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					Five Necessities for Girls to Enjoy the Autumn
Perhaps autumn is the time that people love most. The temperature is
comfortable. We can enjoy much more outdoor activities. The sunlight is mild and
the wind is not chilly. It seems that this is the perfect time for us to enjoy
everything. But personally, I think there is one shortcoming - that is, lots of people
will feel dehydrated in this season. As we all know that the humidity in autumn is
much lower than in summer. So our skin will feel dry along with the season
changing. In order to enjoy this amazing season more, let's find out some
necessities which can help us get rid of the problem of dry skin.

1. Toning lotion

When there isn't enough water in your skin, you will feel dry. And the only
solution is to supply enough water to your skin. So for those girls who do not like
to apply toning lotion in summer, it's time to make some changes. Toning lotion is
the first choice when we want to moisturize our skin. Also this is the first step for
us to apply other skincare products or cosmetics.

2. Mask

Besides the toning lotion, another item which can moisturize our skin is mask.
Some people, especially those who have dry skin, may feel the toning lotion can't
solve the problem thoroughly. So they still need another powerful tool. The
moisturizing mask is just what they need. They are different kinds of masks, which
can meet with the different requirements of different people. Personally I like the
jelly like mask. You can apply such mask after you clean your face in the night.
Then you can go to bed directly without waiting for 10-15 minutes.

3. Lipstick

The second part that may lack of water is the lip. So take along one lipstick with
you is necessary. Different people may like different brands. When choosing the
lipstick, you'd better select the lipstick which is made from natural material. As
you have to apply it on your lips, it is probably that sometimes you will swallow
the substance into your mouth. So it will be safe if you choose the natural

4. Hand cream

Some people say hand is the second face for women. Women all want to keep
their hands clean, slender and delicate. Just like your face, the hands also need
your special care and attention in this dry season. Remember to apply the hand
cream every time after you wash the hands. The best way to protect and moist
your hands is apply the hand cream before you go to bed.

5. Sunscreen

Actually this item seems to have nothing to do with the topic. But sunscreen is
what we really need in autumn. Although the sunlight is not so strong at this time,
the ultraviolet A and B in the sunlight still can cause damage to our skin. So do not
forget to apply the sunscreen before you go out.

In this comfortable and cool autumn, we still need to pay attention to the skin
problem. Otherwise your facial skin, lips and hands will look lusterless and dim if
you do not take care of them. Prepare all these necessities. Then you will enjoy
this perfect season without any worries.

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