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					                                    MARCH 23, 2011

Diversity Programs in Engineering
Inside this Edi on:
                                                Special Announcements
Special Announcements
Help plan the Women of Color Conference at      Help Plan the Women of Color Conference at Cornell!
                                                Want to be instrumental in promo ng solidarity amongst women of all backgrounds
                                                on this campus? Would you like to be a part of bringing a Women of Color
Hos ng & Volunteer                              Conference to Cornell University?
Opportuni es                                    If so… Join an energe c, passionate planning commi ee as we mold: Where's My
DPE Hos ng and Volunteer Opportuni es DHW/      Movement? Cornell University's 1st Annual Women of Color Conference to be held
PCW                                             on November 12, 2011 at Statler Hotel.

DPE Upcoming Events!                            Our first general interest mee ng of the semester will be on: Monday, March 28th at
                                                6 PM in Ujamaa Main Lounge. Everyone is Welcome!
   CU EMPower Dinner & Monthly Mee ng         For more info contact: WOCCcornell@gmail.com AND join our Facebook interest
   Master Your Future: Perfec ng Your         group here: h p://www.facebook.com/home.php?
     “Elevator Talk”                            sk=group_158479460877718&ap=1
   DPE First Friday Dinner with Intel
   DPE Lunch & Learn with Adepeju Adeniji     Also check out the official blog for the 1st annual Women of Color conference here:
   DPE Student Leaders Council Mee ng         h p://cornellwocc.tumblr.com/
   Spring DHW/PCW Weekend                     Mission Statement:
   DPE Fuel for Thought                       The women of color conference will work to create unity across boundaries that have
   CU EMPower Dinner & Monthly Mee ng         been both internally and externally constructed to oppress but that have also
                                                empowered women of color to build pride. This conference will give voice and
DPE Students of the Month!                      strength to experiences that are o en marginalized and will foster further self‐
   March Students of the Month
                                                reflec on and awareness of issues that affect women of color at Cornell and in the
                                                broader world.
Mentoring/Peer Advising
Opportuni es                                    *************************************************
   Accenture Women’s Networking Forum
   Join the MentorNet Community & Sign‐up
     for a Professional mentor!
                                                DPE Host & Volunteer Opportuni es
   NASA Minority Innova on Challenges Inst
                                                Sign up today for a chance to win an iPad!
Recogni on & Awards                             Spring Diversity Hos ng Weekend (DHW) April 14‐16, 2011
   Awards & Honors in the Engineering         Prospec ve Candidates’ Weekend (PCW), April 15‐16, 2011
   20 Undergrads Get Intel Research Funding   Diversity Programs in Engineering is looking for students that live in on‐campus
                                                housing to serve as overnight hosts for DHW (2 nights) and PCW (1 night). The
Employment & Internship                         prospec ve students will spend the majority of the their me in day me and early
Opportuni es                                    evening programs and events so this will be a low key, but very important
   2011 NSF Science & Technology Center       commitment. We expect over 130 admi ed students to par cipate in these programs
     Undergraduate Internships                  so we really need your assistance in serving as gracious overnight hosts!
   IBM S&D Summit Programs
                                                As an added incen ve to serve as a host, all hosts will be entered into a raffle to win
   Posi ons Available at Singlebrook Tech
   Work on Space Vehicle Propulsion &         an iPad! (There will be drawing for an iPad for DHW hosts as well as one for PCW
     Actua on @ MOOG?                           hosts.) We will also have thank you gi s for all volunteers. Addi onally, If you are a
   Preparing Future Faculty Summer Ins tute   Cornell Tradi on Student, you can earn campus service hours for hos ng and/or
   Paid Summer 2011 Internship Sponsored by   volunteering for either of these programs!
   Develop Your Own Internship Program        If you are interested and willing to serve as an overnight host and/or volunteer for
                                                either of these programs, please complete the DPE Volunteer & Host Form at h p://
Scholarships/Fellowships                        www.engineering.cornell.edu/dpe‐volunteer
   Biology Research Fellowships               The DHW and PCW programs engage admi ed underrepresented minority and
   ASEE.NSF Small Business PostDoc            female students in a variety of ac vi es such as lab tours, student panels,
     Research Diversity Fellowship
                                                opportuni es to interact with faculty, and much more. DPE and Engineering
   HENAAC Scholarship

Research, Symposiums & Graduate                      Admissions collaborate to plan and implement DHW & PCW. Addi onally, members
                                                     of SWE serve in leadership roles in the planning and implementa on of PCW.
Program Opportuni es
   Pathways to Science for undergrads, Grads &     Campus visita on experiences have proven to be one of the most important factors
     Postdocs!                                       admi ed students consider when determining where they intend to enroll.
   Center on Material and Devices for Informa on   Therefore, please volunteer your me and help us yield our next class of outstanding
     Technology Research                             Cornell engineers!
   The Science Educa on Programs at Oak Ridge
     Na onal laboratory                              PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN ENGINEER TO HOST...SO PASS
   Careers in Op cs at The University of Arizona   THIS ON TO FRIENDS! For more informa on please contact:
   Sustainable Energy and the Advanced Materials
     REU @ University of South Florida               Jami P. Joyner <jj334@cornell.edu>    Francine Mi o <fam29@cornell.edu>
   Mathema cs REU @ Boise State University
   Climate & Society Admission
   Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy    *************************************************
     (WESEP) at Iowa State University
                                                     DPE Upcoming Events!
Just for Grads & PostDocs
   When and Where I enter, a FORWARD to            SPRING BREAK March 19‐27...Safe travels if you are leaving
     Professorship Workshop                          campus!
   ATTN: Women Grad Students!
     Council of Women World Leaders Environmental    <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
     Policy Fellowship Program
   Grant Wri ng Seminar ‐ Best Prac ces for        CU EMPower Dinner & Monthly Mee ng
     Postdocs and Graduate Students Seeking and
     Winning Funding                                         WHEN: Mon, March 28
   Science Outside the Lab                                 WHERE: Upson Lounge
   Rice University and the NSF ADVANCE Program             TIME: 5‐6:30pm
     (Add Your Name to the PhD and Postdoc Na onal           RSVP: h p://www.engineering.cornell.edu/DPE‐RSVP
   Na onal Research Council of the Na onal         <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
     Academies Awards
                                                     Master Your Future: Perfec ng Your “Elevator Talk”
Other Important Informa on!                          Imagine that you just stepped into an elevator with a world‐renowned researcher,
   Trey Waller’s Office Hours
   DPE Computer Lounge/PC Lab/Lockers
                                                     a CEO, or a dream employer… Are the next 30 seconds going to bring an awkward
   DPE Computer Log‐In Procedures                  silence or the best connec on of your life?
                                                     The ability to describe yourself and your accomplishments in a short amount of me
                                                     is a valuable skill that is o en overlooked un l it is too late. Don’t find yourself
                                                     without a winning “Elevator Talk” when the moment counts! Make it Your Best
                                                     Connec on and join us to learn and prac ce the art of making a great impression!
                                                     Features Speakers: Chris Shaffer, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and
                                                     Susan Daniel, Assistant Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and
                                                     Faculty Advisor for the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Women’s
                                                             WHEN: Wed, March 30
                                                             WHERE: G‐10 BioTech
                                                             TIME: 5‐6:30pm
                                                             RSVP: h p://www.engineering.cornell.edu/DPE‐RSVP
                                                             OTHER: Beverages & light Hors d’oeuvres will be served
                                                     Sponsored by: Shell and brought to you through the collabora ve efforts of Diversity
                                                     Programs in Engineering, the Society of Women Engineers, the Cornell Biomedical
                                                     Engineering Society, the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Women’s
                                                     Group and the Office of Postdoctoral Studies.

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DPE First Friday Dinner w/ Intel!
Join us for a great dinner and learn about the benefits of pursuing advanced degrees
from Intel representa ves and Cornell Engineering PhD students with Intel Fellowships.
        WHEN: Fri, April 1
        WHERE: McManus Lounge, 166 Hollister
        TIME: 5‐7:00pm
        RSVP: h p://www.engineering.cornell.edu/DPE‐RSVP


DPE Lunch & Learn w/ Adepeju Adeniji
Stop by for lunch, great company, and a chance to meet and learn from Adepeju Adeniji.
        WHEN: Fri, April 8
        WHERE: McManus Lounge, 166 Hollister
        TIME: 11:30am‐1:30pm
        RSVP: h p://www.engineering.cornell.edu/DPE‐RSVP


DPE Student Leaders Council Mee ng
        WHEN: Fri, April 8
        WHERE: Olin 160
        TIME: 5‐6:00pm


Spring DHW/PCW Weekend
See: DPE Host & Volunteer Opportuni es on page 2.
Spring Diversity Hos ng Weekend (DHW) April 14‐16, 2011
Prospec ve Candidates’ Weekend (PCW), April 15‐16, 2011


DPE Fuel for Thought
Take a break! Stop by for an a ernoon snack and some great company!
        WHEN: Thur, April 21
        WHERE: McManus Lounge, 166 Hollister
        TIME: 1‐3:00pm


CU EMPower Dinner & Monthly Mee ng
        WHEN: Mon, April 25
        WHERE: Upson Lounge
        TIME: 5‐6:30pm
        RSVP: h p://www.engineering.cornell.edu/DPE‐RSVP

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DPE Students of the Month!
The March Students of the Month are...
Graduate Student William Wakaye and Undergraduate Student Corey Oses!
Congratula ons to these two outstanding students! Check out their profiles on the
DPE Recogni on & Awards webpage and bulle n board in the hallway next to the
DPE Office, 146 Olin Hall.
The Students of the Month are recognized by the DPE office for their outstanding
par cipa on in DPE events, achievement of academic excellence, and demonstrated
commitment to diversity efforts.
DPE Students of the Month are acknowledged with a special announcement in the
weekly DPE Newsle er and are highlighted throughout the month with their photos
and profiles displayed on the DPE office bulle n board and website. If you would like
to nominate someone for considera on for “student of the month” month, email
your nomina on statement to Debbie Moss at dlm45@cornell.edu.

Mentoring/Peer Advising Opportuni es
Accenture Women’s Networking Forum
Accenture, a global management consul ng, technology services and outsourcing
company, believes that a rac ng, retaining and promo ng women is cri cal to
success. As part of this commitment, Accenture is hos ng a social media webcast
event on Friday, April 15 for top female students in Canada and the United States.
Apply to a end the Accenture Women’s Networking Forum and learn from
Accenture women as they discuss the importance of “Building You Personal Brand.”
To learn more about the Accenture Women’s Networking Forum and to apply, please
visit www.accenture.com/womensnetworking.
Deadline to apply, April 4th.

Join the MentorNet Community & Sign‐up for a
Professional Mentor!
MentorNet is a non‐profit organiza on that matches STEM undergraduate and
graduate students, post‐docs, and untenured faculty in one‐on‐one e‐mentoring
rela onships with mentors who have work experience in industry and/or the
academy. (The industry mentor pathway is available to all protégés, while the
academic mentor pathway focuses on graduate students, post‐docs, and untenured
faculty.) One‐on‐one mentoring rela onships are for an 8‐month period and
MentorNet provides training to the mentors. Although MentorNet’s focus is on
women and underrepresented minori es in the STEM disciplines, the MentorNet
community as well as the one‐on‐one e‐mentoring program is open and available to
ALL members of the Cornell community.
How can you find a mentor?
1. Join the MentorNet Community at h p://www.mentornet.net/join
2. Sign into the Community and follow the One‐on‐One Mentoring Program links
Ques ons? Contact Sara Xayarath Hernandez, Dir. of Diversity Programs in Engr.

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Expand Your
                                           NASA Minority Innova on Challenges Ins tute
Professional                               The NASA Minority Innova on Challenges Ins tute (MICI) provides a virtual training
Network — Join DPE                         ground where undergraduate engineering, science, and technology students learn
                                           how to compete in NASA technical challenges for both pres ge and significant cash
on LinkedIn.com                            prizes. This NASA funded program provides a year‐round virtual conference pla orm
                                           where students from across the country can par cipate in free interac ve educa onal
Today!                                     sessions of their choosing. Many of the sessions will focus on compe ons found
                                           within NASA’s Centennial Challenges program, which provides cash prizes ranging
Diversity Programs in Engineering is now   from $50,000 to $2 million to individuals/teams that can achieve specific technical
on LinkedIn! If you are not already a      accomplishments. In addi on to Centennial Challenges, students will also learn how to
                                           complete in other NASA sponsored compe ons created specifically for Universi es.
member of LinkedIn, we encourage you
to create a profile at www.linkedin.com     Registra on to MICI is always open throughout the year. There are no cut‐off dates
and then join the DPE group (Cornell       because new content is being featured each month. To register, simply visit the
                                           Registra on page at h p://nasamici.com/register.
Engineering Diversity Programs) to
professionally network with Cornell        ************************************************
peers, alumni, industry partners, and
other friends of DPE!                      Recogni on & Awards
About LinkedIn                             Awards and Honors in the Engineering Community
LinkedIn is an interconnected network      Sara Hernandez, director of Diversity Programs in Engineering, is a featured expert on
                                           unigo.com. The Unigo Expert Network is a group of top educa on experts across the
of experienced professionals from          United States dedicated to the success and well‐being of high school students as they
around the world, represen ng 170          make the transi on to college life.
industries and 200 countries. When you
                                           Peter Jackson, professor of opera ons research and informa on engineering, has
join, you create a profile that             been awarded a GM R&D Innova on Award for his work on a simula on tool:
summarizes your professional exper se      "Business Process for Op mizing Retail Inventory."
and accomplishments. Your network          Lois Pollack, associate professor of applied and engineering physics, has joined the
consists of your connec ons, your          Macromolecular Structure and Func on B Study Sec on in the Na onal Ins tutes of
connec ons’ connec ons, and the            Health's Center for Scien fic Review. Members are selected on the basis of their
people they know, linking you to a vast    demonstrated competence and achievement in their scien fic discipline as evidenced
number of qualified professionals and       by the quality of research accomplishments, publica ons in scien fic journals, and
                                           other significant scien fic ac vi es, achievements, and honors.
experts. LinkedIn exists to help you
make be er use of your professional        Allison Truhlar, a biological and environmental engineering senior, has been selected
                                           to be a Gates Cambridge Scholar. She was one of 30 new recipients of the full boat
network and help the people you trust
                                           scholarship for graduate study at the University of Cambridge announced last month.
in return.                                 Truhlar, from Stony Brook, N.Y., will study in Cambridge's Department of Zoology with
                                           David Aldridge.
                                           David P. Williamson, professor of opera ons research and informa on engineering,
                                           has received a Humboldt Research Award, which recognizes "fundamental discoveries,
                                           new theories or insights" that have had "significant impact" on a certain discipline.
                                           Williamson studies the design and analysis of polynomial me algorithms for the
                                           approximate solu on of hard problems in discrete op miza on, especially problems
                                           arising in network design, scheduling, facility, loca on, and rou ng. He focuses on the
                                           use of techniques from the area of mathema cal programming for designing such
                                           algorithms, including such techniques as the primal‐dual method and semidefinite
                                           Cornell LSAMP Scholar and materials science and engineering senior Florencia Paredes
                                           took top honors in the technology and engineering division of the poster compe on
                                           at the 2011 Emerging Researchers Na onal Conference in STEM in Washington, D.C.

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on February 26. This conference is a joint effort of the American Associa on for the Advancement of Science and the Na onal Science
Founda on and brings together undergraduate and graduate students who par cipate in programs funded by the NSF Human
Resource Development Unit.

20 Undergrads Get Intel Research Funding
Twenty engineering undergraduates have received a total of $134,000 in Undergraduate Research Opportuni es awards from the Intel
Founda on, directed by the Semiconductor Research Corpora on's Educa on Alliance.
“As a college, we are commi ed to providing opportuni es for our undergraduate students to experience first‐hand the intellectual
challenge and excitement of par cipa ng in the research endeavor,” said Lance R. Collins, Joseph Silbert Dean of Engineering. read


Employment & Internship Opportuni es
We would like to invite you to apply to the Na onal Science Founda on (NSF) Science & Technology Center’s (STC) Summer
Undergraduate Internship Programs. The NSF‐STCs offer paid summer internships at most of our seventeen centers, located at
pres gious universi es around the United States. These summer internships provide undergraduates an opportunity to conduct
research in a graduate school‐se ng in the following fields: 1) biological sciences, 2) computer and informa on sciences, 3)
engineering, 4) geosciences, and 5) mathema cal and physical sciences.
These internships are fully funded and are an excellent way to gain a compe ve edge toward graduate school. For more informa on
and how to apply, please access the www.nsfstc.org website for direct links to each of the 17 Science and Technology Centers located
at na onally renowned universi es across the US. Applica on informa on and deadlines for each Center’s program can be found on
their individual website.
Deadlines for these programs begin in mid‐January through March.
For addi onal ques ons please contact: Wesley Uehara wuehara@cens.ucla.edu, Educa on Project Manager
Underrepresented students are strongly encouraged to apply!

The IBM S&D Summit Program
Now is a great me to be in IBM Sales & Distribu on. IBM is growing globally and looking for talented young professionals. Looking for
a new challenge? Interested in making an impact? Come join them as they build a smarter planet.
Program Overview
The IBM Sales & Distribu on (S&D) Summit Program is an elite program focused on a rac ng recent MBA, MS and BS graduates for
client‐facing consulta ve sales and informa on technology specialist posi ons. Internship posi ons are also available for May‐August.
We know that when our employees grow IBM grows, so we invest in superior development programs to help you become successful
and stay compe ve. Our objec ve is to a ract the best and the brightest talent. We focus on developing leaders capable of
represen ng the excep onal value delivered by the breadth and depth of IBM.
As part of the intensive development program, we introduce our university hires to IBM's consulta ve sales approach through the
innova ve 12‐week IBM Global Sales School. University hires will benefit from a prac cal mix of classroom training, e‐learning, project
simula ons, and individual career support to ensure you have the skills and tools to be successful. We will provide addi onal product
and hands‐on training as required, with Product Specialists and IT Specialists receiving an addi onal 6 to 9 months of in‐depth product
and technical training following IBM Global Sales School.
Program Qualifica ons
The posi ons and base criteria for the client‐facing posi ons are listed below. For all posi ons it is necessary to have:

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   Strong desire to work directly with clients
   Excellent analy cal and communica ons skills, both wri en and verbal
   Demonstrated leadership and teaming ability
   Strong GPA

Posi ons available                                     See website for more informa on and to apply:
   Client Representa ve Product specialist           h p://www‐03.ibm.com/employment/summit/index.html
   IT Specialist
          Hardware        — So ware             —    Storage
   Summer Internships

Posi ons Available at Singlebrook Technology
Singlebrook Technology, a web and mobile development firm in Ithaca, NY is seeking a full me web designer and a web programmer
to join their team. Singlebrook works with a number of associa ons, non‐profits and social & environmental mission‐driven
organiza ons. We have a casual, flexible, family‐friendly office in downtown Ithaca and offer great benefits including health insurance,
Simple IRA, paid volunteer me and free gym membership at Island Health & Fitness. Singlebrook is a cer fied B Corp
(www.bcorpora on.net). For more informa on see: h p://www.singlebrook.com/careers
Please send the following to jobs@singlebrook.com:
• Detailed cover le er      • Resume           • Links to your web design por olio


Want to Work on Space Vehicle Propulsion and Actua on at MOOG?
A summer 2011 posi on is available for an intern to support design, analysis, development, and qualifica on tests during a 10‐week,
full‐ me internship at Moog Space and Defense Group’s East Aurora, NY facility. NASA ESMD will provide $7,000 to the intern.
   United States Ci zen
   Full‐ me student at a NY Space Grant Ins tu on, comple ng Jr or Sr year, or enrolled in Master’s program by Summer 2011.
   Electrical Engineering major (preferred experience with Analog/Digital/Power System Design, or PSPICE or VHDL Programming),
     with minimum GPA of 3.5
Email Resume, Cover le er, including explana on of interest in servo mechanisms or motor drives, unofficial transcript, and two
le ers of recommenda on to:
Mr. Mitchell Illig: millig@moog.com, AND NY Space Grant: spacegrant@astro.cornell.edu. DEADLINE TO APPLY: April 1, 2011.

Preparing Future Faculty Summer Ins tute ~ SAVE THE DATE!!! June 8‐11, 2011
Howard University AGEP and Atlan c Coastal‐Social Behavioral Economic Sciences Preparing Future Faculty Summer Ins tute is
designed to provide advanced doctoral students with intensive training and experiences to enhance their prepara on for the
professoriate. Ins tute sessions and workshops address topics such as the academic job search, the global classroom, wri ng a
teaching philosophy, diverse teaching/learning strategies, professional =networking, and wri ng effec ve grant proposals, scholarship
of teaching and learning, and teaching culturally diverse students. Ins tute par cipants will network with renowned leaders in the
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathema cs (STEM) and Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE) disciplines.
More informa on to come! Applica on Deadline is April 8, 2011.
Program Director, Alliance for Graduate Educa on and the Professoriate
Howard University, Graduate School
4th & college Streets, NW Washington, DC 20059
202.806.5936; 202.319.7838 (fax)

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Paid Summer 2011 Internship Sponsored by Crestron
Crestron is at the forefront of technology and they are looking for the BEST. Do YOU have what it takes?
Rockleigh, New Jersey R&D headquarters. Compensa on commensurate with experience and educa on.
   Full‐ me undergraduate students, comple ng junior or senior year by summer 2011, enrolled at NY Space Grant Ins tu ons
   Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Computer Science majors (with a concentra on or experience in hardware,
     so ware, or firmware engineering)
   Must be eligible to work in the US without sponsorship
To Apply:
Send resume, cover le er, transcript, and op onal recommenda on le er to Tracy Cook tcook@crestron.com AND cc: NY Space Grant
For more applica on or more informa on: h p://astro.cornell.edu/spacegrant/undergrad.html

Develop Your Own Internship Program
The Develop Your Own Summer Internship Program, commonly referred to as the DYO Program, is open to students who have a
Federal Work‐Study alloca on as part of their financial aid package. The DYO Program provides reimbursement to certain off‐
campus non‐profit and small for‐profit employers that pay you for a summer job or internship that is academically or career related.
Refer to the Overview for Students and Employer Cover Le er to acquaint yourself with this program, and then complete the online
DYO Applica on.
For more informa on, listen to the recording of the DYO Informa on Session that was held on Monday, March 7, at 4:45 pm in Lewis
Auditorium, Goldwin Smith Hall.
We recommend that you return the completed applica on by Friday, May 20. We will con nue to accept applica ons un l all of the
available funding is allocated or June 30, whichever is later. Note that funding is o en exhausted by mid‐June.

Scholarships & Fellowships
Biology Research Fellowships
Are you interested in pursuing a career in research in the biological or biomedical engineering? Are you also interested in contribu ng
to the diversity of the scien fic community? If yes, read on!
Cornell has been awarded an NSF Undergraduate Research and Mentoring in Biology grant that provides excellent training and
generous financial support for students interested in research. The goal of the program is to increase the diversity and number of
talented undergraduates who go on for graduate training and research careers.
Par cipants in the "Biology Research Fellowships Program" will be selected based on their academic record, poten al as a researcher,
and ability to contribute to the diversity of the na onal scien fic community. Contribu ng to diversity includes, but is not restricted
to: (a) being a member of a group currently underrepresented in the biological sciences (the Na onal Science Founda on iden fies
these as Hispanic/La no, African‐American, Na ve American, Na ve Hawaiian or Pacific Islander); (b) demonstrated involvement with
tutoring/mentoring other students or children from underrepresented ethnic/minority groups or academically disadvantaged
backgrounds; (c) a commitment to future training of students and scien sts from underrepresented groups.
Seven to nine Fellowships are awarded each year. Fellowships provide: two years of research experience (4 semesters, 1 summer, 1
winter session), mentoring from a commi ed/experienced faculty member, 1‐credit seminars each semester that focus on research/
professional skills, and travel to a scien fic mee ng. The Fellowship pays a s pend totaling $17,000 (averaging $1000 per month),
provides a summer housing allowance, includes $2000 for research expenses, and covers costs of a ending a scien fic mee ng.
Applica ons are due March 30, 2011. A full program descrip on, FAQ, and applica on materials are a ached. If you would like
further informa on, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Myra Shulman (mjs59@cornell.edu).

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ASEE/NSF Small Business Postdoc Research Diversity Fellowship
The American Society for Engineering Educa on (ASEE) in partnership with the Na onal Science Founda on (NSF) announces the
Business Postdoctoral Research Diversity Fellowship Program, which will place 50 recent Ph.D. recipients in designated ac ve Phase II
Small Business Innova on Research (SBIR) par cipa ng companies.
The program encourages crea ve and highly trained recipients of doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering and math
disciplines to engage in hands‐on research projects in their areas of exper se at the kind of small innova ve businesses that historically
have fueled the na on's economic engine.
Par cipants in this program who later choose an academic career will bring new applica ons‐based curriculum perspec ves and
approaches to their field of study, as well as expanding the na on's academic research horizons. By working in a laboratory where
research and development are accomplished within a framework of expected business outcomes and business constraints, researchers
will learn to work in mul disciplinary teams and to apply their academic exper se to the important work of product development and
applica on in a globally compe ve environment.
To be eligible, candidates must have been awarded, within three years to the date of the applica on, a Ph.D., Sc.D. or other earned
doctoral degree in a STEM‐related discipline supported by the Na onal Science Founda on. In addi on, the candidate must be a U.S.
Ci zen, U.S. Na onal or a permanent resident. Qualified women and underrepresented minori es are especially encouraged to apply.
Fellowship recipients will receive an annual s pend of $75,000 plus full health benefits for at least one year. Candidates may begin to
apply January 10, 2011.
For further informa on, please visit the ASEE website at h p://nsfsbir.asee.org or contact the ASEE program manager, Curt Millay, at
c.millay@asee.org or 202‐649‐3832.


HENAAC Scholars Program
For the first me in our ten year history, the HENAAC Scholars Program awarded educa onal grants to over 100 stellar STEM
students! We hope to do the same in 2011 and have a goal of providing over $200,000 in scholarships. In 2010 scholarship dollar
amounts ranged from $500 to $8,500. The total number of scholarships awarded in 2011 will be based on final contribu ons given to
the scholarship program by August 1, 2011.
Applica on Deadline: April 30th, 2011        Download Scholars Applica on!
How to Apply:
1.  Great Minds in STEM™ encourages all engineering, applied science, computer science and math students to apply for this grant.
    Here are the steps you should follow to submit your 2011 applica on:
2. Submit your completed applica on, transcript, le ers of recommenda on, essay and resume in one envelope by the postmark
    date of April 30, 2011.
3. You only need to submit one applica on and accompanying materials to be considered for all the sponsored scholarships.
4. Great Minds in STEM™ will determine the various scholarships you quality for based on your submi ed applica on.
5. Great Minds in STEM™ will send you an e‐mail confirma on by May 31, 2011 indica ng that your applica on is either complete or
6. In July 2011, the Scholarship Selec on Commi ee will meet to determine the 2011 scholarship recipients.
7. If you are selected as a 2011 HENAAC scholar, you will be no fied no later than August 12, 2011.
8. All selected HENAAC scholarship recipients will be listed on our website no later than August 12, 2011.
9. All Great Minds in STEM™ scholarships will be presented and awarded at the 23rd Annual HENAAC Conference in Lake Buena
    Vista, FL on October 6‐8, 2011.
10. Great Minds in STEM™ provides complimentary registra on and hotel accommoda ons for all scholarship recipients. Qualifying
    students may also receive transporta on support.
11. Scholarship recipients MUST a end the conference to receive the scholarship.
Forward all applica on materials to:
         Great Minds in STEM™, ATTN: HENAAC Scholars, 3900 Whiteside Street, Los Angeles, CA 90063

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Research, Symposiums & Graduate Program Opportuni es
Pathways to Science for Undergrads, Grads, & Postdocs!
The Ins tute for Broadening Par cipa on ‐ Pathways to Science is a portal website support pathways to the STEM fields: science,
technology, engineering, and mathema cs. Par cular emphasis is placed on connec ng tradi onally underrepresented groups with
STEM programs and resources, including funding and mentoring opportuni es available through the Na onal Science Founda on,
NASA, Na onal Ins tutes of Health and many other programs.
Undergraduate Portal: h p://www.pathwaystoscience.org/ (for those seeking REU and other Summer Programs)
Graduate Portal: h p://www.pathwaystoscience.org/Grad.asp (for Graduate School Informa on, AGEP, GK‐12, IGERT Na onal
Recruitment Program, MS PHD's and NSF Grad Research Fellowships)
Post Doc Portal: www.PathwaysToScience.org/PostDocs.asp (for advanced PhD students and current postdocs seeking postdoctoral
fellowship opportuni es)


Center on Material and Devices for Informa on Technology Research
The Na onal Science Founda on established the Science and Technology Center (STC) Program as one of several Execu ve Ini a ves
to enhance the na on's economic compe veness. The program funds interdisciplinary research and educa on ac vi es and
encourages technology transfer and innova ve approaches to integrate all these ac vi es. Established in 1987, the NSF STC Program
currently funds eleven Centers in a variety of disciplines across the United States.
CMDITR is located at three main campuses with several affiliated partner campuses. CMDITR provides a highly integrated,
interdisciplinary, mul ‐ins tu onal research infrastructure for scien sts and students in: Chemistry, Physics, Op cal Sciences,
Materials Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Applied Physics. They offer scholarship, funding and career
opportuni es. For more informa on, please see their website: h p://www.stc‐mditr.org/research/index.cfm


The Science Educa on Programs at Oak Ridge Na onal Laboratory
The Science Educa on Programs at Oak Ridge Na onal Laboratory are managed by Oak Ridge Associated Universi es (ORAU)
through the Oak Ridge Ins tute for Science and Educa on (ORISE). Established as an official U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
ins tute in 1992, with programs da ng back to 1946, the Oak Ridge Ins tute for Science and Educa on (ORISE) is a na onal leader in
science educa on and research. Through the management of ORISE, ORAU directly supports DOE’s na onal agenda. We strive to
advance science educa on and research programs, with a vision to be a na onal leader in doing so. And we create opportuni es for
collabora on through partnerships with other DOE facili es, other federal agencies, the academic community, and industry. Each
program within the Science Educa on Programs at Oak Ridge Na onal Laboratory has a specific program contact which can be found
when looking at the specific program Web pages. For general informa on, contact ornledu@orau.org.


Careers in Op cs at the University of Arizona
Careers in Op cs. Our Gradate Professional Cer ficate, BS, MS, and PhD programs focus on providing students with a broad
educa on in all areas of op cs and on educa ng outstanding students with prac cal experience and highly compe ve technical
skills. We educate more students in op cal sciences than any other ins tu on in the United States. Our graduates become
professors, scien sts, engineers and entrepreneurs; they work in academia, in government, in industry and in defense at both
na onal and interna onal levels. For informa on, please contact Ms. Allison Huff, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, 520‐626‐6737
or email: allison@op cs.arizona.edu.

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Sustainable Energy and the Advanced Materials (SEAM) REU at University of South Florida
The University of South Florida announces summer research opportuni es for qualified junior and senior (and excep onal
sophomore) undergraduate students and is now accep ng applica on. The program Is funded by the Na onal Science Founda on’s
Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Students selected to par cipate, a end seminars, acquire oral and wri en
presenta on skills, and lean how to conduct independent research.
In order to achieve the stringent goals set forth by the Department of Energy, the program involves students in state‐of‐the‐art
interdisciplinary research projects in the fields of solar cell characteriza on, developing nanofibrous and nanspherical conduc ng
polymeric materials for hydrogen storage to be used in mobile applica ons, renewable produc on of hydrocarbon and hydrogen fuel
produc on, organic solar cell arrays for on‐chip applica on, material development for super‐capacitors and transparent conduc ve
electrodes, and solar energy conversion. Students present final results at the USF NSF REU Research Day with other campus program.
Students will spend 10‐weeks (June 1‐Aug 6) performing research advised by faculty mentors and graduate students. REU
par cipants will a end weekly research/professional development seminars, brown‐bag discussion sessions, social and community
ac vi es, and field trips. Students will be awarded a s pend of approx. $4500 inclusive of support for housing, meals and travel.
Eligibility: REU par cipants must be undergrads and must be ci zens or legal permanent residents of the US or its possessions.
Students will receive a University ID for library privileges, university shu le bus, recrea onal facili es and computer access. Housing
costs are covered by the program. Students are advised to have their own private health insurance. The USF Health Center is also
available for a $75 fee, not covered by the program.
For applica on materials and more informa on, please go to h p://seareu.eng.usf.edu/. Applica on deadline is March 25, 2011.


Mathema cs REU at Boise State University
Boise Sate University announces the 2011 NSF REU Summer Program in Complexity in Algebra, Geometry and Applica ons.
This 8‐week program focuses on providing undergraduate students with research experiences in mathema cs mo vated by
applica ons to informa on security or genome biology. The program aims to immerse students of diverse backgrounds in all facets or
research in mathema cs, and in applica ons to informa on security and the life sciences.
Applica ons are welcomed from current students who have strong interests in science, technology, engineering or mathema cs.
Underrepresented groups are par cularly encouraged to apply.
Up to either (8) awarded students will receive a s pend of $4,000, three (3) undergraduate college credits, free on‐campus housing,
an allowance for meals, and up to $750 in travel expenses. The summer program dura on is June 6‐July 31.
Students interested in applying to the 2011 REU Program can acquire informa on on the applica on procedure from the program
website h p://math.boisestate.edu/reu or by emailing reu@diamond.boisestate.edu.
The applica on deadline is March 28, 2011.


Climate and Society Admission
Columbia University is home to leading researchers in the fields of climate change, climate predic on, and earth and atmospheric
sciences. They have unparalleled experience in training policymakers, leaders, and thinkers in the heart of New York City, home to the
United Na ons and the seat of world poli cs.
At the nexus of climate science and policy, the aim of the C&S program is to train professionals who can bridge the gap between
scien fic knowledge and the societal ac on to address both natural climate variability and climate change.
For more informa on or to apply for fall admission, visit our website at: www.columbia.edu/cu/climatesociety. Deadline: April 1

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Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy (WESEP) at Iowa State University
Iowa State University offers an intensive 10‐week on‐campus research program in Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy
(WESEP) for undergraduate students. Ten fellowships are sponsored each year by the Na onal Science Founda on’s (NSF) Research
Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Students will work collabora vely in interdisciplinary teams with faculty and
graduate students to receive training and get hands‐on research experience in areas that address cri cal, long‐term na onal needs in
wind energy‐related areas.
         • One‐on‐one mentoring from a faculty mentor
         • Immersive research experience in one of four wind energy‐related areas
         • Addi onal training through short courses and workshops
         • Field trips to opera ng wind farms and turbine and blade manufacturers
         • Networking with industry experts at weekly “lunch and learn”
         • Access to state‐of‐the‐art laboratories
The program starts June 1, 2011 and ends August 6, 2011. The program provides each student:
         • $5,000 s pend
         • Up to $600 in travel expenses
         • Free on‐campus housing and meal plan
All applicants must:
         • Be a U.S. ci zen or permanent resident of the United States
         • Be an undergraduate in good standing
         • Have completed 4 college‐level courses in physical sciences, engineering, or mathema cs
Applica ons are due April 8, 2011.
To learn more about our summer research program, visit our website at www.windenergy.iastate.edu/reu.asp.


Just for Grads & Post Docs
When and Where I Enter, a FORWARD to Professorship Workshop
When and Where I Enter… is A FORWARD to Professorship Workshop specifically targe ng pre‐tenure women of color (African‐,
La na‐ and Na ve‐American) in the Midwest, where these popula ons are o en academically and socially isolated. The workshop will
support the advancement of this target group in STEMM fields in the professorate through the training of women at the postdoctoral
and junior faculty levels in the areas of teaching, service and scholarly ac vity. A significant dimension of this two‐day workshop will
be a focus on the fusion of produc ve and healthy professional and personal development for women of color.
When and Where I Enter… is a program of the Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women at The University of Toledo and is funded by a
Na onal Science Founda on ADVANCE Leadership Award through George Washington and Gallaudet Universi es.
This two‐day workshop will present vital strategies and skills to facilitate the ini aliza on and maintenance of successful careers in
STEMM disciplines for Women of Color. This venue will also allow for open and honest conversa on on the barriers Women of Color
encounter as they navigate careers in STEMM disciplines. There is no cost to a end this workshop.
Who Can Par cipate in When and Where I Enter?
Par cipants should be doctoral students in the final stages of their programs, currently ac ve postdocs or those in a career break

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a er a PhD, or early career scien sts considering a career in the academy regardless of their current place of employment. Dual
career couples are invited to apply as well. Resources
        WHEN: August 10‐12, 2011
        WHO: Graduate women interested in the professoriate
        WHERE: University of Toledo, Toledo Hilton
For more informa on, call 419.530.8570 or visit online at h p://www.utoledo.edu/pharmacy/research.forward.


Disserta on Support Group
The Graduate School Office of Graduate Student Life is pleased to sponsor this professionally facilitated weekly support group
designed to help graduate students remain mentally focused and on‐task with their disserta on. The group is designed to develop a
suppor ve small group environment where students can share the obstacles and struggles they are facing as well as strategies that
are helping them maneuver the some mes arduous path of comple ng a disserta on. Par cipants will learn to set week and
semester goals that are specific, reasonable, and oriented in me. The facilitator (Laure Conklin Kamp, LMHC) will share informa on
and resources on such topics as: se ng priori es, fear of failure, overcoming procras na on, naviga ng rela onships (with your
commi ee, your partner) and others as determined by group interest and need.
The group will meet every Wednesday, star ng March 30 from 2:30‐4:30 pm.
Interested students: Please send send an email including your name, field, and email/phone contact informa on to Teresa Gen le
(tmm47@cornell.edu) at the Graduate School to register interest.
Prospec ve par cipants will need to fill out a screening form and return it to the facilitator. Par cipants will be screened and
selected by the facilitator.
We do expect to offer addi onal sessions over the summer and in Fall 2011 as well.


Science Outside the Lab
A policy immersion program in Washington, D.C., for science and engineering graduate students
www.cspo.org/outreach/scienceoutsidethelab <h p://www.cspo.org/outreach/scienceoutsidethelab>

Session II: June 5 – June 18, 2011 and Session III: June 19 – July 2, 2011
What is it?
Science Outside the Lab, presented by Arizona State University’s Consor um for Science, Policy and Outcomes (CSPO), explores the
rela onships among science, policy, and societal outcomes in a place where many important decisions about these things are made –
Washington, D.C. During the two‐week workshop, students will meet and interact with the people who fund, regulate, shape,
cri que, publicize and study science, including congressional staffers, funding agency officers, lobbyists, regulators, journalists,
academics, museum curators and others.
With the intersec ons between science, poli cs and society making the headlines every day, it is more important than ever for
scien sts and engineers to know how the decisions that affect them are made. Washington, D.C., where the $147 billion of federal
science money and countless policy decisions originate, is the perfect se ng to begin learning about the complicated world of
science policy. Junior scien sts and engineers who understand the goals and implica ons of publicly funded science will likely have an
advantage when seeking jobs and funding. This program also will explore numerous careers that take advantage of science and
engineering training but don’t involve laboratory work.
Who should a end?
Natural science, engineering and mathema cs doctoral students who are interested in how the decisions about science funding,
regula on and policy are made will benefit from this program. Graduate students interested in careers in science policy also will find
this to be an excellent opportunity to learn about important fellowships and meet current science policy professionals.

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What to expect?
Arizona State University hosts the program at its Washington Center and mee ngs take place in loca ons throughout the
Washington, D.C., area, which allow the students to experience many facets of the Na on’s Capital. This is not a two‐week lecture
series. It includes discussions, hands‐on experiences and on‐loca on learning. It is designed not just to teach how decisions are made
but to give the par cipants a chance to try their hands at them as well. The primary component of the program is the discussions the
students will have with people throughout the District of Columbia. All presenters are asked to limit their opening comments to
fi een minutes. This leaves plenty of me for conversa on. This opportunity, of course, comes with a significant responsibility. The
success of the course will rest on the par cipants’ ability to ask probing ques ons and explore the subtler facets of policy. The goal is
to expose par cipa ng graduate scien sts and engineers to as many different viewpoints as possible and help them understand how
the people and ins tu ons in Washington, D.C., both influence and learn from science. Par cipants live in dormitories at George
Washington University – walking distance to Georgetown and a Metro ride away from all the major sites in D.C.
$3,500, which includes all program ac vi es and materials, lodging, food and local transporta on while in Washington, D.C.
Par cipants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from Washington, D.C.
How do I apply?
Applica ons will be accepted January 1 ‐ April 1, 2011. [Download applica on h p://www.cspo.org/documents/proj_SOL2011_Word
‐Applica on_ca.doc]
Ques ons? Contact Ira Benne at Ira.Benne @asu.edu


Rice University and the NSF ADVANCE Program (Add Your Name to the Na                               onal Ph.D. and Post Doc Database!)
This database was generated from PhDs and Postdocs who applied to a end the Rice University Nego a ng the Ideal Faculty
Posi on workshop. It is sponsored by the Na onal Science Founda on ADVANCE program at Rice University.
The applicants in the database have given permission for their informa on to be shared with other Rice and other peer ins tu ons
that have ac ve faculty searches. Informa on about the database has been sent to over 700 faculty members in schools of
engineering and natural sciences around the na on.
If you would like to be added to this database for the 2010 round, please complete the form on their website at h p://
advance.rice.edu/applica onform.aspx.


Na onal Research Council of the Na onal Academies Graduate Student, Postdoc, & Senior
Researcher Awards
The Na onal Research Council of the Na onal Academies sponsors a number of awards for graduate, postdoctoral and senior
researchers at federal laboratories and affiliated ins tu ons. These awards include generous s pends ranging from $42,000 ‐ $75,000
per year for recent Ph.D. recipients, and higher for addi onal experience and graduate entry level s pends beginning at $30,000 and
higher for addi onal experience. The awards provide the opportunity for recipients to do independent research in some of the best‐
equipped and staffed laboratories in the U.S. Research opportuni es are open to U.S. ci zens, permanent residents, and for some of
the laboratories, foreign na onals.
Detailed informa on, including instruc ons on how to apply online and a list of par cipa ng labs, is available on the NRC Research
Associates Programs website at:
www.na onal‐academies.org/rap<h p://pull.xmr3.com/p/5666‐1659/3571220/html001‐www.na onal‐academies.orgrap.html>
Ques ons should be directed to the NRC at 202‐334‐2760 (phone) or rap@nas.edu<h p://pull.xmr3.com/p/5666‐A0B6/3562755/

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Find DPE Info Online:                          **************************************************
Find the DPE Event Online RSVP                 Other Important Informa on
Form at :
                                               Trey Waller’s Walk‐In Office Hours:
h p://www.engineering.cornell.edu/             Monday: 10 AM ‐ 12 PM       /   Thursdays: 1:30 PM ‐ 3:30 PM
Check Out the Full Calendar of
                                               DPE Study Lounge/PC Lab ‐ Olin B55
Events at:
                                               Reques ng Access to the DPE Study Lounge/PC Lab and/or Lockers: To gain access to
h p://www.engineering.cornell.edu/dpe          the DPE Lounge you must contact Debbie Moss, or go to Olin 146 and provide them
‐events                                        with your Cornell ID number and NetID. Please allow up to 4 business days for your
                                               request to be processed. If you are reques ng a locker, please come to the DPE
                                               office, bring your own lock and let us know which locker you would like to u lize,
Read the DPE Newsle er and                     bring a combina on/key lock with you.
other News updates at:                         Please remember, this is a study lounge, be respec ul and considerate of others as
h p://www.engineering.cornell.edu/dpe          they study. Wear earbuds when watching movies, listening to music, or anything
                                               that may be disturbing. Access to the lounge CAN be revoked.
                                               As always, access to the DPE Lounge is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, if the DPE
                                               Lounge is found in disarray and/or if furniture and computer equipment is found to be
DPE Lab Computer ‐                             damaged beyond normal wear and tear, then individuals risk losing access to the DPE
                                               Lounge not only for themselves, but for EVERYONE!
New Login Procedures:                          This is a COMMUNITY SPACE ‐ please DO YOUR PART to maintain it and to hold your
                                               peers accountable for doing the same. And remember, if printers run out of paper, ink,
*The first 3 steps must be completed            etc. or if there are issues with a computer, YOU must take responsibility for contac ng
before coming to DPE Lab.*                     Debbie Moss at dlm45@cornell.edu or 607.255.6403.

1. Go to ne d.cornell.edu
2. Click “Change your Password”
3. Enter Current Password, then New
   Password & confirm, then click Submit.
NOTE: This process synchronizes your NetID
password with your new Cornell ac ve
directory password, which then allows you
to sign in to the Cornell domain. You can go
through this process again to change your
password back to what it was before, if

*The next 3 steps must be completed in the
DPE Lab*
4. Click Switch User (if necessary)
5. Click Other User (if necessary)
6. Be sure “Log on to: Cornell” is displayed
   below password box: Enter NetID &
   NetID password.

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