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Info about Palace on wheels, the most luxurious train in India.

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									About Palace on Wheels Train
Palace on wheels train is India first luxury train that has contributed in raising the level of tourism industry since its launch. It was started on January
26, 1982 by Indian Railways to promote rich culture of Rajasthan at global level. Other luxurious trains in India were subsequently launched seeing the
success and fame gained by it. This article is an endeavor to make globe trotters aware of its concept, fine facilities and destinations. Read ahead to
know more about  Palace on Wheels Train.

Erstwhile rulers of princely states of Rajputana, Gujarat, the Nizam of Hyderabad and Viceroy of British India used to travel in their personalized
coaches. Thus concept of this highly sumptuous train is derived from royal. People from all over opt to explore cultural lanes of Rajasthan by travelling
through this luxury train.

Pride of the country - Palace on Wheels is synonymous to opulence. Its sheer beauty promises to leave passengers awestruck. As soon as whistles
will be blown, it will take travelers back to ancient times of pure wealth and comfort. This 7 nights and 8 days tour will navigate across some of the
most famous tourist places. Train departs from capital city Delhi every Wednesday and covers major cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur,
Ranthambore National park, Keoladeo National Park and Agra before reaching back to Delhi.

This affluent land is bestowed with amusing cultures, traditions and beliefs. Majestic forts, skillfully carved palaces, huge temples, beautiful gardens
etc were built during the supremacy of great Rajputana Rulers in past. Today these ancient heritages have become popular highlights of this region
fascinating travelers with its inevitable charm and history. To top it all, wildlife parks of this area brags off rich biodiversity especially the royal tigers
and colorful avifauna population.

Facilities on board
This train is renowned not only for its destinations--in fact credit for its fame goes to facilities it offers on board. Appointed with world class services,
this train can accommodate 100 passengers at a time in its 14 luxurious coaches. All these artistically designed coaches are named after former
Rajput states of this region. During this journey, travelers can enjoy facilities of a bar with chosen Indian and international liquors, a lounge with a fine
collection of books, a television and DVD player. To treat the taste buds of epicureans there are two restaurants on board namely the Maharaja and
the Maharani offers delectable Indian, Chinese, Continental and traditional Rajasthani cuisines. Ambience of each and every compartment is a perfect
amalgamation of past and present to raise your spirits higher. A personal attendant will be available round the clock to the service of every individual
passenger. This will make sure that not even a single moment of this imperial excursion is ruined by inconvenience!

Every feature of this luxury train depicts sovereignty. Travelling experience with this wonder on wheels is everything but forgetful. Unquestionably, it is
the finest way to delve into cultural heritage of this nation. To enjoy holidays in India comfortably, plan a palace on wheels train tour and indulge into
absolute happiness!

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