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					                                                                                                               July/August 2004

                                             W A S H I N G T O N H O S P I TA L C E N T E R                              vol. 10, no. 6

                                                                         News for Medical Staff, Residents, Fellows and Alumni

Inside…          Rave Reviews for                                                  T
                                                                                         here was no rushing from seminar to semi-
                                                                                         nar, there were no big parties, instructors
                                                                                         were barefoot and courses run in open-air
Graduates        Cutting-Edge CME                                                  rooms. For relaxation, there was yoga and mas-
                                                                                   sage instead of golf. And everyone slept in tents
New House
                 Programs                                                          and ate vegetarian.
                                                                                   “It was a new idea, because lots of people want to
                                                                                   de-clutter and de-stress,” says Cheryl Iglesia, MD,
Research Day                                                                       the Washington Hospital Center urogynecologist
                                                                                   who, with colleague Mark Walters, MD, of the
                                                                                   Cleveland Clinic, dreamed up last December’s
                                                                                   CME course “Women’s Healthcare Across the
                                                                                   Lifespan.” Held at Puravida, a yoga retreat in Costa
                                                                                   Rica, the course built on the healthy lifestyle

                                                                                                                continued on page 12

               An instructor leads participants in a yoga class at Washington
               Hospital Center's Continuing Medical Education course "Women’s
               Healthcare Across the Lifespan," held at Puravida, a yoga retreat
               in Costa Rica, last December.
               Photo by Cheryl Iglesia, MD

                                                                                                            MedStar Health

State of the Medical
and Dental Society
by Fred Finelli, MD

  t has been a year since I became president      Williams proposed a new tax on hospitals
  of the Medical and Dental staff. Just prior     that would, essentially, take the money back.
  to taking office, I was interviewed by          Fortunately, public opinion (and a large
Physician newsletter and I identified a           Hospital Center letter-writing campaign)
number of problems and issues facing doc-         caused the mayor to scrap the new tax.
tors at Washington Hospital Center. I’d like      Unfortunately, the city then threatened to
to give a quick update on those points and        renege on the Alliance payments.
let you know what I’m thinking after a year       Fortunately, after more letters and outcry,
on the job.                                       the city reversed itself and promised to
                                                  make the payments.
The POB Sale                                                                                                            How to reach
The North and South towers passed seam-           Better Information Systems
lessly to a company called Heathcare Realty       There has been a steady improvement in                          Fred Finelli, MD
Trust (HRT). I haven’t noticed any real           Information Systems for the doctors of                           President of the Medical
changes yet, good or bad. Time will tell. But     Washington Hospital Center. Azyxxi (the sys-                         and Dental Staff
it is nice to have the equity from the sale in    tem formerly known as Insight) has been                   Office of the President of the Medical
the bank. It opens up real possibilities for      judged by many physicians as the best clinical              and Dental Staff: (202) 877-9280
improvement and expansion. By the way,            information system they have ever seen. I                    Clinical Office: (202) 877-7788
(football great) Bart Starr is one of the prin-   agree. You can look at films, review labs, print
ciples of HRT, so bring a football when you       demographics, check medications, and many
                                                  other things. And, you can access it from                  frederick.c.finelli@medstar.net
negotiate your lease. I’m sure he’ll sign your
ball in exchange for your signing his lease.      home. This is not just convenience — it is                        Pager: 1-866-474-1062
                                                  great medicine. And Finance assures me that
D.C. Healthcare Alliance                          we are pouring about $4 million into IS this
The large amount of stress placed on              year — a three-fold increase over last year.           survey as a roadmap for improvement at the
District hospitals when D.C. General closed                                                              Hospital Center. I made the same promise.
was supposed to be offset by payments to          Malpractice Crisis                                     You, the doctors of the Hospital Center, have
the hospitals by an entity called D.C.            This is no better than last year. It is still a cri-   to let us know if we’re making any headway.
Healthcare Alliance (no relation to the           sis. My own coverage has doubled in the last
MAMSI PPO with a similar name). A year            two years. Federal relief has failed. And, as I        Well, that’s my first year. What about the
ago, it appeared we might not receive those       look at the composition of the D.C. Council,           coming year? I’ll see you at DocsLink.
funds and the Medical Board was making            it is hard to imagine meaningful legislation
plans to fight the city on this. How has this     coming out of that body any time soon.
unfolded? Fortunately, the city came              MedStar is working on a plan to provide                  DOCSLINK EMERGENCY
through with some payments and the situa-         malpractice coverage for private doctors, but            COMMUNICATIONS
tion eased. Unfortunately, Mayor Anthony          the details are not in. What I do know is that
                                                  any plan that comes forward from MedStar                 DocsLink, the weekly e-mail update
                                                  will likely be offered to only a small number            for staff and attending physicians, is
  WASHINGTON HOSPITAL CENTER                      of doctors at first and that the rates will have         one way the Hospital Center will notify
                                                                                                           physicians if there is an emergency
          May Statistics                          to be at fair market value.
                                                                                                           situation. If you are not receiving
                             2004       2003      Finding Out What’s Important                             DocsLink, or you have changed e-mail
 Inpatient Admissions        3,836     3,776
                                                  to Physicians                                            addresses, please send your contact
                                                  The physician satisfaction survey was a huge             information to Annamarie DeCarlo,
 Outpatient Clinic Visits    6,804     7,627      success. It has given us a blueprint for                 managing editor of Physician newslet-
                                                  improvement. As you are the ones who filled              ter, at annamarie.g.decarlo@medstar.net,
 ED Visits                   5,677     5,837      out the survey, the results should not be a              or call (202) 877-3118.
 ED Admissions               1,442     1,442      surprise to you. What may be surprising to
                                                  you is the very aggressive approach that has
 Average Daily Census          646       647      been taken to address physician satisfaction.
                                                  James Caldas, Washington Hospital Center
 Births                        352       330
                                                  president, has promised to use the physician


Physician, Heal Thy Self
➤ When was your last visit to a

                                                   ike the proverbial shoemaker whose
  doctor for a physical?                           children go barefoot or the carpenter
                                                   whose family lives in a shack, physi-
➤ When was your last stress test?             cians and other health care providers often
➤ Mammogram?                                  do not follow the sage advice they give their
                                              patients. Many do not get the preventive
➤ Bone density study?                         and diagnostic care they need to carry out
➤ Prostate exam?                              their professions in the healthiest manner.
➤ Cholesterol check?                          One Washington Hospital Center physician
                                              decided to do something about this.              how we have to practice, and the patient
➤ Your last day of total                                                                       load we must see. Some really good doctors
  relaxation?                                 Dermatologist Lynn McKinley-Grant, MD,           have stopped practicing medicine because
                                              knows that if her counterparts are not prac-     of the stress. This made me realize that we
                                              ticing what they preach medically, it’s very     need to take better care of ourselves.”
                                              unlikely that they ever make time for a
                                              relaxation or spa treatment — and certainly      In an ideal world, she said, “I’d love to see us
                                              not in the middle of the day.                    close down the hospital for a day and take
                                                                                               care of ourselves – get our physicals, mam-
                                               “I feel very strongly that the current health   mograms and so many other screenings we
                                                     care crisis has created a tremendous      expect our patients to get but don’t find
                                                          stress on doctors, and I would       time to do ourselves.”
                                                               like to do something about
                                                                 it,” says McKinley-Grant.     Having recently returned from a few days at
                                                                   “Everyone is stressed out   the Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson,
                                                                     about managed care,       Ariz., which provides executive physicals,
                                                                                               exercise, diet and stress assessment,
                                                                                               McKinley-Grant was impressed with the
                                                                                               services. Even better, she said, is the option
                                                                                               there to earn Continuing Medical Educa-
                                                                                               tion credits through the University of
                                                                                               Arizona College of Medicine toward the
                                                                                               American Medical Association’s Physician’s
                                                                                               Recognition Award. “What an experience!”
                                                                                               she said.
                                                                                               McKinley-Grant offers treatments for
                                                                                               physicians interested in brief daytime
                                                                                               respites centered on skin care treatments.
                                                                                               Although the aesthetician performs the
                                                                                               majority of treatments, McKinley-Grant
                                                                                               handles the more complex skin rejuvena-
                                                                                               tion procedures.
                                                                                               She plans to expand this concept by offering
                                                                                               skin care for cancer patients through the
                                                                                               Cancer Institute’s IMAGES program – a
                                                                                               “look good, feel good” program for people
                                                                                               with cancer. Ultimately, it would be nice to
                                                                                               make these services available to patients on
                                                                                               dialysis, those with skin disease, and others,
                                                                                               she says.
                                                                                               For more information, contact McKinley-
                                                                                               Grant at (301) 941-8166.
                                                                                                                        —Deborah Schwartz
Aesthetician Bonita Spinola with a patient in Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant's office.
Photo by Annamarie G. DeCarlo

      News & Notes

                                                                                     PNEUMONIAE ANTIGEN TEST
                               EYE TESTING VAN                                       T   he NOW™ Streptococcus pneumoniae antigen
                                                                                         test is available for patient testing at Washington
                                     VISITS THE                                      Hospital Center. The test is performed on a clean
                                                                                     catch urine specimen and can be performed on a
                                    COMMUNITY                                        STAT basis. If the test is ordered as “routine,” the
                                                                                     test will be performed on day or evening shift
                                                                                     (7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.). “STAT” tests will be per-
                                                                                     formed on all three shifts.
                                                                                     This test is useful as part of the diagnostic evaluation
                                                                                     of pneumococcal pneumonia, as well as for the dif-
                                                                                     ferential diagnostic evaluation for SARS and other
                                                                                     respiratory syndromes. The test was originally evalu-
                                                                                     ated at Washington Hospital Center Laboratory for
                                                                                     implementation with the SARS testing protocol.
                                                                                     Physicians in the Section of Infectious Diseases have
                                                                                     requested that it be made available as part of a
                                                                                     “pneumonia testing panel.”

                                                                                     How to Order the Test
                                                                                     Order as a “Culture, Misc” (page 2, screen 2 on
                                                                                     Invision order screen for Clinical Laboratories
                                                                                     Microbiology) and note in the comment that the test
                                                                                     requested is “Strep pneumo antigen, urine.”
                                                                                     Specimen of choice for this test is a clean catch urine

  E  ric Fleischer, MD, ophthalmology, demonstrates services available through the
     Mobile Eye Testing Station sponsored by the Friends of the Congressional
  Glaucoma Caucus Foundation. Here, Caucus Foundation representative Linda
                                                                                     specimen (stored at room temperature 15-30°C).
                                                                                     The urine must be received in the laboratory within
                                                                                     24 hours of collection (if kept at room temperature)
  Sampson completes paperwork while Tori Crichlow, director of Organizational        or within 14 days if refrigerated at 2-8°C.
  Development at the Hospital Center, uses the visual acuity machine to test her
  distance vision. Washington Hospital Center’s Washington National Eye Center
  receives an annual grant from the Glaucoma Caucus Foundation to provide glau-      A negative test result does not exclude infection with
  coma screenings to low-income residents at area nursing homes, churches, and       S. pneumoniae, therefore results should be evaluated
                                                                                     in conjunction with clinical findings and microbiolog-
                                                                                     ical culture. The sensitivity of the test ranges from 86
                                                            Photos by Marge Kumaki
                                                                                     to 90 percent in adult urine specimens. The accuracy
                                                                                     of this test has not been proven in young children.
                                                                                     The Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine may cause
                                                                                     false positive results if the urine is tested within 48
                                                                                     hours following vaccination. It is recommended that
                                                                                     the test not be performed within five days of receiv-
                                                                                     ing the S. pneumoniae vaccine.
                                                                                     If you have any further questions or comments, call
                                                                                     Nancy S. Miller, MD, at (202) 877-5255 or Beverley
                                                                                     L. Orr, MT(ASCP) at (202) 877-5201.

                                                                                     AWARD FOR DIABETES
                                                                                     W      ashington Hospital Center has won a Silver
                                                                                            Anvil Award in the category “Integrated
                                                                                     Communications for Consumer Services” from the
                                                                                     Public Relations Society of America for its Diabetes
                                                                                     For Life Campaign. The program was directed by
                                                                                     Donna Arbogast & Associates on behalf of the
                                                                                     Hospital Center.

                                            W A S H I N G T O N                                 H O S P I T A L                    C E N T E R
                                            OFFICE               OF       CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION
                                                                                             J U LY 2 0 0 4
                                                              Upcoming CME Events Sponsored by Washington Hospital Center
WELLNESS MATTERS                       SEPTEMBER 10, 2004                              REGULARLY SCHEDULED CATEGORY 1 ACTIVITIES
YOUR CHANCE TO                         MedSTAR Trauma and EMC
                                       Conference –                                CARDIOLOGY/CARDIOVASCULAR            Visiting Lecturer Series in
REACH OUT                              “Rising to New Challenges”
                                       Presented by Washington Hospital Center
                                                                                   Cardiac Catheterization
                                                                                                                        1st & 2nd Tuesdays, 12:30 p.m.

C    ommunity Relations at
     Washington Hospital Center
is recruiting physicians to partici-
                                       & the Department of Surgery/
                                       Section of Trauma/Burn
                                       Dennis Wang, MD – Activity Director
                                                                                   Weekly, Wednesdays, 7:30 a.m.
                                                                                   True Auditorium
                                                                                   1 “category 1” credit per lecture
                                                                                   (202) 877-8574
                                                                                                                        Room 5B-03
                                                                                                                        1 “category 1” credit per lecture
                                                                                                                        (202) 877-6527
                                       Washington Hospital Center
                                       (202) 877-7059                                                                   NEUROSURGERY
pate in the Hospital Center’s                                                      Interventional Vascular              Neurosurgery Conference
speakers-bureau program entitled       7.5 “category 1” credits                    Conference                           Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m.
                                       SEPTEMBER 28 – OCTOBER 2, 2004              Weekly, Thursdays, 7:00 a.m.         Room G2-70
“Wellness Matters,” a free pro-                                                    CTEC Auditorium
                                       Board Review in                                                                  1 “category 1” credit per lecture
gram offered to the community.         Gastroenterology                            1 “category 1” credit                (202) 877-5580
Our speakers’ bureau matches           Presented by Washington Hospital Center     (202) 877-8050
physicians to local groups spon-       & Capital Academics of Greater              Updates in Cardiovascular            OB/GYN Grand Rounds
                                       Washington, Inc.                            Medicine Lecture Series              Weekly, Tuesdays, 8:00 a.m.
soring events. Popular topics          William M. Steinberg, MD – Act. Dir.        Bi-weekly, Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m.
include – but are not limited to                                                                                        5B-3 Auditorium
                                       Wyndham Baltimore Inner Harbor              Area DC, MD, and VA Restaurants      1 “category 1” credit per lecture
— heart disease, diabetes, cancer,     Hotel – Baltimore, MD                       2 “category 1” credits per lecture   (202) 877-6054
                                       1-800-283-1997                              (202) 877-2994
and nutrition.                         40 “category 1” credits                                                          ONCOLOGY
                                                                                   Echocardiography Conference          Presented by the Washington Cancer
Your participation in the Wellness     OCTOBER 29, 2004                            Weekly, Thursdays, 7:45 a.m.         Institute (WCI)
Matters program augments the           Vocal Cord Dysfunction: An                  Cath Lab Conference Room (5th Flr)
                                       Overview of Diagnosis and                                                        Gastrointestinal Oncology Case
Hospital Center’s commitment,                                                      1 “category 1” credit per lecture    Presentations
                                       Treatment                                   (202) 877-7853
and your own, to improving the         Presented by Washington Hospital Center                                          Bi-Monthly, 2nd & Last Fridays,
health and welfare of our com-         & the Hearing and Speech Center             EMERGENCY MEDICINE                   8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
                                       Ziad E. Deeb, MD – Activity Director        Emergency Medicine Grand             Surgical Classroom – Room G-270
munity. It can also provide you        Cardiovascular Research Institute and       Rounds                               2 “category 1” credits per lecture
with an excellent avenue for           Siegel Auditorium                           Third Thursdays, 7:00 a.m.           (202) 877-3908
physician referrals. For more          (202) 877-5189                              Emergency Dept. Conference Room      Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer
                                       6 “category 1” credits                      1 “category 1” credit per lecture    Treatment Conference
information, contact Khay Bullock                                                  (202) 877-9191                       Weekly, Wednesdays, 7:30 a.m.
Henry at (202) 877-2084.               NOVEMBER 12, 2004
                                       Maintenance of Vitality and                 Emergency Medicine Continuous        Siegel Auditorium
                                       Quality of Life: Living with                Certification (EMCC) Literature      1 “category 1” credit per lecture
                                       Cancer and Cancer Treatments                Review                               (202) 877-7937
                                       Jointly sponsored by Washington Hospital    Last Thursday of each month,         OPHTHALMOLOGY
ARMSTRONG                              Center & The National Rehabilitation        7:30 a.m.
                                                                                   Emergency Dept. Conference Room
                                                                                                                        Presented by Washington National Eye
                                       Hospital                                                                         Center
FOUNDATION                             Brendan Conroy, MD – Activity Director      1 “category 1” credit per lecture
                                                                                   (202) 877-9393                       Saturday Morning Lecture Series
GRANT                                  National Rehabilitation Hospital –
                                       Auditorium                                  Emergency Medicine Faculty
                                                                                                                        Weekly, Saturdays, 8:30 a.m.
                                                                                                                        True Auditorium
                                       (202) 877-1952                              Development Series
W       ashington Hospital
        Center's Cancer Institute
has received a $35,000 grant
                                       6 “category 1” credits
                                       DECEMBER 5 – 8, 2004
                                                                                   Dates TBD
                                                                                   Emergency Dept. Conference Room
                                                                                   at Washington Hospital Center
                                                                                                                        2.5 “category 1” credits per lecture
                                                                                                                        (202) 877-6159
                                       New Era of Medicine:                        1 “category 1” credit per lecture    General Surgery Orange Team
from the Lance Armstrong               Meeting the Challenge                       (202) 877-9393                       Teaching Conference and Lecture
Foundation to help develop a           Presented by Washington Hospital Center                                          Weekly, Thursdays, 8 a.m.
                                       Micheal Pistole, MD – Activity Director     GASTROENTEROLOGY                     General Surgery Conference Room
Palliative Care program specifi-       Grand Cayman Island                         Gastroenterology Research Topic
cally tailored to the needs of the                                                                                      2 “category 1” credits per lecture
                                       (202) 877-8201                              Monthly, Wednesdays, 4:30 p.m.       (202) 877-9847
local community.                                                                   2A50 Medicine Conference Room
                                                                                   1 “category 1” credit per lecture    Surgery Grand Rounds
                                                      Log on to                    (202) 877-2848                       Weekly, Tuesdays, 8 a.m.
                                           www.DiabetesRoundtable.com                                                   True Auditorium
                                        for CME learning modules, slide library,   MEDICINE                             1 “category 1” credit per lecture
PHYSICIAN                                eGrand Rounds, literature update and
                                                   daily news feed
                                                                                   GRAND ROUNDS
                                                                                   Weekly, Wednesdays, 12:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                        (202) 877-6426
WRITERS                                                                            True Auditorium                      UROLOGY
                                                                                                                        Urology Academic Series
                                                                                   1 “category 1” credit per lecture

D   o you have an opposing
    opinion to the Viewpoints
that are published in Physician
                                         William M. Steinberg’s Board
                                         Review in Gastroenterology –
                                           Audio, Video & DVD sets
                                                                                   (202)877 3109 or 202/877 6749
                                                                                   NRH Medical Grand Rounds
                                                                                   Fridays, Noon
                                                                                                                        Weekly, Tuesdays, 8 a.m.
                                                                                                                        Siegel Auditorium
                                                                                                                        1 “category 1” credit per lecture
                                                                                                                        (202) 877-3968
                                               40 “category 1” credits             NRH Auditorium
Newsletter? Are you interesting in        Call 1-800-284-8433 to order             1 “category 1” credit per lecture
submitting a Viewpoint or essay                                                    (202) 877-1660
on a recent vacation or other                                                                                                      CME CD ROM
                                                                                   NEONATOLOGY                             “New Options in Exogenous
topic? Contact Annamarie                       CME Monograph
                                         “Optimizing Insulin Therapy in                                                    Insulin Therapy For Diabetes
DeCarlo, managing editor, at                Patients with Diabetes”                                                                Management”
(202) 877-3118, or by email:                   3 “category 1” credits                                                             1 “category 1” credit
                                        Call (202) 877-8201 to request a copy                                           Call (202) 877-8201 to request a copy

    Research Day 2004
                                                                                        FELLOW ORAL PRESENTATIONS
                                                                                        Fellow First Place
Talent, Expertise on                                                                    Emmanouil Kapetanakis, MD, WASHINGTON HEART
                                                                                        “Clopidogrel Administration Prior to CABG Surgery:
Center Stage                                                                            The Cardiologist’s Panacea or the Surgeon’s Headache?”

                                                                                        Fellow Finalists

    or the second year in a row, Amin Jaskille, MD, earned first place in the oral
                                                                                        Federico Asch, MD
    presentations of Washington Hospital Center’s Research Day. He takes home
                                                                                        CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY
    $500 for his project titled “Lactate Increases Pulmonary Apoptosis by
                                                                                        “2 Dimensional Echocardiography Underestimates
Restricting Pholosphorylation of Bad and eNOS Proteins In Rat Model of
                                                                                        Intracardiac Mass Size in Comparison to Real Time 3
Hemorrhagic Shock.”
                                                                                        Dimensional Echocardiography”
Jaskille also took the top prize of $250 in the poster category with his presentation   Umberto Campia, MD
titled “Application of a Zeolite Hemostatic Agent Achieves 100% Survival in a           CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE
Lethal Model.”                                                                          “Insulin Impairs Endothelium-Dependent Vasodiala-
                                                                                        tion Independent of Insulin
Fellows and residents submitted 72 entries in this 8th Annual Research Day com-         Sensitivity or Lipid Profile”
“I am very impressed with the quality of Dr. Jaskille’s research and the sophistica-    Vasileios Kyttaris, MD
tion of his presentations on Research Day,” said Wm. James Howard, MD, vice pres-       DEPARTMENT OF RHEUMATOLOGY
ident, Academic Affairs. “Dr. Jaskille is an excellent example of the talent and        “CREM Downregulates C-Fos
expertise which exists in the GME program at the Hospital Center.”                      and AP-1 Activity in SLE T Cells”
The guest speaker was Jacques Rossouw, MD, who is the project officer, Women’s
Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. His speech was entitled “Observational Studies vs.
Clinical Trials.”

                             RESIDENT ORAL PRESENTATIONS                                RESIDENT POSTER PRESENTATIONS
                             Resident First Place                                       Resident First Place
                             Amin Jaskille, MD                                          Amin Jaskille, MD, DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY
                             DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY                                      “Application of a Zeolite Hemostatic Agent Achieves
                             “Lactate Increases Pulmonary                               100% Survival in a Lethal Model”
                             Apoptosis by Restricting
                             Pholosphorylation of Bad and                               Resident Finalists
                             eNOS Proteins In Rat Model of                              Eric Diner, MD, DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGY
                             Hemorrhagic Shock”                                         “Does Hemaseal Decrease Immediate Post-Op Urinary
                                                                                        Leakage After Prostatectomy”
                                                                                        Cecilia Monge, MD, DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE
                             Resident Finalists                                         “Spinal Cord Involvement in SLE”
                             Tom Lin, MD, DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY
                             “Energy Substrate-Supplemented Resuscitation
                             Increases Gliosis and Brain Monocarboxylate
                                                                                        FELLOW POSTER PRESENTATIONS
                             Transporter Levels in Rat Model of Hemorrhagic Shock”      Fellow First Place
                             Vadim Gushin, MD, DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY                    Emmanouil Kapetanakis, MD, WASHINGTON HEART
                             “Fluid Induced Human Neutrophil Activation Co-             “The Impact of Aortic Manipulation on Neurological
                             Relates With Changes in Expression of Redox-Sensitive      Outcomes After Coronary Bypass Surgery, A Risk
                             Genes”                                                     Adjusted Study”

                             Timothy Light, MD                                          Fellow Finalists
                             DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY                                      Seung-Woon Rha, MD, MEDSTAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE
                             “Real-Time Metabolic Monitors,                             “Three Year Follow-Up After Intracoronary Gamma
                             Ischemia-Reperfusion, Titration                            Radiation for In-Stent Restenosis”
                             Endpoints, and Ultra-Precise                               Seung-Woon Rha, MD, MEDSTAR RESEARCH INSTITUTE
                             Burn Resuscitation”                                        “The Real World Clinical Practice of Intracoronary
                                                                                        Radiation Therapy as Compared to Investigational


New House Staff 2004
                                                                            Anjana R. Prasad, MD, Resident,         Syed Irfan Q. Ali, MD, Resident,
                                                                            George Washington University School     Allama Iqbal Medical College
                                                                            of Medicine                             Pakistan
Best wishes to the new house staff members, who begin their tenure Laura B. Rosenzweig, MD, Resident,               Gregory Appleman, MD, Resident,
                                                                            University of South Carolina Medical    Georgetown University School of
at Washington Hospital Center on July 1, 2004.                              School                                  Medicine
Breast Disease                        David M. Biko, MD, Resident,          Jessica L. Sanchez, MD, Resident,       Shimon Y. Blau, MD, Resident,
Dawn J. Leonard, MD, Fellow,          Georgetown University School of       Cornell University                      University of Maryland School of
Howard University College of          Medicine                              Amit V. Tibrewala, MD, Resident,        Medicine
Medicine                              Marianna L. Blyumin, MD, Resident, Terna Medical College                      Gabriella L. Crane, MD, Resident,
                                                                            Christopher G. Wladyka, MD,             Boston University School of Medicine
Cardiology, Section of Cardiac MRI Georgetown University School of
                                      Medicine                              Resident, Georgetown University         Timothee J. Friesen, MD, Resident,
Ogei Yar, MD, Fellow, University of                                         Hospital School of Medicine             University of Maryland School of
Oklahoma College of Medicine          Juan-Carlos Caballero, MD,
                                      Resident, Howard University College   Emily B. Woodard, MD, Resident,         Medicine
Cardiovascular Disease                of Medicine                           Medical College of Virginia, Va.        John W. Hume, MD, Resident,
Frank A. Cuoco, MD, Fellow,           Nicolas A. Castellano, MD, Resident, Commonwealth University                  Howard University College of
Georgetown University Medical         Medical College of Virginia, of Va.   Chunbai Zhang, MD, Resident,            Medicine
School                                Commonwealth University               Dartmouth Medical School                Robert Hynecek, MD, Resident,
Matthew Gorman, MD, Fellow,           Cindy C. Chan, MD, Resident,          Musculoskeletal Oncology                University of Texas Medical School at
Georgetown University Medical         University of Maryland School of                                              Galveston
School                                                                      Ahmad M. Shehadeh, MD, Fellow,
                                      Medicine                              The University of Jordan                Michael A. Isaacson, MD, Resident,
Tina L. Pinto, MD, Fellow, University Jaime R. Chavez, MD, Resident,                                                George Washington University. School
of Michigan Medical School            Universidad Nacional Autonoma de      Nephrology                              of Medicine
Daniel H. Steinberg, MD, Fellow,      Honduras                              Judy T. Shumway, DO, Fellow,            Konya K. Keeling, MD, Resident,
UMD,NJ-New Jersey Medical School Kalonji R. Collins, MD, Resident,          Western University                      University of Tennessee College of
Sajan Rao, MD, Fellow, George         Case Western Reserve University       Ophthalmology                           Medicine
Washington University                 School of Medicine                    Melanie A. Bennett-Sims, MD,            Aaron J. Krill, MD, Resident, Rush
Ganesh S. Venkataraman, MD,           Erica Edell, MD, Resident, Temple     Resident, Morehouse School of           Medical College
Fellow, Mount Sinai School of         University School of Medicine         Medicine                                Christopher A. Moosavi, MD,
Medicine                              Esteban Escolar, MD, Resident,        Jeffrey R. Boyd, MD, Resident,          Resident, State University of New York
Aamir Javaid, MD, Fellow, AGA Khan Universidad de Buenos Aires              Temple University School of Medicine    at Syracuse College of Medicine
University                            Suzanne E. Goucher, MD, Resident,     Lisa A. Collea, MD, Resident,           Naeem A. Newman, MD, Resident,
Colon and Rectal Surgery              NY College of Osteopathic Medicine    Jefferson Medical College               Loma Linda University School of
Lorene Valdez-Boyle, MD, Resident, of NY Institute Tech                     Mark L. Gonzalez, MD, Resident,
University of New Mexico School of    Phuong D. Ho, MD, Resident, Milton University of Maryland School of           Rony J. Ramia, MD, Resident,
Medicine                              S. Hershey Medical Center, Penn State Medicine                                American University of Beirut
                                      University                            David B. Hair, MD, Resident,            Hatice N. Sen, MD, Resident,
Dermatology                                                                                                         Hacettepe Universitesi
                                      Sujay Inampudi, MD, Resident,         Georgetown University School of
Katina B. Miles, MD, Resident,        Kasturba Medical College              Medicine                                John S. Tiedeman, MD, Resident,
Howard University School of                                                                                         University of Virginia
Medicine                              Ahsan Q. Jafir, MD, Resident, Lake    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
                                      Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine  Andrew J. Campbell, DDS, Resident,      Houman Saedi, MD, Resident,
Gastroenterology                      Navin Kadambi, MD, Resident,                                                  University of Southern California
                                                                            Dalhousie University School of
Sean Karp, MD, MCP, Fellow,           George Washington University School Dentistry                                 School of Medicine
Hahnemann School of Medicine          of Medicine                                                                   Charles W. Simmons II, MD,
                                                                            Grant B. McGann, DDS, Resident,
Hematology/Oncology                   Antonina Y. Kolesnikova, MD,          University of the Pacific School of     Resident, Howard University College
Stephen A. Williams, MD, Fellow,      Resident, Russian State Medical       Dentistry                               of Medicine
University of Texas Health Science    University                                                                    Obstetrics and Gynecology
Center                                Mona K. Kotecha, MD, Resident, Yale                                           Shilpa P. Chetty, MD, Resident, Loma
                                      University School of Medicine         Adelbert D. Cabrera, MD, Resident,
Interventional Cardiology                                                   New York Medical College                Linda University
Pramod K. Kuchulakanti, MD,           Hilary S. Koyanagi, MD, Resident,                                             Sina Haeri, MD, Resident, St.
Fellow, Osmania Medical College       George Washington University School Haleh Farzanmehr, MD, Resident,           Matthew’s University School of
                                      of Medicine                           Iran University of Medical Sciences
Interventional                        Flora Levin, MD, Resident, Cornell    Brant G. Wang, MD, Resident, Beijing
Cardiology/Research                                                         Medical Univ in China                   Amy D. Leuthauser, MD, Resident,
                                      University Medical College                                                    MCV Campus Virginia
William W. Chu, MD, Fellow, West      Jennifer L. MacGregor, MD,            Psychiatry                              Commonwealth University
Virginia University                   Resident, Georgetown University       Simona Pick Both, MD, Fellow,           Marsha C. Solomon, MD, Resident,
Interventional Peripheral             School of Medicine                    University of Medicine & Pharmacy       Howard University College of
Vascular Medicine                     Harjoth S. Malli, MD, Resident, Saint Amal S. Rubai, MD, Fellow, College of   Medicine
Aravinda Nanjundappa, MD, Fellow, George’s University                       Medicine Baghdad University             Janifer S. Tropez, MD, Resident,
Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Annick Payong Chima Nguewou,          Samina M. Yousufi, MD, Fellow,          Louisiana State University School of
Sciences                              MD, Resident, Universite de L’Etat A  Sindh Medical College                   Medicine
Infectious Disease                    Liege                                 Rheumatology                            Podiatric Surgery
Seemi Andrabi, MD, Fatima Jinnah      Manoj G. Oommen, MD, Resident,        Ravi Acharya, MD, Fellow, Amt.          Dixie C. Dallas, DPM, Resident,
Medical College                       Temple University School of Medicine Natihiba Hargovandas Lakmichand          Temple University School of Podiatric
Vasilios Pyrgos, MD, Albert Szent     Rebecca K. Over, DO, Resident,        Florina Constantines, MD, Fellow,       Medicine
Gyorgyi Medical School                Arizona College of Osteopathic        University of Medicine “Carol Davila”   Chad Friedman, DPM, Resident,
                                      Medicine/Midwestern                                                           Temple University School of Podiatric
Internal Medicine                                                           Surgery
                                      Joshua M. Owen, MD, Resident,                                                 Medicine
Kristin K. Appleby, MD, Resident,     Medical College of VA, VA             Mohammed Habeeb Ahmed, MD,
Georgetown University School of       Commonwealth University               Fellow, Interventional Peripheral       Vascular Surgery
Medicine                                                                    Vascular Medicine Osmania Medical       Niten Singh, MD, Fellow, USUHS
                                      Nandini D. Patel, MD, Resident,
Varalakshmi V. N. Bandaru, MD,        Albany Medical College                College
Resident, Rangaraya Medical College


OFF THEY GO: 2004 Graduates
      he 2004 House Staff grad-       Tung Dao, MD                           Mehool Patel, MD                        Robin Berlin, MD
      uated on June 12. At this       Cardiovascular Disease,                Hematology/Oncology,                    Psychiatry,
                                      Private Practice                       Attending Physician, Summit             George Washington University
      writing, 16 of the 110 grad-                                           Oncology, Summa Health System,
uates have accepted fellowships       Uzma Iqbal, MD                                                                 Viveca M. Bhat, MD
                                      Cardiovascular Disease,                Akron, Ohio                             Internal Medicine, Neurology,
or residencies at Washington
                                      Private Practice                                                               University of Maryland
Hospital Center. Most others are
joining private practices across      Parimal Maniar, MD                                                             Lois Endo, MD
the United States.                    Cardiovascular Disease,                                                        Pending
                                      Private Practice                                                               Kevin K. Erfan, MD
                                      Frederico E. Mordini, MD                                                       Private Practice
                                      Cardiovascular Disease,                                                        Nidhi Garg, MD
Department of                         National Institutes of Health                                                  Private Practice
Anesthesia                            Eugenio Stabile, MD                                                            Eli Gavi, MD
Ira D. Kornbluth, MD                  Cardiovascular Disease,                                                        Internal Medicine, Chief Resident,
Center for Pain Management            Interventional Cardiology,                                                     Washington Hospital Center
(Private), Glen Burnie/Baltimore,     University of Naples
Md.                                                                          Eric J. Fulnecky, MD                    Julia E. Graves, MD
                                      Guy Weigold, MD                                                                Dermatology
                                      Cardiovascular Disease, Faculty,       Infectious Disease, Private Practice,
Breast Disease                        Washington Hospital Center             Mo.
Ann-Marie Hugh, MD                    Murat M. Celebi, MD                    Chaitanya V. Tummala, MD
Pending                               Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology,    Infectious Disease, Private Practice,
                                      Private Practice                       Texas
Department Of                         Richard, McBride, MD                   Kanchan Anand, MD
Dermatology                           Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology,    Nephrology, Private Practice,
                                      Private Practice                       Loudoun & Fairfax, Va.
                                      Frederico Asch, MD                     Eugene H. Kim, MD
                                      Echocardiography, Residency,           Nephrology, Private Practice,
                                      Internal Medicine, Washington          Manassas & Woodbridge, Va.
                                      Hospital Center                        Teferi G. Mengesha, MD
                                      Sangeeta Shah, MD                      Nephrology, Private Practice,           Kanika Hampton, MD
                                      Echocardiography, Faculty,             Columbus, Ohio                          Private Practice
                                      University of Rochester                Navera R. Ahmed, MD                     Shailini P. Jain, MD
                                      Edouard Cheneau, MD                    Rheumatology, Attending                 Private Practice
                                      Interventional Cardiology, Private     Physician, Private Practice,            Shahab A. Khan, MD
                                      Practice, Interventional Cardiology,   Arlington, Va.                          Nephrology Fellowship,
Cherie M. Young, MD                   France                                 Brian T. Walitt, MD                     Washington Hospital Center
Pending                               Timothy D. Kinnaird, MD                Rheumatology, 2-Year Academic           Cyrus Khorrami, MD
Joy Y. Chen, MD                       Interventional Cardiology,             Fellowship Award, Washington            Cooper, N.J.
Private Practice, D.C. Area           Interventional Cardiology, Wales       Hospital Center
                                                                                                                     Shilen V. Lakhani, MD
Francesco D’Alessandro, MD            Venkatesh K. Raman, MD                 Vasileios Kyttaris, MD                  Gastroenterology Fellowship,
Private Practice,                     Interventional Cardiology,             Rheumatology, Systemic Lupus            Washington Hospital Center
San Bernadino, Calif.                 Academic Setting                       Erythematosus and Systemic
                                                                             Autoimmune Disease, Attending           Wilson J. Liao, MD
                                      Robert Sean Dieter, MD                 Physician, Washington Hospital          Dermatology, UCSF
Department of Internal                Director of Vascular Medicine,         Center and Researcher, Walter Reed
Medicine                              Medical College of Wisconsin                                                   Susan Majlessi, MD
                                                                             Ameri Ali, MD                           Ophthalmology, Washington
Scott W. Burke, MD                    Bhagat Kumar Reddy, MD                 Hematology/Oncology Fellowship          Hospital Center
Cardiovascular Disease, Fellowship,   Interventional Cardiology/
EP, University of North Carolina      Peripheral Vascular Disease,           Madhulika Arthur, MD                    Usha R. Pinninti, MD
                                      Academic Setting                       Hospitalist, Va.                        Ophthalmology, George
Leonardo Clavijo, MD                                                                                                 Washington University
Cardiovascular Disease, Fellowship,   Jae D. Kim, MD                         Rodrigo Baltodano, MD
Interventional Cardiology,            Gastroenterology, Private Practice,    Private Practice, Fla.                  Eduard Raklyar, MD
Washington Hospital Center            Corpus Christi, Texas                                                          Dermatology,
                                                                             Adilakshmi S. Basavaraju, MD            Washington Hospital Center
Thomas Crain, MD                      Ravneet Grewal, MD                     Radiology, NY
Cardiovascular Disease,               Hematology/Oncology,                                                           Nikhil G. Rao, MD
                                                                             Permanand S. Beeharilal, MD             Radiation Oncology, EVMS,
Private Practice                      Private Practice, Va                   Cardiovascular Research                 Norfolk, Va.
                                                                                                                     Ryan B. Shwope, MD
                                                                                                                     Radiology, Mount Sinai, N.Y.


Betty B. Siu, MD                    Oral and Maxillofacial              Department of                        Enrique Gongora, MD
Private Practice, D.C               Surgery                             Otolaryngology                       Surgical Critical Care, Fellowship,
Nadia A. Sultan, MD                                                                                          Cardiothoracic Surgery,
                                    James Buchanan, Jr., DDS                                                 Mayo Clinic, Rochester, N.Y.
Radiology Residency, Pa.            U.S. Army, Fort Irwin, Calif.
Sonia A. Szlyk, MD                                                                                           Benjamin Burnsed, MD
                                    Rhonda G. Carter, DDS                                                    Residency, Anesthesiology at
Anesthesiology Residency, D.C       Private Practice, Rock Hill, S.C.                                        University of Florida,
Magdalena M.                                                                                                 Gainesville, Fla.
Szuszkiewicz-Garcia, MD             Department of                                                            Andrea J. Cordova, MD
Pending                             Orthopedic Surgery                                                       Pending
Ali Tabrizchi, MD                   J. Robert Anderson, MD                                                   Paul Jason Granet, MD
Cardiology                          Hand Fellowship, Tufts                                                   Fellowship, Surgical Critical Care,
Sean P. Thomas, MD                                                                                           Washington Hospital Center
                                    James Cozzarelli, MD
Ophthalmology, Drexel University,   Pending                             Todd Otteson, MD                     Vadim Gushchin, MD
Philadelphia, Pa.                                                       Fellowship, Pediatric                Fellowship, Surgical Oncology,
                                    Julie Grosvenor, MD                 Otolaryngology, Pittsburgh, Pa.      Roswell Park Cancer Institute,
David D. Tran, MD                   Private Practice, Sanford, Maine
Ophthalmology                                                           Keith Pritchyk, MD                   Buffalo, N.Y.
                                    Stephen Malekzadeh, MD              Private Practice, Scranton, Pa.      Iskra Ivanova, MD
Jerry G. Varghese, MD               University of Texas,
Pending                                                                 Ari Rubenfeld, MD                    Residency, Anesthesiology, Thomas
                                    Southeastern, Dallas, Texas                                              Jefferson University Hospital,
Nayo I. Wills, MD                                                       Private Practice, Chicago, Ill.
                                                                                                             Philadelphia, Pa.
Stephen Yoo, MD
                                                                        Department of                        Timothy Light, MD
                                                                        Pathology                            Attending Physician,
Dermatology, UTSW, Dallas, Texas                                                                             General Surgery/Burn,
                                                                                                             Washington Hospital Center
Department of                                                                                                Anita Magoon, MD
Neurosurgery                                                                                                 Fellowship, Surgical Critical Care,
Michael Ayad, MD                                                                                             Washington Hospital Center
Pending                                                                                                      Rafael E. Martinez, MD
                                                                                                             Residency, Anesthesiology,
Department of                                                                                                University of Pennsylvania,
Obstetrics                          Daria Brooks Terrell, MD                                                 Philadelphia, Pa.
and Gynecology                      Orthopedic Oncologist, SUNY                                              Toe Myint, MD
                                    Downstate University Hospital,                                           Pending
Stefanie L. Durstin, MD             Brooklyn, N.Y.                      Carlos A. Cerruto, MD
Private Practice, Conn.                                                 Fellowship, Pathology/Surgical       Bartholomew Radolinski, MD
                                                                        Oncology, Washington Hospital        Residency, Urology,
Susan P. Novak, MD                  Section of Podiatric                                                     Washington Hospital Center
Private Practice, Maryland                                              Center
                                    Surgery                                                                  O. Adetola Roberts, MD
Mechele Silva, MD                                                       Iren Horkayne-Szakaly, MD
Private Practice
                                    Matt Ahmadi, DPM                    Fellowship, Neuropathology, AFIP     Residency, Neurosurgery, University
                                    Laguna, Calif.                                                           of Colorado at Denver, Colo.
Beth C. Thomas, MD                                                                                           Min Zhao, MD
Unity Healthcare Provider                                               Department of
                                                                                                             Residency, Anesthesiology, Indiana
                                                                        Psychiatry                           University, Indianapolis, Ind.
Department of                                                           Zina M. Hussain, MD
Ophthalmology                                                           Private Practice, Washington, D.C.   Department of Urology
Joel A. Bezek, MD
General Ophthalmology,                                                  Department of Surgery Sunil V. Patel, MD
                                                                                              Private Practice, Va.
Indiana, Pa.                                                            Christopher Taylor, MD
Jay Scott Egolf, MD                                                     Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation   MedStar Research
Portsmith, Ohio                                                         Residency at University of
                                                                        Wisconsin                            Institute
Damien F. Goldberg, MD                                                                                       Katina Byrd Miles, MD
Corneal Fellowship, University of   Abigail A. Brannon, DPM             David A. Nesbitt, MD
                                                                        Private Practice, Colon & Rectal     Residency, Dermatology,
Texas Southwestern, Dallas, Texas   Mid-Atlantic Podiatry,                                                   Washington Hospital Center
                                    Bethesda, Md.                       Associates of Central New York,
Marines Vazquez, MD                                                     Syracuse, N.Y.                       Seung-Woon Rha, MD, PhD,
General Ophthalmology,
                                                                                                             FACC, FAHA
Puerto Rico
                                                                                                             Professor, Korea University Hospital


House Commencement Snapshots
June 12, 2004
                                                                 At right: Dr. Daniel Sedmak,
                                                           executive vice president of Health
                               At left: Dr. Manish       Sciences for Georgetown University
                               Jain, one of last          Medical Center and executive dean
                               year's chief resi-       for Georgetown University School of
                               dents in Internal         Medicine, gave the keynote speech.
                               Medicine, poses
                               with two new
                               graduates: his wife,
                               Dr. Shailini Jain, and
                               Dr. Magdalena
                               Szuszkiewicz, two
                               of this year's
                               Internal Medicine
                               chief residents.
                                                                                                  At left: Dr. Frederick Finelli,
                                                                                                  president of the Medical and
                                                                                                  Dental Staff, had a few
                                                                                                  words of advice from Dr.
                                                                                                  Seuss – and suggested
                                                                                                  reading material – for the
                                                                                                  house graduates.
           At right:
     Dr. Lois Endo,
Internal Medicine,
                                          At right: Dr. Stephen Peterson,
    learns she has
                                              chair of the Department of
  been selected to
                                               Psychiatry, and psychiatry
  receive the Saul
                                         graduate Dr. Zina Hussain, who
Zuckerman Award
                                          will remain affiliated with the
for humanitarism.
                                                    Hospital Center as an

Above: Dr. Jimmy Light,
section director, Transplan-
                                                                                     Above: Otolaryngology chief resident Dr.
tation, shares a laugh with
                                                                                     Keith Pritchyk celebrates with his family.
Dr. Arnold Kwart, chairman,
Department of Urology.

                                                                                At left: Internal Medicine graduate Dr. Ali
                                                                                Tabrichi, left, chats with Dr. Rajkumari Bagati,
                                                                                Section of Rheumatology.

                                                                                                         Photos by Leslie Kossoff
– 10 –

Making the Summertime Count
         lthough summertime traditionally
         is the slowest time of year for blood
         donations, Washington Hospital
Center last year recorded its largest monthly
tally in July 2003 –117 units.
But, we still have a long way to go to reach our
goal of 50 percent participation in MedStar
Health’s 2004 Meet the Count campaign.
Because the need for blood is so high in the
summer – due to increased accidents and
more outdoor activities – The Count is
encouraging each physician to step up to the
plate and stick out your arm.
If you have a college student home for the
summer, why not introduce him or her – or
them – to the benefits of donating blood.
Studies show that early donors stay donors
for life!
To make an appointment at the Hospital
Center’s blood donor center, call (202) 877-5250.

                                                    Dr. Kirsten Alcorn, clinical nurse Finola Brophy-Houlihan, President James Caldas, and
                                                    Vice President for Professional Services Kevin Harlen join Dr. Janis Orlowski, senior vice
                                                    president for Medical Affairs, making her first blood donation at the Hospital Center.

Ken Samet, president and chief
operating officer of MedStar
Health, visited Washington
Hospital Center’s blood donor
center in June. He makes a point
of donating blood at each of
MedStar Health’s hospitals.

    Blood donor “regular” Dr. Mark
          Hathaway, Obstetrics and                                                         Internal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology
        Gynecology, addresses new                                                          residents respond to Dr. Mark Hathaway's query:
     house staff during orientation.                                                       "Who here has given blood before?"
        He encouraged residents to
    make time in their schedules for
      donating blood. "The staff in
       the Blood Donor Center will
      treat you very well," he said.                                  Photos by Annamarie G. DeCarlo

                                                                                                                                        – 11 –

CME Programs
continued from page 1

theme combining seminars on hormones,
cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, diet, osteo-
porosis, depression and more with....well, a
healthy lifestyle for attendees.
The course drew rave reviews (“excellent
topics, dynamic faculty” … “one of the best
conferences I’ve ever been to” … “blending
of CME, yoga, healthy living is a terrific for-
mula….”) for a fresh approach that typifies
the Hospital Center’s cutting edge CME pro-
“I think that it certainly highlighted the tal-
ent of the physicians here,” says Iglesia.
“We’re leaders in providing new ways of
learning.”                                         Washington Hospital Center alumni are especially welcome to attend the Hospital
                                                   Center's CME programs. Several alum attended the CME in St. John in December 2001.
Big Numbers                                        Front row, left to right: physicians Ramin Oskoui, Mohan Verghese, Mack McCain,
                                                   Rosemarie Folks, and Sydney Commissioning. Back row, Jamie Padmore; and physicians
In 2003, the Hospital Center sponsored 78          David Gross, Micheal Pistole, Ed Krowiak, Michelle Magee, Roy Flood, Mercedes
category I CME credit activities for a total of    Dullum, Margo Smith, Cecilia Hammond, and Nicole Parks.
884 hours of instruction that served 7,275
physician attendees and 1,595 non-physician        new vice president for Academic Affairs at      Joan Bardsley, (MRI), Gretchen Youseff
attendees. These included 17 regularly             the Hospital Center. “It is our commitment      (MDI) and Mansour Shomali, MD (Union
scheduled activities, such as grand rounds,        to assisting physicians on staff in maintain-   Memorial Hospital). This educational
weekly lectures and case presentations given       ing competence to provide the high quality      resource is available to health care profes-
mostly in the Hospital Center; jointly spon-       of patient care we insist on that leads us to   sionals worldwide and includes CME learn-
sored activities, including a gastroenterology     sponsor these events and programs.”             ing models, e-grand rounds, a slide library
board review course (with Capital Acade-                                                           and literature updates.
mics of Greater Washington) and Cardio-            New developments in this exceptional cur-
vascular Revascularization Therapies (with         riculum include, in conjunction with            This comprehensive site means any physi-
the Cardiovascular Research Institute). This       MedStar Health, a satellite symposium on        cian with access to the Web, whether in a
amazing roster of educational activities has       practical approaches to diabetes care featur-   small town in North Dakota or a village in
put the Hospital Center in the top five per-       ing Michelle Magee, MD, director of the         Botswana, can keep up with the latest stan-
cent of CME providers, says Ellen Cohen,           MedStar Diabetes Institute, held during the     dards of practice in diabetes treatment.
CertEd, DipEd, and director of CME at the          American College of Physicians national
                                                   conference in New Orleans in April. This is     “It’s a superb educational tool for physicians
Hospital Center.                                                                                   treating diabetes and can help those in an
                                                   the second year of diabetesroundtable
“Continuing Medical Education is an essen-         .com, an online education Web site devel-       isolated practice tremendously,” says Cohen.
tial tool for maintaining quality care in any      oped by Magee and colleagues Robert             “We’re very proud of it and it’s a great
institution,” says Wm. James Howard, MD,           Ratner, MD, (MedStar Research Institute),       project.”
                                                                                                   Other recent CME activities included a
                                                                                                   series of symposia with the National
   FOR YOUR INFORMATION                                                                            Rehabilitation Hospital on stroke rehabilita-
   Check out www.whcenter.org/cme for              medical licenses in Virginia and Maryland.      tion and oncology rehabilitation, held in
   the latest CME events, calendar, news,          See p. 5 for a complete listing of events.      May and October and a proposed national
                                                                                                   obesity conference headed by MedStar fac-
   toolkits, learning modules, and more. Plan
                                                   CONTACT                                         ulty, nationally recognized experts on
   your year to assure you have the required
                                                   Continuing Medical Education Office             America’s obesity epidemic. In addition,
   credits for your certification. Physicians                                                      “MedStar Trauma and EMS Conference –
                                                   Washington Hospital Center
   without the required 50 CME credits over                                                        Rising to New Challenges” – will be held on
                                                   Room 7125 East Building
   two years will no longer automatically be       110 Irving Street, NW                           campus in September, as well as “Vocal Cord
   re-credentialed and may require verification    Washington, D.C. 20010                          Dysfunction: An Overview of Diagnosis and
   of CME credits before receiving their cre-      PHONE: (202) 877-8201                           Treatment” conference in October. Dr.
   dentials. CME credits are required for state    FAX: (202) 877-3374                             Kenneth Burman’s nationally recognized
                                                                                                   CME symposium on Thyroid Disease will be

– 12 –

presented for the third time in the True
Auditorium in December.

Offshore Ventures
While most of these conferences are                                                              Joseph Robinson, MD, cardiology, queries
held at the Hospital Center or                                                                   a speaker at the pre-winter CME in St.
nearby, some — like the women’s                                                                  John in December 2002.
health care program — are held in                                                                               Photo by Annamarie G. DeCarlo
more unusual venues. But coordinators say
there’s far more to these “offshore” ventures
than a trip to the beach.
                                                                                                 Barbara Howard, PhD, president of
Brian Miller, business development manager                                                       MedStar Research Institute, makes her
of International Services for the Hospital                                                       presentation at the Women’s Healthcare
Center, says the hospital-sponsored confer-                                                      CME in Costa Rica. The relaxed learning
                                                                                                 atmosphere made shoes off limits.
ences in the Virgin Islands and Bermuda                                                                             Photo by Cheryl Iglesia, MD
have several functions. First, they bring the
Hospital Center’s level of education and
expertise to physicians in those locales who
don’t have the easy access to CME courses
physicians do here and in other U.S. cities.
                                                  radiology and medicine and cardiology —
And secondly, local physicians become
                                                  with a physical challenge each afternoon.
familiar with the Hospital Center and are
                                                  “We are finding more and more that you
more willing to refer patients for procedures
                                                  have to consider the whole person when
and treatment that cannot be done in their
                                                  doing these courses,” says Cohen. “It
                                                  enhances the learning experience when you
King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in              have cohesive activities.”
Bermuda, which was the site of a multi dis-
                                                  That doesn’t mean that these conferences
ciplinary CME conference sponsored by the
                                                  are — dare we say it — fun. And there’s a
Hospital Center in June, sends about 450
                                                  purpose in that, too. First, physicians away
patients — all with international insurance
                                                  from their home base aren’t constantly
— off the island each year, says Miller.
                                                  interrupted by beepers and nagging
Miller adds that contrary to public opinion       thoughts of getting back to
— that doctors are always eager to fly off to     their desks, ORs or labs.
golf, ski or tour Disney World — recruiting       Second, a little “R&R”
presenters for a conference away from the         makes for less burn out and
Hospital Center, where they must take sev-        better concentration.
eral days off from their busy schedules, isn’t
                                                  “What we know from the science of
easy. “You think they would jump at the
                                                  education is that the attention span of
chance,” says Miller, “but you really have to
                                                  individuals is limited,” says Howard.
convince them it’s worthwhile.”
                                                  “The opportunity to combine pleas-
Communication, Networking                         ure and education really increases
                                                  the likelihood of retention. The kind
Cohen adds that some of Washington                of programs we put on in ‘destina-
Hospital Center’s newest conferences pro-         tion’ meetings are general medical
vide opportunities for physical activities that   knowledge programs, and those are
coordinate with the program and foster            not the kind [most Hospital Center
communication and networking among                physicians] would take time to listen
attendees, rather than the traditional format     to here [at the hospital].”
of lectures, then unrelated recreation, such
as golf or shopping.                              Everyone benefits, Howard adds,
                                                  when physicians continue educating
One example is the popular women’s health         themselves outside their regular areas
conference in Costa Rica, another the annual      of expertise. “It helps keep our
“New Era of Medicine” conference, set for         appreciation for the breadth of
Grand Cayman Island December 5-8. “New            medicine and developments in
Era” will combine a clinical focus or “chal-      fields other than our own.”
lenge” each day in one of four areas — infec-
tious disease, endocrinology, surgery and                         — Melanie Howard

                                                                                                                                       – 13 –
     Spotlight On…

  Menachem Miodovnik, MD
  OB/GYN Chair Once Had His Heart Set on Cardiology
                                                                                  of consideration by the National Institutes of Health

                              s Menachem Miodovnik, MD, gazes out the
                                windows of his office at Washington Hospital      (NIH).
                                  Center, he describes a vision that he’s seen    He also is working with the Obstetric Risk Reduction
                         from his earliest days.                                  Task Force to create a systemwide database for obstet-
                                                “You look out the windows         rics, which will include some 11,000 patients in all of
                                                and there’s a panoramic view.     MedStar’s Baltimore and Washington hospitals. “This
                                                When daybreak comes, you          is the largest cohort of patients in the nation,” he says,
                                                can see the sun rise over the     “and that will be very attractive for research funding.”
                                                old city. There are two           Education is another priority. He hopes to add a fel-
                                                mosques in the distance.”         lowship program in maternal-fetal medicine, his area
                                                He’s speaking of Mount            of specialty, and has plans to bring major women’s
                                                Scopus Hadassah University        health forums to the Hospital Center in the months
                                                Hospital in Jerusalem. That’s     ahead. He also is working to increase collaboration
                                                where he was born; more than      with Georgetown University Hospital, and has plans
                                                a quarter century later, he       to collaborate with Children’s National Medical
                                                began his residency in obstet-    Center in several areas including a new program for
                                                rics and gynecology at the        gynecologic adolescent surgery.
                                                same hospital. “It’s the most     Last but not least, community involvement is high on
                                                beautiful labor and delivery      his list.“This department is a flagship for service to the
                                                suite in the world,” he says,     community,” he says. All seven Hospital Center faculty
                                                with a touch of wistfulness.      members work at Unity Health Care clinics, providing
                                               Today, the view from his office    prenatal care to uninsured and underinsured women.
                                               on the fifth floor of the          Further, the department supports the DC Birthing
                                               Hospital Center is much the        Center, in which midwives perform off-site deliveries,
                                               same. He faces east and looks      and endorses the Teen Alliance for Prepared
                                               across the District of             Parenting, a pregnancy prevention program.
                                               Columbia, with the dome of         Dr. Miodovnik is a specialist’s specialist. He joined the
                                               the Basilica of the National       Hospital Center after four years at St. Luke-Roosevelt
                                               Shrine of the Immaculate           Hospital Center in New York City, where he was vice
                                               Conception in the distance.        chair of obstetrics and gynecology. Prior to that, he
                                              From this office, he has            had been director of the Perinatal Center at the
                                             presided over the Department of      University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. From
                                            Obstetrics and Gynecology since       1978 to 1995, he had primary involvement with the
                                          August 2003.                            university’s Diabetes in Pregnancy Program Project
                                     When he joined the Hospital Center staff,    Grant. The grant was aimed at decreasing the inci-
                              he brought a new vision for the department’s        dence of reproductive failure, maternal morbidity and
  Photo by                                                                        early fetal and infant morbidity and mortality in
  Annamarie G. DeCarlo   future. Lauding the accomplishments of his predeces-
                         sor Phillip Goldstein, MD, he stands prepared to carry   women who are diabetic.
                         the department to its next level. For starters, he’s     That specialty in diabetes in pregnancy was one factor
                         working on plans to enlarge the current space allotted   that drew him to the Hospital Center. “There’s a lot of
                         to obstetrics, which now has 12 LDRs, not nearly         diabetes and obesity in D.C.,” he notes. “That made
                         enough to handle the record 4,300 births in 2003.        this position very appealing. To add the dimension of
                         Another cause near and dear to his heart is to expand    research to an already great program was a challenge.
                         the department’s research program. To that end, he       Plus, I really liked the people I met and interviewed
                         already has spearheaded a major citywide proposal for    with.”
                         a research program to study the pharmacological          Dr. Miodovnik was born and raised in Israel. His orig-
                         effects of various medications on mothers and their      inal career ambition was to serve as the first Israeli
                         unborn babies. The proposal now is in the final stages

– 14 –
 Spotlight on…

ambassador to Egypt. But while serving as a para-
trooper in the Israeli Army during the Six Day War in
1967, he had an epiphany that medicine was his true
calling. “My mother, a nurse manager, was caring for
many of the wounded in the hospital, when I called
her and told her to enroll me in medical school and I
would enter when the war was over,” he remembers.
He completed medical school at Hebrew University in
Jerusalem, and served a rotating internship at
Hadassah University Medical Center. He began his
ob/gyn residency at Mount Scopus Hadassah
University Hospital and came to the United States to
complete his residency at Hahnemann Medical
College and Hospital in Philadelphia. Then he moved
to Cincinnati for a fellowship in maternal-fetal medi-
cine and stayed for 20 years.
“I originally intended to be a cardiologist,” Dr.
Miodovnik says. “But during my rotating internship I
fell in love with obstetrics. Maternal-fetal medicine
was my choice, because it encompasses a variety of
medically complicated pregnancies,” he explains.
While in Cincinnati, he worked closely with Harvey
Knowles, MD, a nephrologist and endocrinologist who
                                                            Menachem Miodovnik as a paratrooper in the
was awarded an NIH grant in 1978 to study diabetes          Israeli Army, 1967.
in pregnancy. “He made me part of his grant, and then
in 1994 I became the leader of the program,” he says.
“Dr. Knowles was a giant in his field and a compas-
sionate physician.” Dr. Miodovnik and his collabora-
tors published some 70 clinical papers during the
course of the study.
Dr. Miodovnik and his wife, Vicki, live in Georgetown.
He enjoys opera, music and every form of theater. His
two sons, Ayal and Amir, both are actors. Ayal, a grad-
uate of University of Michigan’s business school, now
is a full-time actor in New York, and recently had a lead
role in West Side Story. Amir is completing his resi-
dency in pediatrics at Children’s Memorial Hospital in
Chicago, and is a Shakespearean actor in his spare time.
Dr. Miodovnik travels to Israel frequently to visit his
parents, who still live there. “I always thought I’d
return to Israel,” he says. “For many years I stocked up
on towels, which were very expensive there, thinking I
would return. But I’m here to stay.”
Dr. Miodovnik is content to work on his new chal-
lenges at Washington Hospital Center.“I’m very happy
to be here!” he says.                                                                      Photos courtesy of Menachem Miodovnik, MD

                                    — Catherine Avery

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