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                                     Pathways to Self
                                      Experts Profile

                            Name: Lionel Ketchian

                            Title: Founder of Happiness Clubs

                            Work/Practice Address: 61 Unquowa Road, Fairfield, CT 06824

                            Email/Phone/Website: 203-258-7777

                           Bio: Lionel Ketchian, author, radio and television host, college
                           professor, writer, speaker and founder of the Happiness Clubs,
      now numbering 80 around the world, lives and thrives in Fairfield, CT. To contact
      Lionel, go to:

Personal Message: Learn all you can about being happy. It will serve you well. You will have
                  many benefits from being happy.


Books:       20 Best books on happiness on the website.

Sites/Blogs: Happiness Newsletter available free on the website.
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                                     Experts Profile

                         Name: Dr. David Chandler, PhD
                         Title: Master Teacher Sifu
                         Work/Practice Address: 945 Vauxhall St. Ext., Quaker Hill, CT
                         Email/Phone/Website: 800-4-TAI CHI (482-4244),

                          Bio: Dr. David Chandler, PhD., is founder and director of the
Eagle's Quest Tai Chi Center. He is internationally recognized for his teachings, books and
videos on Tai Chi Chuan, an ancient Chinese martial art form. Dr. Chandler was inducted into
the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2009 and will be inducted in the Martial Arts World Hall
of Fame this summer. To contact David, go to:

Personal Message: Each person is unique. What is most important in this world is to be who
you are, and do what you are here to do. There is enough of me in the world already. I need
no more copies of myself. What I need is to hear your unique voice, and see your individual
actions. Tai Chi Chuan helps one individuate. Be yourself, and all things will become right
with the world.

Books:       THE TAO OF TAI CHI CHUAN by Master Jou, Tsung Hwa,
             EMBRACE TIGER, RETURN TO MOUNTAIN by Chungliang Al Huang, TAO TEH
             CHING, by Lao Tsu
Authors:     Kipling, Shakespeare, Keats, Heinlein, Asimov, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Confucius,
             Heraclitus, Chuang-Tsu
Recipes:     Seltzer + vanilla + stevia (natural sweetner) = healthy cream soda
Music:       Loreena McKennet, Chant by Robbie Gass, Deep Forest, Elixer by Ying Yang
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                                     Experts Profile

                             Name: Maryanne Daniel

                             Title: Racewalk Instructor/ Massage Therapist

                             Work/Practice Address: 1 Rose Marie Lane Clinton, CT 06413


Bio: Maryanne is an International track and field racewalker and accomplished massage
therapist, a six time National Racewalk Champion, former American and World record holder
and Pan American Games Bronze medalist. She Competed on 19 USA Track and Field
National Teams in the 80’s and 90’s and presently competes in the master’s division, chasing
National and World age group records. She and her husband Ron travel all over the world as
international Racewalk judges officiating in the Olympic Games and World Championships.
They coach and conduct beginners to advanced racewalk clinics and well as one on one
instruction. As a massage therapist she works on a wide group of people including elite
athletes. Recently she was selected as National Sports Therapist of the year.

Personal Message: Walking the Path- Walking for Health/ Racewalk for Fitness


Books:       Racewalk to Fitness- Howard Jacobson

Sites/Blogs: !"##$%&'(&)"*$+++,-&."+&'/,.01
$     $    $$$$$$
$     $    $$$$$2&("$3.40("-5*$60-'7$8'&99$:&."+&'/;5)*$+++,-&."+&'/;5),0-)$

Groups:      CT Racewalkers meet Tuesdays 6pm on the track in Clinton- Peters Recreation
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                                       Experts Profile

                          Name: Timothy R. Trahant, PT, LAc., CSCS, LAC

                          Title: PT Licensed Physical Therapist/ATC Licensed Acupuncturist/
                          CSCS, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/
                          LAC Certified Athletic Trainer

                          Work/Practice Address:1291 Boston Post Rd. Suite 108 Madison Ct


                          Bio: Tim is a graduate from Quinnipiac University. He has worked
                          with professional athletes from all major sports including the Boston
Bruins, Woman’s World Cup Soccer Team, and the Women’s Beach Volleyball Team. In 2000,
he received his Master’s degree from Emperor’s College in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tim
encompasses Eastern and Western Therapies in his treatments.

My approach to treatment is to gain a clear understanding of an individual’s imbalance and
then to work with that individual to achieve balance. True cure lies in lifestyle. Chinese
Medicine and connecting on personal levels can change lives. Everyone should experience the
profound, powerful, yet subtle beauty of Chinese Medicine. The future in medicine is now and
it is not contradictory, but complimentary, not divisive, but inclusive.

Personal Message: The future in Medicine is here and it is not contradictory, but
complimentary, not divisive, but inclusive.

“Inner Beauty is a Beautiful Life.” Yeats


Books: The Web That Has No Weaver, Between Heaven and Earth, Way of the Peaceful
Warrior, A New Earth, whatever you like.

Authors: Steinbeck

Music: Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Pete’s Gong

Schools: Quinnipiac, Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Exercises: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Soul.
                                   Pathways to Self Event
                                       Experts Profile

                             Name: Valerie Keating, MA, PsyD, LPC
                             Title: Dr.
                             Work/Practice Address: 85-A Wall Street, Madison, CT 06443

                             Email/Phone/Website: 860-853-8254

                          Bio: Valerie Keating is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a
                          master's and doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. She has
                          twenty five years of experience as a therapist and consultant in
                          colleges, hospitals, mental health centers, and private practice.
                          Valerie offers a unique balance of traditional and complimentary
                          forms of counseling to facilitate healing. She utilizes well-known
                          theories and techniques from Psychodynamic, Cognitive-
                          Behavioral, Self, and Relational Psychology to help examine,
                          understand, and change patterns of thinking and responding. This
                          work is enhanced by Valerie’s expert knowledge and utilization of
techniques from Energy Medicine, Psycho Spiritual Psychology and Holistic disciplines to
release trauma and cultivate self-acceptance, peace, and overall well-being.

Personal Message: The most important relationship you will ever have is your relationship
                  with YOURSELF!


Books        Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

             How to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery by Lawrence Leshen
             Mindfulness for Beginners (audio cd) by Jon Kabat Zinn

             Journey of Awakening: A Meditator's Guidebook by Ram Dass

             Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace And Tranquility In Your Life by Brian Weiss

             The Beginner's Guide to Meditation (audio cd) by Joan Borysenko

Spiritual Authors/Speakers
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, MD, John Edward, Michael Newton
Robert Schwartz, Eckhart Tolle, James Twyman
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                                           Experts Profile

                       Name: Amy Trahant

                       Title: Photographer

                       Work/Practice Address: take aim photography - Clinton, Connecticut

              / 860-669-9066 /

                       Amy Trahant, founded “take aim photography” seven years ago where she
                       specializes in capturing the love and life she sees in the people, places and
things she shoots. She learned from some of the world’s best photographers notable among them Joe
Buissink. Her senses were sharpened from years in entertainment industry in New York, L.A., and
Boston landing great jobs such as Katie Couric’s Intern on the Today Show, as a “Page” for Saturday
Night Live and NBC Nightly News, with MTV’s original Jon Stewart Show, PBS’s NOVA series and
earned an Emmy Award with NBC’s Later, With Bob Costas show. Amy completed her work in
television with the Oxygen Network during Oprah Winfrey’s association. To reach Amy, call 860-669-
9066 or email her at

Personal Message: The most essential quote to live your live by...”There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.” -George sand

Recommendations -

Books: Blue Like Jazz, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years, The Last Lecture, A New Earth, The
Artist’s Way, Yes, Virginia, There is A Santa Claus

Movies: It’s A Wonderful Life...need I say more!

Authors: Donald Miller, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer

Recipes: anything Barefoot Contessa!, Real Simple Magazine Recipes Rock!

Music: Joshua Radin, Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Kearney, Matt Nathanson, John Mayer, Ray

Sites/Blogs: Ali Edwards, Designer Digitals, Shutterfly, The Pioneer Woman

Cool Photography Workshops: Jose Villa, Joe Buissink, Kevin Kubota, Jasmine Star

Best Mini Printer: Epson Picturemate

Favorite Vacation Spots: The Montage, Laguna Beach; Marriott Harbor Beach, Fort Lauderdale; Eagle
Mountain House, North Conway, NH; Beaver Creek, CO

Best Place For Wings: Hot Rod’s in New London

Best Acupuncturist: Tim Trahant!
                                         Pathways to Self Event
                                             Experts Profile

                                   Name: Pete Onofrio
                                   Title: Musician, Composer, Businessman, World traveler, and Multi-cultural

                                   Work/Practice Address: 325 Race Hill Road, Madison, CT

                          DidgeQuest offers cultural arts programs for schools
                                   and groups of all ages. This interactive program is informative and covers
                                   Aboriginal History, Music and Sounds, Geography, Environment,
                                   Anthropology. It is a fast paced show that educates and entertains with
                                   energy and passion. Available for events.

                          This site is dedicated to building and maintaining a
                                   cohesive community of energy that strives for conscious evolution and our
                                   collective need for awakening. It is a virtual publishing house for multiple
forms of conscious activity powered by positive intention: conscious gatherings, talks, lectures, music and art
events, organic gardening and sustainable living techniques and understanding the power of nature to name a
few. A place and a website where artists, musicians, forward-thinkers and peace-keepers
come to share their ideas and creations with a like-minded, eco-conscious community. A privately owned, local company that supports business and homeowners on a variety of
levels: painting, power washing, gutters, lawn care, landscaping, car/boat detailing, basement & attic cleanouts,
garage improvements, light carpentry, Christmas decorating to light installations.

Bio: Pete Onofrio is a musician, composer, businessman, world traveler and multi-cultural performer. While he’s
a successful entrepreneur providing support for businesses and homeowners with his company Call A Team,
his life passion and direction comes from his music and spirituality.

He was first introduced to the ancient sounds of the Aboriginal Didgeridooinstrument in 1998 on a three
month journey to Australia. The profound physical and spiritual revelation that emerged from those sounds led
him to the teachings of his masters. He’s had the high privilege of learning from some of the most developed
spiritual and musical thinkers of the time. Since this life-altering event, Pete has traveled extensively in
Australia studying Aboriginal culture and Didgeridoo playing.

In 2004, he founded a non-profit organization called Blue Star Productions which promotes music, arts and
ancient indigenous philosophy. Many lectures, teachings, performances and events are held at the small farm
Pete and his wife Sarah own in north Madison. To share these powerful experiences with the community at
large, Pete produces and performs interactive cultural programs featuring music, artwork, and their
connections to Native American and Aboriginal cultures for students and adults of all ages under the name

A gifted speaker, Pete has lectured at Yale University and performed in several multi-media performances at
Wesleyan University, where he continues his studies in video and audio production.

Personal Message:       Find the Extraordinary in the Ordinary!

Books:          The Power of Now, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, The Enoch Factor, The Profit God

Recipes:        Dr. Schultze’s Herbal Store, 1-800-Herbdoc or

Schools:        Osho School of Mystery, India
                                  Pathways to Self Event
                                      Experts Profile

                                       Name: Cheryl Roby

                                       Title: Wholistic Health Advocate and Educator, Reiki
                                       Master Teacher, Roby Chart creator, YogaDance

                                       Work/Practice Address:     101 Boston Post Rd,


Bio: Cheryl Roby Is a Certified Kripalu YogaDance instructor, Reiki Master Teacher and
Certified Spiritual Healer. She is a graduate of the three year program at the Institute of
Healing Arts and Sciences in Bloomfield, CT. She has also completed advanced Kripalu
YogaDance training, Thai Yoga Massage training and chakra workshops.

For many years Cheryl had a successful career leading multimillion-dollar technology
projects for a major financial services company. During that time she had many
opportunities to study (both formally and informally) human nature and the nature of
leadership. In addition to her official responsibilities, she trained inner city youth in the
basics of public speaking as a way of giving back to the community where she worked.

Currently she leads workshops and speaks on various wellness topics such as stress
management, the human energy field, abundance, the mind/body connection and the
chakras; offers individual energy healing sessions; is the author of the Roby Chart of
human energy and related beliefs and she teaches Kripalu YogaDance. Her workshops
and Rock Your Chakras Kripalu YogaDance® classes have been well received in
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida and Illinois.
Personal Message: I believe stress affects every aspect of how well we feel. Illness, fatigue,
depression and anxiety are all influenced by stress. Stress comes in many forms: emotional,
environmental, dietary and more. If I can help someone make a shift in any of these life
areas to reduce their stress, I have provided a service that benefits all of us.

Books:    Loving What Is by Byron Katie
          You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
          If the Buddha Came to Dinner

Authors:     Byron Katie, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle
Classes:     Conscience Parenting Classes Website
                                  Pathways to Self Event
                                      Experts Profile

                           Name: Cory Nebel
                           Title: Musician, Songrwriter, Singer
                           Work/Practice Address: 141 Fort Path Road, Madison, CT

                           Email/Phone/Website: Cory can be found of Facebook

                            Bio: Cory Nebel, is a gifted singer, songwriter living in Madison,
                            CT. A 2007 graduate of Notre Dame Fairfield High School, he was
as an All-State hockey player and a leader on the 2006 CT State Division 1 Championship
team. That same year, Cory followed his musical instincts, taught himself guitar, and has
written and recorded over twenty original songs to date while performing throughout CT.

Personal Message: “Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.” Perry Roos, hockey coach

                    “Everybody’s happy.
                     Everybody’s free.
                     Keep the big door open.
                     Everyone will come around, you’ll see.”
                    -Dave Mathews, Singer/Songwriter from “Typical Situation”

                    “When a defining moment comes along, either you define the moment or
                     the moment defines you.”
                    -Kevin Costner’s character Roy McAvoy in the film, Tin Cup


Movies:      Into the Wild
             Seven Pounds
             Legend of Bagger Vance
             Goodwill Hunting
             Forest Gump
             Tin Cup

Sites/Blogs: Extensive (audio only) music library
                                                 Pathways to Self Event
                                                     Experts Profile

                                Name:     Alison French, RYT        Prana – Yoga for Life

                                Title:   Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga Educator for Teens, Registered Nurse

                                Work/Practice Address:     74 Beech Tree Ridge Killingworth, CT 06419

                                Email/Phone/Website: /203-535-5142/

    **Alison French will be offering classes for Teen Yoga and "Tween" Yoga through the Madison Beach and
    Recreation department this summer. Please look for the upcoming summer catalog and reserve your spot.


    Alison is a certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor from Kripalu Yoga and Health Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and is
    completing Yoga Education for Teens certification there with plans of bringing the benefits of yoga to teens, teachers and
    families to CT shoreline schools. Alison’s greatest inspiration comes from her three children, ages nine, twelve and fourteen.
    She has witnessed the struggles they and their friends go through of being a teenager in today’s world and is committed to
    providing an affirmative, empowering path through her yoga teachings.

    Alison is a registered nurse with hospice care and child psychiatry experience in patient care as well as sales, marketing and
    management. Following her spirituality, Alison is a member of the Shambhala Meditation Center in New Haven, Connecticut.
    As a Buddhist, Alison has a easily integrates her meditation practice with the peace and joy found in yoga. Alison spends her
    leisure time geo-caching, hiking, camping and trail running.

    Personal Message:

       “Yoga means the union of Body, Mind and Spirit. It allows us to explore our own personal strengths through body
       movement and provides opportunities for connection with the inner self. Once reconnected with the “higher self,”
       stress is reduced, strength increased and our natural state of well being returns. Over time, a yoga practice can
       actually shift the way we view our lives and the world.
       My primary goal is developing a yoga practice for Teens in the shoreline communities. Teens today have a unique
       set of issues when it comes to managing life successfully: insecurities about growing bodies, peer acceptance, who
       they are becoming and what their futures hold. I worry teens feel perfection is everything and acceptance is
       deficiency. Yoga is all about genuine self expression and through it, Teens can experience the freedom, self-
       acceptance and confidence that prepares them to live happy, fulfilled, balanced lives on their own terms.”

    Recommendations: Meditation!. Naming your intention for the day. Checking in with your self every few hours and asking
    yourself, “How is my mind today? How is my body? How is my spirit?” Love yourself.


     “The Myth of Freedom and the Way of Meditation” by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.
     “Coming To Our Senses” by Jon Kabat-Zin.
    “Surviving the Dragon” by Arjia Rinpoche.
     “Cutting for Stone” by Abraham Verghese

    Authors:          Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Pema Chodren, Jack Kornfield, Steven Devarshi Hartmen.

    Recipes:          Meditation !

    Music:            Shiva Rea - Shakti Rhythms, Eva Cassidy, Indie Arie, Shawn Colvin, Ray Lamontagne, Donna De Lory, Adele.


    Groups: New Haven Shambhala Meditation Center. CT Land Conservation and Trust.

                                  Pathways to Self Event
                                      Experts Profile

                             Name: Sara Drought Nebel

                             Title: Artist, Painter, Poet
                             Studio Address: 141 Fort Path Road, Madison, CT

                                                         (203) 245-6081

                             Bio: Sara Drought Nebel, poet and award-winning painter,
developed her unique style attending Bennington College in VT, Silvermine Guild in New
Canaan, CT, and studying with internationally recognized artists Charles Sovek, Clifford
Jackson and Ann Toulmin-Roth. Her style leans towards Impressionistic and often depicts
earthscapes and everyday objects done simply with distinctive force. Equally talented at
expressing herself through painting and poetry, each creates more ways for connection. As
Sara says, “the power the artist feels while creating is never fully manifested until someone
else is touched by it.”

Sara founded The School of Just Plain Art in 2000, providing art classes for teens and
adults. Sara has a unique gift of nurturing artists who are young at their craft to see
themselves as they are and help them translate that into a style all their own.

In 2003, Plain Art Press was created to feature Drought Nebel painting and original poetry in
greeting card and limited edition prints.

Both are located at the Treefort Studio & Gallery, 101 Fort Path Road in Madison above her
garage where Sara lives with her family. Her biography is listed in Who's Who in America.

Sara is very active in the Connecticut art scene through associations with Lyme Art
Association, The New Haven Paint & Clay Club and the Connecticut Plein Air Painters
Society. Her paintings are regularly on display at William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty
offices in Madison and Guilford, Wave Gallery in New Haven, and in juried shows along the
CT Shoreline. Sara’s commissioned portraits and paintings are in numerous corporate and
private collections throughout the United States.

Personal Message: “For those about to create, I salute you.”
                   -Jack Black’s character Dewey from the film, School of Rock .

Books:    The Art Spirit by Robert Henri
          Hawthorne on Painting by Charles Hawthorne
          Small is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher

Poets:       E.E. Cummings, Robert Frost, Silvia Plath, Emily Dickinson

Movies: Phenomenon, Field of Dreams, School of Rock
                                      Pathways to Self Event
                                          Experts Profile

                                 Name: Beth Lazor

                                 Title: Reiki Master

                                 Work/Practice Address: 12 Joshua Trail, Madison, CT


                                 Bio:    Beth Lazor began her mind-body path in 1977 while living and
                                 training in Japan with the Japanese Olympic Judo coach. A life-long
                                 student, avid reader and blessed with a curiosity for everything new
                                 with an energy level to match, she graduated with a BSBA from
                                 University of Hartford, holds a Masters in Education, is certified to
         teach elementary education, an ESL tutor, Language Arts, was a substitute teacher for five
         years and has home-schooled her three sons for seven years. Beth is a Reiki Master and has
         studied and “played” Tai Chi for 12 years.

Personal Message:      I believe in the power of positive thinking and its transformational effect on the
                       world and everyone in it.

            The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness: Five Steps to Help Create and Sustain Lifelong
            Joy by Dr. Ned Hallowell

                Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand: How to Create a Culture that Cares for Kids by
                James Vollbracht

                Mirrors of Time: Using Regression for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Healing by Brian Weiss
                Messages From the Masters: Tapping into the Power of Love by Brian Weiss

                Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Katie & Stephen Mitchell

                A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are by Byron Katie
                and Stephen Mitchell

                The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

                Anything by Deepak Chopra!

Teens:          Mindfulness Meditation: Cultivating the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind (CD) by
                Jon Kabat Zinn

Classes:        T’ai Chi Chuan with David Chandler,
Sites/Blogs: The International Center for Reiki Training

Clubs:          Happiness Club of Madison. See Tina Garrity at
                                               Pathways to Self Event
                                                   Experts Profile

                                    Name: Alison Ritrovato
                                    Title: APRN (Registered Nurse), Medium clairvoyant and clairaudient

                                    Email/Phone/Website: , 860-227-6643

                                    Bio: Alison Ritrovato has been a nurse practitioner for over 25yrs years working many for
                                    Planned Parenthood focusing on reproductive health issues for women and men. She’s
                                    currently working part-time as a school nurse serving children from 3 to 18yrs in the Lyme
                                    /Old Lyme school system. Nursing has allowed Alison to develop deep insight and
                                    compassion for those who suffer both physically and psychologically. More recently,
                                    Alison has come to understand suffering from a spiritual perspective and has discovered
                                    she is graced with certain gifts that allow her to help healing occur on a wondrous new
                                    At a young age Alison felt a deep connection to her Maternal Grandmother Mildred, who
                                    passed away before Alison was born. Perhaps aided by the strength of this connection,
                                    Alison feels she has always possessed a psychic ability that allowed her to feel and read
the energy of others and have deeper insights into the issues affecting their lives. On a 2010 trip to El Salvador working
with the poor, Alison felt a deeper awakening of her spirit occur. Not too long after that Alison discovered that she possessed
the gift of mediumship, the ability to communicate with those who have passed from this world. After developing this gift
on her own for several months Alison was one of 75 hand-picked individuals from a field of over 500 applicants to attend a
training workshop with Lisa Williams, an internationally recognized medium from the UK. This experience opened a whole
new spiritual path for Alison and has allowed her to share her gift more broadly with all that might benefit from it.
Alison is delighted that the compassion and empathy she developed as a nurse helping patients heal physically can now be
integrated with her gift of mediumship to help others heal spiritually. She is overjoyed to be able to share with others that
death is not the end, that life is everlasting and that we all have a cheering section in spirit ready and willing to help us along
our path in life. Connecting with those in spirit helps us let go of the fears of living and awaken to the joys in front of us. As
Alison says, “To know that we do not die and go on is so freeing”. In addition to offering readings for individual clients,
Alison currently moderates two psychic development groups that meet bi-monthly, bringing together like minds that are
awakening to their own spiritual potential.
Alison lives with her husband Charlie of 23 years, her two children Phoebe 16 and Izzy 14, and four dogs in Lyme CT.
Personal Message: I am currently offering personal medium readings by phone. I have no set fee but accept donations for
the readings in hopes of making it affordable to all income levels. It is my sincere wish that everyone can experience the joy
a reading can give. My readings focus on spirit-guided growth, healing and most of all contact with loved ones that have
passed over. Please email me for appointments or information.


Breathing Meditation This type of meditation has you focus on your breathing. Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable.
Focus completely on your breath as you practice this meditation

Walking Meditation Get out and plan a mile or so walk. It should be for at least twenty minutes. While you are walking be
aware of your surroundings, what you are feeling, what you are thinking, and everything in nature. I like to play meditation
music on my ipod.

Quiet Mind Meditation Sit in a comfortable and quiet place. Allow your worries to be released from your mind's grip. Your
goal is to think of nothing. It's not easy, but simply doing this for 20 minutes a day can help you reduce stress on a long-
term basis. I prefer to listen to meditation music while I do this meditation and let the music block out all thoughts.

Activity Meditation Examples of activity meditation are gardening, Yoga, journaling, painting, drawing, and more. When
you feel "in the zone" this is often a form of meditation. My husband likes to build stone walls.

Spiritual Meditation Spiritual meditation includes praying or just listening to God, the universe, or a higher form. Praying
is a form of meditation, which is why it helps so many people across the world. Some people like to use a repetitive prayer
such as the rosary.

Mantra Meditation A mantra is a phrase or word you repeat to yourself while practicing breathing meditation. Some
phrases that could be used are "I am strong", or "I feel at peace". Choose whatever phrase or word that works best for you.
                                         Pathways to Self Event
                                             Experts Profile

                                Name: Karen Gomez
                                Title: Yoga Instructor and Wellness/Inspirational Coach
                                Work/Practice Address: We Are The ONES Wellness and Coaching, Madison, CT

                                Email/Phone/Website:, 203-906-8314

                                Bio: Karen Gomez is a Yoga Teacher, Wellness and Inspirational Leadership
                                Coach and founder of We Are The ONES Wellness and Coaching
                                specializing in stress management. She holds a Higher Ground Leadership®
                                Pathfinder certification from the Secretan Center of Learning, Wellness Coach
                                certification from Spencer Institute, a Master Certificate in Project Management
                                from George Washington University School of Business, yoga trainings with the
                                Hard and Soft Institute of Astanga Yoga directed by Beryl Bender Birch and is a
                                Reiki practitioner of the Usui Shiki Ryoho method of Natural Healing certified by
                                Master Reiki Debra Ty.

On the business front, Karen possesses 20 years of mentoring and coaching Information Technology
professionals in project management guidelines and leadership principles. To compliment this, she has taught
over 1800 hours of private and group yoga instruction and delivered customized wellness programs and
workshops for children, teens, and adults. This background enhances her intuitive teaching techniques in and
out of the board room, as well as on the mat.

Karen lives in Madison, CT with her husband Doug and their two dogs, Sadie and Jake, and two cats Snickers
and Sylvie. She spends her leisure time singing, performing, and writing music

Personal Message:
My goal is to be a guide for those who are seeking to shift their mindset and lifestyle to balance their mind,
body, and spirit through yoga, wellness, and inspirational coaching. My hope is to share my experiences
and values to set the stage for each client to help define their 'new story' for personal and professional growth
and guide them to what it takes to lead and inspire one’s self and others in today’s world.

Books/Authors           Power Yoga by Beryl Bender Birch
                        Ashtanga Yoga:The Practice Manual by David Swenson
                        Meditations From The Mat by Rolf Gates
                        Strengths Finder by Tom Rath
                        The Spark, The Flame, The Torch by Lance Secretan

Classes         Stone Temple Sanctuary
                180 West Main Street
                Clinton, CT
                              - Tuesday: 5:30 PM Gentle Yoga
                              - Tuesday: 7:00 PM Power Yoga
                              - Thursday: 9:00 AM Energizing Morning Yoga

MusicYoga Moods – Sequoia Groove, Music for Yoga - Steve Halpern, Chakra Suite – Steve Halpern,
       Power Yoga – Soulfood Power Yoga CD

Sites/Blogs,,, www.power-
                                     Pathways to Self Event
                                         Experts Profile

                                Name: Bob McCandlish

                                Title: Massage Therapist, Writer, Facilatator, Teacher, Student

                                Work/Practice Address:     hands on expressions massage @
                                The Scranton Seahorse Inn
                                818 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT

                                Email/Phone/Website:, 203.779.9215
                                To see my inspirational art, go to:

                               Bio:    Bob spent twenty years in the sports and entertainment
                               marketing fields with companies such as Major League Baseball, Fruit
of the Loom, Mattel and his own firm. A natural born compassionate leader and teacher, he’s traveled
the world and worked with some of the most creative minds in consumer products. While the
monetary and material rewards were nice, the collaborations and the camaraderie were what
motivated him.

Now being a massage therapist, writer and speaker, I’m using the communications lessons I learned
in marketing to express how I feel in a realm I care deeply about: lasting health and well being. My
approach to massage isn’t meant for everyone but it’s mine and I will stay true to it. That’s the key!
The stakes are great without a corporate safety net but the passion for the path far outweighs the
fear of moving ahead. I may not know exactly where I’m headed but I know I’m on the right track. I
feel it. I now have the “what” to my life. I’ll let the “hows” go and that’s more than good enough for

Personal Message: I believe we emanate from the same Source. Adults have been here longer than
kids but we all want the same thing: to love ourselves and others, to live wide awake and be happy.
The key to life is to answer one question: “how do we live life well?” The answer is within you and
only you can answer it. Feel it and let it unfold.

Books:        Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley
              A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle
              Fueling the Teen Machine by Ellen Shanley, Colleen Thompson
              Minding the Body, Mending the Mind by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

Sites:        American Massage Therapy Association,
              Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy,

Daily Emails:

Groups:       Happiness Club, Madison. To join, email Tina Garrity at

Exercises:    Do any activity that makes you feel good. Do it with frequency. The body needs to be
              in motion to work well. Your mood is dramatically improved too!
                                   Pathways to Self Event
                                       Experts Profile

                          Name: Annie C. Watts, LMT
                          Title: Massage Therapist
                          Work/Practice Address: Therapeutic Massage & Wellness,
                          60 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT
                          Email/Phone/Website: W: 203.245.6084, Cell: 203.415.4334
Bio: Annie graduated the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2004 after having spent
nearly twenty years in the financial services sector providing individual wealth investment
strategies. A highly skilled therapist, Reiki practitioner and communicator, Annie educates
clients on how the body works, heals and maintains good health. In addition to her Madison-
based practice, she teaches CCMT students the science therapeutic massage and its growing
role in health and well-being. Upon entering school as a student, her response to why she
chose massage captures her approach: “To connect spiritually with others-offering a nurturing
and healing touch allowing them to connect with their spirit, to heal, and to find inner peace.”

Personal Message: I believe we are human’ beings’……and not human ‘doings”. What a gift it
is to allow ourselves to stop, unwind and connect with ourselves. Massage is one way we
can do this. Whatever your life is….. Make sure you give yourself the the space to be.


Books:        The China Study



Schools:      Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy
                                          Pathways to Self Event
                                              Experts Profile

                                 Name: Michael Hafford

                                 Title: Pastry Chef & Innkeeper, Favorite son of Olive, Partner to Bill
                                 Work: Scranton Seahorse Inn, 818 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT

                                 Email/Phone/Website: / 203.245.0550 /

                                 Bio:    Having spent 20+ years in management and corporate America Michael
                                 went to pastry school to pursue a dream. After working in some of New Haven’s
                                 best restaurants, including Zinc, he took over the Scranton Seahorse Inn in
                                 2009. He works alongside his mother Olive and partner Bill making it truly a
                                 family business.
In addition to being a pastry chef, Michael is an avid gardener, hiker, cyclist, art enthusiast and traveler. He is a
lifelong CT resident with great knowledge and appreciation for all the sights to see in CT.
Once checked in to the inn you'll quickly appreciate Micheal’s eye for detail whether it's the guest room
amenities or the surprises around every corner of the great Greek revival mansion. Michael’s breakfast is a
highlight of the day and will always include products made from fresh healthy ingredients that are prepared on

Personal Message: I think the process of preparing the food makes me equally as happy as eating it. I find
myself most relaxed in the kitchen or garden so these are often places I will retreat to when I need peace.


Books:                   My favorite cookbooks are usually compilations of recipes from my favorite restaurants
                         or bakeries. Some special ones I turn to often are The Big Sur Bakery Cookbook , The
                         Sweet Life, Desserts from Chanterelle , Macrina Bakery and Café Cookbook. My most
                         recent favorite is a great big book on jam called The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook.

Authors:                 Chefs: Nick Malgieri, Kate Zuckerman; Other: David Sedaris, Amy Sedaris

Recipes:                 On my site at

Music:                   I’m a lifelong Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley fan. Add Loretta Lynn, George Jones,
                         Tammy Wynette, & Wynonna Judd as some of my favorites.

Sites/Blogs:             I’m a news junkie:, & My favorite food sites
Schools:                 CT Culinary Institute, The French Pastry School
Classes:                 Cheese 101 @ Murray’s Cheese, Chocolate Candy and Bon Bon’s with Master Chocolatier
                         Jean Pierre Wybauw

Exercises:               I hike for miles with my two dogs everyday

Other:                   Gardening, kitchen experiments, farmers markets, traveling with Bill

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