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PowerPoint Unit -A Creating a Presentation                        Type Your Name Above
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 1   Which of the following ways can you collaborate on a presentation with a group of colleagues?
     a. through an on-screen presentation                  c. using handouts                                2
     b. through a shared workspace on the Internet         d. through e-mail

 2   The maximum number of slides you can have/print on a handout is ____.                                  3
     a. four     b. six          c. nine        d. 12

 3   A presentation with a clear message that reads like a ____ and is illustrated with appropriate
     visual aids will have the greatest impact on your audience.                                            4
     a. billboard        b. Web page          c. novel        d. story

 4   Which of the following is an exception to copyright protection?                                        5
     a. copyright infringement        b. intellectual property       c.   fair use         d. cyberlaw

 5   The default view that PowerPoint opens in is called ____.                                              6
     a. Slide       b. Normal          c. Standard          d. Edit

 6   The ____ organizes all of PowerPoint’s primary commands.                                               6
     a. Standard toolbar        b. Tab group        c. Quick Access toolbar             d. Ribbon

 7   The ____ toolbar is fully customizable.                                                                6
     a. Ribbon          b. Standard            c. Slides          d. Quick Access

 8   The Zoom slider is located on the ____.                                                                6
     a. Ribbon          b. task pane         c. status bar            d. Quick Access toolbar

 9   Where are the View Shortcuts located?                                                                  6
     a. on the Office Button              c. on the View tab
     b. in the Clipboard group            d. on the status bar

10 The ____ tab does not show any graphics or objects.                                                      6
   a. Slide Show          b. Handouts           c. Outline                d. Normal

11 The Slides tab displays each slide as a(n) ____.                                                         6
   a. outline           b. thumbnail           c. icon            d. full-sized slide

12 After you enter text in a placeholder, the placeholder becomes a text ____.                              8
   a. area        b. label          c. object         d. frame

13 When you are typing in a text placeholder, which feature decreases the font size in order                8
   to fit the text in the placeholder?
   a. AutoFit              b. AutoScript       c. AutoText        d. AutoFont
14 When you embed fonts, the size of your presentation ____.                                          9
   a. decreases       b. increases            c. remains the same             d. doubles

15 The New Slide button is in the Slides group on the ____ tab.                                      10
   a. Slides       b. Home                c. Insert       d. Design

16 A content placeholder is used to insert ____.                                                     10
   a. clip art      b. charts             c. tables           d. All of the above

17 The New Slide list arrow lets you ____.                                                           10
   a. choose how many new slides you want to insert           c. choose which slide layout to insert
   b. choose where to insert your new slide                   d. change the layout of the current slide

18 Themes are found on the ____ tab.                                                                 12
   a. Layout       b. Style          c. Design            d. Theme

19 You can preview the look of a design theme before committing to it using ____.                    12
   a. Preview        b. Theme Preview            c. Live Preview           d. Slide Preview

20 Clicking the ____ button in the Themes group displays the All Themes gallery window.              12
   a. Gallery         b. More         c. Expand           d. Maximize
PowerPoint Unit -B Modify a Presentation                            Type Your Name Above
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 1   When typing text into a slide, which key do you press to create a new bullet?                     26
     a. Tab        b. Enter              c. Shift        d. Insert

 2   The ____ toolbar is convenient to use for formatting text when the Home tab is not open.          28
     a. Quick Access           b. Mini           c. Modify           d. Office

 3   As soon as you move the pointer over the Mini toolbar, the toolbar becomes ____.                  28
     a. clearly visible    b. invisible        c. red            d. outlined

 4   As you move the pointer over the font names in the font list, the text on the slide               28
     displays a ____ of the different font choices.
     a. Thumbnail           b. Live Thumbnail           c. Preview              d. Live Preview

 5   The Font Color button is on the ____ tab.                                                         28
     a. Format        b. Home              c. Insert                d. Design

 6   A ____ graphic is a professional-quality diagram that visually illustrates text.                  30
     a. bitmap          b. clip art          c. SmartArt           d. theme

 7   There are ____ categories of SmartArt graphics.                                                   30
     a. five       b. eight       c. nine         d. ten

 8   You can radically change how the SmartArt graphic looks by applying a SmartArt ____.              30
     a. Style      b. Theme        c. Design       d. Border

 9   Pressing [Shift] as you resize a shape maintains its ____ as you change its size.                 32
     a. proportions         b. style        c. placement on the slide          d. alignment

10 As you move an object, PowerPoint can force the object to “snap” to ____ gridlines.                 34
   a. locked        b. red          c. hidden            d. blue

11 You can press and hold ____ to turn off the snap-to-grid as you relocate an item.                   34
   a. [Alt]      b. [Shift]      c. [Ctrl]       d. [Enter]

12 To move an object to the back of the stack, click the Send Backward button in the Arrange
   group on the Drawing Tools ____ tab.                                                                35
   a. Design         b. Format            c. Grouping          d. Stacking

13 The ____ commands found with the Align commands evenly space objects horizontally                   36
   or vertically relative to each other or the slide.
   a. Arrange            b. Align         c. Distribute d. Space
14 What happens to a word you type that is not in the electronic dictionary?                    41
   a. A wavy red line appears under the word.              c. The word appears in red type.
   b. A wavy blue line appears under the word.             d. The Mini spell checker appears.

15 ____ spelling in PowerPoint identifies common grammatically misused words; for example,
   if you type the word “their” and the correct word is “there.”                                41
   a. ScreenTip            b. Contextual             c. Helper      d. Spelling Bee
PowerPoint Unit -C Inserting Objects                                 Type Your Name Above
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 1   The Undo button is located on the ____toolbar.                                                       52
     a. Quick Access       b. Immediate Status               c.   Immediate Access      d. Quick Status

 2   You can insert ____ different kinds of pictures into PowerPoint.                                     54
     a. 14          b. 17           c. 19          d. 20

 3   The Corrections button is in the ____ group.                                                         54
     a. Color         b. Adjust             c. Format                d. Illustrations

 4   When the ____ button is active, the sizing handles appear as straight black lines.                   54
     a. Text Box      b. Crop           c. Compress         d. Rotate

 5   If you do not wish to use the content placeholder, you can also insert a chart using the             58
     Insert Chart button in the ____ group.
     a. Illustrations         b. Chart Tools         c. Insert             d. Pictures

 6   PowerPoint can use ____, if it is installed, to create numerical charts.                             58
     a. SmartChart        b. SmartArt               c. Excel      d. Tables

 7   The default chart in the Insert Chart dialog box is the ____ chart.                             58-59
     a. Line       b. Bar         c. Column          d. Pie

 8   To move to the next line within the same cell, press ____.
     a. Tab        b. Enter          c. Shift-Enter       d. Spacebar                                     62

 9   The WordArt text styles and effects include ____.                                                    64
     a. fonts          b. glows              c. sepias               d. bubbles

10 You can save your PowerPoint presentation as a full-____ video, which incorporates all                 65
     slide timings, transitions, animations, and narrations.
     a. blown           b. fidelity          c.   wireless           d. definition
PowerPoint Unit -D Finishing a Presentation                          Type Your Name Above
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 1   You can create custom theme fonts by clicking the ____ button, then clicking Create              78
     New Theme Fonts.
     a. Colors         b. Text        c. Fonts             d. Themes

 2   A black slide during a slide show indicates ____.                                                80
     a. a hidden slide                               c. the end of the slide show
     b. the beginning of the slide show              d. a pause between two linked slide shows

 3   During a slide show, which key is pressed to pause the slide show?                               81
     a. [B]         b. [P]          c. [S]          d. [Esc]

 4   Which key is pressed to go to the last slide in a slide show?                                    81
     a. [End]      b. [E]        c. [Esc]          d. [Enter]

 5   Animation tags identify the ____ in which objects are animated during slide show.                84
     a. order      b. speed           c. direction        d. priority

 6   The name of the author who created the presentation is included in ____.                         86
     a. the off-slide content     c. the presentation evaluation
     b. metadata                  d. the digital signature encryption text box

 7   The Run Compatibility Checker feature searches for ____.                                         86
     a. reminder notes            c. unsupported features
     b. ink annotations           d. encrypted digital signatures

 8   It is a good idea to limit each slide to six words per line and ____ lines per slide.            88
     a. three             b. four           c. five           d. six

 9   Use ____ colors for slide background and text to make the text readable.                         88
     a. contrasting          b. complementary           c. primary          d. vibrant

10 In a slide show, the font size should never be smaller than ____ points.                           88
   a. 18          b. 24             c. 36           d. 38

11 You are twice as likely, or ____ to achieve your communication objectives using a                  89
   visual presentation.
      a. 47%           b. 67%           c. 87%         d. 97%

12 Research shows that ____ of all environmental stimuli is received through visual reception.        89
     a. 30%         b. 45%           c. 60%          d. 75%

13 The chapter stated that ____ of what an audience learns comes directly from visual messages.
     a. 15%          b. 35%          c. 55%           d. 75%                                          89

14 Combining visual messages with verbal messages can increase memory retention                       89
    by as much as ____.
       a. 30%        b. 50%           c.   70%        d. 90%

15 You are likely to decrease the average meeting length by ____ when you use a visual presentation.
     a. 6.80%          b. 16.80%       c. 26.80%      d. 36.80%                                      89

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