How to Repair a Crystal Vase by hesti-puspita


									How to Repair a Crystal Vase
In the past, damaged or destroyed crystal or glass products had to be thrown
away, regardless of its sentimental value. Today, it is possible to repair a cracked
crystal vase or glass award without nearly as many hassles.

Expensive glass products, like an engraved crystal vase or glass paperweights, can
be very fragile. A single crack or break is enough to destroy the vase entirely. In
the past, crystal was considered irreparable if broken, but with today's advanced
machinery and technology that is longer the case. It is now possible to repair that
valuable glass award or crystal vase that might have a lot of sentimental value to

There are professional organizations that specialize in crystal and glass repair, and
they may be the best option to repair an engraved crystal award or glass item.
However, there is little harm in giving this task a try at home. One can always
contact professionals to take over the task of repairing the piece starts to prove
too difficult.

Caution! Avoid glue or super glue as a binding agent to repair a crystal vase or
similar item, as these materials do not work. Even if the glue successfully binds
the vase back together, the piece will appear shabby and all the cracks will be
evident in a goopy, ugly manner. Never again will the vase have that flawless
finish if glue is used to repair it.

Use epoxy instead to refit the glass or crystal vase. The first step will be to
accumulate all the broken pieces together. Store them carefully. It is advisable to
repair the engraved crystal vase as early as possible. Allow time beforehand to
accumulate all the materials required before beginning the repair.

Handle the broken pieces with extreme care, obviously you want to be sure not
cut yourself. Do not tinker with them just for fun. Use sandpaper to smooth the
edges so that the various broken pieces fit together perfectly - just like putting
together a puzzle. Do not use a lot of force as this may break the shards further
into smaller pieces.
Do yourself a favor and buy the best quality epoxy available on the market for
crystal vase repair. If there are no products available specifically for glass or
crystal vases, any reputable epoxy product related to glass repair should suffice.
Go through the instructions carefully and prepare the solution accordingly. The
epoxy should always be applied to a clean surface. Use a soft cloth to get rid of
dust and small particles of glass on the crystal or glass pieces.

Apply the epoxy agent to the vase and fit the broken pieces together again. Make
sure the broken pieces fit together before the epoxy dries. Wait for the vase to
set together again. Use sandpaper to softly smooth out the rough edges and the
job is done.

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