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									                                                                                             QUESTIONS TO ASK ABOUT
                                                        MAKING THE
I n f o r m a t i o n i n t h i s b r o c h u r e is   MOST OF YOUR
ba s e d on the work of:
                                                        MEDICATION      What do I hope to improve about my life by taking medication right now?
 Patricia Deegan, PhD,                                 APPOINTMENTS     What medication(s) have I taken before? At what dosage and for how long?
“ R ec l a im in g y o u r po w er d u ri n g
m e d i c a t i o n a p p o in t m e n t s w i t h                               What was helpful or unhelpful about those medications?
your psychiatrist” at http://
                                                                         The thing that worries me the most about taking medication is________?
s e l f h e l p / re c l a i m . h t m l                                              What’s the name of the medication I’m taking?

Alameda County Behavioral                                                            What is the dosage and when should it be taken?
Health Care Services, Office of                                                     What symptoms or condition is this medication for?
t h e Me d ic a l D ir ec t o r w h ic h c an
be f o un d a t h t t p :/ / w w w . ac b h c s.                          How long before I should start to notice an effect from this medication?
o r g / me ddi r / Med Co n se nt /E ng li sh /
                                                                          What are the unwanted effects or side effects associated with this drug?
                                                                          If I should experience unwanted side effects, what should I do about it?

                                                                                                Is the medication addictive?

                                                                         Will I need to take any lab test before or while I’m taking the medication?

                                                                      Are there any foods or medications I should avoid while taking this medication?

                                                                                       How long will I need to take this medication?

                                                                                            Are there other medication choices?

                                                                          Are there non-pharmaceutical alternatives to this


Brochure designed by Carol
Patterson        V.4 11/27/07
                                               Strategy #2 Learn to Think Differently                                                              symptoms the better. Track your experiences
                                               about Medication                                   Armed with knowledge about your medica-          with your medications since your last ap-
Strategy #1 Learn to Think Differently         Medications are a powerful tool to deal with       tions, you can feel more confident in having     pointment and summarize them before your
about Yourself                                 the symptoms of mental illness, but they are       a thoughtful and productive discussion with      meeting. Make an agenda for the meeting.
You are an expert on yourself and your         not the only tools and they are not a cure.        your psychiatrist.
mental health issues. It is up to you to no-   Exercise, eating well, avoiding alcohol and                                                         Strategy #5 Take Charge of the Meeting
tice the effects of your medications and to    street drugs, friends, spirituality, art and na-   Strategy #3 Think Differently about Psy-         At the beginning of the appointment, state
discuss them with your psychiatrist.           ture are some other tools that consumers           chiatrists                                       your agenda. Take notes during the meeting,
                                               have found can be helpful.                         Due to rising health care costs, psychiatrists   or immediately after the meeting, to remind
Be proactive and learn about your mental                                                          have less and less time to study charts and      yourself of the information the doctor gives
health issues and medications. Use the list                                                       meet with their clients. Information that        you. If you wish, ask permission to tape re-
of questions in this brochure to get clear                                                        you can provide about your history and           cord the meeting. Some psychiatrists may be
about what information you need.                                                                  medications can be helpful.                      uncomfortable with this request, but respect-
Ask your psychiatrist any questions you                                                                                                            fully explaining your reasons for wanting a
may have about your medications.                                                                  It is useful to keep your own record of the      recording may eliminate the resistance. An-
                                                                                                  medications you have tried, for what symp-       other option is to bring a friend or support
Consumers have the right to determine                                                             toms, at what dos-                               person since “two heads are better than one”
what risks they are willing to take and to                                                        ages, and for what                               when it comes to recalling information.
question the efficacy of these medications                                                        period of time.
over the long term.                                                                               When a new medi-
                                               Taking medications is a personal choice.           cation is discussed,
It takes more than the right medication to     Learning to use a variety of non-drug cop-         you can easily
get well and stay well, but medications can    ing strategies may help to minimize the            check whether you
alleviate enough of the symptoms to allow      amount of medications required, and for            have taken it before
you to engage other coping strategies on       some people may eliminate the need for             and with what re-          If necessary,
your positive journey of recovery.             medications.                                       sults.                  request a second
                                               Knowledge of the medications you are tak-          Doctors aren’t per-
                                               ing can be very empowering. There are              fect and may sometimes be wrong. If you
                                               many sources of information including your         are in doubt about your care, discuss your
                                               psychiatrist, information sheets available         concerns.
                                               from your pharmacist, drug-inserts provided
                                               by the pharmaceutical company, books               Strategy #4 Prepare to Meet with Your
                                               available on the internet or at the library and    Psychiatrist
                                               the website of the Alameda County Office           Since psychiatrist appointments are very
  Give yourself credit for the                 of the Medical Director at                         short, it can be useful to make notes,
  positive changes you make.                                in advance, of the concerns or questions
                                               MedDir_default.htm.                                you would like to discuss. The more spe-
                                                                                                  cific you can be about your issues and/or

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