact that she is much                                                         Pediatrician
      son’s bedroom was aston-              It is with great regret and   older than I am. But it’s not
      ished to see that his bed was       sorrow that I’m writing         only the passion. Dad, she’s                                               Joining our Blakely
      nicely made and everything          you. I had to elope with        pregnant. Stacy said that we
      was picked up. Then he              my new girlfriend because
                                          I wanted to avoid a scene
                                                                          will be very happy.
                                                                            She owns a trailer in the
                                                                                                                                                     practice Oct. 1, 2010
      saw an envelope, propped
      up prominently on the pil-          with Mom and you.               woods and has a stack of
      low that was addressed to             I have been finding real      firewood for the whole                                                      Specializing in care of
      “Dad.”                              passion with Stacy, and she     winter. We share a dream
        With the worst premoni-           is so nice.                     of having many more                                                            newborns to 19
                                            But I knew you would          children.
      tion, he opened the enve-
                                          not approve of her because        Stacy has opened my eyes
                                                                                                                                                           years of age.
                                                                          to the fact that marijuana
                                                                          doesn’t really hurt anyone.         CALL 723-2660 TODAY TO MAKE AN
        Good news for senior citizens on both                             We’ll be growing it for
          Medicare and Medicaid who have                                  ourselves and trading it            APPOINTMENT FOR YOUR CHILD.
                                                                          with the other people that
            diabetes or heart conditions.                                 live nearby for cocaine and
                                                                            In the meantime we will
                                                                          pray that science will find a
                                                                          cure for AIDS so Stacy can
                                                                                                                         Meet Dr. Wang
                                                                          get better. She deserves it.
                                                                            Don’t worry, Dad. I’m 15,
                                                                          and I know how to take care
                                                                                                             October 20 from 4-6 p.m.
                                                                          of myself.
                                                                            Someday I’m sure that we
                                                                          will be back to visit so that
                                                                                                                       during Open House
                                                                          you can get to know your
            You are now eligible for                                      grandchildren.                           for our newly renovated and
             dental care – including                                        Love, Your Son John

           new dentures – at no cost.                                       PS. Dad, none of the
                                                                          above is true. I’m over at
                                                                                                                        expanded facility.
               CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION                               Tommy’s house.
               WHILE THIS OPPORTUNITY LASTS.                                I Just wanted to remind        Primary Care of Southwest Georgia, Inc. is a Federally Qualified
                                                                          you that there are worse
                                                                                                           Community Health Center. We accept commercial insurances,

                                                                          things in life than a report
                                                                                                           Medicare, Medicaid and have a discount plan for patients who
                                                                          card that’s in my center

                                                                                                   Discoverthe difference
                                                                                                           meet eligibility requirements who are uninsured or meeting
                                                                          desk drawer. I love you.
        471 Pioneer Rd. • Arlington • 725-4545                              Call me when it’s safe to
                                                                          come home.

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