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50 CENTS                                                                 Next delivery date is April 5                                                                      March 2011 • Vol. 17 No. 3

   Villages Fact Finder                                   THE VILLAGES LEADING THE NATION
   - Community Watch                                              America’s Premier Retirement Community
   Community Watch Mission is to provide a safe
community for Village residents by keeping a
                                                                              Bucks US Trends
watchful eye around the clock. CW has 6 full-time
                                                                    hile the rest of the country struggles through high unemploy-
administrative employees and 300 part time                          ment, a bad economy and looming stagnation, The Villages
employees. The Dispatch Center is manned 24                         continues to attract retirees and retailers who want to partici-
hours, 7 days a week.                                     pate in the remarkable success model of Central Florida – The Villages.
   There are 67 neighborhoods in 9 regions that
are patrolled 24 hours, and two squares that are          Residential and Retail Still Booming
patrolled 12 hours per day, seven days per week.             Commercial and residential construction is at
There are 64 gates in The Villages, each with one         historic lows nationally. National new home sales hit
or more cameras on a digital loop. Sixteen of the         a 47-year low in 2010. Retailers have been closing
gates are manned – 8 are manned 24/7, and the             stores and shelving expansion plans… except for The
other 8 are manned 17 or 18 hours per day. Gates          Villages. New home sales continue to exceed 200
serve three functions: traffic control, security and      per month with another 100 plus in resales. So the
(manned gates) customer service.                          population of The Villages is still growing at about
   Community Watch performed about 175,000                4,500 annually. Retailers and restauranteurs have                            Lake Sumter Landing and the Waterfront Inn from Lighthouse Point is one
security service actions last year. These included        been maintaining The Villages seven commercial                               of many scenic views around The Villages. This view is especially popular with
about 16,000 resident assists, such as missing            areas and two Town Square stores at a nation-high                            Villagers most evenings when a splash of color is added by the setting sun.
persons, lost and found, solicitors, ushers, and          97% occupancy rate. Last year The Villages growth
trespassing; about 30,000 actions assisting               added $30 million to Sumter County’s tax base.
residents in coordination with other departments,
such as Public Safety and Community Standards;            Model for Success                                                                     The Villages Homeowners
about 7500 CW Program calls, such as Adult                   The Villages has created a community with homes                                           Association
Watch, Resident out of area, and House check;             and amenities to attract the 55-plus generation to an                                VHA March General Meeting
about 81,000 neighborhood patrols; and about              ideal location in Central Florida. Quality homes from
40,000 miscellaneous calls, such as public                about $100,000 to over $1 million now total over
education, water conservation, repair work orders,        42,000 with about 80,000 residents. The Villages is
utility problems, animal related incidents, and           just past three-quarters build out and composed of 67
model checks.                                             villages in 32 square miles. A “village” atmosphere
   Community Watch provides a visible crime               is maintained among the villages that range in size
deterrent and all CW patrolling personnel are             from approximately 100 homes to over 1,550. Each
law enforcement patrol trained. CW patrols each           village has convenient access to neighborhood,
Village in The Villages 4 times every day and             village and regional recreation centers and sports
patrolling vehicles travel about 80,000 miles every       facilities. The 67 villages as well as commercial
month maintaining their watch.                            and retail, medical, sports and recreation areas are                                   Wednesday, March 9th 7pm
   Community Watch cannot prevent anyone                  all interconnected by the network of cart paths,                                  Lake Miona Regional Recreation Center
from coming into the community, such as visitors,         multimodal paths and tunnels to give complete golf
solicitors and trespassers. CW can, however,              cart access throughout The Villages.                                                         Guest Speaker: Doug Tharp
assist residents with the removal of trespassers
from their property, and call for law enforcement         Big Box to Boutique, Fast Food to Fine Dining                                           History of The Villages
to investigate suspicious persons and remove                 Walmart Supercenter and Target, Belk and Beall’s
trespassers if CW cannot persuade them to leave.          in commercial areas plus Town Square boutiques                                     Also VHA Election of Directors at-Large
Community Watch is not an animal control agency           make browzing and shopping a golf cart ride away
but can assist with a variety of animal related           for Villagers. Necessities are available at seven                                The VHA preserving the value of our homes and
                                                                                                                                                 enhancing The Villages Lifestyle
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Page 2, March 2011, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

                   Web site:
                                                                             A message from the President of the VHA

               1104 Main St., The Villages 32159
                                                                                   our VHA is working on grand plans for supporting Villagers’ in-
                                                                                                                                                         progress being made in
                                                                                   terests in 2011-12. The VHA Board of Directors established goals
Pres. Don Hahnfeldt, ----------------------751-6373                                                                                   residential, commercial and
                                                                                   and objectives to be prioritized next month at the VHA Presidents’
Sec. Joyce Fisher, -----------------------750-2491                                                                                healthcare in The Villages in
                                                                             Forum. The Board also reviewed programs to strengthen VHA’s ability
Treas. Ray Glessner, -----------------------751-0701                                                                                the economically challenging
                                                                             to perform its mission on behalf of Villagers. There are no big surprises
                             Administrative Board                                                                                                        times. We continue to work
                                                                             as the VHA has just stepped up participation in an already aggressive
Al Butler, ------------------------------- 430-0368                                                                                  and service regional issues
                                                                             program to promote our partners’ success. All VHA efforts are dedi-
Russ D’Emidio,                                                                                  from roofing shingles and
                                                                             cated to preserving the value of our homes and enhancing The Villages
Evan Richards, ------------------------259-2974                                                                                    HVAC (separate article update
Past President, Roger Kass, ---------259-7174                                                                                   this issue), while participating on decision-making
Kathy Porter, -----------------------259-8196          Last month the VHA held its first VHA Rep                                boards to represent your best interests.
Jack Knapp, -------------------------391-1529         Academy (see page 16), supported by District                                   In the meantime, the VHA needs your support
                              Regional Directors
                                                                             Government and selected contractors who                                     through membership to continue providing services
Lake County - Judy Glasel , ---------------430-9707
Region 1 - Fred Dowling, -------------------350-6123       gave a condensed, “graduate level” form of the                              such as Helping Hands, Newcomer Orientation, Golf
Region 2 - Art Rowe (Interim) -----------205-7661        Residents Academy. The program was effective in                             Cart Safety Clinics and The Villages Voice, all of
Region 3 - Geoff Langdon, --------259-1037          demonstrating the vital role of our special purpose                         which are completely paid for with members nominal
Region 4 - Art Rowe, --------------------205-7661        form of government, Community Development                                   dues of $12 per household for two years. Officers
Regions 5 & 8 - Chuck Wildzunas, ------753-3703       District, in the perpetual success of The Villages in                       and Directors of the VHA are unpaid volunteer
Regions 6 & 7 - Laurie Cooper, -----------638-4308      delivering amenities and services, and maintaining                          residents of The Villages dedicated to serving you
                                  Committees                                 the quality and lifestyle currently enjoyed by                              better. If you like the services that the VHA is
                                 VHA Foundation                              residents of The Villages. Critical to understanding                        providing on your behalf, please join or renew your
Alice Terrill, Chairman ----------------------------------------- 259-1691   The Villages in transition from developer to resident                       membership in the VHA today.
                                   Membership                                in ownership and operation are the roles of all the
Kathy Porter, Chair, -----------------259-8196      parties.                                                                                           Don Hahnfeldt, VHA President
Sylvia Mongolier, Coordinator ----------------------------------430-0070        The VHA remains very enthusiastic about the
Lady Lake - Judy Glasel -------------------------------------------------
Region 1 - Bob Eisenhauer -------------------------------------259-1485
Region 2 - Art Rowe (Interim) -----------205-7661        Leading the Nation continued from page 1
Region 3 - Dottie Hockey---------------------------------------259-2857                                                                                  Dream to Reality
Region 4 - Nancy Dodd --------------------------------------- 753-4252       major grocery stores and a multitude of drug stores,                           The Villages vision was to create a retirement
Region 5 & 8 - Felice Maurer ---------------------------------- 259-7647     hardware stores, gas stations and convenience outlets                       community where dreams can come true. The vision
Region 6 & 7 - Lois Buyers ------------------------------------ 350-7125     – all golf cart accessible. Villagers have about                            has become reality for many residents. Villagers
                               Program & Activities                          100 dining choices after participating in a day’s                           are recommending The Villager to their family
Doug Tharp ---------------------------------------------------750-1760       of activities. Nine country clubs add to the many                           and friends - by last year’s survey at about 97%.
Roger Kass ----------------------------------------------------259-7174      restaurants throughout The Villages.                                        This year’s resident survey starts this week and
                              Golf Cart Safety Clinic                                                                                                    Villagers will have another opportunity to make their
Joy Tolan, Coordinator ------------------------------------------750-5368    Recreation and Sports                                                       recommendations for improvements in The Villages
Tom Tolan -----------------------------------------------------750-5368
                                                                                The Villages Recreation Department is kept                               Lifestyle.
Maria Satterfield ---------------------------------------------- 430-2301
                                  Helping Hands                              very busy in supporting 80,000 residents’ nearly
Bill Dyer, Coordinator------------------------------------------ 751-1192    1,800 clubs and activities each month at the 57
Briar Meadow North, Jim Stone --------------------------------753-7163       recreation centers. When Villagers are not engaged                          Fact Finder continued from page 1
DeLeon Villas, Judy Trongon ----------------------------------- 750-0954     in participating in the nearly 100 billard and over
East Side, John Kelly -------------------------------------- 915-833-8781    100 tennis, 100 pickelball, nine softball, two bowling                      incidents including nuisance wildlife, lost and found
Glenbrook, Al Ely ----------------------------------------------259-3944     centers, 486 holes of golf, 57 swimming pools (and                          pets, and injured or dead animals. Community
Polo Ridge, John Sullivan ------------------------------------- 750-6175     much more), they also have many spectator choices.                          Watch also assists Community Standards by acting
Santiago, Dick Dufresne --------------------------------------- 750-4743     From movie threaters and professional shows to live                         as their eyes and ears after normal business hours.
Santiago, Ken Mathieu ----------------------------------------259-2704       entertain nightly on The Squares, there’s always                            Community Watch passes on reports of possible
Summerhill, Ron Kershner -------------------------------------753-9629       plenty to do.                                                               deed restriction violations to Community Standards
St. Charles, Charlene Lema ------------------------------------ 753-2347                                                                                 as CW is made aware of them. CW documents
Valle Verde, Marty Dubbs --------------------------------------751-0600      Building a Healthcare Center of Excellence                                  specific incidents including lawn waste, inoperable
                            CERT & Emergency Shelter                            The Villages Hospital began with 60 beds about                           vehicles, unkempt property, and RVs/boats parked in
Wayne Ward, ------------------------------751-3520         eight years ago. The Villages Health System is now                          driveways more than 72 hours.
                                       SHINE                                 at 200 beds and making expansion plans. A second                               Community Watch Dispatch is manned 24/7
Betty Cunningham --------------------------------------------259-0753        hospital has just been authorized. A long-term acute                        at 352-753-0550 to assist residents with security
                               Sunshine Committee                            care hospital is about to open. A 99,000 square foot                        matters.
Gail Burgess, Coordinator-------------------------------------- 750-1371     outpatient VA Clinic opened last year, and clinics,
                                      Website                                labs, and countless other medical and professional
Ray Glessner ------------------------------------------------- 751-0701      services have an ever-expanding presence in The
                                Partners Program                             Villages. Florida’s only comprehensive cancer center
Mary Nowak, --------------------- 750-5313             just partnered with The Villages and Central Florida
                             Seniors vs. Crime Liaison                       Health Alliance to bring the best and most complete
Joyce Fisher ---------------------------------------------------750-2491
                                                                             cancer care possible into The Villages.
                       Military Affairs & Law Enforcement
Sterling Wood -------------------------------------------------259-5507
                                                                                                         The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, March 2011, Page 3

                                                                             Paving the Way to
                                                                             Cancer Care

W                                                                            M
          hat does Moffitt’s NCI “Comprehensive” designation mean?                   emorial bricks engraved in honor of a loved one will be
          According to the National Cancer Institute, the “Comprehen-                placed in the garden area outside the Cancer Center.
          sive” designation is conferred upon an elite group of cancer
centers that represent “the strongest institutions in the nation dedicat-           Memorial Bricks may be purchased for $100.
ed to scientific innovation and excellence; to interdisciplinary research,   Order a brick on either Town Square on their respec-
training and education; and to coordinated recognition and pursuit of        tive market night or send in a donation form to help
new research opportunities.” Each NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center            pave the way to comprehensive cancer care in The
receives grant support from the NCI and has an enhanced stature that         Villages. Donation forms may also be used for
attracts other federal and private grant funding as well. Such national      monitary donations of any amount. All donations
prestige also attracts top physicians and scientists from around the         are tax deductible with 100% remaining in The
world.                                                                       Villages.
    Moffitt’s Mission - To contribute to the prevention
and cure of cancer. Moffitt’s Vision - To be the
leader in scientific discovery and translation into
compassionate care, cures and prevention of cancer
for our community and the world.
    For cancer questions, Moffitt offers a toll-free
telephone service staffed by registered nurses who
can talk to patients or family members about specific
cancers and their treatments as well as clinical trials
at Moffitt and elsewhere. The nurses handle some
12,000 calls each year. The number is 800-456-7121.

                                                                             CR101 Tunnel Closure
Moffitt Provides A Variety of Clinical Services                                                                                                              CR101 closure engineering
                                                                                                                                                             evaluation and repairs and one
   A 36-bed blood and marrow transplant unit; 12                                                                                                             of the tunnel overhead site de-
operating rooms; a diagnostic radiology department
with MRI, PET/CT, digital mammography and all                                Continues                                                                       fects (inset).

other imaging capabilities; and a radiation therapy

department with seven linear accelerators.                                        he Golf Cart tunnel under CR101 had some concrete drop from
Moffitt is a Lifetime Cancer Screening and                                        the overhead resulting in its closure until engineers determined
Prevention Center.                                                                an appropriate fix. The closure is anticipated to be several weeks,
                                                                             with updates on the process and scheduling posted on the DistrictGov.
   Lifetime Cancer Screening and Prevention                                  org website.
Center is a freestanding facility that provides
clinical screening and diagnostic services, research                            In the meantime, Sumter County has created a
and educational programs. Lifetime offers cancer                             four way stop to allow golf cart crossing of CR 101
screening and prevention services for men and                                just north of the closed tunnel. Golf carts will be
women, genetic screening and counseling, smoking-                            allowed to cross CR 101 from behind Publix to the
cessation programs, comprehensive clinics for                                Palm Ridge Plaza parking lot. The Sumter County
patients at elevated risk, a research laboratory for                         Sherriff’s Office will be onsite to ensure compliance
cancer control and population studies, clinical                              with temporary signage.
research trials, a community education department
and a national toll-free cancer information service.
Specialized services, including the Genetic                                                                        The VHA— Your Voice in The Villages—Join or renew today!
Counseling and Testing Program and the Tobacco                                                                             VHA MEMBERSHIP FORM
Research and Intervention Program (TRIP) have been
developed for high-risk patients.                                             Name (s): _________________________________________________________________________________________________
   Moffitt’s Research Programs include Molecular
Oncology; Drug Discovery; Immunology/                                         Address: _____________________________________________Village/Villa: __________________________________________
Immunotherapy; Experimental Therapeutics; Risk
Assessment, Detection and Intervention; and Health                            Zip: ______________ PHONE: _________________________ E-mail: _________________________________________________
Outcomes and Behavior. The Center’s research
programs are grouped under four established                                      NEW MEMBER:          q $12.00 per household, 2 Years                 RENEWAL:        q $12.00 per household, 2 Years
programs that were approved by the National Cancer
Institute with the award of the Center’s NCI Cancer                                                   q $60.00 per household, Lifetime                                q $60.00 per household, Lifetime
Center Support Grant Renewal in 2000 and NCI
Comprehensive Cancer Center status. Moffitt is also                                                                         Make checks payable to: The Villages Homeowners Association
the site of the National Functional Genomics Center                                         Deposit your check and this form, addressed to VHA Membership, in a VHA drop box at any of The Villages postal pick-up stations
funded by the U.S. Department of Defense.                                                            or send your check by mail to: The Villages Homeowners Association, 1104 Main Street, The Villages, FL 32159
Page 4, March 2011, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

                                                         Seniors Vs Crime — Avoiding tax season scams
                                                                                                                                      You should type into your browser
   The Villages’ Buzz                                      n an IRS scam aimed at seniors, the fakers tell the victim they can
                                                           get his or her Social Security payroll taxes refunded for an upfront    yourself and not get there by clicking a link.
                                                                                                                                      The only emails the IRS sends out concern general
                                                           fee based on the size of the rebate, plus a percentage of the refund.
                                                                                                                                   newsletters, events and that sort of thing. It never
                                                            Naturally, they say it will be a big refund and                        asks for financial information or discusses anything
                                                         inflate their “fee” to match it, producing and filling in                 related to individual tax accounts by email.
Manager Visiting Rec Centers                             a tax form as “evidence.”                                                    The IRS never asks for PIN numbers, passwords
   The Village Community Development Districts’             Trouble follows: The law doesn’t allow a refund                        or other confidential information for any reason or by
Manager, Janet Tutt, invites you to attend her weekly    of taxes paid into Social Security and the taxpayer                       any method – not even face-to-face.
(Tuesday) visits to recreation centers within The        may end up having to pay penalties for filing a                              Tax refunds are claimed through filing an annual
Villages. Take this opportunity to ask questions and     fraudulent return.                                                        tax return, not a separate application form.
share your thoughts, suggestions and concerns. In           In another scam, a “we owe you money” email                               One final but related warning for the tax season:
the next few weeks Tutt will visit Bridgeport on         seemingly comes from the IRS. The subject line                            Beware of advance refund loans - organizations
March 14, Chatham on March 21, Allamanda on              reads something like “Tax Notification” or “2009                          offering to loan you the money you’re expecting to
March 28, and La Hacienda on April 4. Meeting            Fiscal Activity Refund” and invites you to click on                       get as a tax refund this year. These are sometimes
times are 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.                         a link that takes you to a convincing-looking IRS                         called “Refund Anticipation Loans.”
                                                         website. But the site is a fake IRS website, which as                        Although they may be perfectly legit, many lenders
Resident ID Program in Final Month                       usual, asks for personal details.                                         charge huge rates of interest, plus administration fees,
   Over 66,000 residents have been issued new               And the bottom line again: The IRS does NOT                            processing fees and so on. You are basically paying
counterfeit-proof ID cards. March is the last month      send out refunds this way. If the IRS wants to get in                     through the nose to borrow your own money.
for free replacement of ID cards and residents may be    touch, it sends a letter.                                                    It’s easy to avoid these IRS scams -- just a little
facing a charge of $10 or more per card after March.        Instead of claiming the IRS owes you money,                            knowledge and attention can do wonders. When in
Customer Service can handle about 500 new issues         another tax scam offers a reward to you for filing                        doubt as to whether something, is a scam or not, you
of IDs per day. Call 352-753-4508 to schedule your       your return early. Again, a phone caller will ask for                     can always contact your Seniors Vs Crime office
ID replacement or walk in the Customer Service on        bank account details so they can “direct deposit” your                    for advice or assistance. They can be reached at
Wedgewood Lane soon.                                     “reward.”                                                                 352-753-7775 in Marion County or 352-689-4600,
                                                            Not only does the IRS not seek such details by                         Extension 4606 in Sumter County. Volunteers at both
Woof, Woof and Woof                                      phone -- but it also doesn’t pay rewards for early                        offices are ready, willing and trained to assist you.
   Brinson-Perry Dog Park opens this month at the        returns!
Buena Vista/Bonita Boulevard Circle adjacent Fire           Another sneaky trick is an email that offers
Station No. 5. This is the third dog park in The         taxpayers $80 for filling an online customer                                    VHA Officers, Directors and
Villages and the first south of CR466.                   satisfaction survey. Of course, you’re expected to                              Representatives are unpaid,
                                                         enter all your personal details on the form. Don’t fall
The Clock is Ticking                                     for this -- it’s a scam.
                                                                                                                                       volunteer Villagers dedicated to
  Don’t be late for your Sunday tee times on March          There are lots more IRS scams -- more than 1,000                               supporting you and the
13. Turn your clocks forward one hour.                   at the last count! Some of them have been around for                                   VHA Mission.
                                                         years, yet still find victims. For more information,
The Tax Clock is also Ticking                            visit the official IRS website at
   April 15 is only about five weeks away. AARP
is helping thousands of Villagers this year to file on   So how do you spot an IRS scam?
                                                                                                                                     The Villages Mystery Pic
time.                                                       IRS scammers try to convince you that their call or
                                                         email is genuine in a number of ways. Here are some
                                                         of the tricks they use to try to fool you:
                                                            They invent a refund sum that sounds convincing
                                                         -- not too big and not too round. Something like
                                                         $134.80 sounds legit, doesn’t it?
    The Villages by the Numbers                             They use forms with numbers similar to those
              (answers on page 10)                       the IRS already uses; with a jumble of numbers and
 Tamarind Grove and St. James Neigh-                     letters, they just sound right. However, they are not.
 borhood Recreation Centers Opened in                       They use the official IRS logo and, very often,
 February, and Sterling Heights Village                  copy whole sections of text from the IRS website.
 Recreation Center opens later this year                    They use real names and copied signatures of
 to complete all recreation facilities in The            senior IRS people.
 Villages north of CR466A.
                                                         Just because something looks official doesn’t
 1. How many recreation centers are there in             mean that it is!
    The Villages?                                           Nonetheless, it’s easy to sidestep these tax scams
 2. How many recreation swimming pools                   if you just remember these few simple rules -- in
    are there in The Villages?                           addition to the ones mentioned above -- about how
 3. How many fitness clubs are there in                  the IRS operates:
    The Villages?                                           The only genuine IRS website is If                            Can you identify this picture of a
 4. How many dog parks are there in The                  any link takes you to a page that isn’t on this site,                       well-known landmark in The Villages?
    Villages?                                            then you are not visiting the IRS website.
                                                                                                                                             Answer on page 9.
                                                                              The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, March 2011, Page 5

                                                             News from VHA Regions
                VHA North Region                          VHA membership, Lake County Alert system, up
                                                                                                                                       Regions 6 & 7
                  (Regions 1, 2, 3 & 4)                   and coming meetings, etc. Our next meeting will                         Lauri Cooper, Chair, 638-4308 6
          Art Rowe, VHA North Chairperson &               be Thursday March 17th, at 6:30pm at Chula Vista             Bill Gottschalk, Vice Chairperson Region 6, 350-2405
         Vice Chairperson (Region 4), 205-7661            Recreation Center. We are in need for the following         Susan Bieberfeld, Vice Chairperson Region 7, 391-5066
  Fred Dowling, Vice Chairperson (Region 1), 350-6123     neighborhood representatives: Village of Del Mar,                     Ron McMahon, Secretary, 205-4647
        Art Rowe, Interim Vice Chair (Region 2)           Courtyard Villas, and Village of Valle Verde. Come
     Geoff Langdon, Vice Chair (Region 3) 259-1037        and learn about what is going on with The Villages           At our last Representative meeting on February
            Secretary, Herb Gantz, 751-3976               Homeowner Association.                                    23, Bill Gottschalk and John Wharton gave a
                                                                                                                    thorough review of actions taken, current status and
   The next North Regional meeting will be held at                                                                  anticipations relative to the ongoing air conditioning
La Hacienda Recreation Center on Thursday, March
                                                                             Regions 5 & 8                          issues predominant in Patio Villas in Regions 6 and
10 at 7 p.m. in the Julio Iglesias Room. North                      Chuck Wildzunas, Director, 753-3703             7. Bill and John will continue their efforts and keep
Region is a consolidation of Regions 1 through 4.                    Stan Golove, Vice Chair (Region 5)             us informed of progress and status. Please see an
All Neighborhood Representatives are encouraged to                    Barbara Urbanski, Sec., 753-2663              in-depth discussion regarding the above in this issue
attend. This meeting will double as a Representatives                                                               of The Voice.
meeting with information of interest to all                  Our 5 and 8 Regional Membership Meeting will be           Our Annual Election Meeting will be held on
members. There will be a presentation about the           held on Tuesday, March 15 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lake        March 21 at 7 p.m. at Lake Miona Recreation Center
current Representatives’ organization.                    Miona Recreation Center. Please watch your bulletin       in the Enterprise Room. The Nominating Committee
   The meeting will also be the annual business           boards for more information on this meeting. As           will present a slate of three proposed Officers. The
meeting as required by the VHA bylaws. This will          published in our previous reports, we will complete       names to be placed in nomination are Bill Gottschalk,
be an election of new North Region officers. The          the Region 5 and 8 Board election at this meeting.        Vice-Chair Region 6, Wanda Cooksey, Vice-Chair
following positions with the current candidates           The slate was finalized at our January Regional           Region 7 and Ron McMahon, Regions 6 and 7
indicated will be voted: Chairperson, North Region        Membership Meeting. The Secretary will, on behalf         Secretary. This meeting is open to all residents.
(Fred Dowling), Region 4 Vice Chairperson (Jim            of the membership, cast the vote to accept the slate as      I have invited Supervisors from CDD 6 and 7 to
Brockman), and Region 4 Assistant Vice Chairperson        presented.                                                address the membership. They will discuss what role
(Art Rowe). If there are any other nominations,              We want to welcome all of our new Region 8             they play as supervisors for our local government.
contact Art Rowe as soon as possible. A Vice              residents to The Villages. Those of us who have been      They will be taking questions from the floor.
Chairperson for Region 2 is needed; Art Rowe has          here for many years remember how overwhelming                Please offer a welcome to Charley and Bob Griffin,
been the interim chairperson.                             the transition was. Our new residents have an             our new reps for the Village of Caroline. They are our
   The list of Neighborhood Representatives in this       important resource that we “old-timers” didn’t -- the     Bulletin Board Key Holders as well for the Caroline
edition of the VHA Voice show many neighborhoods          District Customer Service Center. This is a great         Postal Station.
which do not have a Representative. Those residents       resource for all residents – new and old alike. The          We will not have a representative meeting in
can call any Representative listed for their Village      helpful representatives can point you in the right        March. Our next Rep meeting will be April 27 at 6:30
or call any of the chairpersons if they are unable to     direction to getting your questions answered. You can     p.m.
reach a Representative.                                   visit in person or contact them at 753-4508.
   The Representatives listing in this newsletter is         Our form of government here in The Villages
being reformatted which will eliminate the listing of     is probably very different from any you have
those neighborhoods which do not have an assigned         experienced previously. Each week the District
Neighborhood Representative. To fill this void and as     presents a Community Development District
a change to the format, there will be Representatives-    Orientation. This program will introduce you to our
at-Large listed for each Village with their contact       Special Purpose Local Government. No sign-ups are
information.                                              required. Sessions are held every Thursday at 10:00
   If you are not a VHA member or your membership         a.m. at the District Office, 3201 Wedgewood Lane in
has lapsed, please join. Be part of a positive,           the Conference Room at the east end of the building
community-oriented group. The minimal dues are the        next to the Customer Service Center.
only source of income for the Association to support         We are going to attempt to build a VHA email list
all the good works for which the VHA is well-known.       for the purpose of distributing VHA information to
                                                          those who wish to be on the list. Initially, this will
                Lake County Region                        be limited to VHA members only. Please provide the
                                                          following information:
        Judy Glasel, Regional Director, 430-9707
              Myra Reff, Associate Director               Date VHA Membership expires (from your VHA
                                                          membership card)
   We had a great meeting on February 17th with a         Your name(s) (i.e., Jim and Betsy Brown)
guest speaker Amenity Authority Committeewoman            Your Address:
Jo Webber. Mrs. Webber wanted suggestions of what         Your CDD District in which you reside (if you
we felt were needed since the AAC is putting together     know it)                                                    The VHA support of Villagers by means
a budget. A number of items were mentioned                Name of Village and name of Villa if applicable               such as The Voice publication and
including the Chula Vista Recreation Center. Items        Phone number (if you wish to provide it)
that were asked for last year were installed, including                                                                distribution and free use of medical
a stove and an ice machine. That tells us that they          Please email the above information to chuckw@            devices through Helping Hands is 100%
do listen to our suggestions. We also discussed  You will receive a confirmation                  funded by members’ dues.
talking with our neighbors and friends to renew their     email when you have been added.
Page 6, March 2011, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

                                 Ask the Chief — What are those blue lights for at intersections?

                                       ver wonder what the white or blue      federal safety funds.                                      completed the course, you will also be required to
                                       light located above a traffic signal      I would like to point out that driving is a privilege   return a copy of your completed training certificate
                                       is and or what it is used for? Well,   and not a God given right. So drivers who make poor        to the Clerk of Courts. With this option, you are still
                                 they are called “Confirmation Lights.”       choices should be held accountable for their actions.      responsible for the traffic fine of $264.
                                 Confirmation lights are the WHITE            When it comes to traffic, safety is the name of the            Pros to this option - it keeps the points from being
                                 or BLUE light(s) located directly above a    game and voluntary compliance to traffic laws is truly     assessed to your driver’s license (note: this option
                                 traffic signal and are utilized by law en-   our goal. Unfortunately, enforcement is sometimes a        can only be taken once every twelve (12) months and
                                 forcement in their respective duties in      necessary evil.                                            only five (5) times in a person’s life time) and usually
halting “red light runners.”                                                     According to Florida State Statute No. 322.03 -         prevents your insurance rates from being increased.
                                                                              Drivers must be licensed. Florida State Statute No.            Cons to this option - in addition to the original
    The Confirmation Lights are designed to be visible                        316.075 - Requires that all drivers comply with traffic    fine amount, there is also a fee associated with a
(lighted) when the Traffic Signal directly below                              control signal devices. Should a driver not have the       driver’s improvement class and it is up to you to
is in the red or “stop” position. Conversely, the                             desire to voluntarily stop for a red light and makes a     make arrangements to take the class.
confirmation lights are not visible when the traffic                          choice to run it, they are endangering everyone.           4. You can choose to ignore the citation and not pay
signal light directly below is in the yellow or green                            If you are observed and cited for running a red         it, but that would only cause you additional problems
position.                                                                     light, the penalty is a civil moving infraction that       including the suspension of your driver’s license and
    This law enforcement tool provides police                                 would result in a $264 fine (which is set by the           the possibilities of an arrest warrant being issued for
officers with the ability to see “red light runners”                          State) and four (4) points would be assessed to your       you.
from a distance and from any side of a traffic signal                         driver’s license. However, like with everything                I would like to remind everyone to drive safely
intersection.                                                                 else in life, you do have options regarding a traffic      and when approaching an intersection be prepared to
    In addition to assisting law enforcement officers,                        citation, which are as follows:                            stop when the light changes to yellow and do not try
confirmation lights also serve to remind drivers                              1. You can elect to pay the fine and have the four (4)     to beat the yellow light. The few minutes you may
to stop for red light traffic signals when they are                           points assessed to your driver’s license                   save is not worth the time that you will lose if you are
illuminated.                                                                  2. You can contest a traffic citation in a court of law,   involved in a traffic crash or stopped for a red light
    In case you haven’t noticed, the Town of Lady                             by contacting the Clerk of Courts, enter a plea of not     violation.
Lake has acquired and installed blue confirmation                             guilty and request a hearing for the violation.                Remember, our goal is voluntary compliance and
lights on all of the traffic signals located within its                       3. If you are not involved in a traffic crash you have     together we can make a positive difference!
jurisdiction on 441/27. Also worth mentioning is the                          the option to prevent the points from being assessed           Until next time – let’s be safe out there!
fact that funding for those confirmation lights (which                        to your driver’s license by electing to attend and
included labor and five (5) years of maintenance)                             complete a driver improvement class. This option                                           Chief Ed Nathanson
was obtained through a partnership with the Florida                           can be done by notifying the Clerk of Courts and                                   Lady Lake Police Department
Department of Transportation (FDOT), utilizing                                selecting a qualified school/course. Once you have                                            423 Fennell Blvd.

                                 Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches
                                 — Picnic in the Pines Open House at Caruth Camp

                                 n 1986, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Caruth,
                                                           officers to reinforce positive attributes and overcome                        of Services for Families and Children, Inc. and the
                                 Jr. of Dallas, Texas leased 182 acres
                                                           negative attitudes. Some camp activities include:                             American Camp Association. For more information
                                 of woodlands to the Florida Sheriffs
                                                           swimming, canoeing, archery, sports activities, hiking,                       on how you can help, please contact Frank Kenny,
                              Youth Ranches and issued a challenge to
                                                           arts and crafts, a low and high ropes challenge course and                    Donor Relations Officer at 1-800-765-3797 or visit us
                              develop a childcare, wilderness educa-
                                                           special demonstrations by various Sheriffs offices.                           at Contact: Jim Karantinos,
                              tion program. The Georgia-Pacific Corpo-
                                                               Due to the generosity of individuals and groups                 , Florida Sheriffs Youth
ration provided an additional 60-acres of land for the project.
                                                           throughout Florida and other states, many children                            Ranches, Office of the President, 386-842-5501 ext.
   For many years,                                                                             attend the Youth Camp’s                   1251.
Caruth Camp operated          You are cordially invited to join us for our                     programs free of charge.
as a wilderness camping                                                                           You are cordially                                                                Frank Kenny
program for boys who did
                              annual “Picnic in the Pines” Open House at                       invited to join us for our
not meet the traditional      Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches Caruth Camp annual “Picnic in the
Youth Ranches residential on Saturday, March 19.                                               Pines” Open House at
childcare criteria. The                                                                        Florida Sheriffs Youth
program, based on experiential learning opportunities, was
successful but only served 18 boys at a time.
                                                           Ranches Caruth Camp on Saturday, March 19. Activities
                                                           are scheduled from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and include lunch at                      The Villages Factoid
   In 1997, the Caruth Camp was converted from a           noon and tours of the campus.
wilderness program to a summer camping program,                We hope you will attend this event. Feel free to bring a                      There are 411 cities and 67 counties in the state
serving hundreds of dependent, neglected and troubled      friend or neighbor who would like to learn more about our                      of Florida. The Villages’ population is larger
youth. The camping experience is designed to give boys     life-changing work at the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches.                      than 93.4% of the municipalities in Florida (28th
and girls a wholesome, loving, educational and carefree    Please call Barbara at 352-447-2259 by Friday, March 4                         largest of 411). At buildout, The Villages will be
atmosphere in a natural setting where they can be          to let us know if you will be able to join us and how many                     14th largest municipality in Florida. The Villages
themselves and learn to deal with some of their problems.  will be in your party.                                                         population is also larger than 31 of the 67 counties
   Boys and girls from all over Florida attend summer          The Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, Inc. is                                in Florida.
camp. They interact with camp staff and volunteer law      nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation
                                                                                     The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, March 2011, Page 7

                           Sumter County Vote Notes                                                                                                Good Golf
                            Election Myths vs Facts           MYTH: Absentee ballots are only counted when                           Common Course Etiquette
                               MYTH: Voters will           there is a close race.                                                       Play Ready Golf. Ready Golf is a method of
                            be turned away if they            FACT: All absentee ballots are counted if properly                     play suggested, unless in competition, for speeding
                            are wearing campaign           executed, which includes making sure that the return                      up play on a course.
                            apparel.                       envelope is signed and that the signature matches the                        Avoid distracting the other players. No one
   FACT: “Voters may wear campaign buttons, shirts,        voter’s signature on record.                                              should move, talk, stand close to, or directly behind
hats, or any other campaign items when they enter                                                                                    the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the
the polling place to vote; voters may not otherwise           MYTH: If a voter owes child support or has                             ball or making a stroke.
campaign there.” (From the Polling Place Procedures        pending warrants against him or her, the police will                         Please do not step in the putting line of another
Manual incorporated within Rule 1S-2.034, Florida          arrest the voter at the polls.                                            player when on the green to prevent indentation in
Administrative Code) So, merely going to the polls            FACT: The voter registration rolls at the polls                        the line of the intended putt.
wearing campaign paraphernalia is OK, but, by              have no indicators whether a voter owes child                                Please lay the flagstick down carefully so no
statute (s. 102.031(4), Florida Statutes), one cannot      support or has outstanding warrants against him or                        damage is made to the putting green.
solicit voters within 100 foot of the entrance to any      her. Furthermore, law enforcement personnel are not                          Players should play without delay in the interest
polling place.                                             allowed in the polling place without the permission                       of all golfers on the course. When the play of a hole
                                                           of the election board, so ordinarily there will not be                    has been completed, players should immediately
   MYTH: The address on the driver license must            any law enforcement personnel in the polling place                        leave the putting green.
match the address in the voter registration record in      to identify a voter who may have outstanding child                           Please never play a ball from the yard of a
order to be able to vote.                                  support payments due or warrants against him or her.                      resident. It is also appropriate to report any damage
   FACT: The address on the driver license does not                                                                                  of private property to the homeowner. We ask
need to match the address in the voter registration           MYTH: If the voter is homeless and has no legal                        that you never retrieve your ball from a resident’s
record. If you have moved and haven’t changed your         residence, the voter may not vote.                                        property.
driver license to reflect your new address, that’s okay.      FACT: State registration laws may not                                     Playing is strictly prohibited beyond the property
What is important is that you vote in the precinct         discriminate against the homeless in voter                                line of our resident homes, even if not designated
where you currently live, no matter what your driver       registration as long as the homeless applicant for                        by white Out-of-Bounds stakes.
license says.                                              voter registration intends to remain in a locale and                         Please limit practice to designated areas. Visit
                                                           has either a place where he can receive messages or                       one of the practice greens or golf ranges in The
   MYTH: If your house is under foreclosure, you           an effective mailing address. The homeless person                         Villages to work on your game.
will not be able to vote.                                  will vote in the precinct where the applicant receives                       Practice is prohibited on the golf course.
   FACT: A foreclosure notice does not necessarily         messages (e.g., rescue mission) or the precinct in                           Please avoid playing more than one ball on any
mean that a person no longer resides in the home,          which the applicant‘s effective mailing address is                        hole.
as people often remain in the home after foreclosure       located.                                                                     Please use receptacles provided for trash and do
begins and are sometimes able to refinance the home.           QUOTE FOR THE MONTH: Be the change                                    not discard cigarette butts on the course.
Voters whose homes have been foreclosed but who            you want to see in the world. (Gandhi)                                       Remember – Leave the course better than you
remain in their homes may continue to vote in their                                                                                  found it!
assigned precinct. Voters who have physically moved                         Karen S. Krauss, Supervisor of Elections
from their foreclosed residence with no intention of                                                 Sumter County                                                         Erik Greulach
returning to that address as their residence may still
vote, but should provide a change of address to the
supervisor of elections. You must vote in your correct
                                                           Maintenance Tips from Home Warranty
   MYTH: If you are Florida college student, you
have to change your permanent residence to your
                                                           S                                                                        important maintenance items to keep in mind. The
                                                                pring time is here and with that the beautiful Florida weather.
college address.                                                While I love most everything about living in Florida, one of my     manufacturer recommends cleaning with just warm
   FACT: If a college student registers with a legal            least favorite things is the Pollen that seems to coat everything   water and a cloth. Do not use items that can leave
residence in a Florida county, then no further proof of    - your cars, your home and everything in between. This can keep us       any residue on the door. The door has a top coat that
residency is required, regardless of where the college     busy trying to keep our home looking nice.                               can dry and crack when exposed to Florida weather.
student’s parents reside or whether the student intends        A couple of things to keep in mind when cleaning                     Watch this closely and apply additional top coats
to move back to where the parents are located.             the exterior of your home. Be careful with pressure                      when necessary, which may be needed annually. If
                                                           washers. While these work nicely as they wash                            the door is exposed to direct sunlight through a good
   MYTH: Provisional ballots are only counted              away the dirt and mildew they can also force water                       portion of the day additional top coats may be needed
when there is a close race.                                into areas of the home that may cause damage. Never                      more often.
   FACT: A provisional ballot is always counted            use high pressure washers around your exterior                              Painted exterior doors can be cleaned the same
when the voter is shown to be registered and eligible,     doors, windows, soffit or other openings around your                     way with warm water and a cloth. Repainting your
regardless of the closeness of the outcome of the          home. Consider low or no pressure cleaning services.                     doors depends on the fading of the paint, as darker
election. A person who votes provisionally simply          Some have nice “Green” citrus cleansers that are                         colors may fade more rapidly then lighter colors.
because he or she forgot ID at the polls will not have     environmentally friendly and work great. Never                           Doors exposed to direct sunlight will fade quicker
to do anything else. If the signatures on that ballot      use bleach as this can cause your paint, siding and                      and require repainting more often. Again the less
certificate and the voter roll matches, the provisional    exterior fixtures to fade or even cause damage.                          cleaning agents used to clean the door the more time
ballot is counted.                                             Staining exterior fiberglass doors to look                           you may get before it necessitates repainting the door.
                                                           like wood has become very popular. While this
                                                           can make for a nice look there are some very                                               Maintenance continued on page 15
Page 8, March 2011, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

                                                                                                              Tamarind Grove (above) and St. James Neighborhood Recreation Centers opened in February, in-
 The Villages Homeowners Association Board of Directors conducted a workshop in February to establish
                                                                                                              creasing the total of swimming pools in The Villages to 57. Sterling Heights Recreation Center
 2011-12 Goals and Objectives in preparation for the Spring VHA Presidents Forum, in which VHA Past Presi-
                                                                                                              opens later this year to complete all recreation facilities in The Villages north of CR466A.
 dents participate.

                                                                                                                                            Villages S

                                                                                                             Featured Golf Cart of the Month

  The ladies from Way Way Way Off Broadway Players promoting next month’s production of Don’t
  Stop the Music, welcomed new residents at VHA’s February Newcomer Orientation at Colony Cottage
  Regional Recreation Center.

                                                                                                                                                                           Joe Terranova of Hadley Village enjoys taking “Log
                                                                                                                                                                           in his replica Peterbilt golf cart. Joe is a corvette ma
                                                                                                                                                                           pass up this 6-wheeler semi and always draws a cro
                                                                                                                                                                           ers around The Square.
                                                                                                                         The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, March 2011, Page 9

                                                                                                                                         The Villages Mystery Pic

                   Cyclists are navi-gating the gate changes as arm lengths are being adjusted in The Villages to new
                   standards. Watch the website for updates on the changes.

                                                                                                                                                  The Brinson-Perry House
                                                                                                                                           Constructed about 1885 with additions added
                                                                                                                                       several times over the years, the Brinson-Perry

Snapshots                                                                                                                              house was located on CR 466 in The Villages. When
                                                                                                                                       CR466 was reconstructed to a four lane road the
                                                                                                                                       house had to be either destroyed or relocated. In
                                                                                                                                       order to preserve the historic structure and return
                                                                                                                                       it to its turn of the century appearance, the house
                                                                                                                                       was moved approximately four miles southeast to a
                                                                                                                                       visually prominent position, adjacent to a new fire
                                                                                                                                       station on Odell Circle on Buena Vista Boulevard.

                                    First of Creekside Medical Center buildings at Lake Sumter Landing are preparing for continued
                                    expansion of medical services mushrooming in The Villages. Up to 15 buildings and about 80,000
                                    square feet of new medical support services are coming soon.

gan” for cruises
an but couldn’t
 owd of admir-
                                                                                                                                             The proposed site of the second hospital (red marker lower left)
                                                                                                                                             adjacent Brownwood Town Square on CR44 is about 10 miles from
                                                                                                                                             the Leesburg Regional Hospital (red marker on lower right) and
                                                                                                                                             about 9 miles from The Villages Health System (red upper marker).
Page 10, March 2011, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

                      SWFWMD Report                                                                                       mystery out of fertilizing. The campaign focuses on
                                                                                                                          these Florida-Friendly Fertilizing tips:
                      Take the mystery out of fertilizing your lawn                                                       4 Use slow-release fertilizers.
                                                                                                                          4 Always follow package directions.

                      D                                           fertilizer for their soil type, how much to apply or    4 Don’t fertilize before a heavy rain.
                           id you know that too much fertilizer
                           can cause cinch bugs and thatch        how much water is needed to water-in the fertilizer.    4 Fertilize only when needed and only when grass is
                           buildup in your lawn, and it can get      As a result, recent studies have shown that rising   actively growing.
                      washed away and pollute nearby lakes,       nitrate levels in many local
rivers and springs?                                               springs and water bodies can                                                         The District has also
    But let’s be honest. How many of us really know               be traced to fertilizer. Nitrate                                                  created a series of tools to
how to properly fertilize our lawns? In fact, very few            is a form of nitrogen that is                                                     help residents learn to apply
people actually know when to fertilize, how much to               found in inorganic fertilizers.                                                   fertilizers appropriately. By
buy, how to read a fertilizer label and select the right          When fertilizer is needed                                                         visiting
                                                                  and applied correctly, the                                                        fertilizing, residents can get
                                                                  lawn absorbs the nitrogen.                                                        step-by-step instructions
                                                                  However, fertilizers applied improperly can run right   on fertilizing appropriately as well as watch a
            March                                                 off lawns and into local lakes, rivers and springs,
                                                                  causing algae and threatening the plants and animals
                                                                                                                          series of corresponding how-to videos. Residents
                                                                                                                          can also order the free 15-page “Do-It-Yourself
        Meetings Notice                                           that depend on clean water for survival.
                                                                     Thankfully, the Southwest Florida Water
                                                                                                                          Guide to Florida-Friendly Fertilizing” for additional
                    AAC Meeting                                   Management District recently launched the “Florida-        By following these Florida-Friendly Fertilizing
            Wednesday, March 9th, 1:30 p.m.                       Friendly Fertilizing” campaign to help take the         tips, you’ll not only take the mystery out of
                  Savannah Center                                                                                         fertilizing, but you’ll have a healthy lawn and healthy
       CDD Districts 1 through 4 Board Meeting                                                                               Doug Tharp is a member of the Southwest Florida
                   Friday, March 11th                                                                                     Water Management District Governing Board and
       District 1, 8:00 a.m; District 2, 9:30 a.m.                                                                        also serves as co-chair of the District’s Withlacoochee
       District 3,11:00 a.m.; District 4, 1:30 p.m.                                                                       River Basin Board.
       District Office, 1894 Laurel Manor Drive
                                                                                                                                                                          By Doug Tharp
       CDD Districts 5 through 8 Board Meeting
                     Friday, March 18
       District 5, 8:00 a.m.; District 6, 9:30 a.m.
       District 7, 11:00 a.m.; District 8, 1:30 p.m.
       District Office, 1894 Laurel Manor Drive
                                                                                                                                 Miles for MOFFITT
                  VCCDD and SLCDD
                   Thursday, March 17                                                                                         WIN A NEW BIG WHEEL COLUMBIA PARCAR
        VCCDD, 8:30 a.m.; SLCDD, 10:00 a.m.
        District Office, 1894 Laurel Manor Drive

                    Budget Workshops                                                                                                                    he Moffitt Center in The Villages and
        District Office, 1894 Laurel Manor Drive                                                                                                        Columbia ParCar would like for you
                                                                                                                                                        to guess on how many miles to the
             Amenity Authority Committee                                                                                                           nearest tenth that a ParCar Golf Cart will
                    March 2, 1:30 PM                                                                                                               go on a typical day in The Villages. The
       District 1, 8:00 a.m; District 2, 9:30 a.m.                                                                                                 closest estimate with the highest dollar
       District 3,11:00 a.m.; District 4, 1:30 p.m.                                                                        amount pledged, wins a new $11,395 Big Wheel Columbia ParCar
                      March 7, 2011
      District 5, 8:00 a.m.; District 6, 9:30 a.m.                 By the Numbers Answers:                                 Golf Cart.
                   District 7, 11:00 a.m                                                                                      Drive Day is April 9th with another $35,000 in
                     March 21, 2011                                1. There are 57 recreation centers in The               prizes by random drawings going to contributors
                                                                      Villages – 8 Regional, 18 Village, and 31            on the day of the drive. 100% of pledges and
               Golf Cart Safety Clinic                                Neighborhood Recreation Centers.                     contributions go to the Moffitt Cancer Center in
            Wednesday, March 16, 10 a.m.                           2. There are 57 recreation swimming pools               The Villages.
         Savannah Regional Recreation Center                          – 7 “resident only” sport pools, 17 family
                                                                      pools, and 33 adult pools. (There are also
                  Good Golf School                                    8 country club swimming pools).                      Pledge sheets available at these locations:
              Thursday, March 17, 9 a.m.                           3. There are 4 fitness clubs in The Villages
        (1st and 3rd Thursdays through April)                         – Mulberry Grove, Laurel Manor, Colony               1. All CITIZENS FIRST BANKS
      Colony Cottage Regional Recreation Center                       Cottage, and SeaBreeze.                              2. MOFFITT CANCER CENTER Office at Lake
                                                                   4. There are three dog parks in The Villages            Sumter Landing
                Newcomer Orientation                                  – Paradise Dog Park, Mulberry Dog Park,              3. VENDOR NIGHT at the SQUAREs next to the
               Tuesday, March 8, 7 p.m.                               and (opening this month) Brinson-Perry               MOFFITT TENT
           Colony Cottage Recreation Center                           Dog Park.                                            4. Both COLUMBIA PARCAR LOCATIONS
                                                                                                     The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, March 2011, Page 11

                                                       VHA Interview with TVHS CEO on Moffitt
                                                                he Moffitt Can-
                                                                                   Center. TrueBeam technology is Varian’s latest linear       The Voice: Is it true that patients no longer have
                                                                cer Center com-
                                                                                   accelerator and the one that will be supported going     to go to Tampa to receive care at The Moffitt Cancer?
                                                                ing to The Vil-
                                                                                   into the future.                                            Hawkins: For the most part that is true. There
                                                          lages remains a very
                                                                                                                                            will be some highly technical procedures that should
                                                          high interest item
                                                                                      The Voice: Will all of the equipment in The                                  Hawkins continued on page 15
                                                          among Villagers and
                                                                                   Villages Cancer Center be owned by The Villages
                                                          Villagers still have
                                                                                   Health System or will some of it be owned by the
                                                                                                                                                       Moffitt Myths
                                                          lots of questions as
                                                                                   Moffitt Cancer Center?
                                                          Moffitt comes closer
                                                                                      Hawkins: All of the equipment located in The
                                                          and closer to reality.
                                                                                   Villages Cancer Center will be purchased and owned            Myth: The list price of a Varian TrueBeam
                                                          Consequently, the
                                                                                   by The Villages Health System.                            Linear Accelerator is about $4.6 million and The
                                                          VHA took Villag-
                                                                                                                                             Villages Health System Foundation is raising
                                                          ers’ most frequently
                                                                                      The Voice: Will the Moffitt Cancer Center provide      $6.3 million for equipment that includes either a
                                                          asked questions
                                                                                   the medical oncologists to The Villages Cancer            different machine or the wrong amount of money.
                                                          about Moffitt to
                                                                                   Center?                                                       Fact: The Villages Health System Foundation
The Villages Health System CEO Tim Hawkins (left) The Villages Health                 Hawkins: No. The medical oncologists present in        brochure lists ten equipments for the new Moffitt
clarifies Moffitt Cancer Center issues for Villagers with System CEO Tim           The Villages Cancer Center will be the local medical      Cancer Center in The Villages. The linear
                                                          Hawkins for the an-
VHA President Don Hahnfeldt.                                                       oncologists that we have currently in our community.      accelerator listed is the basic unit at a cost of
                                                          swers about equip-
                                                                                   The Moffitt Cancer Center will provide the radiation      $2.4 million. Three of the other ten equipments
ment, staffing and the partnership with the Moffitt Cancer Center and
                                                                                   oncologists, physicists and the dosimetrists necessary    are options that go with the linear accelerator
Research Institute.
                                                                                   to operate the radiation therapy program at The           including on-board imaging at $500,000, Multileaf
  The Voice: Will The Villages Cancer Center                                       Villages Cancer Center. They will provide these           Collimator at $450,000, and an accelerator patient
have Varian TrueBeam technology for a linear                                       services under contract to The Villages Cancer Center     positioning couch at $125,000. The cost total for
accelerator?                                                                       and The Villages Health System. The Villages              the Varian TrueBeam with options is less than
  Hawkins: Absolutely. The latest Varian linear                                    medical oncologists will have full access to their        the list price because The Villages Health System
accelerator will be acquired for The Villages Cancer                               counterparts in Tampa as well as access to Moffitt        negotiated a better price.
                                                                                                          clinical trials.                       Fact: The Villages Health System Foundation’s
                                                                                                                                             list of ten pieces of equipment was reduced to nine
                                                                                                           The Voice: Will the Moffitt       and the original fund-raising goal of $6.3 million
                                                                                                        Cancer Center in Tampa profit        dropped to $4.8 million when the Central Florida
                                                                                                        from The Villages Cancer             Health Alliance partnered with Lake Medical
                                                                                                        Center?                              Imagining. LMI’s Positron Emission Tomography/
                                                                                                           Hawkins: No. All of the           CT Advanced Imaging Unit fulfilled this Moffitt
                                                                                                        technical fees associated with       imaging requirement and TVHS saved the $1.5
                                                                                                        The Villages Cancer Center be        million in imaging equipment.
                                                                                                        billed by The Villages Health
                                                                                                        System and retained for normal          Myth: The purchase of a TrueBeam linear
                                                                                                        operating expenses. The              accelerator for the Moffitt Cancer Center in The
                                                                                                        Moffitt Cancer Center will bill      Villages is a duplication of equipment already
                                                                                                        for the professional services        available in the area and appropriate for use by a
                                                                                                        provided by their radiation          small fraction of cancer patients.
                                                                                                        oncology physicians and will            Fact: TrueBeam is the newest generation linear
                                                                                                        not participate in the technical     accelerator, just recently available by Varian. The
                                                                                                        fees.                                Moffitt Cancer Center at Tampa has contracted
                                                                                                                                             with Varian to purchase five TrueBeams and the
                                                                                                           The Voice: Will all of the        Moffitt’s in The Villages and Leesburg each
                                                                                                        employees in The Villages            ordered TrueBeams because of the TrueBeam
                                                                                                        Health System Cancer System          system’s radically different approach to treating
                                                                                                        work for Moffitt?                    cancer with image-guided radiotherapy to target
                                                                                                           Hawkins: No. All of the           tumors with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
                                                                                                        employees with the exception         TrueBeam delivers treatments more quickly while
                                                                                                        of the radiation oncologist,         monitoring and compensating for tumor motion
                                                                                                        physicists and dosimetrists will     for the treatment of lung, breast, prostate, head
                                                                                                        be The Villages Health System        and neck and other cancers. A standard intensity-
                                                                                                        employees. All of the nursing        modulated treatment that would typically take
                                                                                                        personnel, technicians, infusion     ten minutes can be completed in less than two
                                                                                                        center staff, clerical, billing,     minutes. Complex radiosurgery that typically takes
                                                                                                        cancer navigator, dieticians,        40 minutes to an hour can be completed in just
                                                                                                        social workers and other             five to 20 minutes. A TrueBeam can do what an
                                                                                                        support staff will be employees      older Varian can not do. Therefore a TrueBeam is
                                                                                                        of The Villages Health System.       appropriate for treatment of all radiation therapy
Page 12, March 2011, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice
                                                                         VHA Member Benefits*
                                     All offers require VHA membership card presented at time of sale. —NO REFUNDS AFTER SALE— *One benefit offer per family membership.
                       24 Hr. Cart Club, InC.                                                  boulEvard tIrE CEntEr                          Fort knox SElF StoragE & truCk rEntal
                                352-330-1911                                                  418 S. Hwy. 27/441, Lady Lake                             13634 U.S. Hwy. 441 – Lady Lake
                                                                          352-430-2380                                               352-750-4647
                      $10 Off Premium Membership                                      10% Discount on any Brake Service over $100                         Rent a 5x5x10 Standard Unit,
                          $5 Off Basic Membership                                                      bravo pIzza                                       Get the Second Month for $1.00
                        Valid on initial sign-up only.                                           1080 Lake Sumter Landing                                  Valid on new contracts only.
                      aaa auto Club SoutH                                                       352-430-2394, 2395, 2396                                      gator’S doCkSIdE
                1107 West North Blvd. Suite M, Leesburg                                  10% Off Dine In & Take Out Whole Meal                      10% Discount on Total Bill with VHA card
                               1-888-625-3855                                                 Not valid with any other offer.                        1004 Main Street,The Villages, FL 32159
Save on New Membership with AAA Auto Club – Primary Member saves                       CaptaIn mIkE’S lazy rIvEr CruISES                                           352-430-1377
                             $5.00 when joining.                                                On the Withlacoochee River                                         golF uSa
        Save when adding new family member to membership.                                Southwest of Ocala on Hwy. 200 just in                        1162 Main Street - Spanish Springs
           All new family members are 50% off regular price.                               Back of Stumpknocker’s Restaurant                                   The Villages, FL 32162
  Only $15.00 each for Classic and $26.00 each for Plus membership!!                       Call for Reservations, 352-637-2726                                        753-4847
                             a&C ExtErIorS                                                               Free small range basket of balls to be used at Tree Top Golf
                  120 N. US Highway 27/441, Lady Lake                                      $2 Off Any Person, 2-Hour Tour Only               with purchase of $25 or more at the Main Street Store.
                                352-753-3322                                               CHICk-FIl-a oF tHE vIllagES                                             golF uSa
    Landscaping, Pavers, Lawn Service and House Pressure Washing                        7330 U.S. Hwy. 441 – Rolling Acres Plaza                     Lighted Driving Range & Miniature Golf
                             10% Off any Service.                                                       352-430-0223                                   698 W. Lady Lake Blvd. – Lady Lake
                 all anImal trappIng SvC. InC.                                Buy any Breakfast Meal and Receive One Free Chicken Biscuit.                         352-259-2313
         “FlorIda WIldlIFE CommISSIon pErmIttEd”                                                        CICI’S pIzza                                   Mondays: $1.00 Off 18-Hole Round
                             352-245-0193 Office                                                   243 Colony Boulevard                                           of Miniature Golf
                              352-299-5675 Cell                                                          The Villages                           Fridays: $1.00 Off Large Range Basket (120 Balls)
                                15% Discount                                                            352-259-5508                                        See our special offer in the
                 10% Discount For All Follow-Up Service.                         FREE nonalcoholic drink with purchase of pizza buffet.             Tree Tops Golf Shop and Golf USA listings.
                                                                                           Must show VHA ID card to get offer.                          gotta gEt your namE on!
             all CuStom ConCrEtE & CurbS, InC.
                                352-671-1514                                                        ComFort SuItES                                  Custom Embroidery and Monogramming
                                                                    1202 Avenida Central                          5% off Club Shirts, Logos and Monogramming
                  10% Off Concrete Landscape Curbing                                                    352-259-6578                                             Karen D. Andrews
                      & Decorative Concrete Overlays                           Special Rates: May 1, 2010 — October 31, 2010 — $71.00                     352-391-9333 Phone and Fax
                           Call for free estimates.                                  November 1, 2010 — April 1, 2011 — $99.00             HEarIng aIdS From dIgItal HEarIng SyStEmS
                                                                                             Not valid on Leesburg Weekend.                               347 Colony Blvd. - The Villages
                             all tHIngS FInE                                                 Call in Advance for reservations.
                   1171 Main Street – Spanish Springs                                                                                                              352-259-8824
                                                                                                  CozCo HandCraFtS                                         420 Corley Rd. Leesburg, FL
                                352-259-7384                                               1121 Main Street – Spanish Springs
                         10% Discount on Tuesdays                                                                                                                  352-315-9960
                                                                                                        352-430-0386                                BUY ONE (1) package premium batteries,
         Excludes sale items and not valid with any other offer.                              10% Off – Excludes Sale Items.                                get 2nd one free-per visit.
                         ardEn’S FInE JEWElry                                               CuStom apparEl and gIFtS
                1060 Canal Street – Lake Sumter Landing                                                                                                          HaagEn dazS
                                                                                                      920 Bichara Blvd.                           1001 Lake Shore Drive – Lake Sumter Landing
                                352-751-6613                                                         The Villages, 32159
                 50% Off Jewelry Appraisal on One Item                                                                                                             352-751-0261
                                                                                                        352-750-1600                                               10% Discount
                 Offer limited to one item per household.                               10% off one (1) purchase of $25 or more.                                  H & r bloCk
                     a SpECIal day gIFt SHop                                          And 15% off one (1) purchase of $50 or more.               208 S. Hwy. 27/441 – Lady Lake, 352-750-3669
                3535 Wedgewood Lane – Southern Trace                                                dry ClEan CIty                            17860 SE 109th Ave. – Summerfield, 352-347-6736
                                352-259-7270                                                 13745 Highway 441 - Lady Lake                            4085 Wedgewood Lane – The Villages,
           10% Off Your Purchase Excludes Pandora Jewelry.                           $5.00 discount off $30 Dry Cleaning or Laundry                                352-205-8340
                    baby bundlES on tHE go                                             Must present membership card for discount.              $25 Off Tax Preparation. Valid at these offices only.
                                352-406-4754                                                    EdIblE arrangEmEntS                                              ISland ImagES
                                            11962 County Road 101 – Palm Ridge Plaza                        1112 Main Street – Spanish Springs
                        10% Discount on Crib Rental                                                     352-391-1334                                               352-259-7623
                 bamboo bIStro – aSIan FuSIon                                       $4.00 Off Purchases Valid on orders over $25.00.            10% Discount on Mondays. Excludes sales items.
                              700 N.US Hwy 441                                          FIESta grandE - mExICan grIllE                                        ISlandS oF bEauty
                             Lady Lake, FL 32159                                                       297 Colony Blvd                                         10889 N.US Hwy 301
                                352-750-9998                                                       The Villages,FL 32162                                          Oxford, FL 34484
        One Free House Wine, Domestic Beer, Small hot sake or                                           352-751-0400                                               352-748-2251
                        Tea with purchase of a meal.                                A medium soft drink with purchase of an entree.                  $5.00 discount any Chemical Treatment
                One per visit with VHA Membership Card.
                                                                                                     FIrEHouSE SubS                                          JErSEy mIkE’S SubS
                  Not valid with other offers or specials
                                                                                             13757 U.S. Hwy. 441 - Lady Lake                                674 N. US Highway 27/441
                                                                                                        352-430-3870                                         Lady Lake, Florida 32159
                                                                                   Free Cookie with Purchase of Medium or Large Sub                               (352) 259-5100
                                                                                Not valid with any other offer. One benefit per member.                         10% off entire order
                                                                                                                                              Must present VHA membership card to receive offer.
                 Join the VHA today. Help the VHA help you!
                              The Partners Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the suitability for partnering with commercial enterprises.
                                                                                    The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, March 2011, Page 13

                   JoHnny roCkEtS                                        SHang HaI – CHInESE Food takE out                                                   vIC’S EmbErS
        976 Old Mill Run – Lake Sumter Landing                                     8744 SE 165th Mulberry Lane                                          7940 Hwy. 441, Leesburg
                       352-259-0051                                                      The Villages, Florida                                                352-728-8989
                       10% Off Meal                                   10% discount on total bill with VHA Membership Card              Complimentary after-dinner cocktail or dessert for each
      kIlWIn’S CHoColatE and ICE CrEam                                            SHErWIn WIllIamS StorE                                                   person in the party.
           1108 Main Street – Spanish Springs                                            10936 Highway 301                              Not valid when transportation is provided by Vic’s Bus.
                       352-430-3600                                                        Oxford, FL 34484                                          Must present VHA Member card.
    Buy one slice of fudge, get the second slice free.                                      352-748-3352                                             vICtorIa’S EStatE JEWElry
            One offer per family membership.                           15% off all regular prices (Not including sale prices)                      1106 Main Street – Spanish Springs
                                                                                Proof of VHA membership required.                                             352-751-3386
                  tHE kIngS gallEry                                                                                                             50% Off Jewelry Appraisal on One Item
           1110 Main Street – Spanish Springs                                            SonIC drIvE-In
                                                                          11211 SE 178 Pl. – Walmart Shopping Center                            Offer limited to one item per household.
             25% Off Framing on Wednesdays                                                  352-347-2860                                               vIllagE boWlIng llC
               Does not apply to sale prices.                              Tuesday Nights: 5 Single Patty Burgers for $5                                     FIESta boWl
                                                                               after 5 p.m. Add-ons at extra charge.
       lakE County prEmIEr boat tourS                                   Wednesday Nights: 1/2 Price Single Patty Burgers
                                                                                                                                                  890 Avenida Central – 352-753-2747
                 Route 441 at Ruby Street                                                                                                             SpanISH SprIngS lanES
                                                                                    99¢ Single Topping Sundaes
              “Wooden Park” Tavares, Florida                                                                                                      997 Alverez Avenue – 352-750-9440
             Historic Lakeside Inn – Mt. Dora                                 Valid at the Summerfield location only.
                                                                                                                                          $1.00 OFF a game of open bowling for entire visit.
                     All 15% discount                                  SunSHInE CEntral vaCuum SyStEmS, InC.
       Please call 352-434-8040 or 866-269-6584                                13624 S. U.S. Hwy. 441 Summerfield                                 vIllagES Car WaSH and lubE
                                                                                            352-307-6581                                         Bichara Blvd. – La Plaza Grande Center
             moE’S SoutHWESt grIll                                                                                                                            352-753-1306
        U.S. Hwy. 441 South – Rolling Acres Plaza                        $300 OFF a new system with VHA Membership.
                                                                                                                                                $1.00 Off the Regular Price of a Silver or
                       352-430-3610                                                       tHE rEd door                                                     Gold Wash Package.
     Buy one entree - get one free with purchase of                                  207 S. Main St. (Hwy 301)
              two beverages every Saturday.                                              Wildwood, FL 34788                                             vIllagES golF SHop
              Not valid with any other offer.                                               352-748-2044                                            704 N.Highway 441/27- Lady Lake
        One benefit offer per family membership.                                        10% Off Iron Benches.                                  $5.00 Discount On Any Purchase Over $25.
                                                                                                                                                          (EXCLUDES Golf Balls)
                    nantuCkEt bay                                                        tHE Solar guyS
        1008 Canal Street – Lake Sumter Landing                                     “Solatube”- Tubular Skylight                                         vIllagE grapHICS
                       352-753-4161                                            352-307-7077 - Call for free estimate                                  Steve Mosher, Market Square
                10% Off Every Wednesday                                         5% OFF regular price for members.                                    Tuesday and Thursday evenings
                                                                       Must show proof of VHA Membership at time of sale.                                     352-409-6853
                    old tymE SakE                                                                                                 Purchase a lamp post sign for your home, receive a 50% discount on
                  10889 N. US HWY 301                                                    tHE upS StorE                                                    custom license plate.
                     Oxford, FL 33484                                                     1576 Bella Cruz Dr.
                       352-748-0021                                                 The Villages, 352-753-8000                                       WHolE EartH pEt Supply
          $5.00 discount with $25.00 Purchase                                        5% discount UPS shipping.                                              1556 Bella Cruz Dr.
                                                                   15 % discount on purchase of boxes and packaging with VHA                               Lady Lake, FL 32159
                    panda ExprESS                                                         membership card.                                                    352-391-5806
      869 North Hwy. 27/441 - Home Depot Plaza                                                                                      10% discount all pet supplies(not including discounted items)
                       352-751-2507                                             tIrE CHoICE total Car CarE
   10% Off - Not valid with other coupons or specials.                                 45 LaGrande Boulevard
                                                                                    The Villages, 352-391-6488
                  pauly’S pIzzErIaS                                 10% Discount on any service with VHA Membership Card.
 986 Alverez Avenue – Spanish Springs - 352-750-6296
  Large one-topping pizza and garlic knots for $12.25                                    trEE topS golF
            Must show VHA Membership Card.                                             698 W. Lady Lake Blvd.
                                                                                         Lady Lake, FL 32159
               paWS For a momEnt                                                            352-259-2313
       11962 County Road 101- Palm Ridge Plaza
                                                                       Mondays: $2.00 off 18-hole Round Miniature Golf at
                                                                                      Live Oaks Miniature Golf
             10% Off any Regular-Priced Item
                                                                        Fridays: $2.00 off Large Range Basket (120 balls)
              Not valid on sale or food items.
                                                                                   trI County pool & Spa                         The VHA welcomes Tire Choice at 45 La Grande
                    plaza JEWElErS                                               2468 Hwy. 441/27 Fruitland Park                 Boulevard as its newest partner offering a 10%
          16770 S. U.S. Hwy. 441, Summerfield
                                                                                            352-326-0600                         discount to VHA members. The Tire Choice at La
                                                                                 10% off all Pool & Spa Chemicals                Plaza Grande is The Tire Choice’s 31st location in
   20 to 40% Savings Off the Already Low Retail Price
                                                                            $200 Discount on any new Cal Spa Hot Tubs            Florida and the second in The Villages.
               & All Watch Batteries $4.00.
                                                                                       tuSCany day Spa
rEaSonablE ElEganCE gIFtS and aCCESSorIES                                         1082 Canal St. - Sumter Landing
            11962 County Road 101 Suite 104
                       352-205-8355                                                                                                      VHA Officers, Directors and
                                                                           10% OFF Any Service with VHA Membership.
                    10% off total order.
                                                                 undErglaSS 3m prEStIgE & ultra WIndoW FIlmS                             Representatives are unpaid,
          SCHWan’S HomE SErvICE, InC.
                                                                                    330 Hwy. 441/27 Lady Lake.                         volunteer Villagers dedicated to
                                                                Free Windshield Strip-3M or 10% OFF any 3M Film, Home or Auto.             supporting you and the
            Free Half-gallon of Ice Cream with                                                                                                  VHA Mission.
                      Your First Order.

                   The Partners Committee is presently soliciting new members. If you have a business to recommend, contact Mary Nowak at 750-5313 or
Page 14, March 2011, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

        The VHA Vision: To maintain The Villages as the premier 55-plus community in the world, featuring the finest amenities, homes, retail and commercial businesses, and medical and
                                      professional services; as well as the best educational, cultural, recreational and entertainment opportunities.

                                     VHA representatives by village. How does your VHA representative help you?
 VHA representatives educate themselves and stay informed to help verify or dispel rumors, provide help when you need assistance resolving neighborhood issues and aquaint you with services and benefits available
 through the VHA.
        Lake County Region                                   Hacienda - North
                                                Elmer Starrett -------------------750-4141
                                                                                                               San Leandro Villas
                                                                                                  Donald & Lu Bowen -------------259-2155
                                                                                                                                                              Bromley Villas
                                                                                                                                                Allan Wadman-------------------259-0908
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mount Vernon Villas
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Village of Lynnhaven
           Country Club Hills                   Richard O’Malley ----------------750-5398                 Village of Santo Domingo                       Sherwood East Villas               Barbara Urbanski ----------------753-2663
Ray Leggiero --------------------751-0221                    Hacienda - South                      Lois Guntle ----------------------753-9014            Sherwood West Villas               Rod South -----------------------751-7547
Steve Macejak -------------------751-3023       Juliette Testa --------------------753-3350       John & Elaine Blum -------------259-3592                Village of Piedmont                             Collington Villas
       Orange Blossom Gardens                                 Hacienda - West                     John & Anita Land---------------751-2535      Irwin & Charlotte Newman -----753-4684      Terry Welsh ----------------------205-8400
               Silver Lake                      Ed Martin ------------------------753-8523                       Vera Cruz Villas               Ray & Kay Glessner --------------751-0701              Southern Oaks Villas
Larry and Anita Troutner --------259-3630                   Village of Palo Alto                              Villa de la Ramona                             Chadwick Villas                             Swainwood Villas
Neil and Mary Kastor ------------561-4522       Jerry Coomans-------------------259-3540                     Villa Santo Domingo                              Waverly Villas                           Village of Poinciana
           Village of Del Mar                               Tierra Grande Villas                              Village of Belle Aire                      Village of Springdale              Philip & Davida Seindenberg ---750-3152
             Hacienda Villas                                  Villa La Paloma                                   Alexandra Villas                Bob Thatcher --------------------259-2083   Lawrence & Sherry Recla--------430-1114
Dennis Williams -----------------750-0063       Stephen Beaulieu ---------------753-9181          Tom and Berta Crawford--------259-6104                    Sunnyside Villas                            Bailey Ridge Villas
              Chula Vista Villas                Delores Staub -------------------259-1097                Cottages of Summerchase                             Fairlawn Villas                             Lime Grove Villas
Judy Glasel ----------------------430-9707                 Tierra del Sol - North                                St. Simon Villas                            Pinecrest Villas               Thom & Betty Anne Horning ---751-7034
Myra Reff ------------------------750-1650      Robert Eisenhauer --------------259-1485          Doug & Nancy McKernan -------753-9086                 Royal Oak at Springdale                       Mount Pleasant Villas
                Courtyard Villas                           Tierra del Sol - South                                Valdosta Villas                Carolyn Willette -----------------408-0390                 Sullivan Villas
              Village of El Cortez              Louis & Mary Guiliano-----------753-7306           David Dingee -------------------259-4364               Village of Woodbury               Thomas Davis---------------612-201-2240
Peggy Harrison ------------------750-0186                  Village of Rio Grande                                 Glenbrook-East                 Jim Murphy----------------------259-1581             Village of Sunset Pointe
           Village of La Reynalda                             Rio Grande No. 1                    Joel Prather----------------------753-8537                 Ivystone Villas                William & Maria Satterfield -----430-2301
Judy Mix ------------------------ 751-0610      Bob & Faye Fountain ------------750-0677                    Sunbury of Glenbrook                Donna Schaeffer-----------------753-1897               Hickory Grove Villas
Alice Burnette -------------------430-0691                    Rio Grande No. 2                               Village of Polo Ridge                                                          Joan Sullivan --------------------430-0755
             Village of La Zamora               Nick & Joan Martucci ------------753-7516          Doug & Claudette Tharp --------750-1760                  Regions 5 & 8                               Village of Winifred
Mario & Lillian Campagnola ----751-0512         Clyde Kemper -------------------750-0537           John Sullivan -------------------750-6175                                                Chuck & Nancy Wildzunas ------753-3703
                                                              De Laguna Villas                                      Villa Berea                             Village of Ashland                             Latrobe Villas
             Village of Mira Mesa                                                                                                               Robert & Janice Blakeley --------750-2917 Thomas & Judy Schuler ---------751-4440
David & Laura Koss --------------750-3813       Beverly Ament ------------------750-3080           Gail Donofrio--------------------259-7435
                                                             De La Mesa Villas                                    Nacthez Villas                               Bellamy Villas
         Villas of Spanish Springs
Sid Kingry -----------------------586-7941      Sandi Andrews ------------------750-6570                    Village of Summerhill               Ruth Ferguson -------------------205-7128               Regions 6 & 7
                                                             Rio Grande Villas                    Ray Schwartz ------------------- 751-3048                    Clayton Villas
            Village of Valle Verde                                                                                                                              Jasper Villas                        Village of Virginia Trace
             Vista Sonoma Villas                Milly Adams ---------------------753-5608         Ron Kershner --------------------753-9629
                                                              San Pedro Villas                                    Amelia Villas                 Walter & Janice Martin----------205-7099 Russ D’Emidio -------------------750-4486
Otto and Janet Voettiner --------753-4278                                                                                                                       Rainey Villas               Gail Hood ------------------------750-1578
                Vista Lago Villas                             Village of Rio Ponderosa            George & Barbara Rogers -------751-4159
                                                    Charlie & Kathy Porter ----------259-8196                  Fernandina Villas                           Village of Belvedere                         Virginia Vine Villas
Linda Pelletier -------------------259-0229                                                                                                     Felice Maurer --------------------259-7647                Stillwater Villas
                                                                     Patio Villas                          Village of Briar Meadow
         VHA North Region                           Carl Bell--------------------------750-1251               Briar Meadow East                 Phyllis Kravitz -------------------750-1878 Ralph & Elsie Pasquino ----------259-3976
                                                                                                                                                              Arlington Villas                            Richmond Villas
                                                             Village of Rio Ranchero              Barbara Fielitz -------------------751-2626
                Freedom Pointe                      Howard Keppler -----------------750-4742                 Briar Meadow North                 Jerry & Carol Knoll---------------391-5002 Gary Rosenhouse ----------------430-1959
Ellen Salter ----------------------753-0630 Carey Scully----------------------753-1434                       Briar Meadow South                                Belmont Villas                           Village of Tall Trees
              Hickory Hammock                                       Valdez Villas                 Andy Sindt-----------------------350-6128                   Cherry Hill Villas            Sylvia Mongolier ----------------430-0070
              Village de La Vista                                                                               Birchbrook Villas                              Hialeah Villas               Larry Peterson -------------------751-3979
                                                    Rhea & Harold Feinberg ---------259-5966                                                    Dean & Joan Barner -------------751-5725                 Cherry Vale Villas
               De La Vista - East                              Village of Alhambra                                Forsyth Villas
Dwight Brockway ---------------259-7341                                                           Kay Mutty -----------------------753-0932               Village of Bonnybrook                           Oak Bend Villas
                                                                  Alhambra - East                                                               Gail Burgess ---------------------750-1371 Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter
Elsa Goyma ----------------------750-4842 Art & Alice Terrill ----------------259-1691                          Greenbriar Villas
              De La Vista - North                                                                                 Legacy Villas                                Broyhill Villas              Bill Hawkins ---------------------350-2598
                                                                 Alhambra - West                                                                                Clifton Villas              Village of Bridgeport at Miona Shores
Earl Cherubini -------------------753-3123 John & Kathy Cayer--------------259-3059               Sally Yurich ----------------------259-2877
Leonard Koss --------------------753-0886                                                         Janice Danahy --------------302-922-0201                       Ezell Villas               Irv Markley ----------------------259-4684
                                                                    Villa De Leon                                                               Ray & Pat Adams ----------------751-6966                Village of Caroline
               De La Vista - West                   John & Judy Trongon ------------750-0954                     Mayfield Villas
Paul & Jeanne Greene -----------750-5095                                                          Art Rowe ------------------------205-7661                    Heritage Villas              Renee Coster --------------------430-1965
                                                                   Villa Del Canto                                                                           Inglewood Villas               Linda Grant ----------------------753-3794
         De La Vista Villas - North                 Ed & Rae Nowe ------------------259-1488                   Quail Ridge Villas
Joy Tolan -------------------------750-5368 Village of Harmeswood of Belle Aire                   Donna Hagenbuch --------------259-2945         Village of Bridgeport at Lake Miona                      Elizabeth Villas
         De La Vista Villas - South                                                                       Village of Calumet Grove              Karen & Hans Thiemann --------259-7288 Roger & Judith Curth ------------753-9704
Joy Tolan ---------------------------------750-5368 Barry & Ginny Evans-------------259-2271      Herb Gantz ----------------------751-3976               Village of Liberty Park                         Katherine Villas
                   De Allende                                   Village of Santiago                                                             Thomas Simone -----------------205-8155                     Kaylee Villas
                                                    Ken & Dotty Mathieu ------------259-2704                     Ashleigh Villas
              San Antonio Villas                                                                                 Cameron Villas                 Dave Laspesa --------------------552-5263 Audrey & Mort Solitare----------753-2387
Al & Cathy Sherman -------------750-3795 Jo Pfent --------------------------259-4512              Roger Kass & Anne Gray---------259-7174                   Chesterfield Villas                     Village of Mallory Square
               San Miguel Villas                                  Escandido Villas                                                                           Eagle Ridge Villas             Judy Bonn -----------------------217-0319
                                                    Henry & Dotty Cole --------------759-9065                  Greenwood Villas
Joyce Fisher----------------------750-2491                                                                      Merry Oak Villas                Dorothy Bree --------------------753-5429                   Natalie Villas
         Village of Hacienda Hills                  Wayne Speicher -----------------259-9934                                                    Karen Grasso --------------------750-6724 Harvey Blakely ------------------350-2052
                                                                La Crescenta Villas                          Morning View Villas
                Hacienda - East                                                                               Village of Chatham                              Edgefield Villas                            Emmalee Villas
Bill Calabrese --------------------259-8308         Barbara Welter ------------------259-9531                                                   Julie Ayotte ----------------------350-2087 John Wharton -------------------------- 350-7373
                                                                                                     The Villages Homeowners Association Voice, March 2011, Page 15

                 Alexa Villas                              Oleander Villas                               Village of Bonita                             Seneca Villas                              Oviedo Villas
Bill & Margaret Gottschalk ------350-2405     Jim Neilson ----------------------753-9812   Bill & Janice Gibbons ------------751-4436   Pete DeLair -----------------321-288-5618            Village of Pennecamp
               Madison Villas                              Village of Largo                Bonita Villas                                               Adriana Villas             Valerie Juno ---------------------633-0944
Barbara Garnett -----------------205-4362     Peter Havighorst ----------------391-1288    Patty Colhoun -------------------751-1040                  Margaux Villas              Elliott Lefkowitz -----------------633-0380
Phyllis Grasso--------------------391-9417                 Newport Villas                  Kenya Villas                                 Gerry & Meryle Bedard----------750-4133                 Altamonte Villas
               Janeann Villas                              Village of Duval                Sheryl Cohen --------------------751-4448                    Mariel Villas             Sue Martin ----------------------753-0972
             Village of Amelia                Russ Bond ---------------------- 753-9164                  Village of Hadley                                                                      Amberjack Villas
Emily Emigh ---------------------391-1695                  Rosedale Villas                 Jim Hipple -----------------------674-9376                   Region 8                                  Azalea Villas
Linda Grzesik --------------------751-1761    John & Chris Coene --------------446-9597    Hillcrest Villas                                                                                      Boxwood Villas
                Audrey Villas                              Allandale Villas                Ron McMahon -------------------205-4647               Village of Buttonwood                          Jacaranda Villas
Joanne York----------------------751-1666     Pat Kennedy ---------------------391-5291                  Grovewood Villas               Marsha & Robert Rose -----502-689-5474                  Kingfisher Villas
          Village of Sabal Chase                              Crestwood                    Joan Puleo -----------------------259-8007                Hallandale Villas                           Mangrove Villas
Lois Byers ------------------------350-7125                 Double Palms                                  Keystone Villas               Arlene Kaplan -------------------753-0482 Charles Gaines -------------------630-9912
Gary Hendricks, Sr. --------------259-2139    Wanda Cooksey -----------------209-9132                    Bainbridge Villas                        Villages of St. Charles
Sara Manduca -------------------751-4639                       Holly Hill                            Village of Hemingway               Charley & LeeAnn Reed ---------561-4814
                Carlton Villas                              Sandhill Villas                Susan Bieberfeld ----------------391-5066                 Hallandale Villas
            Tanglewood Villas                                                              Gene Carpenter------------------753-6464                  Hortensia Villas
Laurie Cooper--------------------638-4308                                                                                               Carol Pirone & Butch Udell ------753-0982
Mimi Pflug ----------------------430-0443                                                                                                            Hydrangea Villas
              Hampton Villas                                                                                                            John & Sondra Sommerwill-----391-9094
Donna Thompson ---------------753-1778

 The VHA Mission
   To preserve and enhance the value of our
 homes and The Villages’ lifestyle.
                                                                                        The VHA support of Villagers by
 The VHA Vision                                                                                                                                         ALBANESE, Bob & Robin                MACHOL, Bruce R. & Susan T.
                                                                                     means like The Voice publication and                               ALEXANDER, Ted & Alva                MACRI, Dominic V. & Lorettiea N.
    To maintain The Villages as the premier                                          distribution and free use of medical                               ANDERSON, William & Barbara          MARINEAU, Richard & Gail
 55-plus community in the world - featuring the                                      devices through Helping Hands is                                   BASILE, Joe & JOHNSON, Verena        MORRIS, Jan
 finest amenities, homes, retail and commercial                                      100% funded by members’ dues.                                      BEVACQUA, Patricia & John            MOTT, Richard K.
 businesses, medical and professional services,                                                                                                         BLAIR, Roger & Martha                MULL, Robert & Kathy
 as well as, the best educational, cultural,                                                                                                            BLANCHARD, Richard & Phyllis         POOLE, Mike & Denise
 recreational and entertainment opportunities.                                                                                                          BOLAND, Margrit & Andy               PUSKAS, Pete & Gaye
 VHA Guiding Principles                                                                                                                                 BUCK, Jim & Rebecca                  ROBERTSON, Don & Judy
                                                                                                                                                        CANADA, Julia B.                     ROBERTSON, Jackie
    Maintain as the top priority, the interest of the                                                                                                   DE VAN, Cary F.                      ROBINSON, Terry & Gail
 residents on whose behalf the VHA is working.                              Maintenance continued from page 7                                           DELEMARRE, John & Theresa            ROSENBERGER, Marvin & Jean
    Act in the interest of the residents of The                                                                                                         DELIZ, Donald & Dianne               RUX, Kenneth & Carole
 Villages on all issues related to the VHA                                     Remember if you need help with finding qualified                         DUNCAN, Robert & Marilyn             SORENSEN, Bob & Gail
 mission.                                                                   contractors to help with these types of issues or                           GARLIPP, Thomas & Beverly            STAX, William & Jeanne
    Enable and encourage constructive                                       other needs, please feel free to contact The Villages                       GHENT, William & Mary                STEELE, Bill & Eileen
 communications between The Villages’                                       Warranty office at 753-6222, or contact us through                          GOLDMAN, Robert & Alexa              STINE, Richard S. & Ruth E.
 residents and local government agencies,                                   an e-mail request accessible on                         GRIZZARD, Larry & Julia              STUART, Charles & Judy
 The Villages’ management, and The Villages’                                home page. We are always happy to provide this type                         HAGAN, Robert A. & Gloria A.         SWENSEN, Arne
 developer.                                                                 of information to our homeowners.                                           HAUSINGER, Tim & Diane               TAYLOR, Greg & Sandra
    Develop a consensus among community                                        I look forward to visiting with you again.                               HIGGS, Mary Ann                      TISCHLER, Arlene & Ken
 partners on issues that best represent residents’                                                                                                      JUDGE, James & Carole                WALKER, Joe & Pam
 interests.                                                                                                            Dennis Stradinger                KESSLER, Herbert J. & WILSON,        WEBER, Thomas & Shirley
    Be non-partisan yet be a voice for the                                                                        Home Warranty Manager                   Barbara J.                         WILDES, Thomas W. & Carolyn L.
 residents on issues affecting the VHA’s mission.                                                                                                       KNIGHT, Earl & Lorraine              WILEY, Lynda, Lynn & Marvin
    Foster growth and progress for a positive                                                                                                           LAVOIE, Daniel & Joanne              WITTENHAGEN, Mary & James
 process of social, cultural, environmental, and                                                                                                        LONG, Herbert & Lorna
 economic community development.
    Seek mutually beneficial partnerships with                              Hawkins continued from page 11
 and among community service organizations.
    Conduct open and transparent operations and                             only be performed in a university setting such as The                          Hawkins: No. The developer will not have any
 administration of the VHA.                                                 Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa like bone marrow                             financial interest in The Villages Cancer Center
    Recognize and support constructive efforts                              transplants. However we expect 95 percent of the                            what so ever. The developer is building the cancer
 by community residents, service groups and                                 patients being treated at The Villages Cancer Center                        center structure and will be the landlord for all of the
 organizations contributing to the VHA mission.                             to be able to remain at home and be treated at “Their                       tenants in that building. The Villages Cancer Center
    Encourage resident participation in                                     Cancer Center”. All of the Moffitt research protocols                       will lease the first floor from the developer. The
 community affairs, VHA activities, and VHA                                 will be available to both the medical oncologists and                       developer will not participate in any of the clinical
 leadership roles.                                                          radiation oncologists at The Villages Cancer Center.                        revenue sources from The Villages Cancer Center.
    Serve the complex and rapidly changing
 needs of our unique community.                                                The Voice: Will the developer share in the clinical
                                                                            revenue from The Villages Cancer Center?
Page 16, March 2011, The Villages Homeowners Association Voice

VHA Works with Installer to Resolve HVAC Issue Inaugural VHA
O                                                                 for parts and labor from re-startup following repair
 ver the last year an abnormal failure rate of a refrigerant line
 was occurring in units in The Villages. Upon investigation by
 VHA Reps in Regions 6 and 7, the problem was determined to
                                                                  for any resident who was previously affected by this
                                                                  problem.                                             Academy
be caused by corrosion of a copper line within a pvc sleeve resulting in                   Sun Kool is a local contractor who has installed                                   bout 70 VHA Neighborhood Representatives and Directors at-
a loss of refrigerant and subsequent loss of air conditioning. Bill Gott-               HVAC units in thousands of homes in The Villages                                      tended a specially designed curriculum modeled after the six-
schalk and John Wharton headed a team to find the root cause and                        region over the last fifteen years and has been a                                     session District Government Resident’s Academy. The program
provide support and updates to residents affected who were princi-                      contractor with The Villages for nine years. Sun                               was streamlined for VHA Reps, who are typically well versed in all
pally patio villas owners.                                                              Kool wishes to maintain a reputation for good                                  aspects of The Villages and already able to assist their fellow residents
    Working with The Villages Home Warranty, Home                                       products and service and invites Villagers that have                           with answers to most questions and solving most problems. The
Construction and the three installers, materials were                                   questions or issues with refrigerant lines to contact                          Academy was designed to give the VHA Reps a better understanding
reviewed, installation methods were investigated                                        Sun Kool at 352-622-1067.                                                      of the special purpose government of our Community Development
and manufacturer and inspection requirements were                                                                                                                      District and the transition process from Developer to Resident. Reps
checked. The three contractors doing installations                                                                                                                     also gained an appreciation for the complexity and efficiency of the
in The Villages held meetings among themselves                                                                                                                         District Government operation in managing the $150 million budget
to collectively solve the mysterious failures which                                                                                                                    of The Villages.
were almost exclusively unique to some patio villas.
The installers determined that they essentially used
identical installation methods and materials, except
that the patio villas used a longer run of copper
tubing uniquely from a 100 foot long coil of tubing.
The Villages and the three HVAC installers all use the
same supplier, Mueller Copper Tubing and Fittings.
    The Villages and the three contractors are working
with Mueller to provide more precise installation
specifications and procedures than currently exist, as
well as offering a longer and more comprehensive
warranty for their products. In the meantime, the
principal affected installer, Sun Kool, which installs
HVACs in all of the patio villas (among many others),                                   Brinson-Perry Dog Park located adjacent to the Bonita Boulevard Fire Station   District Manager Janet Tutt welcomes VHA Neighborhood Representatives
is extending the refrigerant line set warranty for parts                                No. 5 off Buena Vista Boulevard opens this month. The property was donated     to inaugural VHA Rep Academy and presents overview of District Government
                                                                                                                                                                       and CDD form of government.
and labor to five years from startup at Sun Kool’s                                      by the developer and Sumter Landing Community Development District fund-
expense. Additionally, Sun Kool has agreed with the                                     ed the improvements for dog owners’ use.
VHA to warranty any repaired refrigerant line sets                                                                                                                        Most VHA Reps attending the academy had
                                                                                                                                                                       several years of experience in their roles and all
                                                                                                                                                                       attended the District Governments Orientation
                                                                                                                                                                       refresher class as a pre-requisite. As The Villages
                                                                                                                                                                       enters its final quarter of buildout through 2015,
                                                                                                                                                                       the VHA views the understanding of the residents’
                                                                                                                                                                       role in facilities transfer and CDD management
                                                                                                                                                                       vital to success of The Villages. A VHA top
                                                                                                                                                                       priority is to strengthen the role of the VHA Rep.
                                                                                                                                                                       To that end, more emphasis is being placed on the
                                                                                                                                                                       VHA Representative as the local expert for his/
                                                                                                                                                                       her neighborhood on The Villages Community
                                                                                                                                                                       Development Districts’ (CDDs) Government and
                                                                                                                                                                       Operations. That was the essence of this Rep
                                                                                          Your partners                                                                Academy.
                                                                                          use a driver                                                                    The District Manager and about a dozen District
                                                                                                                                                                       Staff and Contractors provided the VHA Rep
                                                                                          to tee off on                                                                Academy training. VHA Rep Academy Coordinator
                                                                                          every hole on a                                                              Russ D’Emidio was impressed by the productive
                                                                                          par 3 executive                                                              and efficient flow of information. He believed that
                                                                                          course.                                                                      attendees left the meeting more knowledgeable in The
                                                                                                                                                                       Villages and District operations and better equipped
                                                                                                                                                                       to provide information and support to residents.
                                                                                                                                                                          The overall cooperation among The VHA and its
                                                                                                                                                                       partners through programs such as The VHA Rep
District Manager Janet Tutt (l) and Amenity Authority Committeewoman Jo                                                                                                Academy is intended to contribute to The Villages
Weber discuss Silver Lake Recreation Center improvements following the Dis-                                                                                            Lifestyle and enhance the overall experience of
trict Manager’s meeting with Orange Blossom residents and a tour of the rec-             by Bill Landis and Elder Gray                                                 residents of The Villages.
reation facility. The District Manager is visiting all of the districts at recreation    Inspired by Roger Duncan
centers over the next several weeks. The Manager-Resident Meeting schedule               the Village of Chatham
is posted on the website.

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