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									Why Drinking Soda Make You Fat?
Merry Wahyuningsih - detikHealth
Jakarta, Many of the doctors and the medical community caution that drinking
carbonated beverages or soft drinks can increase weight and make people fat. Why is

Drinking soda is not just an occasional problem, but the addiction effects that occur in
soda makes people addicted to drink it until finally the adverse effects are obtained.
People who are addicted to drink soda almost every day even be several times a day.

This is because the soda contains a high sugar content. Sugar makes people feel good
because it instantly gives energy and makes the body release serotonin (a
neurotransmitter that enhances mood to make people feel happy). That is why drinking
soda makes people addicted, as reported by Healthmad, Saturday (19/03/2011).

So do not be surprised if most soda enthusiasts will experience weight gain and tended to
obesity (overweight).

Researchers in University of Texas found that the soda increases the risk of obesity
average of 32.8 percent, while the diet coke (sugar-free soda) actually increase the risk of
up to 54.5. Then the sugar-free soda is not always healthy.

Most of soda contains 250 calories per 600 ml. No nutrients or minerals in it, but only the
sugar and caffeine.

In addition, the soft drinks themselves have played a role against the development of
hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels) and hiperinsulemia (insulin levels in the blood
exceeds the normal amount).

Insulin is produced by the pancreas to help regulate blood sugar levels. High sugar
content in soda affect insulin levels, so people who like to drink soda also has a high risk
of developing type 2 diabetes (due to lifestyle).

Not only improve blood sugar and lead to obesity, people who like to drink soda are also
more at risk of osteoporosis or bone loss, especially when he was growing old. Although
most of the people already know, but many are not aware of. Consuming soft drinks can
accelerate the arrival of a disease.

Phosphoric acid content in soft drinks that causes the sensation of freshness or air bubbles
turned out to be biting into the bone. If soft drinks are consumed continuously, then the
longer bones will become more fragile and shaped like a perforated pores-perforated.

In addition to making the bones become brittle, the consumption of soft drinks also can
weaken muscles and bones. This is based on the results of a study reported in the
International Journal of Clinical Practice.
Soda consumed continuously can also pose other health risks such as damage to teeth
caused by phosphorous acid and sugar content, giving the effect of caffeine is conceived
as insomnia, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

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