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									UNIVERSITÄT WIEN                                                               08-06-2007
NETWORK BUSINESS                                                             Emma Sjöblom
Mag. Roland Görlich                                                               0648327

Handout - eBay
The Company
- Founded 1995 by Pierre M. Omidyar
- Original website www.eBay.com in U.S. - Today websites in Australia, Australia, Austria,
Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands,
New Zealand, Poland, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,
Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

- Today’s biggest marketplace online – 222 million registered users – 50 000 selling and
buying categories on the website
- Total net revenue 2006 – 6 billion dollars
- Main Competitors; Google, Yahoo and the Catalog & Mail Order Houses Industry
- Mainly auctions but also products and services to buy it now price

Business Segments
- Major segments; Marketplaces, Payments and Communication

Marketplace; eBay. Com, Shopping.com, Rent.com. Marktplaats.nl

Payment; Pay Pal
Communication; Skype, Online Classifieds, Kijiji, Gumtree.com, LoQUo.com, Intoko,

eBay website

   -   high usage involvement on the website
   -   not highly user friendly – high amount of information
   -   offers no direct customer service

   -   no switching cost – lock - In important
   -   major lock – In; must become registered user to use to be able to purchase on the
   -   web site – highly personalized for registered users – my eBay
   -   Historical record
   -   email service – new items
UNIVERSITÄT WIEN                                                                   08-06-2007
NETWORK BUSINESS                                                                 Emma Sjöblom
Mag. Roland Görlich                                                                   0648327

  -   Purchasing – record of payment information – Pay Pal


  - Target group; Internet users, private persons or persons- purchasing, selling over the
  -   Product; product that eBay is offering is to assists the procedure of listing and
      displaying products, the bidding on items, and the paying for the items.
  -   Place; E commerce= Internet.
  -   Price; fees for different services. The actually price on the products - online auctions
      but also thru buy it now prices.
      Promotion; eBay website, banner ads, keyword advertising and email newsletters.


  -   The online auction business model

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