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									January / February 2008                                                                                                              Vol. XLV, Issue 1

                       THE 116TH WASHINGTON’S                                                                                      Inside
                           BIRTHDAY MATCH                                                                                            this
                                The ArizonA TrAdiTion ConTinues.                                                                  Issue . . .
                          T   he 116th Washington’s
                              Birthday Match – The
                        Arizona Tradition Continues.
                                                            safety items and how the course of fire is run. Anyone
                                                            that is a first time shooter at the match is strongly urged
                                                            to enter the clinic. The main match will be held Sunday,
                                                                                                                          Features -

                           It is time once again for the    February 17th. Sunday, we will break for our annual
                                                            BBQ luncheon as the caterers give us the come and get         Washington’s
                        most fun match of the year, the                                                                     Birthday Match ............ 1
                        annual Washington’s Birthday        it bell. If you need equipment just let us know. We have
                        Match so put these dates on         limited shooting equipment through our affiliates and         Conservationist
                        your calendar. This military        members.                                                        Group Meets................. 3
                        style rifle match has been held        The shooting sports swap meet that was popular last        CMP & Creedmore Cup
                        continuously for 115 years in       year, will return with this match, so bring your shooting       Success ......................... 3
                        Arizona and is nationally noted     related items you want to sell after the match.               AZ Black Powder Silhoutte
                        as the longest held match in the       Please note this change: With the added firing points        Championship ............. 4
                        United States.                      at the Ben Avery Long Range, we are certain no one will       Match
  This is a true family two day event. Shooting clubs,      be turned down for entry as in previous years.
                                                                                                                            Results .......................... 5
men, women, juniors, military, police, grandparents and       If you are interested in good competition and rifle
grandchildren, people from all directions, once a year                                                                    ‘07 Western CMP
                                                            shooting fun, join us. Don’t wait, get that choice firing
shooters, all participate in this annual tradition.                                                                         After the Wind.............. 6
                                                            point. For more information, times, directions, and
   The annual clinic will be held in the Ben Avery          entry forms, contact Bill Poole at vicepresident@asrpa.       CCW Changes
Activity Center on Saturday, February 16 followed by        com or go to                   AZ Impact .................... 7
a practice match that afternoon. The clinic teaches you                                                                   Sight Picture - Shootings
                                                                                                                            in CO & NE ................. 8
 F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T O F T H E A S R & PA                                                                     TRC Annual
                                                                                                                            Meeting & Elections .... 8
     PRESIDENTS REPORT                                                                                                    Primer

  ASR&PA                      joins the case of Heller v.   Shooting Sports Association, the New Mexico Shooting            Problems ...................... 9
                              District of Columbia before   Sports Association, the North Carolina Rifle & Pistol         Full Auto
the Supreme Court. Your Board voted to join in on the       Association, the Oklahoma Rifle Association, the Ore-           News .......................... 10
“amicus” case along with several other State Associa-       gon State Shooting Association and the Utah State Rifle       BA Junior Marksmanship
tions. Our share of the costs is $500, and we have raised   & Pistol Association.
                                                                                                                            Program ..................... 10
much, but not all, of it through donations. Speaking of        More ASR&PA Board news. Your Board has also
donations, our own Legislative fund runs on or near         endorsed two outstanding guys for re-election to the
empty most of the time.                                     NRA Board of Dirrectors Todd Rathner and Don Turn-
                                                            er. We need Arizonan’s on the Board, even if Don is in        Departments -
   From TSRA:
   To date, 18 state associations have signed on to this    far north Kingman right now Be sure to vote for them.
                                                                                                                          President’s Column
effort. Initially led by the Texas State Rifle Associa-        Shooting Ranges:
tion, the New York Rifle & Pistol Association, the             Bill Poole and I attended the Sat. Dec. 8th G&F Com-         What’s Happening ....... 1
Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs and          mission meeting in Casa Grande. The commission voted          Keep ther Safety On ....... 2
the Delaware State Sportsman’s Association, fifteen         to approve the BASF Master Plan. 5 - 0                        Life Member
other state associations have since joined forces in this     Our concerns on the High Power and Practical Pistol           Alert ........................... 10
important endeavor. They are the Alabama State Rifle        were addressed at the meeting. The commission also ac-
& Pistol Association, the Arizona State Rifle & Pistol
                                                            cepted Duane Shroufe’s retirement effective 31 march of         Information ................ 11
Association, the Georgia Sport Shooting Association,        2008. The commission also requested that we give them
the Idaho State Rifle & Pistol Association, the Illinois    additional assistance with the proposed Willard Springs       Classified Ads ............... 12
State Rifle Association, the Indiana State Rifle & Pistol   shooting range.                                               Shooting Smiles ............ 12
Association, the (Maine) Pine Tree State Rifle & Pis-
tol Association, the Mississippi State Firearms Owners       Shooting ranges will be a major topic for the next
Association, the Missouri Sport Shooting Association,       G&F Commission meeting in Jan.
the Montana Rifle & Pistol Association, the Nebraska                                             Continued on page 10
Official Publication of The Arizona Rifle & Pistol Association

                                                                   THE EDITORS COLUMN

   is published bimonthly: January,
                                                                         KEEPING THE SAFETY ON
                                                                          (reprinTed By perMission froM The flAgsTAff dAily sun)
   March, May, July, September, and
   November. Subscriptions are free
   to ASR&PA members.
                                                                   L    ongtime Flagstaff resident Peter
                                                                        Stuyvesant Wainwright special-
                                                                 izes in teaching firearms safety to young
                                                                                                                                                 Collection Loaned to Museums Wain-
                                                                                                                                              wright is a member of the American Soci-
                                                                                                                                              ety of Arms Collectors and has lent antique
                                                                 people.                                                                      firearms from his collection to museums,
   Submission Deadline                                                                                                                        like a recent loan of 13 guns to the Cody
                                                                    Just how many antique guns are in his
   Deadline for submission is the 5th                            collection is a “state secret,” said Peter                                   Firearms Museum in Wyoming.
   of the month preceding publication                            Stuyvesant Wainwright, but one little gun                                       Although he has a number of state-of-the
   date. All material for publication                            in the ample collection is as important as                                   art firearms, many in association with his
   should be forwarded electronically                            any. It is the 4-pound, 22-caliber under-                                    hobby of long-range target shooting, most
   to:                                          sized rifle he uses to demonstrate firearms                                  of his collection consists of older weapons.
                                                                 safety to boys and girls in his classes for                                  “Most of these guns haven’t been fired in
   Board Meetings                                                Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.                                                  over 400 years,” he said. “They would not
   Association Board Meetings are                                   “In the early years, girls are easier to                                  be the kind of weapons people would steal
                                                                 teach than boys,” he said. “They learn quicker how to                        to hold up the Circle K.”
   held quarterly on the second Sat-
   urday of March, June, September,                              shoot, because I don’t have to undo an attitude.”                 Favorite guns in his collection include weapons that
   and December at the Ben Avery                                    Unwrapping the small gun from its soft case, he took        have a story, like the 1895 Krag Cavalry Carbine that
                                                                 the rifle in his hands, opened the bolt and checked to         belonged to a Rough Rider trooper who went up San
   Shooting Facility in the Activity
                                                                 make sure it was unloaded.                                     Juan Hill with Theodore Roosevelt during the Spanish-
   Building beginning at 10 a.m.                                                                                                American War.
   Check the ASRPA web site for                                     “No ammunition goes with me during a safety talk,”
                                                                 said Wainwright, 82, who moved to Flagstaff about 20              Another gun, a relic rifle, was recovered from the
   quarterly Board Meeting schedule.
                                                                 years ago after retiring as Chief of Police for the town of    wreckage of the USS Maine, whose sinking precipitated
                                                                 Paradise Valley. “When I am giving a talk, I still treat it    the Spanish-American War.
   Change Of Address
   If you’re moving, please let us                               as a loaded gun.”                                                 These stories or histories, called provenance, add to
                                                                    This kind of care is typical of the dedication to safety    the value of an antique firearm, as does the condition of
   know as soon as you know.                                                                                                    the weapon, he said.
   Arizona State Rifle & Pistol                                  Wainwright has emphasized in his 65 years of teaching
   Association, Attn.: Membership                                the proper use of guns.                                          History Buff, Too Wainwright is a lifelong history
                                                                   “If you’ve got a kid who’s motivated, I can bring them       buff, possibly because of his family background.
   P.O. Box1897, Green Valley, AZ
   85622-1897                                                    up to speed,” he said.                                            Born and raised in New York City, he is a direct de-
   or new Email Address to:                                         Although he teaches firearms classes to people of all       scendant of Peter Stuyvesant (1612-1672), the last Dutch-
                                                                 ages, he has specialized in training scouts and is the offi-   director general of the colony of New Netherland and the
                                                                 cial firearms instructor for Boy Scout merit-badge train-      settlement of New Amsterdam, now New York.
   Any membership changes should                                 ing in Flagstaff.                                                 On his father’s side, he is a Wainwright, which means
                                                                   Sometimes classes meet over objections of parents.           wagon maker in Old English. The first Wainwright, was
   be made with Brian Biggs,
                                                                 Wainwright convinces them of the importance of fire-           the commanding officer of Allied forces in the Philip-
   Membership Secretary at                                                                                                      pines at the time of the surrender to the Empire of Japan                                          arms safety.
                                                                                                                                in 1942.
   or 520-7778393                                                   “Even if children don’t have guns in their own houses,
                                                                 they go to other homes where there are guns.” He said.            For about four years, Wainwright has worn a “mutton-
                                                                                                                                chop” beard to honor his connection with another rela-
      If you would like to receive the                              “Discomfort with guns is usually associated with fear       tive, his great-grandfather’s brother, J.M. Wainwright,
   highly desirable, full color Bullet                           of lack of knowledge about firearms,” Wainwright ex-           who was a commander in the Union Navy during the
   Trap via E-MAIL ONLY, contact                                 plained.                                                       American Civil War.
   the editor at:                                 For him, guns have always been a comfortable and                “He was killed in the Battle of Galveston Bay by the
                                                                 necessary item.                                                Confederates,” he said. “I have some artifacts from this
   Distribution                                                     “When I felt the need, I’ve carried a gun since I was       ship, the ‘Harriet Lane’, a side-wheeler.”
   The Bullet Trap is distributed at                             15 years old,” said Wainwright, who had used a gun at             Having such illustrious ancestors could be a hard act
   your option, via US Mail or email.                            that age to protect his sisters from a drunk handyman.         to follow, but Wainwright is holding his own. “When
   US mail will not be forwarded.                                   “Guns don’t do any harm by themselves, anymore              you say the word integrity, that defines Peter Wain-
                                                                 than cars do,” he said. “It takes a person with no knowl-      wright,” said Lloyd Mason, 72, who was a neighbor in
   Our Website:                                   edge to mishandle them. The Second Amendment guar-             Paradise Valley and has been a close friend for 40 years.
                                                                 antees the right to bear arms, but if you have a right, you    “He’s one of the finest people I’ve ever known.”
   Affiliation                                                   also have a responsibility to learn to handle guns safely
                                                                                                                                                                   Continued on page 10
   The Arizona State Rifle & Pistol                              and properly.”
   Association is proudly affiliated
   with the National Rifle Associa-                                             A note from noble C. hathaway, editor, Bullet Trap Magazine
   tion, the Civilian Marksmanship                                  Peter Wainwright has been a very good friend of our family for many years. We have shot together, had
   Program and USA Shooting.                                      many good meals, and have shared a great number of good stories and experience’s. I know Peter to be un-
                                                                  wavering in his principles and patriotism and a man that has proudly served his country and Arizona over the
   Editor/Publisher                                               years. Peter is a stalwart defender of the right to bear arms and our Constitution. He is also the consummate
   Noble C. Hathaway, Editor                                      gentleman.
   Printing by: Allegra Print &                                     Thanks to the Flagstaff Daily Sun editor and Betsey Bruner, Community Editor, to reprint the story in your
   Imaging                                                        Bullet Trap Magazine. I hope you enjoy this article.

Page 2
  A    group consisting of Hunters Who
       Care, Pima County Parks and
Recreation, BLM, State Land Department,
                                                                                                                              The group met and dispersed to game
                                                                                                                            management units 36A, B & C: the Marley
                                                                                                                            Ranch, the Rancho Seco, and the Sopori
Local Ranchers, SCI, RMEF, ADA,                                                                                             Ranch (off of Chavez Siding)
Desert Archers, and the AZ Game and                                                                                            Until something is done to stop the illegal
Fish Department, met on Dec 8th and                                                                                         crossings in rural areas, there will be more
9th to make a small dent in the huge and                                                                                    of these events. If you or your conservation
disgraceful problem of trash left behind                                                                                    group would like to volunteer:
from illegal aliens crossing our southern
Arizona borders.                                                                                                              PLEASE CONTACT:
   Hunters Who Care, is a group of hunters,                                                                                   Lance Altherr (Hunters Who Care)
guides, sportsmen, hunting clubs, and                                                                             
various other groups who are tired of seeing                                                                                  Officer   Gabriel   Paz    (AZGFD)
the desert littered with trash. They came                                                                                   520-883-0487 or
together to clean up our desert and to help
                                                                                                                              Officer Mike        Hollister    (AZGFD)
landowners who are overwhelmed with
illegal immigration problems.

   CMP Western Games & Creedmore Cup – a                 down. After several attempts to find a start time            including a conventional CMP “leg” match and a
raging success… once the wind settled down!              Sunday, the match was postponed to Monday. The               team match. Most of the winners were from out of
   Well after months of preparation and                  same windstorm we were suffering was fanning                 state, but the winning match rifle team did include
refurbishing the range, October finally arrived          the flames of the San Diego wildfires we heard               Arizonan Tom Albinito. Personally I was hoping
and it was match day! The day before the match           so much about in the news. Those fires caused a              each of the 3 shooting groups in phoenix would
started, the range looked perfect, the targets and       number of registered shooters including some                 enter one or more teams under the club name.
supplies were ready, signs were placed, a huge           military shooters, to cancel their plans. But there          Tucson had THREE teams in their distinctive
tent for the BBQ was set up, CMP was there with          were still over 100 participants!                            red uniforms, most of the other teams were out of
rifles for sale and entry packets even the trash cans      The first two days were the “Western Games” a              state, military or pick-up!
were all set out behind the 200yd line. Friday was       CMP event for M1 garands and vintage bolt rifles                There were TWO barbecue awards dinners
M1 Master coach school, Saturday was the non-            such as springfields and mausers. CMP also had               held, allowing us to sample the handiwork of TWO
shooting beginner’s clinic, and Sunday was game          M1 rifle and carbine and ammo sales on site! A               different local BBQ places! At the last weekend the
day…. Well maybe….                                       person could enter twice. After re-squadding,                big prizes were awarded, including rifles, scopes,
   It seemed a bit windy in the morning driving          Sunday’s match was held on Monday morning and                stands and other accessories!
up to the range…. Talk about WIND!!!!! The little        Monday’s match that afternoon. James Denovchek                 We’re looking forward to an even bigger turn-
match announcement signs were nowhere to be              and Maury Krupp of Tucson won the two separate               out next year!
found, even huge trailer mounted traffic signs           M1 Garand matches and Bill Poole (hey that’s
                                                         me!) won the Vintage Bolt Rifle match with my                  Full articles about the match and results can be
on carefree highway were blown over. Those 55                                                                         found at the CMP website
gallon trash cans…. A few of them were at 300            1896 Swedish Mauser. The Springfield match as
yds, a few at 500 and one of them was at 800 yds!        well as high junior and senior awards were won                 With photos at
The cardboard boxes set out at 200yds for brass          by shooters visiting from other states. Krupp also           Photos/07/WesternCreedmoorCup/index.htm
and weighted with rocks were found up against the        won the rack M1 EIC “leg” match.
1000 yd fence. The 30 new number boards held
up to the gust reported to be 60 mph, but 18 of
                                                            Later in the week the wind settled to perfect
                                                         weather and it was time for the Creedmoor Cup,
                                                                                                                      Bill Poole
                                                                                                                      ASRPA High Power Division Director and VP
the old number boards were damaged or blown              a series of full distance NRA-style rifle matches,

                 REACH OUT AND SUPPORT                                                                                       SALLY JENKINS
                 THE SECOND AMENDMENT                                                                                        REALTOR®
                                                                                                                             (520) 954-1807 DIRECT
  When outfits such as AT&T donate $3 million to antigun “charities,” isn’t it                                               (520) 745-4545 OFFICE
  about time we gave similar support to pro-freedom causes?                                                                  (800) 950-2766 TOLL FREE
                                                                                                                             (520) 747-5462 FAX
  Thanks to Marathon Communications USA, you can have 15% of your per-                                             
  sonal or business long-distance phone billing sent each month to the Arizona
  State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. save up to 50% over what your long
  distance or 800-services company may be billing you now.
                       MARATHON USA
                                                                                                                             5460 E Broadway
               8014 Cummings Highway, Ste 403-357                                                                            Suite 350
                                                                                                                             Tucson, AZ 85711
                     Canton, GA 30115-9339                                                    Owned And Operated By
                         800.894.4081                                                           NRT Incorporated            (Past Arizona Junior .22 Rifle Champ)

                                                                                                                                                                 Page 3

   M     ost reports written about shooting matches
         relate to the weather conditions that pre-
vailed at the match. Things such as adverse wind,
                                                                      rone who shot a fine 32x40, but to add insult to
                                                                      injury, Butch did it by out shooting him on chick-
                                                                      ens!!! Fine scores were also turned in by Darrell
                                                                                                                                            high senior with a 58x80. Ken Gose who also shot a
                                                                                                                                            58x80 was the top AAA shooter. Long time Arizo-
                                                                                                                                            na shooter, Fred Stansbury won AA with a 50x80,
rain and or poor lighting conditions are cited as                     Tonn from Idaho, Super Senior Jim Eggleston and                       Smokey Slaughter managed to get himself moved
causes for the outcome of the match. Well this year                   Butch’s partner/ spotter Mark Griffis. All three                      out of the B class by shooting a 24x40 on Sunday
at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility we had per-                        shot 31s and the shoot off that followed secured                      and that score also gave him the A class win which
fect wind conditions, no rain and it was bright and                   third overall for Darrell, 1st AAA for Jim and 2nd                    included a Paul Jones Creedmoor bullet mould.
sunny for the full term of the State Championship.                    AAA for Mark. Ron’s partner, Dave Maurer was                          The winner in class B and our top junior shooter
So what was the biggest obstacle the competitors                      1st Master with a 29x40, Lee Bumbalow, the match                      was James Cambern from Benson, Arizona. James
had to overcome at this match? THE BEN AVERY                          director from Payson, Arizona was 1st AA with a                       should have a real future in BPCR as both his father
SHOOTING FACILITY MANAGEMENT!!!                                       26x40 and A class was won by Jim Neufeld from                         Jerry and Grandpa Jim are fine shooters as well.
                                                                      Three Forks, Montana with a 20x40. Our top se-                        Grandpa Jim was the Silver Medal winner this year
    Evidently the range manager, Marty Herrera, de-
                                                                      nior was Butch and the top woman shooter was                          at Raton in the Prone Mid-Range match.
cided that a change in the hours of operation would
                                                                      Gretchen Gose from Sonoita, Arizona who tied her
be a good idea but he forgot a couple of important                                                                                             Well it’s over for another year, the BBQ on Sat-
                                                                      husband Ken’s score of 24x40!
facts. First, all the matches scheduled at Ben Avery                                                                                        urday was declared a success when the last piece of
have the opening hours published at 7:00 AM which                        “CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR” for the Arizona                               carrot cake vanished and the drawing for the door
has been the range opening time for over a decade.                    shooters again!! Mike Rix, for the 4th time, put                      prizes was fun with everyone going home with
And second he forgot to notify anyone about the                       together two solid scores to win the Arizona State                    something. Alden Franks went home with a real
change! You can imagine the confusion when we                         Championship. Saturday it looked like Butch was                       big smile along with the Ruger #1 Varmint Special
all showed up every day to enter the range only to                    going to be unstoppable once again in Arizona. Af-                    donated by Chip Mate on behalf of his automotive
have the gates locked and no staff to manage the                      ter his match winning 33x40 Friday in the scope                       shop, Art’s Pit Stop, in Tucson. Bob Hightower won
massive traffic jam that ensued. Added to this there                  match he came right back on Saturday with the iron                    a nice three burner propane camp stove donated by
was inadequate staff to empty the trash and refill                    sights and won with a solid 34x40. That was pretty                    Larry Wilkes’s Titan Propane in Flagstaff. Bob is
the rest room supplies for the whole weekend. Ben                     impressive since the closest to him were Mike Rix,                    so happy he has offered to cook breakfast for ev-
Avery is one of the premier shooting facilities in the                Mark Griffis and Ken Gose with 30x40s. Butch                          eryone next year!! If you won a nice prize maybe
United States and it and the shooters who support                     stumbled on Sunday and shot a 24x40 and for the                       you could take the time to write a note or e-mail the
it expect the management to be “premier” as well!!                    second year in a row Mike Rix rose to the occasion,                   contributor a THANK YOU for their support.
For those who were inconvenienced at my match I                       shot a fine 32x40 for an aggregate score of 62x80,
                                                                                                                                              Thanks to all that attended and I hope you can
offer my apologies and assure you I will do my best                   and took the “Cactus Trophy” for the Arizona State
                                                                                                                                            make it back next year.
to see these problems quickly rectified.                              Champion back to Colorado once again. Chip Mate,
                                                                      even after leading everyone in the lay down target
   Although I was thoroughly stressed out by the
range problems, Butch Ulser took it in stride and
                                                                      count, fell two targets short of keeping the trophy
                                                                      in Arizona and had to settle for 2nd overall with
                                                                                                                                               Steve Rhoades
whooped up on everyone in the scope match shoot-                                                                                            Match Director
                                                                      a 60x80. 3rd over all was Mark Griffis at 59x80
ing a 33x40 for the win. He won the match by out                                                                                            PS Bob Hightower, I like mine “over easy”.
                                                                      and his partner Butch Ulsher was 1st Master and
shooting the “Chicken Man” himself Ron Calde-

                                                                            COMPETITORS EQUIPMENT LIST
 All of the competitors are asked to fill out the equipment list provided in their shooter’s packets. Most do, and I thank them for taking the time! We try to publish
 the equipment used by the match and class winners as this gives those interested an idea of the components used by the most successful competitors. We hope
 this information satisfies the manufacturers and magazine publishers requirements as well as providing aid to new shooters in their selection of future equipment
 and loads.
  Mike Rix                                                            Butch Ulsher                                                          lube, Walter’s wads, patched w/arsenal patches and 50/50
  Remington Hepburn, 45-90 Badger barrel 1-16 twist, Baldwin          Remington Hepburn, 45-90, MVA scope and sights, SPG lube,             anti-freeze.
  rear sight, MVA front, MVA 6X scope, Winchester case, Rem. 2 ½      blow tube.                                                            Klaus Schattleitner
  primers, 68 grs. 2F Swiss, 535 Brooks, Eagle lube, LDPE wads,       Ron Calderone                                                         Browning BPCR, 45-90 Krieger barrel 1-16 twist, MVA sights and
  blow tube.                                                          C-Sharps High-Wall, 45-70, Badger barrel 1-18 twist, MVA rear         6X scope, Rem. cases, Rem. 2 ½ pistol primers, 87.7 grs. 2F Goex,
  Chip Mate                                                           sight, Lyman 17A front, Unertl 6X scope cataract mounts, Winchester   Lyman 529 gr. bullet, Eagle lube, poly wad, Blow tube.
  Remington Hepburn, 40-65, Green Mountain barrel 1-16 twist,         cases, Fed match primers, 69 grs. 3F Swiss, Saeco 525 bullet, SPG     Dave Maurer
  MVA front sight, Smith front, Parson’s 6X scope, Starline brass,    lube, card wads, patched w/arsenal patches and 50/50 anti-freeze.     Winchester High-Wall, 40-65 Obermeyer barrel 1-13.6 twist, MVA
  Fed. 210M primers, 57 grs. 1 ½ Swiss, Saeco 410 gr. bullet.         Darrell Tonn                                                          rear sight, Baldwin front, Winchester 5X scope, Starline brass, CCI
  Homemade lube, fiber wads, patched w/arsenal patches and            Shiloh Sharps, 40-65, MVA scope and sights, Starline brass, Swiss     primers, 59 grs. 1 ½ Swiss, Brooks 400 gr. bullet, STP lube, poly
  50/50 anti-freeze.                                                  powder, Brooks 445 gr. Bullet, DGL lube, King wads, patched.          wads, patched w/arsenal patches 50/50 anti-freeze.
  Mark Griffis                                                        Ken Gose                                                              Mike Venturino
  Shiloh Sharps, 45-70, 1-18 twist barrel, MVA scope and sights,      Winchester High-Wall, 40-65 Badger barrel 1-16 twist, Baldwin         Remington Rolling Block, 45-90 Krieger barrel 1-18 twist, MVA
  Winchester cases, Fed. Primers, 65 grs. Swiss, Brooks 545 bullet,   rear sight, MVA front sight and 6X scope, Rem. cases, Fed. 210M       sights and scope, Starline Brass, CCI BR-2 primers, 70 grs. 1
  SPG lube, Walters wads, blow tube.                                  primers, 55 grs. 3F Swiss, Paul Jones 410 gr. bullet, homemade        ½ Swiss, Brooks 555 gr. round nose, SPG lube, Walter’s Wads,
                                                                                                                                            blow tube.

Page 4
              IRON SIGHT MATCH RESULTS                                                                     SCOPE MATCH RESULTS
MIKE RIX              MASTER           CO   30X40   32X40   62X80     AZ. St. Champ     BUTCH ULSHER       MASTER   SR.         33X40   MATCH WINNER     HIGH SR.
CHIP MATE             MASTER           AZ   29X40   31X40   60X80 2nd Pl. OVERALL       RON CALDERONE       AAA                 32X40     2nd PLACE
MARK GRIFFIS           AAA             MT   30X40   29X40   59X80 3rd Pl. OVERALL       DARREL TONN         AAA      SR.        31X40     3rd PLACE
BUTCH ULSHER          MASTER    SR.    MT   34X40   24X40   58X80 1st MASTER-HIGH SR.   JIM EGGLESTON       AAA     SSR.        31X40      1stT AAA
KEN GOSE               AAA      SR.    AZ   30X40   28X40   58X80         1st AAA       MARK GRIFFIS        AAA                 31X40      2nd AAA
KLAUS SCHATTLEITNER    AAA      SR.    CO   29X40   28X40   57X80        2nd AAA        MIKE RIX            AAA                 30X40      3rd AAA
DAVE MAURER           MASTER   S/SR.   MI   29X40   26X40   55X80      2nd MASTER       DAVE MAURER        MASTER   SR.         29X40    1ST MASTER
MIKE VENTURINO        MASTER           MT   27X40   28X40   55X80      3rd MASTER       FRANK CORNELL       AAA                 28X40
RON CALDERONE         MASTER           AZ   25X40   29X40   54X80                       GENE DAVIDS         AAA                 27X40
PAT TAYLOR            MASTER    SR.    AZ   24X40   28X40   52X80                       LEE BUMBALOW         AA                 26X40      1st AA
LARRY WILKES           AAA             AZ   24X40   27X40   51X80         3rd AAA       MIKE VENTURINO      AAA                 25X40
FRED STANSBURY          AA      SR.    AZ   25X40   25X40   50X80          1st AA       KEN GOSE            AAA     SR.         24X40
ORISS GRESS             AA             AZ   28X40   21X40   49X80         2nd AA        PAT TAYLOR           AA     SR.         24X40      2nd AA
DARRELL TONN           AAA             ID   26X40   23X40   49X80                       GRETCHEN GOSE        AA     WM.         24X40      3rd AA      HIGH WOMAN
TRENT LAWRENCE          AA             AZ   26X40   22X40   48X80                       CHIP MATE           AAA                 23X40
TED TOMPKINS          MASTER           MT   24X40   24X40   48X80                       JEFF BLOHM           AA                 23X40
RICH BLOUNT             AA      SR.    WA   23X40   25X40   48X80          3rd AA       DAVE DAVIDS          AA                 22X40
JERRY CAMBERN          AAA             AZ   22X40   25X40   47X80                       STEVE RHOADES       AAA     SR.         21X40
RUSS PORTER            AAA             NM   22X40   25X40   47X80                       PAUL HUARD          AAA                 21X40
MIKE LANDENBERGER      AAA      SR.    CA   23X40   23X40   46X80                       TED TOMPKINS       MASTER               20X40
DAVE NATER              AA             AZ   22X40   24X40   46X80                       AL KRAMER           AAA     SR.         20X40
FRANK CORNELL         MASTER           ID   20X40   26X40   46X80                       RICK BURTON          AA     SR.         20X40
DAN THEODORE          MASTER           CA   19X40   27X40   46X80                       JIM NEUFELD          A      SR.         20X40       1st A
PAUL HUARD              AA             CA   18X40   28X40   46X80                       DOUG HART           AAA                 18X40
GLEN FRANKS            AAA      SR.    CA   21X40   25X40   45X80                       DAN THEODORE         AA                 18X40
JIM EGGLESTON          AAA     S/SR.   CA   24X40   20X40   44X80                       BOB HIGHTOWER        AA     SR.         17X40
LARRY RAILLY           AAA             NM   22X40   22X40   44X80                       SPARKIE SPARKS       AA     SR.         17X40
ROGER MAZE              AA      SR.    MI   21X40   23X40   44X80                       BOB PALOUTZIAN       AA     SR.         16X40
JIM CAMBERN            AAA      SR.    AZ   20X40   24X40   44X80                       SMOKEY SLAUGHTER     AA                 14X40
PAUL BARROW             AA             AZ   20X40   24X40   44X80                       BARB BURTON          A      WM.         11X40
SMOKEY SLAUGHTER        A              AZ   20X40   24X40   44X80           1st A       RICH BLOUNT          AA     SR.         04X40
OLIAN SCHOCKLEY        AAA             WY   14X40   30X40   44X80
GRETCHEN GOSE           AA     WM.     AZ   25X40   18X40   43X80     HIGH WOMAN                           TEAM MATCH RESULTS
MIKE MEACHAM            A              AZ   23X40   20X40   43X80          2nd A        The teams are comprised of the top three shooters from each state rep-
LARRY NEELY             AA      SR.    CA   21X40   22X40   43X80                       resented. They are determined by their scores from the Saturday match.
GENE DAVIDS            AAA             ID   18X40   24X40   42X80                       Their scores from Sunday’s match then determine the team score. Not
GLEN GIPSON             AA      SR.    AZ   17X40   25X40   42X80                       all states were represented by three shooters so the scores posted are
                                                                                        for all the shooters, who attended the match, from those states.
ALDEN FRANKS           AAA      SR.    CA   16X40   26X40   42X80
DOUG HART               AA             AZ   20X40   21X40   41X80                       ARIZONA STATE TEAM            TOTAL     CALIFORNIA STATE TEAM TOTAL
JEFF BLOHM              AA             AZ   21X40   19X40   40X80                       KEN GOSE       28X40                    JIM EGGLESTON     20X40
BOB HIGHTOWER           AA      SR.    CA   22X40   17X40   39X80                       CHIP MATE      31X40                    MIKE LANDENBERGER 23X40
LEE BUMBALOW            A              AZ   18X40   21X40   39X80           3rd A       ORRIS GRESS    21X40               81   BOB HIGHTOWER     17X40 60
DENNIS HALL             AA     SR.     AZ   17X40   22X40   39X80
BARB BURTON             A      WM.     AZ   17X40   21X40   38X80                       IDAHO STATE TEAM                        MICHIGAN STATE TEAM
ROGER WINN              A              CA   18X40   18X40   36X80                       DARRELL TONN   23X40                    DAVE MAURER   26X40
AL KRAMER              AAA      SR.    IL   14X40   19X40   33X80                       FRANK CORNELL  26X40                    ROGER MAZE    23X40            49
JIM NEUFELD             A       SR.    MT   19X40   12X40   31X80                       GENE DAVIDS    24X40               73
MIKE WHITESELL          AA             AZ   18X40   13X40   31X80                                                               NEW MEXICO STATE TEAM
DONN HANKS              AA     S/SR.   AZ   14X40   16X40   30X80                       MONTANA STATE TEAM                      RUSS PORTER   25X40
DAVE DAVIDS             AA             ID   13X40   17X40   30X40                       BUTCH ULSHER   24X40                    LARRY RAILEY  22X40   47
JIM DODSON              A              AZ   13X40   14X40   27X80                       MARK GRIFFIS   29X40
JIM DORRELL             A              AZ   15X40   11X40   26X80                       MIKE VENTURINO 28X40               71   WASHINGTON STATE TEAM
RICK BURTON             AA      SR.    AZ   11X40   15X40   26X80                                                               RICH BLOUNT  25X40    25
AL BLOCK                A              IA   03X40    DNF    03X80                       COLORADO STATE TEAM
JAMES CAMBERN            B      JR.    AZ   03X40   00X40   03X80     1st B-HIGH JR.    MIKE RIX           32X40                ILLINOIS STATE TEAM
                                                                                        KLAUS SHATTLEITNER 28X40           60   AL KRAMER        19X40          19
DOOR PRIZE DONORS                                                                                                               IOWA STATE TEAM
                                                                                                                                AL BLOCK       03X40            3
Az. Sharpshooters Supply - Baldwin Sights
Barnes Saddlery - Brooks Bullet Moulds - Cistern Publishing Co. - Coonie’s Black Powder - Dixie Gun Works
Green Mountain Barrels - Hansen’s Woodworks - Kermit Tool - King Machine - Lee Precision Inc. - Midway USA
Montana Vintage Arms - Redding Hunter Inc. - Shiloh Rifle Mfg. - Shooter 2 - SPG Inc. - Starline Brass
Treebone Carving - Walter’s Wads - Titan Propane - Pro Shot Products - Cal Graf Designs - Art’s Pit Stop
DGL Lube - Mike Venturino - Paul Jones Bullet Moulds
I want to personally thank all of the manufacturers for contributing to our match and I hope the competitors that received prizes will
take the time to contact the manufacturer and thank them for their contribution.

                                                                                                                                                             Page 5
                                By gAry Anderson, dCM

  W      ind was a dominating factor in the 2007 competition firing.
         Western CMP Games that took place at              Even though the Sunday matches were
the Ben Avery Shooting Facility north of Phoenix, cancelled, the CMP did provide a barbecue for
Arizona on 20-23 October. The matches began                                         all competitors that
with     a     clinic                                                               afternoon and opened
attended by over 70                                                                 up its government
new shooters on 20                                                                  surplus rifle and
October. When the                                                                   ammunition sales for
126     competitors                                                                 competitors to enjoy.
who checked in for                                                                  A large number of
the first Garand,                                                                   rifles including all
Springfield      and                                                                of the CMP Special
Vintage Military                                                                    M1 Garands and
Rifle       Matches                                                                 ammunition          that
returned on Sunday                                                                  came from the CMP
morning,          the                                                               Distribution Center             THe BeN AVeRy SHooTING fACILITy NoRTH of
overnight arrival                                                                   in Anniston, Alabama          PHoeNIx HoSTeD THe 2007 WeSTeRN CMP GAMeS
                                                                                                                          MATCHeS oN 20-23 oCToBeR.
of a strong high                                                                    were sold out.
pressure     system          WeSTeRN CMP GAMeS CoMPeTIToRS fIRING THe
                                                                                       It made for a long      since Garand and manually operated rifles were
with       sustained           STANDING STAGe of THe JoHN C. GARAND
                                         MATCH CoURSe of fIRe.                      day on Monday to           mixed on all relays. All rifles must be “as-issued”
winds of 30 mph
                                                                                    squeeze two days of        military rifles and all competitors except Vintage
and gusts up to 60
                                                                                    firing into one day,       Military Rifle shooters must fire ammunition
mph forced the cancellation of the day’s matches.
                                                                                                               issued on the line. CMP Greek HXP .30-06
Two 30-shot events were fired on Monday when but the Arizona Rifle and Pistol Association’s
                                                                                                               ammunition was issued for this match. James
strong winds of 15-30 mph prevailed. Then on highpower rifle committee volunteers had the
                                                                                                               Denovchek of Tucson, Arizona fired the Match
Tuesday, the final day of the Western Games range in great functioning shape and Chief Range
                                                                                                               Winner score in the Garand Match with 283-5X
Matches, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and Officer Richard Whiting of Buckhannon, West
                                                        Virginia kept the range moving so well that all        total that included a 95 standing in strong winds.
the winds were dead calm.
                                                                                  firing was completed         Pete Orebaugh, who traveled from Vero Beach,
   The horrific winds                                                             by 4:00 PM.                  Florida, to shoot in the Western Games Matches,
that     caused        the                                                                                     was the High Senior with a 276-5X total. 15-year-
cancellation of the                                                                   Scores were quite a
                                                                                                               old Jim Minturn from Temecula, California was
Western Games’ first                                                              bit lower than normal,
                                                                                                               the High Junior with a 243-1X score.
day matches were part                                                             so the cut scores for
of the same weather                                                               CMP         Achievement
system that caused the                                                            Medals were “graded on
Santa Anna winds that                                                             a curve” to compensate
fanned the huge fires                                                             for      the     difficult
in Southern California.                                                           conditions. At the
When winds exceed CHIef RANGe offICeR DICK WHITING IS GIVING award ceremony that
25-30 mph, highpower             A MoRNING SAfeTy BRIefING BefoRe THe             afternoon, Ms. Judy
rifle targets become                  START of CoMPeTITIoN fIRING.                Legerski, Vice Chair
big sails that can be                                                             of the CMP Board of
blown out of the frames or snap the 2x4 uprights                                  Directors, presented 24
that hold the targets. It is simply too dangerous to bronze, 18 silver and 6 gold Achievement Medals
have competitors in the pits pulling targets under for the John C. Garand Match; 8 bronze, 6 silver
these conditions. Ironically, the Western Games and 1 gold medals for the Springfield Rifle Match
Matches were originally scheduled to be at Camp and 3 bronze and 1 silver for the Vintage Military
Pendleton in Southern                                   Rifle Match.
California, but the Marine                                                         The John C. Garand
Corps range there where                                                        course of fire is used           JoHN DeNoVCHeK, TUCSoN, ARIzoNA, WAS THe
the    Western        Games                                                    for the three matches. It        MATCH WINNeR IN THe JoHN C. GARAND MATCH.
Matches would have been                                                                                          PReSeNTING THe AWARD IS MS. JUDy LeGeRSKI,
                                                                               begins with five sighters            VICe CHAIR, CMP BoARD of DIReCToRS.
held had been shut down                                                        and 10 shots for record
due to the fires. This                                                         in prone slow-fire firing.         In the Springfield Rifle Match, Mike Miller
meant that while one day                                                       That is followed by 10          from Downey, California was the Match Winner,
of shooting was lost due to                                                    shots rapid fire in the         for the third time in the four years that the Western
winds at Phoenix, all three                                                    prone position where            Games have been staged, with a 278-2X total.
days of the competition                                                        competitors must stand,         Miller was also the High Senior, while Minturn
would have been lost if the                                                    load two or five rounds         was the High Junior with a 264-1X.
matches had remained at                                                        and then get into position
Camp Pendleton.                                                                to fire those rounds, reload       In the Vintage Military Rifle Match, William
                                                                               and complete the ten shots      Poole, from Scottsdale, Arizona used a Swedish
   Chief Range Officer           MIKe MILLeR, DoWNey, CALIfoRNIA, WoN THe
                                                                                                               6.5x55mm Mauser to top all competitors with a
Dick Whiting is giving a SPRINGfIeLD HIGH SeNIoR TITLe foR THe THIRD within the time limit. An
                                 WeSTeRN GAMeS SPRINGfIeLD MATCH AND THe
                                                                                                               274-4X. Poole is the Chairman of the Arizona Rifle
morning safety briefing                                                        80 second time limit was
                                   TIMe IN THe foUR yeARS THe WeSTeRN CMP
                                                                               used for all competitors        & Pistol Association Highpower Committee.
before the start of                         GAMeS HAVe BeeN HeLD.
                                                                                                                                               Continued on page 7

Page 6
Continued from page 6
   Competitors who did                                                    points in this match.                attended a Master Instructor training workshop
not shoot different rifles                                                Pete Orebaugh, who is a              just prior to the Western Games acted as coaches.
in the two matches had the                                                Distinguished Rifleman,                Complete results for the 2007 Western CMP
option of firing the same                                                 fired a 375-3X score to take         Games events are posted at
rifle in a Reentry Match.                                                 the High Senior plaque               cgi-bin/report_matchResult.cgi?matchID=2516.
Maury      Krupp,     from                                                in this match. Alejandro             The Western CMP Games are followed by the
Tucson, Arizona fired a                                                   Stephas, 18, from Zillah,            Creedmoor Cup Matches that take place on 24-28
second Garand score in the                                                Washington, was the                  October. Results for those matches will be posted
Reentry Match where he                                                    High Junior. There were              on a daily basis at the same site during those days.
had the day’s Overall High                                                44 eligible competitors              Photos can be viewed at
Score with a 285-5X.                                                      in this match so four                Photos.htm.
  The Western CMP                                                         shooters, Peter Wolf from
                                                                          Benson, Arizona, 367-4X;                ASR&PA is recognized by and is an affiliate
Games Matches concluded                                                                                        club of the Civilian Marksmanship Program.
on 23 October with a                                                      Michael Carlo from Santa
                                                                          Rosa, California, 362-5X;            Permission was obtained by the editor, Noble C.
Special As-Issued M1         THe WeSTeRN CMP GAMeS BeGAN WITH A NeW                                            Hathaway, to reprint this article, written by Gary
Garand EIC Match. In that     SHooTeR CLINIC ATTeNDeD By 71 STUDeNTS.
                                                                          Arthur Merrill from
                                                                          Prescott, Arizona, 358-4X            Anderson, Director CMP, and featured on the
match, the top 10 percent SHooTeRA CMP MASTeR INSTRUCToR HeLPS A                                               CMP website.
of all competitors who
                                     LeARN HoW To USe A SLING PRoPeRLy.   and Dennis Santiago from
have not previously earned                                                Hawthorne, California,
any Rifle EIC points received 4-point legs. The   354-5X all earned their first 4-point legs.
course of fire in this match varies from the 30-shot      In addition to the Sunday afternoon barbecue and
Garand course by including a 10-shot rapid-fire        the CMP Rifle Sales opportunity, another special
sitting stage. 70-second time limits are used in       feature of the Regional CMP Games Matches is
both rapid-fire stages.                                the new shooter clinic that starts it all. The clinic
  Krupp was also the Match Winner in this match        offered three hours of classroom instruction, a
with a 378-5X total. However, since Krupp earned       printed student guide and a dry fire session on the
a 4-point leg in the 2006 Western CMP Games            range where CMP Master Instructors provided
As-Issued EIC Match, he was not eligible to earn       coaching. A group of eleven new GSM (Garand-
                                                       Springfield-Military Rifle) Master Instructors who

                                                                                                                JIM MINTURN, 15, TeMeCULA, CALIfoRNIA, WAS
                                                                                                                 THe HIGH JUNIoR IN BoTH THe GARAND AND
                                                                                                                           SPRINGfIeLD MATCHeS.

  PeTe oReBAUGH, VeRo BeACH, fLoRIDA, WAS                 MAURy KRUPP, TUCSoN, ARIzoNA, fIReD THe
    GARAND AND AS-ISSUeD eIC MATCHeS.                      CoURSe AND THe AS-ISSUeD eIC MATCH.

from our CCW division — The folloWing Are

                                ARIZONA CCW PROGRAM:
  IMPACT THE the penalty for $60 and instructor applications remain at $24.00.
  Effective September 19, 2007,
concealed weapon permit holders who are found             DPS has revised initial and renewal applica-
to be carrying a concealed weapon but do not have      tion forms. The new form, called the “H” form,
their permit on their person, has been reduced         is available to CCW Instructors by calling DPS
from a class 2 misdemeanor to a petty offense.         Concealed Weapon Permit Unit (CWPU) at,
This applies only to a person who has obtained a       602.256.6280 or 800.256.6280, Monday through
CCW permit.                                            Friday, 8am to 5pm.                                       THe BeN AVeRy SHooTING fACILITy IS SITeD
   Effective December 31, 2007, the requirement           This column will appear periodically in an ef-        IN THe SoNoRA DeSeRT WHeRe THe SAGUARo
of submitting additional fingerprints when apply-      fort to keep ASRPA CCW instructors and permit              CACTUS HAS ITS HoMe. SeVeRAL of THeSe
ing to renew a CCW permit is eliminated. This          holders up to date on the happenings at DPS.               IMPReSSIVe CACTUSeS ARe foUND oN THe
means that renewal applicants are required to sub-                                                                 BeN AVeRy RANGe. THey CAN LIVe To 200
mit a completed application and fee only. The fee
                                                       Ed Schein & Terry Allison
                                                                                                                    yeARS of AGe AND GRoW To 75 feeT IN
to renew a CCW permit effective December 31,                                                                        HeIGHT. THe SAGUARo CACTUS fLoWeR
                                                                                                                        IS THe ARIzoNA STATe fLoWeR.
2007, is $43.00. Also, initial applications are now    ASRPA CCW Division Directors

                                                                                                                                                          Page 7
  Y     esterday (Sunday Dec 9th) a ‘gunman’
        entered a church in Colorado and started
shooting. I first heard this news while waiting for a
                                                        a church would ‘hire’ an armed security force.
                                                        Frankly, it’s not surprising that a church would
                                                        consider the benefit of armed security. In fact,
                                                                                                                   himself in the restroom before police stopped him.)
                                                                                                                      Every law abiding gun owner chooses between
                                                                                                                   compliance and potential regrets , mostly accepting
concert in a Tempe church. I looked around nervously    I believe self defense would be a tenet of faith in        the risks of compliance, hoping there will be no
considering the implication of such an event.           most religions.                                            regrets. Others quote the well worn phrase, “It’s
   Later I found an on-line report of the shooting.        Jeff Snyder wrote in his book, A Nation of              better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6.” That’s
Several people died in the shooting incident before     Cowards, that earlier Christian faiths considered          a personal and daily choice for each individual.
the killer was stopped by a ‘security guard’. Monday    it cowardly not to defend one’s own life, after               Additional restrictions on concealed carry rights
morning FOXNews carried a live press conference         all, if God gave one life, how could one expect to         minimize the effectiveness of the CCW laws.
by Sr Pastor Brady Lloyd who described the events       face Judgement Day after failing to protect that
                                                                                                                      Nobody wants to volunteer to be a test case for
in a new light.                                         life? Dave Kopell, author of The Torah and Self-
                                                                                                                   disobeying gun control laws. The resulting impact
   The ‘security guard’ was among a dozen or            Defense, states the Torah includes, “a right and a
                                                                                                                   on one’s life can vary dramatically according to
more citizens who voluntarily provide security at       duty to defend oneself and others.” My own belief
                                                                                                                   the severity of the laws. Similarly, nobody wants to
the church. She was described as a heroine who          system includes such an admonition when time
                                                                                                                   be the test case in a deadly encounter where a gun
had saved potentially 100 or more lives, by her         does not permit appeal to the authorities for redress
                                                                                                                   might have saved a life.
quick and decisive defense. She was ‘licensed to        or relief.
                                                                                                                      Restrictions on where guns can be legally car-
carry’ and it was mentioned she had some ‘law              Let us pray that the protection of church goers
                                                                                                                   ried create disarmed victim zones (DVZ) such as:
enforcement background’. They had a plan based          by armed members in Colorado will NOT raise
                                                                                                                   workplaces (including parking lots), public trans-
on earlier reports of a shooting incident about 75      questions about their faith, requiring them to ‘turn
                                                                                                                   portation, public buildings, public events, schools,
miles away at an unrelated religious training site,     the other cheek’ (and be killed or injured) to prove
                                                                                                                   public libraries, junior colleges and university
alerting the church leadership. They discussed the      their religious beliefs.
                                                                                                                   campuses, restaurants, (and sometimes malls, or
risks and placed this woman in a key location near         In this on-going battle some would disarm all           churches) . The bad guys know this and when crim-
the entrance. She promptly recognized the threat        potential victims, demanding all guns be banned            inal intent is in their hearts, little “policy signs” on
and ran to engage the killer within moments of the      as the only way to stop these types of criminal acts.      the doors are like invitations.
first shots being fired.                                I dare to suggest here that this church’s example
                                                                                                                      These DVZs are little islands, “criminal safe
   [Numerous media outlets reported she was a           be considered as a better alternative. In fact, John
                                                                                                                   work environments” where concealed carry is
“security guard” but the Sr Pastor stated she and       Lott, Jr, in Multiple Victim Mass Public Shootings
                                                                                                                   prohibited and criminal violence is not prevented.
the other “volunteers” were just members, licensed      clearly concluded the right to “carry concealed”
                                                                                                                   Such wide spread restrictions further discourage
to carry. In other words, they were citizens with       laws were the only effective means to reduce the
                                                                                                                   CCW holders from actually carrying elsewhere on
concealed weapons, not certified ‘guards’.]             frequency of this type of killing incident.
                                                                                                                   a regular basis, expanding the negative impact on
   There were victims injured as well as, two teen         Perpetrators of these crimes desire to achieve          concealed carry effectiveness.
sisters killed. Their father was among others who       a certain level of carnage before they are stopped.
                                                                                                                      A sign with dark humor I ran across years ago
were injured.                                           Killing and then taking their own life because they
                                                                                                                   (source unknown).
   Contrast this to the Omaha mall massacre where       want to control their own demise. The possibility
                                                        of being ‘stopped’ by a private citizen with a gun            The Arizona legislature has twice passed a
7 people were killed in a ‘disarmed victim zone’
                                                        before the goal is reached seems to be a factor in         ‘restaurant carry bill’ and it has been twice vetoed
(DVZ) before that killer turned the gun on himself.
                                                        discouraging these acts. (The Columbine killers            by Gov Napolitano. The bill included provisions
Or the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City where
                                                        took their own lives after their attempts to explode       which would prohibit consumption of alcohol, if
an ‘off-duty’ officer from another jurisdiction
                                                        the propane bombs failed the second time.)                 carrying. Of course, nobody has ever been killed
ignored the ‘gun prohibition’ policy of the mall. He
                                                                                                                   in a restaurant, right?
prevented further killing in a mass public shooting        During the days following the Omaha mall
by engaging the killer until back-up arrived.           shootings an e-mail crossed my desk from an                   It’s not often that we can so clearly contrast the
                                                        unverified Nebraska CCW holder claiming to have            results of one public policy against another but the
   Many say we have a good environment for our
                                                        been in a position to take out the killer but left his     results in Colorado stand in stark contrast to the
gun rights in Arizona. You might be surprised
                                                        gun in the car to comply with posted mall policy.          Omaha mall massacre. We can learn or we can
to learn there are many DVZs here. Locations of
                                                        A well documented case of this lament occurred in          ignore the lesson.
mass public shootings quickly reveal a striking
relationship between these DVZs . Such locations        Killeen, TX, in 1991, at the Luby’s cafeteria killing         Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, or Happy
include malls, public buildings, public events,         which left 21 victims dead. Suzanna Gratia Hupp            Holidays. Be safe!
schools, public libraries, junior colleges and          complied with TX state law at that time, left her
university campuses, and sometimes churches.
   The “talking heads” asked questions about the
                                                        revolver in her truck glove box and endured the
                                                        agony of seeing her own parents helplessly killed in
                                                                                                                   Gary Christensen
                                                        front of her. (The killer, following the pattern, killed   Legislative Liaison - ASRPA
Colorado church killings, some astonished that

TUCSON RIFLE CLUB ANNUAL MEETING                                                                                           THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE

AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS                                                                                             WERE ELECTED FOR OFFICE IN 2008:
                                                                                                                                       Larry Novak
                                                                                                                                       Jim Bertrand
                      N     ew club officers were
                            selected and voted upon
                   at the TUCSON RIFLE CLUB
                                                           2008 posses some challenges for these board
                                                        members. Primary of which will be re-structuring
                                                        the range to comply with Game and Fish directives
                                                                                                                                       Maury Krupp
                                                                                                                                       May Warren
                                                                                                                    Executive Offiicer Mandy Perry
                   meeting held at the Three Points     for safety including new berms. Some ranges will                 SafetyOfficer John Huggins
                   Rifle Range on December 2,           need to be moved entirely in order to comply. Game         Action Shooting
                   2007 at 12:00pm Noon. Exist-         and Fish has agreed to do the work and the NRA                        Director Bob Cade
                   ing club officers were re-elect-     has agreed to provide some grant money to help.                Pistol Director Bruce Wright
                   ed and some people stepped in                                                                        Rifle Director Ron A Calderone
                                                           The club provided hot dogs and some refresh-
as newly elected to certain vacated positions. All
club members were invited to vote on those run-
                                                        ments to those present after the meeting and elec-
                                                        tions were completed.                                        Ron A. Calderone
ning for office. Officers ran un-opposed and were                                                                  Rifle Director TUCSON RIFLE CLUB
unanimously elected.

Page 8
                             A PROBLEM WITH PRIMERS
  I f you shoot long enough you will experience
    a primer related problem. Most likely it will
be with reloaded ammo. Loading to obtain maxi-
                                                       the hole that erode the firing pin hole in the bolt
                                                       face and firing pin. Eventually the firing pin hole
                                                       gets so large that it cannot support the pressure
                                                                                                                  Nothing gets your attention like a slam fire.
                                                                                                               This is usually caused by a high primer, i.e. fail-
                                                                                                               ure to seat the primer to the proper depth. This is
mum velocity, errors in the loading procedures, or     and you start cutting little cookies in the primer.     the reason you want the rifle pointed downrange
gun related issues cause most problems.                When this occurs the anvil is usually sticking out      when you close the bolt. It’s rather unsettling
   One of the first signs of a possible problem is a   of the primer. The bolt and firing pin require re-      when you spray dirt on you neighboring competi-
flattened primer. Most reloading books state that      placement at that time. I’ve seen a rifle stop firing   tor when it fires into the ground a foot in front of
flattened primers are not an absolute means for        because there were so many cookies in the firing        you. There was some discussion a couple of years
determining high pressure. However, flattened          pin hole that it caused binding. One way to check       ago about not allowing the M1 and M1A to close
primers are a sign of higher pressures and are a       and see if you firing pin is getting sharp is to rub    on a loaded round from the rearmost position due
warning sign. If you are shooting mixed brass          the point on your fingernail. If it scratches your      to the free floating firing pin and sensitive prim-
you may see varying signs given the same load.         nail you need to dress the tip with a stone or re-      ers. It was recommend that the M1 bolt be eased
Along with the flattened primers you may see           place the firing pin.                                   forward halfway and then released. The M1A
cratering as the primer material flows around the         After several reloads the primer pocket be-          should be loaded with the round in the magazine.
firing pin. Eventually problems will evolve. The       comes oversized and the primer may fall out             When the round is stripped out of the magazine
result could be a blown or pierced primer.             after firing. Hot loads or soft brass accelerates       the velocity is slowed. Additionally, it can cause
                                                       this problem. This can be disconcerting when the        damage to you firearm and injury when it fires out
   Hammering the primer anvil is common with                                                                   of battery. Develop procedures to assemble and
high pressure loads in the AR15. After repeatedly      primer is lodged in the trigger group and causes a
                                                       failure to fire, especially during a match. I know      inspect your ammunition to prevent problems. Be
striking the anvil the firing pin begins to gets a                                                             safe and have a good time.
dimple in it. As the dimple gets larger and deeper     of one individual that had primers fall out of the
in the firing pin the edge get sharper. Eventu-        brass while the rounds were being chambered. Of           See you on the firing line,
                                                       course this was at the Nationals 800 miles from
ally you reach a point where the primer ruptures
as the firing pin cuts a hole in the primer. After     home. Be selective of what brass you use.               Larry E. Weidell
the primer is pierced hot gases are vented through

PRESIDENTS REPORT                                                                                                Friends running for office; Federal version.
Continued from page 1
                                                                                                                  Up over and around Congressional District
  We still need a volunteer to be our G&F Liaison.       We need folks to help man the ASR&PA booth            one, long time friend and supporter Sydney Hay
  HELP!!! We are looking for a few good, moti-         and the shooting exhibits and demonstrations.           is running to replace Rick Renzi.
vated folks to run for ASR&PA office.                  Contack Landis or Bill Poole - ASAP
                                                                                                                 Several friends and supporters are running in
   Maggie Conlin is retiring, and Shelley Sansom          A BIT MORE HELP We could really use                  central Arizona’s CD 6 against the very anti rights
really wants to retire, for good this time. The of-    someone to help plan, coordinate and more or less       Harry Mitchell; among them are Laura Knaperek
fices are Treasurer and Secretary. This does re-       run the upcoming Annual Meeting this coming             and David Schweikert
quire a commitment of time and effort, and a bit       May 3rd, in Phoenix at the El Zaribah Shrine Au-
                                                       ditorium. Noble and I will give you as much help           Over in CD 5, last we heard, Russ Pearce is still
of gas money. over the last couple years I have                                                                looking at running against Jeff Flake for that seat.
been working to reduce the work load on any one        as we can and see if we can get others to pitch in
person. The rewards are knowing that you are a         also. Folks seemed to enjoy the last one, but we           Tim Bee is running to replace “gun-owner”
important link in keeping things going. Contact        can really do better. This could also be a practice     Gabby Giffords down in Baja Arizona, CD 8. A
Maggie, Shelley or Landis for more details.            run for the 2009 100th aniversery meeting when          lot of good folks are joining that campaign. It’s
                                                       the NRA meeting is in Phoenix. Call or email            not too late for you to do same.
   TREASURER - should know basic bookkeep-             myself or Noble.
ing doing related reports and that kind of stuff.                                                                Gun Control: A matter of life or death - Yours.
Should also know computer bookkeeping pro-               YET MORE HELP? Yes, we can use help in                Paraphrasing a line from The Cartridge Family
grams. Would be very good if you are familiar          every venue we are engaged in. Everything from          band, “Police don’t draw their guns, they draw
with investing and taxes. If you have worked with      Legislative to putting together a master match          chalk lines when you’re gone.”
this stuff you are way ahead of me, if not, and you    schedule. Yes, you can help. Contact us.
                                                                                                                 Owning a piano doesn’t make you a musician,
are willing to learn. Maggie and the rest of us          NO HELP? Ever wonder what happens when                owning a gun does not make you armed Col. Jeff
will help.                                             nobody shows up to help out?                            Cooper
   SECRETARY - Does the usual secretary stuff,            Take a good look at what’s happening with              Comment on the latest mass murder :
i.e. minutes of the annual and board meetings ( 4      the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association, it is at
                                                                                                                  Officers arrived just six minutes after the first
per year ) helps keep track of things, sends in or
                                                                                                               911 call, when the shooting was over. According
checks on various reports when due. Shelley will          Condors: you can’t shoot anything anywhere,          to leading experts, when seconds count, the police
be very happy to fill you in on things.                anyhow, anyway even near them coming to Ari-            are just minutes away. Alan Korwin
   MORE HELP? The Outdoor Expo being put               zona? You may have heard of recent actions in
on by Game & Fish out at BASF. Fri. March 28           the PRC, banning lead bullets and shot to “save”
( Limited schedule ) Sat. & Sun. March 28 & 29.        the condors. Well, it looks as it’s coming here, it     Landis
9 am to 4 pm.                                          may be on Jan. agenda for Game & Fish.

                                                 “SPECIAL NOTICE”
      ASR&PA is looking for an acting Secretary,                                                                Please contact Landis at
             Central Area Director, Treasurer                                                          
   (familiar with Quik Books) and Insurance Advisor.                                                              for more information.

                          “PLEASE HELP YOUR ASR&PA WITH YOUR TALENTS”

                                                                                                                                                          Page 9
            FULL AUTO NEWS                                                                                         BEN AVERY JUNIOR
  O     ne of the states newest shooting ranges
        is into it’s fourth year of putting on the
                                                        4-H Club and those interested will find great food,
                                                        at a reasonable price in Wikieup. A raffle is held
largest machine gun shoot in the U.S. The Big
Sandy hosts two shoots a year with the next shoot
                                                        at the shooter’s meeting on Saturday morning and
                                                        our vendors are quite generous in items donated                PROGRAM
taking place on March 14, 15, 16th, 2008. From          as well as a split the pot raffle where one could                tarting in January we plan to continue
full auto pistols to heavy artillery, modern to         walk away with $500 to $600 in their pocket.                     with the Ben Avery Junior Marksmanship
antique and everything in between, can be found         The remaining half of the pot goes to the Owens            Program. IF WE CAN FIND ENOUGH
on the quarter mile firing line. A typical shoot        Whitney School in Wikieup. The Big Sandy                   VOLUNTEERS TO HELP RUN IT!!!!!
hosts about 200 shooters with a million rounds          welcomes shooters, vendors, and spectators. Pull
of ammo spent. It is a great place for shooters,        up the web site, listed below, and check out the              The fall session was very much centered on
vendors and spectators to enjoy a weekend packed        information and videos provided.                           marksmanship (as opposed to plinking) and after
with fun and camaraderie. Besides getting to                                                                       starting on the bench as they gained confidence
                                                           The two shoots a year are put on by Kenton              the kids moved to prone position, culminating
experience the guns up close and discuss their          Tucker and Edward Hope. It is a safe and well
capabilities with their owners, one can also rent                                                                  when the juniors shot the weekend monthly Desert
                                                        managed range to experience and shoot. All                 Sharpshooters 1600 smallbore prone match with
a wide selection of rare and or popular machine         range safety officers are licensed and are there to
guns from M.G. Shooters, LLC.                                                                                      the adults!
                                                        help you with any of your questions or needs. So
   Shooters come from all over the country in           for a “booming” good time and a walk through
order to test their fire power and their skill at       history, Wikieup in March is the place to be. For
shooting hard targets, reactive targets and remote      all that may be interested, this range is considered
controlled airplanes. Besides the machine gun           an event range and if wanting to host a special
shoot they host many special events held during         gathering, shoot, call either Kenton or Ed.
the shoot which include Garand, subgun, assault           M.G. Shooters, LLC.
weapon, and Thompson matches.
                                                          P.O. Box 5672
   The shoot site is fairly remote therefore
camping is encouraged as the closest town                 Scottsdale, Az. 85261
providing a motel is Kingman. Wikieup is about            602-327-7933
12 miles away. There are only three motel rooms
in the entire community. Food is available on the
shoot site with proceeds going to the Kingman
                                                          J. Moser
                                                                                                                      We had about 15 regular juniors in the fall and
                                                                                                                   Ben Avery would like to expand the program
KEEPING THE SAFETY ON                                                                                              even more with the spring session, but in order
Continued from page 2                                                                                              to do that, we NEED more VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!
                                                          Before finding new transport to Europe, the stu-         We need adult shooters with an interest and
   Since retiring, Wainwright has given free talks
                                                        dents gathered in a lecture hall at City College of        experience at smallbore prone shooting who can
on U.S. military history. He specializes in the his-
                                                        New York.                                                  be marksmanship coaches and others with a more
tory of World War II, a war he served in as a mid-
shipman on cargo vessels sailing through the North        “I saw these cute girls,” Wainwright remem-              general interest in shooting to tutor those kids
Atlantic to Europe.                                     bered. “I told my buddy, “The brunette’s for you,          interesting in casual shooting!
                                                        and the blonde’s for me.”                                     Last year two or three of us with a few helpers
   “ I was 17 when I enlisted in 1943,” he said. “My
parents signed off on me happily. All my male rela-       Fifty-eight years later, he is still with the blonde.    really overworked ourselves running the program
tives served, and my contemporaries were all in.”                                                                  and if we can’t get more help, we may have to
                                                           “I think I liked him because he was Peter Stuyve-       cancel the program!
   One of his last trips was bringing supplies to       sant, and that was Dutch, and that appealed to me,”
troops on the beaches of Normandy during the Al-        said Gerri. “I’m very lucky to have him as a hus-             First session will be in the hunter education
lied invasion of France.                                band. He’s a nice man.”                                    classroom on 10-Jan!
   Dutch Ties Wainwright’s connections to Holland         The couple has four grown children, three boys              Contact     Bill  Poole,
proved useful when he met his wife, Gerri, 78, who      and a girl, ages 45 to 55. They also have six grand-       602-405-0717 or Mario Stajner, mariohx35@
was born in Haarlem in the Netherlands and raised       children, all boys.                               602-618-5305 if you can help or have a
in Sumatra, Indonesia.                                                                                             kid for the program.
                                                          “We don’t know how to make girls; what’s the
   They met in 1950 in a large contingent of students   matter with us?” she laughed.                                      See you all on the line!
taking a charter ship to Europe.                           They are close to her relatives in Holland, where
   After their first ship, a revamped German troop      Peter had made a big hit back in 1950 when he first        Bill Poole
vessel, was condemned as unsafe, they hitched rides     met them, despite putting salt (zout) in the coffee, af-   ASRPA High Power Division Director
to and from Europe on empty and partially empty         ter mistaking a yellow Dutch box for sugar (suiker).
                                                                                                                   and Vice President.
ships going to pick up dependents of soldiers at the       “He still brings me breakfast in bed, with coffee,”
beginning of the Korean Conflict.                       said Gerri Wainwright.
                                                                                                                    ASRPA Apparel  Show your colors
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We want to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 remind everyone
                                                                                                                             with Official ASRPA Apparel!

                            LIFE MEMBER ALERT !!
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Youth $6
                                                                                                                                                                                                           pink, blue, ash, yellow
                                                                                                                                                                                                           6-8, 10-12, 14-16

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  we are up and
                                                                                                                                                                                                           (logo on left chest)
                                                                                                                                                                                                           S, M, L, XL $15

     There are a few of you we have not heard from for quite awhile. Life Members are you still with us?
                                                                                                                                                                                                           (ash, blue, tan, violet, aqua)
                                                                                                                                                                                                           XXL (ash, yellow, blue, tan) $15
                                                                                                                                                                                                           XXXL (ash, blue, cream) $16

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   running full
     If you are a Life Member, please send us an email, letter or phone call to our membership secretary
                or please have a family member or friend send us a note on your current status.
                                                                                                                        Long Sleeve
                                                                                                                        Hooded Sweatshirt
                                                                                                                        L, XL (hooded, zip front) $28
                                                                                                                        L, XL (hooded, pullover) $24                        Name Badge
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Pin                 bore on our new
                          We would like to know your whereabouts, address’s, etc …
                                                                                                                        L, XL (crew) $22
                                                                                                                                                                                    Available by
                                                                                                                                                                                   Special Order
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Name Badge $10
                                                                                                                                                                                                              (maximum 2 lines,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              15 letters per line;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ASR&PA website.
                 If a member knows of the passing of a Life Member, could you contact us at
                                                                                                                                                                                      for your                2 prong, pin or magnet fastener,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Take a look at:
                                                                                                                                                                                                              please specify)
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Pewter Pin $2.50
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Shield Pin $5
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Decal $.50

           or PO Box 1897, Green Valley, AZ 85622-1897
                                                                                                                    Hats $6
                                                                                                                    (royal, navy, black                 Match Patch
                                                                                                                     green, gray, brown)                 Available

                                                                                                                                                          for your


                                                                                                                                                       ORDERS ARE PREPAID, POSTAGE INCLUDED
                                                                                                                     Mail your check made payable to Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association at PO Box 40962, Mesa, Arizona 85274-0962,
                                                                                                                                                           or call Maggie Conlin at 480-838-6064

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    Confidential Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association
                                                                                                                         WANT TO
                   Membership Application
The ASR&PA is the State affiliate of NRA. We are also affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program                 ADVERTISE
(CMP) and USA Shooting. We work closely with these national groups to serve your Rights and Interests.
We do this by working with all levels of government to protect your Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Self
                                                                                                                          IN THE
Defense and CCW.We also perform Education and Training, promote and engage in the shooting sports,                     BULLET TRAP?
support competitive shooting events, support hunters and hunting, work to keep shooting ranges open
and establish new shooting ranges. Special emphasis on Junior safety, marksmanship and competition                    Advertise directly to those who
programs. All this and more! Join us and help expand these activities and programs. - -                 need your products and services
                                                                                                                      and help support Arizona State
___ 1 Year Adult Membership            $20.00       ___ 2 Year Adult Membership            $35.00
                                                                                                                           Rifle and Pistol’s goals
___ 3 Year Adult Membership            $50.00       ___ 5 Year Adult Membership            $85.00
___ 1 Year Junior Membership             $5.00      ( Through calendar year of 20th birthday )
                                                                                                                               and objectives.
___ 1 Year Family Membership           $40.00       ___ 1 Year Club Membership             $20.00                     Your ad will appear in both the
___ 1 Year Corporate Membership        $50.00       ___ Life Membership                   $500.00                     printed edition, which is mailed
___ Print copy of The Bullet Trap       $7.00                         (Installment plan available )                 bi-monthly to 1,600 members and
__________ Total ( Dues / Donations not tax deductible )                                                              contacts, and the electronic ver-
                                                                                                                    sion which is posted to the ASRPA
Name _________________________________________________________                                                              website,,
                                                                                                                       and distributed internationally.
Mail Address ___________________________________________________                                                      In addition, all paid advertisers
                                                                                                                       who prepay twelve months of
E-mail Address _________________________________________________ (Bullet Trap delivery )                                advertising (six issues) will
                                                                                                                        also receive a banner on the
Telephone / Fax ________________________________________________                                                       ASRPA website with a link to
                                                                                                                                your website.
ASR&PA # (Renewal) _________________________                 NRA # ______________________________
ASR&PA Pledge: I state that I am not a member of any organization that restricts or subverts the
Constitution of the United States; that I have never been convicted of a crime of violence; and that I will
                                                                                                                    RATES -
fulfill the obligations of good citizenship and sportsmanship.                                                      From your useable electronic file:
                                                                                                                    Effective 1/01/06
Signature ___________________________________            Date ___________________                                   Business Card (3-½”w x 2”h)
The Associations bimonthly newsletter, THE BULLET TRAP informs members of about developments
that affect your interests, including legislative, club and match news. It is provided to all individual            ¼ page (3-½”w x 4-¼”h)
members; club, corporate, and family memberships receive one copy. The primary method of delivery                                      $75.00/issue
is now via E-mail. Due to increasing costs of paper, printing and postage, we must charge a nominal fee
for the print edition. If you are active duty armed forces, just let us know, there will be no charge. If you       ½ page (4”w x 10”h or
cannot access internet services, or there is some other problem, please advise us. We want everyone                    8”w x 5”h)
to get the newsletter.
Please make check or money order payable to: Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association or ASR&PA                     Full page (image 8”w x 10”h)
Mail to: ASR&PA Membership
         PO Box 1897 Green Valley, AZ 85622-1897
Membership Questions to:         Membership rates valid through 5/1/2008
                                                                                                                            All advertising
                 For ASR&PA use only ASR&PA #_______________ EXP DATE ______________                                        must be prepaid.
DATE REC’D ________________ AMT. _____________ DEP # ____________ PO BOX 40962 MESA, AZ 85274-0962 TEL/FAX 480-838-6064
                                                                                                                     To place an ad or for further
                                                                                                                    information contact the editor,
   BULLET TRAP CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS ONLY.                                                        Noble C. Hathaway, at:
    Ads are limited to 30 words or less and need to be submitted 30 days prior to issue. Be responsible, firearms
        cannot be shipped across state lines, KNOW your buyer of any firearm. Some restrictions do apply.
        Submit your check payable to ASRPA for $5 per insertion and per ad, to:                                           or 623-687-4251.
    ASRPA c/o Bullet Trap Classified Ads • 6769 W. Remuda Dr., Peoria, AZ 85383


                                           John C. Ellinwood
                                               (520) 419-8090
                                                       Each office independently
                                                       owned and operated.

 Your Freedom Loving REALTOR® in Tucson and Oro Valley

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  Classified Ads
$ $ $                  $ $ $
                                                State Rifle & Pistol Assoc.
  Ruger Mini 14 Stainless 223
                                                PO Box 40962
                                                Mesa, AZ 85274-0962

                                                RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

with wood stock. Original mag plus 1 - 30
and 2 - 20 Round Stainless Steel Mags,
and a Military sling. Everything works.
Fired maybe 100 rounds properly cleaned
and maintained. Swat case. Have the box
and Manual. All for only $750.00.
Contact Warren at

   S&W 357 I would like to sell my S&W
357 with a 6” barrel. New in the original
case. It has a trigger lock and instructions.
Also, two speed loaders and two sets of
grips and a holster. Make offer. Contact
Warren at

   For Sale: Stoner SR-25, 20 round steel
magazines. 5 (NIW) @ $100 each and 1
slightly used for $65. Call 480-473-9320

  For Hire: ASR&PA is looking for a               ;•)       SHOOTING SMILES
Central Arizona Director, Mercantile
Director (new position) president@asrpa.
com, and Staff Editor for the Bullet Trap                                                                “ASR&PA Vice President Bill Poole
Magazine .                                                                              accepting high shooter award medal at
Compensation: the joy of helping your                                                                    the Western Games. Bill used his Swedish
association.                                                                                             Mauser to take top honors”. The Western
                                                                                                         Games will now be a popular fixture at
                                                                                                         the Ben Avery Shooting Complex on an
   For Sale: American Rifleman maga-
zines! 1961-2007 very few if any miss-                                                                   annual basis.
ing. Packed in 6 file storage boxes and in                                                               Read about the CMP Western Games at
chronological order. $100 (520) 747.7502                                                       
or new # (520) 394.0247 John M.
                                                                                                            NC                                ;•)
                                                                                                                                           Ann Aden
                                                                                                                                      English / Swedish
                                                                                                                                 Real Estate Consultant

                                                                              Platinum Real Estate
                                                                              1044 N. Gilbert Rd., Suite 2
                                                                              Gilbert, Arizona 85234
                                                                              Business (480) 497-2121
                                                                              Fax (480) 894-8994
                                                                              Cellular (480) 703-6461
                                                                              Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated

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