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									Long Island Workers Compensation and You

Long Island workers compensation issues confront residents just like the other New
Yorkers. But, like so many others around the nation, there is a renewed intensity and
urgency to successfully process these claims, especially when the economy is placing
such an enormous burden on families.

Add to this the unfortunate fact that most claims are rejected and dismissed, and it is
very clear why experienced legal representation is essential if there is any chance of at
for successful resolution of a New York workers compensation claim for disability

Injured At Work?

One of the most common questions New York workers compensation attorneys hear in
their Long Island workers comp practice is that the prospective clamant knows someone
who got hurt at work, so can they sue their employer?" Bad news, good news: No, you
usually cannot sue your employer, but many states provide payment of medical bills,
lost wages and other compensation in the event that a worker is injured, maimed or
killed at work. As an added bonus, Workers' Compensation benefits must be paid
regardless of whether the employer caused the injury or it happened because of the
employee's own carelessness.

Purpose of the Workers' Compensation Act

Under common law, in some states, a person's right to receive compensation for injuries
depends on proving that someone else caused the injury through their negligence or
intentional wrongdoing. Obviously, proving negligence or intentional wrongdoing is often
difficult and it can take years for disputed cases to get litigated.

For example, when you have received a Mesothelioma diagnosis, one of your first
thoughts should be to contact a top New York Mesothelioma lawyer to help you bring
your case to court and to get the money that you will soon be needing for your care and
treatment in the near future. Mesothelioma is not a cancer that you contract through
fault of your own, but rather through the fault of employers or landlords and their
negligence, and you should not have to bear both the financial and emotional burdens
of this disease on your own.

Mesothelioma Diagnosis in New York

If you are feeling a bit wary about filing a Mesothelioma lawsuit, then you need to know
about the disease and how it is contracted. Mesothelioma is a rare form of lung cancer,
but it is not caused by exposure to smoke, smog, or soot. Instead, Mesothelioma can
only be caused by exposure to a material known as asbestos, which has been known
for some time to be dangerous, and which was banned from use in new buildings in
1989 by the United States government.

You might be wondering how you are just now developing a reaction to this material if it
has not existed for almost two decades; however this is not actually the case. The
asbestos material was banned from use in new buildings; however, it was not mandated
by the government that the dangerous insulation material be removed from existing
structures, which means that it still exists in many buildings in New York State and
elsewhere in the country as well.

Many construction workers from before 1989 have contracted Mesothelioma because of
this exposure since the material is disturbed in the process of installing it in buildings.
The fibers lodge in the lungs where they cannot be removed, and are a constant source
of irritation to the lining of the lungs in which they stick. Over the course of several
years, sometimes as many as ten or more, the irritation stimulates the growth of the
Mesothelioma cancer cells, which grow up and around the asbestos to cause the deadly

A Long Island Workers Comp and Disability lawyer can best address these issues for
you and inform you on how to proceed.

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