Engage Klingon Tour Launches at Jenolan Caves

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                                   Media Release – August 2010

      Engage! Klingon Tour Launches at Jenolan Caves!
Jenolan Caves, the world’s oldest dated limestone cave system has officially crossed the ‘Final
Frontier’ and is proud to announce the launch of the world’s first Klingon language cave
tour. On August 23, after six months of preparation, the Klingon language tour was officially
opened at Sydney’s OzTrek 3 Convention.

‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ stars, Marina Sirtis (Troi) and Michael Dorn (Worf) were
present at the convention, and met with excited Jenolan Caves staff. The Klingon tour was well
received by conference attendees.

In the Star Trek universe, Jenolan Caves was first immortalized in the name of a Sydney Class
Starship - the USS Jenolan - in the Next Generation episode, ‘Relics’. This relationship will now
be developed further, by adding the language of Star Trek’s great warrior race to Jenolan’s Self
Guided Tour.

Opened on Stardate 60358.1 (December 2006) the Self Guided tour takes visitors through the
‘twilight’ caves – ‘The Devil’s Coach House’ and ‘The Nettle’. The tour features
environmentally friendly paths and lighting, enormous limestone features, rare life forms and is
toured by over 150,000 visitors a year, making it the most visited cave in Australia.

Visitors take the tour, using a digital audio device provided by ‘Acoustiguide of Australia’.
The audio tour is now available in 11 languages - including Klingon – the first genuine tour to be
available on Planet Earth for Klingon speakers.

Jenolan Caves Cave Operations Manager, Dan Cove, said “One of the great strengths of Jenolan
Caves is that it is a place where you can, and should, expect the unexpected! The magic of
Jenolan now has a further element of allure, in merging the fantastic and fantasy universe of
Star Trek with the equally fantastic underground world. Caves have always had a strong
relationship with myth, fantasy and the imagination, and this tradition is very alive at Jenolan.”

Award-winning Jenolan Caves is Australia’s most famous cave system. Visitors explore on
tours of 11 show caves, ‘adventure’ caves, ghost tours, night tours, kids’ tours, underground
concerts and more. For further information, visit or contact 1300 76
33 11.

For media information or interviews, contact Dan Cove on 02 6359 3926 (or 0458 201 724) or
email . Please download images from

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