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                                   *If you have an e-mail address, please forward it to
                                      or so you can receive information via e-mail.

                                 JUNE 30, 2010 – COST IS $75.00 - REGISTRATION AND SCHOLARSHIP
                                                      FORMS ARE ENCLOSED!
April, 2010

   Greetings from the                       The fax number is (405) 682-9292.           REUNION SCHEDULE
                                            Rooms have been reserved if you
Reunion Co-Chairpersons                     need hotel accommodations. The
 Carolyn Bullock-Starks (‟71) and
       Wayne Jones (‟70)                    room rate is $124 per night (up to 4
                                            people).                                Thursday, August 5th @ 7:00 pm
                                                                                      “OLD FASHION CHURCH
The reunion is less than 4 ½ months                                                            SERVICE”
away. The date is set, the place has        Souvenir Book: Let‟s make this
                                            year‟s souvenir book the best book        The Loving St. James Baptist
been secured and so much effort has                                                              Church
been put into making this reunion an        ever. Send your ads to the Dunjee
                                            post office box or e-mail Prins              38th & Adair (Spencer)
unforgettable experience for all.                                                   Come and be blessed by the
NOW ALL WE NEED IS YOU                      Anderson at or
                                            call her at (405) 424-7693. We          melodious voices of the Dunjee All-
TO COME AND PARTICIPATE!                                                            School Reunion Fellowship Choir
                                            would like to see photos and ads of
                                            the Dunjee Sweethearts listed in the    and hear powerful messages from
 5 “W‟s” of the Dunjee Reunion                                                      Revs. Clabe Wright („64) and Edgar
Who: Dunjee All School Alumni               newsletter on pages 4 and 5.
                                                                                    “Lucky” Crawford (‟71).
       (attendees, teachers and
        graduates, friends)                 Also, advertise your business, well-
                                            wishes, memorials and don‟t forget      If you would like to sing in the choir
What: 2010 Reunion Activities                                                       during the reunion festivities, please
Where: Embassy Suites Hotel                 the Patron‟s List for $5 per line.
                                                                                    contact Mentoria (LaCue) Mitchell
       1815 S Meridian                                                              (‟67) at (405) 771-4524 or Larry
       OKC, OK 73108                        Vendors: If you want to set up a
                                            display and sell your products, the     Fugett (‟70) at (405) 863-7470 or
       (405) 682-6000                                                               via e-mail at
When: August 5-8, 2010                      cost is $50. Contact Prins Anderson
                                            at or call her at        for the rehearsal schedule.
Why: Renew friendships and
       have fun.                            (405)     424-7693      for   more
                                            information.                                    Friday, August 6th
                                                                                           Embassy Suite Hotel
Total registration cost is $75 which
includes: banquet, dance, picnic, t-        Pictures: A photographer will be at
shirt, souvenir book, chance to win         the banquet and dance - so put on
                                            your best smile. The cost for a 5 x 7
prizes and a fantastic time getting re-                                                   12:00 noon – 3:30 pm
                                            picture is $10 and 8 x 10 is $15.
acquainted. You can participate in                                                     Closed from 3:30 – 5:30 pm
any or all activities for a nominal fee                                                     Re-open at 5:30 pm
(see attached registration form).                     Health Tip!                   Pick up your registration packets at
                                              Drink at least 8 glasses of water     the reserved section at the hotel.
Contact Embassy Suites to make                              a day.
hotel reservations at (405) 682-6000.                ______________
Any inquiries, comments, address changes (e-mail or physical), send e-mail to:, or call Carolyn
Bullock-Starks @ (405) 204-4578, or mail comments to Post Office Box 886, Nicoma Park, OK 73066.
A hospitality room will be open if         participants from the community and            Siblings: Sharon, Theron and
you want to socialize. There will be       of course, you too if you so desire.           Averal (June, 2009)
food trays and beverages available
while you get re-acquainted and            For those who would like ribs,               Ronnie Allen (‟63)
fellowship.                                chicken, etc., we have contacted              Siblings: Linda (deceased) and
          ____________                     Chuck‟s Bar B-Q and Catering who              John Robert (‟60) (July, 2009)
                                           will have a catering truck on-site
                                           where you can purchase a meal for            Charlie Bradley („59)
                                           $7.50.                                        Siblings: Leola, Theola, Leo, Carl,
                                                                                         Eloise, Winfred, Mary (Aug,
          “BANQUET”                                                                      2009)
              7:00 pm
      Embassy Suite Hotel                              “DANCE”                          James (Jimmy) Sanders (‟72)
Come and enjoy a delectable meal           Embassy Suites Hotel @ 8:00 pm                Sibling: Linda (deceased) (July,
and an outstanding program. The            Dress in your finest attire – “come            2009)
speaker will be Secialue Porter (‟70).     get your groove on” with Dunjee
       ________________                    alumni. The DJ for this year is                Brit Love (‟69) (July, 2009)
                                           Dunjee‟s own, James Wilson („72).               Wife: Joyce Downs-Love
                                           Don‟t miss it!                                  Sibling: Donetta Love-Starks

                                           If you don‟t pre-register for the              Billy West (‟68)
             “PARADE”                      dance, you can pay $20 admission at             Sibling: Marla (July, 2009)
        Saturday, August 7th               the door.
          @ 11:00 am at the                        ________________                       Effie Bridgett Jackson-Ross
   Old Dunjee Site - 41st & Adair            Sunday, August 8th @ 3:00 pm                  (Mother of Randolph Jackson)
 (Parade participants will line-up                                                         (August, 2009)
      promptly at 10:00 a.m.)
Parade-watchers can line up from                                                          Pecoliar Williams, Sr.
the school site to the park. There                                                         Children: Brenda, Carolyn,
will be floats, horses, cars, walkers,     “GOSPEL EXTRAVAGANZA”                           Roscoe “Chuckie”, Pecoliar, Jr,
kids, etc.                                        True Vine Ministries                     and Gail) (Sept, 2009)
         ________________                    36th and Spencer-Jones Road
                                                       Spencer, OK                        Herman Williams (‟61)
                                           Come and listen to the melodious                (Sept, 2009)
                                           voices of the Dunjee All-School
                                           Reunion Fellowship Choir in a                  Booker T. Jones (‟45)
                                           service of song and praise.                     Children: Russell, Larry, Peggy,
                                                    _______________                        Wayne, Sharon, Linda, Donna,
 (immediately following parade)
The picnic will be held at Minnis                                                          Janet, Brent, Steven and Derrick.
Lakeview Park. Bring your lawn                                                             (Sept, 2009)
chairs, cards, dominos and games.          On a sad note, the Dunjee family has
                                                                                          Samuel Ross („52)
                                           experienced many deaths since the
This year, we plan to do something                                                         (Sept, 2009)
                                           printing of the last newsletter (June,
different. In your registration, we ask    2009) and we want to continue to
for $5 to defray the cost of food.                                                        Elcenia Reid-Cummings („56)
                                           pray for the following families:
This would purchase hamburgers,                                                            (Sept, 2009)
                                            Lenard “J.R.” Johnson, Jr. (‟72)
hot dogs, drinks, and paper goods            Wife: Carolyn Taylor-Johnson
for the children and parade

Any inquiries, comments, address changes (e-mail or physical), send e-mail to:, or call Carolyn
Bullock-Starks @ (405) 204-4578, or mail comments to Post Office Box 886, Nicoma Park, OK 73066.
 Morris Allen (‟65)                           Thomas, Bernice, Mark and                Kera Doris Copelyn (‟66)
  Siblings: Shirley, Margaret Jean,            Gaylon (Nov, 2009)                        Siblings: Pat and Jesse
  Billy Don (deceased), Martha                                                           (Feb., 2010)
  Jane, Artchela Fay, Edward                  Floyd Melvin Jackson, Jr.
  Franklin, Kathleen, Eugene                   (son of Regina (Orange) and Don          Tomonica Ellis (daughter of
  James, John Louis, Lex LaRue,                Flora and Grandson of Jessie and          Clyde and Audrey Ellis)
  Brenda Kay, Alvin (deceased)                 Oletha Orange, Sr.) (Dec, 2009)           (Feb., 2010)
  and Billy Ray (Sept, 2009)
                                            Debra (Goosby) Nero (‟72)                  Leon Timberlake („68)
 Bishop Smallwood, Sr.                      Siblings: Don, Alisha, Sharon,              Siblings: Johnny, Laura, Carolyn,
  Father of: Bishop, Jr., Bernard,           Gregory, Terry, and Shelley                 Carrie B, Phyllis, Ricky, Janice,
  Larry, Brenda, Linda, Dwight,              (Dec, 2009)                                 J.C. (deceased)
  Cheryl (Sept, 2009)                                                                    (Feb., 2010)
                                            Patricia (Nickleberry) Dumas
 Thyler Payne (son of Theodis                     (‟72)                                Mary Mosley (Mother of Leroy,
  Payne) (Oct, 2009)                         Siblings:   Brenda,    Louise               Digsby, Linda, Barbara, Herbert
                                             (deceased), Melvin, Roland,                 Dale, Nathaniel, Wayne, Joyce,
 Lonnie Webb (‟62)                          Danny, Calvin, Lisa, Yvonne,                Dennis, Ivan, David
  Siblings: Charlene, Raymond                Annette, Willie Jr. and Ricky               (Feb., 2010)
  Harris, Bolan and Bernard                  (Dec, 2009)
  (deceased) (Oct, 2009)                                                                Edgar Crawford, Sr (Father of
                                            Michael Patton – son of Carolyn             Doris, Jimmy, Ricky, Sandra,
 Laverne R Flynn (‟70)                      (Sweet) Smallwood (‟63) and                 Mae, Opal, Edgar, Jr (Lucky),
  Siblings: Rosana, Vera, Jean,              Craig Patton (‟64) and stepson of           Stevie, Lynn, Glenn (Feb, 2010)
  Sarah and Franklin (Oct, 2009)             Bishop Smallwood (Jan, 2010)
                                                                                        Ralph Campbell (‟74)
 Dwain A. Baker (son of Ernest             Harriett (Ray) Jones (‟72)                  Siblings: Marva (Campbell)
  Baker, Sr. („61) and Evelyn                Sibling: Geary (Jan. 2010)                  Wandick, Phil Eugene, Danny
  Johnson-Jackson.) (Oct, 2009)                                                          Ray, Joseph, Jr., and Tony
                                            Chester Frazier (‟59)                       Wayne (March, 2010)
   Lillie Kelly                             (Jan., 2010)
    Siblings:    Charles,    Harriet,                                                   Fred C. Factory (Principal)
    (deceased), and Clarence Stewart,       Clara Richardson (mother of                 Children:   Fred, and Cecil
    Donald, Alice and Fay Kelley.            A.C, Catherenele, Barbara,                  (deceased) (March, 2010)
    (Oct, 2009)                              Joyce, Betty, Pete, Raymond,
                                             Cora Lee) (Jan., 2010)                     Melvin Franklin (husband of
   Don Roach (Oct, 2009)                                                                Carol Billingslea) (‟51)
                                            Dorsie Champion (mother of                  (March, 2010)
   Linda Ballard (‟64)                      Beverly (Thomas) Williams (‟61)
    Siblings: Theopolis, Norma Jean,         and Verneva Thomas (‟59)                  Please accept our apology if a name
    Theodore, MaryAnna, Marva,               (Jan., 2010)                              was not listed or family members
    Martha, Howard (deceased)                                                          were not included of the deceased.
    Ramona, Robert and Thomas.              Faye (Milligan) French (‟67)
    (Nov, 2009)                              Siblings: Frank, Laretha, Mae             If you know of an alumni that has
                                             Pearl, Mae Frances, Edna, Earl,           passed or experiencing health
   Curtis Wilson (‟71)                      Donnell,     Ruth    (deceased)           challenges, please notify Joyce
    Sibings: Jerri Abbey, James              (Feb., 2010)                              Henderson     via    e-mail    at
    Thelma McDonald, Ernest,                                                  or call

Any inquiries, comments, address changes (e-mail or physical), send e-mail to:, or call Carolyn
Bullock-Starks @ (405) 204-4578, or mail comments to Post Office Box 886, Nicoma Park, OK 73066.
her at (405) 478-1049. An e-mail           who found love and married “back                celebrated their 38th wedding
will be sent to everyone on the e-         in the day” and continue to celebrate           anniversary on December 4,
mail list. Please include the              their devotion to one another. Some             2009. They are the proud parents
following information, if possible:        of the couples identified are:                  of Sterling Jr, Monique and
 name and year graduated                   Eddie Lee (‟44) and Fannie Mae                Shawn; grandparents of 12
 date/time/location of services               (‟45) Johnson celebrated their              grandchildren.
 phone number and address of                  63rd wedding anniversary on
    relative to receive mailings in            September 11, 2009. They are the         Chester (‟63) and Gwendolyn
    case someone would like to send            proud parents of Joyce (‟64), Etta        (Reed) (‟64) Lewis
    a card.                                    (‟65), Barbara (‟67) and LaVerne
 Siblings                                     (‟69);grandparents to 4 grandsons        Michael (‟70) and Marta (Harris)
           ______________                      and great grandparents of 8.              (71) Ruffin celebrated their 37th
                                                                                         wedding anniversary on May 30,
                                            Oria („54) and Annie (Braggs)               2009. They are proud parents of
                                             („55) Anderson                              3 daughters and 5 grandchildren.
       Dunjee Alumni
        Usher Board                         Jessie („54) and Oleta (Tease)             Rev. Eddie (‟71) and Marva
It has been suggested that we needed         („54) Orange                                (Parker) (‟66) White celebrated
an usher board to be available for                                                       their 29th wedding anniversary on
funerals and other Dunjee activities.       Andrew („65) and            Martha          September 6, 2009. They are the
                                             (LaCue) („65) Dunlap                        proud parents of 2 children and 1
Maxine (Majors) Williams („59)                                                           grandchild.
volunteered to head this committee.         Walter („67) and Crystal (Lesley)
Other members are: Yvonne                    („66) Long                                 Bishop Leo (‟70) and Debra
(Fulkerson)     Traylor,    Sametta                                                      (Winston) (‟71) Johnson
(Simmons) Mixon (‟63), Berlin Nero          Johnnie („66) and Barbara (Ellis)
(‟64), Wanda (Porter) Jackson (‟69),         („70) Timberlake                           Tony (‟70) and Betty (Jackson)
Phyllis (Timberlake) Colbert (‟70)                                                       („72) Jones
and Leonard Johnson III (son of             Vernon („59) and Doris (Luster)
Carolyn (Taylor) Johnson. If you‟re          („57) Mukes                                Cornelius (‟59) and Roceania
interested in participating or need                                                      (Johnson)    (‟58)    Anderson
the services of the usher board,            Marvin („__) and Pauletta                   celebrated 50 years of marriage
please contact Mrs. Williams at              (Orange) („__) Mosley                       on December 12, 2009.
(405) 769-4817 or e-mail Yvonne
(Fulkerson) Traylor (‟71) at                Joe Willie („__) and Ozella                Dwight (‟73) and              Sharon                             _________ („__) Orange                      (Conley) (‟72) Guy
          Health Tip!                       Eddie („65) and Florence Lawson            James („‟67) and Annie (Porter)
 Keep your doctor’s appointments             („65) Wallace                               („67) Banks
   and follow his orders, such as
  taking medications, rest, eating          Donnie (‟71) and            Vickie         Wallace (‟69) and Erma (Abner)
              healthy.                       (Rainger) Lewis (‟72)                       („70) Frazier
                                            David (‟71) and Opal (Crawford)            Charles („67) and Charlesetta
                                             Love, Jr. (‟70)                             (Williams) („69) Dunlap

    Dunjee Sweethearts                      Rev. Sterling (‟72) and Marilyn            Bishop („62) and Carolyn
Congratulations to Dunjee students           (Wallace)     (‟72)    Mitchell             (Sweet) („63) Smallwood

Any inquiries, comments, address changes (e-mail or physical), send e-mail to:, or call Carolyn
Bullock-Starks @ (405) 204-4578, or mail comments to Post Office Box 886, Nicoma Park, OK 73066.
 Larry (‟69) and Betty (Polk) (‟69)       Class members present were: Prins
  Nicholson.                               Anderson, Cornelious Anderson,
                                           Cynthia Alexander, Leon Tuggle,
 Rev. Floyd (‟58) and Leah Ruth           Sarah Patton, Lawrence James,        
  (Hines) (‟69) Wilson                     Camille Carr, Joe Hill, Floyd Blair,        Visit the site and look at a part of
                                           Ples Williams III, LeAnn Stewart,           our history. If you have ideas about
 Rev. Raymond (‟64) and Marva             Earnestine Branch and planners              the website, please send your
  (Campbell) Wandick                       Cress Davis, Eunice Walker and              comments to the address at the
                                           Curtis Warren Jr. Fun, food and             bottom of the page.
 Clinton (‟51) and Mary Lee               memories were enjoyed by all.                        _________________
  (Davis) (‟52) Farrow                                ___________
                                                                                                 Health Tip!
                                            Class of ‟71 Get-together!                  Exercising just 30 minutes a day
 William (‟49) and Bettye (Wells)         On February 6th, members of the               can reduce your blood pressure.
  (‟51) Wedgeworth                         Class of ‟71 met at Spencer‟s Bar-B-           Losing at least 10 pounds can
                                           Q for lunch. Those attending were:          enhance blood pressure medication
 Clabe (‟64) and Wilma (Chapple)          Charles Meadows, David Stevens,              and may reduce other risk factors
  Wright (‟65)                             Barry Lawrence, David Love, Tina               such as diabetes and high bad
                                           (McDaniel) Frazier, Marta (Harris)                      cholesterol.
 Buerl “Bill” and         Barbara         Ruffin, Yvonne (Fulkerson) Traylor,                  ________________
  (Prather) Swain                          Don Roberts, Revs. Eddie White,                    Scholarships:
                                           Edgar Crawford and Kenneth
                                                                                         Investing in our Future
 Steve (‟68) and Freezetta                Burroughs, Joe Huntley, Debra
                                           (Brown) Roberts, Maureen (Miller)            By Wayne Jones, Committee Chair
  (Coleman) (‟68) Jones
                                           Jones, Peggy (Nelson) Goldsby,              Dunjee is an important part of the
                                           Roosevelt Mask, Robert Hill,                lives of many who lived in, or have
Please make plans to attend the
                                           Earnest Ware, Jean (McClain) Price,         ties to the Spencer area. Dunjee
reunion. A special tribute will be
                                           Alphonso Wright, Don Kelley, Mary           provided quality academics and a
given in your honor at the dance.
                                           (Miller) Warren and Terry Wooten            place where the community
Again, congratulations and be
                                           and Carolyn (Bullock) Starks.               gathered. Dunjee has an academic
                                                                                       legacy that is evident in the
                                           Many had not seen each other since          career/life success of the graduates.
          Health Tip!                                                                  We must continue the legacy of
                                           graduation which was 38 years ago.
  Take your medications on time.                                                       Dunjee and I feel that the best way is
                                           Everyone had a great time!
                                                    _________________                  to support academic attainment
                                                                                       though tangible financial support.
                                                                                       Some of the early organizers of the
                                                                                       Dunjee All School Reunion had the
  Class of ‟59 Celebrates                                                              vision and forethought to establish a
     50th Graduation                           2008 Dunjee Reunion                     scholarship fund. The scholarship
       Anniversary                               Pictures – online                     committee administers the fund and
                                           To view pictures go online to               provides a monthly status report. At
On October 17th, the Class of „59                                                      each of the past reunions we
met at Coaches Bar and Grill in   If
                                           you are interested in placing an            awarded four scholarships valued at
Bricktown. They were joined by                                                         $500 each. Our current scholarship
class sponsor, Rev. W. B. Parker and       order, contact Levi McCullough at
                                           (405) 850-3891 or e-mail him at             goals are to:
many were accompanied by spouses,
                                                          Increase the number and dollar
family and friends.
                                                    ______________                         amount of scholarships that are

Any inquiries, comments, address changes (e-mail or physical), send e-mail to:, or call Carolyn
Bullock-Starks @ (405) 204-4578, or mail comments to Post Office Box 886, Nicoma Park, OK 73066.
 Provide scholarships annually                                                           This service is sponsored by the
  versus just during the reunion                                                          Dunjee/Spencer        Community
  year.                                                                                   Prayer Committee. Also look for
 Raise $10,000 this year for                     Communications                          community activities posted on the
  scholarships through donations.                                                         marquee. For more information,
 Begin to build an endowed
                                                  (E-mail or mail)                        please contact Vivian Miller („72)
                                           In an effort to communicate with you           at 769-1983.
  scholarship fund.
                                           and reduce the cost of postage, we
                                           are building a directory of Dunjee           Need Gospel Music? Visit Gospel
The Scholarship Committee is
                                           students. To receive communications           World Music @ Accessories
challenging each class to donate to
                                           via e-mail, please submit the                 located at 4339 SE 15th Street, Del
the scholarship fund. We need a
                                           following information to the address          City, OK 73115, (405) 672-2442.
point of contact from each class to
                                           at the bottom of the page:                    The proud owners are Rev.
coordinate class efforts. Our fund
                                                         First Name                      Sterling (72) and Marilyn Mitchell
raising campaign for this year runs
                                                      Maiden Name                        (‟72). Come and patronize a
from January 1, 2010 through July
                                                         Last Name                       Dunjee alumni business. The e-
15, 2010. Thanks in advance for
                                                     Year Graduated                      mail           address           is:
your support.
                                                    E-mail address(es)         
                                                      Phone Number
For more information, please contact
                                           If you don‟t have an e-mail address,
me at                                                                 Sharpen up your musical skills
                                           please see information at the bottom
        ______________                                                                   with Instructor Mentoria LaCue-
                                           of the page. Don‟t forget to submit
                                                                                         Mitchell (‟67). Mentoria specialize
                                           names and addresses of your siblings
                                                                                         in teaching Beginners piano, voice
                                           who attended Dunjee. If you signed
                                                                                         lessons, saxophone and clarinet.
                                           the contact sheet at the reunion or
                                                                                         For more information, call
  Community Outreach                       received this mailing, you don‟t have
                                                                                         Mentoria at (405) 771-4524.
During the Christmas holidays, the         to submit your information again
                                           unless the information has changed.
outreach committee donated gifts                                                        If you have been selected for an
and clothing to 40 children at the                                                       award, being recognized for
Parker Head Start on behalf of the         If you change e-mail or physical
                                                                                         doing a good job, own a business,
Dunjee All School Reunion.                 addresses, don‟t forget to let us
                                                                                         retiring, or any newsworthy
          ___________                      know. We want to contact everyone
                                                                                         information, please submit the
                                           who graduated or attended Dunjee!
                                                                                         article via e-mail or mailing
                                                                                         address at the bottom of the page.
                                           For those that attended Star Spencer
                                                                                         It will be included in the next
                                           after the Dunjee closure, please see
  Yearbooks and Photos                                                                   newsletter.
                                           information at the bottom of the
The committee is searching for                                                                    ___________
                                           page so your names can be added to
Dunjee yearbooks and photos. So            the mailing list.                                     Health Tips!
far, we have yearbooks for years                    _______________                       Schedule an annual exam (men
1969 and 1972. If you know of                                                                that includes “you” too)
anyone who has a yearbook or
photos,    please   see   contact                                                        Eat plenty of fruits and veggies!
information at the bottom of this                Community News!
page. Copies will be made and               Come to the Community Prayer                 Floss only the teeth you plan to
returned to you.                             Service every Tuesday from 6:00                       keep! (smile)
                                             – 7:00 pm at Christian Post Park
                                             located at 10030 NE 36th (corner                     Hug someone!
                                             of 36th and Post Road) in Spencer.                 _______________

Any inquiries, comments, address changes (e-mail or physical), send e-mail to:, or call Carolyn
Bullock-Starks @ (405) 204-4578, or mail comments to Post Office Box 886, Nicoma Park, OK 73066.
        Salute to                          Jazz Musician of the Year Award in          The James Gilyard Ensemble was
                                           1996, Gilyard has four recordings           formed in 1994 to embody Gilyard‟s
   Mr. Fred D. Factory,                    under his belt. He has performed            vision of providing a creative forum
        Principal                          with Kenny Burrell, James Clay,             and cooperative recording label for
 (Oct. 15, 1917 – March 15, 2010)          Red Garland, Barney Kessell, David          Dallas area jazz artists. To date,
On March 20th, alumni, friends and         "Fathead" Newman, Billy Hart, Roy           Gilyard‟s recordings have provided
family gathered at the Avery Chapel        Hargrove, Roseanne Vitro and Red            exposure for more than a dozen
AME Church in OKC to celebrate             Holloway to name a few.                     talented area jazz musicians.
the life and legacy of one of our
principals, Fred D. Factory. He            He was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma         The Dallas Chapter of the National
passed on March 15th. His wife,            in 1945 and graduated from                  Association of Negro Musicians
Josephine (deceased), was a teacher        Langston University with a B.A. in          recognized Gilyard in 1998 for his
at Dunjee.                                 Education in 1967. In fall 1968 he          compositional skills. The Sambuca
                                           became the Director of Instrumental         restaurant group with jazz clubs in
At the service, as always, Dunjee          Music at Dunjee High School in              Dallas and Atlanta selected Gilyard's
represented “superbly” with Danny          Spencer, Oklahoma. His profess-             composition, "Sambuca By Night",
Frazier singing “Walk Around               sional guidance enabled Dunjee to           as the theme music for their Internet
Heaven All Day”, accompanied by            remain one of the top competing             Homepage.
Mentoria (LaCue) Mitchell (‟67) and        music departments in the Oklahoma
remarks from Joyce (Johnson)               City Public School System until its         Gilyard has received numerous
Henderson (‟64).                           closing in 1972. He undertook               recording credits including producer,
                                           postgraduate studies in Human               recording     artist,   co-producer,
Mr. Factory was a faithful Christian       Relations at the University of              composer and performer. He
family man who loved people. He            Oklahoma. His early music career            continues to be at the top of his
donated the land for Dunjee Housing        included three years during the Viet        game as a bassist.
which was later renamed the Fred           Nam era in the 97th United States
Factory Gardens.                           Army Field Artillery Band. He also          Gilyard is currently the Artistic
                                           served a staff bassist for Benson           Director at the Sammons Center for
He served as Principal from 1962 –         sound Studios in Oklahoma City              the Arts in Dallas, Texas. He is also
1970.                                      during the early 70's.                      the current president of the Cedar
                                                                                       Valley College Recording Advisory
Where is James Gilyard?                    Gilyard, who is sought out for his          Board and a member of the
        By Larry Fugett (‘70)              solid and sensitive accompaniment,          University of Texas at Dallas Jazz
About a week ago, Chairperson              is a favorite rhythm section member         Advisory Board. There is excitement
Carolyn Bullock-Starks and I were          in the bands of many Dallas area            in his voice as he talks of the
re-living the old days and the             jazz notables. James Stapleton,             upcoming        “Annual     Artistic
teachers that made them special.           KNON Jazz disc jockey has said of           Director‟s Concert” which is to be
Like all Tigers we found ourselves         Gilyard: "James Gilyard keeps the           held May 5, 2010 at the Sammons
discussing the band…oh the band.           casual listener in mind with his            Center at 3630 Harry Hines at Oak
There was Geneva Jolly Smith,              composing, playing and recording.           Lawn. Join the Class of 1970 as we
Donald M. Edwards and ?????? You           His music is grounded in the jazz           travel to “Big D” to renew our
got it! James Gilyard!                     mainstream and is basic, to the point,      friendship for one of our own and
                                           and simple enough to be appreciated         for an evening of jazz that you‟ll
The name James Gilyard means               by the casual and serious listener          remember for a very long time.
many things-jazz bassist, jazz             alike." The Dallas Morning News,            Concert information can be found at
composer, jazz producer and jazz           The Dallas Observer, The San      
lecturer. Voted "Sammons Jazz              Antonio Express-News, The Daily
Artist of the Year in 1998" and a          Oklahoman, and Buddy Magazine
nominee for The Dallas Observer            have featured Gilyard in articles.

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Any inquiries, comments, address changes (e-mail or physical), send e-mail to:, or call Carolyn
Bullock-Starks @ (405) 204-4578, or mail comments to Post Office Box 886, Nicoma Park, OK 73066.

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