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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

• Gonorrhea
• Syphilis
• Herpes
• Chlamydia
• HPV (human papillomavirus)/genital warts
• Hepatitis B
Did you know?
• One in five people have herpes.
• Herpes is a virus, which means it is
• Herpes is manageable with medications.
• Herpes is contracted by kissing or any
  sexual contact, including anal, vaginal and
• Risk of contraction can be lowered with
  proper condom use.
Information on Chlamydia

• Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that can
  be cured with antibiotics.
• Half of men and three-quarters of women
  infected have NO symptoms.
• If left untreated, Chlamydia can cause
  sterility in both men and women.
              Symptoms of Gonorrhea
•   Painful intercourse
•   Painful urination
•   Yellowish or yellow-green discharge from
    the vagina
•   Pus-like discharge from the penis

            Treatment of Gonorrhea
• antibiotics
         HPV/Genital Warts
• Can infect the entire genital area.
• There is various strains of HPV, some
  cause warts while others cause cell
  mutations that can possibly lead to
  cervical cancer.
• Warts can be cleared with treatment, but
  there is not a cure.
          Syphilis is serious
• Syphilis can be treated with antibiotics.
• There are various stages to syphilis.
• Syphilis can be symptom-less.
• If left untreated, syphilis can cause
  neurological damage or death.
• Syphilis can be transferred by kissing or
  sexual contact, especially if there are open
              Hepatitis B
• One in twenty people will become infected.
• Hepatitis B (HBV) usually has no
• HBV is transmitted through all bodily
  fluids, including semen, saliva, blood and
  vaginal fluids.
• There is no cure, but it is possible that
  HBV will go away on it’s own.
• Abstinence is the ONLY way to prevent
  STDs 100%.
• The birth control pill is only 92-97%
  effective against pregnancy and 0%
  effective against STDs.
• The male condom is 85-98% effective,
  depending how frequently it is used and
  whether it is used properly.
Effects on a baby
• A baby that becomes infected with herpes
    during pregnancy or birth can have severe
    neurological damage.
•   If left untreated, a baby infected with Chlamydia
    can become blind.
•   HPV/Warts can cause fatal developmental
•   90% of babies born to mothers with HBV will be
    infected and need immediate treatment.

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