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iPad 3 Display Issues

Plus some rumored specs

As suppliers from China contributed their insights about
the iPad 3, it has been known that there really are
problems regarding the device’s high resolution retina

There had been reports saying that Apple has outwardly
been putting great pressures on its contractors for the
specs required by the iPad 3 to be released in the market
on time.

This also involves the time frame the company wants to complete them in.

They say that the iPad 3, when it finally gets over its display issues will have twice the
brightness and vividness that most Android tablets have.

The Retina Display of the iPad 3

As the Retina Display requires a lot of hard and smart work, companies working for Apple as
their suppliers have found too many underlying problems in yielding better results. There were
reports saying that Sharp was the only company who have been successful in producing some
good display quality.
Since the current suppliers of Apple, when it comes to these materials are Samsung and LG,
they are not allowing them to produce the materials as troubles regarding their deals have
been found to affect the production in an overwhelming state.

If Apple fails to iron these problems regarding the materials they need to complete the iPad 3, it
will cost more delays and will definitely take a toll on their sales in magnitudes.

Apple must be able to find and implement the best way so they can release the iPad 3 on time,
without losing too much money from their delayed response for upgrading gadgets.

Rumored Specs of the iPad 3

   1. Operating System

The new iPad 3 was said to be powered by the most powerful operating system introduced
today, the iOS 5. But there are also rumors saying that customers might enjoy an iPad with the
OS X and OS Lion. If this is true, the iPad might just be the best tablet as it is now given the
operating systems of MacBooks.

   2. Processor

The iPad 3 was said to have the A6 chipset. The chipset, which is an A6 chip Quad-Core
Processor with a 900MHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, and PowerVr SGX543MP2 GPU
will mark the very first iPad to have the fastest and most advanced chip to date.

   3. Multiple Modes

There are rumors saying that Apple might produce a smaller, 7-inch kind of the iPad alongside
the current 9.7-inch model. Though this may unlikely happen, this might give iPad customers
with more models to choose from.
   4. New Retina Display

A retina with 2058X1536 pixels might be supported by the iPad 3. This is despite the problems
that Apple is experiencing with the production of the glass panels. It is rumored that Sharp was
the only company to be able to yield better results upon making and testing the materials for
this feature hence creating delays in the release ofthe iPad .

   5. Camera

Forget about the two crappy cameras the iPad 2 has! It was rumored that the iPad 3 camera
will have the same camera in the iPhone 4. If this actually comes true, then the iPad 3 will
definitely dominate the tablet slate in the market.

   6. HDMI

Say no to the $39 cable for HDMI. The iPad 3 will have it less, with its own HDMI outlet and
port. No more hassle and no more extra charge.

   7. Release Date

As of all release dates made by Apple are full of rumors, the release date for the iPad 3 is no
exception. One rumor says that the iPad 3 will come this fall. However another rumor says that
there will be an iPad 3 during the Christmas season. But there are also rumors hinting a March
2012 iPad launch for the iPad 3.

   8. 4G Compatibility iPad 3

The iPad 3 was said to have the 4G compatibility against the iPad 2’s 3G.

   9. Thunderbolt Port
Some say that the iPad 3 will sport the thunderbolt port which can only be found in MacBooks.

   10. Enhanced Wireless Synchronization

The likelihood of enhanced wireless synchronization might be one of the precise rumors
neighboring not just the iPad 3 but also the iPhone 5.

   11. New SD Card Slot

A new SD card slot might just come true with the iPad 3.

   12. 3D Screen

The iPad 3 might just sport a 3D screen minus the 3D glasses. The same goes with the iPhone 5.

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