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					        22nd Annual Anti-Fraud
        22nd Annual Anti-Fraud
         Training Conference
         Training Conference
                                       April 20-22, 2011
                                       April 20-22, 2011
                                    Hyatt Regency Monterey
                                    Hyatt Regency Monterey
                                     Monterey, California
                                      Monterey, California
  Presented by the Northern California Fraud Investigators Association, California District Attorneys Association,
                  California Department of Insurance Association, California District Attorneys Association,
Presented by Northern California Fraud Investigators’and National Insurance Crime Bureau
                 California Department of Insurance & National Insurance Crime Bureau
Insurance Commissioner
        22nd Annual Anti-Fraud Training Conference

Once again, the Northern California Fraud Investigators Association (NCFIA) has joined forces with the California
District Attorneys Association (CDAA), the California Department of Insurance (CDI), and the National Insurance
Crime Bureau (NICB) to present the industry-leading anti-fraud training conference. With heavy support and
attendance by the insurance industry and law enforcement, the detection, deciphering and prosecution of
insurance fraud, including auto, property, workers’ compensation and healthcare, will be the focus of this
conference. The goal of the Conference Committee, as always, is to provide anti-fraud professionals - insurance
company personnel, Special Investigation Units, prosecutors, civil attorneys, law enforcement personnel, public
and private sector investigators, healthcare professionals and anti-fraud experts - with the latest in vital fraud
fighting information and well designed opportunities to network among the leaders in the industry. Presented
by four key organizations in the fight against fraud, the conference is a must-attend event.

Everyday the headlines address stories about the latest fraud schemes, and with the continuing changes in
the economy, this trend appears to be increasing. Whether it’s the selling of phony insurance policies, home/
vehicle arson, staged accidents/thefts, bogus or exaggerated injuries, or unnecessary or excessive medical
treatment, these ploys must be stopped. The first step, of course, is to detect the fraudulent activity; being
aware of the ruse and the red flags associated with it is essential. Next, the investigation must focus on securing
and deciphering the information obtained through various sources, including witnesses, surveillance, phone
records, treatment records, on-line sites, and physical evidence related to the loss or event. Only when we can
detect and decipher the deception, can we defeat fraud, whether through the denial of claims or through civil
and criminal prosecution. This objective is our common link, and the purpose of the conference remains to
encourage all sectors of the anti-fraud community to join together to defeat fraud.

Review the enclosed materials and you will see that the 22nd Annual Anti-Fraud Training Conference will provide
the premier training opportunity in the industry, with exceptional networking and unparalleled educational
opportunities. Based upon your feedback, for 2011, we have expanded the number of breakout sessions from 16
to 20 to allow for coverage of additional topics and subject matter. In addition to new speakers and topics, we
have invited a few of last years most popular programs back, allowing for updates and new information about the
latest fraud schemes. Add in the networking lunches and receptions, the continuing education credits available to
conference attendees at no additional charge, and the exceptional venue in Monterey, you will agree that the 2011
conference is a must-attend event.

I also want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank our Sponsors, without whose generous support the
conference could not continue to be offered at such reasonable rates, and our Exhibitors, who showcase their
products and services which serve the needs of our members and conference attendees.

Sign-up for the 22nd Annual Anti-Fraud Training Conference today using the registration form at the back of
these materials or on-line at

I look forward to seeing you in Monterey.

David F. Zucca, Conference Committee Chair
Knox Ricksen LLP

                              CONFERENCE SCHEDULE

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

7:00 a.m.       22nd Annual Northern California Fraud Investigators Golf Tournament –
                Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Courses


1:00 p.m.       Tennis Tournament – Hyatt Racquet Facility

5:30 p.m.       NETWORKING RECEPTION – Hyatt Regency President’s House

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


                                           GENERAL SESSION
8:00 a.m.       Opening Remarks

                   Dale Banda, President, NCFIA, 2010-2012
                   Dean D. Flippo, District Attorney, Monterey County
                   David Zucca, Conference Chair, Knox Ricksen LLP

                Keynote Speakers
8:30 a.m.       David Jones, California Insurance Commissioner (Invited Not Confirmed)
                Rick Plein, Deputy Commissioner,
                California Department of Insurance, Enforcement Branch

9:00 a.m.       Bob Wieckowski, Assembly Member for the 20th District and
                Insurance Committee member


9:45 a.m.       Fraud Trends in Medicare
                An overview of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector
                General, Office of Investigations (HHS/OIG/OI); consistent and emerging fraud trends, organized
                crime/structured group activity, and partnering with HHS/OIG when investigating fraudulent health
                care providers.

                Zeva J. Pettigrew, Assistant Special Agent in Charge with the United States Department of Health
                and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, Office of Investigations, Los Angeles Regional

10:45 a.m.   Civility Matters
             In response to a growing problem of unprofessional and uncivil behavior in the pre-litigation and
             litigation process, the panelists, with the help of vivid examples of uncivil behavior, will discuss the
             civility challenges in the modern practice of claims resolution and offer suggestions and guidance
             to those involved in the claims resolution process for ending these practices.

             Hon. Larry E. Hayes, Judge of the Monterey County Superior Court
             Frederick H. Ebey, Esq., Grunsky, Ebey, Farrrar & Howell
             Robert S. Luft, Esq., JAMS, The Resolution Experts
             Charles G. Warner, Esq., Law Offices of Charles G. Warner

11:45 p.m.   NETWORKING LUNCH – Location TBA

                             CONCURRENT AFTERNOON SESSIONS
1:00 p.m.    101 – Forward Thinking in an Upside Down World
             The economic crisis has changed our world in a number of different ways. Resources are being
             cutback, or eliminated, in government and the corporate sector. Programs are under constant
             evaluation; should they be reduced or eliminated? How can you improve your units’ performance
             during these extraordinary times? How can you avoid making the wrong decision in investigating a
             claim? How can you be more efficient and productive in your job with existing resources? Having
             a good strategic plan, policies and procedures, best practice modeling, and performance metrics in
             place are the basic building blocks for success. This course will provide a basic understanding of:
	            •		Developing	a	strategic	plan	for	your	unit
	            •		Risk	management	models	for	your	decision	making	matrix
	            •		Best	practices	for	conducting	investigations
	            •		Performance	factors	to	increase	the	ROI	of	your	unit	or	program	
             John Standish – Fraud Division Chief, Calif. Dept. of Insurance (Ret.)
             Sandy Boyd, Ed.D – Professor – Admin. of Justice, College of Marin

             102 – Computer Forensics
             Electronic Discovery is something you can no longer ignore. The costs can be staggering. Some
             suits are settled to avoid the cost of complying with electronic discovery requests. Email and
             document retention polices can minimize the cost and exposure your company may face. This
             presentation will give you a general overview of the process, some tools that your company can
             use, including software that will document and collect data from any on-line investigation, and
             answer questions you may have. If you are struggling with how to comply with all the new federal
             mandates, or have questions, this presentation will help. This is not a block for specific legal advice
             and is not taught by attorneys.

             Earl Door, Specialist Consultant, ENCE, Network+, Associate, Bit-Chasers
             Bryan Door, CISSP, ENCE, MCSE; CEO, Bit-Chasers
             Todd Shipley, CFE, CFCE ; CEO, Veresoft Software and President -
             High Tech Crime Investigator Association
                103 – Staged Collisions: From Crash Scene to Reconstruction to the Courtroom
                This course will lead you through various types of staged collision investigations. This will encompass
                an overview of law enforcements initial response to collision scenes and methods of collision
                reconstruction. Emphasis will be placed upon using physical evidence of vehicle damage to refute
                fraudulent claims. The goal of the course is to assist investigators in understanding how to obtain
                and utilize collision reconstruction information in their casework. Included in the presentation will
                be actual case studies of insurance fraud investigations where collision reconstruction played a key
                role to the successful criminal prosecution.

                Chris Linehan, California Highway Patrol Investigator,
                Golden Gate Division – Investigative Services Unit

                104 – Protecting the Insurer from Counter-Suit; and Proving Damages Under B&P 17200
                Affirmative litigation, suing those that have engaged in multi-claim fraud, is not without the risk
                of counter-suit. Defendants of multi-claim fraud suits may counter-sue the insurer for Abuse of
                Process. Abuse of Process suits can be dismissed at the filing stage by using California’s “anti-
                SLAPP” statute. The first part of the course concerns multi-claim healthcare fraud investigations in
                the auto and worker’s compensation arena. The presentation will discuss the “anti-SLAPP” statute,
                the different techniques that can be legally used to reach the objectives of proving multi-claim fraud
                and how an insurer or self insured can align their claims investigations to maximize the potential
                for having a cross-complaint dismissed, should it be brought.

                Business and Professions Code Section 17200 is an efficient cause of action for recouping money paid to
                the defrauder. However, recent changes in the law have made it difficult to plead and prove damages for
                the unwary insurer. This course will briefly discuss the 17200 remedy with an emphasis on recent cases
                concerning “damages.” The course will also discuss claims handling and claims denials, particularly in the
                area of auto medical payments coverage, and how appropriate claims denials can be used as a basis for
                recouping the insurers’ damages. The course will also discuss how the remedy may be used to combat the
                growing problem of the practice of medicine without a license.

                Steve Toschi, Esq., Law Offices of Toschi, Sidran , Collins , Doyle


3:15 p.m.       105 – The Anatomy of an Arson Claim - Investigation, Evaluation and Resolution
                – DON’T GET BURNED
                This dynamic workshop/presentation utilizes an actual claim experience that gave the insurance
                investigation team a look into dark corners of their insured’s world. This journey begins with the
                hand delivered renewal premium for the expired policy that was paid in person the day before the
                fire and concludes in the courtroom. Actual Trial Exhibits are utilized to tell the story and educate
                the participant as to the investigative issues.

	               •	Adjusting	Issues		 	         •	Examination	Under	Oath	-	Sword	or	Shield?
	               •	Fire	Investigation	Experts		 •	Communications	with	Law	Enforcement
	               •	The	Claim	File	as	Evidence	
            Observe how an objective investigation, evaluation and resolution of a claim can be attacked as
            biased when the lifestyle of the insured soils the investigator’s perspective. Learn how to document
            information so that professionals can articulate their findings in a dispassionate manner.
            Ulises Castellon, CPCU - Fire Cause Analysis
            Doug Wood, Esq., Partner, Morris, Polich & Purdy, LLP

            106 – Liens, Brokering and Fraudulent Billings
            The California Supreme Court has recently accepted for review the issue of whether plaintiff’s
            recovery of damages is limited to the difference between the amount of the reasonable value of
            medical bills and the amount actually paid. Is that difference a collateral source benefit and not
            to be offset from plaintiff’s recoverable damages? At the same time, businesses are being created
            throughout California to purchase, sell, broker and/or factor medical liens which are grossly inflated
            and then compromised for a profit. Is all of this leading to court sanctioned fraudulent billings? The
            panel will discuss the current state of the law and the dynamics of private lien companies.
            Dave McDowell, Esq., Law Offices of McDowell, Shaw & Colman
            Paula M. Shaw, Esq., Law Offices of McDowell, Shaw & Colman
            Phaidra M. Garcia, Esq., Law Offices of McDowell, Shaw & Colman

            107 – Social Security: Explanation of the System and Common Abuses
            This course will provide a brief history of the social security system and explain how the system
            operates. In addition, attendees will learn how to decipher social security numbers to determine
            such information as when and where a number was assigned. The course also will entail a general
            discussion of the common crime schemes related to social security numbers and other crimes
            associated with social security fraud. Finally, resources will be identified within Social Security
            Administration that are available to investigators (both governmental and private) for combating
            these social security fraud schemes.
            Martin White, Director, Center For Programs, Social Security Administration

            108 – Cell Phone Forensics and Social Networks
            This course will address several commercially available tools that are commonly used to acquire
            cell phones. Tools discussed will be Cellebrite and Cellebrite Physical, Bitpim, Paraben’s Device
            Seizure, ZRT, Project-A-Phone, Oxygen, XRY, Mobile Edit, Mobile Phone Examiner, Datapilot,
            Neutrino, and Celldek, as well as a few others. A brief discussion will address why these tools
            sometimes do not function properly in a windows environment and how you can correct the issues
            you are having with the above tools. The course also will address password cracking on cell phones
            and discuss related new tools. The course also will cover information that can be obtained from cell
            phone towers and how to obtain those records as well as other cell phone records from carriers.
            A brief discussion will take place on social networks such as Facebook and Myspace as well many
            others and how these can be used in our investigations. Lastly, the course will cover several ways
            to obtain data from social sites even when the personal pages are “private.”
            Brian Farnsworth, Detective, California Department of Insurance

5:30 p.m.   NETWORKING RECEPTION – Hyatt Regency President’s House
Thursday, April 21, 2011


                                             GENERAL SESSION
8:30 a.m.       The Lien Process Workers’ Compensation – Impact on the System and Current Trends in Liens
                Liens filed by various service providers within the system including medical providers have increased
                significantly over the years and some of those liens may be non-meritorious. This presentation will
                provide an overview of the problem; discuss current trends and will assist attorneys and insurance
                personnel in being better able to develop the record to ensure a thorough review by the WCAB
                should the case reach that level.
                Ronnie Caplane, Esq., Commissioner, California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board
                Al Moresi, Esq., Commissioner, California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board


                                 CONCURRENT MORNING SESSIONS
9:45 a.m.       201 – Biomechanics Full Throttle: What You Need to Know
                Fasten your seatbelt. Get ready for a fast paced presentation on how medical physical evidence and
                mechanics/engineering tell the story of causation. Dr. Laura Liptai, invited back by popular demand,
                specializes in Biomedical and Mechanical applied science and is an editor of “Reference Manual on
                Scientific Evidence, Third Edition.” Real world case studies include: motor vehicle accidents, slip
                and falls, objects falling from heights, pedestrian verses motor vehicle, and everyone’s favorite,
                incidents caught on tape. This interactive experience provides the opportunity to debate the causes
                of severe and minor traumatic incidents as well as have your questions answered by an expert.
                Laura Liptai, Ph.D., BioMedical Forensics

                202 – Modeling of Your Policy Limit Claims
                Learn about the methodology used by plaintiff’s counsel and their established network of medical
                providers to model a soft tissue injury claim and convert it into a spinal surgical claim. The
                converting of soft tissue injury claims is only done after learning of the available reimbursement
                secured by an insurer’s policy limits. Attendees will be shown how the medical legal lien is utilized
                as an item of commercial paper to assist in financing high end medical treatment through medical
                lien factoring and attorney finance companies. See how the resources available to plaintiff attorneys
                have been implemented to assist counsel in a 3-tier approach to (1) directing, (2) authorizing and
                (3) financing lien based medical treatment with both minimally invasive and open spinal surgical
                procedures. This nationwide trend will be explained and confirmed in this presentation by displaying
                real evidence obtained during litigation and discovery.

                Richard DiCorrado, Esq., Calendo, Puckett, Sheedy & DiCorrado
                Dawn Jones, Supervisor, Special Investigations Unit,
                Federated Insurance Companies, CA Operations
             203 – Interview Techniques
             Interviewing is a vital skill for anyone whose role it is to gather information. Good interview
             techniques require preparation, setting the environment and practical skills in conversation. This
             course will provide you with an understanding in how interviews should be conducted. This course
             also will address how to handle an interviewee who doesn’t answer a specific question and/or
             attempts to avoid answering the specific question.

             Joe Del’Marmol, Esq., Law Office of Joseph J. Del’Marmol

             204 – Chiropractic Fraud
             This course will address some of the more common violations observed by Board investigators.
             The course will look at violations of the Chiropractic Rules and Regulations, violations of the penal
             and business and profession codes, and the types of disciplinary action the Board uses to discipline
             chiropractors. The course also will touch upon the administrative law process, chiropractors who
             are on probation and those chiropractors whose licenses are either suspended or revoked.

             Keith Powell, Investigator, Board of Chiropractic Examiners

11:45 a.m.   NETWORKING LUNCH – Location TBA

                             CONCURRENT AFTERNOON SESSIONS
1:00 p.m.    205 – Discovery in Criminal Cases
             This course will generally review discovery obligations of prosecutors in criminal cases, with a focus on
             the constitutional and statutory discovery duties of insurance fraud prosecutors and investigators.

             Doug Pipes, Esq., Senior Deputy District Attorney (ret.), Contra Costa County

             206 – Surveillance and Workers’ Compensation Claim Investigations
             Surveillance and AOE/COE investigations are an important part of the worker’s compensation
             industry. This course will focus on effective surveillance and statement taking techniques for
             worker’s compensation claims, how to meet and exceed the expectations of claims personnel, and
             cost effective methods of providing quality, timely investigations.

             Don Price, Owner, D.L. Price Investigations

             207 – Healthcare Dilemma: Abusive Controls by Corporate Structures
             This course will present an over-view of current civil and criminal prosecutions of illegal medical
             clinics and the money flow from external contracts for MRI’s, diagnostic testing, hospital referrals
             and various drug companies. The program goal is to allow attendee’s an open forum to discuss
             healthcare issues facing the industry.
             William C. Reynolds, Healthcare Fraud Manager, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Company
             Kate Zimmerman, Esq., Senior Deputy District Attorney, Kern County District Attorney Office

                208 – California State DMV Identification Cards and Drivers License:
                The new changes and how to identify fraudulent identification
                This course is designed to introduce fraud investigators to the information and skills necessary to identify
                the characteristics and security features of legitimate California Driver Licenses (DL) and Identification
                (ID) Cards. This course will include an overview of the information contained on novelty identification
                cards and various types of driver licenses, specific laws regulating counterfeit documents, reference
                materials and resources pertaining to the identification of true and counterfeit DL / ID cards.

                Kenneth Ehrman, Investigator, Department of Motor Vehicle


3:15 p.m.       209 – Factoring and Litigation Financing
                Instructors will show how the purchase of medical and litigation liens impact the insurance industry.
                Investors are able to purchase the medical liens for pennies on the dollar and then assert the entire
                amount in bills to the insurance carriers. In addition, many of the same investors finance the litigation
                of the cases at very high interest rates passing the increased amounts back to the carriers.

                Albert P. DiRocco, Jr. Esq., Law Offices of Gilbert, Kelly, Crowley and Jennett
                Ron Michel, Supervisory Agent in charge of the Major Medical Fraud Task Force/Los Angeles,
                National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)

                210 – Updates on the California Workers’ Compensation System – What You Need to Know
                Providing an update from last years very successful presentation, this course will provide a high-
                level overview of the workers’ compensation system along with the function of the Appeals Board
                (WCAB) and provide background information that will assist law enforcement officials and insurance
                industry representatives to effectively conduct workers’ compensation fraud investigations and
                prosecutions. The course will cover key areas of the workers’ compensation system, including
                WCAB organizational components, functions/procedures, and case law including the statutory
                authority of the Board as set forth in Sections 110 through 138.2 of the Labor Code.

                Keven Star, Court Administrator and Chief Judge, California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board

                211 – Trend Spotting: The latest in web based SIU investigations
                Given the dynamic, inconstant and impermanent nature of the Internet, SIU investigators need to keep up
                to date with the latest tools, trends, laws and protocols to conduct efficient, effective internet investigations.
                This session will cover some of the best avenues for successful SIU web based searches, along with the
                “rules of the road” that can keep you out of harm’s way. The most recent data, search strategies and
                potential legal considerations will be discussed, and challenging case scenarios will highlight “the good,
                the bad and the ugly” that you may encounter when investigating fraud on the web.

                Ward Loveland, Esq., Coddington, Hicks & Danforth
                Craig Pusser, Supervisor, AAA-NCNU SIU

             212 – Immigration Document and Benefit Fraud
             Both document and benefit fraud have serious national security and public safety consequences
             associated with them. The organizer of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing committed benefit
             fraud as a means to remain in the United States and at least seven of the 9/11 hijackers used
             fraudulently obtained identification to board the aircraft. People use these types of fraud to hide their
             identity, gain employment, access government buildings, and open bank accounts and businesses.
             This course will provide a quick overview of the role of Homeland Security Investigations followed
             by a discussion about the various kinds of immigration document and benefit fraud commonly
             seen in the San Francisco Bay Area.
             Mitchell Rose, Supervisory Special Agent, ICE


6:00 p.m.    PRE-BANQUET RECEPTION – Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom Foyer

7:00 p.m.    BANQUET – Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom

Friday, April 22, 2011

                                           GENERAL SESSION
8:30 a.m.    Statute of Limitations in Fraud Cases
             A review of the general legal principles governing statute of limitations in fraud cases including a
             review of Zamora allegations and the issues surrounding the legal pleading and factual proof of
             “date of discovery” in fraud cases.

             Leonard Torrealba, Esq., Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney,
             Los Angles County District Attorneys Office


9:45 a.m.    From Detection to Conviction – Fraud Hypotheticals Based on Real Prosecutions
             This highly successful program will provide attendees a number of newly selected hypothetical
             situations tied to many of the courses taught during the conference. In what last year was a lively
             exchange, course instructors and attendees will discuss and debate aspects of actual cases full of
             controversy in order to develop a better understanding of the investigation-prosecution process.

             Dale Banda, Chief Operating Officer, J.D. Wesson & Associates, Inc.
             Donald C. Marshall, Vice President, Zenith Insurance Company
             Eric von Geldern, Esq., Deputy District Attorney, Alameda County

11:45 a.m.   Concluding Remarks

             Dale Banda, President, NCFIA, 2010-2012
                                    CONFERENCE SPONSORS

The NCFIA, CDAA, CDI and NICB wish to thank our financial sponsors for their support of this year’s conference.

                                               DIAMOND SPONSORS

                        PLATINUM SPONSORS                              GOLD SPONSORS
                    Rudy Degger & Associates, Inc.                       Llorente SIU
                           Powers & Miller                        Kern, Noda, Devine & Segal

                                                  SILVER SPONSORS
        Fire Cause Analysis                             Safeway                       Peter Brown & Associates
    Coddington, Hicks & Danforth             Fitzpatrick Spini & Swanson          California State Automobile Assoc.

                              Anyone interested in sponsoring the conference should
                      please contact Steve Begley at (707) 761-1426 or

                                     GENERAL INFORMATION
CDI Approved Training
             This conference is recognized by the California Department of Insurance as providing continuing
             SIU training and education.
MCLE Credit
             The California District Attorneys Association is in the process of certifying all permissible conference
             courses for MCLE credit with the State Bar of California, including up to four to five hours of ethics
POST Credit
             Visit the NCFIA website for up-to-date information regarding POST certification.
CE Credit
             Continuing Education credit for Brokers-Agents and Independent Adjusters has been filed with the
             California Department of Insurance and is pending approval.

                           Continuing education and training credits for this conference
                              will be provided to all attendees at no additional cost.
College Credit
                 The sponsors of this year’s conference have entered into a training partnership with the South
                 Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium ( By completing the
                 highlighted portions of the college registration form, all attendees are eligible to receive college
                 credit, at no cost, through Hartnell College. Moreover, the conference will receive approximately
                 $20 per college registration form completed. The college registration forms will be available at
                 the conference. Please complete the college registration form and return it when picking up your
                 registration materials at the conference.
                                     GENERAL INFORMATION

                The registration fee for the full two and one-half day conference, including the networking lunches
                on Wednesday and Thursday, the Thursday evening banquet and the networking receptions, is
                $275.00 for members of NCFIA, SCFIA, and CDAA, CDI personnel and NICB personnel. The full
                conference registration fee for all others is $330.00.

                Attendees may register for single days at $135.00 per day, which will include the networking receptions.

                Guests of attendees may register for the Wednesday and Thursday lunches as well as the Thursday
                evening networking banquet at $135.00. Only registered attendees of the conference may attend
                conference sessions.

                To register for the conference online, please go to To
                register by mail, please complete the form on the back cover or download, complete and return the
                Conference Registration PDF Form available at

                To be included on the Roster of Attendees, registration materials must be received before April 13, 2011.

Refund Policy
                The registration fee is fully refundable for cancellations received on or before March 21, 2011.
                Cancellations received from March 22, 2010, to April 12, 2011, will receive a refund less a $50
                processing fee. Cancellations made on or after April 13, 2011 will not receive a refund. Cancellation
                requests must be submitted in writing to

Hotel Accommodations
            A limited number of discounted hotel rooms have been made available at the conference location,
            the Hyatt Regency Monterey Resort & Spa on Del Monte Golf Course, 1 Old Golf Course Road,
            Monterey, California 93940-4908. The special conference rate is $144.00 per night, single or
            double occupancy, subject to availability. Government employees are eligible for the government
            rate of $110.00 per night, subject to availability. The Hyatt Regency has created a dedicated
            reservations website for the 2011 Conference. Attendees who use the site, PassKey Link, will
            receive the discounted room rate of $144 per night and will be able to make and modify their hotel
            reservations online, as well as take advantage of any room upgrades, amenities or other services
            offered by the hotel. To access PassKey Link, use the following link:

                or use the link located at
                Reservations under the government rate must be made by phone.

                Hotel room reservations can be made by phone by contacting PassKey Reservations at (888) 421-
                1442. Identify yourself as an “NCFIA” attendee. If you contact the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel &
                Spa directly for a room reservation, they may not be able to accept reservation inquiries on certain
                non-group reservation phone numbers.

                                    GENERAL INFORMATION

               To receive the guaranteed conference rate or the government rate for this conference you must make
               your reservation by Saturday, March 19, 2011. The discounted rooms are limited in number, so
               make your reservation early.

               For attendees who might want to arrive early or stay on after the conference, the hotel has agreed to honor
               the conference rate for the weekend before and the weekend after the conference, subject to availability.

Recording of Conference Sessions
              The video or audio recording of any session of this conference is prohibited without the written
              permission of the Conference Committee Chair.

               Speakers and times may be subject to last-minute changes. Please check the NCFIA web site
               ( for updates.

Identification Badges
                Identification badges issued at the conference must be worn at all conference sessions and at the
                Networking Receptions.

Networking Receptions
             Conference attendees are invited to network at hospitality receptions at the Hyatt Regency’s
             President’s House on Tuesday, April 19, and Wednesday, April 20, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Networking Lunches
             Conference attendees and registered guests are invited to complimentary networking lunches
             provided by the conference on Wednesday, April 20, and Thursday, April 21, at 11:45 a.m. at the
             Hyatt Regency Monterey.

               Attendees registered for the full conference are invited to attend the conference banquet, which will
               be held on Thursday, April 21, 2011. A no-host reception will start at 6:00 p.m. in the Hyatt Regency
               Grand Ballroom foyer, followed by the banquet in the Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom at 7:00 p.m.

Tennis Tournament
             The tennis tournament will be held on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, at 1:00 pm at the Racquet Facility at
             Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa. The format for 2011 remains open, beginning with a round-
             robin, mixed doubles affair, followed by a singles event, if enough players are interested. The entry
             fee will include a light lunch, court time, tennis balls and a souvenir T-shirt. Register online at www.
    In addition to registering, please e-mail your name, skill level and
             shirt size to Wally Tice at or Hubert Tung at

22nd Annual NCFIA Golf Tournament
             The 22nd Annual NCFIA Golf Tournament will be held on Tuesday, April 19th at Bayonet and Black
             Horse Golf Courses, 1 Golf Club Road, Seaside, CA 93955 Phone: (831)899-7271. Check-in/
             Registration is at 7:00 a.m. Register online at Please e-mail
             your foursome names to Phil Segal at If you interested in sponsoring the golf
             tournament, contact Phil for further details.

DALE BANDA - Chief Operating Officer (COO) for J.D.               career as an attorney is his second career. He retired from
Wesson & Associates, Inc., responsible for all investigative      law enforcement after 30 years of service (26 years with the
and training operations within the company. Mr. Banda is the      C.H.P. and 4 years with the Fraud Division of CDI). While
former Deputy Commissioner of the Enforcement Branch for          serving as a law enforcement officer, Mr. Del’Marmol utilized
the California Department of Insurance (CDI). He has over         his talents by interviewing and interrogating numerous
28 years of law enforcement experience including twenty           individuals. Mr. Del’Marmol’s presentation will focus on his
years of supervision/management, and eight years at the           successful interview techniques.
executive level.
                                                                  RICHARD DICORRADO, Esq. - Partner with the law firm
SANDY BOYD, Ed.D. - Currently a professor at College of           of Calendo, Puckett, Sheedy & DiCorrado out of Glendale,
Marin, teaching Administration of Justice, Education and          CA. Mr. DiCarrado specializes in litigation of personal injury
Business courses. Ms. Boyd also teaches upper division            defense matters with great emphasis on medical provider
Criminal Justice for Excelsior College and in the Public          fraud, high exposure injury claims arising from automobile,
Safety Leadership doctoral program for Capella University.        premises, and products liability claims. He has presented
Ms. Boyd serves as core faculty and academic advisor for          throughout the state on the topic of Interventional Spinal
California’s POST Command College and is a charter member         Procedures/Medical Management of these types of claims
of the Futures Working Group; a collaboration with the FBI        in the last two years and has been working diligently with
and Police Futurists International.                               various insurers in CA and NV involving the exposure and
                                                                  ramifications for insurers related to these types of claims.
RONNIE CAPLANE, Esq. - Appointed to the Workers’
Compensation Appeals Board by Governor Gray Davis in              ALBERT P. DIROCCO, Jr., Esq. - Attorney with Gilbert, Kelly,
September, 2003 and reappointed by Governor Arnold                Crowley and Jennett’s Los Angeles office who specialize in
Schwarzenegger in December, 2009. Ms. Caplane practiced           Personal Injury Defense. Mr. DiRocco is a graduate with
workers’ comp with Davis, Cowell & Bowe and the Law               honors of the University of California at Davis (B.A. 1980) and
Offices of Bruyneel & Caplane. During a several year hiatus       Loyola University of Los Angeles (J.D 1984). Mr. DiRocco’s
from the practice of law to raise her children, Ms. Caplane       legal experience spans the spectrum from all aspects of
was a free-lance journalist, a first-person columnist, an         suspect and fraudulent cases to cases with catastrophic
elected member of the Piedmont Board of Education and a           injuries. In his spare time, Mr. DiRocco enjoys spending
volunteer for several local organizations. Ms. Caplane is a       time with his wife, six children and five grandchildren, as
1975 graduate of UC Hastings College of the Law and was           well as collecting wine and cooking.
admitted to the California Bar the same year.
                                                                  BRYAN DOOR - CEO of “The BIT-Chasers”, a California
ULISES CASTELLON - Worked as a claim’s professional for           corporation conducting data recovery and digital forensics.
over twenty years. He established the Special Investigations      Mr. Door has performed computer forensic examinations in
Unit for State Farm Insurance Companies in Northern               private, civil, and criminal areas. This experience consists of
California in 1986 and has managed numerous cases through         the collection and analysis of various types of electronically
litigation. In 1996, Mr. Castellon associated with Fire Cause     stored information. He has performed acquisitions using
Analysis, a premier forensic investigation and engineering        a multitude of technologies and techniques. Mr. Door
firm. Additionally, he works as an insurance consultant and       instructed computer forensic, high tech crime, and on-line
expert witness. Mr. Castellon regularly teaches courses on        investigation courses for HTCIA, Department of Justice,
issues ranging from: arson and fraud investigation to Fair        and Vere Software, respectively. He has used a variety of
Claims Practices. He is bilingual and has acted as an insurance   tools to identify and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities to
industry spokesperson for local news and information              computing environments and has experience developing
programs, including Spanish-speaking television.                  and managing ACL’s, reviewing audit logs and deploying
                                                                  encryption technology. He has designed, deployed, and
JOSEPH J. DEL’MARMOL, Esq. - Attorney with the Law                managed various infrastructure, client/server, and multi-tier
Office of Joseph J. Del’Marmol, an insurance defense firm         information systems and services. Some of these systems
representing numerous insurance companies in first and third      and services include Active Directory, Shared Storage, File
party property damage and liability cases. Mr. Del’Marmol’s       and Print, FileNET, VMware, Firewall and Proxy Services.


EARL DOOR - An EnCase Certified Computer Forensic                 BRIAN FARNSWORTH – Detective on the Computer
Examiner (EnCE). Earl Door was a Patrol Officer for the City      Forensics Team with the State of California Department of
of Fremont, an Attorney General Investigator with the State of    Insurance Fraud Division. Mr. Farnsworth also is assigned
California, Department of Justice, and a Supervising Criminal     to the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force. As
Investigator with the California Department of Insurance,         a computer forensics team member, he specializes in cell
Fraud Division. Mr. Door had been involved with computer          phone and computer forensics. Part-time, he teaches lock
forensics since 1998. He was on the Computer Forensics            picking with Carey and Associates and has been for over 7
team with Department of Insurance and was the Supervisor          years. He currently possesses an A.S., B.S., and M.S.
of that unit prior to retiring from law enforcement. Mr. Door
started a successful data recovery corporation in 2003.           PHAIDRA GARCIA, Esq. - Practicing insurance defense
He also taught various topics related the investigation of        related litigation since 1996. Ms. Garcia is presently a
computer crime for the SEARCH Group for several years.            partner with McDowell, Shaw & Colman. She joined the firm
                                                                  as an associate in 2000 and was made a partner in 2010.
FRED EBEY, Esq. - Senior shareholder at the Grunsky, Ebey,        Ms. Garcia’s practice focuses primarily on the defense of
Farrar & Howell Law Firm in Watsonville where his practice        personal injury lawsuits and assisting insurance companies
has focused on defending tort and business litigation for the     with first party claims investigations. Ms. Garcia represents
past 40 years. Following his graduation from the Boalt Hall       various major insurance companies in all aspects of
School of Law, Mr. Ebey served as a Deputy District Attorney      insurance litigation and coverage. She has successfully first-
in Alameda County until he was appointed as Counsel to the        chaired several trials and has been involved in hundreds of
California State Senate Judiciary Committee. He is the past       arbitrations and mediations. Ms. Garcia has taken several
president of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Board      hundred depositions and examinations under oath. She also
of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) and is the president of CAL-ABOTA      provides training in the areas of first and third party claims
which includes all eight California Chapters of ABOTA.            for insurance companies in fulfillment of the Department of
                                                                  Insurance continuing education requirements.
KENNETH EHRMAN - Began his career in law enforcement
approximately 17 years ago with the California Department         HON. LARRY HAYES – Judge of the Superior Court of
of Correction. In 1999, he transferred to the California          California for the County of Monterey. Judge Hayes is currently
Department of Motor Vehicles, Investigations Division.            assigned to the Civil Department. His past assignments
He has worked in various assignments including the Los            have included presiding over A Felony Trial Department,
Angeles Police Department’s Community Efforts Combating           the Domestic Violence Court, and the Juvenile Dependency
Auto Theft Taskforce (CECAT) and is currently assigned            and Judge Treatment Court. Judge Hayes received his law
to the California Highway Patrol, Ventura County Auto             degree from Santa Clara University School of Law in 1980.
Theft Task Force (VENCAT). In 2010 Mr. Ehrman received            Prior to his appointment to the bench in 2005, he practiced
letters of Commendation from the California Highway               civil litigation for 25 years as a partner in the Monterey Law
Patrol, California Legislature and United Sates House of          Firm of Fenton & Keller.
Representatives, and the Exemplary Performance Award
from the Golden Badge Foundation for his work in auto theft.      DAWN JONES – Currently the Investigations Manager
He has a Bachelors of Science Degree from the California          for Federated Insurance Company. She is a Criminal
State University of Sacramento and has completed the FBI          Justice major from Central Missouri State University;
Instructor Development Course. Mr. Ehrman is a POST               spent fifteen years with the Department of Defense as a
certified instructor in multiple subjects, including Fraudulent   civilian investigator/Manager handling cases involving
Document Detection, and provides training to local and state      embezzlement, fraud, workers’ compensation and employee
law enforcement agencies and the Transportation Security          theft. She began her insurance fraud carrier in 2000 working
Administration.                                                   for a private investigative firm, moving to Federated in
                                                                  2002. She has lectured at NCFIA, SCFIA and IFAB on topics
                                                                  including medical fraud, insurance fraud, and organized
                                                                  fraud activities. She possesses both the SCLA and FCLA
                                                                  designations from A.E.I.


CHRIS LINEHAN - Investigator with the California Highway         DONALD C. MARSHALL - Vice President and National
Patrol. He is currently assigned to the Golden Gate Division –   Director of the Anti-Fraud Program for Zenith Insurance
Investigative Services Unit. Mr. Linehan began his Highway       Company. Mr. Marshall is also a current member of the
Patrol career over 18 years ago in Los Angeles County            State of California, Fraud Assessment Commission –
and has worked in various areas, roles, and capacities           appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2010. A former
throughout the state for the CHP. He currently works vehicle     law enforcement officer, Mr. Marshall has qualified as an
theft investigations in Solano and Napa Counties. His            expert in insurance fraud in both municipal and superior
experience includes 12 years of accident investigation and       court.
reconstruction as an associate investigator with the CHP’s
MAIT (Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team) Unit.      DAVID MCDOWELL, Esq. - Practicing law in excess of thirty
He was assigned for 8 years to the Organized Auto Fraud          years; partner with McDowell, Shaw & Colman. A graduate
Task Force hosted by the Dept. of Insurance. For the past        of California State University San Diego, Mr. McDowell
two years, he has been working auto theft investigations.        obtained his Juris Doctorate at the University of the Pacific,
Mr. Linehan has been qualified and has testified as an           McGeorge School of Law, in 1974. Thereafter, he joined the
expert witness in the field of accident reconstruction in both   Alameda County District Attorney’s office as a Deputy District
Municipal and Superior court on numerous occasions and           Attorney. In 1995, Mr. McDowell commenced his own law firm
has taught advanced accident investigation to patrol officers    where he practices Civil Litigation and Trails; First Party SIU
for the CHP. His experiences and expertise have allowed him      Investigations and Examinations Under Oath. He specializes in
to share his knowledge with others as it pertains to staged      handling first and third party claims and has taken in excess of
auto accidents and economic auto fraud.                          200 examinations under oath. During his practice, he also has
                                                                 tried more than 100 civil and criminal jury trials throughout
LAURA LIPTAI, Ph.D. - Received a Ph.D. in Bio-Medical            Northern California. Mr. McDowell is a past President of the
Engineering from the University of California at Davis as        Northern California Fraud Investigators Association.
well as an M.S. in BioMedical Engineering. She taught as
an Associate in Anatomy and Histology at the University          RON MICHEL - Supervisory Agent in charge of the Major
of California at Davis School of Medicine as well as in          Medical Fraud Task Force/Los Angeles for the National
Mechanical/Machine Design at the University of California at     Insurance Crime Bureau. The primary assignments for the
Davis School of Engineering. She also holds a second Masters     agents assigned to the Major Medical Fraud Task Force
specializing in robotics from the University of Southern         involve the identification, investigation and prosecution
California and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from       of fraud claims related to medical and legal providers,
the University of California at Davis.                           and organized rings. Mr. Michel has been an agent for the
                                                                 NICB since November of 1993 and has worked all aspects
WARD LOVELAND, Esq. - Partner with Coddington, Hicks             of insurance related fraud including staged and paper car
& Danforth, Redwood City, who focuses on the defense of          accidents, medical provider fraud, organized ring fraud,
insurers in lawsuits and administrative proceedings. He          arson and water losses, property and catastrophe fraud and
has been retained to advise insurance companies regarding        auto theft. He is court qualified in both state and federal court
the implementation of anti-fraud strategies and to present       as an expert in insurance fraud. Mr. Michel has provided
seminars to insurers with respect to the detection and           training in all aspects of insurance fraud to law enforcement
defeat of insurance fraud. He received his A.B. degree from      agencies, prosecutors and the insurance industry. Prior to
Princeton University in 1981 and his Juris Doctorate from        his career with the NICB, Mr. Michel was with LAPD and
Boston College Law School in 1986.                               retired as a detective after 20 years of service.

BOB LUFT, Esq. - Mediator and arbitrator at the San Jose         ALFONSO J. MORESI, Esq. - Appointed by Governor
office of JAMS. He is a graduate of the Hastings College of      Schwarzenegger to the Worker’s Compensation Appeals
Law where he served as associate editor of the Hastings Law      Board on March 8, 2007 after having practiced defense
Journal. Before joining JAMS in 2004, he was a partner in        of Worker’s Compensation cases since 1973. Mr. Moresi
the Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley Law Firm in Redwood          attended the University of San Francisco receiving a degree
City and San Jose. He is a member of the San Francisco           from that institution in June of 1968 and, after taking one
Chapter of ABOTA.                                                year off from his studies, attended Golden Gate University


Law School graduating with a Juris Doctorate in June               KEITH POWELL - Supervising Investigator with The Board
of 1972, After passing the bar exam he was hired by                of Chiropractic Examiners in Sacramento, CA. Mr. Powell
Employers Insurance of Wausau in February of 1973 and,             manages the Boards Enforcement unit. Prior to his state
after one year, moved on to a position with Continental            service, Mr. Powell was a police officer for 20 plus years
Insurance Company where he stayed for a year before being          where he worked for police departments in the Bay Area and
hired as an associate attorney with Sedgwick, Detert, Moran        in Stockton. Prior to joining the State, Mr. Powell worked
and Arnold in June of 1975. In 1985, five partners in the          as an investigator with the D.A.’s office specializing in child
Workers Compensation department of SDM&A left to form              molestation and sexual violent predator cases. He also has
their own firm, Lauglin, Falbo, Levy and Moresi, specializing      investigated officer involved shooting cases, officer involved
in the practice of Worker’s Compensation defense. While a          fatalities and homicides. Mr. Powell’s expertise includes
member of the firm he represented a number of insurance            interviews and interrogations, fraud investigations and
carriers and self insured employers before the board and as        crimes perpetrated against persons or property. His unit
a counselor with regard to evolving issues in the workers          covers the entire State of California and they work closely
compensation arena. He also participated in a number of            with District Attorney’s offices as well as the Office of the
presentations over the years discussing new case law and           Attorney General.
legislation that impacted his area of specialization.
                                                                   DON PRICE - Over 25 years of experience in the investigation
ZEVA J. PETTIGREW - Assistant Special Agent in Charge              and insurance industry. Mr. Price has owned and operated
with the United States Department of Health and Human              D.L. Price Investigations since 1992 and is a specialist in
Services, Office of Inspector General, Office of Investigations,   Workers’ Compensation and General Liability investigations.
Los Angeles Regional Office. Ms. Pettigrew has been with           He also is experienced in Workers’ Compensation
HHS-OIG for 11 years. She has successfully investigated            Fraud Investigations. Mr. Price frequently lectures and
a wide variety of cases resulting in numerous criminal             instructs on successful investigative techniques, cost-
convictions and civil settlements. Prior to being promoted         effective investigations and Workers’ Compensation Fraud
as a Supervisor in 2008, Ms. Pettigrew was the lead case           Investigations.
agent in a health care fraud investigation, where she secured
the conviction of two Los Angeles hospital owners for paying       CRAIG V. PUSSER - Supervisor with the Special Investigations
illegal kickbacks for the referral of homeless patients. She       Unit (SIU) of AAA Northern California Nevada & Utah. Mr.
also helped obtain a $10 million consent judgment against          Pusser’s responsibilities as part of the SIU management
the hospital in the case. Ms. Pettigrew currently supervises       team include fraud detection and prevention, training, and
a squad of Special Agents that conduct criminal, civil, and        industry relations. He served on the California Department
administrative investigations of fraud and misconduct related      of Insurance advisory task force on insurance fraud, the
to HHS programs, operations and employees, utilizing state         board of the Northern California Chapter of International
of the art technologies and law enforcement tools.                 Association of Special Investigation Units and is a past
                                                                   President and life member of the Northern California Fraud
L. DOUGLAS PIPES - Retired California prosecutor. Mr. Pipes        Investigators Association.
is a consultant and expert witness on the subject of Public
Safety Agencies and the Brady Rule. He also is the principal       WILLIAM C. REYNOLDS - Manager of the Healthcare Unit
author of the textbook California Criminal Discovery, 4th          at Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Company. Mr. Reynolds
edition, and he continues to train California prosecutors on       possesses 19 years federal and state law enforcement
discovery in criminal cases.                                       experience and over 15 years experience as an SIU
                                                                   Investigator in the insurance industry. His responsibilities
RICK PLEIN - Deputy Commissioner of the Enforcement                include the detection and investigation of questionable
Branch for the California Department of Insurance (CDI, which      medical providers.
consists of two investigative units – the Fraud Division and
the Investigative Division). Deputy Commissioner Plein has
more than 19 years of law enforcement experience beginning
as a CDI fraud investigator, and then as a supervisor, chief
investigator, and bureau chief.


MITCHELL ROSE - Supervisory Special Agent with Homeland           Senior Detective Sergeant managing the agency’s Financial
Security Investigations. Special Agent Rose began his law         and Computer Crimes Unit, he investigated serious financial
enforcement career as an investigator with the Immigration        offenses; developed cyber and technology crime investigative
and Naturalization Service. From 1996 through 2003, he            policy; and served as a liaison to other law enforcement,
investigated crimes including human smuggling, document           intelligence, and government agencies and industry bodies.
fraud and immigration benefit fraud. After joining the US         During this time, he formed Nevada’s first Computer Crime
Department of Homeland Security in 2003, Special Agent            Investigations Unit. Mr. Shipley is a Certified Fraud Examiner
Rose supervised teams of investigators in the fields of           and a Certified Forensics Computer Examiner. In 2010, he
human smuggling, human trafficking, and child exploitation.       served as the International President of the High Technology
Since 2008, he has supervised the Document and Benefit            Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA).
Fraud Task Force, a multi-agency effort committed to the
investigation and prosecution of those who manufacture            JOHN STANDISH - Retired, a 32 year veteran of California law
and sell fraudulent documents to circumvent immigration           enforcement, first serving in the California Highway Patrol,
laws or for other criminal activity. The Task Force also          and then California Department of Insurance, Fraud Division.
investigates those who knowingly provide false information        Mr. Standish has over 25 years of experience in investigating,
on immigration applications for criminal purposes.                supervising, and managing insurance fraud cases in California.
                                                                  He was responsible for statewide operations, the district
PAULA SHAW, Esq. - Practicing insurance defense related           attorney grant funding programs, legislation and regulations
litigation since 1984. Ms. Shaw is presently a partner with       for the California anti-fraud programs. Mr. Standish is a past
McDowell, Shaw & Colman. She joined the firm as an associate      President of the California Peace Officers’ Association, and is
in 1998 and was made a partner in 2005. Ms. Shaw’s practice       a member of the International Police Chief’s Association, the
includes defending insureds in personal injury and wrongful       Police Futurists International Society, and is a past President
death claims arising from auto accidents, slip & falls, general   of the Northern California Fraud Investigators Association. He
premises liability, assault and battery and molestation           also serves on the Advisory Board to the University of San
cases. She also has represented insured’s in landlord tenant      Francisco, International Criminal Justice Leadership Institute.
disputes and construction defect claims. Ms. Shaw handled         Mr. Standish graduated from the University of San Francisco,
hundreds of subrogation suits on behalf of insurance carriers     and the California Peace Officer Training Commission –
that included product liability, auto and general negligence      Command College, Class 44.
matters. She also specializes in handling first and third party
SIU matters. Ms. Shaw has successfully tried over 20 jury         KEVEN STAR, Esq. - Court Administrator and Chief Judge
trials and 25 court trials and has arbitrated and mediated        for the state Division of Workers’ Compensation. Mr. Star
hundreds of cases. She has taken and defended thousands of        received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from
depositions and has taken scores of examinations under oath.      San Diego State University in 1984 and his Juris Doctorate
Ms. Shaw regularly provides training to insurance company         from Golden Gate University in 1987. In 1991 Mr. Star joined
personnel on SIU and general claims topics.                       the United States Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps. He
                                                                  attended the Army’s airborne jump school at Fort Benning,
TODD G. SHIPLEY - Brings with him more than 25 years of           Georgia and Combined Arms Staff Service School at Fort
experience in law enforcement: from investigating financial       Leavenworth, Kansas. His first duty assignment was as a
and computer crimes to overseeing the training of high-           prosecutor in Uijong-bu Korea. There he prosecuted black-
tech crimes investigators. Mr. Shipley is currently President     market, assault and rape cases. He next moved to Fort Ord,
of the software development company Great Basin Data              California where for one year he defended soldiers charged in
Recovery, manufacturers of WebCase, the online evidence           courts-martial. He next moved to Ansbach, Germany where
collection tool. Between 2004 and 2007, he was the Director       he joined the 3rd and 1st Infantry Divisions and continued
of Systems Security and High Tech Crime Prevention                to serve as a prosecutor. In May 2005 Gov. Schwarzenegger
Training—and manager of the National Criminal Justice             appointed Mr. Star to the position of court administrator for
Computer Laboratory and Training Center—for SEARCH,               the state Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) and
The National Consortium for Justice Information and               he serves in a dual capacity as the Court Administrator and
Statistics. Prior to joining SEARCH, Mr. Shipley served for       Chief Judge. In 2006 the Senate confirmed his appointment
25 years with the Reno (Nevada) Police Department. As a           as the Court Administrator.


LEONARD TORREALBA, Esq. - Employed for 26 years by                 conference technical advisor. Selected as the representative
the County of Los Angeles Office of the District Attorney. Mr.     prosecutor for Commissioner Poizner’s Anti-Fraud Task
Torrealba is currently the Assistant Head Deputy of the LADA       Force Working Committee and IFAB, he is active in bipartisan
Healthcare Fraud Division (HCFD). The HCFD handles workers’        legislation to improve the criminal justice system. Mr. von
compensation, medical provider, medical billing and premium        Geldern teaches ethics, discovery, and fraud. He also serves
fraud investigations and prosecutions. Mr. Torrealba was           on California Police Officers’ Association (CPOA) Standards
previously assigned as the Deputy in Charge of the Internal        and Ethics Committee. Mr. von Geldern pioneered the CDAA
Welfare Fraud Unit (IWFU) and worked as a trial lawyer in the      Fraud Conference, merged here with NCFIA, CDI and NICB.
Public Integrity, Major Narcotics, and Central Trials divisions.
His experience in the Public Integrity Division included the       CHUCK WARNER, Esq. - Maintains his law office in Monterey
prosecution of public officials for fraud and misappropriation     where he primarily represents plaintiffs in tort and business
of public funds. Throughout his career he has worked with          litigation. Mr. Warner received his undergraduate degree
law enforcement and with the LADA Bureau of Investigation          from Stanford University and received his Law Degree
on complex fraud investigations and prosecutions. Mr.              from Boalt Hall. He initially was a partner at the Hassard
Torrealba was born and raised in Venezuela. He obtained his        Bonnington Law Firm in San Francisco where he defended
undergraduate degree at UCLA and his law degree at George          physicians in medical malpractice litigation. He is a member
Washington University in Washington D.C. He comes to us            of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Board of Trial
from a family of prosecutors. His wife Shelly, a 17-year veteran   Advocates and serves as an instructor at the Stanford Law
of the LADA, was recently appointed to the L.A. Superior Court     School Trial Skills Workshop. Mr. Warner is a recent winner
bench. His 10-year old daughter, Katrina, helped him with his      of the Lewis Fenton Award for Excellence in Advocacy given
power point presentation. Mr. Torrealba is the President of the    by the Monterey County Bar Association.
Latino Prosecutors Association and is active in the community
with crime prevention programs for at-risk youth.                  MARTIN WHITE - Center Director for Social Security policy
                                                                   for the San Francisco Region. With a service area covering
STEVE TOSCHI, Esq. - Founding member and managing                  400,000 square miles of land mass with 6,000 miles of ocean
shareholder of Toschi, Sidran, Collins & Doyle, APC. Mr.           from the regional office to its farthest outpost in Guam. The
Toschi’s specialty is litigation against the perpetrators of       region includes Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada and
organized healthcare fraud on behalf of institutional clients.     the Pacific Islands of Saipan, Guam and American Samoa;
His clients include State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance         spans 6 different time zones, a situation that often presents
Company and State Farm Fire & Casualty Company. Mr.                some unique challenges; and has a major economic impact
Toschi has tried more than 65 civil jury trials to verdict. He     on the states it serves. In FY 2010, Social Security paid
also has acted as “Project Counsel” on more than a dozen           6.5 million RSDI beneficiaries and 1.4 million SSI recipients
multi-claim healthcare fraud investigations for automobile         over $91 billion in total. A field employee for 26 years prior
and worker’s compensation carriers being conducted by              to his arrival in the Regional Office in Richmond, California,
their Special Investigative Units in Northern and Southern         Mr. White has been with SSA for 30 years and possesses an
California. His responsibilities as “Project Counsel” include      in-depth background and experience in Social Security and
identification of unlawful activity, design and implementation     SSI programs and systems.
of discovery plans, working with claims management and
claims representatives, collaborating with outside and in          DOUGLAS WOOD, Esq. - A Martindale-Hubbell “AV-
house counsel, providing advice to overcome resistance by          Preeminent” rated trial attorney who specializes in property
subjects of the investigation, providing guidance concerning       insurance law and defending lawsuits involving complex
effective structure of claims operations, conducting key           insurance disputes, including cases arising out of arson
depositions, offering case assessment and legal analysis,          fires and suspected fraudulent claims. Mr. Wood gained
and filing suit for clients to recoup damages and penalties        early trial experience as a Deputy District Attorney for the
from those that perpetrated multi-claim fraud.                     County of Alameda, and has been in private practice since
                                                                   1985. He has been repeatedly recognized as a Northern
ERIC von GELDERN, Esq. - Alameda County District                   California “Super Lawyer” and one of the “Bay Area’s Best
Attorney’s Office prosecutor. Mr. von Geldern also is a            Insurance Lawyers.” Additional information is available at
CDAA co-chair (insurance), vice-president of NCFIA, and a


KATE C. ZIMMERMAN, Esq. - Senior Deputy District Attorney
assigned to the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud
Unit. Ms. Zimmerman has been a member of the Kern County
District Attorneys’ Office for nearly nine years; and she was
granted her request to join the Workers’ Compensation Fraud
unit four years ago. In 2008, Ms. Zimmerman was honored
for her work in the anti-fraud unit by the Kern County Grand            EXHIBITORS
Jury. She earned her Juris Doctorate at Pepperdine University
School of Law and a BA in Political Science from Mount St.      The Conference will present an Exhibitors
Mary’s College. Prior to commencing her advanced education,
Ms. Zimmerman served in the United States Army for six
                                                                Expo featuring companies, organizations,
years; beginning in the Military Police Corps and completing    and agencies with products and services
her service as an Electronic Warfare Signals Intelligence       serving the needs of attendees of the
Analyst as Field Station Augsburg. She is a member of the       conference. The Exhibitor Expo will be open
bar in California and Minnesota.                                on Wednesday, April 20 & Thursday, April 21.

                                                                Interested exhibitors are invited to contact
                                                                Gina Pochini, Exhibitor Chair, at:
                                                         or 707-942-1548
               Who Should Attend
               This Conference?                                 Current exhibitors include:

    F Auto, property, health and workers’                       F APEX Investigations
      compensation carrier SIU managers,
      supervisors, adjusters and investigators                  F Bauer Investigation

    F Law enforcement
                                                                F EZ Case Manager, Inc.
                                                                F Fire Cause and Analysis
    F Local, state and federal prosecutors
      and investigators                                         F ISO
    F Claim managers, examiners                                 F Lee Cole & Associates
      and adjusters
                                                                F Donna M. Post, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM,
    F Independent adjusters, brokers                              Certified Legal Nurse Consultant
      and agents
                                                                F Specialized Investigations,
    F Anyone retained by insurance companies                      Richard Harer
      and private industry to investigate fraud
                                                                F Universal Insurance Services


                NCFIA MEMBERSHIP                                                   CDAA MEMBERSHIP
The primary mission of the Northern California Fraud               The California District Attorneys Association (CDAA) serves
Investigators Association (NCFIA) is to provide a forum for        as a source of continuing legal education and legislative
strengthening skills; broadening job knowledge through             advocacy for its membership and provides a forum for the
training; and advancing the goals of our diverse mem-              exchange of information and innovation in the criminal jus-
bership. The Association’s mission includes coordinating           tice field. Qualification for membership in the CDAA is set
information sharing by networking, and assisting in the            forth in Article II of the CDAA Bylaws which can be found
identification, apprehension, and prosecution of those re-
                                                                   at CDAA membership information can be
sponsible for acts of fraud. Qualification for membership in
                                                                   found on the following page and a Membership Application
the NCFIA is set forth in Article II of the NCFIA Bylaws and
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Directors pursuant to Article III. The NCFIA Bylaws can be
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                                               MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION
                                        NATIONAL INSURANCE CRIME BUREAU
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           The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), headquartered in Des Plaines, Ill., is the nation’s lead-
           ing not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to leading a united effort of insurers, law en-
           forcement agencies and representatives of the public to prevent and combat insurance fraud and
           crime though data analysis, investigations, training, legislative advocacy and public awareness.

           Membership in the NICB is open to all insurance companies licensed in any of the 50 states, the District
           of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or the insular possessions of the United States as well as
           auto rental companies, auto finance companies, auto auctions and certain self-insured entities. Access
           to the ISO ClaimSearch database is necessary. A list of the key benefits of NICB membership can be
           found on For more information, please contact:

                                             Kym Forester, NICB Membership Director
                                                       Office: 714-277-3611
                                              P.O. Box 2111, Cypress, CA 90630-1611

    CALIFORNIA                       P.O.	Box	909		•		Woodland,	CA	95776
                                         MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                        (or go online at
                 Name ___________________________________________________________

                 Agency/Company __________________________________________________

                 Title or Position ___________________________________________________

                 Address _________________________________________________________

                 City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________

                 Telephone _____________ Email ________________ Fax ________________

  Each application must be accompanied by a $40 check made payable to “NCFIA” and a business card.
                         (See Page 16 for Membership Qualification Guidlines)

                             921	11th	Street,	Ste.	300		•		Sacramento,	CA	95814

                                         MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION
Deputy Member: Available to attorneys employed by district attorneys, the Attorney General, or city attor-
neys principally engaged in criminal prosecutions. Dues: $140/year.

Auxillary Member: Available to administrators, victim-witness supervisors, paralegals or investigators in
the office of any district attorney or city attorney. Dues: $80/year.

Associate Member: Available to any attorney or law clerk employed in any California office of the U.S. Attorney,
military Judge Advocate General, or State Inspector General; any attorney employed by a California state agency
engaged in regulatory activities involving civil or criminal enforcement; any law clerk in the Attorney General’s
Office; peace officers; victim-witness staff employed by any district attorney; and faculty directly connected with
courses on criminal law or administration of justice at California colleges and universities. Dues: $40/year.

                        PLEASE CONTACT ME - I’m interested in CDAA membership!

                 Name __________________________________________________________

                 Agency _________________________________________________________

                 Email _________________________ Phone ___________________________

                             Or go online to

                                                                                                                          FIRST CLASS
                            Northern California Fraud                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
                            Investigators Association
         NORTHERN                                                                                                       Rancho Cordova, CA
         CALIFORNIA         Post Office Box 607                                                                          PERMIT NO. 154
       INVESTIGATORS        Clovis, CA 93613

                            NO RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

Northern California Fraud
Investigators Association

                                                 2010 CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM
                            Name ___________________________________ Name for Badge ___________
                                          O R AT TA C H B U S I N E S S C A R D

                            Company _________________________________________________________
                            Address __________________________________________________________
                            City/State/Zip ______________________________________________________
   California District
 Attorneys Association      Phone/Fax ________________________________________________________
                            Email ____________________________________________________________
                            Please make your check payable to NCFIA and mail your registration to:
                                          NCFIA, Ann Bray, Conference Registration Chair
                                                   P.O. Box 607, Clovis, CA 93613
                            In the alternative, you may use our secure, online registration (
                            h NCFIA, CDAA, CDI, NICB or SCFIA Member Registration . . . . . . . . . . . . $275
                            h Non-Member Registration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $330
                            h Guest – Lunches & Banquet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $135
                                 Name of Your Guest: ____________________________________________
       California           Single Day Registration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $135
Department of Insurance         Select Day: h Wednesday h Thursday h Friday
                            h Late Registration (After 3/28/2011). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . additional $ 50
                            h MCLE (No charge. Check the box if you want MCLE credit.)
                            h Golf Tournament - Tuesday, April 19, 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . per person $120
                                Foursome _________________________ _________________________
                                          _________________________ _________________________
                            h Tennis - Tuesday, April 19, 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . per person $ 30
                            TOTAL PAYMENT SUBMITTED: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ _____________
   National Insurance
     Crime Bureau           If you are registering on or after April 13, 2011, please contact Ann Bray, Registration
                            Chair at (925) 819-1191 to submit your registration form and payment.
                                                                                                              NCFIA Tax ID #943110147

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