; Author of ENGAGE!, Brian Solis Writes New Book, "The End of Business as Usual"
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Author of ENGAGE!, Brian Solis Writes New Book, "The End of Business as Usual"


HOBOKEN, N.J.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Digital culture is changing the landscape of business and consumerism. Author, Brian Solis explores our complex consumer revolution in his new book, The End of Business as Usual (Wiley, October 2011). img border='0' title='Add to Google' a

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									Author of ENGAGE!, Brian Solis Writes New
Book, "The End of Business as Usual"
October 18, 2011 06:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time 

HOBOKEN, N.J.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--With today’s digital revolution, information overload is
inevitable. Are we in the age of enlightenment or are we lost in translation? Everyday businesses are underestimating,
missing or seeking to understand the bottom line impact of the social and mobile web. As consumers further connect
with one another, a vast and efficient information network takes shape and begins to steer experiences, decisions,
and markets - and it is nothing short of disruptive.

Today’s biggest trends —the mobile web, social media, gamification, real-time—have forced businesses to rewire
the way they think and run. Consumers are creating a new digital culture, shifting business landscapes one tweet at a
time. New networks have created an ever- expanding "egosystem," in which everyday people believe their lives
deserve 24-hour broadcasts. At the heart of all of this, a new breed of consumer is emerging—and they're changing
the very foundation of business. Businesses need to decipher the significance of this behavior and understand where
the social and mobile web are headed to steer their company toward a new generation of customers.

Brian Solis, author of ENGAGE! and principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm, is globally
recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media. A digital analyst,
sociologist, and futurist, Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging media on business, marketing,
influence and culture.

Now, in his latest bookThe End of Business As Usual: Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the
Consumer Revolution(Wiley; Hardcover & E-Book; $24.95; 978-1-1180-7755-9) he explores each layer of
this complex consumer revolution that is changing the future of business, media, and culture. The book reveals how
digital culture is changing the landscape of business, consumerism, the workplace, and what to do about it.

“This book is about the new age of business, consumerism and the individual’s role in defining the future of
everything. Simply by discussing the experiences we’ve had with brands and business on review sites, in blogs, and
in online communities, we’ve created a new world of consumer influence,” says Solis. “The consumer revolution is
already underway, and the question is: How do you better understand the role you play in this production as a
connected or social consumer as well as business professional?” 

Understanding this new consumer and what moves them will help businesses compete for tomorrow, today.

The End of Business As Usual sharescritical insight such as:

    l   How shared experiences are redefining brands in digital consumer landscape and astute brands can now also
        create and steer these experiences
    l   How consumer influence is growing, and businesses can use this to their advantage
    l   Ways to connect with a rising audience (and with audiences of audiences) through new touch points between
        consumers, brands, and new influencers
    l   Techniques for creating a culture of change to earn trust, influence, and significance among connected

The End of Business As Usual will change the way readers view the world of business, from sales and marketing
to customer service and product development to leadership and culture. While other businesses will fall to digital
Darwinism, those that adapt will evolve and thrive. This is the end of business as usual and the beginning of a new era
of relevance.

About the author
At Altimeter, Brian works with businesses on new media strategies and frameworks to build bridges between
companies and customers, employees, and other important stakeholders. Additionally, he specializes in change
management to help businesses (and the leadership team) introduce new media resources, systems and processes,
and management layers to effectively embrace and excel around the connected customer. As a result, CRM
Magazine named Brian as an influential leader of 2010. 

His blog, BrianSolis.com is among the world’s leading business and marketing online resources, ranking among the
top 1% of all blogs tracked by Technorati. He is also ranked as one of the leading voices in the AdAge Power 150
index of worldwide marketing bloggers. He also contributes to FastCompany, Harvard Business Review,
and Mashable. 

Follow Brian on Twitter @briansolis

To request a review copy or schedule an interview with the author, contact Heather Condon, Publicist – WILEY,
hcondon@wiley.com - 201-748-6017

Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution
By Brian Solis
ISBN: 9781118077559; John Wiley & Sons; Available in Hardcover & E-Book; $24.95

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available: http://www.businesswire.com/cgi-bin/mmg.cgi?eid=50029095&lang=en

Heather Condon, 201-748-6017

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