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									                        Gloucestershire Housing Association
                                 Residents’ Forum
                            9th February 2011 at 6.05pm
                            Committee Room, GLOSHA

Present:     Lea Boston (LB)              Forum Chair
             Janice Allen (JA)            Resident Rep’ Elming House
             Noel Archard (NA)            Residents’ Council & Rosebank
             David Baker (DB)             Residents’ Council Chair & Vicarage Court
             Jean Barnes-Harvey (JBH)     V/C Residents’ Council & Moores Ground, Apperley
             Andy Besley (AB)             Forum Vice Chair & Rudhall View
             Jean Besley (JB)             Rudhall View
             Bill Brooks (BB)             Prince Albert
             Ron Burrows (RBu)            Chair Apna Ghar Court RA
             Iris Burrows (IB)            Secretary Apna Ghar Court RA
             David Byers (DBy)            Resident Board Member & Bisley
             Rose Carter (RC)             Vice Chair Prince Albert R.A.
             Nancy Churchill (NC)         Res. Board Member & Summers Rd Winch’be
             Joyce Dickerson (JD)         Chair Rosebank RA
             Patricia Foster (PF)         Charter Court, Gloucester
             Vicky Harriman (VH)          Residents’ Council & Mogridge Close
             Rob Leslie (RL)              Vicarage Court
             Chris Meehan (CM)            New Rutland Court, Cheltenham (GH)
             Sisto Oryem (SO)             Valley Gardens, Kingsway
             John Rush (JR)               Vice Chair Prince Albert R.A.
             June Young (JY)              Residents’ Council & Wotton Elms Court
             Martin Beacham (MB)          GLOSHA Resident Involvement Officer
             Ryan Barkle (RB)             GLOSHA Team Leader Housing
             Dave Clarke (DC)             GLOSHA Building Manager
             Terry Davies (TD)            GLOSHA Head of Housing

  Apologies: Mandy Day, Richard Mason, Patrick O’Mahoney, Sam Powell, Georgina
  Thomas, Kathryn Warner, Roger and Sue Wintle, Mr Wharton, Ian Watson (GH), Mr R
  Neale, Mr T Collins, Mr S Oates, Ms A Breeze, Ms A Taylor, Ms M Taylor

   1. Welcome and introductions

      LB welcomed everyone to the meeting and attendees introduced themselves.

   2. Minutes of the last meeting & matters arising

      The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record.

      Matters Arising

      From page 2 of the last minutes:
      (a) Meetings between residents and staff at Prince Albert Court
      JR confirmed that meetings were taking place on a regular basis.

      (b) NC loft insulation
      NC reported that the contractors had been out on site, but she was out on the day
      that they came and had telephoned them about this. Also, a Summers Road resident

was distressed because the contractors said that they would not move any items out
of the loft. However, Dave Nelson had agreed that this should happen.

DC said that 25 out of 39 properties had been completed, but NC had been visited
twice but was out on each occasion. NC responded that a ‘you were out when we
called’ note was only left on one occasion. DC agreed that this was not good enough.

Action: DC to follow up this item with Dave Nelson and to clarify his instructions with
regard to clearing lofts. DC also to visit the Summers Road resident concerned, and
to ensure that NC receives a reply from Dave Nelson within the next 2 weeks.

Action: NC to report outcome at next Forum meeting, and whether contact was
made within 2 weeks.

DB said that if the loft insulation outcome was that GLOSHA decided not to clear the
lofts of elderly people, then the issue should come back to the Forum for discussion.

(c) Gardening schedule - Bisley
DBy said that discussions were in progress.

(d) Quicker reaction by GLOSHA to Forum requests for information
LB asked for any comments. Generally, there were no comments apart from DB, who
said that he had received a telephone call this morning.

From page 3 of the last minutes:
(e) Parking at Rosebank
JD said that 2 letters had been sent out and Chris Benjamin had telephoned her the
week before. San Remo parking had been made available for Rosebank residents
and visitors. However, one Rosebank resident was still being awkward. TD said that
Chris Benjamin and Philippa Howells were aware of this resident and the situation
was being monitored.

(f) Wheel Clamping/Ticketing Scheme
LB’s query had been answered: only the local authority or the Police could tow away

TD said that a contract was signed with UKPC Car Park Management. Signs should be
erected during the next 2 weeks at the housing developments covered. The next stage will
be to evaluate how effective the scheme is and to consider whether it should be extended
to other developments.

(g) Unadopted road – Furnaces Close
DC said that the main road, Hastings Road, was adopted but getting Furnaces Close
adopted was going to be a long ongoing process and there were still some major works
to be done.

(h) Gating – Prince Albert Court
Gating should be installed by the end of March. Funding for CCTV had been allocated but
this project was on hold for the time being, until the impact of the gating on anti-social
behaviour could be assessed.

Action: update to be made at next Forum meeting regarding the impact gates have had
on anti-social behaviour.

From page 4 of the last minutes:

   (i) Adoption of Wittering Way, Kingsway
   DC said that GLOSHA had no influence over the adoption of this road and suggested
   that Mandi Cottam contact the County Council’s Development Co-ordination team
   direct on 01452 425520

   Action: MB to contact Mandi Cottam with the Development Co-ordination telephone

   From page 5 of the last minutes:
   (j) Contractors failing to report to resident reps - Rosebank
   LB asked whether Dave Nelson had spoken with contractors. JD said that gardening
   contractors had been seen only once since Xmas and they had not introduced
   themselves to the resident rep.

   Action: JY to raise this issue again at the next ground maintenance contractors’
   meeting on 18th March. Update to be made at next Forum meeting.

    (k) Gritting Policy Review meeting
   MB apologised that this meeting had not been set up. Those who had expressed an
   interest in attending were instead invited to a Service Standards meeting, but gritting
   policy had not been discussed at this meeting. MB understood that Peter Brookes was
   waiting to receive feedback from the Residents’ Council. DB said Peter had only
   contacted him this morning. DB added that he would have asked for full costs for
   various options, with examples of how each option would affect service charges.

   Action: MB to set up a meeting within the next 4 weeks, and to invite AB, NC,RL,
   Roger Brickel, DB, VH, JD and JY.
   Action: RL agreed to provide an update at the next Forum meeting.

   From page 6 of last minutes
    (l) Doors/thermostat – Prince Albert Court
   JR said that the doors were in the process of being repaired, but the automatic door
   needed extra work doing. The thermostat had been fixed.

   (m) Mandy Days’ presentation on challenges faced by housing associations
   CM said that Mandy Day’s presentation was good and asked if she could keep the
   Forum informed of any further developments or government proposals.

   CM was interested in the ongoing government consultation. LB suggested that anyone
   who wished respond to the consultation could meet with Chris to discuss the various
   points and compose a reply. LB also suggested if a letter was produced it could be
   shown to the Forum, who might wish put their name to it.

   Action: Mandy Day to let the Forum know of any further developments in relation to
   government proposals regarding social housing.

3. Open Forum
   LB reminded everyone that that Open Forum was for issues that had already been
   raised via the proper channels, but had not been adequately resolved.

   (a) NC (Winchcombe): at the end of November NC had reported that a fence had
   been taken down by a private tenant in Gretton Road and she had provided
   photographic evidence. Mark Hobbs had inspected the site in December and was
   supposed to be writing to the private tenant. NC had heard nothing since then and
   the tenant had moved out in the meantime. DB stressed the importance of

communication and of officers keeping residents in the loop, even if the response
was that they couldn’t take any action just yet.

Action: DC agreed to liaise with RB regarding the fence. RB agreed to get a
response to NC by the end of next week.
Action: TD agreed to stress DB’s message about lack of communication at
Executive meetings.

NC raised a second issue: a new resident in St Peters Way had taken part in a
mutual exchange, but had found that the kitchen taps were not working properly.
Mark Hobbs wrote to the resident to say that the taps had not got a diffuser fitted and
suggested that the resident change the taps. However, the resident thought that
GLOSHA should fit a diffuser. Also, some of the kitchen units had no handles. The
resident had asked for new handles but was told that they would have to make do
with handles that don’t match the other units.

RB clarified that a mutual exchange was not treated in the same way as a void: the
property was still inspected, but was taken ‘as seen’ if the damage has been done by
the previous resident.

Action: DC agreed to investigate the matter further on Friday morning and asked if
NC would arrange a convenient time for him to call on the resident concerned in
order to inspect the taps and kitchen units.

(b) CM (Guinness Hermitage, Cheltenham): there was an issue with parking and
CM had asked the housing officer to arrange a residents’ meeting, but had heard

MB said a few residents’ meetings had been held but only 2 people turned up at one
meeting. It was therefore decided to hold estate inspections, and one had been held

Action: MB agreed to canvass residents’ opinions about re-starting residents’

(c) PF (Charter Court): the paving at Charter Court was very uneven. TD responded
that this was a shared development with Gloucester City Homes and Philippa
Howells had been dealing with this matter.

Action: TD to ask Philippa Howells to contact PF regarding a solution and how to
take the matter forward.

(d) DBy (Bisley): the Help Desk was not giving feedback to residents who reported
problems. DBy had reported an emergency on a Saturday morning but no one got
back to him within 7.5 hours. No one seemed to be responsible for feeding back
information to residents. DBy had asked Peter Brookes for Help Desk procedures on
reporting back to residents on both routine and emergency matters, but had heard
nothing more.

JR mentioned that Block 7 Prince Albert was broken into the other Saturday. Patrick
O’Mahoney had reported it. The Police turned up at 1o’clock via a trades entrance,
which should not have opened.

   Action: Peter Brookes to make a report to the next Forum meeting regarding Help
   Desk procedures for getting back to residents and to explain why feedback cannot be
   given to residents after an emergency call has been made.

   (e) VH (Mogridge Close): a neighbour was experiencing problems with light bulbs.
   The low energy 3 pin fit bulbs were expensive, at £7 a time. Richard Hall had written
   to the resident concerned with details of a cheaper supplier, but the problem was that
   the bulbs were only lasting a few months instead of a few years. TD suggested that it
   might be the fixtures that were at fault rather than the bulbs.

   JD mentioned that she was having problems with the light in her bathroom, which
   was taking 4 minutes to brighten up.

   Action: VH to pass neighbour’s details to RB. RB to investigate the matter with
   property services and also to look into JD’s problem with her bathroom light.

   VH raised a second item: 2 neighbours, who were unable to use their cookers due to
   disability, wished to get small portable stoves. They had asked if they could have a
   board installed in the gap where the cooker was, on which they could then place a
   small stove. Both had contacted Care & Repair, who said that GLOSHA should be
   approached. However, GLOSHA had referred them to Care & Repair.

   TD responded that GLOSHA had made an error in asking them to contact Care &
   Repair direct. He asked whether either resident had been assessed by an
   occupational therapist, as GLOSHA would need technical advice to ensure that the
   proposed equipment was suitable for their needs.

   MB said he had spoken with VH this morning and he had e-mailed Richard Hall, who
   was passing the matter to Care & Repair for their advice. The cookers were still in
   place at the moment, but if the work was approved it could be carried out quickly
   providing it cost under £500.

   NC commented that Care & Repair were qualified to advise on disability fittings and
   would be able to make an assessment considerably quicker than waiting for an
   occupational therapist referral.

   Action: TD to check with Richard Hall to ensure that a referral had been made to
   Care & Repair.

4. Guinness Hermitage Scrutiny Group
   DB reported that a consultant had been appointed to the Scrutiny Group and matters
   were progressing at a leisurely pace.

5. Residents’ Council Update
   An appendix was attached to the minutes of the last meeting. The following
   comments were made:

   (a) DBy volunteered his services if the Council needed to look at technical manuals.

   (b) Monthly contractor meetings (cleaning and grounds maintenance): JY had the
   minutes from the January grounds maintenance meeting (which NC had attended),
   but this week’s meeting had been cancelled due to sickness. The next meeting was
   scheduled for 18th March. JY said that residents who had issues with cleaning or
   grounds maintenance should approach Peter Brookes or Tim Ibbetson in the first

  instance. LB stressed that residents must go though the proper channels before they
  contact June Young on her GLOSHA mobile tel no 07850 311017.

  DB clarified that although cleaning and grounds maintenance were not repair issues,
  the correct procedure was for residents to ring the Repairs Desk and ask for their
  complaint to be put in the log. This log is taken to contractors’ meetings and is seen
  by Peter and Tim prior to meetings.

  RL asked if each scheme could have copies of contractors’ terms of engagement.
  MB responded that these had been sent out. DB said that there were lists available
  on site. However, JY said that lots of lists had been taken down.

  Action: DB to liaise with RL to ensure that he receives ground maintenance terms of

  (c) Incentive Scheme: having attended a meeting today with AB and RB, DB said
      that things were moving in the right direction. DB, AB and GLOSHA will ensure
      that progress continues.

  Latest Residents’ Council minutes are attached at Appendix 1

6. GHA updates/feedback

  (a) Environmental Improvements: all of the bids were agreed by a Resident Panel.
  TD mentioned that Vicarage Court would be getting extra signage, and Apna Ghar
  will have its fireplace/ tiling/pipes removed and additional carpeting laid. RBu
  sounded a note of caution about the tiling; it had been specially placed there for a
  reason and was thought to be of cultural significance.

  Action: TD to investigate whether the tiling needed to remain.

  (b) CCTV - Prince Albert: TD confirmed that funds had been earmarked for CCTV
  but GLOSHA wished to monitor the impact of the gating on anti-social behaviour at
  the end of June/start of July before considering whether CCTV should go ahead.

  (c) Resident Involvement & Community Investment Update: a sheet was attached to
  the meeting agenda. (see Appendix 2). MB highlighted the following items:

  i, Residents on Board, InSTEP, Exeter 9th March 2011- two places booked

  ii, InSTEP Regional Conference, Torquay 10.03.11 – 8 places booked with 1
  still free at the moment.

  iii, Have Your Say leaflet – MB urged resident to complete the detachable
  involvement page and return it in the freepost envelope. Forum members were asked
  to highlight the various activities available to their neighbours. Unless residents took
  part, not all of the activities would be able to go ahead.

  iv, Calendar of Activities – this can be accessed via GLOSHA’s website.

  v, Dreamscheme – MB highlighted this positive way of working with young people.

   7. Any Other Business

        DB asked what the contact procedure was when an electrical/kitchen/bathroom
        contract was awarded: should the contractor contact the resident to make an
        appointment to do the works, or should the resident make the appointment?
        DC responded that it was up to the contractor to make the appointment, but for
        urgent works GLOSHA asked for 2-way communication.

        MB added that GLOSHA’s computerised management system held details of 3,500
        properties but residents’ contact details were not 100% up-to-date and accurate.
        Housing Officers and the Customer Services team were in the process of updating
        contact numbers (land lines and mobiles) in order to improve communication, but
        people often forgot to tell GLOSHA when they changed their numbers. DB asked
        residents to spread the word that people needed to let GLOSHA know about their
        new contact details, and to provide up-to date information if they were asked to do so
        by staff.

   8. Dates and times of forthcoming meetings

        Wednesday 20th April 2011
        Wednesday 8th June 2011
        Wednesday 10th August 2011

        Meetings start at 6.05pm, with refreshments available from 5.45pm

        The meeting closed at 19.50pm

Appendix 1

  Minutes of the Resident’s Council (RC) meeting held on 1st February 2011

Present:        David Baker (Chair) (DB), Jean Barnes-Harvey (Vice Chair) (JBH),
                Richard Mason (RM), Noel Archard (NA), June Young (JY),
                Vicky Harriman (VH) Catherine Hewer (CH)

Apologies:      Martin Beacham (MB), Fiona Haddock (FH)

   1.        Catherine Hewer - Worklessness
             CH presented a paper on Worklessness and asked the Council for any thoughts
             they might have to be communicated to her by 16th February 2011.

             RC agreed that they would be willing to be involved with the recruitment for
             the post of Worklessness Co-ordinator for Guinness Hermitage. The post
             would be filled from within the staff of GLOSHA and not as an external

   2.        Sharon Nash (SN) – Draft Guinness Partnership Customer Insight Strategy
             SN did not attend the meeting due to a misunderstanding.

     Action: Carry forward to the next meeting.

3.   Fiona Haddock (FH) – Accessibility Survey
     It was decided that the RC support the recommendation put forward by FH that
     a full accessibility survey is not carried out in 2011.

4.   Martin Beacham
     MB did not attend the meeting.

5.   The Minutes of the previous meeting
     The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and it was agreed that they
     were correct.

6.   Matters arising from the previous meeting

     a. Finance
        The meeting between VH and Kathryn Warner (KW) has been held. Finance
        items for discussion should be forwarded to VH at least 10 days before the
        meeting. The details should be itemised so that the details are clear to VH
        so that she is able to sign off the items without the need to query the
        contents further. The last agreed accounts were from November 2010.
        Action: A further meeting is required between VH and KW. This is to be
        arranged when mutually convenient.

     b. Residents Involvement Service Standards leaflet
        Action: Council look forward to receiving a revised draft of this leaflet.

     c. Terms of Reference document
        Not yet finalised, waiting for suggested alterations from Management.
        Action: to go to the Board in February.

     d. Advertising the Resident’s Council
        Action: A shortlist will be drawn up of possible candidates.

     e. Car Park Management
         The new Company has been appointed and contracts were exchanged.
         They will initially cover four sites.
         Action: This will be ongoing at Resident’s Forum.

7.   Customer Policy Team Policy Review
        Action: The RC wish to be involved in future discussions.

8.   Board Attendance by R C Members
        Action: It was agreed that VH would attend the meeting on 23 rd February,
        JBH will attend on 30th March, JY will attend on 25th May, and all members
        will attend on 7th September. The attendee for 13th July will be notified at a
        future date.

   9.    Halls and Stairways
         This was covered under item 7.

   10.   Recharges
         This was covered under item 7.

   11.   Consultancy (Newman Francis)
         This is ongoing but good progress is being made.

   12.   Any Other Business
         a. Gritting policy
         Action: This has yet to be agreed. The item will be taken to the Resident’s

         b. Rent arrears
         Action: Carry forward for future discussion.

   13.   Date of the next meeting
         Tuesday 1st March

Appendix 2

             Resident Involvement & Community Investment update

Training & conferences
Food Safety, level 2, Envesca, Gloucester 04.03.11 - 1 place booked
Residents on Board, InSTEP, Exeter, 09.03.11 – 2 places booked
InSTEP Regional Conference, Torquay 10.03.11 – 8 places booked (1 spare at the

Editorial Panel
Future dates:
        7 March at 11am, 28 April at 10am, 7 June at 10am, 20 July at 10am,
            30 August at 10am, 5 October at 10am, 11 November at 2pm
                 All meetings held in the Committee Room at GHA

Guinness Partnership Customer Strategy Group
Customer Strategy Group is a Partnership wide customer group that helps improve
the way The Guinness Partnership interacts with customers. It ensures customers’
voices are heard. At present, there are 8 places open to Guinness
Hermitage/Guinness Northern Counties/Guinness South/Guinness Care and Support
Direct applicants. There is also 1 place available to ‘Non-Direct’ applicants.
Deadline for CSG applications is this Friday, 11 February.

Gloucestershire & Severnside Tenants Network, Tuesday 15 February

Opportunity to meet residents from other landlords, share best practice and hear
guest speakers. Six people will be attending next weeks meeting at Two Rivers

Have your say! involvement options leaflet
Please persuade people to complete and return to the Business Support Team; and
complete yours now!

Mystery Shopping
Used different techniques last time and some service improvements identified. Will
continue to recruit more shoppers.
Easy Shopper feedback form
Guinness format used and nearly 80 responses received. Analysis shows a
snapshot. Second form going out with March Viewpoint will allow us to check trends.

On-site involvement picnics
We will be running more resident picnics/involvement events this year, focussing on
areas with little involvement. Any recommendations will be gratefully received.

   Please contact Martin Beacham for more information on any of the above
                   01452 541821,

Dreamschemes – CH involved with Dreamscheme network South West. A network
of social landlords and the Police to develop Dreamschemes across the South West.
What is Dreamscheme?
Dreamscheme is a positive way of working with young people locally. Children and
young people aged 8 - 16 do helpful work in their community and earn points for
every hour they work. They exchange their points for trips and activities of their
                              WORK = POINTS = TRIPS
Every local Dreamscheme is different but they all give young people a chance to
contribute their talents and energy and receive positive feedback. Newsletters

Podsmead – Various things are happening in Podsmead in partnership with GCH,
the new councillor and other agencies.
 A youth club is now in place in partnership with the youth service which runs
   every Wednesday night 7 – 9 for 13 – 18 year olds. Various activities such as
   music, sport and cooking
 We recently ran a public meeting to discuss the cutting of youth provision across
   Podsmead. There is a high proportion of young families here so it was a good
   turn out. There were lots of ideas from parents and some young people for
   activities and some of the mums have agreed to get involved to support the
   activities. A steering group is meeting later this month to work out an action plan
   and to sort out what resources we can share to make things happen.
 CH recently met with the Alzheimer’s Society who are keen to work with us in
   Podsmead as there is a population of older people there who may be affected
   now or in the future. We are investigating various things that we can do together
   for both sufferers and their carers.

Kingsway – Already planning the next fun day which is planned for August this year.
CH has set up a group of the social landlords on Kingsway and the parish council
which is called Kingsway Involvement Network. The aim is to work with other
service providers to get some community activity happening with the residents to
encourage community cohesion and to tackle anti social behaviour.

Vicarage Court – There will be a keep warm and healthy event held in Brockworth’s
community centre on 23 of February. It will be a drop in event with various stalls
manned by various agencies that can contribute to helping residents look at ways
they can be more efficient in their energy use. It’s being organised and funded by
Bromford Housing and there will be activities for children all day. Brockworth GHA
residents will be getting a leaflet inviting them to attend nearer the time.
CH working with a local resident to set up a fun day in August for resident’s of
Vicarage Court. Other residents will be invited to participate shortly. More info to

Ince Castle Way, Gloucester– we are running a clean up your community event at
Ince Castle on Feb 25. We will be working in partnership with the GCC and will be
looking at fun ways to clean up the environment. Lots of activities such as quizzes
etc. If any residents from other areas wish to attend then they are more than
welcome and should contact Housing Officer Philippa Howell.

At recommendation of a board member, CH will shortly be visiting a cancer drop in
centre in Cheltenham that is set up for people affected by cancer both sufferers and
their family. CH will find out more and will highlight the facility to interested GHA

CH going on first aid training in the spring as part of her work with resident events.

Currently planning a calendar of summer activities for residents so if you have any
ideas or want to be involved please let CH know.

   Please contact Catherine Hewer for any further information on any of the
                    01452 541809


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