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      Paradise within a paradise                                                                                                                                                                                                                              RIDING THE WIND One great way to go
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 around Boracay Island is via Paraw.

FILIPINO ART Joey                                                                                                      By Tet Andolong                            the-line entertainment system that features wide-screen           Mandarin Boracay’s façade is their open-air restaurant

Esturis’s carvings                                                                                                                                                television, iPod dock and high-quality speakers installed         by the beach, which is a fresh seafood bar-cum-dampa
adorn many of the                                                                                                        “T              in the lounging area. e Ambassador Suite Bedroom,                 called Buco’s Bar and Grill, which also features live bands
establishment’s xtures                                                                                             Ten Beaches of the World” by both CNN and      on the other hand, is a two-room suite furnished with a           that play from 7 p.m. until midnight on a daily basis.
and surfaces.
                                                                                                                   Condé Nast Traveler Magazine.        e Asian   king-sized canopy bed, a spacious lounging area, a pri-                 Both restaurants including the main kitchen are
                                                                                                                   Wall Street Journal also cited the island as   vate bar and a Jacuzzi. Special requests for rose petals on       handled by 49-year-old executive chef Alfredo Decena,
                                                                                                                   one of the “Top Ten Beach Destinations,”       the bed, bouquets, breakfast in bed, personalized menus           whose vast experience includes more than 20 years of ex-
                                                                                                    while dubbed it as the “Best Travel       and other services can always be arranged at the hotel to         perience at the Royal Caribbean, Manila Peninsula, Saudi
                                                                                                    Brand” in 2007.                                               make anyone’s stay more memorable.                                Arabia, e Bermuda Triangle and Red Coconut in Bora-
                                                                                                          Given the numerous awards and recognitions Bora-                 e Grand Deluxe Poolside Rooms, which are lo-             cay. Decena cooks Italian, French, German, Asian fusion
                                                                                                    cay has received, it’s hard to believe that there are still   cated in the center of the first floor, are furnished with          and Filipino. He also specializes in fruit carvings. “Our
                                                                                                    many Filipinos who have not been to what many (for-           a king-sized canopy bed and a tatami mat for in-room              100-percent Angus beef steaks are always served hot out
                                                                                                    eigners, ironically) refer to as Paradise on Earth.           massage services. Aside from the amenities, a specialized         of the grill and we serve only fresh seafood such as lob-
                                                                                                          It only takes a 35-minute flight from Manila by plane    bathroom with separate bathtub and shower is included.            sters, prawns, fish and oysters, cooked any way our guests
                                                                                                    (Southeast Asian Airlines or Seair, for short, has one of         e rooms are just a few steps from the hotel swimming          like it,” Decena explained. “To satisfy the whole family,
                                                                                                    the fastest and best services to Caticlan Airport—the         pool, as well as the children’s pool.                             generous portions meant for sharing are standard here at
                                                                                                    closest airport to Boracay) and a 15-minute boat ride to               e Deluxe Family rooms, meanwhile, are located on         Don Vito.”
                                                                                                    get to the island, so reaching the destination is now as      the inner wing of the first floor and are furnished with two              Mandarin Boracay also has one of the best spas on
                                                                                                    easy and convenient as ever.                                  bedrooms. e outer rooms are equipped with a queen                 the island. Foot Spa Lounge is furnished with top-of-the-
                                                                                                          If the passage from Caticlan to Boracay is timed to     and a twin bed, while the inner rooms are equipped with a         line leather recliners for ultimate comfort. Guests can
                                                                                                    perfection, one will be greeted by a breathtaking view of     queen bed. Each room, which can accommodate up to five             have their feet pampered with cleaning and massaging
                                                                                                    the beach nestled at the foot of a gradually sloping land-    persons, is also equipped with standard room amenities that       treatment for total relaxation, as well as facial treatment
                                                                                                    scape embraced by sparkling crystal-clear waters and          include complimentary bottles of mineral water, minibar,          and other spa services while looking out through a glass-
                                                                                                    blue sky embellished with fantastic cloud formations. If      coffee- and tea-making facilities, as well as complete Toto        view window.
                                                                                                    one is lucky enough to catch the sunset, one will witness     porcelain bath fixtures, bathrobes, split-type air condition-                e hotel also has a function room that can accom-
                                                                                                    the sun’s rays beautifully beating down on the powdery        er, refrigerator, cable television, electronic safe, high-speed   modate up to 150 persons and is equipped with high-
                                                                                                    white sand, colorful sailboats gliding across a bright or-    broadband Internet access, soundproof Kenneth and Mock            power flush ceiling loudspeakers, high-speed broadband
                                                                                                    ange horizon.                                                 windows, and an outdoor lounging area.                            Internet access, an LCD projector, high-powered output
                                                                                                          Set in the heart of Boracay’s vibrant culture and                ose who prefer to spend time in the hotel premises       amplifiers, technical support, whiteboard and other ac-
                                                                                                    warm atmosphere is the Boracay Mandarin Island Ho-            will appreciate the 24-hour room service; business center,        cessories—perfect for seminars, events, etc. For greater
                                                                                                    tel, which is situated in the center of White Beach, Sta-     free high-speed broadband Internet access, wheelchair-            versatility, the space can also be divided into three small-
                                                                                                    tion 2 and conveniently located just two minutes from         friendly facilities and surround pipe-in music. Comfort           er breakout rooms.
                                                                                                    D’Mall, food outlets, clothing stores and other activity      and security for its guests are monitored at the establish-             According to the hotel sales manager, Malcolm
                                                                                                    centers. It is rendered in a modern Filipino design that      ment through hotel-wide CCTV cameras.                             Carlota, “In Boracay, guests can have every need at their
                                                                                                    captivates the essence of luxurious living in a tropical            Mandarin Boracay takes pride in its famous restau-          fingertips especially if they stay at the Mandarin where
                                                                                                    island setting.                                               rants. Don Vito Ristorante Italiano offers abundant Italian        almost anything can be arranged.” e hotel can arrange
                                                                                                              e “Triple-A”-rated beachfront resort has 52 luxu-   fare every day. Passersby can always be seen stopping in          private transfers as well as trips to nearby islands such as
                                                                                                    rious rooms and suites with verandas, each with its own       their tracks to savor the aroma of wood-fire oven-baked            the Laurel Island, Puca Island and Crystal Cove aboard
                                                                                                    special wall carving by artist Joey Esturis, as well as an    pizzas and freshly grilled sea fare that playfully wafts          a yacht through their partner Raff y Mañova. Aside from
                                                                                                    outdoor pool that overlooks the pristine shoreline.           through the restaurant’s doors that open out into the sea.        water sports activities, trekking and ATV driving to
                                                                                                              e Ambassador Suite Living Room is a complete        Also to die for is Don Vito’s Gelato (Italian ice cream),         Mount Luho, Zorb experience, kite surfing and helmet
                                                                                                    room with first-class amenities that include a top-of-         which is good to beat the heat in Boracay. Right across           diving are also available on the island. ■

NO POINT IN ROUGHING IT OUT The Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel’s top-of-the-line Ambassador Suite with its own living       SWEET AND COZY The Grand deluxe room                   SPACIOUS AND CLASSY The Grand Deluxe bathroom.            EASIEST AND FASTEST WAY TO FLY Seair ies from Manila
room and private Jacuzzi o ers more than creature comforts.                                                                                                                                                                                 to Caticlan daily. The trip only takes 35 minutes.
 D2 Sunday, December 19, 2010

IT’S ALL IN THE TECHNOLOGY Florent Menegaux, president of Michelin’s passenger
car and light truck tires worldwide, explains the ner points of his new product.

              By Tet Andolong

                                                           uses different rubber compounds on the left and
                                                           right sides of the tread, a unique, carbon black-
                    -               reinforced elastomer developed specifically for
                  tire on the racetrack will be            the 24 Hours of Le Mans and ensures exceptional
                  launched worldwide in January            endurance when corners are tight on the outside,
                  2011 and its creator, Michelin,          the Variable Contact Patch 2.0 (pressure and con-
                  organized a special test-drive for       sequently temperatures are spread evenly across
                  the international media at the           the tire’s contact patch, although the patch’s shape
Dubai’s Autodrome, where the new tire was put              changes when cornering, the amount of rubber
through its paces using some of the world’s fastest        in contact with the road remains the same) and
and most expensive supercars such as the Porsche           the Twaron fiber belt (a high-density fiber used
Carrera GT, Lamborghini Gallardo, Koenigsegg               in cutting-edge equipment for such sports like
Agera, Ruf CTR 3 and AC Schnitzer, as well as              tennis, sailing and mountain biking, as well as in
luxury supersport cars like the Porsche 997, Fer-          aeronautics, protective military gear and motor-
rari 458 Italia, Gumpert Apollo, Mercedes-Benz             sports. e Twaron fiber belt is also believed to
SLS AMG, BMW M3 and the Audi R8 MTM.                       be five times stronger than steel.
         e Michelin Pilot Super Sport has been de-                  e combination has produced compelling
signed for sports cars, as well as for vehicles espe-      results that are apt to win over the most demand-
cially tuned for ultra-high performance. e tire            ing manufacturers of cars in the ultrahigh-per-
integrates the full range of expertise and know-           formance segment. As a result, the new Michelin
how developed by Michelin in the leading inter-            tire has key advantages that enable it to rise to
national endurance races, particularly in the 24           the challenge posed by its predecessor, the Pilot
Hours of Le Mans.                                          Sport PS2, which was certified as original equip-
         e exceptional potential of Michelin’s lat-        ment on more than 200 vehicles.
est product, which is designed for the most de-                  Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport is meant to ac-
manding conditions of use on the road, is de-              complish one purpose, and that is to deliver the ul-
rived directly from the skills and capabilities of         timate driving experience while ensuring maximum
Michelin’s motorsports teams.          e technologi-       safety even in extreme conditions of use. is writer
cal breakthroughs that have enabled Michelin to            witnessed firsthand the tire’s outstanding combina-
score 13 consecutive wins at the 24 Hours of Le            tion of driving enjoyment and safety performance in
Mans have been transferred to the Michelin Pilot           both dry and wet conditions during the test. Fitted
Super Sport with the goal of providing motorists           on cars that this writer had only read about in mag-
with exceptional driving enjoyment.                        azines or seen on television, the Pilot Super Sport
      “We just don’t make the fastest tires, we also       proved that it could transmit the power of the cars
want to make the safest tires in the world,” said          onto the road surface, provide surefooted handling
Florent Menegaux, president of Michelin’s pas-             and evoke driving confidence at high speed around
                                                           and through the Autodrome’s many corners.
                                                                                                                  READY FOR TAKEOFF The author prepares to take a Pilot Super
senger car and light truck tires worldwide.                                                                       Sport-shod Lamborghini Gallardo out on the Dubai Autodrome.
      Menegaux explained that Michelin has                       In line with Michelin’s innovation strategy,
uniquely combined three technologies to im-                the Pilot Super Sport delivers an optimal balance
prove the tire’s road-holding, braking ability and         of several distinct performance characteristics.       commitment unrivaled in the tire industry. Near-          5,410.71 kilometers. e car used 11 sets of tires      ship, the tire underwent tests covering more
its overall safety performance even in the most               is ability to combine maximum safety, even in       ly €500 million a year is allocated to the Michelin       in all, meaning that each set covered an average      than 10,000 kilometers in low-grip conditions.
extreme conditions, while also providing excel-            extreme conditions of use, with driving pleasure       Technology Center.                                        of almost 500 km. In 2009 the team that won the       Altogether, the Michelin Super Sport was evalu-
lent mileage—the Bi-Compound tread band (it                and excellent mileage, is the result of an R&D                  e tire owes its excellence to Michelin’s         race used 14 sets of tires and covered 5,206 km.      ated over more than 100,000 km on some of the
                                                                                                                  years of success in the world’s most demanding                  Britain’s Anthony Davidson, of the No. 1        world’s most demanding tracks.
                                                                                                                  endurance races. ese include the 24 Hours of              Peugeot 908 HDi FA P, completed four stints (46            In joint development trials with automo-
                                                                                                                  Le Mans, in which the tire maker totaled 19 vic-          laps) at an average lap speed of 3'21"917, which      bile manufacturers, the Michelin Pilot Sport was
                                                                                                                  tories of which the last 13 were scored in a row;         works out to 627 km at an average speed of 243        tested for a total of 1,000 hours at over 300 km/
                                                                                                                  the American, European and Asian Le Mans Se-              kph. “It was the first time that Peugeot and Mi-       hour, proving its superior level of endurance at
                                                                                                                  ries; and the FIA GT1 Championship, in which              chelin have accomplished four daytime stints and      high speeds. Highly demanding tests were con-
                                                                                                                  Michelin has won a combined total of more than            moreover at a very high speed,” said Serge Gri-       ducted in France, Germany, Italy, the United
                                                                                                                  20 manufacturers’ and drivers’ titles since 1997.         sin, Michelin automobile racing manager. “ is         States, Japan and Thailand on such world-
                                                                                                                     ese races require tires that not only deliver su-      demonstrates the consistency of our tires and the     famous racetracks as Fiorano, Motegi, Estoril,
                                                                                                                  perior performance at very high speeds but which          performance they deliver.”                            Magny-Cours, Nardo, Charade and Nürbürgring.
                                                                                                                  are also exceptionally long-lasting and reliable. In            To ensure that its latest-generation tire       Tires will be available in five diameters and sizes
                                                                                                                  this type of competition, pit stops are kept to a         meets the highest standards of safety, Michelin       in 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 inches.
                                                                                                                  minimum since contestants are not allowed to              has applied the same safety margins as those used          In the Philippines Michelin has been distribut-
                                                                                                                  change tires and refuel at the same time.                 in the civil aviation industry. During testing, the   ed by Tiara Commercial and Industrial Corp. since
                                                                                                                        In the 2010 running of the 24 Hours of Le           Michelin Pilot Super Sport covered 50,000 km          1995 with a representative office at 15F Insular Life
                                                                                                                  Mans, Michelin tires set three records: longest           under extreme conditions, notably withstanding        Corporate Centre Tower 2, Insular Life Drive, Fil-
                                                                                                                  distance covered, highest speed attained and              peak loads equivalent to twice the weight it would    invest Corporate City in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
                                                                                                                  total mileage.     e winning car, equipped with           support on a vehicle. For each car manufacturer       Call 771-2368 or log on to for
FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT Gumpert Apollo                                                                               Michelin tires, set a distance record by covering         with whom Michelin has a technical partner-           more information. ■
sMirror                                                                                                         | Sunday, December 19, 2010   D3

 TESTING, ANYONE? Porsche Carrera GTs in a line

                                                                 TAKING WING Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

                                                                 SUPERCARS What better way to test the fastest tire in
                                                                 the world than with the fastest cars in the world.



 BATMAN’S RIDE A Koenigsegg Agera spews ames from its exhaust.
D4 Sunday, December 19, 2010

                                                                                                                    Dominic Velasco for Pacsafe Anti-Theft Gear
Survive and fight the Christmas rush                                                                             PACSAFE, the growing global brand of anti-theft
                                                                                                                travel gear, gives travelers the best safety gear and

                                                                                                                accessories all for the spirit of adventure.
                   best            because it beats having to nick the vehicles                Renowned cinematographer, director, pro-
               time of the year, but it’s also one of       around you and having to discuss who pays           ducer and travel enthusiast Dominic Velasco
               the most stressful periods on the              for what damage. e Suzuki SWIFT’s                 shares how the brand helped him in his line of
               calendar. With all the shopping,                 diminutive size helps it in difficult             work. “I discovered Pacsafe and bought a Met-
               gift-buying and partying, the                     parking situations, and can easily fit in       rosafe 300 when someone broke into my car,
streets will surely be crowded. Not to                            the most tight of parking slots.              slashed my backpack and stole my MacBook Pro.
mention that it’s going to be an almost                                                                         From that time on, I became security conscious.”
impossible task to find a parking space in                               Go easy on the gas. Anybody             shared Velasco, who currently heads Imacron
malls and shops.                                                      bored in traffic (or close to getting       Digital, Inc. in the Philippines, a digital video pro-
     To truly enjoy this joyous season                                road rage) will want to stomp on          duction house with clients from big corporations
and to keep your stress levels to the                                the throttle from standstill starts.       to personalized wedding productions.
minimum, Suzuki Philippines provides                               Jackrabbit starts not only consume                 “It [Pacsafe] looks like an ordinary bag, but
the following ways to make the holiday                            a lot of fuel, but also are hard on           it’s not. It has all these security features that’s im-
season a great one.                                          the drivetrain components. e Suzuki                portant for people who are in my line of work and
                                                        Alto’s 1.0L Engine allows for quick and smooth          who travel,’ he said. Pacsafe comes with anti-theft            PROFESSIONAL’S CHOICE Dominic Velasco carrying a
   Keep even keeled and level headed.                   acceleration, with good fuel efficiency.                  features that include a slash-proof belt, tamper-              Camsafe 100 bag at a light rail transit station in Seattle,
   e Christmas season will definitely bring out                                                                  proof zippers and hidden buckles to ensure maxi-               USA.
the worst traffic jams in and out of the metro               Always conduct pre-drive checks.                     mum safety.
(be it in the main thoroughfares or alternative         Inspecting the car’s fluids, turn signals, brake                  e brand boasts a comprehensive line of                a range of Pacsafe bags and accessories for his
routes), and are sure to bring out the road rage        lights, tires and exterior for low liquid levels,       bags specifically designed to protect cameras, es-              laptop, cameras, lenses, and other equipment. “I
in anyone. e Suzuki Celerio is small enough             leaks and reduced air (when it comes to tires)          pecially during travels. e CamSafe Series is a                 have seven all in all, and it has the right pockets
to weave in and out of the roads, has a preppy          before getting behind the wheel always beats            well-designed line of travel and everyday camera               inside too,” he quipped.
engine for quick acceleration, and precise and          rushing to the nearest gas station to fill up tires,     bag, perfect for professional photographers and                      Another popular choice for photographers is
nimble steering. Like most Suzuki cars, the             fluid containers and gasoline tanks.                     enthusiasts. is handy camera bag easily accom-                 DuffelSafe 100, an anti-theft duffel bag for home
Celerio have auxiliary jacks to connect music                                                                   modates SLR cameras and zoom lens, and the                     and abroad, with several strap options to ensure
players and keep you entertained in traffic.                 Drink lots of fluids. Drink plenty of fluids the       multiple pockets ensure that cords, batteries and              carrying comfort. A camera insert (sold separate-
     Also, don’t take things personally and             day before you set out, and drink slowly all the time   memory cards are well protected and organized.                 ly) fits inside to make a secure camera bag. Pho-
realize that you (as an individual) are not the         rather than a lot at once. Your body purges water       Camsafe 100 and Camsafe 200 are the popular                    tographers like Velasco can secure their gear in a
target. e other fellow may have made a                  when you drink a lot all at once, but short gulps at    choices from the CamSafe line. Aside from that,                secure fixture and get on with their work without
mistake, or was being oblivious, Maybe there’s a        regular intervals will be put to more use. Suzuki       Pacsafe also has a line of anti-theft camera straps            being bugged down by security concerns.
screaming baby, a loose pet or a nuisance insect        cars have cup holders in strategic places that can      with slash-proof wire built-in called CarrySafe.                     “Peace of mind—that’s what it gives you.
in the car of the other person, or on a cell phone.     hold water bottles or cola cans.                              For professional photographers who travel                It serves my purpose when I travel to a foreign
                                                                e Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Celerio, Suzuki           a lot like Velasco, finding the perfect gear is like            country. I’ve been using it around in the New
   Plan your agenda. Having a set itinerary             Swift or Suzuki SX4 Crossover is a great addition       finding one’s soul mate. “I carry expensive equip-              York subway or when I was in Brooklyn and I felt
for the day (along with finite routes to and             in your arsenal when going Christmas shopping.          ment and I often travel alone. Now, I can just lock            very safe,” he shared. Now, even his son has a Pac-
from your intended destinations) prevents                  ese vehicles have exterior dimensions that           my bag to a post and not worry,” said Velasco,                 safe laptop bag that he uses for school.
unnecessary or last minute side trips, and              can squeeze into the tightest parking slots (or         who has been in the profession for 20 years and                      Indeed, Pacsafe’s motto is true: “Outsmart
prevents you from further adding stress to              even u-turn slots), yet can haul loads rivaling         is a multi-year award winner in the international              threats.” Visit or www.unit-
a potentially taxing endeavor in Christmas              that of bigger vehicles. With great fuel economy,       Wedding & Event Video Expo (Weva). He has             for more information.
shopping. However, if circumstances force you           precise handling, and versatile interiors and
to make side trips, always think of the possible        trunk spaces, these Suzuki cars can lessen your
routes going to and from the intended area.             Christmas stress. ■                                         Airphil Express now flies to two famous destinations
Plan your shopping lists to avoid problems with
storage or trunk space, and if you do forget to                                                                 HAVING transformed itself as the country’s fastest growing     the two destinations, Airphil Express ies direct Cebu-
                                                                                                                low-cost carrier, AirPhil Express has launched a new excit-    Singapore ights, minus the hassles associated with
make a list, the Suzuki SX4 Crossover has a large
                                                                                                                ing route that connects two progressive, internationally       low-priced ights. Since travel comfort must include the
capacity for all your Christmas shopping, and if                                                                famous destinations, Cebu and Singapore, on December 1         airport experience, AirPhil Express arrives and departs
you decide to get more things, the Crossover’s                                                                  and will service passengers seven times weekly.                from the modern, centralized Terminal Two of Changi
rear seats fold to accommodate more cargo.                                                                             The Cebu-Singapore-Cebu o ering of AirPhil Ex-          Airport thus, provides convenience to travelers being
                                                                                                                press is the latest addition to the airline’s expansion        less congested along with extensive duty-free shop-
   Don’t rush, even while parking. It’s a given                                                                 to the regional market. Singapore, being one of Asia’s         ping and e cient immigration and baggage handling
that during the holidays, people want to be early                                                               most visited places, is the rst international destination      services.
at the shopping counters – and that means going                                                                 of AirPhil Express. The island nation is second home to               AirPhil Express continues to make its presence
quickly to the malls or shopping centers. But                                                                   Filipino professionals, and o ers a variety of thrills for     felt in the travel industry as “the budget airline with a
that doesn’t mean that you should also go helter-                                                               tourists, such as night markets, delicious food fare, retail   heart.” Its Airbus A320 for Cebu-Singapore-Cebu ights
                                                                                                                outlets, theme parks, botanical gardens, and museums.          is highly reliable and one of the safest narrow body air-
skelter going in and out of parking slots. Take
                                                                                                                Here in the country, Cebu represents a signi cant base         crafts around, serviced by world-class pilots and crew.
time to park your car properly, especially when                                                                 of travel operations for AirPhil Express: the province         Travelers will be glad to know that AirPhil Express is the
it comes to slots that require parallel parking                                                                 shares the proud tradition, industriousness, and mod-          only low-cost airline to provide as much as 15 kg free
or long backing moves. If it means having to go                                                                 ern-day savvy of Singapore, while serving as a gateway         baggage allowance. For inquiries: www.airphilexpress.
out and look what’s going on behind you—or                                                                      to the Visayas region’s network of beautiful islands.          com, yairphilexpress or www.twit-
asking a friend or relative to help you—do so,                                                                         Recognizing a growing, mutual interest between

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