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         Stop Motion Animation is a form of making movies that is similar to a flip book; it is a
group of still pictures strung together to create an animation. This can be used across all grade
levels and subject areas. Students use the information they learned and create a story that will
display their new knowledge. Next they create a small movie set, or sets, and characters that will
star in their animation. The students will then move the characters and objects around the scene
in very small movements (about a cm.) taking a picture after each move. When all the pictures
are played together the objects look like they are smoothly moving.

        There are many reasons why stop motion animation is good for students in an elementary
school. First off, by creating a story they learn the basic elements of a story, the beginning,
middle, end, and for the older grades, problem, solution, antagonist, etc. Students use the
information they have learned in any subject (ie: immigration, space, character education) and
create a story that that displays their knowledge. In stead of writing the story, creating a research
report, a journal entry, or a book report the students will create stop motion movies.

        Creating these movies is great for all students. It incorporates visual, audio, and
kinesthetic learning; it benefits all children including those that often think outside of the box.
This is great for students with both physical and academic disabilities as it requires less “pen and
paper” learning and more “hands on” learning; it also allows the students to express their
knowledge without repeating and listing facts that were told to them.

        Stop Motion Animation is completed in a series of steps. First the students, in groups,
develop a story line. They then create their sets and characters that will help them tell the story.
After the students animate the characters by moving them around and taking one still picture for
each movement. Last, the students compile the pictures into Apple’s iMovie where they slow it
down, add titles, credits, special effects, and sound/narraration. The final product can then be
shows to the entire class during on a “Movie Day” or can be seen by just their teacher to grade
on that lesson.

       Materials needed to make Stop Animation movies are:

Boinx iStopMotion- software
25 - 49 computers license: $34.30 per computer
25 x 34.30 = $857.50 (this is just the number for the computer lab in Bayberry)

Logitech QuickCam® Communicate
$49.99 x 16=799.84

Lego bricks from a Toy or Educational Store. $28.95 x 2= $57.90

Total: $1715.24

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