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					Graduation Speech

                                        Olean High

        During my time here at Olean High School I have learned many things. I have

learned about how some of the greatest leaders in American history thought, how to

dissect a pig, and how a vote could cost Olean School District millions of dollars.

        Not one of my classmates in the Class of 2011 would have graduated with the

success that we have had without the staff here at Olean High and on behalf of my class I

would like to thank all of the staff and faculty. All of the teachers have been there to help

all of us since we were freshmen.

        Life has changed a lot for me since my first year when I was scared to even come

to this school. I viewed high school as a very intimidating place and I am sure that many

of my classmates did as well. Talks about life after high school began once I entered

high school. When I first arrived here I really didn’t put much thought into life after high

school, but now it is time for everybody to make a decision regarding what they will do

with the rest of their lives.

        This past year I was pretty excited for my senior year and I was expecting it to be

memorable. What I did not expect was hearing the constant hammering and drilling of

the construction workers that have been working in my school since the very first day.

And all of the inconvenience could have been prevented just a few short years ago. The

government was planning to give out billions of dollars to city and state projects in order
to stimulate the economy to try and get out of the recession. One of the proposed projects

would have allowed Olean High School to improve its facilities. Many of my classmates

and I were very excited about the proposal. The proposal consisted of all of the

renovations that are ongoing right now and a brand new athletic field and complex.

Except instead of having the government pay for nearly all of the renovations, a much

larger percent was put into cutbacks by the district which included cutting staff, and

increasing taxes. So in the future if the government is basically giving out money then I

would please urge everybody to look into the proposals carefully and make an informed

decision about school projects because they may come back to haunt you.

       I would like to congratulate my classmates on the accomplishment of graduating

from high school, but being around for a situation that cost my school millions of dollars

was fairly discouraging and is something that I hope never happens again.

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