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									                                                                                                                                    Utah Cross Country
     Table of Contents                                                                              2009 Schedule

     Quick Facts and Schedule .................................................. 1                  Date                    Opponent                                    Location
     What They’re Saying About Coach Kepler ..................... 2                                 Sept. 5                 Utah State Open                             Logan, Utah
     Award Winners..................................................................... 3
     Head Coach Kyle Kepler .................................................... 4                  Sept. 19                Montana State Invitational Bozeman, Mont.
     Coaching Staff ....................................................................... 5       Sept. 25                Utah Valley Invitational                    Orem, Utah
     2009 Preview......................................................................... 6-8
                                                                                                    Oct. 10                 Nevada Invitational                         Reno, Nev.
     2009 Roster........................................................................... 9
     Meet the Utes ....................................................................... 10-17    Oct. 17                 Chile Pepper Invitational                   Fayetteville, Ark.
     2008	Results .......................................................................... 18     Oct. 31                 MWC Championships                           Provo, Utah
     Utah Cross Country Venues .............................................. 19
     Athlete Development.......................................................... 20               Nov. 14                 NCAA Regionals                              Albuquerque, N.M.
     The University of Utah ....................................................... 21              Nov. 23                 NCAA Championships                          Terre Haute, Ind.
     Salt Lake City ........................................................................ 22
                                                                                                    Utah Sports Information
    University of Utah                                                                              Director: Liz Abel
                                                                                                    Associate Director: Kyle Harris
    Location:	Salt	Lake	City,	UT	84112                                                              Assistant Director: Brooke Frederickson
    Metro Population: 1,333,914                                                                     Assistant Director: Mike DeVIne
    Elevation: 4,657 feet above sea level
    President: Dr. Michael K.Young
                                                                                                    	      Office	Phone:	(801)	581-8997
    Athletics Director: Dr. Chris Hill
    Founded:	1850                                                                                   Office Manager: Kate Sturgeon
    Enrollment: 29, 251                                                                             Student Assistant (XC Contact): Heather Harrison
    Nickname: Utes                                                                                         E-mail:
    Colors: Crimson and White                                                                       	      Office	Phone:	(801)	581-351
    Mascot: Swoop	(Red-Tailed	Hawk)
    Facilities: Tally Stevens Track Stadium/
                                                                                                      Follow the Ute Cross Country Team at ...
    Olympic Oval, Rose Park Golf Course                                                                         
    Web Site:
    Conference: Mountain West
    Affiliation: NCAA Division I
    Coaching Staff

    Head Coach: Kyle Kepler                                                                     
    	      Alma	Mater:	Northern	Iowa,	1998/2004
    	      Office	Phone:	(801)	585-6858
    Assistant Coach: Shayla Houhlihan
           Alma Mater: Northern Iowa, 2007; Utah, 2009
    Volunteer Assistant Coach: Carol Eckerly
           Alma Mater: Akron, 2009                                                                
    2008 in Review

    MWC Finish: 3rd/9
    NCAA Regional Finish: 6th/18
    Top Utah Individual: Alyssa	Abbott,	9th	(20:52.4)			                                           	 Credits: Country Media Guide was writtern by Heateher Harrison, Sports Information
                                                                                                     The 2009 Cross
    2009 NCAA Championships:                                                                         Student Assistant. Designed and edited by Mike DeVine, Assistant Sports Information Director.
                                                                                                     Photography by Steve Wilson, Tom Smart, Scott Pettett, Utah Olympic Oval, Salt Lake
                         Alyssa	Abbott,		76th	(21:00.5)                                              Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Utah Travel Council. Cover design by Mike DeVine.

1                                                           Table of Contents/Quick Facts                                                                                 Media Guide
                                                                                          Utah Cross Country
    Trevor Jameson
    Director of Sports Medicine •	University of Utah

    “Coach Kepler is a great coach. He truly cares about all of his athletes and keeps himself well informed on their injuries and limitations.
    More than any coach I have worked with, he has been able to help his athletes continue to train and improve despite what injuries they
    may	have.	He	is	able	to	help	motivate	his	athletes	to	find	their	best	and	be	self-motivated	to	work	at	achieving	their	best.	I	consider	him	a	
    friend and love to work with him and the athletes in his program because they demand so much of themselves.”

    Tony Bussan
    Head Cross Country and Track Coach •	Webster City Schools, Webster City, Iowa •	
    President of the Iowa Association of Track Coaches

    “From the moment he showed up on my front porch as a high school freshman, through an outstanding high school and collegiate running
    career,	to	assistant	and	head	coaching	duties	at	the	University	of	Northern	Iowa	(which	included	serving	as	the	director	of	the	NCAA	Di-
    vision	I	Championships)	to	now	leading	the	up-and-coming	Utah	program,	Kyle	Kepler	has	been	a	proven	winner,	team	leader,	and	program	
    developer. His intense commitment to excellence for each individual and the team as a whole allows him to foster the relationships and
    development among his squads that create excitement and success.”

    Beth Wolfgram CSCS, MS, RD, CD
    Sports Nutritionist, University of Utah Athletic Department •	Adjunct Faculty University of Utah Division of Nutrition

    “[Kepler] is very dedicated to the overall health and well-being of his team and he has made performance
    related nutrition a priority for his athletes. [Kepler] continues to involve me with the team and individual
    athletes he is concerned about. He emphasizes an approach that focuses on both the performance of an athlete today, but also the long
    term health of the athlete. He is a great team player and cares so much about his athletes.”

    Robert Rainey
    University of Utah •	Athletics Academic Services

    “Since Coach Kepler has been at Utah, all of his teams have had cumulative GPAs above a 3.0. and they have been recognized with All-Aca-
    demic awards from the Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field Coaches’
    Associations. He truly recognizes the importance of the balance between academics and athletics.”

    Brad Rasmussen
    Glenwood Girls Track and Field/Cross Country Coach •	Glenwood Community Schools (Iowa)

    “I	met	“Kep”	while	he	was	an	assistant	coach	at	the	University	of	Northern	Iowa.	My	two	sons	and	I	attended	the	track	and	field/cross	
    country camp at Northern Iowa while he was there. “Kep” and I developed a lasting friendship. His coaching techniques and guidance go far
    beyond athletics. His personality allows him to get the best from all of the people he meets. He is very loyal to his athletes and coaches and
    works hard to be the best. It is an honor for me to call him friend and colleague.”

    Kari Krook
    Former student-athlete •	University of Northern Iowa

    “Coach Kepler is an outstanding coach who is committed to leading his cross country and track and Field teams to the next level. His
    passion, dedication and patience for the sport of running has and will continue to bring his teams great success. In addition, Coach Kepler’s
    experience as a former student athlete is an invaluable asset for promoting the importance of performing well in the classroom. He is such
    a great coach, Utah is lucky to have him.”

    Cody Krenka
    Head Cross Country Coach •	Head Track & Field Coach •	Elko High School (Nev.)

    “Coach Kepler is a great coach who has an amazing ability to take a young athlete fresh out of high school and turn her in to a competitive
    NCAA Division 1 athlete. He realizes that each athlete has different potential and works hard to get each girl to that potential. As a dis-
    tance coach for 11 years, I have had more than my fair share of athletes compete at the next level and I can honestly say that the distance
    program under Coach Kepler at the University of Utah is usually my highest recommendation for my female athletes.”

2                                              “What They’re Saying ...”                                                 Media Guide
 Utah Cross Country
 AIAW All-Americans

 1981    Jill Molen
 1981    Carla Pittelkour
 1981    Mary Lou Sedgwick

 NCAA Qualifiers

 1982    Jill Molen                              25th*
 1987    Celsa Bowman                16:48.80    23rd*
 1999    Johanna Nielsen             17:49.40    72nd
 2004    Elise Greenwood-Bahr        21:45.10    79th
 2008    Alyssa Abbott               21:00.50    76th
 * denotes NCAA All-American
                                                             Jill Molen is Utah’s only two-time
 NCAA All-Region Performers since 1998                       national meet qualifier, running in the
                                                             AIAW Nationals in 1981 then the NCAA
                                                             Championships in 192.
 2008     Alyssa Abbott, Chelsea DiGrazia
 2007     Alyssa Abbott
 2004     Elise Greenwood-Bahr
 1999     Johanna Nielsen
 1998     Johanna Nielsen
 MWC All-Conference Performers

 Johanna	Nielsen	(First	Team)

 Charity	Vernon	(Second	Team)

 Elise	Greenwood-Bahr	(First	Team)

 Elise	Greenwood-Bahr	(First	Team)

 Alyssa	Abbott	(First	Team)
 Chelsea	DiGrazia	(Second	Team)
                                                Chelsea DiGrazia earned NCAA All-Recognition in 2008.                     Award Winners                                                      3
                                                                                                                 Utah Cross Country
                                          Kyle Kepler                                             2006-07
                                                                                                  During the 2006 cross country season, Kepler guided freshman Abbott to a top
                                          Head Coach                                              25	finish	at	the	MWC	Championships	(23rd)	and	a	top	50	finish	at	the	NCAA	
                                                                                                  Mountain	Region	Championships	(46th).	After	only	a	year	under	Kepler’s	coaching,	
                                          Fifth	Year	•	Northern	Iowa,		                    	      the Utes improved to 6th-place in the team standings.
                                                                                                  During the track season, Kepler saw seven all-MWC performers between the
                                                                                                  indoor and outdoor seasons, and coached two MWC outdoor champions: Shapard
                                                                                                  and Amanda Feigt. The two Utes went on to qualify for regionals along with
                                                                                                  Abbott, Mandie Rowell and Susan Atwater. Shapard and Feigt were also NCAA
                                                                                                  qualifiers	during	the	2007	outdoor	season.	

                                                                                                  Feigt	was	a	USA	Track	and	Field	national	qualifier	in	the	400m	hurdles	where	she	
    	Kyle	Kepler	is	heading	into	his	fifth	year	as	the	head	coach	of	the	University	of	Utah	      was	a	semi	finalist.	Abbott	was	junior	national	qualifier	in	the	800m	run.	
    women’s	cross	country	and	track	&	field	programs.		Kepler’s	organization	and	attention	
    to detail have allowed him to develop a solid foundation and create a competitive             2005-06
    program that has steadily improved each year. In 11 years of coaching Division I              The 2005 cross country runners also thrived under Kepler’s direction. While the
    athletics,	Kepler	has	seen	28	conference	champions,	112	all-conference	athletes,	25	          Utes	finished	seventh	at	the	MWC	championships,	he	saw	three	personal-best	
    regional	qualifiers,	15	all-region	athletes,	20	NCAA	qualifiers,	and	nine	NCAA	All-           performances from his team at the 6km conference championship meet.
    Americans. The Utes are also noted for their strong academics, earning the 12th-highest
    team	GPA	in	the	country	in	both	2007	(3.64)	and	2008	(3.65).                                  Kepler also guided two athletes to the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Champion-
                                                                                                  ships	in	2006.	Vanessa	Mortensen	qualified	in	the	hammer	throw	and	just	missed	
    2008-09                                                                                       All-America	accolades	with	a	10th-place	finish	(190-7),	while	Feigt	was	a	first-time	
    The	2008	season	was	a	banner	year	for	Coach	Kepler	and	the	Utes.	He	coached	                  qualifier	in	the	400m	hurdles	(1:00.7).		In	addition	to	the	four	new	school	marks	
    the	cross	country	team	to	a	third	place	finish	at	the	Mountain	West	Conference	               in 2006, the Webster City, Ia., native also helped his athletes set 144 new personal
    Championships,	which	is	the	highest	finish	in	school	history.	En	route	to	that	third	place	   bests.
    finish,	the	Utes	defeated	defending	conference	champions	Colorado	State.	The	team	
    also	had	a	top	ten	finish	in	the	NCCA	Regional	Meet,	placing	sixth	overall.	Alyssa	Abbott	    When	2006	was	all	said	and	done,	he	saw	four	of	his	athletes	(Feigt	twice,	AJ	Roby	
    (9th)	and	Chelsea	DiGrazia	(21st)	were	named	to	the	NCAA	All-Mountain	Region	                 and	Mortensen)	garner	all-conference	accolades,	upping	his	career	total	of	all-
    team.	Abbott	advanced	to	the	2008	NCAA	Cross	Country	Championships	where	she	                 conference	athletes	to	80.	In	addition	to	all-conference,	Kepler	mentored	another	
    placed 76th with a time of 21:00.5, missing all-American status by 19 seconds.                19 conference champions.

    The	successful	momentum	transferred	into	the	track	and	field	season	as	Kepler	                In	his	first	season,	Kepler	saw	three	athletes	and	his	4x100m	relay	team	all	set	
    coached his athletes to set 135 new personal bests between the indoor and                     new school marks. Among the top performances in school history were Feigt’s
    outdoor	seasons.	The	team	finished	fifth	at	the	Mountain	West	Conference	Outdoor	             3,880-point	performance	in	the	pentathlon,	Mortensen’s	205-foot	throw	in	the	
    Championships. Senior Chelsea Shapard won the 400m hurdles for the third                      hammer and Roby’s 47-3.5 effort in the shot put.
    consecutive year, while junior Sarah Grimm and true freshman Langley Iverson won
    the hammer throw and high jump titles, respectively. Seven Utes were named to the             Personal
    all-conference team in four events.                                                           Prior to coming to Utah, Kepler served as Northern Iowa’s head men’s and
                                                                                                  women’s	cross	country	coach	and	as	an	assistant	track	and	field	coach	for	the	two	
    Kepler	and	his	staff	coached	two	athletes	(Shapard	and	Grimm)	through	the	NCAA	               seasons.
    Track	and	Field	National	Championships.	Shapard	qualified	and	competed	at	the	2009	
    USA	Track	and	Field	Outdoor	Championships,	finishing	21st	overall.	Iverson	qualified	         He was on staff at UNI for a total of seven years, serving as an assistant cross
    and competed at the 2009 USA Track and Field Junior National Championships.                   country	coach	for	five	years	prior	to	being	named	head	coach	in	2003.	Kepler	was	
                                                                                                  named the Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Cross Country Coach of the Year in
    2007-08                                                                                       2003 after leading the Panthers to an MVC title. The Panthers won 12 MVC titles
    In	2007,	Kepler	coached	the	cross	country	team	to	an	improved	fifth	place	finish	in	the	      among cross country and in indoor and outdoor track during his tenure with the
    MWC	Championships,	including	three	top	25	finishers.	At	the	NCAA	Mountain	Region	             Panthers.
    Championships,	sophomore	Abbott	finished	24th	overall	and	was	named	to	the	NCAA	
    All-Mountain Region team. Kellie Anderson and Lauren Endersen also garnered top 50            Kepler has coached nine NCAA Division I All-America athletes and has had 20
    finishes	at	the	NCAA	Reginal	Championships.                                                   of his athletes qualify for the NCAA Cross Country or Track and Field Cham-
                                                                                                  pionships. He served as the meet manager for the 2003 NCAA Cross Country
    On the track, Shapard broke her own school record in the 400m hurdles with a time of          Championships and Pre-Nationals meet. Kepler was also named the meet director
    58.07	at	the	Arkansas	Twilight.	She	also	went	on	to	win	her	second	consecutive	MWC	           of the annual A. D. Dickinson Relays, one of the largest high school indoor meets in
    400m hurdle title. Shapard was named to the all-West Region Team after a third place          the nation.
    finish	at	the	NCAA	West	Region	Championships.	At	the	NCAA	Championships,	she	
    advanced	to	the	semifinals	and	finished	15th	overall.                                         Kepler was a varsity athlete at University of Northern Iowa. He took part in both
                                                                                                  cross	country	and	track	and	field	for	the	Panthers,	serving	as	a	team	captain	during	
    Josefin	Berg	had	a	podium	finish	at	the	MWC	Championships	where	she	was	an	all-               the	1997-98	school	year.	As	an	athlete,	Kepler	was	a	member	of	five	MVC	cham-
    MWC	performer	after	placing	third	with	a	hammer	throw	of	182-3.	She	qualified	for	            pionship teams. He earned all-conference honors nine times during his collegiate
    the NCAA West Regional Championships and earned an at-large bid to the NCAA                   career, was a two-time all-region cross country selection and a six-time Academic
    Track	and	Field	Championships.	She	placed	22nd	overall	with	a	throw	of	185-10.	               All-Missouri Valley Conference honoree.

    The	Utes	finished	sixth	in	the	outdoor	MWC	Championships	and	seventh	at	the	indoor	           Kepler holds both master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the Northern Iowa. He
    MWC Championships.                                                                            earned his master’s degree in physical education in 2004 and graduated with a
                                                                                                  bachelor’s	in	secondary	education-geography	in	1998.	

4                                                                  Head Coach Kyle Kepler                                                               Media Guide
    Utah Cross Country
                                  Shayla Houlihan

                                  Assistant Coach
                                  SecondYear	•	Northern	Iowa,	2007
                                               Utah, 2009

    Shayla Houlihan enters her second season as an assistant cross country coach.

	 Last	season	on	the	track,	Houlihan	qualified	for	the	NCAA	Regionals	in	the	steeplechase	after	finishing	fourth	in	the	steeplechase,	eighth	in	the	1500m,	and	being	
a member of the fourth-place distance medley relay team at the indoor MWC Championships. Houlihan was named to the USTFCCCA All-Academic and MWC
Academic	All-Conference	teams.	Houhlihan	finished	with	the	Northern	Iowa	school	record	in	the	steeplechase	and	won	the	8,000m	at	the	2007	Drake	Relays.	

    Houlihan graduated from UNI with a degree in exercise science and a minor in coaching and working on master’s of science in health promotion and education at
the University of Utah.

                                   Carol Eckerly

                                   Assistant Coach
                                   First	Year	•	Akron,	2008

Carol	Eckerly	joins	the	Utah	cross	country	coaching	staff	for	her	first	season.	Eckerly	most	recently	competed	at	the	University	of	Akron	for	two	seasons	after	starting	
her	career	at	Miami	University	(Ohio)	from	2004	to	2007.	

	 Last	season	with	the	Zips,	Eckerly	was	named	Akron’s	Most	Improved	for	the	2008	outdoor	season	and	won	the	Mid-American	Conference	Outdoor	championship	
in	the	10,000-meter	race	(35:54.62),	which	stands	as	the	third-fastest	time	in	school	history.	In	2007,	she	ran	in	Akron’s	first	three	cross	country	meets,	having	a	best	
finish	of	eighth	at	the	Tommy	Evans	Invitational.

    Eckerly began her career by competing for three seasons at Miami University. She was named to the Academic All-MAC for the 2005 cross country season. She
earned second team All-MAC recognition in cross country as a freshman after placing seventh at the conference meet. Eckerly graduated from the University of Akron
with a bachelor’s degree in education.                                                 .                                                        Assistant Coaches                                                                                    5
                                                                                                         Utah Cross Country
    The 2009 Utah women’s cross country team is eager to get into                        Facing challenging situations is something senior redshirt Alyssa
    competition this year even though it faces the challenge of being a young      Abbott knows much about. She battled an IT band injury all of last year,
    team after the graduation of several outstanding seniors. Last season,         but	still	managed	to	have	a	stellar	cross	country	season.	After	finishing	
    the	Utes	obtained	their	highest	finish	in	school	history	(third)	at	the	       in the top 10 at the NCAA regional meet, Abbott advanced to the
    Mountain West Conference Championships and placed sixth at the                 NCAA	Championships	in	Terre	Haute,	Ind.	She	was	able	to	finish	the	
    NCAA Regional Championships. Although the team is young this year,             6K run in 21:00.5 for 76th-place overall, missing All-American status by
    fifth-year	head	coach	Kyle Kepler	is	confident	the	team	will	grow	into	a	      just	19	seconds.	It	was	the	first	time	since	2004	Utah	was	able	to	send	a	
    strong and competitive squad.                                                  representative to the prestigious race. Abbott also made the All-MWC
                                                                                   First	Team	with	her	fourth-place	finish	at	the	conference	championship	
         “I like the makeup of this team,” said Kepler. “Everyone wants to         meet.
    work hard and learn together. I think they understand that growing and
    working	together	will	better	benefit	them	as	individuals	and	allow	us	to	           “We’re red shirting Alyssa this year to allow her to recover more
    continue moving the program forward within the conference, region, and         thoroughly from her IT band injury that she suffered last year. She is the
    nationally.                                                                    team leader and is still important in helping the young kids to develop,”
                                                                                   said Kepler. “Her training is a little bit different than the rest of the team
    	     “It’s	amazing	how	much	this	team	reminds	me	of	my	first	Utah	team	       because she isn’t in season, but she gives us the leadership that we need
    five	years	ago.	They	are	young,	but	they	listen	and	are	eager	to	get	better	   since we are so young. She is a huge factor in how we develop as a team
    every day. That makes my job fun on a daily basis and will allow our           this year.”
    program to continue to move forward at a quicker pace.
                                                                                        Brooke Casagranda, a native to Elko, Nev., returns to the
         “Our expectations are a little different when compared to last year,      team after a redshirt season last year due to injuries. She competed
    but I expect us to stay in the upper division of the league and be a top-      unattached last year at the Utah Valley University Open 5K with a time
    10 team in the region,” said Kepler. “It will be a different challenge this    of 22:54.3.
    year as a young team, but we have established our program there now.”
    Kepler will be joined by former Utah distance runner and second-year                “Brooke is back and has had a good summer of training. She has
    assistant Shayla Houlihan	and	first-year	assistant	Carol Eckerly.              definitely	improved	from	a	year	ago	but	she	is	a	great	team	leader	as	
                                                                                   well and handles everyone so well,” said Kepler. “She will be helping us
         “I have two outstanding assistants this year. Shayla has been with        as much off the running path as she will on it since she is also a great
    us as an athlete and as an assistant last year. She provides on the job        student. The freshmen will gain from her experiences and it will make
    training for our gals and has been the person that has been there and          their transition a lot smoother.”
    done it. I think it helps with the communication process between the
    team and myself,” said Kepler.                                                       A native of Salt Lake City and a product of Skyline High School,
                                                                                   Megan Combe will be joining the Ute’s squad as a freshman. She
    “Our	newest	assistant,	Carol,	just	finished	her	career	at	the	University	      lettered all four years in high school in cross country, and was named
    of Akron as an outstanding distance runner. Carol and Shayla run post-         team captain for her senior year for both cross country and track and
    collegiately and give the girls a perspective of what to expect when given     field	team.	
    situations present themselves. They bring valuable information to this
    young team that will help them develop.”                                           “Megan comes from a great high school program so she is used
                                                                                   to doing some of the things that we have asked her to do already,” said
                                                                                   Kepler. “She came in with a couple of nagging injuries but they seem to
                                                                                   be healing up. We’ll keep her up and going because she is a competitor
                                                                                   who loves to race.”

         Alyssa Abbott                                                                               Brooke Casagranda

6                                                                       Preview                                                              Media Guide
 Utah Cross Country
      Alexis Davis, a junior and native to Aurora, Ohio, enters her         Freshman Chantel Hunt joins the Utes from Crystal, N.M. where she
 third year with the Utah cross country program, giving the young           attended Navajo Pine High School. Her current best in a 5K run is 19:20
 team structure and veteran guidance. Last year she raced in the            which helped her earn Navajo Times Cross Country Female Runner of the
 MWC	Championships	6K	and	finished	with	a	time	of	25:26.                    Year.

      “Alexis has really worked hard on her overall strength and                  “She came to our program in a unique situation. She grew up on a
 fitness	and	that’s	really	helped	her	in	the	past	year,”	said	Kepler.	      reservation in Arizona and New Mexico and did all of her training on her
 “She’s improved quite a bit and even in these early-season practices,      own. She is a self-made runner who has great strength,” said Kepler. “We’ll
 she has led me to believe that she will be a contributing factor to        be working on her foot speed and getting her to run a little better with
 the team this year. This is kind of her break out season this year. We     the	group.	I	think	once	she	does	that,	she’ll	be	fine.	She	has	shown	good	
 are	hoping	to	really	see	her	do	that	and	step	up	and	fill	in	that	void	    signs in practice and has great days, but we’ll look for more consistency.”
 that was left by our four graduating seniors.”
                                                                                  Early season standout freshman Jenny McCune has already shown
      After being diagnosed with a rare stress fracture at the start of     a great deal of promise to the cross country program. She is a local runner
 the season, freshman McKenzie Dean, a native to Pahrump, Nev.,             out of Sandy, Utah, who ran for the cross country and track teams in
 will be a medical redshirt this year. She currently has a personal best    addition to playing defense on the Alta High School soccer team. She also
 of	18:46	in	the	5K	run	and	was	named	the	Las	Vegas	Review	Journal	         has strong academics, graduating from Alta High School with a 4.0 GPA to
 Athlete	of	the	Year	for	cross	country	in	2007	and	2008.                    earn academic all-state honors in all three sports.

       “McKenzie had been bothered by her foot since her senior high               “With Jenny, every day is a good day and if it’s not, you’ll never know
 school	track	season.	She	got	here	and	finally	got	diagnosed	and	it	        it,” said Kepler. “She is always smiling and having a good time. She brings
 just ended up being worse than anyone thought,” said Kepler. “She          that positive attitude to practice for everybody and that’s fun. She is
 is a great kid and a very good student. Even though this has been          very competitive so we’re looking for big things from her this year. She is
 a tough way to start, she has been very positive and doing cross           already showing great signs.”
 training in the pool and on the elliptical. We are looking forward to
 getting her back for the track season.”                                         Freshman Amanda Mergaert has been another strong anchor for
                                                                            the Utes early in the season. She attended Utica High School in Shelby
       Kacee Hildebrandt comes to Utah as a sophomore transfer              Township, Mich., where she competed on the cross country and track
 from	Paradise	Valley	Community	College	(Paradise	Valley,	Ariz.).	She	      teams. She was a member of the National Honor Society and earned the
 placed	28th	in	the	NJCAA	Cross	Country	Nationals	5K	run	with	a	            McDonald’s Athlete-Scholar Award during her tenure at Utica High School.
 time	of	18:50.	Originally	from	Cedar	Hills,	Utah,	Hildebrandt	is	back	
 in her home state ready to adjust to the NCAA Division I level.                  “Amanda absolutely hates to lose more than anything in life whether
 “Kacee is a local product that is a transfer after a year at Paradise      on the course, track, or in the classroom. She is a very good student and
 Valley Community College. She thought she needed a transition year         has transitioned very well,” said Kepler. “She has a long ways to go and
 before competing in Division I athletics, and I think that really helped   has a lot to learn, but her competitiveness has helped her so far.” Senior
 her,”	said	Kepler.	“Even	though	she	is	a	first	year	for	us,	it	is	very	    Sydney Osmun joined the cross country team last year after a prior
 evident that she has had a year of college under her belt. She runs        two-year stint with Utah’s swimming and diving team. The Elko, Nev. native
 more miles than anyone on the team. She is a strong runner and I           competed in four meets last year, including the Colorado State Open
 feel that she’ll be a major contributor to what we’re trying to do         where	she	finished	in	21:15.0	in	the	5K	course.	

     Alexis Davis                                                                      Jenny McCune                                               Preview                                                                                       7
                                                                                                  Utah Cross Country
          “I know that she will give everything she has on a daily basis     	     Although	her	time	on	the	track	and	field	team	came	to	a	
    and is a great leader for this team. She keeps us loose and keeps        close last season, senior Chelsea Shapard will be trying her
    us from outthinking ourselves sometimes,” said Kepler. “We are           athletic abilities with the cross country team during the 2009
    looking for her to continue to develop as a runner here.”                season. The last time she competed for a cross country team was
                                                                             during	her	time	at	Park	City	High	School	(Park	City,	Utah)	where	
         Zoe Roy will be playing a role on both Utah’s cross and ski         she contributed to the team’s state titles in 2004 and 2005.
    teams this year. Last year, she trained with the cross country team
    as much as possible and competed in the Utah Valley University           “Everyone knows Chelsea from her accolades and all of the good
    Open	5K,	where	she	finished	in	20:06.4	for	30th	place.                   things she did for us with our track program,” said Kepler. “She
                                                                             is talented enough as an athlete she might be able to help us this
          “Zoe struggled a little bit with some shin problems over           year in cross country. For her to have had so much success at
    the summer but is starting to get herself back into pretty good          such a high level, this team needs to feel that and be a part of
    shape. We’re looking to have her join us at any time,” said Kepler.      it to understand what it takes to get there. She also has a great
    “She may only be able to help us for a few races, but she will be a      personality and some natural leadership abilities to bring to the
    definite	contributor	when	she	steps	onto	the	team	for	us.”               team.”

         Freshman Rachel Schmalzle joins the Utes from Hawley,                     Another local product out of Provo, Utah, is Hilary
    Penn., where she attended Wallenpaupack High School. She earned          Troutner. She was a two-year captain and earned the MVP award
    Times Tribune All-Region Runner of the Year three consecutive            for Timpview High School’s cross country and track teams. In
    years	in	a	row	and	set	a	personal	best	of	18:45	in	a	5K	run.	            cross country, she set a personal best in the three-mile run with
                                                                             a	time	of	18:07.	“Hilary	is	a	solid	kid.	Every	day	I	know	that	I’m	
          “It is going to be about consistency as a freshman and trying      getting everything out of her. She loves to run and comes from a
    to be at a high level each day at practice. She is learning that every   good high school program,” said Kepler. “She is very consistent and
    day is like a state meet here,” said Kepler. “We’ve seen some really     you can count on her to be there every day to work for you. Her
    strong days in practice. She is adapting and making good choices         development won’t be just a couple of months. I think we’ll see her
    in her life and doing a good job. She has a ways to go, but you can      full potential after a few seasons. The good thing is, is that she is
    see it’s there.”                                                         head strong and loves to run.”

           Carly Selleck, a junior from Billings, Mont., returns to the             Adrienne Wilson is a true freshman out of Kitchener,
    Utes	after	competing	in	five	races	for	the	Utes	last	season	as	a	        Ontario, Canada, who was a member of the 4x400m team that
    first-year	collegiate	runner.	She	aided	the	team	in	several	races,	      won a bronze medal in 2007 at the Ontario Federation of School
    including	the	Colorado	State	Open	where	she	placed	18th	overall.	        Athletic	Association	OFSAA).	In	2006,	Wilson	earned	12th-place	
    At the NCAA Mountain Region Championships 6K race, Selleck               overall at the OFSAA cross country meet as well. “Adrienne is a
    set a new personal best with a time of 23:03.5.                          very talented kid that had a string of bad luck on her third day in
                                                                             practice. She tripped and almost fell, but while catching herself she
          “She transferred here a year ago from Montana State and            broke her foot. She will be red-shirting this year,” said Kepler. “She
    struggled with a few injuries last year. If we can keep her healthy, I   is a relentless worker that does everything she can to get better.
    really feel that she has enough talent that will really be valuable to   She is a great competitor that comes from a great club team in
    our program,” said Kepler. “She has great foot speed and in track        Canada. She knows what hard work is and knows what is ahead
    we’ll move her up to the longer distances, so cross country will         of	her.	This	is	the	first	major	injury	she	has	had	so	hopefully	she’ll	
    help her strength base.”                                                 recover from it quickly.”

                                                                                   Last year, Lucy Yates was unable to race during the cross
                                                                             country season due to problems with eligibility clearance by the
                                                                             NCAA, but they were resolved in time for her to compete in the
                                                                             indoor	and	outdoor	track	seasons.	Yates	will	enter	her	first	year	as	
                                                                             a collegiate cross country runner this season and with her year of
                                                                             experience in distance running with the track team, is anticipated
                                                                             to be a good anchor for the squad.

                                                                                   “Lucy had an outstanding summer of running and set a new
                                                                             personal	record	in	the	800m	at	the	UK	Under-20	Championships.	
                                                                             I was there to see it, so that was awesome,” said Kepler. “This is
                                                                             her	first	year	of	cross	country	in	a	couple	years,	but	she	is	looking	
                                                                             good so far. She has a ton of foot speed and she just needs to run
                                                                             comfortably to take advantage of that. She will provide leadership
                                                                             to the team after being a part of the program for a year and
                                                                             understanding our expectations.”

                                                                             This	year’s	team	resembles	a	lot	of	what	coach	Kepler’s	first	year	
                                                                             looked like: a young team eager to compete. The Utes have solid
                                                                             leadership between the seven members returning to the program
                                                                             and an experienced coaching staff. Combine that with the up-and-
                                                                             coming talent that the new freshmen bring, it creates a recipe for
           Carly Selleck                                                     many successful years to come.

8                                                                                                                                     Media Guide
 Utah Cross Country
 2009 Utah Cross Country Roster

 Name                   Yr.       Hometown                         High School
 Alyssa Abbott          R-Sr.     Reno, Nev.                       Galena HS
 Brooke Casagranda      So.       Elko, Nev.                       Elko HS
 Megan Combe            Fr.       Salt Lake City, Utah             Skyline HS
 Alexis Davis           Jr.       Aurora, Ohio                     Aurora HS
 McKenzie Dean          Fr.       Pahrump, Nev.                    Paharump HS
 Samantha Gaffney       Jr.       Salt Lake City, Utah             Judge Memorial
 Kacee Hildebrandt      So.       Cedar Hills, Utah                Lone Tree HS
 Chantel Hunt           Fr.       Window Rock, Ariz.               Navajo Pines HS
 Jenny McCune           Fr.       Sandy, Utah                      Alta HS
 Amanda Mergaert        Fr.       Shelby Township, Mich.           Utica HS
 Sydney Osmun           Sr.       Elko, Nev.                       Elko HS
 Zoe Roy                So.       Bend, Ore.                       Summit HS
 Rachel Schmalzle       Fr.       Hawley, Penn.                    Wallenpaupack HS
 Carly Selleck          Jr.       Billings, Mont.                  Senior HS
 Chelsea Shapard        Sr.       Park City, Utah                  Park City HS
 Hilary Troutner        Fr.       Provo, Utah                      Timpview HS
 Adrienne Wilson        Fr.       Kitchener, Ontario, Canada       Resurrection Catholic SS
 Lucy Yates             R-Fr.     St. Albans, Hertsfordshire, UK   St. Albans Academy

2009 Utah Cross Country Seniors

  Alyssa Abbott                   Sydney Osmun                        Chelsea Shapard
   Reno, Nev.                       Elko, Nev.                        Park City, Utah
   Galena HS                         Elko HS                           Park City HS                   Roster                                                     9
                                                                                        Utah Cross Country
                                                           and	field	meet	...	helped	team	to	Nevada	state	
                                                           championship	in	track	and	field	in	2006.

                                                           Daughter of John and Juli Abbott ... brother
                                                           runs track at Washington State University …
                                                           majoring in Exercise and Sport Science with an
                                                           emphasis on exercise physiology ... born April 5,

         Alyssa Abbot
        Sr. • Reno, Nev.
         Galena H.S.
At Utah
Junior (2008):
Set	a	new	personal	best	and	qualified	for	
nationals at the NCAA Mountain Region
Championships	after	finishing	in	20:52.4	and	
earning ninth place overall … at the NCAA
National	Championships,	finished	76th	out	of	
255	competitors	(21:00.5)	and	missed	All-
American status by 19 seconds … competed
at	the	NCAA	Pre-Nationals	meet	(6K)	with	
a	21:14	time	for	a	41st-place	finish	…	placed	
fourth overall at the Mountain West Conference
Championships	(6K)	with	a	time	of	21:37	…	
started the season at the Stanford Invite with a
31st-place	finish	after	completing	the	course	in	

Sophomore (2007):
Utah’s	top	finisher	at	the	2007	NCAA	Regional	
Championships	for	a	24th-place	(21:41.3)	…	
also	earned	Utah’s	top	finish	(20th)	at	MWC	
Championships	with	a	22:37	finish	…	in	the	
Chile Pepper Invitational, ran a 22:19 for 57th
place … opened the season with a 21st-place
finish	at	the	Montana	State	Invitational	with	a	
17:53 run ... earned the MWC Scholar-Athlete

Freshman (2006):
Led	the	team	with	a	22nd-place	(22:48.2)	finish	
at the MWC Championships ... also the team’s
top	finisher	at	the	NCAA	Regional	meet	(46th,	
22:45.9)	...	claimed	85th	at	the	Chile	Pepper	
Invite, clocking the event in 22:24 ... took 16th
(24:00.6)	at	the	Utah	Fall	Twilight	and	fifth	
(16:06)	at	the	season-opening	Reno	Chase	Race.

High School:
All-region	and	all-state	in	cross	country	(2002-
05)	...	four-time	all-region	and	all-state	selection	
in	track	and	field	...	state	runner-up	800	meter	
dash, 1600m and 3200m at the 2006 state track              Alyssa Abbott

10                                                      Meet the Utes                                          Media Guide
   Utah Cross Country

      Brooke Casagranda                                                   Megan Combe
        So. • Elko, Nev.                                            Fr. • Salt Lake City, Utah
          Elko H.S.                                                         Skyline H.S.
At Utah                                                            High School:
Freshman (2008):                                                   Personal bests include the 1600m in 5:13,
Redshirt.                                                          800m	in	2:16,	400m	in	:58	…	set	a	career	
                                                                   high in the 5000m as a senior with a time
High School:                                                       of 19:25 … lettered four years in cross
Personal bests include 5000m run in                                country	and	three	years	in	track	and	field	
19:41, 3200 meter run in 11:37, 1600m                              … team captain for cross country and
run	in	5:28,		800m	run	in	2:27	…	earned	                           track	and	field	during	the	2008-09	season	
the Wendy’s High School Heisman award                              … member of the cross country varsity
…	2008	class	valedictorian	…	graduated	                            team	(ninth-12th	grade)	and	varsity	track	
with an advanced diploma … member of                               team	(10th-12th	grade).
the Key Club, National Honors Society
and student council … also participated        Brooke Casagranda   Personal:
in soccer and basketball.                                          Daughter of John and Laura Combe …
                                                                   undecided on major … hobbies include
Personal:                                                          hiking and traveling … born January 10,
Daughter of Curtis and Randi                                       1991.
Casagranda … majoring in Biology
with plans to attend medical school …
hobbies	include	hiking,	biking,	and	fishing	
…	born	December	1,	1989.

                                               Megan Combe                                      Preview                                                    11
                                                                      Utah Cross Country

                 Alexis Davis                                                    McKenzie Dean
             Jr. • Aurora, Ohio                                                 Fr. • Pahrump, Nev.
                 Aurora H.S.                                                        Pahrump HS
     At Utah:                                                             High School:
     Sophomore (2008):                                                    Personal bests include 3200m in 11:47,
     Competed in the Montana State                                        1600m	in	5:16,	800m	in	2:20,	400m	in	:58,	
     Open,	finishing	the	three-mile	course	                               and	the	5000m	in	18:46	…	team	MVP	
     in 19:20 … suffered an ankle sprain                                  in	2008	and	2009	…	MVP	of	the	Virgin	
     during the Mountain West Conference                                  Valley Track and Field Invitational in 2009
     Championships,	but	finished	in	25:26.                                … Las Vegas Track Classic winner in the
                                                                          3200m run … Virgin Valley overall winner
     Freshman (2007):                                                     in cross country … UNLV Winter Break
     Competed in the MWC Championships                                    Meet	winner	in	the	800m,	1600m,	and	
     for	a	40th-place	finish	with	a	24:02	run	…	                          3200m events … 5000m winner at the
     participated in the NCAA Championships                               University of Oregon Twilight … winner
     for	a	23:49	finish	and	101st	place	…	in	
                                                      Alexis Davis
                                                                          of	the	800m,	1600m,	and	3200m	events	
     the BYU Invitational, ran a 20:14 race for                           at the Hillsboro Oregon Twilight … Las
     a	42nd	place	finish	…	opened	the	season	                             Vegas Review Journal Athlete of the Year
     with	a	35th-place	finish	(20:00)	at	the	Utah	                        for	cross	country	in	2007	and	2008	…	
     State Open … earned the MWC Scholar-                                 made the Southern Nevada Honor Roll
     Athlete award … maintained a 4.0 GPA.                                from 2006-2009.

     High School:                                                         Personal:
     Four-time all-conference cross country                               Daughter of Deborah Carle and Scott
     runner and a two-time all-conference track                           Dean … born March 11, 1991 …
     athlete ... won four letters in both cross                           majoring in Mass Communication with
     country and track ... won the Ohio High                              an emphasis in broadcast journalism and
     School Athletic Associate Student Athlete                            Sports Psychology.
     Award ... class salutatorian.

     Daughter of Tim and Julie Davis ... born
     February 23, 1990 ... undecided on major.

                                                     McKenzie Dean

12                                                    Meet the Utes                         Media Guide
   Utah Cross Country
                                                Daughter of Lorrie and David
                                                Gaffney … majoring in Health
                                                Promotion and Education with plans
                                                to attend medical school … born
                                                March	14,	1988.	

       Samantha Gaffney                                                                   Kacee Hildebrandt
   Jr. • Salt Lake City, Utah                                                           So. • Cedar Hills, Utah
      Judge Memorial HS                                                                 Lone Tree HS/Paradise
At Utah                                                                               Valley Community College
Sophomore (2008):
                                                                                     At Paradise Valley Community
Set a personal best at the NCAA Pre-
Nationals Meet with a time of 22:54 …
                                                                                     Freshman (2008)
crossed	the	line	in	23:11	for	18th-place	
                                                                                     Placed	28th	in	the	NJCAA	Cross	Country	
overall at the Mountain West Conference
                                                                                     Nationals	5K	with	a	time	of	18:50	…	
Championships	…	finished	Utah	State’s	
                                                                                     placed 10th at the NJCAA Track and Field
three-mile course in 15:54.9.
                                                                                     Indoor	3000m	run	(11:03)	…	earned	a	
                                                                                     third-place	finish	at	the	NJCAA	Track	and	
At Washington
                                                                                     Field Outdoor meet in the 3000m steeple.
Freshman (2007):
Medical redshirt due to injury.
                                                                                     High School:
                                                                                     Earned	first	place	at	the	West	Region	
Redshirt (2006):
                                                                                     Junior Olympics and eighth place at the
Redshirted to preserve a year of
                                                                                     National	Junior	Olympics	(18:23)	…	
                                                                                     placed sixth in the Utah State Class 5A
                                                                                     3200m run with a time of 11:16.13 and
High School:
                                                                                     10th in the 1600m run with a time of
Swept 3A state cross country titles all
                                                                                     5:14.93 … cross country team captain for
four years, making her the second person
                                                                                     four years … six-time MVP on high school
in state history to accomplish the feat ...
                                                                                     track	and	field	team	…	earned	academic	
set 3A state cross country meet record
                                                                                     all-region honors … was a member of the
of	18:22	for	5,000m	in	2005	...	also	
                                                                                     National Honors Society and Youth City
won four state track titles, and led the
                                                                                     Council … also played point guard on
Sandy girls’ team to three high school
                                                                                     Lone Peak’s basketball team.
state track crowns ... captured state
1,600m honors in 2003 and 2005, and
won 3200m crowns in 2003 and 2004 ...
                                                                                     Daughter of Konrad and DeAnna
placed second in the 3200m at the 2005
                                                                                     Hildebrandt … majoring in Exercise and
state	meet	...	overcame	injury	to	finish	       Kacee Hildebrandt                    Sport Science … born on March 29, 1990.
fifth	in	the	3,200m	at	state	as	a	senior	...	
a seven-time all-state honoree ... named
state 3A Cross Country Athlete of the
Year in all four seasons ... ran 14th at the
Footlocker West Regional cross country
meet in 2005 ... was second at the 2005
Stanford Cross Country Invitational ...
placed 14th in the 3200m at the 2005
Golden West Games, and was eighth in
the two-mile run at the 2005 Arcadia
Invitational.                                     Meet the Utes                                                                13
                                                                                       Utah Cross Country

              Chantel Hunt                                   Jenny McCune                               Amanda Mergaert
        Fr. • Window Rock, Ariz.                            Fr. • Sandy, Utah                     Fr. • Shelby Township, Mich.
             Navajo Pines HS                                      Alta HS                                   Utica HS
     High School:                                   High School:                                 High School:
     Personal best in 5000m cross country           Personal bests include the 5000m run in      Personal	bests	include	400m	dash	in	:58	
     run is 19:20 … has personal bests of: 2:27     19:40,	1600m	in	5:12.96	and	the	800m	        and	800m	run	in	2:15	…	earned	third-
     in	the	800m,	5:25	in	1600m	and	12:14	in	       in 2:17.77 … earned Female Athlete of        place	in	the	800m	run	at	2008	State	Track	
     the 3200m run … earned most valuable           the Year in her senior year … holds the      Meet	and	fifth-place	in	2009	…	member	
     runner for Navajo Pine High School for         4x400m relay school record … lettered all    of the National Honor Society, Key Club,
     four years … earned Navajo Times Cross         four years in track and soccer … played      and National Youth Leadership program
     Country Female Runner of the Year …            defense on the soccer team … graduated       … McDonald’s Athlete-Scholar and Utica
     earned 2A 3200m state champion in 2006         with a 4.0 GPA … was a member of the         Academic Scholar.
     … graduated senior class valedictorian.        academic all-state Team for cross country,
                                                    track, and soccer.                           Personal:
     Personal:                                                                                   Daughter of Dan and Sharon Mergaert
     Daughter of Delores Hunt … majoring            Personal:                                    … majoring in health sciences … hobbies
     in Business Administration … hobbies           Daughter of Mark and Liz McCune …            include biking, reading and traveling …
     include reading, camping, hiking, and riding   uncle	Dean	Hamilton	ran	the	800m	for	        born September 4, 1991.
     ATV’s … born March 7, 1990.                    the University of Utah and grandfather
                                                    Dr. Howard Sharp Sr. was on Utah’s
                                                    ski team … undecided on a major …
                                                    hobbies include horseback riding and
                                                    snowboarding … born September 27,

     Chantel Hunt                                   Jenny McCune                                 Amanda Mergaert

14                                                    Meet the Utes                                                 Media Guide
      Utah Cross Country

             Sydney Osmun                                     Zoe Roy                            Rachel Schmalzle
             Sr. • Elko, Nev.                              So.• Bend, Ore.                       Fr. • Hawley, Penn.
                 Elko HS                                    Summit H.S.                          Wallenpaupack HS
At Utah
Junior (2008):                                  At Utah                                     High School:
Opened	the	season	with	a	19:29.3	finish	        2008 XC:                                    Personal bests include the 5000m run
in the three-mile course at Utah State …        Competed in the Utah Valley University      in	18:45	and	the	three-mile	in	18:25	
finished	the	first	5K	of	the	year	in	21:15.0	   5K with a time of 20:06.4 for 30th place    … set a career best of 5:14 in the
… improved her time in the next 5K with a       overall ... ... also a member of the Utah   1600m and 11:35 in the 3200m run …
time of 20:52.7 at the Utah Valley University   cross-country ski team.                     four-time district runner-up and state
Open.                                                                                       qualifier	…	four-time	all-Region	team	
                                                Prior to Utah                               … Lackawanna League Runner of the
High School:                                    Spent a year and a half in Austria          Year	2006	through	2008	…	Times	
Student body vice president … member of         training and ski racing ... 2007            Tribune All-Region Runner of the Year
the Key Club … chair of the community           Steiermark champion.                        from	2006	to	2008.
service board … a member of the cross
country team and swim team.                     High School:                                Personal:
                                                Four-time state champion at Summit          Daughter of Ronald and Mary
Personal:                                       High School ... four-year letter winner     Schmalzle … hobbies include biking
Daughter of Roger and Linda Osmun …             ... team captain ... ran track and cross    and skiing … majoring in Biology with
majoring in parks, recreation, and tourism …    country … Honor Society member in           plans to attend medical school … born
would like to work in marketing and event       high school.                                October 2, 1990.
management	…	born	December	16,	1987.	
                                                Daughter of Rob and Muffy Roy ...
                                                enjoys snowboarding, crocheting,
                                                juggling and baking.

                                                Zoe Roy                                     Rachel Schmalzle
Sydney Osmun                                  Meet the Utes                                                                    15
                                                                 Utah Cross Country

           Carly Selleck                                               Chelsea Shapard
       Jr. • Billings, Mont.                                          Sr. • Park City, Utah
        Billings West HS                                                  Park City HS
 At Utah                                                            Three-time	qualifier	for	the	NCAA	Track	
 Sophomore (2008):                                                  and Field Outdoor Championships with
 Set a personal best at the NCAA                                    Utah’s	track	and	field	team.
 Mountain Region Championship 6K
 with a time of 23:03.5 … contributed                               At Weber State
 to	Utah’s	third-place	finish	at	the	                               Freshman (2006):
 Colorado	State	Open	(18th,	20:19.6)	…	                             Attended Weber State ... all-conference in
 finished	the	Mountain	West	Conference	                             the indoor 400-meter at WSU ... also all-
 Championships 6K in 23:57.                                         conference in the 4x400-meter relay ... set
                                                                    school’s freshman record in the 400-meter
 At Montana State                                                   hurdles	(62.0).
 Freshman (2007):
                                            Carly Selleck
 Missed fall season due to a stress                                 High School:
 fracture.                                                          Four-year	track	and	field	letterwinner	...	
                                                                    state champion in the 400-meter in 2005 ...
 High School:                                                       member of three-time 4x400-meter state
 Placed third in 2004 state cross country                           championship	team	(2003-05)	...	all-state	in	
 championships … placed seventh in                                  400-meter run, 400-meter hurdles and in
 2006 state cross country meet …                                    the 4x400-meter relay ... team won cross
 top freshman and MVP in 2003 …                                     country	(2004)	and	track	and	field	(2005)	
 Most Inspirational in 2005 … captain                               state titles.
 in 2005-2006 … set the Billings West
 High School State Record in 2004                                   Personal:
 for	the	two-mile	(11:18)	…	two-mile	                               Born	Nov.	24,	1986...	daughter	of	Steve	and	
 state champion 2006-2007 … member                                  Terry Shapard ... graduated with a BA in
 of the champion 2006 state class AA                                Broadcast Journalism in May 2009.
 track team and back-to-back swimming
 champion	team	(2004-2005)	…	holds	
 the Riverfront Home Course Record
 17:42	(2004)	…	also	participated	in	
 swimming and was a member of the
 National Honor Society.

 Daughter of Thomas and Richelle
 Selleck … majoring in physical education
 with plans to go into teaching physical
 education … hobbies include running,
 reading and swimming … born on April
 13,	1989.

                                            Chelsea Shapard

16                                               Meet the Utes                            Media Guide
      Utah Cross Country

       Hilary Troutner                               Adrienne Wilson                                     Lucy Yates
       Fr. • Provo, Utah                     Fr. • Kitchner, Ontario, Canada              R-Fr. • St. Albans, Hertsfordshire, UK
        Timpview HS                                Resurrection Catholic                            St. Albans Academy
High School:
                                             High School:
Personal bests include the three-mile                                                       High School:
                                             Recorded a personal best in the 1500m
in	18:07,	1600m	in	5:23.01	and	3200m	                                                       Recorded a personal best in the 1500m
                                             with a time of 4:43.21 … member of the
in 11:35.74 … placed second in the                                                          with a time of 4:43.21 … member of the
                                             4x400m team that won a bronze medal in
2008	Footlocker	West	Regional	Senior	                                                       4x400m team that won a bronze medal in
                                             2007 at the Ontario Federation of School
Race	…	state	qualifier	in	the	1600m	                                                        2007 at the Ontario Federation of School
                                             Athletic	Association	(OFSAA)	…	placed	
and 3200m and 1600m medley relay …                                                          Athletic	Association	(OFSAA)	…	placed	
                                             12th in the OFSAA cross country meet
region champion in the medley relay,                                                        12th in the OFSAA cross country meet
                                             in 2006 … MVP in cross country for four
running	the	800m	…	team	captain	for	                                                        in 2006 … MVP in cross country for four
two years on track team and senior                                                          years.
captain on the cross country team …
MVP in track and cross country …                                                            Personal:
                                             Daughter of Stu and Janine Wilson …
Rookie of the Year in cross country                                                         Daughter of Stu and Janine Wilson …
                                             majoring in secondary education … hobbies
during junior year.                                                                         majoring in secondary education … hobbies
                                             include running, camping, snowboarding and
                                                                                            include running, camping, snowboarding and
                                             traveling	…	born	September	18,	1991.
Personal:                                                                                   traveling	…	born	September	18,	1991.
Daughter of Stacy and Brent Troutner
… undecided on a major … hobbies
include painting, drawing, biking, camping
and hiking … born January 24, 2009.

Hilary Troutner                                Adrienne Wilson                               Lucy Yates                                  Meet the Utes                                                                 17
                                                                                                              Utah Cross Country
     2008 Meet-by-Meet Results

                                    Utah State               Colorado State   Montana State   Stanford Invite UVU Open                      Pre-Nationals         Regionals
                                    Aug. 30                  Sept. 6          Sept. 20        Sept. 27        Oct. 3                        Oct. 18               Nov. 15
                                    3 mi.                    5K               3 mi.           6K              5K                            6K                    6K

     Alyssa Abbott                  DNR                      DNR              DNR             22:20/ 31st          DNR                      21:14/ 41st           20:52.4/ 9th
     Kellie Anderson                18:45.7/	14th            20:51.8/	29th    18:43/	43rd     23:02/69th           DNR                      22:50/ 192nd          22:03.1/ 62nd
     Brooke Casagranda              DNR                      DNR              DNR             DNR                  DNR                      DNR                   DNR
     Alexis Davis                   DNR                      DNR              19:20/ 51st     DNR                  22:54.3/ 65th            DNR                   DNR
     Chelsea DiGrazia               17:57.2/ 1st             DNR              17:21/ 4th      22:19/ 30th          DNR                      21:31/ 60th           21:10.3/ 21st
     Lauren Endersen                18:30.2/	12th            19:59.4/ 13th    DNR             22:40/	48th          DNR                      22:37/ 174th          21.26.0/ 32nd
     Janett Ern                     18:36.7/	13th            20:21.2/ 20th    18:00/	10th     22:46/ 56th          DNR                      22:17/ 144th          22:06.1/ 64th
     Samantha Gaffney               15:54.9/ 17th            21:01.0/ 31st    18:38/	39th     23:32/ 117th         DNR                      22:54/ 196th          22:34.5/	85th
     Lauren Lewis                   DNR                      DNR              DNR             DNR                  DNR                      DNR                   DNR
     Sydney Osmun                   19:29.3/ 19th            21:15.0/ 35th    19:22/ 52nd     DNR                  DNR                      DNR                   DNR
     Zoe Roy                        DNR                      DNR              DNR             DNR                  20:52.7/ 47th            DNR                   DNR
     Rachel Perkins                 19:32.2/	18th            20:27.4/ 23rd    18:31/	36th     23:14/	86th          20:06.4/ 30th            DNR                   DNR
     Carly Selleck                  DNR                      20:19.6/	18th    18:10/	22nd     DNR                  DNR                      23:24/ 225th          23:03.5/ 102nd
     Stephanie Skoreyko             DNR                      DNR              DNR             DNR                  DNR                      DNR                   DNR
     Lucy Yates                     DNR                      DNR              DNR             DNR                  DNR                      DNR                   DNR

     2008 Team Finish               3rd of 3                 3rd	of	8         5th	of	8        6th of 33            N/A                      26th of 39            6th	of	18
     2007 Team Finish               3rd of 5                 DNR              4th	of	8        10th	of	28           DNR                      DNR                   11th of 1721

                             *Alyssa Abbott finished 76th at the 6k NCAA Championships (21.00.5).*

       MWC Cross Country Championship Results                                                 NCAA Mountain Region Cross Country
                                                                                              Championship Results

       1.     New Mexico ................................... 31                               1.     Texas Tech........................................ 42
                                                                                              2.     New Mexico ................................... 70
       2.     BYU................................................... 33                       3.     Northern Arizona .......................... 92
                                                                                              4.     Colorado ....................................... 133
       3.     Utah ...................................... 77                                  5.     BYU................................................. 152
                                                                                              6.     Utah .................................... 188
       4.     Colorado State.............................121                                  7.     Colorado St.ate............................212
                                                                                              8.	    Utah	State...................................... 218	
       5.     Wyoming ....................................... 143                             9.     Wyoming ....................................... 234
                                                                                              10.    Nevada ........................................... 264
       6.     Air Force ....................................... 175                           11.    Weber State .................................. 269
                                                                                              12.    UTEP .............................................. 340
       7.     UNLV .............................................. 190                         13.    Air Force ....................................... 347
                                                                                              14.    Southern Utah ..............................374
       8.		   TCU ................................................ 195                        15.    Montana ......................................... 408	
                                                                                              16.    New Mexico State .......................426
       9.     San Diego State ............................239                                 17.    Idaho State .................................... 439
                                                                                              18.	 Montana	State ..............................448

18                                                                        2008 Results                                                                          Media Guide
 Utah Cross Country
The Salt Lake Valley and surrounding area is considered to be one of     The canyon trail includes a path that is primarily dirt and another
the top 20 running cities in the United States by several of the best    that is more suitable for biking. Liberty Park is another training
running publications and experts. The University of Utah distance        favorite among the U’s distance runners. It includes a 1.45 mile
running corp has access to some of America’s greatest running            woodchip running trail where various workouts are performed.
trails. These trails consist primarily of dirt, grass, crushed rock,     Pipeline Trail is located in Millcreek Canyon which is only 15
or other runner friendly surfaces. All of these trails are located at    minutes from the University of Utah campus. This out-and-back,
elevations	ranging	from	4,500-8,000	feet.	The	breathtaking	scenery	of	   11-mile roundtrip trail is located at 6,000 feet elevation. The
the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains serve as a backdrop to one of          greenery of the canyon is surrounded by 10,000-foot peaks and
America’s most beautiful and cleanest cities -- Salt Lake City.          combines an incredible view of the Salt Lake Valley at trail’s end.
The Bonneville Trail runs through the university campus,                 Finally, the running trails in the Park City vicinity are some of the
university research park, above Utah’s famous Red Butte                  world’s premier running trails. Located at nearly 7,000-foot
Gardens, and by Hogle Zoo. It is a dirt trail with rolling terrain       elevation, these trails provide an extensive system of training
and the best view of the entire valley. City Creek Canyon Trail is a     ground surrounded by the pristine views of the Wasatch
popular running and biking avenue among Salt Lake locals. A portion      Mountains, Silver Spring Lake, and America’s tourist delight -
of this trail includes running through downtown Salt Lake City, a        Park City, Utah.
view of the state capitol building and the World Business Center for
the Church of Jesus Christ Later-Day Saints.

   City Creek Canyon Trail is a popular running and biking avenue
   among Salt Lake locals. A portion of this trail includes running
   downtown Salt Lake City, a view of the state capitol building.

                                                                                     The Bonneville Trail runs through the
                                                                                     university campus, university research
                                                                                     park, above Utah’s famous Red Butte
                                                                                     Gardens, and by Hogle Zoo. It is a dirt trail
                                                                                     with rolling terrain and the best view of
                                                                                     the entire valley.

                                                                           The running trails in the Park City vicinity are some of
                                                                           the world’s premier running trails. Located at nearly 7,000
                                                                           foot elevation, these trails provide an extensive system of
                                                                           training ground surrounded by the pristine views of the
                                                                           Wasatch Mountains, Silver Spring Lake, and Park City.                                        Venues                                                                              19
                                                                         Utah Cross Country
        The Utah cross country team has a variety of               The strength and conditioning program
     resources available to it to care for both the player’s    concentrates on strength training, speed
     physical and mental well-being.                            development, flexibility, mental toughness,
                                                                conditioning, injury prevention and motivation.
        The Utes train in the new Alex Smith Strength and       Under the direction of Doug Elisaia, the director
     Conditioning Facility at the Dee Glen Smith Athletics      of strength and conditioning, the cross country
     Center. Smith, a quarterback for the San Francisco         program works with Director of Olympic Sports
     49ers, donated $500,000 as the lead gift for the           Strength and Conditioning Jon Webster.
     renovation and expansion of the existing strength
     and conditioning facility at his alma mater.                  To care for the athlete’s injuries, the Utah
                                                                athletics program maintains a partnership with
        The current elite training facility has 16 full racks   a veteran sports medicine team supervised by
     with Olympic platforms, a large dumbbell training          Dr. Bob Burks, director of the University of Utah
     area complete with 12 0-90 degree incline walk-            Sports Medicine Center at Red Butte Clinic. The
     up benches, and a large cardiovascular area                sports medicine staff is headed by director Trevor
     complete with treadmills, cross trainers, stair steppers   Jameson and associate trainer Deb Willardson.
     and spin bikes.                                            The cross country team works with Jameson and
                                                                graduate assistant Jennifer Roney on a daily basis.

                                                                   Other resources available to Utah cross
                                                                country runners include a sports psychologist and

20                                         Athlete Development                                     Media Guide
 Utah Cross Country
     University of Utah residence hall          and three-bedroom apartments.
students	live	in	a	magnificent	mountain	             Each residence hall has an advanced
setting. Heritage Commons, a living-            telecommunications	system	(voice,	
learning community of 2,500 students,           video	and	data),	Internet	and	cable	TV	
opened in 2000. It served as the Athletes       connections, HBO in every room, a large
Village during the 2002 Olympic Winter          community lounge, study rooms, indoor
Games. The residential complex is the           bike storage and a kitchenette on every
heart of campus activity and has a vibrant,     floor.	Other	amenities	include	game	and	
energetic atmosphere.                           exercise rooms and computer labs.

     Situated in historic Fort Douglas on             The Chase N. Peterson Heritage
70 acres of land, the 912,000-square foot       Center is the hub of the student housing
residential complex boasts picturesque          village and houses a central dining facility
views of Salt Lake City and the                 that seats 600, a convenience store,
surrounding mountain ranges. Heritage           computer	and	technology	labs,	fitness	
Commons consists of 21 buildings                and game rooms, multipurpose rooms, a
(20	residential	and	one	for	dining	and	         mail center and more. The student village
support	services).	Eight	of	the	buildings	      also contains a University Bookstore
are apartment style, with 235 one-, two-        branch, University Copy Center and even
                                                a hotel—the University Guest House.
                                                	     Transportation	is	another	benefit	of	
                                                Heritage Commons. A U. of U. parking
                                                permit allows residents to park close to
                                                their hall, but a car is not necessary. Free   HeRiTAGe CoMMonS
                                                campus shuttles run every 10 minutes
                                                and the Utah Transit Authority and light       •	 Located	on	70	acres
                                                rail	(TRAX),	free	to	U.	students,	traverse	    •	 912,000-square	foot	complex
                                                21	routes	to	and	from	campus.	TRAX	            •	 21	total	buildings
                                                extends to downtown Salt Lake and              •	 Dining	hall,	post	office,	bookstore,		   	
                                                outlying areas, with an airport spur in the       copy center
                                                works. The residence halls are also easily     •	 Computer	and	technology	labs
                                                accessible to main campus by foot and          •	 Internet,	cable	TV	and	HBO	in	all		      	
                                                are connected via the George S. Eccles            rooms
                                                2002 Legacy Bridge.                            •	 Served	by	TRAX	and	UTA	bus		             	
                                                                                                  systems                             University of Utah                                                                                21
                                                                                     Utah Cross Country
                                      The University of Utah is a hub for higher
      A SNAPSHOT OF U.           education from the Rockies to the Sierras and
                                 boasts an academic reputation that is rivaled
      • Founded	in	1850          only by its breathtaking vistas. To the east rise
      • Research I University    the 11,500 foot, snow-capped peaks of the
      • 190 majors               Wasatch Mountains. To the west, the Great
      • Enrollment of 29,251     Salt Lake shimmers beneath the Oquirrh
      • 1,534-acre campus        Mountains. The 1,500-acre campus, nestled
      • School of Medicine       in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, is
      • School of Law            a beautiful collage of native and exotic trees,
      • School of Business       fountains,	flowering	malls	and	pedestrian	
      • School of Pharmacy
      • School of Engineering    	    Founded	in	1850,	the	University	offers	
      • American Indian Social   100 undergraduate and 90 graduate majors.
        Work program             Academic opportunities at the U. include
      	 (the	nation’s	first)     colleges of law, medicine, architecture,
                                 pharmacy, business and engineering. The U.
                                 also	boasts	the	nation’s	first	American	Indian	
                                 social work program. Utah draws its 29,000-
                                 plus student population from all 50 states and
                                 114 foreign countries.

                                      Utah ranks among the top 35 public
                                 research universities in the nation, with
                                 particular distinction in medicine, genetics and     database in the world and is the only National
                                 engineering. Scientists from the University of       Cancer Institute in the Intermountain West.
                                 Utah	have	identified	more	genes	with	diseases	       Gene targeting was developed at the Eccles
                                 than anywhere else in the world. University of       Institute. The Moran Eye Center is considered
                                 Utah geneticist Mario R. Capecchi received the       one of the top eye centers in the world.
                                 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for
                                 his work on gene targeting. Capecchi is one               The University of Utah was ranked
                                 of many acclaimed faculty members. The U.            second in the nation in the most recent
                                 ranks 30th among the nation’s public research        rankings of university startup companies based
                                 universities	in	significant	awards	to	faculty.       on scholarly research—behind only MIT. The
                                                                                      U.	spun	off	23	companies	for	fiscal	year	2008	
                                      Research Park, located on 320 acres             and has created 59 companies in the last three
                                 adjacent to the campus, houses 42 companies          years.
                                 and 69 university departments. Some of
                                 the more prominent residents of Research                 Several of the U. of U.’s colleges have also
                                 Park are the Huntsman Cancer Institute, the          received favorable national rankings, among
                                 Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Eccles          them the College of Pharmacy, which has been
                                 Institute of Human Genetics, the Moran Eye           ranked in the top four in the nation since
                                 Center and the Brain Institute. The Huntsman         1975.
                                 Cancer Institute has the largest genetic
     The sprawling
     University of Utah
     medical center
     features the
     Huntsman Cancer
     Institute. It was
     opened in the fall of
     1999 and was funded
     by a $225 million
     pledge from Utah
     Jon M. Huntsman.

22                                                   Salt Lake City                                              Media Guide

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