And you thought Social is not Mainstream by BhaskarT


									                      And you thought Social is not Mainstream

Social media statistics every marketer should know!

Study shows almost 80% buyers do a quick online research before making a purchase.
Do you know that Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms have become hottest marketing
destination with some companies reporting 41% of B2B business from social networks.
Incredible Internet has made inroads in more than 93% American households and 63% of all
Internet users are on Social Platforms, resulting in e-commerce market to touch $10 billion mark.

From instantly sharing their likes and dislikes (will Facebook ever have feel Sorry/ Dislike button?)
with friends on Facebook to recommending a product on blogs that is read by millions, young
generation now prefer sharing the latest buzz with their friends via text, social networks and
instant messaging.
With traditional methods of marketing costing 62% more than the modern marketing media to
generate leads, it is no surprise that many companies are now looking at facebook and twitter
accounts to experience a double-digit growth.

Still not convinced about the benefits of social media? Here are some facts you can’t ignore:

Facebook: Friends and More

This social networking site now boasts of 650m actives users
250 m users visits their Facebook accounts everyday.

More than 200m users make use of Facebook mobile (a big reason to make your website
compatible across devices and browsers).

7 bn content pieces a week and over 30 billion pieces of content shared over Facebook per month.

Facebook’s projected ad revenue is $4 Billion in 2011.

Twitter: what’s up?

Twitter has over 175 million users – increase of 200% in last few years
There are 4 million tweets per hour that amounts to staggering 95 million tweets in a day

Linkedin: Connect, Network and Grow

The number of LinkedIn users now exceed 100million
More than 2 billion people searched for jobs, friends and companies on LinkedIn last year
About 1 million companies now have their profiles on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is all set for a IPO and the market values it over $3 Billion

About the Author

Bhaskar Thakur is Entrepreneur, Digital Business and Social Media Evangelist. A seasoned
marketer and entrepreneur with over 13 years experience, he is founder of, Bhaskar is among the first wave of Internet
Marketers in India and specializes in creating Strategies, solutions and slatforms for Social Web.
He enjoys mentoring businesses and coaching the young.

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