09 Case Study Uganda by ravirules


									A CASE STUDY

banking Training for Postbank Uganda
WSBI haS delIvered a three Week BankIng traInIng for Branch man-
agerS from PoStBank Uganda. the coUrSe focUSed on Branch man-
agement, marketIng of ProdUctS for loW Income earnerS, rISk and
credIt management and cUStomer ServIce.
   evenTs & TRAInInG

Branch managers from PostBank Uganda follow
tailor-made banking training

                 Between June 4th and June          of the Uganda financial sector action plan, and
                 29th, WSBI has delivered a         therefore of the ministry of finance Planning and
                 banking training for branch        development and the ministry of micro-finance
                 managers from PostBank             in particular.
                 Uganda. the training was part
                 of a scholarship programme         the challenges that PostBank Uganda will face
                 offered by the Belgian             within the next year have been carefully taken
                 government       to    support     into account for the course content, so that
                 Postbank Uganda in assuming        following objectives can be achieved:
its new role as principal responsible institution
for the implementation of the micro-finance         „ Strengthening PBU’s management compe-
part of the new ‘Prosperity for all” (Bonna           tences and skills in order to better address the
Baggagawale) programme.                               needs of low income earners in rural areas.
                                                    „ Increasing branch managers’ skills to distribute
PostBank Uganda (PBU) was incorporated in             the government funds to mfIs and Saccos
february 1998 as a limited liability company        „ enhancing the motivation and the entrepre-
and took over the operations of the former            neurial minds of PBU’s managers, and branch
Post office Savings Bank. Its specific mission is     managers in particular, stimulating them to
to provide financial services (savings, loans and     run their branch as a real business, taking into
payments) to low and middle income segments           account the impact of each activity on the
in urban and rural areas. this role is part of        risks, costs and revenues.
the government’s plan for reducing poverty
through the facilitation of access to finance to    the course content focused on branch
microentrepreneurs and rural farmers in remote      management, marketing of products for low
parts of the country. considering the challenge     income earners, risk and credit management
generated by high competition, the bank needs       and customer service. these topics have been
increased capacity building support in order        prepared by experts from the savings banks
to improve its competences and management           network with specific experience in their domain
skills, especially in branch management as well     as well as considerable expertise and knowledge
as in risk management. this need has recently       of postal banks, in africa in particular.
become even eager since the ministry of micro-
finance, within the scheme “Prosperity for all”,    following this very positive experience, the WSBI
has appointed PBU to provide financing to           expects to be able to extend its cooperation with
microfinance Institutions (mfIs) and Savings and    donor agencies, such as the Belgian technical
credit cooperative Societies (Saccos) through       cooperation office and to disseminate the
on-lending and guarantee schemes. Since mfIs        knowledge and expertise acquired within the
and Saccos are disseminated all over the            retail banking network to fellow members in
country, the distribution of loans and guarantees   developing countries throughout the african,
will be assured through the PBU branch network      asian and latin-american continents.
in order to reach the remotest areas of the
country. the programme falls under the scope        contact: laurie.dufays@savings-banks.com

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