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					 Published weekly on Saltspring Island/ W.Fisher, Editor, P.O. Box250, Ganges, B.C , P h o n e : 176
   , 'Thursday, August 25, 1960                                                     Vol. 1, No. 23
     C A R L IN        P H1 LI0N        MID-ISLAND SUMMER SCHOOL                  F i S H I . N G DERBY
     St. Andrew's Cathedral,Victoria          The first Mid-island Summer         The weather was miserable and
 was the scene of a charming double" High School, sponsored by the.            the fish were small, but this didn't
 ring ceremony Saturday, August            Cowichan, Ladysmith, Lake,          stop the hardy ones from participa-
•20l'h, which united m'i marriage,         Cowichan, and Saitspring School ting in the annual Rod & Gun Club
 Sheiia Patricia Anne, daughter of      i: Boards,, ended its five week        Fishing Derby lost Sunday, August
 Mr. and Mrs. H,J. Carl in, Ganges, session on Friday, August 12th.            21st. First prize of a complete
 and George Arthur Phi lion, son of           144 students took advantage of fishing set was,won by Mr, Pat
 Mr, and Mrs. J.E. Phi I ion, Victo- the 32 CQUI-SOS offered by the            Walsh of Youbou, ;B.C. His fish
 ria. Rev. Father M,0. O'ConneiS School. 19 of these students                  weighed 7 lbs:.,6. oz. Hart Bradley
 performed the ceremony,                   came from Chemainus - Lady-         weighed in a 6 Ib. 14 oz. fish for
     The bride was radiant as she en- smith, 21 from Cobble HE 3 I, 24         second prize. Third prize was won
 tered, the. church on the arm .of .har    from Lake Cowichan, 9 from          by C, A. Meilish, 4th - Roy Payne;
 farher..     She chose a traditional      Sairspring, most of the remainder' 5th - Alt. Kitchen; 6th - Norman
 floor-length gown of "I Do" silk          from Duncan. Pupils from Grade! Harris; 7th .-Henry Andre; 8th -
;taffera with train. It featured a         9 to 19 were enrolled. Courses | Earl Hardie;9th-MacMouat,Jr.;
 Bertha Neckline, liiy-point sleeves | in English, Mathematics, Social 10th - R.A.Lowe; 11th - Jean
 and bodice and full bouffant skirt        Studies, Science, French and        Andre; 12th - Horry Extell; 13th
 were appliqued with Alencon iace ! Commerce were soundly re viewed. LaurieMouat; ' i 4 t h - J . Insley;
 and sequins.     Her fingertip veil of       Among individual schools rep- ; 15th - Mick Jones, 16th - Scot
 illusion, mist, floated from a Juliet     resented were Queen Margaret's Ciarke; 17th - Dr. E. Cox;18th
 crown of silk taffeta that dipped         School, Aiberni High School,     I Mrs. J- Conneiiy; 19th -Jack
 over the forehead and she carried a Qualicum College, Howe Sound i Scott; and 20th - ^endy Stephen-
 bouquet of red roses and stephanotis. Junior-Senior High School/West son. The Ladies First Prize wys won
 Her only jewelry were a necklace j Vancouver High School, and the by Mrs. P.D. Humphreys with a
 and earrings oF cultured pearls, a Annie Wright Seminary in face- 4 ib. 7oz. salmon. David Insley
 •gift of the groom.        •              ma.                                 won the Junior prize with a 4ib.
     Miss Diane Carlin/sister of the          Many of the students took ;.     1 oz. fish and Geoff Howland •
 bride, wc:s maid of honor. Miss ! courses preparing them for the            j brought in a 20 Ib. 4 oz. cod to
 Catherine Netherton, Penticton,and I August Suppiementais given this win that prize. The consolation
 Miss Jeannette Phi lion, sister of the I week by the Department of Edu- prize, consisting of a complete
 groom, served as bridesmaids. They cation . The others wrote stiff           I camping outfit, was won by Mr.
 woreidentical cocktail-length            examinations set by the staff of | S.Fisher of Saanichton, B.C.
 dresses of cornflower blue silk or- the Summer School. Report Card; |                          — — — —
                                                                                              — — — —
 ganza over taffeta, with matching i were sent on Friday to the stu-             FACTS, FABLES, & FOIBLES. . .
 picture hats, and carried bouauets i dents and to the Principal of              If you want to see a fire hazard, a
 of white gladioli.                  ".   their own school. On the basis         place filled with rubbish and old
  , ;The best man was Mr. Ron Mac- of these Report Cards the Prin-             I papers, take a look at the freight
 Dona-Id, and ushering were Mr. Bill      cipal will determine th&advis- '1 shed or, the Ganges wharf. The
 Philion and Mr. B. Pagan.         The ability of promoting the students I Fire department has been cittempt-
 wedding music was played by Miss           ^he n&xt Grade,                  ing to keep the picca clean, but
 M.McKaydnd Miss Leona Hanley                Principal Dave Todd said that if's on almost hopeless job. . . .
 sang "Avc Maria" during the signing; i-h& School's initial year was a       ;Wo hear that an unexpected bene-
 of the register.                       ; marked success and in many in-         fit party wus hold for Jack Scott
    The reception following the osre- stances a year's work will be        ' and Bill Trelford at the Geo.
'mony was held at the Club Tango, i saved. This is n vital factor to             Heinekey residence last week.
 The bride's three-tiered cake was        pupil and taxpayer alike. For          The reluctant donors were Mac
 made by her i.-iorhcr and flanked by •'hose who triad und did not pass, JMouat, Hcirt Bradley, Slim Thor-
 tal! white tapers and tiny pink               attitudes and better habits     burn, Jim Reid, Pat'Walsh and
 rosebuds. Rev. Father W . Mudge          of study make the school a val-        George, himself. . . . . . Too
 proposed the toast to the bride,         uable experience and point to-        often travel, instead of broadening
    The, mother of the bride received j ward improvement and success in the mind, merely lengthens the
 the guests (CONT' D ON P. 2)             the coming tem-i.(CON't 'oh P.2) j conversation. . . (CONT'D ON P2)
Jhursday, August 2 5 ,             1960___D_ R I F T W               0 D       Vol. "i,    No. 23    Page      2

                                    GULF ISLANDS
                                                                    EDWIN WCfTH! NGTON
                                                                   The many friends )f Edwin Worthington were
                                                                saddened to hoar of his sudden passing on the
                IT'S NOT TOO SOON TO START                      morning of August 22nd. Mr. Worthington was
                        THINKING OF —                           born 64 years ago ir London, England, and has
                                                                resided in Canada f;ir 50 years. He had lived
                             M I N S                            on Salt Spring island for over four years and was
                            0 R                                 known as one of the outstanding horticulturists
                                W I N T E R                     on the island. He \ as es'pec'csily fond of
                             for    Children                    Cactii '-.nd wcs reno'.vned TO!- his cactii cultiva-
                                                                tion. He was president of the Salt Spring Island
                                             PHONE: 86           Chrysanthemum Soc ety, a past member of the
                                                                 Vancouver Horticu! ure Society and was their
(CONT'O FROM P. 1 - WEDDING). . . .in a                      Show Manager for several years. Recently.. Mr.
draped sheath of canyon goid with brown accessories.         Worthington was honored by being elected as a
The mother of the groom was gowned in a full mauve         | Fellow of the Royal Horticulture Society of England.
silk print with mauve and white accessories.               I He was very active in Anglican Church activities
   The bride chose for her hsn'eymoon to Vancouver,          -'nd was a Lay Preache; at St; George's Church'at
a toast linen suit with beige accessories. •Her cor-         Ganges.
sage was of yellow roses and white carnation.                   Mr. Worthington is ?urvived by his wife, Elsie,
   Mr. and Mrs, Philion will reside in Dawson Creek |of i-he home, one son, W . A . E . Worthington of
where tk; groom is employed by the Depr. of Health | Laguno B^csch, California, one daughti.,r, Mrs,, A,
and. Welfare.         •     - '    -i, • •- -1 -•• • - • •-—...i-——- --.^_— —. (Mollie) Enns of Williams Laki-/
         — - — —
           —— — —               •                    \ \ ^'r^              "< r^S       B.C. one foster son, L. V.
(CONT- D FROM P.} "SCHOOL)                     -'I ^ } ;               V         Drape: of Cowichan Lake, B.C.,
   Reaction of the staff, students           JJ.                      ^           one sister, Miss E. Worthington
and parents to th& School were              BAKERY                JMITED          of Vancouver, end two grandchild-
entirely favorable. The Central                                                   ren.
Committee consisting of'Trustees                     ^   .V^ BILL'S                  The funeral will be held on
from the various School Districts,                                                Thursday, August 25th, at 2:00
 District Superintendents, The                                                    p.m. at St. George's Church
Principal and representatives of                                                  with Ven. Archdeacon G. H.
tho National Employment Ser-              S E R V I N G SALT 3 PR!NG              Hoirr'cs officiating, interment
vice feel that the whole project             MOUAT BROS. - GANGES                 will bo at the St. Mark's Ceme-
was very worth whi !e and it is         S ,S .1 .TRADING CO." GANGES              tery.         . ^             .
the Committee's stated intention                  PATTERSON'S STORE "
to continue this useful work. •                     •- FULFORD -                     Officers of Gulf Islands Naviga-
   A detailed report and policy               MAC'S GROCERY-VESUVIUS              tion Ltd. met last Thursday with the
for the coming year will be •               ^ 00 ,^^ ^ ^ ^
                                       L ^ , ? 5 0 " ^ ^ ^ j! Minister of Highways in Victoria
viewed and considered at.rhe                                                      to lay -a proposal before him for
next meeting of the Committee to be called by Mr.           the increased use of the "Isbnd PrincQss" in the
Go Dyson/ the Committee's Secretary,                        Gulf islands service. They .stated that in view of
                                                            the tremendous clamour for more lew cost car ferry
                                                            scrvici; to Vancouver S-iSand, and in view '.../! rhe
• . . there is a man in Vesuvius who received u
                                                            current shortage of suitable vessels to meet this de-
letter from California addressed to him at Skid Row,
                                                            mand they are prepared to operate the "Island Prin-
Vesuvius. . . . . . . Hugh Heath, the Liberal
                                                            cess" up to three days per week between the Islands
Candidate has issued,a challenge to the Hon, Earle
                                                            and the Saanich Penin-uic on a "cosi- minus" basis
C, Westwood lo debate political issues. No reply
                                                            for the Department of Highw-iys.      That is to say,
to the challenge as yet. . . . . . . It takes a
                                                            the Department would Quarantee (GONT'd ON P. 3)

                                                     77^ 1                                        R^
m.ighty conscientious man to tell whether lie's
tired or just lazy;, . , . . . There is a car on
                                                                     ^:         r^'l 1 '
S.S.I. w,ith a Northwest Territories License..
s , . . From our ancient cook book - "Cook-                  -1 J
                                                                               ./; H '/
                                                                                    1 '^ —' —          JW
ery For The Sick"- 'Asses' Mi Ik .far surpasses
                                                                                          l^     ,\
any imitation of it that can be made. It should
be milked into a glass that is kept warm by
                                                                CV            J'J L.r.iJ JJ [j
                                                                                      1 \

being in a basin of hot water. The fixed air                       O I L 'BURNER                   ^ S ^-
that itcontains gives some people a pain in                   ;    ,  ;  . . .  . . .         ^^/Kfe''^-

the stomach. A tablespoon of rum may be tak-                    SA.LES & S E R V I C E T-f'-^
en v/ith it, but only at the instant of drinking.                                                \ —'.s'-'i ),-
The animai should always be milked at the                 i NS T A L L A T ON 3 - REPAIR^^L^
door. . ' . . . . An ideal wife is any woman
                                                    F. LyddL i n g t o n
who has ^n idi,-ii husband. . . . . . . . . . . ^i.LL^^-lLddJ^rLgt^iJi - G a n QQ s " P ho n e : 6 2 -
T h u r s d a y , A u g u s t 2 5 , 1960

     '^ I' '''
     ^li.^JJ.b"       ^J-r^                                               B . C . F U N E R A L CO., L T D . |1
                                                                                     of V i c i - o r i a ..   |
                                                                          S e r v i n g the Gulf I s l a n d s
                                                                                 f o r many y e a r s .
    NEW & U S E D C A R S                                                 D . L . G o o d m a n of Ganges
                                           PLUMBING & HEATING              Islands' representative
     Remington Power Saws
    WE WASH & POLISH CARS                                                      PHONE - GANGES 100
                                           ELCO AUTOMATIC                       DAY OR NIGHT
 Ganges                                    ELECTRIC       &   GAS         Victoria - Phone: EV 6 - 3 5 0 5
                                           WATER         HEATERS
(CONT'D FROM P.2 - FERRY). .                                                in full. Mr. A.E.Roddis introduced
the cost of the service but all fares                                       Rev. Dr. A.W.R. Ashley of. Met-
and reciepts would be deducted                                              chosin, who opened the fete/and,
from the amount of the Depart"                           PHONE: 130         Mrs. F.L. Jackson presented Mrs.
ments contribution.                                                         Ashley with a corsage.
   The Department- would set the rates, routes and       .In charge of the various stalls were; Mrs. W . Y .
schedules/ having reference to other services pro-        Stewart, Home Cooking, assisted by Mrs. Joyce
vided'. The objective/ however, would be to pro-          Slovens, and Mrs. V. Rathwell. Vegetables and
vide more day trips to Vancouver Island and return '      plants were in the hands of M"s. A.E.Roddis/ Mrs.
than the Department is able to provide through its        V. Grant, Mrs. Can- and Mrs. Sn el I, (sister of
existing contracts.                   '                   Mrs. Roddis) and Mrs. A. Finney. Mrs. A.D.Dane
   Mr» GagliardI sa'id that he wouid consider the         was in charge of the busy corner in the second hand
p'roposa I.                . . . . .                      section and was assisted by Mrs. A. House. Eliza-
                                                          beth Dane had a cool job seiiing ica croam and
   The regular meeting of 0.A.P.0 Branch 32 was
                                                          candy, while Jayney French, Gai! Slingsby and
well attended August 15th in the St. George's.
                                                          Diane- Kyier helped on the Miscellaneous Stall,
Parish Hall. The main object was the report from
                                                          c;nd were supervised by Mrs. J. French. Mrs. A.
Mrs. E. Thacker on the Convention held June 22-
                                                          Dc'vis was on the needlework stall. Mr. A.E.
24 tp which she was a delegate. All members were
                                                          Roddis was at the gate c.;nd Mr. Reg Price looked
interested to learn that all efforts are being made to
                                                          after the potato competition, /viss Margaret Ruth-
give greater help to the elderly and that everything
                                                          weil assisted when and where she could. Teas in
is being done by those in Office to relieve worry
                                                          the residence were in charge of Misses Gladys a n d .
and anxiety to those reaching the ago of 70'years
                                                          Cree Shav/, assisted by Mrs. H. Dickens, Mrs.
and over. A vote of thanks went to Mrs. W, Wat-
                                                          A.C'r Lacy, Mrs. G. Maude, and Mrs. F.Olsson.
mough for her help in loaning Shady Acres for the
                                                          The sum of $243 was taken in and a vote of thanks
summer picnics heid there in July and August , and
                                                          was given to a!! who g'-^ve time and work to this
also to M*"8* B. Krebs for her help with the refresh-
                                                          annual garden fete.                          ,
menrs. Mrs. P. Gunterman was asked to take over
the sewing for the Bazaar. Mrs;, M. Til! and Mr.s. .
M. Scogg were presented with birthday cakes and             W.J. Mollison has recently purchased the truck-
corsages. There are 2 nev/ members. The next             ing business of John St-epaniuk. Jim Mollison,
meeting will be held on September 15th. ,                a native of No. Pender Island/ has lived in Ganges
                                                         for two years, and has been doing survey work. He
                                                         attended high school at Ganges. With the i»quip -
                                                         ment Jim wil! be able to give complete hauling
                                                         service, including freight, to his customers. He \
                                                         specializes in road & cement gravel ,fiJ l^opso,[^, etc .
T h u r s d a y , August 2 5 ,         1960        D R I F T W O O D                   Vol. 1,    No. 23      Page         4

         FURNACE OIL - S T O V E O i L
               ROCKGAS HEATING                                       C O F F E E S H O P & D I N I N G ROOM
    COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE                                      O P E N D A I L Y 8 : 0 0 a m - -10:30 pm
          24 H 0 LI R T O W I N G S E R V I C E                       ' U N D E R N E W MA N A G E M E N T
   P H O N E S : D A Y - ,124 - N I G H T , - 193
                                                                     T H E M O S T M O D E R N H O T E L ON
          Agents For: M c C U L L O U G H S A W S                          SALT    SPRING     ISLAND

                                                               FOR THE FINEST IN DINING PLEASURE
"Dear Editor - Now we're back in the east where
ulcers grow on most humans and high b'ood pressure
                                                          Archie McCowan, Mgr.                   Phone: 90
is ihe order of the day, 1 miss Sail Spring and i.ts
frieridfy,he!pfu! people. We enjoyed our brief          i VESUVIUS. . . . . Miss Ruby Power ;,;nd Miss Doro--
holiday i-here~"a!l of us, very much. But here with^ thy Grcin returned ro Vancouver on Sunday following
the rat race all around one it is necessary to close   . -:: few days visit to Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Guinton. .
one's eyes/ put absorbent in one's ears and then try-     . . Mrs* Thomas Carlyie left Vesuvius Bay on Sun-
to recaii the peace you ail enjoy everyday/ all day. day to make 3 short visit to her sister, Mrs. D.T.
Actuary, we're iucky-because we're-sri-ll at our        I Robinson/ Vancouver, prior to leaving for Winnipeg/
summer piacs away from the i.:;cni'nc; city, but on! y i whore she will be the guest of Mrs. •J.J. Frost for
untii the halls of education swing wide their portals ! ^ monthOr so. . . . . . Mr. W . irwin, accompanied
and gather the young ones in again. Sorry I didn't        by his son/ Mr. Brian Irwin, arrived recently from
manage to stop in and say "Helio" to you but we           Vancouver to spend a week or two ct his summer
were there only for fifteen days. There were many \ home. . •... . . M". R. P. Wi!mor ieft Vesuvius
people and places we did not see       |                      Q A M n V ' C ; A T T T T T " " i Bay last week to ctter.J ii-is Festi-
   i     i   •     i) i L •  i    •               \.5 / > I '-i L/' i G  >    / ' U i \J/          i   .-    ,. i i     i   „ 11
so I am hoping we ii tup-out again, jl                                 ^       -, •,            va! at Stratford where he w i i l
                                                                  •" \t\ ' ^
Ail too soon-we'li-be back in Ca~ j •                                                          spend two or three weeks. . . .
nada's great, seething capitoi but                      SEAT             COVERS                 Miss H. Nash of Victorio is occu-
the memories we have o.f Salt             Reg. - $27                        Now'-$"!7.95 j pying Mr. Wilmor's house during
Spring wiS! keep us warm during                           ^!E\A/ MUr-rLERS                       ^
                                                                                              j [ absence end her nephew;
rhc long, cok.1 winter. This, in-              Discontinued Lines " $4.95                         .
                                                                                              j ^ Brian Ingiis ond his two sons
cidentaiiy, isn't as far away as     '        PROMPT ATTENTION ?U:                           ij ^.y^ Victoria are visiting her, .
I'd like The trees are.   • MAIL ORDERS & PHONE CALLS \ . . . Miss Ann Thorburn arrived
turning in some spots and last          | 1023 View St.                      Victoria, B.C. [ on Saturday from Vancouver and is
                                       ['-' • ' .                                         __[ spading ;- w-'e-k or two with her
night the Northern Lights put on                                   .•5-^78, •
a beautiful show. This last usuai-Jy means a change' | 5i:"i-er, MrSi Mary Ci-.ri/ic. . . ., . . Mr. and Mrs..
in the weather and such a change can only mean ton 3. J. (Vnckieborough ;:nd their daughter. Miss An-
monrhs of fall and winter. Ughi Our stay was too                          geia Mickieborough, arrived on Saturday from
short and we W-.K sorry to leave your ^oveiy island.                      Thomhiii, Ontario/ and a;-e spending a week or
Someday when the three young Horsdais have corn-                          fv/o with Mri, Mickieborough's sister and brothor-in"
pi&tod i-heir fonnai education we rn,:y ic'in you -;ii                     law,. Mi-, und Mrs. F- Lt Treth-wey. . . . . Recent
for what is nauseously termed "the twilight years"                        gue'sts of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Meilish we're Mr,
by people who have not Eaarned to live gracious iy                      . <;nd M-s. To'Hstrup and daughter from Chicago, Mr.
as you ciSI have during your productive years. Sin" . & Mrs. J.L. i'-i'-!! & Famiiy froiT Vancouver and
cerciy/ '(Signed) Mrs. Paul Horsdal, Ottawa, Ont. i Mr. J. Fini-iscn.

                                              GIVE A SUBSCRIPTION TO
     COSTUME   DOLLS                             D R I F T W 0 0 D
           AT                                  $2.50 per year in Canada
                                                                                                  H 0 ME S
 GULF ISLANDS FLORISTS                         $3.00 anywhere else in the .
                                                                                        C A T A L O G " ESTIMATES
 Ganges     Phone: 1 18                       :            world i           • :
                                                                                    J.H.M.LAMB      PHONE: 1 7 - R
    ON S A L T S P R I N G I S .
                                                              CLEAN                          " EThFRIL" i?^YE
                                                                                       Home H e a t i n g S e r v i c e
   VIEW LOTS & PARCELS                                                                A u t o ma t ic 0 i i Furnaces
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                                                  PICK-UP & DELIVERY                        FREE E S T I M A T E S
   JO}^ V^ ^fr)                                    EVERY WEDNESDAY                      SHEET METAL WORK
        3,12 C e n t r a l B i d g .      ;           P H C N E : 91
       V i c t o r i a , B. C ,                                                        F i n a n c i n g A v a i t a bIe
       or c o n t a c t o w n e r                                                                     5% —
  Don Fraser-Ganges-Phone:58-X jFREE                   MOTH PR                        Ganges           Phone: 7 2 - H
Thursday, August 2 5 ,         1 9'60     D R I F T

Mr. E, Moore of Fuiford was one of four Veteran;
who went to Duncan last week to help iay the cor- jl ] r
ner stone of the new wing of the Legion Hall in that    -u i •,
district. Mr. Moore also went to the Stratford       ( •fl][
Shakespearean Festive! in Stratford,. Ont. on a trip     OF • A !
sponsored by Victoria Radio C. J.V.I, Station.           '      '
The Radio report on Tuesday announced that "Al!
had arrived in Stratford safely and had enjoyed th'.
trip across Canada immensely."

FULFORD... .The Fulford Salmon Derby comes up
on September 4th. Alert all fishermen and those           About th.; old codger who used to ride his bicycle
interested in winning good prize', - fish or no Fish.     from Ganges every Saturday night in a very
(New laws call for no fish to be caught under 12 ins.     wobbly ims. One night his boss caught him half-
according to news of th& Fisheries' iaws and    way hom& and lectured him severely about riding
lotions. It would be well to keep this in mind)...'.:.    a bicycl... in such a state, so the Old Boy carried
 ...Mrs. Mary Hersey returned tc Vancouver after          the bike the..' rust of the way home.
spending a few weeks in-her cottage at Fulford,.>.
Mr. & Mrs.' Harold Lacy and their children of Vic-        See us about a nearly finished fine home in
toria/ were at Fulford for last week-end.. . .Mr. &       Gangc-s at $6500.
Mrs. C. Rci.-s of Langford and their children, Ki'm &
Anne Maria, were guests of Mrs, Roes' parents, Mr.
 & Mrs. M Gyves over the week-end.. „ .Mr.,. & Mrs,
 H. Ruckle, with Miss Helen Ruckiu and Miss Nan'
 Ruckle, paid a visit to Vancouver recently... .Mrs.
0. McCiaron returned home after spending a few
days m Victoria.. .The Rev. A.C.and Mrs.
McCultum's sister, Mrs. G. Ruckie and family at
Beaver Point. They we're accompanied by; .their son,. !j
Lieut^ Jim McCuiium'and his fiance. Miss Anne          ij
KeenJyside-s of Mayfair Drive, Victoria, B.C....Mr.!
& Mrs. Jack Drayton and daughter Pati-y/ of Nev/ , •-:'
Westminster, are spending a f^w days at'Fu.i'ford. Mr. Drayton                     C H A R L E S R. H O R E L
caught- two salmon whilst out fishing with Claude Hamilton on board                   N O T A R Y PUBLIC
the "Big Toot". They also caught nine good sized grilse ..:..Mrs"                       W i l l s ~ Mortgages
 Ruth Hill of New Westminster is spending:a w&ek the home              Conveyancing - Documents
of Mr, &Mrs. Dennis Gardner at "N&Shry"....Mr.,&;Mrs. C.                                 PHONE: 5 2 -
Rees and their daughter Kirn have returned •io Langford, ....Mrs A. Hop-    .   •
bum has returned from a short visit to Vancouver, .. .Mr. & Mrs. G. Emsley and Mr. & Mrs. E. William-
son of New Westminster are spending a hoPday at theirsummer home at Stoweii Lake at Fulford. Their
recent guests included Mr. & Mrs. A. Leppard of Burnaby.. Mr. & Mrs. P. Bird of Duncan and Mr, & Mrs.
L. Simmons & fami!/ of North Vancouver.            '            '

FERNWOOD... .Capt. & Mrs. Garth Pengeiiy; son, Gordon & grandson of Victoria have been visiting
with Mr. & Mrs,. Vie Bettis.. ..Sandra & Mork Sweeny of Vancouver & Eilis Conkte of Austin, Texas, hav6
been recent guests of Mr. & Mrs. Percy Taylor.. ..Mr. & Mrs. Carl Gerrits of Petaluma/ Calif. & Mr.
Gus Gerrits & Gwyneth & Greg Gerrits of Concrete, Wash. & Miss Nancy Finkeu of Everson Wash. are
guests at S .A. Thompsons.. . .Mr. & Mrs. Roy Grahatir^ 3 sons of -Vancouver are holidaying for 2 weeks at
the Alt Graham cabin.

  Sturdi-Craft of Vancouver, makers 'of plywood boats hav^ announced that they have appointed the Ganges
Boat Yard/Ltd of Ganges, as exclusive agents for their products. They feature 14, "16,18 and 22 ft. ply-
wood boats/ which ore very compt-titivfe, price-wise. A demonstrator will be in stock soon.
                                      ..          . .^^  ^_      _     _      _     _      _

                                                        I .S I \.   .LiFE             RANCE SOCIETY
                                                  GULF      ISLANDS        REPRESENTATIVE
                                                      " .; ^-W . F . T H O R B U R N           "
                                                  :: ;
                                        MORTGAGE INSURANCE - FAMILY PROTECTION - ANNUITIES
                                            ENDOWMENTS - JUNIOR EDUCATIONAL PLANS
                                            PENSION PLANS - ALL-1 N-CNE FAMILY POLICIES
       LOCALLY       CLEANED            PHONE: DAYS        - 52     - E V E N 1 N G S A ' - / 1 3'1-W
         LOCAL       LABOR
         P H O N E : 9.0; .        :       •    -          ENQUIRIES WELCOME
  T h u r s d a y , A u g u s t 25, • I 9 6 0                       D R i F T W O CD                   Vol. 1,    No. 23

                                                                    " W A N T       E..D

  Old Country Cheviot, 6 months old Caretaker ~ Pensioner if in good
  rams. Registered stock,           health. Free furnished cottage. |1—-—
     P H O N E : Gulf Islands - 5-R Extra remuneration if capable oF 1     ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR
    ~ ^ - ^ ; = = = = = ^
 - : - ^ - ^ - = = = = ^ helping about the grounds. Write |j                      OENNIS GARDNER:
  -52 Buick Custom Hard Top, radio  or Phone. Dr. McAlister, Gangesli        INSTALLATIONS " REPAIRS
  and Heater/ Turn Signals. Good    B.C. PHONE: 1 2 9 - R                         Refrigerator Repairs
  condition.                                                                      P H O N E ; 183-K
          PHONE: 210-M'                  W A N T TO        BUY
                                                                             G.I .CHIMNEY SWEEPING
! Registered Purebred Suffolk Rom   Green pickling tomatoes.             ' :      VACUUM EQUIPPED
I Lamb. P H O N E : 6 0 - X                 P H O N E : •T76              STOVE & GUTTER CLEANING
                                                                              Serving the Gulf Islands . . .
        F O R R E N T                  C A R D OF T H A N K S                    W . G.MOSSOP          .
                                                                     4i GANGES               PHONE: m-Q
(5~Room apartment in Ganges.               Capt.A. S. Dickinson wishes to
      P H O N E : 220                      express his heartfelt thanks to Dr.             H , S . N0 A K E S
                                           T. Jansch, Mctroh and Staff of                 NOTARY PUBLIC
          A REMINDER                          Lady Minto Hospital for their
                                         |Lady Minto Hospital for their        •       Conveyancing " Mortgages
     It is not only unwise, but illegal, , many kindnesses during his recent                   Wills, etc.
 jto leave your keys in the car.           illness.          '       '              Ganges              PHONE: 94
  This lesson was brought home to a
i certain person on Salt Spring Island           COMING EVENTS                            •HARRY'S WATER TAXI
I last Tuesday night. Her car was        i August^T: Gui rd'of'Sunshm'e              "Cracker}ack" & "Crackeriill"
[stolen, presumably for joy-riding.                  Candy Stall, Mouat's              Ganges, Salt Spring Island
  It was found later at Vesuvius, with August 28: Lions Club Picnic "•              Fishing Parties - $3.00 per hour
  a small amount of damage done to                  Welbury Point                          PHONE: 150
 1 engine^            ;                              Canadian Legion Zone
                         /"^ "' ' 'I r"             Meeting - Welbury Pt.              GEORGESON'S WATER TAXI
                        '.LUULU                      2:30p:m.                             & CHARTER BOATS . .         ;
                       r- ', o r" p) ^" September'1: Lions Club                           fast & seaworthy boats' •'•'•••
                         / \ 0 LH '                   Chamber of Commerce ,              PHONE DAY OR NIGHT
                                                    ' General Meeting -          j|         Ganges 25 & 90      -
                                                                   Mch'on Hal! -8:30 pm 1
                                   '.'\ •.':              September 2: Fulrbrd Fishing            ROBERT R E Y N O L D S
                                                                    Derby Dance.                For Hire - John Deere Track •
                                                                                                      Loader and Back Hoe''
                                                                  C H U R C H E . S            Excavating - Ditching * Loading
                                                           (Services for Sunday, Aug, 28th) j| csnd Back Fill     Ganges, B.C.

                                                                  - ^^1
                                                                A J . . - I '^.-AJ'i                        R O A D   3 R A V E          L
                                                           St. Nicholas - Vesu-v.ius— Holy              .        .  A N D
        • HI QT •' •R F | t\y |                                   Communion " 8:30 a.m.                     ..,    F.I L L
                                                           st       Mar
   i rT      n i i ^ ^i A^O -1'                                 *      "/ls " Fulfol-d " Matin5 & P HONE : 2 18         P H O N E : 218|'
   LL I      UU t-< GLAb^l -                                            Holy Communion " 11 om i-— .-...-...-.„.-___-.__„.,...-.-....--._...„-t,
    S ^ E D S DO T H E   JOB                               St. George's-Ganges-Even-                    L . C . L A M BE RT , N . D .
    ,- r p v ^ i j
                                                                        song-2:30 p.m.                 NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIA?\!
    rUh Y U U .        .                                   St. Mark's - Central -Evensong              Genera! Practice - Manipulative
                 '                       ~r- i i r-        ' "." : : - "'      7:30 p.m.''  rherapy " Psychosomatic Analysis
                                          1  r1       !
        S r              '   •                  i"                      •                           By Appointment
                     '                    ' ' '           •'   R-0-MANCATHOLSC PHONE:                   G a n g e s - 145-M
                                                             Our Lady of Graci:; ~ Ganges - —_—.. „. . •._..-————.———_„.——
                FT WOOD                                         .Holy Mass " 10:30 a.m.      CA R PE N TE R & BU I L DE R
                                                            .    •                                  M. B. E A S T
        CL.ASS rEi                                            '
                                                                     .N ' T.^lP            WORK BY HOUR OR CO NTRACT
                                                           United Church - Ganges - 11 am ;|    FREE E S T I M A T E S
                                                                                                       3anges              PHONE: T O - Q
          -20 WORDS'/SO                                             CHRISTIAN, SCIENCE
      rMi^'lr'                    I -/ ft '"•''" \ ' ''; ':      GROUP                                 L E T US P R I N T Y O U R
     -fJ-J I'J^                  J f- •c);, : "•1\/ • ' "Mahon Hall " 11:00 a .m.                      BUSINESS CARD H E R E '
  Thursday, August 2 5 ,          1960           D R i F T W       0 0 D           Voi. 1,   No. 23   Page

            L              F GHT FOR
        THESE              T !\i'-i <-/-i ^ „ . .                            RONG THAR
                                   i\ I   /"-•   0     II
                              i           '.J                          ^'

       * CHEAPER POWER -The high cost of power on                  YOUR CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE
       the islands is appaiiing. 1 will fight for cheaper                   w i! I h o l d
   l   power for you.                                                 O U T D O O R PUBLIC M E E T I N G S
                                                                            SALT   SPRING   ISLAND
       * FERRiES-The Gulf Isiands ferries are/in fact,                                on
       part of the provincial highway system and should          MC N D A Y                   A U G U S T 29th
       be provided for the people on the same basis. I
       w i l l fight for this principle.                         * Instead of asking the people to comeout of their
                                                                 way to meetings,, Ted is bringing the meetings to
                                                                 the people.                                  .• ;
       * SCHOOL TAXES - The cost of such an essen-
       tial service as education should not bo a burden   * To ensure that ali the people can hear his plat ~
       oh the property owner. I will fight for provin ~   form he is appearing with the "CRUSADER",a new
       cial financing of schools.                       I and dynamic approach to public meetings.

                                                                 * HEAR TED STRONGITHARM AND A
       * END "ONE MAN RULE"               Put 'the s'rni !e on        PROMINENT GUEST S P E A K E R
       YOUR face.
                                                                 *VESUV1US - 2;30 p.m. *FULFORD - 4:30 p.m.]
                                                                            *GANGES-8:00 p.m.
                                                                 MONDAY                   A U G U S T 29th

   I   Issued by the Nanaimo and the Islands Conservative Campaign Committee.
  The Log Cabin Hotel served over a hundred delicious roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding dinners to OldAge
Pensioners of Victoria, on Tuesday, Aug. i6th. The pensioners, from the Victoria area, were on a day
cruise of the "Motor Princess" and used the noon stop-over to enjoy their the Log Cabin Hotel.

                                         JOHN WALLACE BARRC'N                                      ' .
  John Wallace Ban-on passed away on August i6th in his 86th year. Mr. Barren was born in Ewell,Eng!and
and has resided in Canada for 48 years. Before retiring, Mr, Barren was in the import business in Vancouver.
He has resided on Salt Spring Island for ten years. He is survived by three daughters, Mrs,, Ciive Matthew-
son of Ganges, Mrs. T.E. Niven of England and Mrs. N.B. Hill of Vancouver. The funeral was held sn
Vancouver under the direction of the Nunn & Thompsoii Funeral Home. Cremation followed.

 GANGES.,, .Mr. & Mrs. Edward Connolly of Montreal were recent visitors of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kirkham.
 .. . .Miss Ida Cadrain of West Vancouver has been visiting with the Harold Hoffman's. .. .Mr. & Mrs. E.I.
'Simpson have returned to their homein Westwoid, B.C. after spending ten days with Mr. & Mrs. A.J.
 Eaton. Mrs. Simpson is Mrs. Eaton's s i s t e r . . » , D.V. Duff of Wash., brother of Howard Duff, the
 Hollywood movie star, was a recent camper at Weibury Point.

  Last week. Dr. & Mrs. Oliver L. Stantc.n purchased th'-, A.G. Wi Irriot property on Scott Road. Dr.
Stanton is from Yeilowknife, Northwest Territories, when-: he prcici-iced for over twenty years. They have
one daughter, Paula, who will be attending U.B.C. this year, finishing her last year of university training.
The Stantons have taken up residence at their new horn.,, but ie.f'r yesterday fora trip to Nova Scotja.
They will return in mid-Cictober at which time they will. become, permanent Salt Spring Islanders.

   Here's a fish story to end all fish stories, Gordon Ruc.kle' of Beaver Point was cranking his boat engine
last week and the crank handle fiew overboard. As we understand it, he was grappling for the crank handle
with a Norwegian jig when a 24 pound Spring hit the jig and he had himse'fa fish!                ... .

  The September meeting of the Chrysanthemum Club scheduled for Sept 7th at the home of Mrs. Rqddis
has been cancelled, due to the death of the president, Mr. E. Worthington.

   Mr, John R. Harrison, a recent guest at Arbutus Court, caught an 18 ib. salmon at Porlier Pass.
 T h u r s d a y , A u g u s t 25,                   1960                     T W    0 0 0           VoL 1,   No. 23   Page      8

             • .^' .^''
                                     i -i,
                                    ^wa^                        'BU'TOR'S"              •"«,'        PAGE                               1

Continuing t-he Journal of Anthony Tripp, said to have                         Cowichans'had vowed Friendship, Mr. Lineker        O
been found with sundry letters in rubbish removed from                         asked .Mr. McCawley his Business but apart from say-
a derelict farm on Maxwell Mountain, Sail Spring                               ing he had Sundry Transactions with the Settlers, he
bland,,! 959.                                ,       ,;                        did not vouchsafe, much information. Rather, he
                            .      29 of March, 1867                           seemed to be in a Suppressed excitement, which
   My father ordains it is time, we :keep our own Fowl,                            both puzzled and made uneasy these good people.
so I am sent Firstly to the Linckers and Secondly to the                           Nevertheless, as is customary, they made him wel-
Ekermans. (Editors Note. Tripp's spelling is inac-                                 come and offered the best of the Hospitality. It
curate,, as he undoubtedly refers to the well known                                was near noon when there camo a Scream of Mortal
pioneer family of Mr, Joseph Akerman), The Linekers                                Agony, such as a Person makes when fatally Stabbed.
treated me most Courteously and invited me to share                                It was followed by shots. Mr. Lineker, knowing it
their noon repast. They regaled me with an account                                 dangerous to bear Arms, started forthwith to the
of the Baltic of Ganges, which I had heard from                                    beach to see if by any means he could pacify the
several sources, though by reason of the passage of                                Indians, assuming he was Accompanied by Mr.
Years/ I had it that Two hundred of Belia Bella;; and                              McCawley. After going some way, he found him-
Nine hundred of Cowichans were involved, whereas                                   self to be aSore, so he returned to the Cabin, where
the numbers were very much fewer. Thus, however,, .                                he found his wife Distraught. Mr. McCawley was
Sail Spring. So, iset down what .i recollect. On                                   not there, neither was Mr. Lineker's Double bar-
the morning of the 4 of July, 1860, Mr. Lineker was                                re E led gun. Mrs. Lineker thought he had gone by
Disquieted to observe Two to Three hundreds of Cowi-                               some route to give succour to Mr. Lineker on the
chans assembled on the beaches, mostly armed with                                  beach, Mr. Lineker started for the beach a Second
Flintlocks. When he approached them, they received                                 time but being accosted by a band of Cowichan
him with an unaccustomed insolence, implying it was                                braves armed with Flintlocks, he was forced to re-
best I-K; kept to hi's Cabin. Returning there and puz-                             turn to the Cabin, Meantime, the Bella Bellas had
zied by the Taut atmosphere, he loaded his Double                                  taken what cover they could find in the Rocks,
barrelled gun and debated whether or not to convey                                 from whence they kept up a steady fire upon the Cow
his Family across the island to the sanctu ry of Mr.                               ichans, many of whom were killed. The Battle reged
                                                                                   for upwards of Three hours, when the Bella Bellas
John Booth. No further Offence b&ing offered, he
                                                                                   running short of Ammunition/ they did a retreat to
decided to remain. Later in the morning, a Canoe
                                                                                   their Canoe, where beingin the open, most fell a
drew in almost opposite theIr-CJbin.which he recogni-
                                                                                   ready prey to the musketry of the Cowichans,
sed as Be I Id Bella, being stacked high with a Cargoe
                                                                                   Making a jettison of the, Furs on the beach, tho sur-
of Fine Furs and bearing a crew of Nine braves, aiso
                                                                                   viving Bella Bellas cast off but were speedily over-'
Two squaws and Three boys, together with a White
                                                                                   taken by many Cowichan Canoes and a bloody
Passenger. To the utter Astonishment of his wife and
                                                                                   butchery ensued. One Bella Bella sprang over the
himself, tha passenger left the Canoe- and came direct
                                                                                 ' side and'g under water, escaped. He Iai\-;r
to the^r Cabin, kaving the Bella Bellas jn the midst
                                                                                   sought Aid at Mr. l.inekers Cabin but there being no
cf their Hereditary Enemies. He-proved to be q Mr.
                                                                                   piace to Conc&a! him, Mr. Lineker showed him a '
 George Me Cawley, an Englishman despite his name,
                                                                                   quick Egress through a trail to safety. The Indian
who solemnly assured them ail.was wei;i, as the      . :
                                                                               ;' was a Chief of tha Kitzah-M'at tribe and despite his
                                                                              I Wounds, he was concerned because a Private Letter
    G U L F I S L A N D S N A V I G A T I O N , LTD
                                                                              I being borne from Major William Downie to the
    .:.;- • : '.-• M .V . "ISLAND PRINCESS"
                                                                              j Editor of the Colonist had been iost to th6 Cawichans.
                                                                                   Scarce- hod he gone, when the Cowichans appeared.
        . I, '•'. .              V o y a ge      A     ;               ;
                                                                                   Mr, Linekc.r kept them Jn Converse awhile arid they
     Lv^ Vancouver                                              10:15 a.m.
                                                                               leit fhinki,-ig he knew nothing of the escaped Chief»
     Lv. Steveston                                              11:00.a.m.
                                                                               Later on, Mr. Lineker took his Family across (sland
     Lv. Galiano                                                 1:00 p.m.                                   (CO N T ' D P . 9)
     Lvt.Mayne                                                   1:15 p.m.
     Lv» Saturna                                                 2:00 p.m.
     Lv. Pt. Washington                                          3:00 p.m.
     LV. Ganges                                                  4:00 p.m.
     Ar. Stsvesron    . .                                        6:30 p.m.            .EVERY        SUNDAY      AFTERNOON
                  Voyage                         B
     LY. Vancouver.                                   -,        6:00 p»m»,.         /YilAX A N D EAT A L L Y O U WXisfY
     Lv. Stfcv6ston                                         .   6:45 p.m.
      Lv. Mayne            ",    ; .      8:45 p.m.                                             .1:00         2:30 P.M
      Lv. Galiano                         9:00 p. m,
      Ar. Steveston                      11:15 p.m.
                 Ail Times Daylight Saving    . :'; , ,. .                            SOL'MAR -RESORT'
   NOTE: SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 4th, sailing for Gulf                                                ON-IHE-SEA
    islands CANCELLED this day only.
   For Further Information Cali: MU 2-4585- Vancouver'                                      Point                Phone:       184~Y
 T h u r s d a y , A u g . u s t 2 5 , 1960                                      Vol. 1, No. 23     Page

                 THESE                DRIFT
                                      HOTEL DOUGLAS              JSAAN'ICH LUMBER YARDS
         W H E N IN V I C T O R I A
                                  CENTRALLY LOCATED - A « A . A . "everything for i-he home builder"
                                        PARKING ADJACENT             3041 Douglas St., Victoria
      T H E D O M I N I O N HOTSL
                                          M A P L E ROOM                  PHONE: EV 5-2486 .
                                    Dining Lounge - Coffee-Shop
     E A D Q U A R T E R S
                                          EV 3-4157                    "from producer to you"

      F & F TRACTOR EQUIPMENT                     P A G E THE C L E A N E R
      MASSEY FERGUSON SALF,S                      "The Home of Cleanliness"
  !"Agood deal in nc;v or used cquip-il               2929 D O U G L A S
   ment'» Agents .for Ci'in}o;i,E'.gEnes,,i      Victoria PHONE: EV 2-9191
           "2940 D O U G L A S                        A g e n t in G a n g e s
         P H O N E : EV 3-7842                Island Garaae

 (CONT'D FROM P.8) DiARY. Mr. Booth's.              . Recent yuests at ARBUTUS COURT included:
He made a Report of the bare Facts to His Excellency     From VANCOUVER: Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Brown; Mr.
Governor Douglas the 8 of July. .Mr. McCawiey had         & Mrs; J; Mawhinney with daughter and son-in-
                                                          iaw; Mr,,& Mrs, A, Dav?s of Singapore. From
disappeared from Salt Spring but he reached Fort
Victoria, where he received a Severe Reprimand from       WEST VANCOUVER: Dr; &Mrs. W.L.Sharpc. '
                                                          From SEATTLE:Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Dyer; Mr, & Mrs.
Governor D^ug!as,.who said he made a Fatai Mistake
                                                          A A . Pardue; Mr. & Mrs. M.SJamieson. From
leaving the Beila Bellas among the Foes. The. Furs
                                                          TORONTO; Mr. &'Mrs.B. Alexander. From                "
disappeared from the beach, though the Cowichans
                                                          SUESNEL: Mr. & Mrs. F.^. Campbeil.From.NEW
averred they had not taken them their interest being
                                                         WESTMINSTER: Honeymooning-Mr; &Mrs. R.E. "
in wiping off old scores w;th the Bella Bellas. Mr.
                                                        : Robinson. From CALIFORNIA: Mr. &Mrs. Ben
Linekers Double ba ire! led. gun was never traced. Mr.
                                                         .Mart-SAN BERNARD! NO,; REDWOOD CiTY:Mr.
McCawiey was :^id to come from the Sandwich isles/
                                                          C,D. Crane. From KEMANO: Mr;-& Mrs. J.                 '!
where he had been a Trader. (TO BE CONTD)
                                                          Be!!. From PORTLANDpREGON: Mr, & Mrs.
                                                       ; Robert J. Pope. From WINNIPEG: Mr. & Mrs. C.
   Recent guests at HARBOUR HOUSE HOTEL
                                                          W , Chappeil with daughter; Mrs. F. Charlton &
included: From LOS ANGELES: Mr» & Mrs. C.R.
                                                          children of Otford;. Kent, England.
Robinson; Mr, & Mrs. Noel Fletcher. From PORT-'
LAND: Mr, & Mrs, Richard Sullivan & family. From
                                                             Recent cuests of Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Watson of
SAN RAPHAEL.CAUF.: Mr. & Mrs, Frank Combeth.
                                                          Sou they Pe'int were Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Hansen of'
From ABBOTSFORD/BC: Mr. & Mrs,, S.!.., Cannon,
                                                          Vancouver. The two couples celebrated their llth
From VANCOUVSR,BC: Mr. & Mrs. A.N. Creery;
                                                          wedding anniversaries. The Watson's returned the
Dr. &Mrs. H. Johrison; Mr, &Mrs. D.D. Carpenter.
                                                          visit by travailing t3 Vancouver on Tuesday .".to stay
From TACOMA.WASH. Mr. & Mrs. S.E.Stocking,
                                                         with the Hansens and take in'an evening at the
.Fr!om;SEATTLE,WASH. Mr. &Mrs.LL.Rambcrg,                       P.N.E.
 T h u r s d a y , August- 2 5 / 1 9 6 0        D R I F T W             0 C          D       Vol. 1,   No. 23     Page

                                                                       COMPLETE MARINE S E R V I C E S
                                               ,:,^ ~Y:^.^ j J o h n s o n C u t b o a r d M o t o r s
                                               a'^U^I'^--".-1      ^
                                                                              Used Boats & E n g i n e s
    FOUR S T A R ACCOMODAT10N:                                         \ ''^t^
  DINING ROOM & COFFEE SHOP OPE NALL DAY                                   \1 ^
                                                                           ^ |             Jones Bros. B a t t e r i e s
                AND EVERY DAY
       with STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS                                                         I ^
                                                                                         ^P            Skagit     Boats
  LAUNDRY      50?       SHOWERS   50 (?                                      /S^^'"       M a r in e H a r d w a r e
      20    x   4 0 f t . S W !MM ING P O O L                             "'"O n - L a n d     Boat Storage

     CAMPSITES AND PICNIC                   G R O U N D S ; ! ^''S'os Products - Boat Building & Repairs
                                                            ij    Ph.                    FISHING       TACKLE              ph.I
   Galiano, B.C.           PHONE: Gulf Islands:    10-E           173        GANGES BOAT Y A R D , LTD. 173!1

   The list of the teaching staff for School District      Cobble Hill, Lad/smith and Chemainus will be at
" 64 has been released. Mr. J.Mc Evans has been            the meeting. The meeting is under the chairman-
retained as Principe \ and Miss R, Ouiton ^s to be       ship of Mr. Maguire or Duncan, Zone Commander,,
vice-principal c Returning teachers are: Mrs. F.M.
Hepburn/ Mr. M.MAcheson, Mr. J.R.Wickens,                \ RED RIVER COCKTAIL by R.York Edwards (Wild
Miss O.D.Mouat, Mrs. M.F.. Fraser, Mrs. E. McLeod, i Life Review).,, .The treatment of the Indian by the
Mrs. GrG, Burge, Mrs. M. Desmarais, Mrs. J.U.             white man is recorded on some of the blackest pages
deMacedo, Mrs. M.I, Seymour,           IT—::^--^^--^^--^^-^^^ of history with some of rhe episodes
Mrs, J.lyShopland (Galiano is,)/        i ^Qi])     j ' J ~!'i:!"~'i\ \/   being stranger than fiction.
Miss S.R. Steel (Gaiiano is.) and       IG)')!     | i^      ^ r\ A          The woods and plains in the early
Miss E A . Casseday (Ponder Is.)       ^"'I'—^—'                         ~     days of settlement were full ofun-
 New teachers are: Mss F.E.Arna- ' /; ^     , U A N L) L ^)
                                                                      }^    scrupulous white traders. They
son. Physical Education teacher for                                         were avid for furs and dedicated to
                                              D A Y OR N I G H T
S.S.I., Mrs. J.M. Smith, Home                                               paying the native as little as pos-'
                                            connecting with coach
 Economics, S.S.I./ Mr. J.M. Smith,                                         sible for them. Whiskey was a
                                             line bus at Swartz Bay
 Industrial Arts, S.S.S,/ Mr. i'Vt.E.                                        favourite commodity of trade, pop-
                                           daily except Wed. & Sun.
 Lmneli, Moyne island, Mr. K.G.                                             ular with both customer and trader,
                                                A G E N T S FOR
 Robinson, Pe-nder Island, Miss M.                                          but rarely did the red man taste
Bulmer and Miss M.R. McArdell,
both for Saturna Island. Saturna
                                                      B.C.                   firewater as it was produced in the
                                                                            distillery,, Traders had a number of
Island wiii have one additional
teacher. Teachers who taught
                                                  Al RUNES                   recipes for makihg the trade more
                                                                            profitable and the customers more
last.year and w i i i not be returning  INSTANT RADIO CONTACT               satisfied.
to this district for this year are:           CHARTER FLIGHTS
                                                                             One classic recipe was as follows:
Miss M. Haahti, Mr. R.E. Vance, Mrs. E. Benedict,          To half a keg of whiskey add half a keg of river
Mr. P..P. Richards, Mr. G.F. Bumett, Ms. A.M.              water. To this add a liberal 'quantity of powdered
 LambeandMrs. D. Andsrson.                                 tobacco and a su'b-iethai 'measurement of strychnine.
                                                                 The Indians found the result satisfactory.
   The Cowichan and Mid-Island zone of the Cana-                 The tobacco gave the concoction the necessary bad
dian Legion is holding a meeting next Sunday, Aug.               taste- and nauseating qualities, while the strychnine
28th, at 2:30 p.m. at Wcibury Point. Representa-"                produced a violent stimulation, followed by coma.
fives from the Legion branches in Duncan, Nanaimo,               It is said that a celebration around such a keg ended
                                                                 with Indians sitting ramrod straight on all sides,
                                                                 their eyes wide and sightless, the breathing shallow
                                                                 and rapid. Unfortunately I couid find no record of
                                                                 the symptoms of recovery.

  * E X C A V A T I NG
                                                                                                      p nn
                                            ^ = '
                                           ^ ^ ^                                           Q
          * ROAD GRAVEL
                * FREIGHT                                                                          MOTORS
     ^( s . ^
    ^ —.
    •-"( - '-:^ .-;•/•)
                          * TOP    SOIL
                            * c uA | F                           r's i^
                                                                 V^U'i.                        OFFICIAL AAA STATION
    " f
     ^ e ^
        ^                         * F   |L L                                                         COMPLETE

             * FREE        ESTIMATES
                                                                 PR NT!NG                      AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE
                                                                                                   I EL POWER SAWS
                                                                   Oij j-/^
             PHONE                 210-M                                rI         i:)
                                                                  -ir" -i J • J J/ —/
                                                                                          GANGES                PHONE: 37

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