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RM Assignment 02


									Assignment 02
Deadline: 6Th May 2009 [Before Class Time]  This assignment needs to be done in group of 2 students. Groups have to be decided by you.  Every group must choose one of the following topics as research topic. o Current status of IT industry and its future prospects [With respect to revenue, quality, infrastructure, standards, government support and practices]. o Bridging the gap between industry requirements and Academia. o Standardization of processes and its impact on business. o Pakistan as an outsourcing destination, Problems, challenges and Opportunities. o Or any other topic of your choice [Get Approved First]  You People have to conduct at least 5 Managerial Level interviews or go for a research survey of minimum of ten companies.  If you are going for a questionnaire, get it approved from me before distributing in industry.  You people have to submit the interview notes/questionnaire responses and a two page summary of your findings.

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