Let's celebrate basant n Valentine's day by smbutt


									Let's celebrate basant n Valentine's day:
Lets Dance bcz:

We r not facing conditions like these women; lost their family n homes

Muslim Celebrations

Israeli Celebration: Killed 2 school kids in the middle of their class room

See anything similar

……….Of Course ……….RED Color •

Celebrate that our kids r not facing dooms like


Who cares

Don’t b extremist: let's have fun

This boy was killed while holding the white flag for peace he wasn’t our boy so no problem

Our men safe and healthy

Bcz v r not Palestinians

Ahhh red Color…….my fav

Suicide bombing…..Not again; y duz human blood have to b in red color……spoiled the whole fun of valentine


Bcz v r queuing up for flour


No matter if sharp strings cut anyone's throat

And there must b LOTS of lighting to show our joy

Even if v r having 18 hrs load shedding in small cities

Live as u like bcz u can

But remember; these ppl did have a life full of enjoyment And they lost it Bcz they forgot their Creator • n He let the enemies overpower them N now they r seen like this: •

Don’t forward this if u don’t feel to b a • part of Muslim Ummah………ummah of our beloved Prophet sallala hu alai he wasallam.

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