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					                  O RIENTATION SUCCESS
                                                                        ISSUE 2      VO LU ME 3       20 07
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                   Department Chair’s
                 Column ........................ 2                                August 31
                   HIM / MHSA B RIDGING PRO-
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The Jayhawk Healthcare Administrators Working for Kansas student organization promotes leadership, marketability, relationships, and
 knowledge for students pursuing a career in health services administration through personal and professional development activities.

 2007-08 School Year Begins: Orientation a Success
                                                         by Dorothy Hughes

    On Tuesday, August 14, the Department of Health                     After a short break, students had the opportunity to
Policy and Management held an all-day orientation for               hear about the structure and design of the health policy
new MHSA students.                                                  and management curriculum and course sequencing from
    Sessions during orientation included opening remarks            Dr. Michael Fox and Adam Keener. Dr. Averett then
from Department Chair Dr. Michael Bleich; a welcome                 gave a presentation on ethical and behavioral standards.
from Dr. Allen Rawitch, Vice Chancellor for Academic                Since the MHSA program is preparing students to be-
Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies; followed by a                 come executive-level leaders, it was important to state to
summary of the role of the Program Director and student             them on their very first day the standards to which they
advising given by Dr. Robert Lee.                                   must hold themselves.
                                                                        Rebecca Brown then walked the students through a
                                                                      session on Dykes Library and how best to use library
                                                                      resources to advance scholarship.
                                                                        After receiving their student I.D. badges, students
                                                                      heard from Dr. Mary Kinnamon about professional
                                                                      writing standards and the use of Endnote. Dr. Michael
                                                                      Grasso then briefed students on various elements of
                                                                      information technology used in the MHSA program,
                                                                      including GroupWise, ANGEL, and Elluminate. To
                                                                      round out the day, KUMC Student Services spoke to
                                                                      the group about campus resources available to them.
                                                                        Finally, JHAWK made a short presentation to the
                                                                      new students about how the organization can serve both
                                                                      as a professional development tool and a social outlet.
                                                                        Following orientation, JHAWK hosted students—
                                                                      both new and old—at Jaywalkers for happy hour re-


                                    The Starfish and the Spider
                                                    By Michael Bleich, Ph.D., RN, CNAA, FAAN

      WELCOME FROM THE HEALTH POLICY AND                                 Marty Baumbach
        MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                           MidAmerica Nazarene: Management and Human Resources
                                                                         Richelle Beckman
                                                                              HIM/MHSA “bridge” student
     One of the delights of summer is the opportunity to catch           Rohit Chander
up on reading. One of the wonderful surprises I uncovered                     DAV College: International Business/Commerce
was in finding the book, The Starfish and The Spider: The Un-            Deepanjali Dummi
                                                                              University of Kansas: Health Information Management
stoppable Power of the Leaderless Organization written by Ori            Joseph Edouard
Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom. Of the many messages con-                       Hawaii Pacific University: Human Resource Management
veyed in this book one stood out as key: the traditional hierar-         Rachel Feldman
chical organization is shifting and new organizational forms                  HIM/MHSA “bridge” student
are emerging. Healthcare institutions are spider-like in their           Danielle Forbis
                                                                              University of Missouri - Columbia: Biological Sciences
hierarchies with rigid and complex rule structures – from com-           Joshua Gall
munications to billing/reimbursement structures, to care deliv-               Kansas State University: Accounting
ery and decision-making. Even efforts at ‘shared governance’             Stacy Harper
are fraught with rules and structures in their attempt to pro-                University of Kansas: Psychology
                                                                              MHSA/JD joint degree student
mote added voices to organizational culture. The starfish or-            Michelle Horne
ganization is one where there is almost a seamless ‘dance’ that               University of Phoenix: Business Management
occurs between the members, where fluidity and simple rules              Sonia Jegede-Uwagie-Ero
predominate and are held in check and balance. Like a star-                   University of Portsmouth: Medical LaboratorySciences
fish, when one ‘branch’ is injured, the web of communications                 Professional degree: LLM, Temple University Law School
                                                                         Laura Jones
rapidly sets forth new activity to rebuild and reconnect the sys-             Creighton University: Health Administration and Policy
tem.                                                                     Erica Kloehn
     As we begin the school year, I would like to challenge us                University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee: Biological Science;
all to honor the ‘structure’ that governs and guides the aca-                      Clinical Lab Science
                                                                         Dan Larson
demic culture, but to act with the fluidity and nimbleness of                 Emporia State University: Biology Education
the starfish! As a growing department – with some 30 new                 Ayesha Mehdi
students – we have opportunities to test new teaching modali-                 Walsh College: Business
ties, to create new partnerships in the healthcare community,                 MHSA/JD joint degree student
and to reconnect with our alumni on September ___ when we                Phranil Mehta
                                                                              University of Pune: Pharmacy
acknowledge our 25th year of existence as a program! The                 Linda Nagel
hybrid academic structure will serve us all well – faculty,                   Wichita State University; DeVry University: Business
alumni, and students alike – as we engage in testing new mod-                      Management; Technical Management
els of service deliver and administration.                               Amany Qaddour
                                                                              University of Kansas: Human Biology; Psychology
     The fall, our new curriculum will go through the review             Kelsi Remmert
process for implementation in 2008. We look forward to shar-                  HIM/MHSA “bridge” student
ing the design of this curriculum after getting additional feed-         Neha Sharma
back from our advisory group, which includes many of our                      University of Kansas: Human Biology
alumni. If all goes as planned, more information about the               Tami Sherley
                                                                              Washburn: English Literature, Political Science and German
PhD program will be announced during the next academic                        Professional degree: JD, Washburn University School of Law
year, as resources are gathered and developed to successfully            Alison Starks
launch this program. Anticipate more information about the                    University of Kansas: Social Work
formation of Public Health programs in the next academic year            Sam Sweeten
                                                                              Kansas State University; University of Kansas
as well! There is much activity going on in the Student Cen-                  HIM/MHSA “bridge” student
ter, 5th floor offices!                                                  Jason Switzer
                                                                              Wayland Baptist University: Management
    As this goes to press, I would like to officially welcome            Angela Tallant
our returning students back to campus and welcome the fol-                    Kansas State University: Finance
                                                                         Melissa Wolken
lowing new students to the University of Kansas Department                    Kansas State University: Psychology
of Health Policy and Management:                                         Chad Yeager
                                                                              University of Kansas: Nursing
Kevin Arnhold                                                                 HP&M/Nursing dual degree student
    Emporia State: Economics                                             Di Zhang
Kelly Balch                                                                   JiLin University/Lambton College: Business Administration
    University of Missouri – Columbia: Journalism


                  Featuring the HIM/MHSA
                     Bridging Program                                                                                     What is
                                        by Claire Lockwood
     If I were asked three years ago to ex-          care of the void I stumbled upon the Health
plain my educational goals, I would have             Information Management / Master’s of
said, “block off your morning and let’s meet         Health Service and Administration (HIM/
for breakfast, lunch, and coffee to follow.” I       MHSA) bridging program. I did my re-
started off with aspirations to be a nurse or        search, looked around at other schools and                   As its website states, “The
dietician. A few months later I redirected           programs across the country and decided to                       American College of
myself and decided on journalism or mass             stay at KU Med. I applied and was accepted.                 Healthcare Executives is an
media. Once I decided writing was my weak            The bridging program offers a bachelors and                   international professional
point, I switched and chose a general educa-         masters in five years on a full-time basis.                 society of more than 30,000
tion degree, also known as B.S. in lots of           Students start taking graduate classes in                    healthcare executives who
                                                                                                                  lead hospitals, healthcare
areas. Since I wasn’t going anywhere with            conjunction with the HIM classes their sen-
                                                                                                                       systems, and other
that degree other than realizing I was good          ior year of the HIM program.
                                                                                                                   healthcare organizations.
at gym, another semester went by and I                    I’m graduated May 2007 with my                             ACHE is known for its
switched a final time.                               bachelor’s in HIM, and I am in my second                       prestigious credentialing
     It was the Health Information Manage-           year of the masters program. I will graduate                 and educational programs
ment program at the University of Kansas             next year with and have plans to follow my                  and its annual Congress on
Medical Center in Kansas City (KU Med).              passion of creating change in our healthcare                   Healthcare Leadership,
By this time it was April of my sophomore            system and assisting individuals to be more                    which draws more than
year and my parents were feeling this                informed about their care.                                     4,000 participants each
strange urgency to get me through college in              In addition to being a full time student, I                         year.”
four years. They made the trip from out-of-          serve as the Planning Officer for JHAWK. I
state and we met with an advisor. I walked           focus on coordinating events and oversee                          ACHE’s primary
out of the meeting knowing this was what I           activities that assist individuals in learning              publications are its journals,
wanted to do, seriously.                             opportunities outside of the classroom. I                    the Journal of Healthcare
     I applied and was accepted for the fol-         currently have my State of Kansas Insurance                 Management and Frontiers
lowing fall semester. I was learning an im-          Agent license and worked for American                            of Health Services
mense amount of information and I oddly              Family Insurance before arriving in Kansas                          Management.
enjoyed going to class. The classes fulfilled        City.
my interests in healthcare and business, but              If you would like to find out more about                            Visit
I still felt a void with my education and I          the bridging program, go to http://
                                                                                                                         to learn more.
decided I wanted to do an advanced degree. 
As I was trying to figure out how to take            or the masters program in the Health Policy

Learning by Doing… and by Observing the Experts                                                                                   by Amy Hochman

     My internship opportunity was with          strate effective knowledge management, so it       to each entity in the Health System and pre-
Susan Yeager, the Chief Learning Officer for     was important that I have a thorough under-        senting my research, the model, and the data-
Saint Luke’s Health System (SLHS). I chose       standing of the basic applications. I was con-     base to the executive councils and various
a non-traditional approach, and did an “on-      tinuously presenting my findings to the SLHS       interest groups (Human Resources, training
site” internship at my place of work at Saint    leadership and modifying the model as new          teams, directors, etc.) What is exciting is that
Luke’s Hospital. My experience began early       research and input was obtained.                   this project will touch every individual in the
in February on a part-time basis and is being         After the final model was established, I      organization, as each member will have ac-
carried out over the course of a year to meet    was responsible for creating a system-wide         cess to the database. I was very fortunate to
deadline requirements on my chosen project.      implementation plan. Part of the implementa-       be able to follow this project through from
     For my internship project, I was charged    tion involved creating a database to store         start to finish, and to work with a mentor that
with the task of researching knowledge man-      valuable Health System resources and infor-        provided so many valuable lessons. The in-
agement and evaluating organizational-level      mation. I researched various information tech-     ternship has allowed many great networking
models that could be implemented for the         nology solutions and met with several con-         opportunities, as well as a better awareness of
Health System. At the beginning of the pro-      sultants and project managers to highlight our     the resources at SLHS. Further, I have been
ject, I was directly involved with the Malcolm   specific needs.                                    exposed to many areas that have captured my
Baldrige Award application process. The               The database is now created and func-         interest and provided direction for my future
Award requires that organizations demon-         tional. At this point in the project, I am going   career in health care.


               Upcoming JHAWK Events                                                          H EALTH IN
                               Saturday, September 8                                             THE
                                 JHAWK at the K
                             Tailgating begins at 4pm                                         E LECTION
                 Tickets available from JHAWK officers for $13
                               Game time is 6:10pm                                        The Kaiser Family Founcation
               Contact if you would like to RSVP                           conducted a poll this month
                           or if you have any questions!                                  about health care in relation to
                                                                                          the 2008 election. Here are
                                                                                          some key findings:
                               Saturday, September 29
                                BBQ at Paul’s House                                       •   People surveyed believe
                                                                                              health care is “the most
                                More Information to Come!                                     important problem for the
                                                                                              government to ad-
                                                                                              dress” (27%), second only
                                                                                              to Iraq (42%).
                                 Upcoming Speakers
                             Dates and Times To Be Announced
                                                                                          •   When asked “Which one of
                                                                                              the following health care
Gail Agrawal, JD, MPH                                                                         issues would you most like
Dean and Professor, KU School of Law                                                          to hear the presidential
                                                                                              candidates talk about,”
                                                              Shelley Gebar, RN, MPH          50% of respondents an-
                                            Chief Operating Officer, KU Physicians Inc.       swered “reducing the costs
                    Chief of Staff to the Executive Vice Chancellor, KU Medical Center        of health care and health
Lee Norman, MD, MHS, MBA
Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, KU Hospital                                     Read more at

              Alumni Happy Hour Schedule for Fall 2007
                                       September 6 @ Tanner's Bar & Grill
                         10146 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS (119th & 69 Highway)

                                              October 4 @ Jaywalkers
                               39th & Rainbow, Kansas City, KS (across from KUMC)

                                  November 1 @ Dave & Busters at Village West
                                   1843 Village West Parkway, Kansas City, KS

                                               December 6 @ Gilhouly's
                                             39th & Bell, Kansas City, MO


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