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									Vocabulary MCQ
1. Anna’s teacher will be bringing the class for a /an ____________
   to the arts museum after the examinations.

     (1) voyage

     (2) mission

     (3) excursion

     (4) expedition

2. The taxi driver stopped at the taxi stand to pick up a _____________.

     (1) client

     (2) patient

     (3) customer

     (4) passenger

Grammar MCQ

1.   Mother told Alison that there was ___________ fried rice left
     on the plate.

     (1) many

     (2) some

     (3) a few

     (4) several
2. Doris screamed and jumped onto a chair ____________ she saw a
   cockroach in her bedroom.

    (1) and

    (2) when

    (3) while

    (4) before

Comprehension MCQ

     Ali and Alinah had been saving their pocket money for

months. Their mother’s birthday was coming and they planned to

get her a beautiful bracelet they saw at a shopping centre.

     Alinah said, “Quick, let’s count the money!” They broke their

piggy bank and counted the amount they needed. “Great! We have

twenty dollars, with a little extra to buy a small card for

Mother.” They immediately headed for the shopping centre.

     “There’s the shop!” Ali said excitedly. The siblings went into

the shop and searched for the bracelet they saw the other day.

But it was not there. According to the salesgirl, a man bought it a

few minutes ago. “I told you we should have bought it earlier!”

Alinah said to Ali.

      They went home feeling dejected. Their father was home

early that day and called them to the bedroom. “I have something

to show you.” He opened a box and Alinah screamed, “You bought

the bracelet we wanted to get for Mother!”

1.   What did Ali and Alinah plan to do for their mother?

     (1) Hold a party for her

     (2) Save their pocket money

     (3) To do the shopping for her

     (4) Surprise her with a present

2. What gift were the children thinking of giving their mother?

     (1) A cake

     (2) A bracelet

     (3) A piggy bank

     (4) Their pocket money

Vocabulary Cloze

         lit               comforted                    cheeks
      cheerful             frustrated                 classmates

      Malcolm slammed his pencil onto his desk. He was

(1) _______________. He sat staring at his Maths worksheet

before tears started rolling down his (2) ______________.

      He quickly wiped his tears away before any of his other

(3) ______________ saw him crying. His swollen red eyes,

however, did not escape his teacher, Miss Ang.

      Miss Ang smiled and (4) ______________ him. Miss Ang

assured him that she would teach him. Malcolm’s eyes

(5)   ______________      up   and   he   carefully    followed    her


Grammar Cloze

       draw                  drew               is drawing
       draws                drawing              will draw

     Zhiwei is a talented boy. He (1) ______________

beautifully. He likes to (2) ______________ trees. He

(3) ______________ a picture of an orchid once. Everyone liked

his (4) ______________. He (5) ______________ a picture of

skyscrapers in Raffles Place now. He intends to give it to his

cousin as a birthday present next week


1.   Brother searched everywhere for his wallet. He still could
     not find it.



2.   Ben has a winning lucky draw coupon. Sammy also has a
     winning lucky draw coupon.

     Both _________________________________________

Comprehension Open-ended
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that

     Hannah had just finished her dinner. She was washing the

dishes when she heard a sound. It was the sound of glass

shattering. She turned to go to the hall but jumped back in fright

as Lulu came running past her.

     “What have you been up to, Lulu?” asked Hannah, but Lulu

just stared back at Hannah and purred pitifully. Then it hid under

the kitchen cabinet.

     Hannah wiped her hands dry and went to the hall. She saw

broken pieces of glass and sweets on the floor. Lulu must have

climbed up the shelf and caused the jar of sweets to fall to the


Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. What was Hannah doing after dinner?



2. Where was Hannah when she heard the sound of glass





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