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Roles & responsibilities - Developed for Faculty of Engineering

What is my role as a supervisor?

Supervisors are those who are responsible for overseeing:

      the work program of other staff;
      the study program of honours and postgraduate students; and
      undergraduate students in lectures, tutorial and practical classes and on field

The supervisor of staff or students has a particular responsibility for safeguarding the
occupational health and safety of those in their charge. The supervisor can delegate
the supervision or training of a staff member or student to a suitably qualified and/or
experienced person, as appropriate for the task. The supervisor is, however,
responsible for ensuring that the staff member or student has received appropriate
training and has gained sufficient competence to undertake the task.

Where do these responsibilities come from?

      Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004)
      Victorian Worksafe Authority
      University OHS policy
      Any specific departmental rules or guidelines

OH&S Act requirements:

Every person is responsible for health and safety. Sections 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 of
the Occupational Health and Safety Act list the workplace health and safety duties of
employers, self-employed persons, (contractors), occupiers of workplaces,
manufacturers and employees.

Under the act an employer is regarded as anyone within a line
management role of an organisation, who must:

Provide and maintain for employees (staff & students) a working environment that is
safe and without risks to health in the areas of:

      Machinery/equipment/substances
                      (Use, handling, storage, transport)
      Systems of work
      Condition of workplace
      Facilities for health and welfare
      Information, instruction & training

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Worksafe requirements:

Employers (line management) are charged with the duty to provide a safe
and healthy workplace for your workers and contractors.

This includes:

      providing and maintaining safe plant (such as machinery and equipment) and
       safe systems of work (such as controlling entry to high risk areas, controlling
       work pace and frequency and providing systems to prevent falls from
      implementing arrangements for the safe use, handling, storage and transport
       of plant and substances (such as dangerous goods and harmful chemicals or
      maintaining the safe condition of the workplace (such as ensuring fire exits
       are   not    blocked,   emergency    equipment   is   servicable,   and    general
      providing staff, students and contractors with adequate facilities (such as
       clean toilets, cool and clean drinking water, and hygienic eating areas)
      making sure staff & students have adequate information, instruction, training
       and supervision to work in a safe and healthy manner.

You must also:

      adequately monitor your staff & students health (such as providing hearing
       tests for workers exposed to high noise levels, providing blood tests for
       workers exposed to lead and monitoring fatigue levels of transport workers)
      keep information and records relevant to your workers' health and safety
       (such as records of biological monitoring, asbestos assessments, first aid
       records and relevant medical information)
      employ or engage people with the necessary qualifications or expertise to
       advise you on health and safety issues affecting your workers
      consult with employees on matters that may directly affect their health,
       safety or welfare
      nominate a senior management representative (Safety Officer) to deal with
       staff, students and their health and safety representatives in resolving health
       and safety issues at the workplace
      generally monitor conditions at the workplace
      provide your staff & students workers with information in the appropriate
       languages about your workplace health and safety arrangements, including
       the names of those to whom the workers can make an inquiry or complaint.

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University requirements:

The responsibilities of supervisors include:

      actively practising and developing in their staff and students proper attitudes
       towards OHS matters;
      ensure completion of the Monash online induction and any local induction
      controlling the risks associated with the work and study that they supervise
       using a documented risk management process;
      implementing university and local OHS policies and procedures;
      ensuring that they, and the staff and students that they supervise, undertake
       mandatory and recommended OHS training;
      actively participating in workplace OHS inspections and audits;
      Including OHS performance as part of staff appraisals.

The responsibilities of Monash staff that engage or manage contractors
include ensuring that:

      contractors and their employees complete the campus-specific Monash
       University contractor induction program;
      a comprehensive job safety analysis is completed by the contractor and
       reviewed by Monash staff before work commences;
      the equipment and materials used by contractors are safe and are used in a
       manner that does not pose a risk to the contractors or to Monash
      University staff, students and visitors; contractors are not exposed to health
       and safety risks arising out of the activities of Monash University;
      contractors use safe work methods;
      contractors have statutory compensation and liability insurance.

Extra responsibility for OHS lies with management, safety officers, health and safety
representatives and others with various OHS roles.

Responsibility of the individual (staff & student) includes:
Each staff member or student at Monash University is responsible for ensuring that
his or her own work or study environment and practices reflect good OHS standards
in order to protect their own health and safety as well as the health and safety of

The responsibilities of staff members and students include:

      using a documented risk management process to eliminate or minimise OHS
       risks where appropriate;
      complying with OHS instructions, policies and procedures;
      using and maintaining safety devices and personal protective equipment
      being familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures and complying with
       the instructions given by emergency response personnel such as emergency
       wardens and first aiders;
      not wilfully or recklessly endangering the health and safety of any person at
       the workplace.

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The legal liability of staff is addressed in the First Aid Policy (Appendix 11) "....the
University as employer will accept the legal and financial consequences, including
meeting awards of damages and costs, of all things done in good faith by its

It also states "The vicarious liability of an employer will, in practice, shield employees
from personal liability for their negligence (i.e. falling short of the required standard
of care) in the course of their duties, but may leave them liable for deliberate
malicious or vindictive acts or advice which cause damage to fellow staff members or


      Victorian Occupational Health & Safety Act
      Workcover Authority Website
      OHS management at Monash University: Structure, functions, roles &
       responsibilities Policy.
      Monash FAQ website
      First Aid Policy

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