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Senior Project: 100 Sample Physical Health Driving Questions - DOC


									                                 North Lawndale College Prep Charter HS
      Senior Project: 100 Sample Physical Health-based Driving Questions

Good Driving Questions

   are provocative;
   are open-ended, not close-ended;
   lead to argumentative claims/essays/presentations;
   are challenging; and
   are more specific than they are vague.

Sample Driving Questions:

1. What is the best way to recover from aching after working out?
2. How many bench presses should you do a day?
3. What healthy foods should people eat?
4. How good are raw foods: Are uncooked eggs good for you?
5. How often should I exercise?
6. Why do so many teenagers express an interest in alcohol?
7. Are steroids worth it?
8. Are fish oil pills good for you?
9. Should the use of marijuana be legalized?
10. Is sweating good for you?
11. How is your heart rate reflective of your health?
12. How do you best monitor your weight?
13. How do you gain muscles?
14. How are obesity and culture related?
15. What food can you eat to lose weight?
16. How do I make my lungs stronger?
17. How long should food cook?
18. What causes illness?
19. Why is healthy necessary?
20. What is the most important thing in health?
21. Is health really beneficial?
22. What does health have to do with education?
23. What role does health play in our lives?
24. Does health really matter depending on your age?
25. What would life be like without health?
26. Why do people gain weight?
27. Does a healthy diet allow you to lose weight without working out?
28. What is the best time to exercise?
29. Is sex considered exercise?
30. Should health and fitness be mandatory in high school?
31. Why do people stress?
32. What is the meaning of “really healthy”?
33. How should people stay healthy?
34. How can people stop stressing out?
35. Why is health important?
36. What is a good diet?
37. What are good exercising techniques?
38. Why is drinking water important?
39. What’s the first step toward losing weight?
40. If each person’s body is unique, why is there an “ideal body weight”?
41. Does exercising affect a pregnant woman’s baby?
42. How does working out help high blood pressure?
43. How dangerous is it to eat raw foods (e.g., vegetables, fish, meat, eggs)?
44. What is the relationship between female athletes having irregular periods and the
    healthfulness of their sport?
45. Why does smoking effect athletes?
46. What is the fastest way to lose weight?
47. What is the best way to pick up a faster speed?
48. What foods best build on muscles?
49. Is lifting weights unhealthy?
50. What is the quickest way to gain weight?
51. What is something that can cause growth?
52. What is the best method to work a knot out of your back?
53. What is the best way to work out without straining a muscle?
54. Can young adults engage in “bad behaviors” (e.g., smoking and drinking) but then be healthy
    later in life?
55. What is the relationship between “cutting” and mental and physical health?
56. How is the cardiovascular system symbolic of a person’s mental health?
57. Is blood pressure the single-most important measure of physical health?
58. Will leukemia ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
59. How fragile is the respiratory system?
60. Will bronchitis ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
61. Will emphysema ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
62. If drinking plenty of water every day is an important way to maintain healthiness, why do so
    few people do it?
63. How can a person best test his/her health?
64. How often should a person workout?
65. Can a person be big and still be healthy?
66. Can a person work out too much?
67. If a person eats a lot of junk food and still works out a lot, is that person still healthy?
68. If every person’s body is different, why are there standardized guidelines for exercise, like
    how many push-ups boys are supposed to be able to hit?
69. How do you know when to stop yourself from working out?
70. How do you notice a change within yourself after working out?
71. How is it that some people’s bodies do not grow?
72. What is the relationship between anorexia and race – or socioeconomic status?
73. Which one has the most affect on my body, physical or mental sharpening?
74. Why do some people gain weight when they eat a lot while others do not?
75. Is eating a lot of anything healthy for you?
76. Can stress be good? How?
77. How do you know when you are fit?
78. Is being angry healthy?
79. What causes health problems?
80. How much fat should a human being have?
81. How does stress relate to heart attacks?
82. What advantage of exercising does a smaller individual have against an overweight person?
83. Does healthy food automatically make you lose weight?
84. Will unbalanced glucose ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
85. Will diabetes ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
86. Why are varicose veins related to beauty?
87. If so many teenagers get sexually transmitted diseases (stds), why is abstinence or safe sex
    not more widely practiced?
88. Will asthma ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
89. Given that testing and treatment methods are evolving so rapidly, are cancer and diseases
    tested and treated properly?
90. Will prostate cancer ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
91. Will breast cancer ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
92. Will heart disease ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
93. Will lung cancer ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
94. Is breast cancer, or any cancer, a form of internal anger?
95. Can perms hurt my brain?
96. Is there a healthy level of stress?
97. Will obesity ever become curable – or, at least, preventable?
98. How many miles can a human actually run?
99. Can heart rate predict health?
100. Are males influenced to be beautiful in the same ways females are?

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