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					  Cloud Telephony and IVRS based
     Daily Monitoring System:
   A Revolutionary Approach for
Monitoring Government Programmes

                Nomination & Presentation by
         Sudhanshu Tripathi, Chief Finance Officer,
                 Mid Day Meal Authority, U.P.
      e-mail:, Ph +91 94150 14378
       A New Tool of Monitoring
• Revolutionary System of Data collection,
  Monitoring & Intervention for huge programmes
• Output on Real time basis
• MIS & DSS built into the System
• Successfully implemented since Jun’10 for Mid
  Day Meal scheme in 1.52 lac schools
   – Tracks number of students actually fed daily
   – Tracks number of schools not serving meals

• Objective
   – Making School as the basic unit for information flow &
     monitoring rather than district
   – Bridging gaps in monitoring due to problems inherent in
     conventional system of monthly/ quarterly reporting
• Concept note submitted in 2007 focused on
  interface between computer and telecom for
  developing Monitoring System based on toll-free sms
• Limitation of sms based solution: toll-free sms across
  networks not possible
• Feasible solution for access of data on real time
  basis: via Cloud Telephony & IVRS (Interactive Voice
  Response System) through an Out Bound Dialing        4
              MDM: The Scheme
• A GOI scheme for providing cooked meal to children
  studying in schools
• Implementation in U.P. – PS & UPS
• GOI norms of food-grain & cooking cost followed
• About 1.52 lac schools & 137 lac students availing
  MDM on daily basis
• An Autonomous MDM Authority functioning at State
  level for monitoring
• District Magistrate as the District level Nodal Officer
  with Basic Education Officer to assist
  Conventional Reporting structure
• Monthly basis of reporting
• MDM register at school/ block/ district level for
  monthly physical & financial information:
     • The schools fill up the number of students availing mid
       day meal on daily basis in the school level MDM register.
       This number is taken from the attendance register;
     • The data provided by schools is supposed to be compiled
       at the block level and further at the district level;
     • The district office submits the district-wise data so
       compiled to the MDMA on monthly basis through online
• QPR generated through the system
 Problems in Conventional System of Info - Flow
• School-wise report not available at the district/ state
• The time lag in data flow leading to
   – Scope for data manipulation
   – Chances of excess physical/financial reporting
   – Delay in remedial action
   – Efficacy of the system jeoparadised
   – Defaulting schools’ info in next month only
• Physical inspection/ monitoring of the scheme
  presently based on random selection basis and not on
  exception basis                                    6
                DMS: How…..
• DPR developed
• Project assigned on turn-key basis
• Codification of about 1.52 lac schools done
• Mobile numbers of about 4.5 lac headmasters,
  Asst. Teachers, Shiksha Mitras collected
• Operational Manual published & distributed to all
  the teachers in the State
• Online demo/ training conducted in all the 820
  blocks of the State
• Real-time data collection started in June’10
  …within two months of record time of assigning
  the project                                     7
    Implementation of the System
• IVR calls from 89066 11111
• Teachers to reply to the IVR calls for informing number of
  students availing MDM on that day
• Info to be given by way of keying-in on one’s mobile
• In case one misses out replying to the IVR call, one needs
  to give a missed call to the same no.
• The System will call back on its own within 5 minutes of
  the missed call
• “0” info means the meal not served
• Helpline/ Toll free No. 1800 1800 666,
• MIS available on
Technical Details and Configuration
• For Large Volumes of Data Collection and analysis
  innovative ICT solutions deployed are
   – Telephony Cloud         - IVRS         - Hindi Text To Speech
   – Internet                - Datacenter
• Accordingly, Project Solution Components used are
   –   Telephony Cloud and IVRS
   –   Hindi text to Speech technologies
   –   SMS Alerts and SMS Gateway
   –   Cloud Computing Platform with Web Based PaaS / SaaS/ IaaS
   –   Call Center (both inbound and outbound)
   –   Toll Free Helpline (18001800666)
   –   Data-center (Tier III)
   –   DR (Disaster Recovery Site)
• Nowhere else these technologies have been deployed for
  reporting.                                            9
    Major Challenges & Solutions
• Challenges
   – How to ‘pull’ data from teachers!
   – How to ensure that for providing data through their own
     mobile, no expenses are involved!
   – How to motivate teachers!
   – Sustainability through local & administrative support
   – Intervention required for specific schools not serving MDM
• Solutions
   – Outbound Dialing
   – Online demo/ training conducted in all blocks
   – Teachers association taken into confidence
   – Decision taken to call up SMCs
   – Log-ins to Commissioners/ DMs/ BSAs & Alerts
            Innovative Features
• A Paradigm shift in Reporting System
• Hallmark of the New Tool: Process Innovation
   – Removes time-lag in data-flow
   – Monitoring based on Exception reports rather than Random
   – Quick & Pointed Remedial action
   – Data manipulation done away with
• IVR calls from a Virtual number on teachers’ mobile
• Teachers key-in no. of children availing meal on their
  mobile; ‘0’ means no meals
• System of repeat calls/ reminder SMS/ calling other
  teachers of the school/ call escalation             12
   Innovative Features….. contd.
• Data ‘pull’ vis-à-vis data ‘push’
• Real Time Performance Evaluation possible
• Teacher not to spend a single paisa/ No
  mobile phones required to be given
• Monthly verification of data fed
• From Info-paucity to Info-wealthy
• Objective inputs for Policy Making
• Simple/ Feasible/ Replicable
• Daily MIS for MDM at District/ Division/ State
  on                              13
Success & Impact: Quantitative
                  No. of Schools   No. of schools   Percentage
                  data received    meal was not
                       from           served
Jul 1, 2010 to        97,359          27404            28%
Sep 30, 2010

Jan 1, 2011 to       1,06,321         14123            13%
Mar 31, 2011

Apr 1, 2011 to       1,26,615         14904            12%
May 20, 2011

Aug 1, 2011 to   1,31,469          6764                 5%
Sep 23, 2011

   Success & Impact: Qualitative
• Target Community: 1.22 crore children who
  should avail meal daily
• No. of schools not serving meals coming down
  means meals to otherwise deprived children
• Knowledge of status of implementation to
  public, once system goes in public domain
• Social Audit: Decision taken to call SMCs
• Enhanced community ownership of MDM

                                    Status before the implementation        Status after the implementation
                                             of the initiative                      of the initiative
Key result areas
Information about schools      not No authentic information available      Exact information available daily
serving MDM
Information about schools      not Compiled information          available School wise information available
serving MDM                        month wise                              on daily basis
Immediacy of intervention          Not possible                            Possible, based on objective criteria

Key performance indicators
Periodicity of information          Monthly/quarterly                      Daily

Level from which information made District                                 School i.e. the actual level of
available                                                                  implementation
System of alerts                  Not available                            Alerts available to higher ups for
                                                                           remedial action
Quality of data                     Compiled monthly                       Real time data

Transparency                        Information   often    based       on Transparent,     actual        information
                                    percentage basis                      available
Socio-economic               impact
Knowledge       of     status    of Not available                          Possible to be made available in
implementation to public                                                   public domain
Social Audit                        Not possible                           Possible

Level of community ownership        Low                                    High

Beneficiaries' feedback             Available, if at      all,    through Directly    available     to     decision
                                    hierarchical system                   makers
 Success Stories Out of the Project
• Instant info leading to check on distortion/
  manipulation of data
• Percent basis of consumption done away with
• No. of schools not serving meals coming down
• Teachers – A happy lot
• Teacher communicating directly with the district/
  state level administrator brings in inclusiveness
• GOI approval of Action Plan 2011-12 based on
  DMS data
     Future Path & Scalability…..
• Availability of information on public domain
• Third Party Evaluation by calling up SMCs
• Auto reconciliation of CBS accounts of schools
• Uploading Inspection reports/ photos etc
• Grievance redressal
• Each school’s complete database for Food-grain/CC
  lifted/allocated/ utilised to be built into the System
• All MPRs/ QPRs directly procured by the State
  Govt. & GOI from the website
      Future Path & Scalability…..
•   Monitoring on auto-pilot mode
•   Enough time for remedial intervention/ policy
•   Replication by GOI for MDM for all states
•   Areas/ Programmes where the New Tool can
    be used
    – Development schemes with one/two parameters
    – For info of daily collection of revenue viz. for Excise,
      Commercial/Entertainment Tax, Mandis etc
    – For daily no. of F.I.Rs, no. of Challans by traffic police,
      OPD/IPD, Data from ANMs for Health Programmes etc
    – Surprise checks based on exception reports
             THE VISION

     (Login: cfo, Password: trips)
                         Presented by
                     Sudhanshu Tripathi,
         Chief Finance Officer, MDM Authority, U.P.
      e-mail:, Ph +91 94150 14378

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