Relatives or Parasites by smbutt


									Relatives or Parasites
Relatives are the closest relation a person can ever have. Relative are the ones who are always there for you .we feel really comfortable to share are thoughts and secrets with them or in other words they are your true friend Even religions teach people to be kind, humble and generous with your relatives and that both should help each other in ups and downs of life as to be support for each other But as we see or observe are relative, by saying relatives it also includes us. Relative in real life are parasites they seems to be with you or close to you like a parasite on the trunk but they don’t play the role as above mentioned they are like parasites Parasites are those organisms which can’t make their own food but can feed on other organism (called host) by penetrating their root in them like a knife and take all their food and weaken them by the passage of time By reading above paragraph many of you will be clarified about the definition of parasites now coming back to the relatives they are like parasites. First of all they try to show their warmth and try to capture your mind with there false affection. As you are trapped they start to penetrate their roots in your personal issue or those matter which are confidential. As they try to collect your personal weaknesses exactly like parasites capture the food. When they completely penetrates into your life. They start opening the weaknesses and one by one expose them to you which make you weak slowly.

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