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									                                 HOME REMEDIES

You do not always have to see a doctor for what ails you. For years home remedies have been

used to treat everything from athlete’s foot to yawning. Some home remedies are based on

scientific fact while others work in spite of the fact that they have no medicinal merit. Some

doctors will tell you that home remedies often work simply because of the placebo effect. They

essentially offer a soothing or gratifying solution.


       Probably at on time or another you have used home remedies to relieve minor ills. For

example, maybe you drank a cup of hot tea with honey and lemon to soothe a sore throat. Or

perhaps you drank a glass of warm milk to help you relax at bedtime. It is likely, too, that on at

least one of those occasions when you used a home remedy you claimed that your home remedy

was more effective than a doctor’s care.


       A few household items are used so frequently as home remedies that they are frequently

called cure-alls. For instance, baking soda will stop bleeding gums. A wet tea bag will take the

sting out of a fever blister or ease eyestrain. Ground oatmeal in the bath water will dry up oozing

blisters resulting from chicken pox.


       Home remedies make everyday life easier and usually save you time and money by

eliminating trips to the doctor for medical care. A few home remedies, some of which you may

not be aware of, are described below.
Insect Bites

       All of us have been bitten by mosquitoes, and we know they can be quite

painful. One of several known home remedies to relieve the pain of a mosquito

bite is to apply a drop of household ammonia to the affected area.

Poison Ivy/Poison Oak

       Since youth, we have all learned to stay away from three-leafed plants that

contain a sap called urushiol. Urushiol causes a bad rash that we commonly know

as poison ivy or poison oak. If you come in contact with urushiol, wash your skin

immediately with soap and water. If a rash develops, apply a baking soda and

water solution to dry the oozing blisters.


       Often when you catch a cold, you experience congestion in the throat and

lungs. Licorice is a natural ingredient that will help to discharge the mucus from

the respiratory tract. Lozenges or tea that contain licorice are especially effective

in clearing your throat and lungs.

Tension Headaches

       The best cure for a tension headache is to relieve the headache at its source

by ending the stress. Relaxation techniques such as a warm bath, a massage, or

meditation can provide comfort. To relieve the pain, drink a cup of coffee or a

soda drink containing caffeine at the first sign of the symptoms. Caffeine is

sometimes found in over-the-counter pain relievers.

              No doubt you have heard of placing a paper bag over your head to get rid

       of hiccups. It rarely works, though. Hiccups are caused by nerve impulses in

       your mouth that cause your diaphragm to contract. The next time you have

       hiccups, try eating a teaspoon of granulated sugar. The sugar interferes with the

       nerve impulses. Using sugar is especially handy when treating young children

       with hiccups.


       You should always use common sense when applying these home remedies. If the

ailment does not improve within a day or two, or if the symptoms get worse, you should contract

a doctor immediately for some sound medical advice.

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