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					    The Reef Dive Resort - Mataking Island, 2007 (Twin Sharing)

 Diving Package                                   Deluxe        Premier Deluxe        Chalet
 3D / 2N                                          US $555          US $595            US $630
 4D / 3N                                          US $670          US $730            US $800
 5D / 4N                                          US $830          US $910            US $1000
 Extension stay after the 4th night /pax/night    US $165          US $185            US $205
 Full set Dive Equipment Rental : RM 85 per day

 RESORTER (NON-DIVER) PACKAGE                     Deluxe        Premier Deluxe        Chalet
 3D / 2N                                          US $455          US $495            US $555
 4D / 3N                                          US $555          US $615            US $675
 5D / 4N                                          US $675          US $755            US $835
 Extension stay after the 4th night /pax/night    US $135          US $155            US $175

 Age – 1 to 4                                     Deluxe        Premier Deluxe       Chalet
 3D / 2N                                         US $136.50       US $148.50        US $166.50
 4D / 3N                                         US $166.50       US $184.50        US $202.50
 5D / 4N                                         US $202.50       US $226.50        US $250.50
 Extension stay after the 4th night /pax/night   US $40.50        US $46.50         US $52.50

 Age – 5 to 12 (NON-DIVER)                         Deluxe       Premier Deluxe       Chalet
 3D / 2N                                         US $ 227.50      US $247.50        US $277.50
 4D / 3N                                         US $277.50       US $307.50        US $337.50
 5D / 4N                                         US $337.50       US $377.50        US $417.50
 Extension stay after the 4th night /pax/night   US $67.50        US $77.50         US $87.50

Surcharge of 10% is applicable for peak period like Christmas & New Year, August and also
Golden Week.

Package Includes:
 All relevant Land and Boat Transfer (Tawau Airport - Semporna Jetty - Mataking Island -
  Semporna Jetty - Tawau Airport), Twin sharing accommodation with air-conditioning, fresh
  water hot shower, attached bathroom, sundeck (deluxe) or private balcony (chalet),
  Complimentary use of Jacuzzi.
 All meals on board (3 main meals plus light snacks with free flow of tea / coffee and bread)
 Divers Package - Inclusive of 3 boat dives per day with weights, weight belt, tanks and our
  professional Divemaster at Mataking, Pandanan & Bohayan Island (except on arrival and
  departure day) and unlimited house reef diving. Equipment rental NOT included.
Terms and Conditions:
 All prices quoted in RM - Ringgit Malaysia.
 10% Surcharge is applicable for peak period like Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year,
  Golden Week & month of August.
 Above rates are applies for a minimum 2 person and thereafter based on twin sharing basics.
  Proof of working permit for expatriate / identity and nationality is required.
 Resorter Package applies to non-diver and cannot be converted to Diver Package once guest
  have arrived at the island. Resorters with certified dive license who wish to go diving at
  Mataking Island will be charged RM 100 per dive regardless of boat / shore dive.
 Any children who are certified divers will have to pay FULL Diver rates regardless of their age
  & parents are to be held responsble for their child at all times.
 Single supplement fee of 50% on top of the above rates applies and additional single charge of
  RM 600 is to be charged to a single transfer when minimum requirement is not met. Please get
  confirmation on this matter with our friendly Tawau sales Office Staffs.
 Guest who wish to extend their stay while at the resort are required to settle full payment for
  their extension stay charges upon check out.
 Reservation can be made by phone, facsimile or preferably EMAIL to out Tawau Office.
 20% deposit has to be paid once an official booking has been confirmed and the deposit fee is
  NOT refundable or transferable.
 The balance or full payment msut be settled at least 30 days prior to the visit date. Otherwise, the
  reservation is subjected to automatic cancellation and will be made available for resale.
 Full set equipment rental can be arranged at Mataking at RM 85 /diver/day. For BCD and
  regulator only - RM 50 /diver/day..
 Upon Arrival, guests are required to sign an affirmation and liability release letter for the
  benefits of all parties.

                   SIPADAN DIVE TRIP
                                                                                        RM 800
(One Return Boat Diving Trip, Max. 10 Divers or 12 Snorkeler)
 The world renowned divers’ paradise is located about 80 minutes speedboat ride from
  Mataking Island.
 Diving trip to Sipadan can be arranged at the above rate, excluding the Government Levy
 of RM 40 / person/day under the condition that you book the trip Two weeks before the trip
  commenced with us.
 One boat can accommodate up to a maximum of 10 divers with 3 boat dives at Sipadan Island.
 Sipadan trips are subjected to weather conditions and boats / dive guides availability.
 Sipadan Government Levy (Entry Permit) is to be applied ONE week before the trip
 commences or our company will have the rights to deny any guest from entering Sipadan Island.
 The fee is RM 40 per person and is valid for a period of 1 day only. Subject to changes.
 This levy charge is to be paid separately as it is NOT included in any of our packages.

 Due to the recent ruling management of Sabah Park which has a restricted daily quota to
  Sipadan entry permit, all guests must apply permit in advance on a first come first serve
  basis to secure the permit. NOT GUARANTEED. Please also be informed that Sipadan day
  trip is subjects to GOOD Weather conditions.

 Important Note:
 For Security Council department restriction, guests are required to summit Full Names
 with Nationality, Gender, Passport Numbers and contact address. Failure to do this can
 result the Guests to be deny the entry to the islands at the region especially Sipadan Island.
Reservation And Confirmation
Reservation can be made by phone or in writing either by facsimile or preferably E-mail to Once a booking is made, a 20% reservation fee from the total package
price must be paid within 7 days after the initial booking to secure the booking otherwise it will
automatically be made available for resale. These fees are not refundable and full payments have to
be settled 30 days before the date of arrival.

Mode Of Payment
Payment can be made either by
1) Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
- Please fax us the bank remittance order slip for our record with advice of the remittance date and
the respective corresponding bank.
- Our bank information as below:
Company Name: Pro Diver
Bank Details: Public Bank Berhad
TB 304 A & B, Block 34
Ground &1st Floor Fajar Complex
91000 Tawau, Sabah
Account No: (To Be Advice)
Swift Code: (To Be Advice)
* Important Note - Kindly be informed that our company will NOT absorb any International /
Oversea / Outstation bank charges and guests are required to pay to us the nett amount as stated in
the rates above.

* In the event of cancellation, the following cancellation shall applies:
# 29 days to 15 days before arrival - 20% of the trip's full price forfeited.
# 14 days to 07 days before arrival - 30% of the trip's full price forfeited.
# 07 days to 01 days before arrival - 50% of the trip's full price forfeited.
# No show of customer - 100% of the trip's full price forfeited.

* The company shall not be held responsible and reserve the rights to charge the customer for
additional costs rendered by any last minute cancellation, delay and changes of arrangement made
by customer (Less than 48 hours before arrival time as per schedule).
* Please note that the accommodation may be available at the time of inquiry but it is not being held
for you. A request cannot be confirmed until we receive full payment and guest personal particulars.
* When one's booking is confirmed, guests are required to summit the following details -
Full Names, Nationality, Gender, Passport Numbers, Divers Certification, Flight Details,
Land Transfer or any hotel stay needed, any Equipment rental.....etc

In case of any last minute changes of flights, cancellation or delays, please contact:
Sales Office at +6089 77 8128, Mobile:
In case of emergency after office hours, please contact Mobile: +60 16 826 0528

Upon arrival, guests are required to sign an affirmation and liability release letter for the benefits of
all parties. (Refer to Appendix 1)
 Pro Diver shall NOT be held responsible and reserve the rights to charge the customer for any
   additional costs rendered by any last minute cancellations, delays and changes of any
   arrangement made by the customer (Less than 48 hours Before Arrival Time as per schedule).
   Guests are also recommended to follow our recommended flights in order to connect to our
   daily normal boat transfer in and out from the island to minimize the waiting time.

 All types of activities being offered by the company on the island especially dive activities are
  subjects to bad sea, weather conditions / poor visibility and also divers’ own physical abilities
  (eg. Injuries, intoxification, hangovers……ect). Therefore, we reserve the final decision and
  rights to either proceed or abort any activities / dives for safety reasons.

 Flying After Diving (Last day at resort) – It is recommended that divers are to wait a minimum
  of 18 hours and sometimes up to 24 hours before they fly. However, we, at The Reef believes
  that this differ from different individuals, agencies and even dive computer / dive tables. If
  divers choose to dive less than 18 hours (recommended hours) before they fly, they will be
  required to sign a separate Liability/Release Form for this matter. However, this is still subject
  to the approval of the Dive Centre management.

 Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to call or email us, In the mean time,

APPENDIX (1) Liability Release Letter
APPENDIX (2) Dive Centre Price List


All guests are required to sign this form upon check in.
I, the undersigned, hereby affirm that I have been well advised and fully informed of the inherent
hazards of this tour, scuba diving and all other relevant activities.
I understand and agree that THE REEF DIVE RESORT AND TOURS SDN.BHD. or island, will
not be held liable in any way for occurrence in connection with this tour which may result in injury,
death or other damages to me and in consideration of being to participate in this tour, I hereby
personally assume in full all risk in connection with this tour and any harm, injury or loss which
may befall me while I am bound to the tour, whether foreseen or unforeseen; and further to save and
hold harmless the company, its programme and staff from any claim by me or my estate, family
heirs or assigns.
I further state that I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this affirmation and liability
release, or that I have acquired the written consent of my parents or guardians, and I understand that
the terms herein are contractual and not a mere recital; and that I have signed this document on my
own free act.
I have fully informed my self to the contents of this affirmation and liability release by reading it
before I sign it, which include boat transfers accidental events happened on land and jetty, we are
not responsible

Name: __________________________ I/C/ Passport No: _______________________
Date of Birth: _____________________ Sex: _______ Nationality ________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
Port Of Entry Malaysia: ____________ Flight No: _____________ Date: __________
Port Of Exit Malaysia: _____________ Flight No: _____________ Date: __________

SIGNATURE Email                                 Contact: _______________________

Date: _____________                             Fax No: _____________________________

P/S note:
The resort will not be held liable or responsible for any valuables, belongings & properties left in
the resort or in the vicinity for the entire duration of stay. We advise that all valuables be kept in the
Safety Box at the Front Desk. (Free of Change)

* Subject to changes without prior notice
Snorkel Set A (Including Mask, Snorkel, Fins & Booties) RM 30 Per Set
Snorkel Set B (Including Mask, Snorkel & Fins ONLY) RM 25 Per Set
Diving Set (Including BCD, Regulator , Mask, Fins, Booties, Wetsuit) RM 85 Per Set
Diving Set – BCD and regulator only - RM 50 /diver/day.
Mask – RM 10 Per Set
Snorkel – RM 8 Per Set
Fins - RM10 Per Set
Booties – RM 8 Per Set
BCD – RM 25 Per Set
Regulator – RM 25 Per Set
Wetsuit – RM 25 Per Set
Torch – RM 25 Per Set
Weight belt - FOC FOC (For Diver Package ONLY)
Weights - FOC FOC (For Diver Package ONLY)
Tank - FOC FOC (For Diver Package ONLY)

Life vest - FOC FOC
Float - FOC FOC
ASL Pedal Boat - 60Per Hour
Ocean Kayak (single) - 30Per Hour
Ocean Kayak (double)- 40 Per Hour
Kookaburra Canoe - 50 Per Hour

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