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					Woodstock Telephone Company
337 Aetna Street
PO Box C
Ruthton, Mn. 56170
658-3830 or 1-800-752-9397

To Our New Customers:

  To become a new customer of ours we ask that you look over the enclosed material
and send us the information back.

   We ask for a $100.00 deposit from every new customer. You will receive this amount
back in six months if we receive the first six months of payments by the 15th of every
month. We will apply this to your bill at that time. If payments were not made in a
timely manner we will apply the deposit upon disconnection.
   There is also a connection charge that will appear on your first bill. This varies in the
fact if you want jacks installed, ect. Please ask the charge when connecting.
   Enclosed is a list of long distance carriers that are available for this area. You may
choose any carrier you want but you must establish an account with them so your long
distance will work. ATT is the only exception, we can establish that account and that
appears on our billing. All the other carriers- you will receive a separate bill in the mail
   We have many calling features and class features. Please fill out any that you would
like and return the enclosed sheets of paper along with the $100.00 deposit. All features
are explained on pages 8-12 of our telephone directories.
    Local internet service is available. We offer dial up internet for all areas and DSL
internet service only if you live within six miles of your local town. Call our office for
questions-658-3830 or 1-800-752-9397.
   If you live in Ruthton you may call Tyler, Holland and Woodstock toll free. If you live
in Woodstock you may call Ruthton and Pipestone toll free. If you live in Holland you
can call Ruthton and Pipestone toll free. If you live in Garvin you may call Tracy toll
free. If you live in Russell you may call Marshall toll free.

  Our business office also takes care of the cable tv in the towns of Holland, Woodstock
and Ruthton. This is for the homes within the city limits.

  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

Customer Information


Additional Adult Names__________________________

911 Address___________________________________

PO Box Number________________________________


How do you want your number listed in the directory?


What date would you like services to begin? ________________________

Do you want Inside wire maintenance at a cost of $1.35 a month?______________
(Covers the cost of all inside wires and repair)

Do you have your own telephones or do you need to rent ours ?____________

Feature options

$1.25 per month

Call Forwarding___________                 Toll restriction code______________
Three way calling__________                Distinctive ring__________________
Call Waiting______________                 Auto call back__________________

$3.00 per month
Teen Line________________                  Caller ID______________________
Voice Mail_______________
Line Blocking Service
(non-published numbers- attention)

I would like the line blocking service. With this service all outgoing calls will indicate
private to people who have Caller ID unless you dial *82 which will unblock your line for
that one call only,. There is no monthly charge for this service. .

Name_________________Telephone number__________________Date___________

(Please check in our phone books for the blocking options you have.)

Cable TV
I live in the town of Ruthton, Holland or Woodstock.
Please connect me to your basic package at $25.00 w/tax per month______
Please connect me to HBO for an additional $10.50_________
You must choose two carriers, they can be the same or they can be two different ones. If
you do not choose ATT, then you have to call the telephone number listed after the name
to set up service with that carrier. Your intralata carrier is your carrier in the 507 area
code. Your interlata carrier is everything outside the 507 area code.
071             Broadwing Telecommunications                     1-800-422-1199
098             US West (intra service only)                     1-800-244-1111
432              QWEST                                           1-800-860-2255
222             MCI                                              1-800-444-2222
244             Touch America Service Bureau                     1-800-823-4664
284             Amerivision Communications                       1-800-800-7550
288             ATT                                              1-800-222-0300
333             Sprint                                           1-800-877-4646
355             US Link                                          1-800-450-7500
372             Williams Communications                          1-888-465-9516
444             Global Crossings                                 1-800-783-2020
450             WorldCom-LDDS                                    1-800-275-0100
488                          ITT
555                         WILTEL
502             World X-change                                   1-800-569-8700
603             Incomnet Communications                          1-800-569-4682
643             Winstar                                          1-888-465-9516
649             Working Assets                                   1-800-788-8588
658             Oncor Communications                             1-800-825-5533
725             McLeod USA                                       1-800-500-8000
795             McLeod USA
727             Switch 2000                                      1-507-345-5670
752             Excel Communications                             1-800-875-9235
780             Matrix Telecom                                   1-800-282-0242
835             TeleCom*USA                                      1-800-866-3311
873             OneStar Long Distance Inc                        1-800-473-7378
912             NorLight Telecom                                 1-800-820-7880
5014            Furst Group                                      1-800-233-4736
5453            Group Long Distance                              1-800-728-3888
5483            Verizon Long Distance                            1-800-343-2092
5957            LightYear Communications                         1-800-393-7300
6060            Telec, Inc                                       1-800-728-3288
6678            Wilsave Inc.                                     1-800-728-3288
6746            The Phone Company                                1-888-825-5265
6769            RCC Network Inc                                  1-320-762-2000
Please Choose
IntraLata Carrier                                       InterLata Carrier
________________                                ______________________

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