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Open the web
Google has almost separate server for
 each country.

It will automatically open the page from
 your relevant country server.
For example if you are in India and you
The site you will view, will be
If you want to open a different county server
specially you have to type that server address
For example, if you are in India and you want
to open the server of U.K.
Then you will type
          Search what you want
You should know what you want to search exactly. For
example ,
You want to search a web site.
You want to search a photograph.
You want to search a book.
You want to see a location on map.
You want to search a video.
You are searching for news
Or what ever your searching for it should be very precise in
terms of your key words.
     How to find a Web site ?
Open the web
Suppose you want to search a web site of
“Kodak” company.
You will type “Kodak’ in search option and
press “Enter Key”
As you will see the results your search will
be at the top list.
Click on the hyper link
              I, m feeling Lucky ?
 If your “key words” are so accurate about your
 search, you can click on the option “ I, m feeling
 lucky” after typing your “key words”
 Clicking on this option the Google search engine
 will directly open the web you are looking for
 instead a giving a list of websites .

       City bank Pakistan

                                           Click here

“Key words”
As you can view the web site of city bank instantly by clicking “I, m
feeling lucky”
          How to find an image ?
Open the web, click on the option of image.
     Search for similar image
Search images with the help of image

     Open Google web
     Click on images
•Now minimize your Google page
•Open the folder contain your image or picture.
•Now drag the picture and release it to the Google search bar.
Google will upload your image as shown above
You can view more or similar images as shown above.
Now you can translate any language into English. Click on translate
Choose your language and type your choice language.
As you will type, your language will translated into English
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