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Headway April 1978

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					                                                      District to acquire
        In a significant move to up-                                                                                   shortage to meet sudden in-
    grade the RTD's fleet by replac-                                                                                   creased passenger demands
    ing older model equipment, the                                                                                     from local residents.
    Board of Directors approved a

                                                    thousand new buses
    plan on March 2 to obtain 1,000                                                                                       Cost of the 1,000 new buses is
    new buses over the next two                                                                                        estimated at $100 million, with
    years. Adhering to the District's                                                                                  the federal government expected
    policy decision of four years ago,                                                                                 to provide $80 million of that
    all of them will be equipped with          The newly-approved 1,000-bus      jor U.S. metropolitan area."          amount and the remainder to be
    lifts for handicapped and elderly       purchase, combined with the             New equipment will not only at-    raised locally.
    persons.                                other buses ordered, means that      tract more ridership, he
                                            within three to four years, an RTD   predicted, but it will also improve      During the past few years,
       This acquisition will be in addi-    rider's chances of boarding a        the quality of the ride for current   District officials have been
    tion to the 200 new A M General         new bus will be very high.           patrons. Moreover, it will            hampered by a lack of funding to
    buses presently arriving at the                                              eliminate much of the                 buy new buses. In addition, until
    District, as well as the 30 ar-           "The RTD has nearly 2,200          maintenance work and expense          recently there have been no U.S.
    ticulated buses, 20 double-             buses on the streets today," said    involved in upkeep on the older       manufacturers available to supp-
    deckers and 50 intermediate (30-        Marvin Holen, Board President.       model coaches. Some of these          ly buses equipped with lifts for
    foot long) buses already on             "The average age is just under 12    were obtained from other transit      elderly and handicapped in-
    order.                                  years, the oldest fleet of any ma-   properties during the 1974 fuel       dividuals.

   Southern California Rapid Transit District

   Volume 5, Number 4
                                                                                                   WAY                                         April 1978

    RTD links up with new commuter train
       RTD buses were ready and             Center between the passenger
    waiting at Union Station on             waiting room and boarding area.
    February 14, 1978 when the new             The county-owned El Camino
    Los Angeles County El Camino            train is being operated jointly by
    Train rolled into downtown Los          Amtrak, the California Depart-
    Angeles from San Diego.                 ment of Transportation (Caltrans)
       This new train service,              and the County of Los Angeles on
    augmenting Amtrak's five other          a six-month experimental basis.
    daily San Diego-Los Angeles             It consists of eight attractively
    runs, marked the first time in over     refurbished cars with a total
    a decade that rail transportation       seating capacity of 473.
ink between the two cities has been            The El Camino's inaugural run
Woffered the public during the ear-         on Valentine's Day culminated
  *, morning and late afternoon             several years' effort by Los
    peak traffic periods.                   Angeles County Supervisor Bax-
       To accommodate those                 ter Ward to initiate such service
    persons seeking rush hour train-        for Southland residents.
    bus connections, the District              Joining the supervisor for the
    made service adjustments on             debut trip were such high-
    some of its lines. Twenty-three         ranking state officials as Gover-
    RTD bus lines are currently tran-       nor Jerry Brown, Caltrans Direc-
    sporting the El Camino com-             tor Adriana Gianturco and State
    muters to and from downtown             Senator President Pro Tern
    Los Angeles and the mid-                James Mills. Representing the
    Wilshire area while many other          District and noting RTD's impor-
    connecting lines make all parts of      tant role in this project were
    greater Los Angeles easily acces-       several Directors, management
    sible by bus.                           and staff members.                   RTD General Manager Jack Gilstrap (far left) greets Governor Brown
       In addition, to help commuters          With stops in Fullerton, Santa    on board the new San Diego-Los Angeles commuter train. In
    locate their desired bus routes         Ana, and other Orange County         background are Gray Davis, the governor's aide, and RTD Director
    and destinations, all RTD stops         and San Diego County points, it's    Jay Price.
    surrounding Union Station have          hoped that the El Camino will
    been identified by letter designa-      ease commuter automobile con-
    tions. A map indicating the let-        gestion, particularly along the
    tered bus stop locations is posted      heavily travelled Santa Ana
    at the station's RTD Information        Freeway.

                                                                  Officially commemorating the new train are (from left) Los Angeles
                                                                  County Supervisor Baxter Ward, RTD Director Charles Storing, State
                                                                  Senator President Pro Tem James Mills, and RTD Board President
   Operators await El Camino passengers at Union Station in L.A. Marvin Holen.
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         Monthly employee spotlight
    The most recent trio of individuals honored by the District as
  Employees of the Month were Benjamin F. Looney, Bette Goddard
 and Albert Evan Meyer.
    Looney was chosen as Maintenance Employee of the Month
  because of the high quality of his work during the 20 years he's
 served as lineman, electric switch repairman, electrician and now
 as acting foreman, vacation relief. His enthusiast and responsible
 attitude and his indepth knowledge of electrical procedures have
 made him a valuable asset to the District.
    Goddard transferred into the telephone information section in
  1968 after working many years as a streetcar and bus operator.
 Because of her punctuality, courteousness and careful telephone
 responses, she received the Information Operator of the Month
 award previously in 1974. This second recognition shows she con-
 tinues to maintain those high job standards.
    During the 35 years that Division 3 Operator Meyer has driven a
 bus, his attendance record has been beyond reproach, he's never
 had a missout and he has achieved the maximum of 60 merits.
 Those attributes, his driving safety record, and the commendation
 letters received about him earned this employee the Operator of      Spectators watch anxiously as playoffs narrow dominos competition.
 the Month award.
    Presenting the awards at the meeting was Director Ruth E.
                                                                         Div. 9 captures domino trophy
                                                                         Division 9 emerged the victor          The tournament, held on
                                                                      at RTD's Second Annual Domino         Saturday, February 11 at the
                                                                      Tournament, capturing the             downtown headquarters
                                                                      perpetual trophy from Division 3,     building, brought together eight
                                                                      last year's winner, during a fast-    teams representing the majority
                                                                      paced championship match.             of divisions and headquarters
                                                                        In fact, Division 3 came close to   personnel to vye for the cham-
                                                                                                            pionship title.
                                                                      winning the trophy for a second
                                                                      year, as the series of playoffs           The tournament began last
                                                                      ended with Division 3 Operators       November with 44 two-person
                                                                      Jethro Hassen and Art Miranda         teams competing. The elimina-
                                                                      pitted against Division 9             tion rounds were held weekly un-
                                                                      Operators Abel Garcia and             til each location was represented
                                                                      Richard Luna for the final rounds.    by a winner.
                                                                                                                Besides the rotating divisional
                                                                        It was then that Garcia and         trophy awarded to Division 9,
                                                                      Luna won the first two of three       each participant in the finals
                                                                      possible games, thereby cutting       received an individual domino
                                                                      short the final match.                trophy.

  Director Richter presents certificate to Maintenance Employee

                                                                      The victors (from left): Frank El Fattal, Division 9 "coach"; champions
                                                                      Luna and Garcia; with John Wilkens, Manager of Employee Relations.

                                                                                                            power brakes, air conditioning
                                                                                                            plus more. $2,400. Call 213-361-
                                                                                                            3633 after 4 p.m.

                                                                                                            • 1975 Kawasaki, 900 cc. Draw
  Information Operator Goddard receives her second award.                                                   back handle bars, 16" rear
                                                                      • Home site, over 10,000 sq. ft.      wheel. 6,000 mi. $1,650 cash. Call
                                                                      N. Port Charlotte, Florida in         213-881-0377.
                                                                      Sarasota County. Asking $5,000
                                                                      cash or $2,500 and take over $40      • C.B. radio, base unit. Corti
                                                                      payments. Call 213-985-9564.          139 SSB, Turner Super Sidekici
                                                                                                            $300. Call 213-787-9957.
                                                                      • Four JBL 12-inch D-130's
                                                                      monitor cabinets with cords.          • 1976 Honda 500 cc. Twin C-B.
                                                                      $350 firm price. Call Alan at 466-    1,400 mil. $900. Call 213-348-
                                                                      9131.                                 4351.

                                                                      • 1976 Ford E-150. Custom van,        • Golf clubs and bag and covers.
                                                                      AM-FM stereo cassette. Bubble         Arnold Palmer set. $150. Call
                                                                      top, wide tires, C.B. radio, roof     213-782-5714.
                                                                      rack and ladder. Plus more.
                                                                      20,000 mi. $7,500. Call 213-361-      • 1964 Dodge Polara, blue.
                                                                      6346.                                 Needs tires and brakes. Good
                                                                                                            running condition. Air con-
                                                                      • 1977 M.G.B., 8,000 mi.              ditioned. $350 or best offer. Call
                                                                      Yellow/blk. pin stripes. $400 and     213-982-4354 after 5 p.m.
                                                                      take over $115.74 mo. payments
                                                                      or $5,400 cash. Call 805-527-         • 1973 Cadillac Eldorado. Fully
                                                                      3341.                                 equipped, new tires, sun roof.
 Division 3 Manager Paul Mahoney (right) joins Director Richter                                             Red. Asking price: $3,800. Call
 and Bus Operator Meyer.                                              • 1973 L.T.D. Brougham. 35,000        days 627-0767; evenings 877-
                                                                      mi., one owner. Power steering,       7736.
                                                                                                                                                         Page 3

      History of heroic deeds
      puts driver in limelight
      When unusual circumstances             RTD commemorative belt. And
   arise, some RTD bus operators             KNX Radio made him "Citizen of
   have gone above and beyond the            the Week."
   call of duty to assist others.               Taylor's own opinion is that he
   Sometimes their acts verge on             responded automatically to help
   heroism, as did Division 7                another in distress. At the same
   Operator Sam Taylor's response            time, he expressed disgust with
   to an incident on February 23.            people who refuse to get in-
        Taylor was driving Line 4 along      volved. Because in the less than
                                             three years he's been an RTD
    Melrose Avenue when he spotted
    a moving car about a half-block          employee, he's encountered
                                             similar situations.
    away with flames shooting out
                                                About six months ago, while
    from underneath its chassis. At
                                             driving along Wilshire Boulevard
    the wheel was Joel M. Johnson of         in Beverly Hills, he saw two men
    Chicago, who was unaware that                                                      FOLLOWING HIS UNANIMOUS RE-ELECTION on March 2 to a one-
                                             approach a messenger leaving a
    the rented car he was driving was                                                  year term as President of the RTD Board of Directors, Marvin L. Holen
                                             bank. They knocked the man
    on fire.                                 down, grabbed the $5,000 in cash          (center) is sworn into office by Helen Bolen. Holen, the appointee of
        Taylor quickly pulled up his                                                   Supervisor Ed Edelman, joined the 11-member Board in 1975. On the
                                             and other securities that he had
11`)us behind the car and began              been carrying, and began runn-            right is George Takei, newly-elected Vice President, who has been a
     •Ionking his horn as a warning.         ing down the street in separate           RTD Board member for five years. He is one of two members ap-
       `e motorist, somewhat puzzled,                                                  pointed by the mayor of Los Angeles.
    linally pulled over. Taylor parked          Taylor immediately calculated
    his bus alongside the burning            where the assailant with the
    vehicle, grabbed the fire ex-            stolen money would run, stopped
    tinguisher and leapt down the
    stepwell while about two dozen
    amazed RTD passengers
                                             his bus at the exact spot and
                                             reached through his window to              Employees cast as film extras
                                             grab the man.
    watched.                                    The robber managed to free              RTD employees got a chance          Operators, supervisors, special
        "I laid on the street with the ex-   himself and took off again. This        to break into show business and
    tinguisher and put out the flames.                                                                                      agents, telephone information
                                             time Taylor applied the                 a behind-the-scenes glimpse into       clerks and other RTD employees
    I wanted to stop it before it got to     emergency brake and jumped off          movie-making when they                 will view it. It will also be shown to
    the gas tank," the operator ex-          the bus in hot pursuit. "I did the      volunteered as extras in a RTD         groups of elderly and handicap-
    plained. Next he opened the car          30-yard dash and got him," he           training film on the new accessi-      ped persons and to segments of
    door, released the hood and                                                      ble coaches for elderly and han-
                                             recalled. Taylor retained his grip                                             the general public, all of whom
    squirted the engine with the             on the man until the police             dicapped persons.
    flame retardant.                                                                                                        will be affected.
        Johnson was dazed. "He was                                                                                             A 1974 District policy decision
                                                There was yet another incident          Beginning February 20, a total
    just standing there, looking a little                                                                                   requires that all future buses be
                                             one night about a year ago when         of seven days and two nights
    confused," Taylor reported. "I                                                                                          totally accessible. Besides the
                                             Taylor was driving Line 44 along        were spent shooting sequences
    told him to leave the motor off,                                                                                        special lift and kneeling features,
                                             Adams Boulevard. He spotted a           at such varied locations as
    call the agency and get another                                                                                         the buses will incorporate a
                                             young woman lying unconscious           Westwood Village, Tarzana Con-
    rental."                                                                                                                public address system inside and
                                             in the street about five feet from      valescent Home, California State
        Because impatient motorists                                                                                         outside. It will aid the operator in
                                             the curb. He swerved to avoid hit-      University Los Angeles busway
    nearby were honking and yelling                                                                                         announcing line numbers and
                                             ting her and then stopped to in-        stop, Division 9, the Sports Arena
    at Taylor to move his bus out of         vestigate.                                                                     providing boarding and exiting
                                                                                     and the Criminal Courts Building.
4„ the traffic lane, Taylor jumped                                                                                          instructions for the benefit of
                                                She was still breathing. Taylor      Persons in wheel chairs, an
',back in to continue along his              questioned several passersby                                                   visually impaired, disabled and
  agute. But not before Johnson,                                                     elderly passenger and a blind in-
                                             leaving a nearby party but              dividual with a guide dog were         all other passengers.
       no had finally grasped the situa-     nobody volunteered any informa-
    tion, managed to get the                                                         filmed boarding, riding and dis-          Mascott Productions is handl-
                                             tion or assistance. So Taylor           embarking from RTD buses, with         ing the technical film production
    operator's badge number. The             telephoned for an ambulance
    out-of-towner called the Los                                                     the extras appearing in the            aspects, with employees from the
                                             himself.                                background as passengers or            Transportation, Personnel,
    Angeles Times and reported how              "I called the hospital later and     passersby.                             Marketing, Safety and Planning
    Taylor's quick thinking and brave        they said she would be okay," he
    deed had saved the vehicle and                                                                                          departments lending their in-
                                             reported. They also told him if his         Upon final editing, the full       valuable experience, ideas and
    possibly his life.                       call hadn't summoned help when
        On February 24, the Times ran                                                sound and color film — as yet un-      time to the project.
                                             it did, she would have died of a        titled — will run 20 to 25 minutes
    the account, entitled "Bus Driver        drug overdose.                          in length. Joann Bowman, Direc-           The filming not only gave
    Shifts Into Hero Gear," accom-              Until the burning auto incident,     tor of Training, explained that the    RTD's cast and crew operating
    panied by Taylor's photo. The 28-        Taylor never got any credit or          purpose is to not only provide in-     information on the new lifts, but it
    year-old operator accepted all           thanks for his heroism, but he          structions on the use of the new       also familiarized them with such
    the laudatory attention modestly.        said he never expected any. To          bus equipment, but to also point       common moviemaking dilemmas
     "I was really amazed and sur-           him it's all in a day's work, more      out the importance and complex-        as shooting delays due to rainy
   prised such a nice article was            or less.                                ities involved in furnishing totally   weather and crowds of curious
   written. It feels good," he                  "Sometimes you've got to be a        accessible bus service.                on-lookers among the public.
   remarked.                                 policeman, fireman, information
     A few days later, the District          center and psychiatrist," he
   awarded him a plaque, a $25               remarked philosophically about
   restaurant gift certificate for din-      his job. "But I really like driving a
   ner for him and his wife, and a           bus."

    Operator Taylor (2nd from right), now famous for his quick handling of
    a fire extinguisher, receives recognition and reward from (L-R) Jack
    Walsh, General Superintendent of Transportation; Sam Black, Acting               Camera crew, film stars, extras and on-lookers mingle while shooting
    Manager of Operations; and Jack Gilstrap, General Manager.                       scene in Tarzana.
 Page 4

                                                                               Off Roaders off to Texas Canyon
                                                                                Mexicali was the destination of   Spectators can witness the entire
                                                                              the RTD Off Roaders for the         exciting event from the grands-
                                                                              weekend of February 11 and 12       tands but the RTD Off Roaders
                                                                              when they participated in the       will be in the pit area.
                                                                              Southern California Off Road           Also, during the weekend of
                                                                              Enthusiasts (SCORE) Mexicali
                                                                                                                  April 15 and 16, the Off Roaders
                                                                              300 Off Road Race.                  will have an outing in Texas Ca-
                                                                                 As they had decided at their     nyon, located about 25 miles
                                                                              January meeting to operate          from Los Angeles. Camping is
                                                                              checkpoints and course control      free. There will be a big barbecue
                                                                              for SCORE races occasionally,       to highlight the fun with the
                                                                              RTD's Off Roaders ran                Forest Service there.
                                                                              checkpoint number 8 by Highway         All District employees and their
                                                                              2. A checkpoint crew checks off     families with a camper, tent or
                                                                              each car number and marks their     similar equipment who would like
                                                                              time at point. All vehicles must    to spend a weekend with this RTD
                                                                              stop and pick up a tab which is     club are more than welcome,
                                                                              put in a taped can.                 Champagne said. And they don't
                                                                                                                  have to be into off roading to en-
                                                                                All members who went              joy it, he added. Moreover, there
                                                                              thoroughly enjoyed the race and     are discount suppliers available%
                                                                              Mexico, although the weather        for body work, parts, front enf
                                                                              was a bit chilly, reported Jerry    and frame repairs and acces'
                                                                              Champagne, Club President.          sories for all types of vehicles.
                                                                                The next SCORE event is April        More information can be ob-
"RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD" wasn't really being hum-                  8 and 9 at the Riverside Raceway.   tained from Champagne at 213-
med by Jack Penwell in Operations, but it would have been an appropriate      There are no checkpoints            771-3859 or a division club
tune. As the record rainfall continued to pelt the Southland, a few leaks     because this is a closed course.    representative.
were detected in the roof above his office inside the leased District head-
quarters building. However, with wastebaskets doubling as rain buckets,
Jack weathered the storm in his usual goodnatured style.

   Exercise classes offer fun
    while 'fighting the flab'
  "I enjoy it very much and I'm        dancing. The classes are taught
starting to feel and see results."     by Gil Sanders of the Insurance
— Michelle Kocuba, Legal               Department who described the
Department.                            workouts as moderate to heavy.
                                       All parts of the body are exer-
   "I feel rejuvenated after releas-   cised without the use of
ing tension from a day at the of-      machines. "It's fun fighting flab
fice." — Candy Richardson, In-         with such an enthusiastic and
surance Department.                    professional instructor as Gil,"
                                       commented Ginger Perez from
  "My expectation is to develop a      Administration.
total new person." — Bertha
Wooley, General Services.                 Both men and women from all
                                       RTD divisions and departments              Club Vice President Lonnie Anders at checkpoint number 8.
   "It's very convenient and the       are invited to attend any of the
                                       sessions. There is no fee. Loose                       	
price is right." — Suzanne Gif-
                                       clothing should be worn.               Laughter Zone                                            By M. Ortiz
ford, Legal Department.
                                          The medical profession has
  "I'm firming up but having fun,      long recommended the value of a
too!" — Marta Espantman, Com-          steady exercise program. The
munity Relations.                      results aren't visible overnight,
                                       but the mental and physical
  What all these enthusiastic          health benefits can be long-
employees are referring to is the      range. Perhaps the attitude of
regular exercise classes given at      determination and commitment
the District headquarters building     needed were best expressed by
every Wednesday and Thursday           another class enthusiast, Diane
evening at 5 p.m.                      Moran of Employee Relations.
   Participants meet inside the           "I wanted to firm up the fat. So
employment office on the second        far the fat's had a mind of its own.
floor for an hour of exercise per-     But I'm not going to give up on it,"
formed to music and free-style         she vowed.

              Sanders leads the group battling the bulge.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Page 5

                    Schedule changes
                                    Welcome aboard
          Name                       Dept.                                                    Classification                         Hired
          Averitt, Alason Lydia      7200                                                     Keypunch Operator                    2/20/78
          Bayless, Barbara Rose      7200                                                     Keypunch Operator                     2/2/78
          Belcher, Marlene M.        7200                                                     Keypunch Operator                    2/27/78
          Funk, Dean Steven          3315                                                     Mechanic "B"                         2/14/78
          Grimes, Adiathia Danne     7200                                                     Keypunch Operator                    2/13/78
          McAdoo, Gwendolyn          7200                                                     Temp. Keypunch Operator              2/27/78
          Moore, Alfred C.           3150                                                     Superv. of Printing                  2/27/78
          Noval, Tito A.             7100                                                     Staff Accountant                     2/20/78
          Scotland, Claris Maude     9100                                                     Secretary II                         2/13/78

                                                                            Moving up                                                          Officer Funk instructs RTD employees on fending off assailants.
     lea                             Div./
          'Name                      Dept.                                                    Classification                          Date
          Anderson, "J" "C"          3303                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78

                                                                                                                                              Self-defense 'how to' provided
          Badgett, James A.          3315                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78
          Banks, Gary R.             3303                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"         2/19/78
          Banuelos, Samuel M.        3303                                                     Mechanic "C" to Mechanic "B"         2/19/78
          Barrios, Armando           3309                                                     Mechanic "C" to Mechanic "B"          3/5/78
          Catano, Joe                3312                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78
          Caudill, Roger D.          3307                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"         2/19/78
          Childs, Granvel            3305                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78      "I can't tell you never to submit   is going to come to your aid," he
          Corona, Aurelio J.         3302                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78   or never to fight to the death,"       advised them.
          D'Agostino, Jose           3307                                                     Utility "A" to Mechanic "C"           2/8/78
                                                              	                                                                              said Officer Gary Funk of the Los
          Deck, John A.              3303                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78
          Diaz, Leonildes
                                                                	                                                                            Angeles Police Department. "And           But sometimes resisting may
                                     3308                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78
          Diaz, Rogelio              3308
                                                                                              Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78
                                                                                                                                             you won't know what you're going       not be the answer. It might be
                                                                    	                                                                        to do until you're in that situa-      wiser to submit or try to talk the
          Earles, Fletcher G.        3305                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78
                                                                      	                                                                      tion," he told the 60 or more RTD      attacker out of his goals. Again,
          Fischer, Richard E.        3314                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A'          3/5/78
          Freeman, John G.           3307                                                     Mechanic "C" to Mechanic "B"         2/19/78   employees attending the March 6        he stressed the course of action
          Fussell, Gene W.           3302
                                                                                              Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78   class on self-defense.                 would have to be determined at
          Guerrero, Jose A.          3309
                                                                                              Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78                                          the crucial moment. "But if you
          Guzman, Francisco          3303                                                     Utility "A" to Mechanic "C"           2/8/78      The best protection against         decide to do something against a
          Kent, Gale N.              3312                                                     Utility "A" to Utility "A" Lead.      2/5/78   rape, assault and similar crimes,      weapon, you better do it fast," he
          Kubota, John               5010                                                     Information Clerk Ex. Supervisor      2/5/78   he stressed, was to avoid poten-       urged.
                                                                                              to Sup. Tel. Operator                          tially dangerous situations. Don't
          Lau, John S.               7200	                                                    Computer Programmer to Temp.         2/13/78
                                                                                              Programmer Anal.
                                                                                                                                             walk alone at night on any streets,       On the question of liability in
          Ledesma, Esteban           3307	                                                    Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"         2/19/78
                                                                                                                                             never hitchhike and "don't as-         injuring an attacker, "if you're in
          Lee, George W.             3312	                                                    Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78   sume anybody is a good guy'r           fear of your life, there's nothing in
          Levy, Alvin                9500	                                                    Sr. Engineer to Act. Chief. Eng.     1/30/78   were part of his common sense          the Penal Code that says you
                                                                                              Bus Fac.                                       prescription for personal safety.      can't protect yourself by
           awis, Arthur L.           3315	                                                    Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78                                          whatever means reasonable,"
                 Jr., Salvador M.    3302	                                                    Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78      The evening session, held in-       the officer explained. "But the
          Markles, Elmer C.          4200	                                                    Property & Proj. Anal. to Assoc.     1/25/78   side the Parker Center                 key word is reasonable." A
                                                                                              Planner                                        Auditorium in downtown Los
          Mitchell, Nancy J.
                                                                                                                                                                                    woman shouldn't over-react to a
                                     3110	                                                    Janitor to Mopper-Waxer               2/5/78
          Morrell, Art R.                                                                     Utility "A" to Mechanic "C"
                                                                                                                                             Angeles, was arranged by the           non-hostile advance by per-
                                     3307	                                                                                          2/8/78
          Morris, John H.                                                                     Mechanic "B" to Mech. "B" Lead.
                                                                                                                                             RTD Recreation Department par-         manently maiming the person.
                                     3312	                                                                                          2/5/78
          Nagy, Joseph R.            3314	                                                    Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78   ticularly for women employees,
          Nardi, Clara               7100	                                                    Secretary II to Secretary III        1/30/78   but there was a sprinkling of men         Among the other suggestions
          Ng, Siu K.                 3302	                                                    Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78   there also.                            offered women by the police:
          Ortiz, Michael E.          7100	                                                    Information Clerk to Cash Clerk      2/10/78
          Quinata, Jose Q.           3303	                                                    Utility "A" to Mechanic "C"           2/8/78       Once a woman finds herself in         — Check windows and other
          Rubin, Joseph P.           3309	                                                    Mechanic "C" to Mechanic "B"          3/5/78   precarious circumstances, "the         reflective surfaces to observe
          Salazar, Agustin           3301	                                                    Utility "A" to Mechanic "C"           2/8/78   only way to avert attack is by in-     who's crossing the street or
          Sevilla, Robert R.         3309	                                                    Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78   flicting pain," he said. The eyes,     following you.
          Swain, Jerry D.            3309	                                                    Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78
                                                                                                                                             groin, kneecaps, and nose are
          Van Volkenburg, Mark A.    3900	                                                    Service Attendant to Security         1/1/78
                                                                                              Guard I
                                                                                                                                             the most sensitive targets to aim         — When leaving work at night,
          Victoria, Ermilo 0.        3307	                                                    Mechanic "B" to Mechanic "A"          3/5/78
                                                                                                                                             for.                                   never walk through the parking
          Villalobos, Isabel         3301	                                                    Utility "A" to Mechanic "C"           2/8/78                                          lot unaccompanied.
                                                                                                                                                "It gives you an opportunity to
                                                                                                                                             get away" but it probably won't          — Have keys ready so doors
                                     Shifting gears                                                                                          immobilize the assailant for very
                                                                                                                                             long, he cautioned.
                                                                                                                                                                                    can be opened quickly.

                                                                                                                                                                                       — When driving, keep your car
                                                                                                                                                Officer Funk's lecture was in-      in gear while waiting at intersec-
                                     Div./                                                                                                   terspersed with questions from         tions and keep the doors locked.
     Name                            Dept.                                              Classification                 Hired       Retired   the audience as well as
     Blue, Homer G.                  3314                                               Mechanic "A"                   8/23/54     2/24/78   demonstrations of some basic             — Check the back seat before
     Dambrun, Meryle B.              3209                                               Operator                       12/18/45    2/22/78   defense maneuvers.                     entering an unlocked vehicle.
ti RAGaul, Cyril L.
 .                                   4200                                               Trans. Ping. Anal. II          1/18/34     2/28/78
Nng■aul, Isabelle G.                 3212                                               Operator                       11/30/50     3/1/78      Among the techniques he
     arisanti, Mario N.              3215                                               Operator                       1/12/59     1/28/78
     Hill, Harold J.                 3209                                               Operator                       10/9/67     2/25/78
                                                                                                                                             covered was using a shoe heel to
                                                                                                                                             jab the top of the attacker's
                                                                                                                                                                                     Attention retirees . . .
     Jeffus, "J" W.                  3212                                               Operator                       1/27/48      2/1/78
     Patton, Otha R.                 3302                                               Mechanic Road Inst.            8/22/45      3/1/78   kneecap and then slice along the           In response to many re-
     Thomas, Hubert C.               3309                                               Mechanic "A" Leadman           7/22/57     2/27/78   shin. Grinding a heel into the foot,    quests, Headway will soon
     Wise, Frank W.                  3202                                               Operator                       3/28/38      2/3/78   bending the attacker's knee             begin publishing a news
     Yocas, Peter P.                 3312                                               Equip. Records Spec.           2/25/47      3/1/78   sideways to sever the kneecap,          column devoted to RTD
                                                                                                                                             striking the groin with a fist or an    retirees. If you're a former
                                                                                                                                             elbow, smashing the nose with a         District employee and would
                                     In memoriam                                                                                             flat palm, and poking the eyes
                                                                                                                                             with two spread fingers were also
                                                                                                                                                                                     like to keep current and other
                                                                                                                                                                                     retired RTD employees in-
                                                                                                                                             demonstrated. And biting, par-          formed as to your whereabouts
                                                                                                                                             ticularly to avoid being gagged,        and activities, send your news
                                     Div./                                                                                                   can be effective.
          Name                       Dept.                                                   Classification                       Deceased
                                                                                                                                                                                     item to: Headway Editor, 6th
          Beardsley, Jay E.          3201                                                    Former Operator Retired 8/1/62        2/16/78
                                                                                                                                                                                     Floor, 425 S. Main St., Los
                                                                                                                                                Audience members then                Angeles, CA 90013.
          Brennan, Alban I.          3202                                                    Former Division Dispatcher            2/22/78
                                                                                             Retired 6/1/67
                                                                                                                                             paired up and tried out the                Please include the date of
          Chavez, Agapito            3334                                                    Former Laborer Retired 6/1/53         1/21/78   maneuvers under Funk's direc-           your retirement, your last work
          Farrell, William P.        3296                                                    Former Supervisor of Vehicle          2/24/78   tion.                                   location and job title with the
                                                                                             Operations Retired 6/1/69                                                               District, and a current
          Kriewald, Sherman C.       3310                                                    Former Foreman Retired 12/1/52        2/14/78     Practice the movements at             telephone number.
          Nolan, Raymond S.          3314                                                    Former Mechanic Retired 12/29/72      1/29/78   home and "never assume anyone
Page 6

                                                                              GRAND PRIZE WINNER: A delighted Alex John Kukla, son of
                                                                              Division 3 Operator Alex Kukla, tests his new bicycle while
                                                                              Wilkens; his mother, Katherine Kukla; and his sister, Erin, look
A DELICIOUS RENDITION of King Tut in the form of a pineapple cake was
created by Donna Ness, Administrative Assistant in the Marketing and                District salutes bus artists
Communications Department. A talented cake-maker, she created her own
mold for this project. The goal was to honor the February birthdays of five     The winners in RTD's "Color A Bus" contest received their
persons in her department — Anthony Fortuno, Jim Abernethy, Dick              prizes during a brief ceremony at the downtown headquarters
Dimon, Bill Reason and Ray Garcia. Ness said she chose the King Tut           building recently. Both the youthful artists and their families were
theme to tie in with the current exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum     invited. John Wilkens, Manager of Employee Relations, presided
of Art and RTD's own promotion of its bus service to the cultural event.      over the awards presentation.
                                                                                 For the coloring contest, three age groups were established,
                                                                              with tickets to Disneyland, Knott's Betty Farm and Universal City
                                                                              Studios presented to the winners in each category. In addition, the
                                                                              grand prize of a bicycle was awarded for the best overall entry.

 RTD program trains, gains
  six new Mechanics 'C'
  The RTD's Mechanic Training          General Superintendent of
Program graduated six more             Maintenance and Equipment;
employees during ceremonies on         and Byron Lewis, Director of Per-
February 24 at the headquarters        sonnel. Each personally con-
building.                              gratulated the graduates and dis-
                                       cussed the professional
                                       challenges and rewards awaiting
                                       the new mechanics.                     AGES 6 AND UNDER: (L-R) Division 5 Operator Terrell Davis
    Jose D'Agostino, Francisco                                                and his wife, Melrose with their son, Reginald; Robert Gonzalez,
Guzman, Art R. Morrell, Agustin                                               Division 1 Operator with his wife, Kathy and their son, Steven;
Salazar, Jose Quinata and Isabel                                              Wilkens; and Division 7 Operator Delmar E. Walker and his wife,
Diaz Villalobos received cer-            Also present was Earl Morey,         Carol with their son, Derek.
tificates after completing both        Equipment Maintenance Super-
phases of the indepth                  visor I, who is in charge of the
classroom/on-the-job training          classroom instruction and coor-
curriculum to elevate themselves       dination of the on-the-job train-
from a bus service position to         ing. The on-the-job portion in-
mechanic "C."                          volves working under the super-
                                       vision of a mechanic "A" with
                                       evaluations of the students'
                                       progress made frequently.
  Presiding at the ceremonies
were Jack Gilstrap, General
Manager; Jerry Long, President,          The program is offered yearly
Amalgamated Transit Union;             on a rotating evening/daytime
Sam Black, Acting Manager of           basis to qualified, interested
Operations; George Wells,              maintenance employees.
                                                                              AGES 7 TO 11: (L-R) Division 8 Mechanic John R. Cavette, his
                                                                              wife, Christine and daughter, Cherie; Jesus B. Saldana, Division
                                                                              8 Operator, with his daughter, Wendy; Operator Donald Powell of
                                                                              Division 6 with his son, Kenneth; and Wilkens.

                                                                              AGES 12 TO 14: (L-R) Lisa Banks with her mother, Janiece M.
                                                                              Banks of Data Processing; Dinamaria Carneal, daughter of Divi-
                                                                              sion 3 Operator Robert L. Carneal, with her brother, Robert;
                                                                              Trudy Holloway with her son, Vincent, and Operator Clifton
At the graduation (from left): Villalobos, Wells, Long, Quinata, Morey,       Holloway; and Wilkens.
Salazar, Morrell, D'Agostino, Guzman, Black, Gilstrap.
                                                                                                                                               Page 7

          Guarding RTD: Psychology with a smile
     Each weekday when about 700      stant flow of people into the
 employees begin reporting to         building. "The carpet should be
 work at RTD's headquarters           worn out between the Credit
 building, the first person they're   Union and the Cashier's Office,
 likely to address with "Good         especially on pay day,"
 morning" won't be their boss or a    Stevenson noted.
 department co-worker. Instead,
 it's probably one of nine armed        Besides the employees work-
 security guards assigned to the      ing inside the building, the
 desk inside the main lobby.          guards encounter a variety of

    Like the kindly police depart-
 ment desk sergeant portrayed in      Some employees call them
 the old Hollywood movies, RTD's
 guards cheerfully greet the          periodically for weather
 regular employees, screen            reports.
 visitors, keep logs, give direc-
 tions and perform many other         other persons. A transit official
 duties.                              scheduled to attend a Board
    "We're multi-purpose," ex-        meeting, a woman inquiring
   ained Security Guard Jess          about Lost and Found, a
 Stevenson. While the protection      customer with a service com-
 of District property and person-     plaint, a bus operator with a
 nel is foremost, he said they also   medical appointment, delivery
                                      truck drivers headed for the
                                      cafeteria, or a prospective
                                      employee reporting for an inter-
                                      view are all guided to the correct
 "I know he's always there to         destination.
 back me up If I need him."                                                  Security Guards Hendricks (center) and Stevenson point visitor in
                                                                             right direction.
                                         Essentially, much of it boils
                                      down to "good public relations,"
                                      said Dick Kelso, Chief Special         Police Department footbeat of-        security checks made on each
 function as reception desk, infor-   Agent. Meeting so many persons         ficers patrolling the surrounding     floor help fill the hours.
 mation center and even as park-      daily, the friendly, helpful way the   area, and even with local
 ing lot attendants in directing      guards respond to assistance re-                                                In their line of work, a
                                                                             merchants and residents.              photographic mind is almost a
 traffic for the building parking     quests leaves a favorable impres-      Security Guard Kathy Skellie said
 stalls.                              sion of RTD.                                                                 necessity. They not only get to
                                                                             one neighborhood tenant drops         know the regular employees by
                                                                             by to say hello and leaves reading    sight and often by first name, but
   The busiest hours arrive at 10        A large part of their success       material for her when she's on
 a.m. when the Credit Union                                                                                        they recognize many of the
                                      lies in their rapport with the         duty at night.                        regular guests and other officials
 opens and there's an almost con-     employees, public, Los Angeles
                                                                               That same rapport is shared         coming to RTD headquarters.
                                                                             among the two-guard teams. "We           But among the unfamiliar
                                                                             have a mutual respect for one         visitors, they have to separate

lo 'Eyes of King Tut' rolling
                                                                             another," Stevenson said about        those with legitimate business
                                                                             fellow Security Guard Al              from those seeking entrance for
                                                                             Hendricks. "I know he's always        other purposes. A little psy-
                                                                             there to back me up if I need         chology can come in handy.
                                                                                                                      "You have to be very careful,"
    The "eyes of King Tut" are           The unique bus design,                In addition to manning the          said Skellie. "I ask them if they
 upon Los Angeles and moving          developed by artist Norm Gollam        main desk, there is an assort-        have an appointment and then if
 regularly down Wilshire              of Transit Ads, Inc., not only         ment of other duties. A small
 Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue —       helps local residents identify the     room in back is equipped with
 via District buses.                  bus routes going to the museum,        several closed circuit cameras        Then there was another male
                                      but it also reminds them that          monitoring activities at two El       visitor who began doing yoga
   Ten RTD buses assigned to          public transportation is a             Monte busway stops. If security
 Lines 83 and 89 carry full-length,   desirable alternative to the traffic   problems arise, they immediately      in the employee cafeteria.
 colorful, Egyptian-style murals on   and parking difficulties that can      notify the Dispatch Center.
 the sides and rear of their ex-      accompany this popular cultural        Similar cameras are being in-
 teriors. Their acrylic covering      event.                                                                       they hesitate, I ask them more
 features a bold yellow, orange,         The acrylic covering is similar                                           questions."
 turquoise and black King Tut         to that used previously for com-                                                On occasion an individual suc-
 design, tied into the exciting       mercial ads on District buses, but     In their line of work, a              ceeds in convincing the guards of
 Treasures of Tutankhamun ex-         this is the first time this concept                                          honorable intentions, proceeds
 hibit which opened in Los                                                   photographic mind is almost a
                                      has been used for an artistic          necessity.                            upstairs and reveals ulterior, un-
 Angeles on February 15.                                                                                           expected motives. The guards
                                      design exclusively.
    The object is to let the public      RTD's "King Tut buses" will                                               recalled one quiet-mannered,
 know that RTD can transport          continue to capture attention                                                well-dressed gentleman in a
 them quickly and easily to the Los   along these two major city streets     stalled on each floor inside the      business suit who asked for
 Angeles County Museum of Art to      through June 15, 1978, when the        headquarters building for even        Customer Relations. He went up-
 see these intriguing art objects.    exhibit leaves Los Angeles.            tighter security.                     stairs, got down on his knees and
                                                                                                                   began reciting Hamlet. Then
                                                                                The guards also escort grateful    there was another male visitor
                                                                             employees to their parked cars        who began doing yoga in the
                                                                             after dark. And because there are     employee cafeteria. Each guard
                                                                             no windows in the upper floors of     has several such colorful anec-
                                                                             the building, some employees          dotes. In such instances, they es-
                                                                             call them periodically for weather    cort the unwanted guest to the
                                                                             reports.                              exit.
                                                                                                                      Not all the unwanted visitors
                                                                                "It starts raining and our phone   seeking admittance to the
                                                                             starts ringing," said Security        building are humorous or even
                                                                             Guard Hendricks, who's regularly      harmless. If a situation arises that
                                                                             assigned on the weekday shift.        may be potentially dangerous,
                                                                             While they always oblige, it can      the guards call in the police
                                                                             tie up their emergency phone          department to have the would-be
                                                                             designated for official business      intruders arrested.
                                                                             only, he pointed out.                    But asked what they enjoyed
                                                                                                                   most about their work, each of
                                                                                At night the pace slows, par-      the security guards interviewed
                                                                             ticularly between 1 and 4 a.m. But    mentioned contact with people.
                                                                             because there are always some            "You meet a lot of truly in-
                                                                             employees working around the          teresting persons," Hendricks
                                                                             clock, all of them have to be         said, "the complete top and bot-
                                                                             signed in and out. Early morning      tom from all walks of life. It's a
           RTD puts King Tut on wheels on Lines 83 and 89.                   deliveries and routine fire and       fascinating job."
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 Recreation news:

  All-Star basketball squad
  challenges celebrity team
    The basketball courts inside         At 7:30 p.m. the doors will
the Van Nuys High School gym-          open, with the game beginning
nasium will be transformed into        about 8 o'clock. The location is
an action-packed, suspense-            the boys' gym, Van Nuys High
filled scene on Saturday, April 29     School, 6535 Cedros Avenue,
when RTD's All-Star basketball         Van Nuys.
squad challenge Johnny Brown's
KLAC celebrity team at the Se-
cond Annual All-Star Basketball
                                        April brings another long-
   Last year RTD's top players        awaited District sports event. At
were narrowly defeated in a hard-     10 a.m. on Sunday, April 30,
fought battle that ended 100-92 in    RTD's golfers will tee off at the
favor of KLAC. But this year the      Green River Golf Course at 5215
                                      Green River Drive in Corona for       BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR RTD? Birthdays and anniversaries of employees
prospects of achieving a victory                                            are observed regularly among friends throughout the District, but
are much greater, said Bill Her-      the Biannual Golf Tournament.
                                                                            chocolate banana cake enjoyed by the Planning Department on March
nandez, RTD Sports Commis-                                                  1978 honored RTD's own birthday. Exactly 20 years earlier, the
sioner and Manager of the All-           Four flights are being es-         Metropolitan Transit Authority — RTD's predecessor — became an
Stars. "We know what to expect        tablished: championship, first,       operating agency, marking the first public ownership of transit in greater
as far as opposition," he ex-         second, and third. The top two        Los Angeles.
plained. And with more practice       winners in each flight will receive
and experience behind the team,       a trophy and gift certificate good
he's very optimistic about the        for a purchase at a golf pro shop.
outcome.                              And to make certain none of the
                                      participants go home empty-              The Green River Golf Course        clude Amtrak fare, transportation
   The 12-member RTD All-Stars        handed, other prizes will be          has deluxe facilities, including      to and from Sea World and ad-
squad is composed of two              awarded.                              pro shop, golf cart rentals and       mission to the many Sea World
leading players from each of six                                            fine dining areas. Family             attractions.
                                                                            members and guests of RTD
divisional teams, chosen by their
fellow players and team                 All District employees and          golfers are welcome to come                         ***
manager. "We have some ex-            retirees who are golf enthusiasts     along and share this day of bir-
cellent shooters and other            are invited to enter the tourna-      dies, bogies and friendly com-          A nine-day fiesta tour of
players returning this year, and      ment. As in past years, a dual        petition.                             romantic Mexico has been
we'll have some new faces," Her-      handicap system will be used.                                               packaged in an exciting and
nandez said.                          The championship flight will use                   ***                      economical way for District
                                      established club handicaps,                                                 employees. Departing May 20,
                                      while all others will be under the                                          the jet flies directly to Mexico City
   RTD's cheerleaders will be                                                   Even closer this month time-      where a fiesta cocktail party at
                                      Callaway system.                      wise is RTD week at the famous
there to rally team spirit and dur-                                                                               the Emporio Hotel begins the
ing half-time the District's                                                Movieland Wax Museum and              holiday. The itinerary includes a
musical group will entertain the         The entry fee. is $10 which        Palace of Living Art. Between         Mexican ballet, bullfight, yacht m,
crowds. Refreshments will be          covers the greens fee and helps       April 8 and 16, employees and         cruise of Acapulco Bay, thrillingl/
available.                            defray the cost of trophies and       their families can purchase dis-      high divers' show, and sightsee
                                      prizes. Sign-up sheets will be        counted admission tickets to "the     ing at numerous gardens,
   Last year's fast-paced com-        posted at the Recreation Depart-      biggest gathering of stars in the     palaces and marketplaces in
petition brought a crowd of           ment bulletin boards located          world." For just $4.20 per adult      such historic locales as Taxco,
                                      throughout the District. Partici-     and $2.75 for each child between      Cuernavaca, Toluca and Ixtapan
several hundred employees and
families to witness the action.       pants will receive in advance their   4 and 11 years of age, the uncan-     de la Sal.
Once again everyone is welcome        tee-off times and directions to the   ny likenesses of over 235 favorite
to attend this year's game at no      golf course. Moreover, every ef-      stars from Groucho Marx to
                                                                            Robert Redford can be viewed in          The $344 per person price in-
cost. But because seating is          fort will be made to accom-                                                 cludes round trip air transporta-
limited, tickets must be secured      modate those requesting par-          settings from their most famous
                                                                            film roles.                           tion, hotel accommodations with
in advance.                           ticular foursomes.                                                          private bath in the various resort
                                                                                                                  hotels, surface transportation for
                                                                               Many of the costumes are the       the sightseeing tours, entrance
                                                                            original outfits worn by the stars.   fees and special events. Deadline
                                                                            And special lighting and sound        for receipt of the $25 per person
                                                                            effects enhance the realistic         deposit is April 7.
                                                                            quality. Allow about two hours to
                                                                            enjoy Movieland and the Palace                      ***
                                                                            of Living Art on the self-guided
                                                                            tour.                                   A new supply of the popular
                                                                                                                  RTD tee shirts has just arrived to
                                                                               Movieland Wax Museum is            keep pace with the continual de-
                                                                            located at 7711 Beach Boulevard       mand. For just two dollars, a
                                                                            in Buena Park, just one block         colorful tee shirt silk-screened
                                                                            north of Knott's Berry Farm.          with the familiar RTD logo can be
                                                                            Parking is free.                      purchased in either small,
                                                                                                                  medium, large or extra large size
                                                                                         ***                      through the Recreation
                                                                               On Saturday morning, May 6,
                                                                            the Amtrak train carrying RTD
                                                                                                                                ** *
                                                                            employees and families to San
                                                                                                                    The District's musical group is
                                                                            Diego for the Sea World excur-
                                                                            sion will leave Union Station in      going strong and new members
                                                                            downtown Los Angeles at 7:30          with an ear for music are still
                                                                            a.m. The day-long visit at this       welcome to join. Just drop by any
                                                                            fascinating entertainment park        of their weekly Monday night
                                                                            includes six major shows and 25       practice sessions beginning at
                                                                                                                  7:30 p.m. in the headquarters
THE LATEST DIVISIONAL WINNER in the District's incentive program to                                               building.
reduce the number of road calls was Division 2. To reward the transporta-
tion and maintenance personnel there whose work helped realize that goal,
                                                                               The return train departs from
                                                                            San Diego at 4:30 p.m. and
a drawing was held for admission tickets to Knott's Berry Farm. Shown       arrives back in Los Angeles at
above are two of the employees whose names were drawn. On left, Division                                             It's not too early to make plans
                                                                            approximately 7 p.m. A substan-       to attend RTD's Second Annual
2 Maintenance Manager Frank Abroson congratulates Raymond J. Krill,         tial discount off of the regular      Picnic, set for Sunday, August 27
Mechanic "A," while Transportation Manager Wes McCarns (far right) pre-     prices has been arranged by the       at Calamigos Picnic Ranch in
sents the prize to Operator Orlando J. Pardo. The other Division 2          Recreation Department at $22
employees awarded tickets were Utility "A" Arnold Abeyta, Operator Willie   per adult and $12 per child under
Gary and Operator Anthony J. Melton.                                        12 years of age. Those prices in-        (Please turn to page 10)
                                                                                                                                               Page 9

         71 years' work come to memorable close
   Last February several hundred        duties so Ted was assigned as a
 RTD employees were honored for         telephone information clerk.
 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and even 40        During the ensuing years Ted
 years of service.                      proved his versatility by becom-
    A few weeks later a separate        ing a mileage clerk in the
 ceremony inside the Board Room         Schedules Department, a
 commemorated over 71 years'            schedule builder and then
 employment. But that record            special events coordinator prior
 wasn't achieved by an individual.      to his transfer to the Planning
 Rather it represented the collec-      Department in 1969. On April 28,
 tive seniority earned by a special     1975, he was promoted to tran-
 pair of employees. Cyril L. "Ted"      sportation planning analyst II, a
 Gaul of the Planning Department        position he held until his retire-
 and Operator Isabelle Gaul             ment.
 retired together from RTD on              Canadian-born Isabelle came
 Feb. 28, 1978, ending two long-        to California in 1923. She joined
 term careers devoted to public         the Los Angeles Transit Lines on
 transit.                               Nov. 30, 1950, working as a con-
  hat laughed when he recalled          ductor, street car operator and
  hat he started his career with the    bus operator at Division 5. In
    ea it was temporary. "It was just   1960 she transferred to the
     ing to pay my way through law      Redondo Terminal and subse-                 Ted Gaul wraps up his last assignment for Planning Dept.
 school. I never thought I'd stay."     quently worked at several other
                                        locations before completing at
    A native of Idaho, Ted started      Division 12 more than 27 years of     Board of Directors on February           It was a busy week for the cou-
 at the Los Angeles Railway as a        service. She was selected as Bus      23. A few days later, the Planning    ple. Besides their retirement, the
 conductor on Jan. 18, 1934. He         Operator of the Month in August,      Department gave the Gauls and         parties, publicity and awards
 later became a motorman,               1976.                                 their children and grandchildren      presentation, they celebrated
 operator and then rail and coach                                             a buffet lunch in the head-           their 41st wedding anniversary
 supervisor for 23 years. Following       In recognition of their             quarters building, complete with      on February 24.
 his recovery stemming from a           longevity, the Gauls received a       three giant cakes. A com-                The couple met at the Los
 non-chargeable accident, he was        special plaque and con-               memorative poster, retirement         Angeles Railway in 1936, where
 unable to resume his previous          gratulatory message from the          scroll and wristwatch were given      Isabelle was working as a cashier
                                                                              to Ted, along with heartwarming       at the Car Barn Cafe at Division 3.
                                                                              speeches from co-workers and          They have two sons, two
                                                                              supervisors recalling some            daughters and eight
                                                                              memorable moments at work.            grandchildren.
                                                                                More happy memories were               The Gauls are now looking
                                                                              made on Isabelle's last day driv-     forward to traveling in their
                                                                              ing Line 872. Waiting with the        recreational vehicle. But retiring
                                                                              regular passengers at 7th and         from a company after all those
                                                                              Pacific were several RTD staff        years isn't all joy. They both
                                                                              members, newspaper pho-               acknowledge they're going to
                                                                              tographers and a KNBC-TV              miss the District and their long-
                                                                              camera crew. As the group             time friends.
                                                                              boarded her bus, Ted suddenly            Perhaps it was best summed
                                                                              appeared from behind a building       up by Isabelle a few days before
                                                                              and presented his astonished          her last run out of Division 12. "I
                                                                              wife with a bouquet of flowers        love my job. I love working with
                                                                              and a kiss. That touching mo-         people and driving the buses. I'm
                                                                              ment was replayed for the public      going to miss it," she predicted
            Isabelle Gaul before her final pullout from Div. 12.              on Channel 4 News that evening.       with a sad smile.

 Layover zone:

     Martinez well-versed in art of poetry
   By day Data Control Specialist          Martinez said her favorite time    recalled one instance when she           While she's been writing poetry
 Mary Martinez watches an               and place to write poetry is in her   was standing over the kitchen         for six years, she's never sought
 endless amount of information          living room after her son is in       sink, gazing at a plate that had      to have any published. "I guess
 about RTD get processed on             bed. She turns on the music low,      been a gift. Martinez grabbed a       I'm afraid of the door being slam-
 computer cards. On weekends            sinks into the sofa and starts        paper towel and began compos-         med in my face" by a rejection,
 and evenings she converts her          writing.                              ing a poem about friendship.          she explained. But she hopes one
 own ideas, memories and feel-                                                                                      day to collect all of her best
 ings into a much different form,                                                                                   pieces, now scattered throughout
 poetry.                                                                         Her thoughts are quickly jotted    her home, into a book.
                                                                              down, before the mood fades, on
   A wide array of emotions and                                               whatever's available — scraps of         For the time being, she seeks
 events are the subjects of this                                              notebook paper, newspapers,
 employee's poems, ranging from                                                                                     the "honest" opinion of friends
                                                                              old invoices and even the back of     and relatives. But she's
 the familiar antics of her 5-year-                                           computer cards. "I write on           somewhat reluctant about her

 old son to an elderly stranger sit-                                          anything I can get ahold of," she
  ng on a park bench.                                                                                               husband's evaluations. "He says
                                                                              said, laughing. "I get very dis-      I'm a romanticist and very sen-
                                                                              turbed when I can't get a thought     sitive. I cry at sad movies on TV
    One written for her grandfather                                           down on paper right away."
 included the stanzas:                                                                                              and even at songs," she admit-
    "As the years went by,                                                                                          ted. But being more sensitive and
    I grew up and left my home,                                                                                     aware are two critical qualities of
    And now I have a husband,                                                   While the inspiration may           a poet, Martinez pointed out.
    With children of my own.            THE POETIC MUSE STRIKES               come easily, at times the right
                                        Mary Martinez of Data Processing      words don't immediately fall into
                                        often. When she's not recording her   place. The same poem may be              Sometimes the poems she
     I miss you, Grandpa,                                                                                           writes about family members and
     And if I could turn back time,     thoughts in rhyme or free verse       reworked four or five times. It's a
                                        form, she may be reading the          rare occasion when the first draft    acquaintances become special
     I would sit upon your lap again,                                                                               gifts. When a former supervisor
     And have you read a rhyme.         works of other poets during her       completely satisfies her.
                                        spare time. She views poetry                                                in Data Processing retired, Mar-
     But Grandpa you are far away,      writing mostly as a means of self-                                          tinez wrote a poem for her to be
     And I know it's not the same,      expression and discovery, but           Writing poetry is like keeping a    presented at her party. But the
     I only wish that I could hear      sometimes she'll write poems for      diary, she continued. "It's what      poet had to have someone else
     That same voice call my            her RTD co-workers and other          happened to me, my acquain-           finish reading it aloud.
     name."                             friends as gifts commemorating        tances, the places I've been." It
                                        special ocassions.                    also provides insight into per-         "I couldn't read it. The party
     Not all of her poems are stan-                                           sonal development. "After writing     was in the employee cafeteria. It
 dard rhymes. Sometimes she                But because feelings can't be      and later reading it, I'm more in-    was very crowded and I got quite
 writes in free verse, at other times   forced, most often the poetic in-     tune with myself. I see more of my    embarassed," she recalled with a
 it's limericks.                        spiration hits randomly. She          faults as I go through it."           shy smile.
Page 10

      Tyrone M. Fordham, Divi-                 operator, Henry has just com-
   sion 7 Operator, proudly an-                pleted eight years of service
   nounced that his wife, Rifka,               with RTD.
   emerged a big winner after ap-
   pearing as a contestant on the
   "Price Is Right" show. Among                   Operator Bob Blocker of
   the prizes she won were $1,000              Division 3 and his wife, Reyna,
   cash, a dinette set and a ser-              joined the ranks of proud
   vice tray. The show aired last              parents when their first child,
   March 8.                                    Lucas Matthew, was born on
                                               March 4 at Kaiser Hospital. He
      There was another big                    weighed in at a healthy 7 lbs.,
   scorer among employees'                     10 oz.
   wives lately. Division 2 Super-
   visor David Biehn reported that
   his wife, Carolyn, bowled 292                   Harold Kent, Division 8
   with her handicap in the Moose              Operator, and his wife, Ellyn,              EARLY APRIL IS the expected delivery date of the first child of Debra
   League during February.                     announced with "relief" the                 Baird of the Telephone Information Department and her husband,
                                               birth of a boy, Jonathan Robert             Steve. They'll be better prepared to meet the challenges of
     Fourteen years of marriage                III. He has two sisters, Kimber-            parenthood, following the baby shower and numerous gifts given the
   were celebrated by Henry                    ly, 8 years old, and Jessica, 3.            couple on February 24 by friends in the Telephone Information
   Castaneda and his wife, Mary,               The new addition to their family            Department. Debra, a District employee for six years, is the daughter
   on February 26. They and their              arrived on February 20,                     of the late A. F. Leahy, RTD Instructor, and sister of Mike Leahy in
   13-year-old son, Mike, live in              weighed over 6 1/2 lbs. and was             Operations and Art Leahy in Administration. From left: Steve, Debra,
   Boyle Heights. A Division 15                19 inches tall.                             Karen Lea, Brenda Miley and Marie Tervalon.

                 I lb
                         •   40111111
                                                                                           HONORED AS AN "OUTSTANDING GRADUATE" by the Los
                                                                                           Angeles Job Corps Center was Information Operator Larry Hidalgo
                                                                                           (center). The awards presentation was made at a reunion of all L.A.
   NO ONE KNOWS FOR CERTAIN how many married couples first met                             Job Corps graduates with the Brotherhood of Railway and Airline
   at RTD, but another pair of employees were added to that category on                    Clerks (BRA C) and the placement of the 500th BRAC graduate.
   Saturday, February 18. Telephone Information Operator Michelle R.                       Hidalgo, an RTD employee for two years, was chosen to represent
   Nixon wed Richard Ron dell Dodson, former Information Operator and                      BRAC graduates for 1975. The BRAC program is one of a number of
   now Truckdriver-Clerk at the South Park Shops. The day prior to the                     training programs provided by the L.A. Job Corps. He's pictured here
   ceremony, a shower was given in the headquarters building by the                        with Robert Taggart, Ill (right), director of the nation's youth projects
   Telephone Information Department, where the couple shared cake                          for the U.S. Dept. of Labor and Lyle Burkhart (left), director of the
   and other refreshments with their friends from work.                                    BRAC training program.


Recreation                                                                                                           Glad tidings!
                                                 Feeling left out?
   (Continued from page 8)                       You're not receiving                       Employee Name: 	
                                              Headway at home each                          Badge No.: 	                Work Location: 	
Malibu. The huge crowd that                                                                 Home phone: 	               Work phone -
turned out last year will recall a            month? If you're a District
                                              employee who has moved                        Event 	
fun-filled day of volleyball,                                                               Date Occurred: 	           Place. 	
baseball, ice cream, canoeing,                recently, a change of address
                                              form must be filed with your                  Other Facts -
swimming, fishing, relay races,
barbecued lunch and much                      department or division. That
more. This summer's event                     information will be forwarded
                                              to the Personnel Department                   "Making Headway" is designed to publicize news about your per-
promises to be even bigger and                                                              sonal achievements and those of your family, whether it concerns
better!                                       where Headway's mailing list is
                                              maintained.                                   births, graduations, anniversaries, retirements, special awards or
             * * *                                                                          other accomplishments. Please use this card to forward such
   For reservations and ticket in-              District retirees who are not               news to Madeleine Bickert, Editor, Headway, 6th Floor, 425 S.
formation on any of these events              receiving Headway regularly                   Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90013 or return via company mail to
and excursions, call Betty in the             should contact the Personnel                  Headway, Location 32. Black-and-white photographs are also
Recreation Department at ext.                 Department at 972-6382.                       welcome.
6580.                                                                                    L_                                       	                                    I

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