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					The Crazy Gazebo

The gazebo is that odd-sounding piece of the landscape that just seems to make a home complete. It is that
quintessential finishing touch to your landscape that means you plan on staying for awhile and want to be
comfortable while doing it. The gazebo may be growing in popularity for homeowners but it remains a
relatively rare building to see on people’s lawns. Part of its rarity is no doubt due to the fact that so many
people are relatively unfamiliar with the gazebo and its potential role in their landscape.

Strictly speaking, a gazebo is little more than a stand alone building. Like a building, a gazebo has a roof to
provide occupants shelter from the elements. A gazebo may even have electricity running out to it when
people decide to add ornamental lights or perhaps a ceiling fan. However, a gazebo is a completely open
structure on all sides.

The structure is free of any windows or doors. This creates a sense of openness that is a preferred feature for
gazebo owners. However, in colder climates, this overwhelming sense of openness becomes too costly in the
winter and the structure is generally abandoned until late Spring when the air is warm enough to enjoy
without a parka.

Manufacturers are making owning a gazebo easier than ever these days. A growing number of companies
are selling pre-fabricated gazebos that simply have to be delivered. These quality-made units can be dropped
off and enjoyed on the same day.

If you don’t want to spend the extra money for a pre-fabricated gazebo, you can always order a kit. A typical
gazebo kit will include all the lumber, hardware, and instructions necessary to construct your very own piece
of paradise at your own leisure. Kits are typically much less expensive than pre-fabricated models but it
takes a lot more time and effort to build the gazebo on your own than to simply have one dropped off. For
the really tenacious do-it-yourself buff, there is always the custom-built gazebo option.

In all reality, a custom gazebo is the surest way to ensure that it matches with your home. Have you ever
seen a gazebo that just seemed to have nothing at all to do with the home-like it was made out of natural
wood and the home was a brick ranch? The gazebo is a stand alone structure but it is also found in proximity
to your home and should be considered an accessory to your home-and therefore be similar in style or

A custom gazebo may be your only option if you have a very unique home or rare building materials.
However, the added time and expense required to build a matching custom gazebo to your home will be well
worth it. The entire landscape will be unified and it will a depth to the overall architecture scheme.

Whether you choose to have a pre-built gazebo dropped off in your back yard, build with a kit or design and
build your very own, the added comfort and value of a gazebo is well worth the effort and expense. Besides,
it is nice to have a place outside where you can just sit back with a great book and a cup of tea and just
relax-and a gazebo is just such a place!

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