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					                  Masson News
                                                                                           July 2011
                                          Forthcoming Trips
Please ring trip leaders to confirm trips are on and to let them know you are going. This is
particularly important for Yorkshire or other long distance trips if you want to avoid a potentially
abortive journey
Tuesday 5 July 2011 Devonshire Cavern Matlock Bath (SRT Training).
Co-ordinator: Paul Chandler. Tel: 01246-220773 or Email:
Meet 7pm Overflow car park for 'New Bath Hotel', Matlock Bath (Turn right at hotel and follow road to end).
This SRT Training session is specifically aimed at 'New' novice Masson members. It is a 'back to basics'
session. The easiest of the training pitches will be rigged. To reach the training area is an easy, dry trip.
Equipment note for novices: If you require loan of helmet, lamp, etc, please email or phone beforehand.
Other Masson members are welcome. If you are a competent SRT rigger, why not bring a rope, to rig one of
the other more technical pitches or you could have an explore around the extensive/complex mine
system(Don't get lost!). Party size not limited. No need to book. Optional drink after trip in "Midland Hotel",
Matlock Bath.
Reference: 'New' Caves of the Peak District (p 148 & survey).
Sunday 17 July 2011 D Devonshire Cavern Matlock Bath (SRT Training).
Co-ordinator: Paul Chandler (Contact details above).
Meet 10am same meeting place as above.
Meet details same as above, apart from bring packed lunch & drink, if stopping all day.
Tuesday 19 July Middleton Dale Caves & Mines.
Co-ordinator: Paul Chandler (Contact details above).
Meet 7.15pm large layby in Stoney Middleton (Layby on Lhs before garage, heading west). Don't get
changed, as we shall be parking further along Middleton Dale.
HANGING FLAT MINE will be visited first. Easy grade, dry trip. Low entrance, followed by roomy passages.
Mine still contains film props, from when it was used for an episode of ITV's "Peak Practice"(First series)
many years ago. Reference: 'New' Caves of the Peak District (p 268). Afterwards, a surface
wander visiting entrances to various caves in vicinity and partial exploration. Party size not limited. No need
to book. Optional drink after trip in "Moon Inn", Stoney Middleton.
Trip Report Slaley Sough, Via Gellia Tuesday 24 May.
Present: Paul Chandler, John Mills, Doug Harrison, Kevin Stokes, Vicky Bell, Marie Naylor & Anthony
Botham (Guest).
Another short notice trip,
organized for our 'New' members,
but open to all. My last visit to
Slaley Sough was in 2006. We
met at the layby below Goodluck
Mine, short walk down Via Gellia,
dodging traffic and crossed over
road to explore short, but
spacious Bonsall Leys Level. The
mine level normally contains
shallow water, from inlets further
into mine, but with the dry
weather, I was expecting these
inlets to have dried up, but they
were still in good flow! In winter,
you can see the large spoil tip of
Slaley Sough, through the bare
trees, high up on the side of the
Via Gellia. But in summer, it’s a
different matter, with the spoil tip
virtually becoming invisible, due to
the green foliage. Anyway, I
fortunately located the correct
location and up we went. A short, but steep, slippery & loose climb, led us to the inconspicuous entrance to
Slaley Sough (See photo). You will have probably noticed that there is one person missing from photo
(Anthony Botham). Anthony (an ex Masson member) had continued past the entrance and further up the
hillside. We started our exploration, leaving one person at entrance, to wait for Anthony, who soon appeared.
The crosscut level is gooey to start, but soon dries out and is a roomy crawl, until you reach the Main Level.
Right soon ends (Care required, due to 52ft deep floor shaft). Immediately left is first raise (shaft), followed
by spacious level, which originally contained rail track (some sleepers remain). A junction is soon reached,
with a small, short, sloping passage straight ahead, which was explored by some of our group. Also at the
junction, was a second raise. Continuing our exploration along the main level brought us to the last side
passage, which ends at the 151ft deep shaft! The main level continues for around 1100 feet to end in a fore
field, passing under two further raises. Surprisingly, the air quality at the end of the level is very good. What
is also surprising is the size of the Main Level, 6ft high for most of its length. Why the lead miners excavated
a passage of this size, which runs mostly through barren rock, is a mystery!
Footnote: A further visit would be worthwhile, to explore all the raises and also to descend both shafts, to see
whether any side passages were excavated.
Paul Chandler.

New Committee Members Required
Three of the committee members are stepping
down from their posts at the end of this year, so
we desperately need members to come forward
to fill these roles. These are all key roles within
the club:-
        Chairman & Hon Treasurer - Jon Scaife
        Equipment Officer - Roy Rodgers
        Meets Secretary - Pete Scott

Anyone interested in taking any of these roles or
   require further information as to what the jobs
         entail please contact Jon on email,
If you are not sure of what is involved with any of
 the posts on the committee then either speak to
 the person(s) currently in the job or alternatively
 you can get some idea by reading the ‘Working
    Rules & Practices’ which document the main
    duties of the key officers’ posts. The current
    committee members are all willing to mentor
 anyone wishing to take over any of the posts so
     don’t be put off by thinking that you will be
              thrown in at the deep end
Please note these roles do not need to be filled
until October so you have plenty of time to think
about it and discuss with the relevant people, but
whatever happens the current people will stand

A new Meets Secretary will be in post for
2011 and will need leaders/riggers to help
formulate his meets programme for the year. Attached to this newsletter is a list of suggestions of
the more popular venues for club meets. The list is far from complete and only acts as a guide. It is
imperative that we have more members who are willing to lead at least 1 or 2 trips during 2011.
Please put your name against something on the list or add a venue of your choosing. A meet in
Wales - if you know the caves - would be welcome.
 We have had a fantastic varied meets list during the last few years but unfortunately 90% of the
leadership has fallen on Roy and Pete.

Training Officer Colum Walsh has kindly offered to take on this role again so if there is anyone requiring
training he can be contacted by email on This is hopefully a temporary arrangement
as Colum’s work commitments mean he can’t always give up as much time as is required. With this in mind
we would still like to see someone come forward to take on this role.
 New Associate Members
 Stephen Hunt
 38 Bolsover Street
 NG18 2PT
 Home Tel: 01623 458778
 Mob: 07790 349751

 New Mobile No.
 Amanda Clements 07818 564867

 Correspondence received
 DCA Information Circular 2010/3 October /December 2010
 BCA Newsletter no 14 May 2011

 Masson Committee Meeting
 Tuesday 5 July 2011 Apollo Inn Barlborough

 Derbyshire Caving Association (DCA)
 Information online at

 British Caving Association (BCA)
 Information also online at

 British Cave Research Association (BCRA)
 Information about BCRA online at

                                         DCRO Events Diary 2011
       Date                         Activity                                    Location
                                                  July 2011
Sunday 3rd 10:00     Training                                 TBA
Thursday 14th
                     Committee Meeting                        The Buckingham Hotel, Buxton
                                                August 2011
Wednesday 10th
                     Training                                 TBA
Tuesday 23rd 19:30 Controllers & Leaders Event                TBA
                                               September 2011
Tuesday 6th 19:30    Training                                 TBA
Thursday 15th
                     Committee Meeting                        The Buckingham Hotel, Buxton
Saturday 24th
                     Street Collection                        Bakewell

                   NAMHO CONFERENCE 2011 - Friday 29th July to Monday 1st August.
                    Location: SHROPSHIRE. Organizer: Shropshire Caving & Mining Club.

                     A full program of Underground & Surface meets and Talks is planned.

                           Note: Some underground trips are 'full' already!
 Request: If any Masson members are interested in attending, you are welcome to contact Paul Chandler at, who subject to area would be pleased to provide transport.
                                            Cliffhanger 2011
                       The UK's Biggest Outdoor Event For Outdoor People
                               nd     rd
                         July 2 and 3 in Millhouses Park in Sheffield.
  The new Cliffhanger website, went live last week. Please check it out asap and
                                            spread the word.
          New 2011 Teaser video by award winning filmmaker Alastair Lee of Posing Productions.
 The Cliffhanger BaseCamp will take place at Limb Lane Picnic Spot and will feature camping, a beer tent,
                   food, BBQ's and entertainment. Tickets will go on sale on June 10th.
                               Exciting and New stuff for Cliffhanger 2011:
       Bike Polo
       Beer Tents
       Bobsleigh
       MTB Pump Track
       Milly Beach
       Climbing Workshops
       Disc Golf

A glow in the dark, inflatable marquee!
Check out the program for the full listing including all the regular stuff.
If you're on Twitter, tweet #cliffhangersheffield or #cliffhangerfest and help get the ball rolling...
If you're not already a fan of our Facebook Page you should be. We post daily interesting stuff on there and
sometimes issue spot prizes just for being there. Just visit the link above and click 'Like'. 758 people have so
far done so far.

                                               Hidden Earth
The UK's annual caving conference, hosted by
the British Cave Research Association and the
British Caving Association for the benefit of all
cavers. The 2011 event will be in South Wales at
Monmouth Leisure Centre on the weekend of 23-
25 September. Further information will be
available in early summer.
Online bookings for Hidden Earth from 1 June
until a week before the event.

On-site events will include...
Expedition and science lectures
Regional UK caving round-ups
Meetings and workshops
Trade and club stands in the exhibition area
Photo and art displays
Rope testing rig
Saturday evening dinner with guest speaker to be
Admission fee £15/day or £25 for the weekend,
with discounts for advance booking. The
Saturday dinner is £14 and must be booked in
advance. Camping is £5/tent. Speleo-Olympics:
Grab a mate and try the caver assault course,
with the prospect of winning a bottle of
champagne and your names on the trophy. (The
event will take place at times throughout the
weekend, in the exhibition area).
SRT Competitions: Prusik race, and assault
course (passing re-belays), tackle-bag stuffing
and, in remembrance of pre-SRT days, a ladder
climbing race.
Saturday Evening: As in previous years there is a dinner for which you need to book in advance. The guest
speaker this year will be announced as soon as possible.
After the dinner there will be the usual Stomp and Bar. The Stomp band, this year, will be announced
For all the details go to

PVC Oversuit in fetching green, one piece
(with hood), Medium size (generous), Good
condition (minor fault), Ideal for easy cave
& mine exploration, £5.
Helmets(x6), Small & Large sizes, 'Y' shape
chinstrap on all, well maintained, With 'New'
helmets now costing £50 plus these days,
Bargain at £5 each.
Contact: Paul Chandler - Tel: 01246-
220773 or Email:

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