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     Excel Unit -A Getting Started                                  Type Your Name Above
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 1   An electronic ____ is an application you use to perform numeric calculations and to analyze         2
     and present numeric data.
      a. database        b. spreadsheet           c. dataform         d. project

 2   In Excel, the electronic spreadsheet you work in is called a ____.                                  2
      a. tablet       b. databook         c. numericsheet           d. worksheet

 3   In Excel, a worksheet is contained in a file called a ____.                                         2
      a. workbook       b. workpad              c. notebook         d. datapad

 4   ____ below the worksheet grid let you switch from sheet to sheet in a workbook.                     4
      a. Cell pointers    b. Mode indicators            c. Scroll bars           d. Sheet tabs

 5   All Excel formulas begin with the ____.                                                             6
      a. plus sign (+)      b. asterisk (*)        c.   equal sign (=)     d. slash (/)

 6   The Excel operator for division is ____.                                                            7
      a. /         b. \              c. %               d. ^

 7   If cell A1 contained 10, cell A2 contained 2 and cell A3 contained =A1/A2, what would cell          7
     A3 show on the worksheet?
      a. =A1/A2           b. =10/2           c. 5           d. =5

 8   If cell A1 contained 10, cell A2 contained 2 and cell A3 contained =A1^A2, what would               7
     cell A3 show on the worksheet?
      a. =A1^A2           b. 20        c. 10^2         d. 100

 9   A(n) ____ is a built-in formula that uses arguments to calculate information.                       8
      a. label       b. function          c. template        d. indicator

10 Excel recognizes an entry as a value if it is a number and/or it begins with ____.                    8
    a. +          b. =             c. $               d. All of the above

11 To quickly jump to the first cell in a worksheet press ____.                                          9
    a. [Alt][Page Up]       b. [Shift][Home]          c. [Page Up]         d. [Ctrl][Home]

12 The Undo button allows you to reverse up to _________ previous actions, one at a time.               10
    a. 1     b. 10       c. 100       d. 1000

13 ____ operators perform mathematical calculations such as adding and subtracting.                     12
    a. Text concatenation     b. Reference        c. Arithmetic      d. Comparison

14 Possible paper orientations for printing a worksheet are landscape and ____.                         16
    a. preview        b. portrait            c. normal           d. page break

15 The ____ option helps fit the data on a single page without making changes to individual margins.
    a. Scale to Fit        b. Paginate           c. Page Break View        d. Squeeze                   16
16 You can use the ______ slider on the status bar to enlarge your view of a worksheet.   16
    a. Preview       b. Zoom           c. Orientation          d. Layout
    Excel Unit -B Formulas and Functions                          Type Your Name Above
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1   In the formula =D1+C1/F3, which calculation will be performed first?                                  26
    a. C1/F3       b. D1+C1         c.   D1/F3        d. D1+F3

2   In the formula =(G15-G14)*$M$3/4, which mathematical operation is performed first?                    26
    a. $M$3/4          b. (G15-G14)*$M$3        c. (G15-G14)         d. (G15-G14)/4

3   All functions begin with the formula prefix ____.                                                     28
    a. @ (at symbol)        b. = (equals sign)        c.   # (number symbol)      d. = + (plus sign)

4   In Excel, MAX and AVERAGE are examples of _____.                                                   28, 30
    a. functions      b. arguments    c. lists     d. buttons

5   The COUNTA function is used to count the number of cells in a range that contain                      30
     which type of data?
    a. numbers         b. text      c. formulas         d. All of the above

6   When cells or rows are inserted or deleted in an Excel worksheet, how are cell references             33
    in formulas affected?
    a. cell references are not affected
    b. the user must insert new cell references
    c. the user is prompted to enter new cell references
    d. cell references are automatically adjusted

7   An Excel user should use a relative cell reference when it is important to ____.                      34
    a. preserve the relationship to the formula location             c. memorize the formula
    b. preserve the exact cell address in a formula                  d. never change the formula

8   Which type of cell reference preserves the exact cell address in a formula?                           34
    a. absolute         b. mixed         c. relative        d. All of the above

9   Which formula contains a mixed cell reference?                                                        35
         a. =(A6+A7)*0.20                     c. =($A$6+$A$7)*0.20
         b. =($A$6+A7)*0.20                   d. =($A6+$A$7)*0.20

10 To continue a sequence in adjacent cells, such as months of the year, use the ____                     39
   feature of Excel.
   a. SUM function      b. redo           c. fill handle     d. copy/paste

11 In the formula =ROUND(D4:F4,0), what does the zero indicate?                                           40
   a. the number of decimal places in the rounded number        c. a null value
   b. the number of times the formula should be repeated        d. the value for cell F4

12 The default file extension for an Excel 2010 workbook is ____.                                         41
   a. .xltx        b. .xslx         c. .xlsx       d. .xlts
Excel Unit -C Formatting a Worksheet                              Type Your Name Above
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 1   The ____ of a cell determines how the labels and values look.                                      52
       a. value         b. formula          c. label        d. format

 2   The default Accounting number format adds dollar signs and ____ decimal places to the data.
     a. one        b. two         c. three        d. four                                               52

 3   Cells and ranges in a worksheet can be formatted ____.                                             52
     a. only before data is entered        c. before or after data is entered
     b. only after data is entered         d. at the same time data is entered
 4   A ____ is an individual media file, such as art, sound, animation, or a movie.
     a. point       b. cell style         c. clip         d. template

 5   You can apply attributes and alignment options using the ____ tab of the Ribbon.                   56
     a. Insert     b. Home           c. Page Layout          d. View

 6   The Format Painter button is found in the ____ group on the Home tab of the Ribbon.                56
     a. Alignment     b. Styles         c. Clipboard        d. Font

 7   Double-clicking the column line to the right of a column activates the ____ feature for the column.
     a. AutoCorrect         b. Format             c. AutoFit           d. Format as Table                58

 8   A small, ____ triangle appears in the upper-right corner of a cell containing a comment.           61
     a. red         b. blue         c. green         d. yellow

 9   You can change colors, patterns, and borders of cells by using the Fill tab and the Border         62
     tab in the ____ dialog box.
     a. Page Setup           b. AutoCorrect        c. Insert           d. Format Cells

10 ###### in a cell means that the __________.                                                          58
   a. formula contains an error         c. label has a spelling error
   b. value contains an error           d. column is too narrow to display the value completely
     Excel Unit -D Excel Charts                                     Type Your Name Above
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 1   A(n) ____ identifies each data series in a chart, generally with a different color.               80
     a. axis       b. data point         c. data marker             d. legend

 2   Each value in a cell selected for a chart is called a ____.                                       80
     a. data marker         b. tick mark           c. data point         d. data series

 3   On a chart created in Excel, the horizontal axis is called the ____.                              80
     a. x-axis     b. y-axis         c. data marker            d. legend

 4   On a chart created in Excel, the vertical axis is called the ____.                                80
     a. x-axis     b. y-axis         c. data marker             d. legend

 5   A(n) ____ chart compares distinct object levels using vertical bars; is the Excel default.        81
     a. line       b. area         c. column             d. pie

 6   A pie chart ____.                                                                                 81
     a. compares distinct, unrelated objects over time using a horizontal format
     b. compares trends over even time intervals
     c. compares trends over uneven time or measurement intervals
     d. compares sizes of pieces as part of a whole

 7   A chart that is inserted directly in the current worksheet is called a(n) ____ chart.             82
     a. inner         b. embedded               c. sub           d. interactive

 8   A combination chart adds a(n) ____ axis to chart related data.                                    86
     a. combo         b. secondary              c. tertiary              d. clustered

 9   Major ____ represent the values at the value axis tick marks.                                     88
     a. Categories         b. Axis lines            c. Arrows                d. Gridlines

10 You can add a text box using the Chart Tools ____ tab.                                              92
   a. Design         b. Layout            c. Format                 d. Text

11 In a pie chart, slices that are pulled away are said to be ____.                                    94
   a. identified        b. exploded          c. opened            d. extracted

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