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									Italy tourist Attractions:

There is no dearth of places tourists can travel to in this small
country, which has a rich cultural heritage. Apart from the great cities
of Rome, Milan and Venice, tourists often travel to the majestic Alps in
the northern part of the country. One of the most famous spots in Italy
is the Bay of Naples. Italian culture is so diversified that every region
in the country has a different culture. So if you are planning to travel
to Italy and would like to know the country well, you need to plan a long
vacation. You can travel by sea, road or air within Italy. The transport
facilities are excellent.

Italy, located in southern Europe, is one of the most favored
destinations for tourists from all over the world. It is also popularly
called "the boot" due to its geographical shape. Perhaps you’ve heard of
it? It goes without saying that Rome has a rather prominent past. Lets
see, in Rome you will find…[deep breath]…the Vatican, Coliseum, Pantheon,
Piazza Navona, Church of Saint Agnese, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and
a guy name Allassandro. Just making sure you’re paying attention.

Milan's main attraction, The Duomo is the third largest church in the
world, and took nearly 450 years to build. The construction of the Duomo
began in 1386 and was completed in 1805 by Napoleon. This fabulous Gothic
style church is a must see for any tourist. For the sporting fans a visit
to the Meazza Stadium, better known as the San Siro should be rewarding.
This is one of the best football stadiums in Italy. Daily visits to the
San Siro are available with access to the stadium and changing rooms.
Indeed, Rome is filthy with historically significant attractions. It
seems you can’t turn around without bumping into something an Emperor
built, captured or destroyed. When your mind and heart are on complete
cultural overload, there is always the Italian Countryside to soothe your
senses. Rent a villa in a charming Tuscan hill town like Siena, San
Giminiano or Montepulciano. Relax, take time to explore the beautiful
vineyards and old medieval town centers in the region.

The historic city of Turin is in the northwest part of Italy. Snow-capped
mountains surround it and the Pro River runs close by. Not known for
tourism, the city of Turin is shedding that image—thanks in part to the
2006 Winter Olympics. Shopping in Turin is also your opportunity to
purchase many handmade Italian items to bring back home. It's easy to
find and purchase locally made apparel, jewelry, chocolates and more.

Probably the most recognizable feature on Europe's map, Italy's ever-
stylish boot stretches from the Alps in the north, 760 miles south to the
Mediterranean. Off the west coast of Italy lies the Tyrrhenian Sea, while
the east coast is kissed by the Adriatic. With a population over 58
million, and land mass of 300,000 square kilometers, Italy is the fourth
largest country in western Europe and has so much to offer tourists and
vacationers you will be spoiled for choice.
Eating Out in Italy: Venice and Its Cuisine:

Eating out in Venice can be a very unsatisfying experience for the casual
traveler. With a local population of only 60.000 people and several
millions tourists to feed each year, most restaurant owners in Venice
couldn't care less if you feel ripped-off when it comes the time to pay
the bill. Fortunately this attitude, while not uncommon, is not
generalized. There are still some 'local' places to eat, and it is
possible to eat a good meal while paying prices that are only slightly
higher than elsewhere in Italy.

To get a truly Italian experience it is always best to eat where locals
eat. This means that the menu will be written only in Italian and you are
expected to know what all of the items on the menu are. You should also
keep in mind that Venice is a popular destination for Italians as well as
foreigners. If you see a crowd of Italian speaking people seating outside
of a restaurant, do not assume they are 'locals'. Chances are they are
tourists just like you.

As a quick rule of thumb: you should avoid all the places where a
'tourist menu' is advertised as well as those with pictures of the food
on the outside. Waiters in bow ties or who tout for customers outside the
door are also warning signs. Wine prices are another useful indicator. In
an average restaurant you'd expect to find house wine (vino della casa)
listed by the quarter and half-liter. Half of a liter should only cost
something like 5 Euros. Watch out if they only serve bottles of wine at
20 Euros and above.

Although Venice is not considered to be one of the capitals of the
Italian cuisine, it is nearly impossible for a traveler to miss one of
the most rewarding holiday experiences: enjoying a good meal in a truly
unique surrounding. At the very least, an evening meal represents an
opportunity to refuel after a day full of activities. Being in Venice,
you have to do your homework. Search the Internet for comments coming
from people that has already been in Venice or ask a local contact if you
know someone you can trust. Booking ahead is always a good idea,
especially for evening meals, at busy times like summer weekends, and if
you want a special table.

As for the various kind of food establishments, Venice is no different
from the rest of Italy. A 'ristorante' generally indicates an upscale
establishment, while a 'trattoria' is a more humble, traditional eatery,
serving simple filling dishes. A pizzeria is a place where you can eat
pizza; not really a specialty in Venice although there are a couple of
decent pizza places. An 'osteria' (or ostaria) is similar to a trattoria,
but with a slant towards drinking: instead of a full meal, you might have
some wine along with a plate of food or a lighter snack. Like the
osteria, a Venetian 'bacaro' offers a chance to eat some food in a less
formal context. The busy Venetians frequently eat quickly and lightly,
selecting snacks called 'cicchetti' from a display at the counter, then
eating them standing or seated on stools.

In Venice restaurants (but this is true for the rest of Italy as well)
you should expect to pay as much as 2 Euros per person on top of the
price of what you have ordered. This is called 'coperto' and it accounts
for the table dressing and the small basket of bread you will be
provided. A few restaurants also add on up to 12% as an additional
service charge although this is unusual and should be stated in the price
list. Italians tend to tip a few euros rather than the 10% or more which
is common elsewhere: However, there is no strict rule about tipping and
in family-run restaurants where you are served by the proprietors it is
common not to tip at all.

As you may expect, in Venice you will find a lot of seafood and lagoon
fish on offer. 'Polenta', a coarse ground cornmeal generally made into a
mush-like porridge, is a regional specialty, often served with fish,
meat, mushrooms or 'gorgonzola' cheese. Seasonal specialties include peas
and 'radicchio', both of which used in the preparation of rice based
dishes ('risotto'). Pasta is not as widely used as it is in other Italian
regions but there are a few typical recipes like 'bigoli in salsa' (thick
homemade spaghetti in anchovy sauce). Other local dishes you might see on
a menu include 'sarde in saor' (marinated sweet and sour sardines),
'castraure' (baby artichokes), 'seppie in nero' (cuttlefish in its ink),
'granseola' (spider-crab), 'fegato alla veneziana' (calf's liver with
onions) and 'carpaccio' (thin-sliced raw beef). Desserts are not usually
terribly good in Venice - typically the choice is something like dry
local Burano cookies, panna cotta or tiramis?r />

The area around Rialto is chock full of eating places and the most
popular food shops and bars are here as well. Needless to say, this is
also the area where most tourists use to gather. If you are adventurous
enough to wander around, you may be rewarded. Venice lies on an a small
island so you really can't get lost and chances are you will bump into
the thriving little 'baccaro' where you can get a plate of assorted
appetizers for less than 10 euros. Quite often you won't find tables in
there and no waiter service as well, so simply go to the counter, have
some snacks and a glass of wine, and enjoy the taste of the hidden

Country of Oxymoron:

To say that Italy is the country of oxymoron would hardly be an
exaggeration. It is a modern, industrialized nation, yet a large part of
its land is agricultural. It is the harbinger of style, with its designer
brands leading the pack all over the world, yet, at the same level, it is
a typical Mediterranean country. Italians like to live modern lifestyle,
yet they lay an emphasis on the traditions and rituals of the Catholic
Church. It is known for its exotic wines, yet you would find many in
Italy denouncing wine culture. As said, Italy is the country of oxymoron.

You would get see Italian oxymoron in its towns, both large and small.
These are five Italian towns most visited by the globetrotters:


Rome hosts glorious remnants of erstwhile Roman empire. The city has an
array of ancient monuments, interesting medieval churches, beautiful
fountains, museums, and Renaissance palaces. Even a week's time would be
less to visit all historical assets of Rome. Modern Rome is a lively city
with excellent restaurants and nightlife. The Vatican City, the seat of
Pope, consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. St. Peter's
Basilica is a famous attraction within Vatican City. The most impressive
features in Rome comprehend the Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps, the
Roman heritage sights such as the Pantheon, the Colloseum and the Forum
Romanum, the museums and the world famous churches like Giovanni and
Saint Maria Maggiore.


Milan is the laboratory of artistic experiments. The Duomo, the second
largest cathedral of the world and the world's largest collection of
marble statues, is the most popular attraction in Milan. Other major
attractions are the Castello Sforzesco, the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio,
the Palaeo-Christian Basilica of San Lorenzo, the Biblioteca Ambrosiana,
containing drawings and notebooks by Leonardo da Vinci and is one of the
main repositories of European culture. The town is the home of the Brera
Academy of Fine Arts. The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, houses the
Last Supper, one of the most famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.


Venice is an urban masterpiece that has canals instead of streets. In
Venice, all defining moments of life like weddings, funerals, carnivals
and regattas are performed on water avenues, which is an unforgettable
experience off visitors. The classic gondola ride with the opera-warbling
operator is on must-do list. For cheerful bars and restaurants, visit the
area surrounding Campo di Santa Margarita in San Polo. Saunter through
the romantic back streets to see the personal side of Venice.


Naples is an extraordinarily vibrant town with geographically blessed
surroundings. The giant of Mount Visuvius always keeps the city under its
shadow. Sitting between a volcano and the deep blue sea, it offers
contrasting scenic views. The food (especially pizza) is great, something
not to be missed. Opera, classical music and jazz are ingrained in the
town's culture. The city's culture is influenced by Spanish and French
influences to large extent.

Florence is the Renaissance capital of the world. Its world-renowned sons
are Leonardo Da Vinci, Dante Alighieri, Machiavelli, Fra Angelico and
Michelangelo. During the Italian Renaissance period, Florence constructed
its renaissance palaces and squares, making the town a live museum. It is
a town of incomparable indoor pleasures. Spirit of Renaissance can be
seen in full glory in its chapels, galleries and museums.

Take out sufficient time for Italy travel if you wish to understand the
country properly. Italy has so many variants of itself that you would
just feel short of time when touring the country.

Lessons Of Life In The Cradle Of Civilization In Italy:

The road from the south of France to Central Europe inevitably passes
through the Alps of northern Italy, most unfriendly and severe lands of
Italy. Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto ... It will bring a traveler
to the most important cities, major centers of European civilization -
Genoa, Milan, Turin, Ferrara, Venice.

Cities of northern Italy once turned the whole history of imperial Europe
into a completely new direction. Being formally a part of one or another
empire they could assert their rights for independence with arms in their
hands. Sometimes this ability led them too far and they began to bring
major harm to each other. And then the intention for independence turned
out the reverse side, when the successful confrontation with both the
emperor and the pope created favorable conditions for growing in its
environment a tyrant who knows no restraint in his violent whims.

However, such conditions in Italy proved to be beneficial for development
of crafts, military science, commerce, city self-administration... Now,
hopefully, both wars and tyranny have become a part of history, but
cities of Italy extricating from their complicated urban problems don't
get tired of remembering that their history, according to their famous
compatriot's admonition, has never stopped to serve as a "teacher of

Now, hopefully, both wars and tyranny have become a part of history, but
cities of Italy extricating from their complicated urban problems don't
get tired of remembering that their history, according to their famous
compatriot's admonition, has never stopped to serve as a "teacher of

Ferry boats in Italy and their heightened popularity:
When you speak about transportation in Italy, there are very few things
that come close to the convenience and the area covered by ferry boats.
While roads do come very close, most of the roads that connect the
popular cities are often clogged up and might work up your frustration.
Hence, to avoid them, you need to choose a method of getting from point A
to point B without leaving you completely frustrated in the end. There
are many ways of doing so, and one of these happens to be ferry boats.
Once you hear all that these boats have to offer, you might consider
opting for these the next time you are travelling.

If you are not familiar with ferry boats in Italy and the number of
providers, then this should serve you as an eye opener. There are a
number of different ferry boat providers in the area, namely Ferrovie
dello Stato, Tirrenia Navigazioni, Grandi Traghetti, Trans Tirreno
Express, Moby Lines, and Sardinia Ferries. These are the main operators,
while there are many other smaller ones as well. Many of the ferry
operators even take you around on the lakes, on which you can appreciate
the beauty of the many towns that have come up around these lakes.

There are even summer cruises on offer by these ferry boats in Italy. In
fact, many of the cruises are built such that they show you a little of
the town around and still keep you excited and feeling adventurous. In
fact, most of the cruises are in one of the many big lakes that Italy is
blessed with. For a truly unique perspective of the country, you should
go on one of the cruises if you are visiting the country. In fact, book
early as these cruises are extremely popular and highly sought after by
many people.

For those of you who want to use the boats only for travelling between
two places, there are these kinds of boats available as well. In fact, if
it is purely fun that you are behind there are boats here that have fully
loaded decks and all sorts of amenities for you to take advantage of.
Some of the boats in the fleet are large enough to have a high end
restaurant and gaming options that you can indulge in while on the boat.
The number of features that you might actually make use of is debatable
but it is nevertheless a good option to have, in case you ever need it.

The Perfect Holiday Homes in Italy - Villas:

A rented villa is the perfect accommodation for the people who are
interested to go for a holiday to the place of the olive oil, wine, pasta
and the renaissance palaces and the Roman ruins – the beautiful Italy.
Besides taking pleasure in the wonderful sightseeing of the wonderful
place, a lot of fun activities are available for the tourists to spend a
memorable time on the holidays.
If you rent out a villa in Florence Villa rentals, beautiful landscapes
are guaranteed to you. The advantages are not limited to that only. You
are destined to towns of beautiful hills, incredible food, far-fetched
wine and art-works of Renaissance. Other towns like Siena, Arezzo,
Gubbio, Assisi, Cortona, Sansepolcro, Spoleto Todi, and Orvieto are
nearby the capital city of the region of Italy, Tuscany.

Tourists can take great pleasure in sailing, windsurfing and boat trips
in the largest lake of the peninsular of Italy, the Lake Trasimeno. Kite
surfing is another fun activity for the tourists. Riding stables are
available nearby most of the Florence Villas and people can enjoy a walk
on the hills that are of the Tuscany Umbria Border.

Pools are available in almost all the villas that are available for
renting. Spending the lazy time near the pool is the best way to relax
and reduce stress.

Spending the holiday in Italy in the rented villas in Florence, Rome or
Sicily is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy the vacation with family or
friends. The villa rentals save a wad of your money as the charge is
based on weekly or monthly system and the number of people in your group
does not affect the charge of the villa, unlike the charging systems of
hotels, motels or any other accommodations. Feel at home even being in a
far away country!

World Heritage in Italy's little known Basilicata:

World heritage Of all of Italy's regions that of Basilicata is arguably
the least well known. Found in the arch of Italy's "boot", it is a small
region with a coastline between Campania and Calabria on the Tyrrhenian
sea and a larger one on the Gulf of Taranto.

For one of Basilicata's attractions, the coastal town of Maratea is a
piece of beachside bliss just south of the more famous Amalfi coast and
yet more protected from tourist crowds. It has a great statue of Jesus
atop its mountain to rival that of Rio de Janiero.

The rugged mountain ranges of Basilicata have a wide variety of cultural
and scenic cycling routes that have been well documented by the local
council. The Maratea to Rotonda route, for instance, begins in the beach
area of Maratea, dips into two valleys, and finishes at the base of the
Pollino National Park. Another variation passes the point where Spartacus
was believed to have been killed.

For a slice of pre-history, the "Sassi" in the town of Matera are ancient
Paleolithic rock homes. They are listed as part of UNESCO's cultural
world heritage and the town of Matera was used by Mel Gibson for the film
The Passion of the Christ for its likeness to ancient Jerusalem.
An integral part of southern Italy are the traditional festivals and
Basilicata region is no exception. One particular celebration is the
marriage of the trees, an agricultural-based festival particularly strong
in the village of Accettura. It's a good excuse to also delve into more
of Basilicata region's "slow food" style.

Capri, Italy: A Destination for the Young and Beautiful:

If you wish to have fun and enjoy at leisure with your partner on a short
visit in Italy, Capri is the right place. It is a beautiful little
paradise island, which is ideal for young lovers or couples and for the
pairs, who believe being so. It is also an exciting resort for the honey
moon; if you have heard of a popular movie Blow hot, blow cold, it was
made in Capri! The isle is red with clayey soil and is believed to have
been invaded, during war times. The rocky island is coral culture around.

This small place for fun can be reached in an hour sailing in ferry or a
hydro in less than an hour from Naples, a town western end of Italy and
closer to the capital Rome. Caprit is closer from Sorrento, and it takes
half of the time to sail on sea, you may choose a longer pleasurable
journey. It is exciting to travel either way to Capri. To reach by road,
you can take the motorway A1 or A14 from the East to Naples. However, do
remember that you cannot use your car in the island, unless you are a
foreigner. Of course, Rome can be reached by air or train and then by a
local transport to reach Sorrento or Naples.

The specialty of Capri is the charming sail around the isle. As you sail
you see pinky corals clinging on to the rocky mountain. The coast drive
around is the most pleasurable but do not have expectations of beaches,
although there are some tiny ones. An unforgettable memory will be
created, when you sail in small boats and go into the large cave in to
the dark rocks lighted gently with bluish sea water. The Capri Town has
to do has good hotels, an old church and perceivable feel of holiday.
Most people make it a day trip, but an overnight stay is exciting with
the quiet isle surrounded, later in the evening, after the crowds of day
trippers have gone, and you will also wake up a stunningly marvelous and
pleasant morning.

Capri has hotels that fit into most pockets, and it also offers up to
five star classes of luxury hotels. However, it makes sense to stay at
Naples over a night to visit Capri by the next day, keeping an option to
spend the night at Capri. Naples and Sorrento offer a variety of hotels
to choose from.

Just in case you are on a longer holiday, you can take a tour with an
operator on the sea to see Sicily and Venice, surrounded by waters. The
other of place interest is Genoa Harbor and a journey by train will be
memorable along the sea shore with sea on one side and tall mountains on
the other side, you will cruise through very many long tunnels. When you
see this miraculous Capri once in your life, you will recommend anyone
for a cruise down there!

Shopping Tips while Visiting Rome, Italy:

In Rome, you can get to shop for everything ranging from clothes,
jewelry, apparel, antiques to chocolates, books, novelties and house
wares. While shopping in the historic city of Rome, you can experience an
amazing blend of style, fashion, class, elegance and sophistication in
each and every shopping item you come across.

The best of apparel shops that you can visit Italy trips include Giorgio
Armani, Brioni, Chanel, Ciesse, Fendi, Femme Sistina and Gianni Versace.
The common thing about these shops is that they are all in Rome. If you
are totally passionate about accessories and religiously believe that
they can make or break your outfit, you are up for some good news. You
can find everything ranging from the celebrated Giorgio Sermoneta Gloves
and the Gucci luxury accessories to the Vincelli silk assortments.

Coming to fabrics, the Casa Del Tessuto stocks fabrics made by the best
designers of the world. This shop is renowned for stocking the best
wedding dress fabrics and amazing collection of Italian silk. If you are
a woman, you have got to have a weak spot for jewelry. In Rome you have
the leading jewelry outlets of Bulgari, Giovannetti and Pomellato. Hit
these stores and shop for the best jewelry that you can lay your hands

Italian shoes are world famous for their style quotient, comfort and the
versatility of designs. The Moccia, Petrocchi and the Re Mishelle are the
leading brands of Italian shoes for which you can shop at Rome. If you
are up for some budget shopping of clothes and accessories, you can very
well visit the Dress Agency Donna, located at Rome's Via del Vantaggio.
Here you can shop for used designer clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and
accessories; and all these items are found in a condition as good as new.

In Rome's Chocolate and Praline Cioccolateria, you will get to taste the
most exotic and delicious chocolates during your Italy travel. For all
those who want to take back gifts and novelties from Rome, you can visit
the Alba Ricami Di Firenze, the Archaeoart and the L'Artigianato. To shop
for house wares, go to Stilvetro or Spazio Sette. So when in Rome, get
ready to shop till you drop.

Traveling In Italy Is An Experience To Remember:
Traveling in Italy can be a very exciting and entertaining trip to take.
The country of Italy is very romantic, beautiful, and historical as well.
The people there live vibrant lifestyles and the country has a full and
interesting history.

The best kind of European experiences can be found in Italy because it is
both modern and ancient at the same time. People who love art and history
can come here and wallow in their perspective loves. Tourists come here
and can almost feel and see how the people lived their lives in the time
of the Roman Empire, even in the bigger cities. The Renaissance brought
many artistic artifacts and the spirit of that era is quite special. Both
of these things can still be seen and felt in this land.

For the ultimate experience to this country, be sure to plan out your
trip. There are reasonable packages for traveling here outside of June
through September. Most people go during that time. Prices rise for
everything from airfare, to food, to hotels and recreation.

The spring season in Italy is April and the trees and flowers start
blooming as the weather starts to turn nicer. This makes the country
extra cheerful and serene. It could be a wise move to visit the country
during this time.

When planning a vacation here, always be prepared for even the bad things
that can happen by getting travel insurance. This is particularly
important if you are traveling with your family. Get your passport
earlier than what you need and don't pack very heavy to make it easier on

During the off-season, especially in the outskirts of Rome, there are
some sensibly priced hotels. Travelers do not need to splurge on
expensive hotels, resorts, or restaurants. Luxury items are not needed as
you can spend your money on more important things such as souvenirs that
you can take home with you. The Italian food is unique to the country; so
many people are smart and buy food at the local food court or grocery

Many people like to look at the largest Catholic Church in the world,
which is in Vatican City called St. Peter's Basilica. Some other popular
visit sites in Rome are the Roman Forum, Pantheon, and Trevi
Fountain.These are only a few. There are many more.

When you think of Venice, you think of rides in gondolas on canals. This
old city has so much more to offer. It boasts a very intricate
architecture, making a visit there an experience to remember.

Italy has more tourist cities such as Pisa, Pompeii, Milan, and
Herculaneum. Each city has its own unique reason as to why people visit
them. For those who would rather stay small town, Cinque Terre is made up
of five smaller towns located on the northwestern coat.
After deciding to take a trip to Italy, make sure you do some research
and determine where you want to go, what you want to see, and how you
could potentially get there. When traveling in Italy, you need to pay for
things with Euros, so try to have at least some before leaving. This will
save you time in trying to find currency exchange stations in the

Luxury Italy Honeymoons 2011:

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experience all of the sights and wonders of another European destination
that is full of rich history, culture, and art. If you want to step out
of the new world and marvel at the old world, journey to Italy and see a
blend of lost civilizations and modern day renaissance cities, all in a
majestic two-week vacation that you will never forget. Call your friends
and family and book your group tour now. You will be thrilled you did.
There is no other vacation like it in the world.

The best Italy hotels:

Some of these stay for a mini vacation over the weekend and try to absorb
as much beauty as they can, while others spend weeks or even months
visiting and admiring the various places in Italy. This is why there are
always a lot of tourists filling each part of this country, from small
remote villages in the countryside to large, busy cities full of ancient

Since there are so many tourists in Italy, there are also a lot of
hotels, but even these hundreds of hotels can be all booked during
tourist season. If you plan to visit this beautiful country make sure
that you look for a hotel a long time before you take the journey,
because otherwise you won't find anything good. Good Italy hotels are
affordable, comfortable and they are not too far from the center of the
city. Nobody wants to pay hundreds of euros for taxis at night or wait
for a long time for the tram or buses.

Unfortunately these hotels are often fully booked, especially if you go
during the summer, late spring or early autumn. In these times tourists
who travel regularly make sure that they find a nice, comfortable hotel
where they can spend some unforgettable days.
If you are looking for a place to stay in Italy that offers comfort and
it is also affordable, you should visit All Hotels Italy online. This
website offers a variety of accommodations including hotels, hostels, bed
and breakfast, and other types of accommodations. If you want to find the
perfect place to stay during your Italy travel, this is the place to
check out. It was especially created for tourists who want to travel to
Italy but are not sure where to find the perfect hotel or bed and

The website is great for anyone that plans or considers spending some
time in Italy. Make your Italy travel more comfortable with the help of
this website! You should first choose your destination in this beautiful
country, for example Napoli, Geneva, Rome, Venice, Pisa or Verona. These
are just the few of the most popular cities in Italy. You can find the
best Italy hotels very easy after selecting your destination. It's also
easy to find the best offers, and everybody knows that price always
matters, especially when it comes to vacations. The more you can save on
accommodation, the more you can spend on other things!

Besides finding hotels there are many other things on this website that
you will find very useful for your Italy travel. You can find out more
about the transportation possibilities, the cuisine, the climate,
national holidays and activities that you can do there. You can also read
about the most popular cities and villages in Italy, and find out more
about your destination. This is very useful because often people forget
to look online for tips and ideas about their holidays. There might be
more in the place you plan to visit than you might think.

Car Hire in Italy for all your travel in the country:

Hire a Car Rome Fiumicino Airport for your needs

When you arrive at the Fiumicino Airport, the best way to go to the city
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The airport is situated in a place where the passengers can access the
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Get access to the cars at the airport

The Fiumicino Airport has a network of touch screen information machines
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Plan your travel in Italy with Car Hire in Italy

There are plenty of car hires in Italy and Car Hire in Italy operates
between the cities. Each city in Italy is known for its beauty and
splendid designs; you can enjoy each and every parts of the city with
safe travel and luxury. There are many hotels in Italy which gives you
car rental option, you need to inform about the bookings in advance.

Car Hire in Italy helps you to save time and money

The Car Hire in Italy is booming business and most of the tourist depends
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you can hire these taxis. These taxis can be used for your tours along
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Seek the help form the experts for your travel plans

If you are not aware of the travel agencies and companies in Italy, you
can take the help from travel agents and tour companies. The airport is
the best place to get all your solution to your travel plans. There are
many counters from where you can book the cars. The online search also
helps you to find the car hire; you can even book the car through the

Eating Out in Italy: Elba Island and the Tuscan Archipelago:

Lying in a broad arch off Tuscany's coast in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the
Tuscan Archipelago is Europe's largest protected marine park. The
archipelago encompasses seven main islands and several smaller islets
stretching from Gorgona in the north (almost on the same latitude as
Florence) to Giannutri in the south vith Capraia, Elba, Pianosa,
Montecristo, and Giglio in betweeen.

Most of the islands are accessible to tourists, with the exceptions of
Montecristo, which is open only to marine research scientists, and
Gorgona, home only to a large prison. By far the largest and best known
is Elba, which is linked to Piombino on the mainland by regular hydrofoil
and ferry services. Famous as the place where Napoleon was briefly exiled
before his final defeat at Waterloo, it has lovely beaches, campsites
shaded by pines and, last but not least, a flavorful and tasty
traditional fare.

The food of the Tuscan Archipelago is characterized by the simplicity of
the ingredients and the wide variety of recipes, due to the isolation of
the various communities over the centuries. Each island has absorbed
different cultures and customs into its traditional cuisine. This is
particularly evident in the larger islands such as Elba, where
traditional cooking offers differences and variations from one area to
the next. In Portoferraio there is the Savoy cabbage, in Capoliveri the
potato, egg and onion soup, In Marciana the stuffed sardines and in Rio
Marina the 'guruglione (a spanish influenced vegetable soup).

Fish is certainly the king of cooking in the Tuscan Archipelago: from
boiled octopus to 'zerri', a delicious variety of local fish served
fried, roasted, marinated, in soups or in stews. The archipelago's
tastiest seafood recipes include spaghetti with spider crab or fresh tuna
sauce, anchovies with pesto, stuffed squid, squid with chard and the
ubiquitous 'cacciucco' (a variation on the famous fish soup from

Elba cuisine offers some great soups in the Tuscan tradition. The most
popular recipes are made with 'cavolo nero' and beans or with fresh chard
and egg. This was traditionally prepared by the island's farmers for the
'Lombards', a generic term used for the seasonal labourers. As well as
squid, Capraia is known for its sammule (wild garlic) and wild asparagus
fritters. Specialties from the island of Giglio include 'coniglio alla
cacciatora' (wild rabbit cooked in a spicy tomato sauce), 'baccalà in
agrodolce' (salt cod in a sweet and sour sauce) and 'tonnina salata'
(fresh tuna immersed in salted water and then placed in brine).

All of the tasty dishes mentioned above are almost always accompanied by
some local wine. Despite the decrease of the vineyard area over the last
years, Elban grapes manage to produce an array of fine wines, which for
some years now have been given the D.O.C. certification label (the
Italian equivalent of the French A.O.C.). Among the most renowned are
Elba Bianco (white), Elba Rosso (red), Rosato (rosè), Moscato and
Aleatico, both of which are sweet dessert wines.

Speaking of dessert wines, it is only natural to mention a popular Elba
Island treat called 'Schiaccia Briaca' (literally 'drunk cake', where the
cake is drunk with Aleatico). Schiaccia Briaca is made with kneading
flour, wine, sultanas and dried nuts. Except from the wine, many of the
same ingredients can be found also in the 'panficato', coming from Giglio

Being a popular travel destination, the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago
are fille with restaurants and other eateries, even though most of the
establishments are open from late spring to early autumn only. Many of
the archipelago's restaurants offer a variety of traditional dishes and
the quality is generally good. Before entering a place, however, it is
always a good idea to take a look at the price list displayed outside of
the premise. Smaller islands tend to be more expensive than mainland
Italy and the Tuscan Archipekago makes no exception to this rule.

If you are on a tight budget, attending one of the many food festivals
held throughout the year is an excellent way to taste some of the local
specialties spending only a few euros. Among the several celebrations
taking place periodically, the traditional 'Squid Festival' held on
November in Capraia deserves a special mention. The festival begins with
a squid fishing contest and continues the following day with all the
fished squids cooked and eaten on the spot.

Hotels in Italy - Offer You Outstanding Amenities:

Italy is among the most traveled locations on the planet, a veritable
vacationer's paradise; the country provides a host of opportunities for
even probably the most discerning traveler. Its numerous architectural
wonders that bespeak of man made splendor and also the rolling verdant
hills which are reflective of their natural opulence, along with the lip
smacking benefit of Italian cuisine has made the nation a favorite among
travelers from the world over. It is no wonder then that you have a host
of accommodation choices for weary travelers to unwind and relax as they
plan their next exciting day in the country.

Here the best you can do to locate great Italy travels and hotels in

* Book in the season between the months of Feb - May or Sept - Jan

The accommodations in these periods are empty and, to draw in more
reservations possible, it's probably they apply lower rates. The
difference can be very sensible (40-50% off)

* Book as much as earlier possible

It's better to book your accommodation at least A few months before your
arrive. Owners and Receptions tend to cut the costs for early

* Stay far from the big city centers.

Near the centers   from the major cities (Rome, Milan, Naples, Catania),
it's probable to   find high prices, so would rather remain in an
accommodation in   the province. Don't be concerned about distances, you
can move quickly   with taxi, bus or train services.
* Control the type of services included and when price is comprehensive
of taxes

While booking, take a look if prices are tax comprehensive and if it's
referred "At person". Usually you can find low prices for the single room
service as well as the other services like transfers, meals
need to pay another price.

* Choose accommodation services close to the attractions you'll visit

Watch in the map from the place you'll visit all of the attractions,
services available and the accommodation location to be able to calculate
the distances, time and price of transfers. You could lay aside more than
30% in gas or car hire. It's easier to public transfers too.

* Buy food in the local markets

Buy directly meals from our markets and cook it in your accommodation,
you'll conserve on restaurants prices.

* A Bed & Breakfast is preferable to an extravagance hotel

During your vacation a good thing to think about may be the experience
and also the attraction you'll visit...all you need is a place where

* Contact directly the owner of the accommodation, you could negotiate a
better price

If it is relaxing underneath the wide bed of natural splendor where one
can also enjoy other activities like seasonal sports, get full details
concerning the destination you choose to pay visit to. In Italy, South
Tyrol and Dolomites mountains meet all your previously discussed
requirements. Get information on where's it located, how to get there,
how good are the generally amenities supplied by locals, have they got
something extra, like seasonal sports, to provide and so on.

Then use the internet and operate a search on the net and discover the
best Italy hotels around the place. Look for complete details on the
hotel, from the facilities provided by these phones the different
packages offered. There are lots of with last second holiday offer for
those who have just decided to leave for Dolomites the next day.

The easiest method to get complete details on these hotels to consider a
platform or perhaps a site which provides verified information from the
hotels with all the details and assurance that the hotels listed by
options are worth their claims. Another way to do this by searching for
your social media sites as hotel industries too have entered the field of
modern marketing by linking track of sites which can serve as a platform
for them to meet their clients.

If you are searching for holiday rental accommodation in Italy, relax.
Italy is well developed for tourism and there's a comprehensive selection
of holiday rentals accommodation such as ski chalets, studios,
apartments, villas, duplexes, townhouses, farmhouses and even mansions,
to provide you with perfect holiday accommodation facilities. Look for a
suitable holiday home in Italy and book direct using the owner. If you
prefer self catering accommodation there are plenty of choices, or else
you can choose from bed and breakfast, maybe on the Italian Lakes or
hotel accommodation. The option of bedroom is yours.

Online hotel booking Italy supplies guaranteed and best hotel
reservations at hotel of your choice without any hassles. You may also
save your valuable selected hotel choices and book based on your
convenient time in the comfort of your house. You may also save a lot of
time while exploring hotel as the hotel booking Italy provides a
comprehensive list of the very best and many affordable hotels in Italy.
Moreover your accommodation reservation software programs are very user
friendly and you will make your payments for reservation through secured
gateways. The internet hotel booking and reservation provides complete
details about various hotels in Italy and also the amenities offered by
them. You are able to choose the best hotel out of this wide database
according to your decision and budget and revel in a wonderfully pleasant
and memorable holiday in Italy.

Italy Travel Guides Make Your Trip Easier:

Many people have written Italy travel guides that are full of suggestions
you can use to make your trip a success. The cultural exposure that you
get through travel is something entirely unique. Unfortunately,
travelling can make you anxious if you are not prepared or are visiting a
place that you know little or nothing about. Most Italy travel guides
will give you helpful pointers on the best destinations to see, how to
get by when everyone around you is speaking Italian, and how to stay safe
on your trip.

The Internet is certainly the ideal place to find articles, websites,
ebooks, and more full of Italy travel tips. You might be able to read
people's personal blogs about their travels to Italy. You can read
ebooks, some of which you will need to purchase for a small fee, that are
extensive and beneficial travel guides.

You may also prefer to have a printed book on Italy travel so that you
can bring it with you during your vacation. Go to the travel section of
your favorite bookstore to peruse lots of travel guides. Take a look at
several before you decide which you think will be best for you. If you
opt to purchase one, try to find one that is light and easy to carry with

Practicing some basic Italian words and phrases before you head out on
your trip will make the entire vacation less stressful. Many Internet and
printed travel guides contain simple words and phrases that will make
getting from place to place, shopping, and ordering food easy for you.
With a little bit of practice, you will be able to learn the basics
before you head out on your trip.

Trying to organize your Italy travel itinerary can be difficult; there
are tons of fantastic things to do and see. You can see Rome and its rich
past, the amazing architecture of Venice, the internationally famed
beauty of Tuscany, and much more. Getting a great travel guide before you
head out will help you enjoy your time without getting stressed about
plans or communicating.

Luxury Italy Wine Tours 2011:

Are you looking for an exclusive ITALY VACATION PACKAGE? DISCOVER YOUR
ITALY is launching for 2011 two new LUXURY ITALY WINE TOURS:

- "GREAT WINES OF THE LAKES and NORTHERN ITALY" - an incredible luxury
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and Northern Italy. The tour features the world-wide famous wines from
Piedmont (Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera), Valpolicella (Amarone della
Valpolicella, Ripasso, Valpolicella Superiore), and Franciacorta (the
Italian "Champagne").

wine tour featuring the the world-wide famous wines of Tuscany and
Central Italy: Bolgheri ("Supertuscans", Bolgheri, Paleo Rosso, le
Volte), Chianti (Chianti Classico), Montalcino/Montepulciano (Brunello di
Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino, Rosso di Montepulciano, Vino Nobile di
Montepulciano), Montefalco (Montefalco Rosso, Sagrantino di Montefalco)
and Orvieto (Decugnano Bianco, Decugnano Rosso).

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An Italy Travel Agent Will Give You Memories To Last A Lifetime:

When you decide to plan your Italy travel then you really should get in
touch with an agent who can hook you up with only the amenities that you
want. You will want to try to do and as much as you possibly can before
it's time to go home. They offer many different types of tours regardless
if you want to explore as a single, group and bus tours. There is an
incredible amount to explore in Italy, not just the food.

There are so many incredible things to do in Italy and it may be
difficult to choose but you can cover a lot of it if you tried. Sites
such as Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Florence and the famous wishing fountain,
the Trevi, also in Rome should be added to your itinerary. You may need
to place a second trip to Italy in order to take in all of the
breathtaking beauty that it has to offer.

Your Italy travel should start at the heart of Italy and its capital
Rome. There are many little shops that line the streets where you can get
some of Italy's finest things. You can find anything from flowers,
veggies, homemade sauces and pasta and guide books to show you the ins
and outs. If you are looking to just go out and enjoy the scenery, then
try the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Navona Square, and
St. Peter's Basilica. These are just a few of the breathtaking sites that
you will be able to enjoy.

If you are into a more quiet living then the fields of Tuscany
overlooking its capital Florence may be exactly what the doctor ordered.
The hills are surrounded by huge sunflowers and villas made of stone
built into the hillsides. The total vista of sunflowers are a
breathtaking experiences all of its own. These gigantic flowers are so
tall that they can cover your home below them.
Florence must be a part of your Italy travel; it is absolutely gorgeous.
This beautiful town is the capital of Tuscany and has incredible shops
lining the streets. You can buy fresh meats, veggies, flowers and pasta
products. It is really difficult to get around by car, so bikes or motor
bikes are used for travel around town. Home spaces stand stories above
ground level to give residents the quiet and escape from the everyday
business from below. You will definitely want an apartment up high to
drown out the sounds from the busy streets below.

Traveling In Italy Seduces Through The Ages:

During the nineteenth century, traveling in Italy was considered one of
the essential destinations for the grand tour of Europe. Travelers knew
its aesthetic and educational aspects were the finishing touches to their
cultural foray. They visited Naples, Rome, Venice and Florence with small
towns and villages in between.

Author Henry James set many of his novel and stories in Italy. He often
spent six months at a time working in a villa in Florence, or a palazzo
in in Rome. In his later years he fell in love with Venice. He wrote
descriptively of the pure light air, the splendid golden light and
wonderful views. The spell was often so seductive he was unable to work.

Mr. James was able to show with a few succinct passages the sumptuous
spell the cities possessed. In his novels, stories, travel writings and
letters readers were brought into the colorful Italian life. With a few
skillful descriptions, he could conjure up the essence of Venice or
Florence. He dreamed of Rome while residing in London.

Italy perhaps has seen some changes since the nineteenth century but much
is the same. Just as then, tourists flock to its attractions. History
buffs, art aficionados, pleasure-seekers and religious pilgrims all
convene in the squares this country is famous for. It would take many
visits to do justice to the art, architecture and archeology. UNESCO
reports that two thirds of historical and artistic heritages are in

If you are a gourmand, Italy boast a marvelous cuisine that is not just
about pasta and pizza. Italians pride themselves on inventive dishes with
the freshest ingredients, presented to seduce not just the palate, but
the eyes. They are also proud of their cheese and gelato. For three
thousand years, it has been a major wine-growing country. The wines pair
perfectly with the food. Italians know a thing or two about eating and

Italy sits on the Mediterranean with 7,600 miles of shoreline. The sunny
beaches rival those anywhere and are a perfect place to relax after all
those museums and ruins. Mineral spas surrounded by beautiful parks are
another luxurious way to unwind from steeping yourself of the history of
civilization. Perhaps a way to shed a few pounds after those Italian

Italy is also know for designer fashion. The list of easily recognizable
names will turn any fashionista into a convert to Italian travel. The
country is famous for its gold jewelry, where the standards in design,
casting and weaving is unsurpassed. It is also known for leather goods,
those exquisite shoes and handbags we covet.

Italy will never be remiss in offering intellectual and pleasurable
stimulation. It is easy to find all the itineraries and accommodations
you seek. You can opt for a first-class hotel or a charming boutique
hotel. Maybe your budget does not allow for charming or first-class.
There are many small family-run hotels, pensions and youth hostels for
the budget-conscious. Apartments with kitchens can be rented if you are
traveling with a family. The options for group tours are endless. A quick
look online will have you dreaming like Henry James, of those Italian

Check out Italy With an Italy Rail Pass:

Millions of visitors check out Greece just about every year (mostly
throughout the summertime months) and leave the region with numerous
terrific recollections that are difficult to neglect.

I am convinced that any traveler that has visited Greece will certainly
notify you about the purely natural magnificence of the region and about
its loaded cultural qualifications. Most travelers pay a visit to the
Greek Islands due to the fact they combine all the assets stated over in
addition they have superb seashores where by the traveler can appreciate

There are quite a few techniques that a traveler can access the islands.
He can possibly go there by air (most important Greek Islands have
airports) or by sea. Although the plan of traveling by airplane can be
rather tempting and comfy, it can also be alternatively highly-priced. In
addition, yet another fantastic thought is taking a cruise to the Greek
islands - even so it can also be alternatively high-priced and does not
give you the independence to examine the islands by by yourself.

In my opinion, the most exciting way to journey as a result of Greek
islands is by ferry. Traveling by ferry is most suitable for the kind of
traveler that loves the sea and considers ferries as piece of his
vacation. These folks are the lucky ones who can deal with a very long
ferry journey as a pleasurable issue to do, fairly than a organization
traveler who just needs to get to his vacation spot as fast as probable.
The ferries in Greece are fashionable, quick and snug.
No issue in which way you choose to take a look at Greece and regardless
of the time of the year Greece surely give you some unforgettable

The appeal of Italy and Greece is each cultural and hedonistic. As the
cradles of Europe's two terrific Classical civilizations, both equally
nations are popular for their historic temples and monuments,
concentrated principally in the metropolitan areas of Rome and Athens.
Located in the southern half of Europe, Italy and Greece share a sunny
Mediterranean climate and a correspondingly laid-back again way of
everyday living. Away from the key cultural sights, the peaceful
countryside, gorgeous beaches, and warm seas guarantee a calm vacation.

Venice is a city very not like any other: a stunning treasure home of
artwork and architecture, created on a series of islands, wherever there
are no autos and the streets are canals.

Florence embodies the Renaissance of art and mastering in the 15th
century.Familiar masterpieces of the interval,like as this copy of
Michelangelo's David, adorn the streets.

Rome owes its grandest monuments to the era of papal rule. The huge
colonnaded square in front of St. Peter's and the Vatican was produced by
Bernini in the 17th century.

The Peloponnese, a huge peninsula, linked to the relaxation of the Greek
mainland by the Corinth isthmus, abounds in ancient and medieval ruins.
The greatly fortified sea port of Monemvasa, in the southeastern corner,
has a lot of effectively-preserved Byzantine and Venetian structures.

Athens is renowned for its unrivaled collection of Classical antiquities.
The globe-famed Acropolis is dominated by the 2,500-yr-old Parthenon,
built as an expression of the glory of historical Greece.

Crete, the greatest and most southerly of the Greek islands, boasts
obvious blue seas and very good sandy seashores.

Top 5 "Must See" Italy Tourist Attractions:

Italy is the land of culture, arts and monuments. Italy is world-famous
for its culinary art, it is known for luxury sports cars and bikes, it is
the home to some of the most mind blowing lakes and mountains around the
globe and not just this, it has its own style statement - Italy, in its
true sense, is a paradise for all travelers. As there are large numbers
of places to visit in Italy, it is extremely important that you have
enough time to cover all the major Italy attractions. But sometimes you
must cut short your holiday and get back to the world of work-pressure.
In an effort to help you find the destinations that you just cannot
afford to miss while travelling to Italy, we are providing the list of
top 5 Italy tourist attractions that you simply must see before you leave

Colosseum in Rome:

While in Italy, the first attraction that you should visit is the
Colosseum. As a matter of fact, 'colosseum' is the word that you will
hear the most while visiting the country. The Colosseum is an elliptical
amphitheatre situated in the middle of Rome, Italy's capital. This
amphitheatre is the very best illustration of all the Roman architecture
and Roman technology.


A destroyed and partly buried city, Pompeii one of the most common
tourist attractions in Italy, is situated near the modern day city -
Naples. A long ruinous eruption of the famous volcano Mount Vesuvius
destroyed and buried this city in just two days. Over the course of time,
Pompeii went into limbo before it was circumstantially rediscovered again
in 1748. Presently, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vatican City:

Does it require any introduction? Probably not. It is the center of
Catholicism in the world, rich in history and artwork. Situated within
the city of Rome, the Vatican City is also the home to the Apostolic
Palace - the abode of the Pope.

Leaning Tower of Pisa:

One of the seven wonders in the world - you might have heard of it often
since your childhood days, now the time has come to view it with your own
eyes. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a campanile of the cathedral of the
city of Pisa.

The Grand Canal in Venice:

It is an unbelievable experience to be in the Grand Canal in Venice. This
excellent canal constitutes one of the major water-traffic corridors in
the city. Do not miss the chance to travel on the water buses. You can
also rent private water cabs.

Practical Advice When Traveling In Italy:
A nation of world-famous wine and cuisine, medieval palaces and
breathtaking Roman ruins, Italy has much to offer travelers. Traveling in
Italy can mean many different things, including weeks of exploring iconic
cities while experiencing the world's finest cultural and entertainment
options. It also easily possible to spend weeks traveling among the
hidden gems scattered throughout the countryside. Residents of this
country are typically stylish, cultured, warm, and friendly.

This country boasts the greatest collection of artistic and architectural
treasures on Earth. Cultural masterpieces, vibrant cuisine, fabulous
fashion and a splendid natural landscape combine in a country with 44
World Heritage sites. Its marvelous cities including Rome, Venice, and
Florence have inspired painters, poets, and casual visitors for

Aside from its famous large cities, Italy features dramatic renaissance
hill villages such as San Gimignano in Tuscany, and enchanting seaside
fishing villages including the Amalfi coast's spectacular Positano.
Visitors have an incredible opportunity to sample fine wines and elegant
dishes and wine cellars and vineyards all over the country.

In addition to the fabulous art and architecture, nature lovers will find
plenty to entertain including cliff diving, skiing, and a number of water
sports. Costa Smeralda in Sardinia is one of the most beautiful beaches
in Europe featuring turquoise sea and plenty of sunshine. Hikers,
campers, and adventure seekers are drawn to the snowy, rugger Dolomite
mountain range.

The Alps separate Italy from the rest of Europe: Slovenia, France,
Austria and Switzerland lie to the north. The Alpine region includes
Piedmont, Val d'Aosta, Po Plain, and the Dolomites, featuring some of the
highest mountains in Europe. The central region is home to Tuscany's
famous landscape, backed by snow-capped mountain vistas, rolling green
hills and a breathtaking coastline. Umbria, also known as the "green
heart of Italy, " features vast olive groves, towering pine trees and
enormous plains. South of the Umbria region is Rome and Vatican City.

The southern area of the country showcases miles of olive groves and lush
forests, with a less dense population than the northern regions. The
islands of Ischia, Capri, and Procida can be found in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Visible across the sea from the mainland, Sicily is home to Mount Etna,
and active volcano and several lava fields. More islands and a rugged
coastline are features of the seaside town of Sardinia. The boot heel
region, Puglia in particular, has additional volcanoes and interesting
marsh ecosystems.

Italy boasts almost 8,500 km of beautiful coastline making it a favorite
European beach destination. Modern amenities are commonplace at almost
all beaches, and watersports can be found at any of the country's
beachside resorts. The Italian Riviera including Liguria and the Amalfi
coast have become very popular recently, while the island beaches are
usually more secluded. Divers will find plenty to entertain in Sardinia,
Mauro, and the Tremiti Islands.
Fishing trips are popular in several places around the country. The
Sardinian coast and the waters off Sicily are popular fishing
destinations, as are Tuscany's and Umbria's many rivers. Whatever kinds
of activities you seek, traveling in Italy will provide you with a
lifetime of priceless memories.

Traveling In Italy Is The Ultimate European Experience:

Italy is a unique country. Its architectural legacy and vibrant
atmosphere are second to none. In this country with its abundance beauty
and a history spanning centuries, the tourist will find much to do and
see. Traveling in Italy is truly rewarding.

A visit to the country has been called the ultimate experience. Its
history is unique and has shaped a country in which art lovers and
historians can experience their dreams. The modern, bustling cities are
so different and yet so much the same as those of the Roman Empire. The
visitor is taken to a time of long ago. That special time lives on
because the soul of a nation seldom changes.

If you are dreaming a visit to this fascinating land, take full advantage
of the opportunity. You need to travel with a plan. First decide on the
best time. June to September is tourist trap time. Everything including
airfare to accommodation are expensive in high season. Your trip should
fall outside of this time. Prices sound a lot better then.

In April it is early spring in Italy. Blossoming flowers and trees give
this incredible country an even prettier coat. Although the weather can
be quite temperamental, most days should be mild and pleasant.

Travel insurance is always a must as bad things do happen. Always be
prepared. If you travel with your family, you may not even consider being
without it. Make sure you know where your passport is and that it is

In off-season finding a reasonably priced place to stay should be easy,
especially if you move away from the city centre areas. If money is an
issue, don't insist on experiencing the finest Italian foods in the best
restaurants. They are expensive. You want to save money because there
will never be a shortage of places to spend it. Buy your food from food
courts or at a store.

Places in Rome that should be on your must visit list are the Pantheon,
Trevi Fountain and the Roman Forum. Or go to St. Peter's Basilica, the
biggest Catholic Church on the planet. It is in Vatican City.
The canals and gondolas of Venice is reason enough to go there but the
unique old world buildings are something you won't see anywhere else.
This old city is exceptional. Do not miss a chance to visit it.

If you plan before visiting Italy, you should have so much more to tell
on your return than the tale of these two cities. Just think of Milan,
Pompeii, and Herculaneum or Pisa. All are unique places, each very famous
for different reasons. It will also be worth your while to move away from
the cities and visit rural Italy. Do not miss Cinque Terre, a cluster of
five small coastal towns. There are many others too.

Before you leave, Search the Internet. Learn about the country. Before
you go traveling in Italy, have your schedule firmly in your mind and in
your pocket. A practical tip is to make sure you have enough Euros when
you get on the plane. There are currency exchanges all over, but usually
you can't find something when you need it most. Save yourself hours of
walking trying to find a place where you can change your money

Why to Consider Flights to Italy and Go to Italy's Venice Carnival:

Phase an individual it appeared to me was to get as a low cost flight to
Europe. The difficulty was nevertheless in gaining my airfares to come
down from the higher heavens in terms of selling price. I struggled to
rearrange my budget and accommodate the frightening expenses of the
airline tickets and comprehend my purpose of obtaining low cost holidays.
I was seriously managing scared and asking myself how on earth I was
heading to make it out of England and through just two countries with the
kind of costs I was viewing. A good friend suggested that I focus on
obtaining affordable airline tickets. Actually? I wished to know what
component of England I had to stand to get like lowest priced flights
rain to fall on me. Fortunately for me, she is the patient style and took
my sarcasm in superior faith.

In accordance to her, receiving low-priced flights is considerably less
difficult than I visualize. Envision? I didn't even consider it
achievable. Okay, where by do I get started from? I wished to know. She
desired to know if I preferred to journey in premium class. Certainly
not. In convenience, certainly but except the to begin with class tickets
are cost-free, cut that out. Okay, I she advised me to take a look at the
possibility of travelling through an substitute route. It will work this
way she explained. I could just fly into Spain and from there to Italy on
a reduced value airline alternatively of taking an pricey flight
immediate into Italy. Hmmm...wouldn't have occurred to me in a thousand
decades. Using lowest priced airfare airlines as connecting flights can
help save a whole lot of money she added.

She needed to know the place I needed to pay a visit to in Europe.
Effectively, I had Spain, Greece, France and Italy penciled down.
Properly due to the fact I was not shopping for low-cost flights to
Dubai, why not verify the foreign internet sites of the airlines I would
like to use for less costly fares especially as individuals nations have
currencies weaker than the pound sterling? That way I get to evaluate
flight selling prices. She had offered yet another considered that would
not occurred to me. She had saved loads of money that way. She simply
booked her flight on the foreign counterparts of the country she intended
to take a look at.

Okay, I had a 12 months of college to go proper? I answered in the
affirmative (as she didn't know, immediately after all we have been
classmates). Students she informed me, have discounts on airlines and
stuff like that. She directed me to STA Travels for a lot more inquiries.
She had personally cashed in on this savings on a lot of occasions by
simply just tendering her students ID Card. Picture that! And mine has
been just a piece of plastic in my pocket all this when. Wow, now I can
compare holidays with my greater traveled associates.

Last level she built was to inform me to view the time I make a decision
to journey. Since I just wished to travel and get to know sites, it was
not significant that I go in the peak time period. Why not just compare
and contrast cheap flights, go in the off-peak period and get the
decrease rates? Wow!

Driving From the UK to Sivota, Greece Via France and Italy:

It would also be terrific to examine up on journey weblogs that detail
travelers' experiences for traveling all over this wonderful country.

Current press releases highlighting the travels of retiree household
sitters are exhibiting that becoming a senior is not a ticket to boredom,
or a sedentary way of life. Retirees from around the earth are finding
home sitting to be the critical that opens the door to unique, genuine
and free of charge journey to locations that they had when only dreamed

However, several retirees do not have the liberty of spending their
retirement egg on enjoyment goods or excursions, this kind of as
traveling. Numerous folks and partners who stay on a fixed earnings have
uncovered that their funds usually only cover the essentials of living.
Right after a life span of raising families, working enterprises and
remaining every little thing to absolutely everyone, retirees are
locating there is a way to travel and practical experience the world on
their terms. House sitting is making it possible for them to connect with
property owners who are in want of household sitters. In exchange for a
important services, retirees are capable to enter into new worlds, that
would or else be closed to them.
Jim and Thelma McSkimming are retirees from New Zealand. This retired
couple has only been property sitting for a year. They report that they
would not be capable to journey to all the places they dreamed of--if it
had been not for being house sitters. The McSkimmings have uncovered that
house sitting is the essential that allows them to experience different
cultures on a new stage.

Jim and Thelma McSkimming reports they do not desire to travel as
"tourists," and rapid visits to some favorite parts does not fulfill
them. The McSkimmings absolutely relish immersing on their own into new
regions and they delight in home sitting. Residence sitting lets them
turn into mock citizens in several nations and presents them an genuine

The McSkimmings had 5 months to allot for residence sitting in the UK,
and were thrilled when they ended up capable to discover 5 household
sits. "We stayed in a beautiful 200 year-aged stone cottage, which was
earlier a flour mill, in South Wales. We minded pigs, geese, miniature
Dexter cattle and two adorable Border Collies," the McSkimmings report.
They have also not too long ago had a remain in a Rectory in County Cork,
Ireland, the place they made pals with an African parrot they ended up
minding. Numerous household sits entail the treatment taking of pets. The
McSkimmings report that this is a 1 of the highlights of their stays and
it fulfills their appreciate of animals.

The terrific practical experience of house sitting is echoed by Brenda
Marie Batty. Ms. Batty is a retiree from Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada. Ms. Batty has been a household sitter because 1999. She has
visited 7 various countries, and reports that her favored property sits
are in Greece, France and Italy. "House sitting gives me the chance to
travel further more afield for a extended time period of time--to areas I
or else could not afford to remain in on my retired finances."

Like the McSkimmings, Ms. Batty genuinely enjoys sinking into the culture
and way of living of the many parts that she visits. She has found that
every single region has welcomed her with open arms. On a recent home sit
in Greece, she absolutely felt a person with her neighbors. "I even got
into white washing techniques and walls in Greece . .

The Best International Travel Plans For You and the People You Love:

The globe has been aptly compared to a book. People who have not traveled
have only read a single page. For more than four decades, Travel Plans
International has been the one-stop shop for global vacation packages and
tours. International travel plans are best made with specialists who know
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Plans International is that you can turn the pages at your convenience
with their customized services.

Travel Plans International offers international vacation packages that
are every globetrotter's dream. Find the France vacation package that
suits your every need. Nothing will beat your Italian vacation
experience. Personal cars complete with a chauffeur, guided tours by the
best in the business, and the ultimate luxury of hand-picked boutique
hotels will ensure that you have a magical time. Exploring the beautiful
Italian countryside is an experience that will make memories that you and
your loved ones will remember for a lifetime.

As the exclusive U.S. partner of Weddings in Italy, Travel Plans
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Italy. A bond of a lifetime that is solemnized in the most romantic
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While Italian and French holidays are a must have experience with Travel
Plans International, they also have a Rome to Amalfi Coast and Amalfi
Coast vacation packages that give you a taste of the rich history and
culture of these regions. Amalfi is home to the fabulous Pompeii, which
is a 2,000 year old city that is frozen as if in an ancient amber
teardrop. Destinations like the glorious Venice, historic Rome, and the
enchanting Amalfi are on their list. The company's packages also include
places in Asia, South Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and South and
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latest additions to their featured Europe vacation packages are London,
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Travel Plans International website.

Traveling and visiting places that are steeped in rich culture and
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Get the specialists at Travel Plans International to customize your trip
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Italy Vacation Packages All Inclusive Bring you the Beauty of the
Italy vacation packages all inclusive take the hassle out of planning
your vacation. Your trip to Italy shouldn't start with a tiresome trawl
through the internet looking for the best deals for flights,
accommodation, etc. Instead your trip should start with something fun
like planning all the unforgettable things you're going to see and do in
some of Europe's most beautiful, romantic locales.

For those interested in Italian culture and architecture Rome or Venice
are the obvious first stops. From the Vatican City's countless
renaissance era masterpieces to ancient Roman spectacles such as the
Coliseum, Italy's capital is teeming with iconic architecture. In Rome
you're never more than a moment away from a great photo opportunity.

Venice is most famous for its labyrinthine system of canals that flow
through the streets giving the whole city an otherworldly glow and
creating an indescribably romantic atmosphere. Venice is also as good a
place as any to sample some of that legendary Italian cuisine. For pizza,
pasta and just about anything else you won't anywhere better than Italy,
no wonder then that dinner often stretches on until the early hours.

Italy vacation packages all inclusive are your ticket to some of the
world's best beaches. People looking for a little sun, sea and sand would
be wise to check out Sperlonga just a short drive south of Rome. This
charming little sea-side town is a genuine pleasure to explore with its
wealth of warren-like walkways and terraces overlooking the sea.

History buffs owe themselves a visit to Pompeii, once a thriving
commercial center it now stands as a hauntingly preserved example of
Roman life as well as a dark reminder of the power that lies beneath the
sleeping Vesuvius.

A trip to Italy means memories that last a lifetime. Whether you looking
for family fun, a romantic weekend getaway or fascinating journey to the
heart of ancient civilization, Italy is bound to capture your imagination
and spark your passion

Travel USA provides world-class travel to people in the U.S., Canada,
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Amalfi Coast Travel:

Whether you are a first-time traveler or perhaps a seasoned jet setter
with a stamp-filled passport, it can be nice to have the help of someone
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vacation. That is why visitors and travelers have trusted Travel plans
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Don't go overseas without finding out what you must see when you're
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If you are considering Italy vacation packages, you have to see the
wonders of Amalfi Coast Travel. Don't miss out on this beautiful historic
destination. The coastal sights and wonders of the unique town, cultural
center, and trading destination date back to the year 839. This is a city
with a rich history that continues to offer dramatic cliffs and the
beauty of the sea to visitors from all over the world. You have to see
the gold ceiling in Saint Andrew's Cathedral and also the sculpture by
Michelangelo. Additionally, experience the relics of Constantinople.
There's so much to see and do in this hidden gem of Italian history and
world history. You must include it in your travel plans on your next trip
to Europe. It might change your life and give you memories you'll cherish
for the rest of your life. The history here certainly spans generations
and will carry on into the future. Come and observe this timeless,
classical city in all its majesty.

If you are making travel plans international, especially to Italy and
France, speak with a travel agent who will help you find the unparalleled
history and cultural touchstones of the world that is unmarred by today's
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call Travel plans international and book your Italy vacation packages or
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and be astonished by the brilliance and beauty of timeless Italian
culture. That's a passport stamp you'll remember forever. It is a journey
you can share with generations of your family inside a city which has
endured for centuries.

Car Hire service in Italy– A trip to remember and cherish!:

Italy offers leisure and business visitors a unique and highly
distinctive experience with its High art, magnificent monuments, mouth
watering cuisine and flamboyant fashion scene. With car hire service in
Italy, you can explore all this and much more as per your convenience and

Italy has major number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. Some
of the popular and beautiful cities of Italy worth visiting are Rome,
Bologna, Milan Florence, Naples and Venice. You can witness some of the
finest work in western architecture such as the Colosseum, the Milan
Cathedral and Florence Cathedral, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the
building designs of Venice. Using car hire service, you can conveniently
explore this city of history and architecture. Italy is also very famous
for its world known delicious Pizzas, pastas, cheese and sausages. Some
of Italy's tasty specialties are Risotto, Arancini, Polenta and Gelato.
Just jump in your and get ready to explore!!

Car hire in Italy is the quickest and cheapest way to get around this
beautiful country. Depending whether you are travelling alone or as a
family, you can have vehicles to accommodate all requirements and tastes.
You can choose the best quality and model from the various car hire
providers in Italy – from an economy 2-seater to other car hire options
like luxury or multipurpose vehicle as per your requirement and budget.
Please ensure that you specify if you need an automatic or manual
transmission to suit your needs. If travelling with small children, you
need to book a child seat. You can also use satellite navigation system,
CD player, luggage racks and comprehensive insurance for drivers. Various
attractive deals and packages are offered from time to time which makes
car hire affordable. You can also save a lot of money by booking early.

Car hire service in Italy offers long-term, monthly, weekly and daily car
hire to get to your destination and also gives comprehensive insurance
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driver's license and passport) to complete the formalities. If needed,
you can pay for a second driver. The driver and the hirer are both amply
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airports, railway stations and cities in Italy.

Car hire service in Italy offers a friendly and personalized service to
all its customers. Driving around Italy in your hired car will truly be
an unforgettable and enjoyable experience which you will cherish all your

Romantic Paradise in Europe Italy:

Few countries in the world are more famous for delicious cuisine than
Italy. Imagine being able to dine at a bistro in Florence, listening to
genuine Italian music, while enjoying the local wines with your
significant other. Of course, though pasta and antipasto are delicious,
few dishes in Italy can compare to the decadent desserts that are perfect
for two. For the best opportunities to wine and dine your lover, head to
Florence, Rome, or Venice for a night in paradise.

Croatia is known for its fabulous beaches, boat rides, and stunning
natural wonders. Couples who love to walk trails, or have always dreamed
of setting sail on the Mediterranean sea should look into Croatia for a
romance adventure that they will remember for the rest of their lives.
For those who enjoy taking a hike, getting to visit the waterfalls in
Croatia will be a thrilling sight to see. A Croatian sunset on the beach,
or near the forest, is a sight every couple should see at least once in a

Both countries also offer honeymoon resort packages that help couples
save money on the most luxurious romantic getaways available. Expect to
be greeted with a bottle of champagne and chocolates when you enter your
hotel room, and also make sure to take time to ask the hotel staff about
local spa services. Both Italy and Croatia are known for their exquisite
spas, which often offer couples massages, aromatherapy, and reflexology.

Italy and Croatia also offer myriads of cultural activities that couples
can partake in. Art museums in Italy are known for their masterpieces,
and guided tours are available of the Sistine Chapel. In Croatia, guided
tours of Roman ruins, including the Roman amphitheatre, are available.
Fans of ancient churches should take a stop at the 9th century Church of
Saint Dominus in Zadar. Guided museum tours in both Croatia and Italy are
available in English as well as the local languages.

Sporty couples will adore all the activities that both Italy and Croatia
have to offer. Biking, hiking, and also swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
are activities available to tourists visiting both countries. Croatia is
also known for its ski resorts during the winter, so if you enjoy skiing
or snowboarding, this is the country for you. Boating in Italy, or even
riding the gondolas of Venice will be an active outing that is
exceptionally romantic for couples. Both Italy and Croatia also offer
horseback riding lessons to couples looking to experience the countryside
on horseback.

There is no question about it, couples who are looking for a magical
romantic getaway need to keep countries like Italy and Croatia in mind.
Besides, seeing the excitement in your lover's eyes when you announce
your romantic trip plans will make your week!

Italy Tour Operators Offer New Insight into Tuscany:

Italy has always been among the favorite holiday destinations for travel
enthusiasts, and for good reason. The region features sandy beaches,
fabulous scenery, a rich cultural heritage and wonderful cities. Any trip
to Italy must include a visit to Tuscany, which is renowned all over the
world for its wines and cuisine. Tuscany, a region in Central Italy, is
also generally thought of as the most scenic and picturesque part of
Italy. Almost every region of Tuscany produces great and memorable wines
such as Chianti. While in Tuscany, the expert guidance of an Italy tour
operator will ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable trip. Italy tour
operators have in-depth knowledge of region, events and routes to every
interesting and beautiful place and thus offer personalized assistance to
every guest. Experienced tour operators offer tourists a level of insight
and access they simply can't find on their own. Tuscany is our land and
we love showing it off to guests.

An Italian cooking tour is an excellent way to improve your cooking
skills and master the art of cooking Italian cuisine. Cooking classes
include learning about dishes, which are made from some of the finest and
freshest seasonal ingredients, the preparation techniques used, and even
the cultural relevance of the food. Professional chefs provide hands on
instruction to our guests. Their personal guidance helps guests learn
authentic Italian recipes in a fun and friendly setting. During a quality
Italian cooking tour, travelers will enjoy beautiful landscapes and the
architecture of Italy. It is advisable to choose an experienced tour
operator as they are familiar with the local culture and all the best
places to visit. Guides help guests in selecting the perfect cooking
school in Tuscany which offers hands-on-cooking courses.

Italy tour operators like offer guided excursions
to the most exciting destinations. They study the specific goals of every
guest, understand their needs, and suggest the perfect option for their
holiday package. During an Italian cooking tour, guests prepare Italian
cuisine under the supervision of professional chefs. Your personal
sommelier will then suggest the perfect wine to complement their dish.
Our knowledgeable staff is always there to help guests create the perfect
vacation. Our luxurious accommodations showcase Italian culture in a fun

Tips for Finding Holiday Villa Rentals in Italy:

Finding ideal holiday villa rentals can make all the difference to an
enjoyable holiday in Italy. If you devote enough time, you can find the
ideal Italian holiday villa. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Spend Time Researching
Try to begin your search well in advance of your intended holiday. It is
safe to say that nearly everyone who provides holiday villa rentals can
be found on the Internet. So spend time doing various Internet searches
and visit as many websites as you can. Evaluate all the services and
amenities that are offered, to see if they tie in with your needs. Email
the owners of the places you like. Find out how far the villa is from the
places you intend to sight see at or visit. Inquire about transport
options, activities for children if required and other facilities that
may be important to you, especially if you intend to stay for a long

Look for Deals
Italy has so many options to offer when it comes to planning a holiday.
If you are looking for a luxurious relaxed beachside holiday Amalfi Coast
may be a good option. If you are looking for a holiday filled with
culture then visit Rome, Florence or Tuscany. If you are planning to
experience Italy in the winter go up north to enjoy the mountains and
outstanding gastronomy. Remember to look for the best deals for your
villa in Italy. Booking via the Internet usually means the best deals,
but even different booking websites can have different rates for the same
place. Also booking slightly off season, as long as it doesn't mean bad
weather during your holiday, may result in better rates, especially if
you are travelling in a large group. Sometimes deals are not mentioned on
websites, so don't forget to inquire about them.

Get Information From People Who Have Already Visited
Don't depend only on the villa owner's website. There are numerous
reputed travel websites where fellow travellers leave their unbiased
comments on places they have visited. If most of the feedback on a place
you intend to stay at is good, chances are that you won't be
disappointed. If on the other hand most of the reviews of the villa in
Italy you plan to stay at are bad, it's better to look for another

Olbia Car Hire Guide, Italy:

It is so true that whenever the name of Italy strikes the ears, mind
perceives it as a country which is rich in culture, art, music,
architecture, history, politics, literature, theatre, and others. Many
people dream to visit Italy at least for once in their lives. The
attraction is so impeccable that a person cannot break free himself from
the magnetic power of this superb place. Diverse climatic conditions are
extremely wonderful; you can expect to have a very cold weather in a
place, while in the other place you will find sizzling hot weather. The
coastal regions have pure weather of Mediterranean, mild winters, and dry
summer and humid temperature will surely make you wonder about this
superb place and its diverse climatic conditions.

Italy receives millions of tourists and visitors every year. The
religious importance and cultural significance is successful to draw
people here from every corner of the world. Sardinia's island is best for
anyone who is interested in soothing and comforting place. This naturally
beautiful place is blessed with amazingly fabulous islands in the world.
There is a lot to see in Sardinia's island, this island provides the
diverse picture of beauty of islands. Cagliari, Alghero, Sassari, Nuoro,
Oristano, Costa Smeralda, Porto Cervo and of course Olbia are regarded as
best tourists spots.

Olbia is located in the northeast coast of Sardinia. This place is taken
as the main port for tourists because it supports the main port for all
Italian ferries. In addition to a big port, this wonderful place has an
airport to facilitate the tourists. Sardinia Olbia Airport is equipped
with all latest and traditional facilities for passengers. You can take a
direct flight form UK to this wonderful place. You can taste the flavor
of real Sardinian culture here with excellent facilities.

Sardinia Olbia Airport facilitates the passengers and tourists with all
special services including internet services, information desk, cash
points, telephone, restroom, waiting room, parking space, and all
facilities to guide the passenger. Moreover, there is no chance that you
will get lost here. The restaurants, cafes, refreshment centers will let
your taste buds taste the real Italian flavor. Additional facilities like
pharmacy, bookstore, shops, ATMs, luggage stores, postal and other
services make your travelling much more easier than ever before. If you
are travelling with someone who is handicapped, you can take the
exclusive disabled services which include special restrooms, elevators
and wheelchair ramps and exclusive disabled car parking facility.

Transportation is not a problem when you are travelling from or to Olbia,
easy rail connections to Macomer, Cagliari, Oristano, Ozieri,and Sassari
is the best way to travel by train. Bus and taxi services can also
facilitate you with best and quality service. If you want to get the
personal experience of this wonderful place, you can hire or rent a car.
Take advantage of Car Hire Olbia Airport service or take pleasure in Hire
Car Italy service, in both ways you will cherish the lovely journey to
most wonderful places which are full of amazing surprises.

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