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									                          HAMPSHIRE ANTIQUES, LTD.
                          Telephone: (604) 733-1326
                          Address: 2233 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C.,
                          V6H3G1 Canada (Granville St. & 7th Ave.)

VOLUME 28•4                            COLLECTOR'S NEWS                                   SPRING 2008

                   Welcome to the Spring edition of Collector's News. Like the natural world
                   around us, things are starting to blossom in the antiques business and we
                   have been out and about looking and buying some interesting items which
                   are featured on these pages. As usual at this time of the year, I've written
                   my take on the current state of the market. One thing that has surprised
                   me is the lack of interest in precious metals. No-one locally is rushing into
the shop to buy silver which is kind of odd given the huge increases in the price of sterling.
There are some bargains to be had out there as pieces can be found hovering in price around
the current melt value. Hope to see or hear from you all during the coming months.

                                                                                   - Robin J. Williams


         We are in a time when the stock market      York's prestigious Winter Antiques show for $1.2
is having conniptions and many real estate           million... (We sold one by this famous Nevada
markets are very shaky but despite all these         weaver for $6,000 about a decade ago – Oh! to
jitters the international action in art and          have it back now!) And what about the Kandler
antiques keeps boiling away. The key word here       l8th century Harelequin Meissen figure that
is international because of and despite the bad      fetched nearly a million, the Faberge Egg
economic news, investment money is now               timepiece that went for $18.5 million and the
shifting into antiques and art. Major antiques       Soviet poster from the 1950s extolling the health
shows and auctions so far have not stumbled          benefits of skiing for $71,000.
through the bad economic news but seem to
have been energised instead judging by sales                 When you see the things like the above
results. Exciting and rare pieces like the Paiute    that are selling for astonishing sums, it is natural
indian basket woven by Datsolalee which was          to think that the general antiques market should
sold by Canadian dealer Donald Ellis at New          be booming. Actually, nothing could be further

from the truth. An interesting statistic from                Catering to both of these types of buyers
England recently stated that three million homes     demands a high level of specialist knowledge and
had converted their dining room and living           the necessary financial back-up to service them.
room into one large family room. No wonder           Finding rare and interesting items takes so much
dining room suites or the accroutements that go      time and effort, it's no wonder dealers are less
with them aren't selling like they used to!          available to the public except at shows. It was
                                                     interesting to read a recent survey that stated
        Despite the huge media promotion by Al       even the world's top dealers have to book booths
Gore and others of the 'green' revolution and the    at international shows as gallery revenues cannot
fact that antiques are the ultimate recycable, it    support them to the tune of 40-50 per cent. I am
seems that fashion is the ultimate decider. That     not forgetting the interior designer here whose
along with disposable income and hobby time.         role has greatly expanded into the antiques
                                                     world for their clients who do not have the time
        The huge recession in the early 1980s        to shop themselves but instead rely on energetic
changed forever the face of the post war antiques    individuals travelling to the major shows seeking
industry. Scholarship started to erode and the       the appropriate objects with which to decorate
inaugaral Decorative Antiques Fair in London         wonderful homes.
emerged as a response to new world money
arriving and western economies demanding
more from the working individual. Less leisure
time meant that something had to take a back
seat. Collectors demanded and got antique malls
with huge inventory selections from many
dealers which cut down on travelling to
individual shops and the same rationale applied
to the huge increase in, and popularity of, mega
shows. Lifestyles had irrevocably changed.
How many times have we heard “We don't want
to clean the silver. It doesn't go in the
dishwasher or the microwave”? This new
                                                          A WMF Silverplated SOUP TUREEN with figural handles.
attitude towards old things and the runaway real          Germany. c.1900 14.5” Ladle is available too.
estate boom has pushed really nice quality
general antiques onto the back burner of many
peoples lives. Thus is should come as no
surprise that with business costs ever escalating
the neighbourhood antique shop is finding their
business plans aren't working the way they
should or at all and the internet and shows (not
so much the malls) are making all the running.
So to make a decent living the business now
largely boils down to catering to the passionate
collector and investor.

        The world's top antique show is the The                   right even if the sale does not come to fruition
European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in Maastricht,                     immediately. At top end shows after show
Holland. This spring it raised the public's                       business can often be good or better than
entrance fees in an effort to cut down on                         standing at your booth but your customer has to
attendance. Most industries would love more                       view it first.
public attention but not in the antiques and art
business as exhibitors were finding that the                              Recently we've had a couple of old
crush of browsers were too distracting and                        customers come into the new shop and be
inhibiting their sales to serious collectors. When                surprised that we are still on Granville Street
you're talking in six to seven figures (the top sale              quoting an previous newsletter which had
at the spring show was 8 million euros) to busy                   explained how the internet was taking over the
wealthy people or institutions, you have to get it                antiques business. What I was trying to say was
                                                                  that without the internet we could not keep the
                                                                  shop door open as, like everyone else, we have
                                                                  had the double whammy of serious collectors
                                                                  not travelling to Vancouver like they did pre 9/11
                                                                  and our costs of running a shop have literally
                                                                  gone through the roof. This, along with less
                                                                  local business, no doubt due to Vancouver
                                                                  becoming a very expensive city to live in, has
                                                                  pushed us more to the internet because quite a
                                                                  number of collectors are demanding an internet
                                                                  presence from dealers. To give you an idea of
                                                                  how the antiques business has changed so
                                                                  dramatically like night and day really, is that our
                                                                  best single sale last year was off our website.
                                                                  Our next two best single sales were items that
                                                                  never made the showroom but were shipped out
                                                                  of the country immediately to known buyers.
                                                                  Also we get more serious enquiries about our
                                                                  stock over the internet than we do through the
                                                                  front door of the store.

                                                                           Paintings are still the perennial success
                                                                  story. Had you bought a good a good A.Y.
                                                                  Jackson in the early fifties you would have paid
                                                                  the equivalent amount of a bungalow on the
                                                                  city's west side. Today the sale of an A.Y. Jackson
                                                                  will still buy you a bungalow or better on the
   A table top Silverplated & Horn decorative drinking VESSEL.
   20.5” high. And a Silverplated and Horn HUNTING HORN both      west side! Since around 1955 when the great
   with decorative mounts. Origin unknown but circa. say 1930+    post war art boom really got underway, art prices
   $995 and $395.
                                                                  have consistently risen for fine examples even

then when the stock market was tanking, great            schools as with the Russian, Chinese and Indian
art continued to make great and greater sums...          sectors which are all appreciating rapidly as
                                                         wealth from those countries buy back their
        Sophisticated investors often prefer art as      heritage. Names are huge in art as long as the
an investment as opposed to the stock market or          name actually painted the picture you're viewing.
real estate as you can enjoy a beautiful painting        A common failing with most novice buyers is
on the wall and, if you chose well, get massive          that theyfail to take in account condition issues .
appreciation on it during your lifetime.                 Good framing is quite expensive and restoration
                                                         follows in the same category. Even just cleaning
       It's not going to disappear on you like           a small oil 10” x 8”can run several hundred
Bear Sterns stock or depreciate rapidly when a           dollars so you can imagine the bill to pay for a
neighbourhood goes to pot or a real estate               large one with damage. There are lots of quite
meltdown occurs. It will need hefty insurance            acceptable paintings of all sizes and subjects,
coverage and good security though.                       signed and unsigned which can be had in the
                                                         low thousands. You got to jump up to say
        Despite all the tales of 'finds' in paintings    $50,000+ to purchase a quality painting of an
at garage sales, thrift shops etc, it is practically     interesting subject by a mainstream well listed
impossible to discover a bargain blue chip               artist.
investment painting. Actually, investment
paintings are not that easy to buy because they                  Given past history, it would seem that the
have all by now been accounted for which is why          art market will defy the stock market for the
you see huge sums advanced for those coming              forseeable future. As you all know we are in a
back into general circulation. The really                global economic slowdown driven by the
expensive ones are generally ones by those artists       recession in the U.S. So there is going to be a fair
that have developed unique styles like, say, in the      amount of surprises by the time I sit down to
moderns Riopelle or Pollock. A Jackson Pollock           write the next report on the market next spring.
is currently the most expensive painting ever
sold at US$160,000,000 last year. So you are                     As dealers we are confident that, if we
going to need into the high six figures to get           can get the right material, we certainly know
anything that gets close to qualifying as a gilt         how to sell it and the recession will be something
edged investment. There are trends in art like           we just read about or see on t.v. That is our
anything else. When new money appears it often           challenge for 2008 and yours too. May you find
gets directed into new or hitherto neglected             and enjoy some wonderful antiques and art
                                                         during the year.

                                               A Royal Crown Derby & Grainger & Co. Pierced EWER. C.1900
                                               On Hold

                                                    A Sterling Silver COFFEE POT. Birmingham, 1945
                                                    England. Excellent condition $850

                                                    A Sterling Silver TEAPOT Birmingham, 1945 England.
                                                    Excellent Condition $395

A Canadian (?) GRANDFA            O
                           THER CL CK
in a walnut case. It has an 8-day
timepiece movement and painted
white dial.Inherited from an estate on
the east coast. 6'6” tall. $1,800

 'Italian City Scene, Probably Rome'             'Venice” by Natale Gavagnin (1851-). A fine     'St. Marks Square, Venice' A fine
 Watercolour. Signed. c.l900 overall dim. 13”    WA TERCOLOUR by this noted Italian artist.          TER
                                                                                                 WA COLOUR of this famous city. Overall
 x 19” $1,200                                    Signed bottom left. Image size 9” x 5”. In      dim. 9.5” x 15.5”. Original frame. Signed.
                                                 original frame from c.1900. $1,250              Circa. l900 $995.00

A pair of MARINE PAINTINGS on canvas by E. FLETCHER (1857-1945). Two busy harbour scenes by this prolific English Artist. Signed bottom left.
Circa. 1900. Framed. Overall dim. L6” x 18” (l) & 15” x 17” (r). Pair $2,800

                                                                           'In the Ashnola Country' by Peter Ewart (1918-2001)A large OIL PAINTING
                                                                           of the 'Big Sky' country by this popular B.C. Artist.Overall dimensions 36.5”
                                                                           x 30.5”. Signed. $2,800.00

A large OIL PAINTING of Guan Yu. Guan Yu was a general under the
warlord Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han Dynasty and Three
Kingdoms era of China. He played a signficant role in the civil war
that led to the collapse of the Han Dynasty and the establishment of
the Kingdom of Shu, of which Liu Bei was the first emperor. He had
been deified as early as the Sui Dynasty and is still being worshipped
and seen as the epitome of loyalty and righteousness by Chinese
People today. Canvas. Signed. Overall dim. 39” x 27”. On Hold.

                                                                           Millarville, Alberta' by Matt Lindstrom ASA (1890-1975).An OIL PAINTING
                                                                           ON BOARD by this Alberta artist. Signed bottom right. Overall dim.17.5” x
                                                                           21.5”. $850

'Quebec Winter Scene' by R. Milne.A large OIL PAINTING on board by a
Canadian artist who is unlisted. Signed and dated 1946. Overall dim. 27”
x 21” $375.00


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