RIGHT TO CHOOSE HEALTHY FOOD Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Ph.D. Nutrition created
the not-for-profit organization Right To Choose Healthy Food (RTCHF - aka Right To
Healthy Food) and is its President and CEO. RTCHF’s vice president is Jeff Slay who
resides in St. Louis, Missouri. The organization fosters the research of particular foods and
disseminates information about them, protects small family farms and farmer’s livelihoods,
and lobbies legislators and fights for people’s rights to healthy food against
health-departments that are all controlled by Big Pharma and Agriculture. For RTCHF, Dr.
Vonderplanitz recruits organic farmers to grow and supply the people who practice his
dietary suggestions. He does all that without receiving a salary, for charity.

Dr. Vonderplanitz has been a nutritional scientist for over 40 years. His exploration into
well-being resulted from severe diseases throughout childhood, such as cancers of
blood, bone, stomach and lymph and a medical death-sentence at age 21. He has
authored 3 published books, newsletters, reports, and a DVD lecture set. His dietary
books have been translated into and published in Finish and Thai, and are being
translated into Russian and Mandarin.

Dr. Vonderplanitz resides in Malibu, California and lectures throughout the world. He is
responsible for creating, organizing, cultivating and fostering certain dietary principles
called the Primal Diet™. His dietary principles are designed on a completely natural and
organic paradigm that has proved to reverse 95% of ALL diseases, including cancers. He
humbly charges 1/10 of what other leading nutritionists charge patients so that almost
anyone can afford and utilize his help. He spends most of his time researching and

Dr. Vonderplanitz discovered and proved that when bacteria are high in the body, healing
proceeds much more rapidly. Since our bodies contain only 1 human gene to every 100
bacterial genes, we are 99% bacterial. When antibiotics and chemicals are introduced into
the body, all types of bacteria are destroyed, reducing bodily functions, endurance and
homeostasis. From just one five-days cycle of medication, such as antibiotics, 1% of
homeostasis and functions are destroyed.

Dr. Vonderplanitz empirically proved that so-called “pathogenic” bacteria are actually
janitors who do not cause disease but clean-up the damage and waste caused by toxic
chemicals. He observed in laboratories that those janitorial bacteria consumed damaged
and dead cells, not healthy live cells. Therefore, he is against any antibacterial product and
harsh chemicals, and shows how they not only do not prevent disease but create disease.
(That background is given so that the reader will understand the language and paradigm
set forth in the membership agreement.)
He discovered and empirically proved that the bacterial theory postulated by the medical
establishment, which is completely controlled by the pharmaceutical empire, is absurd
and creates at least 70% of all diseases. He discovered that those two industries are no
different than the tobacco industry that is interested in profits rather than health. He
realized that since profits were the driving force for those industries, non-curative and
toxic treatments with side effects were their focus. In other words, they create, foster and
produce medical dependencies.

For over 15 years, Dr. Vonderplanitz has cultivated relationships with certain farmers to
supply his organic-quality for foods which far exceeds the not-really organic, toxic
FDA-organic standards. His quality is named Bio-Eco-organic. In those standards, any
type of farming that produces substances that reduce soil, plant and animal probiotics and
causes chemical contamination is unacceptable.

RAWESOME FOOD CLUB Rawesome Club, Venice, California is a food-membership
club established under RTCHF. James Stewart is its founder in 2000 and has been its
General Manager under RTCHF since 2003. He was entrusted with supplying
Bio-Eco-organic raw foods according to the principles of Dr. Vonderplanitz Primal Diet™,
including nothing frozen except for ice cream and sherbets made from raw dairy, fruits and
unheated honey.

In about 2008, James Stewart and a small goat’s-milk farmer Sharon Palmer entered an
agreement to purchase a 62-acres farm for approximately 2 million dollars. James
Stewart and several Rawesome members invested about 1 million dollars. Member Larry
Otting acquired a 1-million dollars loan for the balance to secure the property and leased
the property to Sharon Palmer who completely runs the farm. They called it Healthy
Family Farms (HFF).

After her time in prison, Sharon Palmer, a 2-times-convicted felon for defrauding and
embezzling elderly people’s equity on their homes, began farming. As controller of HFF,
she has been fraudulently selling and distributing her products as organic and soy-free.
For at least 2 years, she has been mostly purchasing food-products from commercial
packagers and fraudulently repackaging them as grown at HFF and as organic.

Sharon Palmer and James Stewart entered agreements to supply only organic chicken and
eggs to Rawesome members. Proof of the agreements is included as exhibits herein. They
represented that HFF raw goat’s milk, poultry, pork, lamb and eggs were completely
organic, grass-fed, without soy, antibiotics and supplemental hormones although not of
Bio-Eco-organic quality.

Several people became increasingly sickly while eating only foods from Rawesome. Their
symptoms indicated toxicology from chemical sensitivity. One couple with a sickly child
from a previous lead-poisoning was found to have increasingly high levels of arsenic,
mercury and uranium. The parents obtained foods only from Rawesome for their child,
especially eggs and chicken. They had the eggs and chicken analyzed by the reputable and
prominent laboratory Doctor’s Data Inc. The laboratory tests concluded high levels of
mercury and arsenic and other toxins but not uranium. The parents now knew that the
chicken and eggs were responsible for the high mercury and arsenic levels in their child but
did not know why her blood was high in uranium.

Another Rawesome member who only obtained and consumed foods from Rawesome,
Tamara Hanson began to experience extremely rapid heat-beats that would last for days,
completely crippling her ability to function and work. Dr. Vonderplanitz solution for her
was to consume mostly eggs and chicken but instead of decreasing her symptoms, her
symptoms incredibly increased. Ms. Hanson’s symptoms were so terrifying to her that she
sought medical help.

Ms. Hanson’s cardiologist could not find any problem with her heart including cholesterol
so he had a toxicology test performed on her blood. Her blood had a mercury level that was
outrageously 2-times the toxic limit of mercury-poisoning. She had her current supply of
eggs and chicken from Rawesome analyzed by Doctor’s Data Inc. The tests for
HFF-distributed chicken were high in toxic uranium, arsenic, aluminum, and thallium, and
HFF-distributed eggs were high in toxic antimony, cadmium and lead.

Dr. Vonderplanitz asked the owner of HFF-mortgage Larry Otting to investigate Sharon
Palmer and her practices at HFF farm. Together, Mr. Otting and Dr. Vonderplanitz
interviewed and contracted with an Investigative firm to investigate and report on the past
and present activities of Sharon Palmer and HFF. After one-month of investigation, the
Investigative Report was written (report is included on this website). It is a shocking report
of fraudulent activity revealing that every member of Rawesome who ate HFF-distributed
chicken and eggs was poisoned.

Dr. Vonderplanitz introduced the sickly child’s parents to Ms. Hanson. It was obvious that
the uranium that was also high from their child’s Rawesome-supplied diet was coming
from the HFF chicken. The discrepancy of varying levels of different toxins was because
Ms. Palmer purchased commercial products from commercial houses who acquired their
products from various commercial ranches and farms.

Testimony by three (3) former employees and photographs at HFF of
HFF-product-handling prove that even the animals at HFF were fed toxic commercial
feed. They breached their contracts and responsibility to RTCHF’s Rawesome Club
members, and Dr. Vonderplanitz, causing physical, emotion, psychological and
financial harm to club members.

The photographs also show how few chickens Sharon Palmer and James Stewart
maintained at HFF until September 2010. They did NOT hatch, order or receive the
weekly supplies of organically raised chicks to maintain the large flocks required to
supply the volume of eggs and chickens they sold weekly.

James Stewart and Sharon Palmer caused physical harm to all RTCHF’s Rawesome Club
members who consumed the toxic eggs and poultry purchased from commercial
wholesalers and distributed as organic at Rawesome Club with at least mercury, arsenic,
uranium, thallium, antimony, cadmium, lead and aluminum. (See test results on this
Because of the fact that those foods are principle foods for certain health conditions,
several of Dr. Vonderplanitz patients were unable to recover and got worse by eating the
toxic eggs and chicken. The patients did very well for many years up to the time that
Sharon Palmer and James Stewart began distributing HFF products to Rawesome
members. In the average time it takes to accumulate enough of those toxins in Chemically
Sensitive individuals to cause harm, chemically sensitive patients of Dr. Vonderplanitz
became very ill.

As soon as all of the evidence was produced, Dr. Vonderplanitz, RTCHF trustees and Mr.
Otting announced their findings to James Stewart. James Stewart contacted Sharon
Palmer and they both claimed all of the evidence was false and that the disgruntled fired
ex-employees who testified against them got together and conspired against them for
various absurd reasons. Instead of producing proof of their claims, Mr. Stewart and Ms.
Palmer resorted to character assassination, slander and libel against the ex-employees, Mr.
Otting and Dr. Vonderplanitz. The character-bashing card is the last tool of
persuasion implemented by scoundrels. Sharon Palmer refuses to show any records
from the farm to support any of her claims.

However, the ex-employees Christopher Girard, Judi and Gaylord von Schleifer stated that
Sharon fired them because they continually objected to Sharon and James’ fraudulent
practices at HFF and Rawesome. See testimonial exhibits in Investigative report and others
on this website.

It was further established that the rare times that Ms. Palmer bought chicks to increase her
flocks, she purchased from commercial non-organic producers that feed inorganic
commercial feeds with soy and are likely injected with antibiotics and/or vaccines. Sharon
Palmer and James Stewart have not produced one iota of evidence to prove their claims.
They have not produced any receipt for organic feeds or organic chicks purchased at any
time from December, 2008- September, 2010. However, the investigative report reveals
that they purchased commercial products and fraudulently repackaged them as raised on
HFF and stated that they were organic without soy, hormones and antibiotics.

As a consequence of Dr. Vonderplanitz, Mr. Otting and parents-of-the-chemically-
sensitive child making public the test-results and negative consequences of James Stewart
and Sharon Palmers’ toxic products, James Stewart and recently appointed Rawesome
trustees barred the parents of the sickly child, Mr. Otting and Dr. Vonderplanitz from
Rawesome Club. Those four persons were barred because they warned other member’s of
the inorganic quality, toxicity and breach of faith and contracts by James Stewart and
Sharon Palmer. The whistleblowers were and are punished.

Because Mr. Stewart is an owner of the property on which Rawesome Club functions,
James Stewart usurped his power to bar certain members and RTCHF from the property,
stole Rawesome from RTCHF jurisdiction and illegally broke contracts with RTCHF.
Those four members and the chemically-sensitive child were left without their regular
sources of Primal Diet™-quality food, affecting their quality of health and circumstances
physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

James Stewart illegally broke agreements with RTCHF and setup another trust to
continue supplying Rawesome members of products. He endangered members’
ability to acquire the foods because Dr. Vonderplanitz and RTCHF contracted with
the farmers that supply most of Rawesome’s products. Dr. Vonderplanitz could have
stopped the supply of products to Rawesome but chose not to for compassion for
members; they would have been without sources for those healthy products that were
not supplied by toxic HFF.

Prior to September, 2010, both Sharon Palmer and James Stewart were entrusted
with recruiting, signing and collecting fees from members to RTCHF. They
collected thousands of dollars in fees and never sent any of it to RTCHF who
protected them for years, as agreed and promised.

Also, Sharon Palmer altered RTCHF membership agreement and tripled
membership fees without permission, fraudulently counterfeiting and
misrepresenting RTCHF requirements and membership activities. Both James
Stewart and Sharon Palmer embezzled RTCHF funds, committing felony larceny.

Additionally, Sharon Palmer forged and counterfeited deed documents that falsely
claimed she held title to the property on which HFF resides. On the actual deed
documents, her name is never mentioned. She constructed and altered buildings
without permits, making Mr. Otting liable for her wrongdoings. Mr. Otting has
been charged with a crime and must appear in court to defend himself. He has had
to spend hours with government departments and lots of money trying to resolve
the issues but Ms Palmer will not allow him on the property to correct building and
safety issues she created. Although Mr. Otting is deeded-owner, tenant-rights will
not allow him to enter the property without a court order. He is pursuing it in court
and it is costly and time-consuming.

Subsequently, to prove partial innocence, Mr. Stewart and Ms. Palmer had laboratory
tests performed, supposedly, on their HFF chickens and eggs. Although they claim
that it was their HFF eggs and chickens, we have no evidence, only their testimony
that is too suspect to trust. Obviously, the products that were tested were not the
commercial products that they sold to members who had those items tested. They
continue to distribute and sell their toxic non-organic products as healthy organic

James Stewart has caused RTCHF to be impotent in executing its responsibilities to
protect members. He failed to provide RTCHF and Dr. Vonderplanitz with
evidence of false arrest of Club members and theft of member’s property. At least
eleven (11) times Mr. Stewart was asked for the evidence and every time he
promised to produce it but failed.
All acts by James Stewart and Sharon Palmer mentioned herein contraindicate
caring for and protecting Rawesome member’s health and well-being. Their acts
have done members harm while Mr. Stewart and Ms. Palmer profited. That is the

There was a previous incident that occurred in 2009, forewarning of Mr. Stewart and
Ms. Palmer’s clandestine conspiracy to supply toxic food as organic and profit. Dr.
Vonderplanitz experienced high-salt symptoms after eating HFF chicken that was
excessively edemic (water-retention). Often, fraudulent farmers will increase the
weight of the products by soaking them in salt water to increase weight and increase
profits. Dr. Vonderplanitz confided in James Stewart to investigate to discover if Ms
Palmer was soaking her chickens in brine. Instead, Mr. Stewart called Ms. Palmer
and accepted her word that the chickens were not soaked in brine or subjected to salt
in feed.

Dr. Vonderplanitz purchased more HFF chicken and had it analyzed. It was high in
sodium, indicating salt had been used in feed or soaked in brine. Dr. Vonderplanitz gave
the information to Mr. Stewart. Mr. Stewart called Chemir Laboratories and spoke with
a technician. The technician stated that the levels were acceptable according to
FDA-standards. Mr. Stewart condemned Dr. Vonderplanitz for false representation of
HFF products. It was then understood that Mr. Stewart was not interested in Primal
Diet™-quality or even organic standards for sodium and was satisfied with poor
FDA-quality standards for his HFF products, damaging many members health with
elevated salt (sodium carbonate) levels.

There are many more shocking details to the events and testimonies mentioned herein
however, RTCHF chose to include only the most pertinent and basic facts and reserves the
rest for criminal and civil procedures against Sharon Palmer and James Stewart.

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